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Perfect Now by Louis Tomlinson// Treat people with kindness by Harry Styles// Djal芒l ad-D卯n R没m卯 //Dancing in Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky.
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LOVE ON TOUR. Las Vegas, 04/09
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A fic rec of One Direction fics with domestic life kink as requested in this ask. If you enjoy the fics, leave kudos and comments for the writers! You can find all my other fic recs here. Happy reading!
馃Ъ You're the Light (series) by @allwaswell16
(E, 39k, newspaper au, boss/employee, photographer Harry, editor Harry, assistant Louis, writer Louis, social media, Instagram, Chicago, sexual tension, jealousy, smut, Christmas, birthday, meeting the family, domestic kink, cooking disasters)
Before beginning a new graduate school in the fall, Louis Tomlinson decides to spend the summer working in Chicago as an editor鈥檚 assistant for the Chicago Tribune newspaper and staying with his old college roommate.
馃Ъ Make Tea, Not War by adventuring, howdoyouwhisk (popsongdelusional)
(M, 20k, canon, service kink, dom/sub, kink negotiation, jealousy, domestic, smut)
Louis attempts to become a better flatmate, much to Harry's dismay.
馃Ъ my service, your pleasure by docklands / @hershelsue
(E, 15k, friends to lovers, childhood friends, roommates, pet names, cooking, praise kink, service kink, dom/sub, virgin Harry, smut)
Harry moves in with Louis, his childhood best friend.
馃Ъ Must Have Been Something You Said. by kotabear24 / @kotabear-24
(E, 11k, established relationship, domestic kink, fluff, past abuse, health scare, marriage, smut)
four times Harry gets off on Louis being domestic and one time they get domestic together.
馃Ъ Always A Pleasure, Never A Chore by lookingfortherainbow / @andtheywerebandmates
(E, 10k, friends to lovers, porn with plot, hurt/comfort, service kink, uni, domestic fluff, bh, smut)
There was something so domestic, so right--as if Harry was shaped and destined for it--about creating a routine that mainly revolved around caring for Louis.
馃Ъ If Wishes Were Dishes by LadyLondonderry / @londonfoginacup
(T, 2k, established relationship, roommates, dishes, fluff)
Why is Harry doing his dishes?
馃Ъ The Nearness of You by theweightofmywords / @rockstarlouis
(M, 2k, a/b/o, alpha Louis, omega Harry, mpreg Harry, nesting, established relationship, domestic fluff, smut)
Harry and Louis' baby is due any moment. Harry just wants pretty toenails, and Louis just wants to help.
馃Ъ service by gravitycentered
(E, 2k, established relationship, dom/sub, service kink, chores, smut)
Honestly, it鈥檚 hard for Louis to focus on chore days.
馃Ъ You Make Loving Fun by @stylesforstiles
(NR, 2k, canon, established relationship, grocery shopping, fluff, domestic fluff)
Harry likes grocery shopping
馃Ъ Wonder by Wonder by Star55 / @star55
(E, 2k, girl direction, established relationship, marriage, mpreg, yoga, smut)
She can鈥檛 keep her gaze off her wife for long periods of time, and she wouldn鈥檛 want to, of course, but just watching Harry do ordinary, everyday tasks, like making breakfast, doing the washing, brushing her teeth and especially her doing yoga makes Louis just stop and stare.
-Rare Pairs-
馃Ъ sweet where you lay by alison
(E, 8k, Harry/Nick Grimshaw, kink discovery, service kink, dom/sub, smut)
nick feels guilty with harry because he feels like he's taking too much. harry desperately wants to give it to him.
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you fit me better (3,8K E) by hershelsue / docklands
Louis moves back to Cheshire with no prospects and lacking a laundry machine for his apartment. At the laundromat, he meets Harry, a meddlesome alpha who smells divinely enough to ease his anxiety. When Louis goes back home, he finds out he switched clothing with Harry, meaning he needs to meet him again to give it back.
Read it on AO3 馃
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#shake THAT 馃崙
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戋 below you can find all the fics i've written 戋
戋 my ao3 is me_her_themoon 戋
happy reading <3
(also, thank u to my lovey @dragmedown for making this beautiful gif i love u)
戋 if honesty means telling you the truth (I'm still in love with you) M, 47K
Harry is currently in some bar in London, sipping on some brand of whiskey, after Niall practically forced him out of the house because 鈥渋t鈥檚 time for you to get some action, you lazy wanker.鈥
So, he finds himself here. Trapped between the bar and the back of some unknown person who he is not interested in in the slightest. He doesn鈥檛 even think he wants a relationship after his last one, but maybe a fling if the situation calls for it.
(based on the album Heartbreak Weather)
戋 the world's got the best of you T, 8.4K
People never pay him any mind anyway, with his curly hair and 鈥榞ay鈥 fashion, he鈥檚 been described as the loser by design. He doesn鈥檛 care though, he has a senior friend who has never once discriminated against him. No matter how little they talk, he knows he鈥檒l always have a friend in Louis.
