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"WE LOVE OUR MOMRRY" and he loves us too ♡
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boundless by the time i cried
i built your walls around me
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a devil between the sheets ~
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1dcountryfest · 2 days ago
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🌾 Click here to get to the sign up form! 🌾
🌾 Sign-ups will be open January 23 - February 18
🌾 Fics will be due July 1
🌾 Posting begins July 4
🌾 You must be 18 years old or older to sign up.
🌾 All fics for this fest must be in a Country setting, and linked to (or inspired by) a Country song.
🌾 There are no word count limitations! You can write a 50-word poem or a 100k epos!
🌾 The fic must include at least one (current or former) member of One Direction as a main character
🌾 All pairings (or no pairings!), and any AUs – as long as they are compatible with the country setting – are allowed.
I have decided against hosting artist sign-ups this year, but I encourage any artists to reach out and send asks, which I will tag with #achy breaky art, if they are willing to collaborate so that authors may contact you directly.
Since this fest is not anonymous, you can post snippets/last lines from your fic and tag this blog so I can share them. They will be tagged #share.
Find inspiration here!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message this blog. Answered asks have been and will be tagged #q&a.
🌾Click here to get to the sign up form! 🌾
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larrysballetslippers · 2 days ago
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Blame It On Christmas by Kikiberoski16
or @larrysballetslippers
Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson | 7k | Explicit | Christmas fic | Enemies(ish) to Lovers |
Life was good until a new coworker showed up. It’s a little insane but not even a little bit funny how much Harry instantly despised the new guy. He’s always late, but always shows up with the most charming smile so nobody can get mad. His desk is a mess and he doesn’t seem to have ever learned the words ‘thanks’ or ‘sorry.’ And as if a bad employee isn’t bad enough, this particular bad employee is none other than the CEO's nephew, Louis fucking Tomlinson.
Or, Harry is the six-time winner of the yearly Christmas sweater competition, but it all changes when a new coworker shakes up his whole world.
Part of the Xmas Xchange2021 ran by @1d-library. Written as a gift for @haztobegood.
A massive thank you to @fearlesslysweetcreature for being my beta!
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cowboylikegeet · 16 hours ago
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dontworrylouis · a day ago
If You Love Him
Author: refusethyname
Chapters: 1/1
Word count: 4,8K
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Simon Cowell (Niall Horan, Liam Payne)
Pairing: Larry Stylinson, Zarry Stylik
Dear person after me,
This is Louis Tomlinson writing to you, and before you start this, there are a few things I need to say to you. You have to understand that Harry is the best thing that ever happened to me. There will never be someone I will love and adore more than him. He has my heart, but the odds were against us. We met at the right time and he was the right person for me, he will always be the right person for me. But we met in the wrong industry with the wrong management too. It’s the reason that I cannot keep him, and because I want the best for him, I have to let him go. That is what will help him achieve his dream.
refusethyname on ao3 | © 2021 | All Right Reserved
dontworrylouis on Tumblr | © 2021 | All Right Reserved
Tagging: @eliassuswood @sectacular @allmylcnnon @copyofonlyangel28 @mentalaboutyoutoo @cowboylikegeet @larrysballetslippers @princelyharry @stylesthebrave @daggerftrose @soldouthaz @fellforlou @killerqueenlux @alwaysxlarrie @28whitepeonies @aestheticlarrie @princessparks28 @sunsmile-lou @daffodilwine @everythingisfookingreat @lonelysxnflower @beelou @parmahamlarrie @haztobegood @louandhazaf @onlyforthebravest @allwaswell16 @louisblue-28 @randomlylurking
Let me know if you want to be removed!
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allwaswell16 · a day ago
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This is a fic rec of canon Ziam fics as requested in this ask. If you enjoy the fics, please leave kudos and comments for the writers! You can find my other fic recs here. Happy reading!
❤️ Live a Thousand Lifetimes by Layne Faire / @laynefaire
(E, 57k, future canon, exes to lovers, miscommunication, anxiety, depression, angst with a happy ending, vineyard, bed and breakfast, horses, horseback riding, smut)
With the whirlwind about to begin again, Liam re-evaluates the last ten years - the fame, the money, the people who changed his life forever - and the person who walked away.
💛 and you take me the way i am by orphan_account
(E, 54k, canon, fake/pretend relationship, friends to lovers, domestic fluff, smut)
Pretending to be boyfriends for a weekend isn't the worst idea he supposes. Liam is horribly wrong.
❤️ not even a landslide or riptide could take it all away by we_are_the_same / @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed
(M, 49k, canon divergence, sex tape, alcohol abuse, hurt/comfort, depression, therapy, angst with a happy ending, friends to lovers, personal growth)
When Liam gets outed via sextape, his whole world collapses around him.