戋 let me look in his eyes GA, 2.1K
"Did he know the sign was coming? Oh, then he鈥檚 doing it! Let me look at his eyes, let me look in his eye.... Yeah he鈥檚 gonna do it...."
based off a post on tumblr and harry's love advice during hsloveontour chicago night 2!
The stinging returns again, making him realize why he walked in here in the first place. He peels off his boxers, stepping out of them carefully. He turns around apprehensively.
His jaw drops. He shrieks.
鈥淲hat the fuck?!鈥
There鈥檚 a penguin. On his ass. On his literal buttcheek.
戋 a friend of dorothy T, 1.2K
A Friend of Dorothy
Homosexual; a gay or queer man.
戋 love on tour: harryween. night II. E, 3.3K
鈥淭his is called edging!鈥 Harry shouts into the mic, the cheers somehow getting even more intense. He giggles and signals for Sarah to start again, this time allowing it to continue.
He knows Louis won鈥檛 be very happy about his little kinky side that鈥檚 coming out tonight (the edging comment, mixed with Medicine and Toxic? Yeah, he won鈥檛 live it down), but Harry doesn鈥檛 really care. They鈥檒l talk about it later.
戋 louis' 30th birthday celebration E, 1.9K
Right when Louis heard 鈥測es鈥 he jumped up the stairs, rushing to the master bedroom, but stopping short at the sight.
So. This is what Harry was up to.
戋 updated as of january 15th, 2022 戋
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*all fics can be found at stylesthebrave on AO3!
*organized chronologically from newest to oldest // all fic posts can be found under my 鈥榤y fics鈥 tag
鉁 kisses like snowflakes | T&U | 7k
(1990s; meet-cute; strangers to lovers; fluff; christmas fic; first kiss) [fic post]
Harry is stranded in the snow and Louis is there to help.
鉁 Thrill You Tonight | E | 10k
(pwp; part two of 鈥榟oliday pwp drabbles鈥; vampire louis; divorced husbands; halloween fic) [fic post]
It takes vampire Louis Tomlinson a nine month dry spell and a solution to his problem to work things out with his ex-husband.
鉁 the stars are smiling | E | 33k
(neighbors au; strangers to lovers; insomnia; recreational drug use; friends with benefits; feminine harry; written for bhficfest) [fic post] [2]
Harry鈥檚 new in town and just wants to spend his nights on the rooftop gazing at the stars. He gets far more than he bargained for.
鉁 falling in love (with you) | E | 24k
(meet-cute; strangers to lovers; 1970s; hippie harry; rocker louis; period-typical homophobia; ambiguous/open ending; smoking; written for 1dclicheficfest) [fic post]
It鈥檚 1970, Harry needs a ride to the first ever pride parade in New York City, and Louis happens to be in the right place at the right time.
鉁 never doubt i love | E | 72k
(strangers to lovers; one night stands; angst; fluff; smut; drama teacher louis; lawyer harry; they coach footie together; drunken confessions) [fic post]
Louis Tomlinson is a twenty-nine year old theatre teacher who uses one night stands to get over his crushes. Harry Styles is a divorced human rights and civil litigation attorney who guards his personal life like its non-disclosable evidence. Neither of them expect some footie practices, a musical, and drunken confessions to be the reasons they both abandon their philosophies and fall in love far too fast for either of their likings.
鉁 avoiding every mistletoe (until i know it鈥檚 true love) | T&U | 10k
(exes to lovers; angst; fluff; sad louis; apologetic harry; minor references to depression; christmas fic) [fic post]
The Christmas exes to lovers AU.
鉁 Santa Baby | E | 5k
(pwp; part one of 鈥榟oliday聽pwp drabbles鈥; established relationship; christmas fic) [fic post]
The one where Harry gives Louis a striptease and rides him next to the Christmas Tree.
*last updated: 31 December 2021
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This is my moment, I waited all my life I can tell it's time Drifting away, I'm one with the sunsets I have become alive
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a visit from two friendly ghosts by fearsparks
T-rated 鈥 4k 鈥 Harry/Louis 鈥 domestic fluff + ghosts
Harry and Louis never truly left the home they built themselves. They're still there, making the next generations feel safe and inspired by the love the two of them had shared. This is their story.
Quick, short and cute, enjoy!
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鈫 week #3
make sure to read the tags and warnings before start reading!
鈽 i need you in my swamp by @rainblou | E | 1.7k | harry x louis / harry x louis x shrek / harry x obama / louis x biden
While on vacation, sugar babies Harry and Louis get caught seducing a big dicked pool boy.
鈽 If you forget me by @larrysballetslippers | E | 3.9k | harry x louis
Dear daddy, I want you to mess me up with your big dick asap. Love, H.
Or, Harry knows he shouldn't disobey Louis' rules, but he's in need of some attention and doesn't matter in what way.
鈽 a visit of two friendly ghosts by @onlyforbravest | TUA | 4k | harry x louis
鈥淚t鈥檚 probably just Harry or Louis moving around,鈥 Charlie says with a shrug, moving past Emmy to head to the bathroom.