💛 silence and sound by carissima
(M, 28k, canon, TMH tour, tour bus, jealousy, angry sex, smut)
the one where Zayn's jealous of Louis and Liam's closeness after Liam splits up with his girlfriend and it takes them a year to figure it all out.
❤️ even lovers drown by ieatravioli
(NR, 24k, canon divergence, injured Zayn, hurt/comfort, amnesia, smut)
Zayn wakes up with amnesia, forgetting five years of his life and the most important person in it.
💛 I learned how to love, 'cause you taught me how by flamboyo / @chrysopon
(M, 10k, canon, established relationship, hurt/comfort, angst with a happy ending, alcohol abuse)
the aftermath of Liam’s naked photoshoot (+ some months later, when he has another photoshoot, but this time under his own terms).
❤️ Love You More by taecheeks / @zipplekink
(E, 10k, canon, five times fic, marriage proposals, smut)
the four times Liam tries to propose and the one time Zayn beats him to it.
💛 i wanna save that light by sarcasticfluentry
(E, 7k, canon, daddy kink, hurt/comfort, smut)
Liam takes care of stressed, upset Zayn after the paps mob them at LAX.
❤️ Your Touch, Your Skin, Where Do I Begin? by justyrae
(E, 2k, canon, emotional hurt/comfort, body worship, smut)
Zayn never expected Liam to be so upset about one little comment.
💛 Quiet Ones by YesIsAWorld / @louandhazaf
(G, 956 words, canon, poetry, stream of consciousness)
Zayn remembers Liam.
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princelyharry · 2 days ago
📜 Sunday Snippet 📜 🧚
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! I just wanna share this little snippet I just finished working on a while ago. It’s my first abo/mpreg fic I wrote for the valentine’s fic exchange hosted by the @1d-library. It has no title yet though, I have to think about that! Thank you to @lt2soon soon for tagging me ❤️ I hope you enjoy this little snippet of mine (this is not yet beta’d, so apologies for some grammatical errors if you spot some 😅)
Immediately, he sneakily walked towards Louis and wrapped his arms around the alpha from behind. However, his large bump prevented him from pulling Louis closer to him, but he managed to rest his cheek on the plane of Louis’ back.
Harry felt Louis smile before he shook his hands on the sink and wiped his hands on the towel.
“Someone just kicked me,” Louis said with a hint of a smile in his voice.
Harry giggled at that. He straightened up before Louis turned around.
“Someone just kicked me,” Louis repeated again, but this time he’s pouting.
Harry cupped his jaw with one hand, pulling him closer. “Oh, poor you,” he cooed at Louis. “Someone just kicked me, too,” he pouted.
Louis pulled away and looked up to the ceiling with finger on his chin as he said. “Do I know who kept on kicking us?”
Harry hummed while biting his lip. He looked up and shook his head. “I have no idea,” he said as he brought his other hand to cup his belly.
Louis glanced down at his huge bump quickly. “It’s my baby!” he shouted excitedly, a grin spreading on his face as he cupped a hand on Harry’s belly. He crouched down and gave Harry’s belly a kiss. “I love you, my baby,” he said.
tagging @allwaswell16 @stylesthebrave @talasarchive @sarahswalls28 @parmahamlarrie @larrysballetslippers @evilovesyou @kingsofeverything @jacaranda-bloom @juliusschmidt @soldouthaz @solvetheminourdreams @haztobegood @twopoppies @pocketsunshineharry @phd-mama @hershelsue @larry-hiatus @disgruntledkittenface @ohharold @littleroverlouis @sadaveniren @cowboylarries @laynefaire @wadey-wilson @cyantific @thedevilinmybrain @zanniscaramouche @local-troubled-writer @becomeawendybird @uhoh-but-yeah-alright @momrryrights @polaroidlouis @thestylinsons @neondiamond @paranormalbabydoll @chloehl10 @onlyforbravest @hearyouhowling @bluecolouredlou @thelouistiti @beelou @dontworrylouis @justalarryblog
Let me know your thoughts ❤️
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1d men and young love
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Happy 11th year anniversary of One Direction!
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MEDICINE - Harryween, 31/10
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no caption necessary
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leatherry · 2 months ago
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“This is called edging.” -Harry on Harryween Night 2
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indomies · a month ago
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can’t believe you’re 30 now, what?! happy birthday louis. thanks for these wonderful years♡
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hanguangjaan · a month ago
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Happy 30th Louis!! Wish you 369 years of happiness!! Faith in the future to you too♡
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Character development 🌸🍃
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2tiedships2 · a month ago
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24 Days of Louis 2021 || Day 14: Louis as Emojis
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