"What?" Emmy's voice is high with fear, and he almost runs after Charlie. 鈥淲hat do you mean? Who are Harry and Louis? I thought you said we were alone!鈥
鈥淪orry,鈥 Charlie apologizes. 鈥淗arry and Louis lived here before us. They built the house when they got married and lived here the rest of their lives.鈥 Charlie shrugs, knowing the story by heart. The love it seemed like they had shared is one he wants for himself one day.
(Harry and Louis never truly left the home they built themselves. They're still there, making the next generations feel safe and inspired by the love the two of them had shared. This is their story.)
鈽 It鈥檚 not a banana dick by sunflower_vol91 | NR | 4.3k | harry x louis
鈥淛ust a minute, baby. Then I鈥檒l help you search for your special banana dick necklace.鈥
The glare that quickly formed on Harry鈥檚 face probably would have made Louis laugh if he were with him in person. That annoyed Harry but he was too frustrated to be upset about it.
鈥滻t鈥檚 not a banana dick,鈥 he stated for the second time that day even though it really was a banana dick.
鈥漅eally?鈥 Louis questioned with a pretend gasp of shock. 鈥淲hat is it then?鈥
Harry鈥檚 glare turned into a pout. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just a necklace. With a banana. And a little bit of dick.鈥
Harry loses his banana dick necklace and Louis still can鈥檛 make pancakes.
鈽 my castle stands upon pillars of sand by jellyfishes | GA | 5.5k | harry x louis
Louis scrunches his eyebrows and looks down at the floor. 鈥淔or one, I was told that he was young,鈥 he says. 鈥淵ounger than me, even. And, well, handsome.鈥 A second passes before Louis adds on, 鈥淣ot that all I care about is looks. It's just, I don't know. I built my hopes up, I guess. At least I've been told that he's sweet as pie,鈥 he laughs, eyes sparkling. 鈥淚 hope they didn't lie about that.鈥 They didn't, Harry thinks, remembering how his mum likes to call him exactly that. But Louis doesn't know that Eric isn't actually Harry Styles; young, handsome, 鈥渟weet as pie鈥 Harry Styles.
(Harry Styles of Roseford is meant to marry Louis Tomlinson of Wildefort, but a man named Eric takes Harry's place.) (Or, Harry is the Goose Girl.)
don鈥檛 forget to left kudos and nice messages to the authors! xx
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Louis as his world tour venues, concerts 31-40
31. Forum Blackbox, Copenhagen, Denmark (Mar 28)
Tumblr media
32. Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany (Mar 30)
Tumblr media
33. Forum Karlin, Prague, Czech Republic (Mar 31)
Tumblr media
34. AFAS Live, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Apr 2)
Tumblr media
35. Palladium, Cologne, Germany (Apr 3)
Tumblr media
36. L鈥橭lympia, Paris, France (Apr 5)
Tumblr media
37. L鈥橭lympia, Paris, France (Apr 6)
Tumblr media
38. Halle 622, Zurich, Switzerland (Apr 9)
Tumblr media
39. Mediolanum Forum, Milan, Italy (Apr 10)
Tumblr media
40. Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (Apr 11)
Tumblr media
Venues 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71+
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cutting down fences // 'tis the damn season (18k) by DaddyAlphaLouisBabyOmegaHarry // bottomhaztoplou | paranormalbabydoll
Written for @larrysballetslippers for the @1d-library's Xmas Xchange!
A moment later, another bang came from downstairs.
"Fuck's sake," Louis rasped. He grumpily got up, got dressed and headed downstairs. Whoever was down there banging on the door at arse-o'clock in the morning (on his birthday, no less!) was about to receive a piece of his mind for Christmas.
He definitely didn't expect Harry to be the one waking him up.
Louis felt his hackles lie flat again. "Harry? What are you doing here?"
Harry bit his lip, then blurted, "Will you be my Christmas present this year?"
Read it here on AO3!
(Collage Info: All pictures were found on google. I put the collage together and edited the photos to make them a little warmer- or cooler-toned and brighter/darker as needed as well as cropped them into the shapes needed to fit. If these pictures are from some other fandom I apologise.)
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LTWT 2022 inspired works: Day #3
Day 1: Just Hold On 鉁旓笍
Day 2: Back to You 鉁旓笍
Day 3: Just Like You 鉁旓笍
Day 4: Miss You
Day 5: Kill My Mind
Day 6: Don鈥檛 Let It Break Your Heart
Day 7: Two of Us
Day 8: We Made It
Day 9: Too Young
Day 10: Walls
Day 11: Habit
Day 12: Always You
Day 13: Fearless
Day 14: Perfect Now
Day 15: Defenceless
Day 16: Only the Brave
Day 17: Copy of a Copy of a Copy
Day 18: Change
16 days to Louis Tomlinson鈥檚 first show for LTWT = 16/01/2022
Poems inspired by solo artist Louis Tomlinson鈥檚 18 songs:
Day / Song #3:
Just Like You - released 12 October 2017
It comes for you, the same as it does for me
Can you see?
Do you see?
We are the same inside,
fragile with humanity
- search for our strength in that humanity,
we could both do that
(You won鈥檛)
So why can you not see
- standing before you small and aching in that moment
but that moment does not define me -
why can you not see the
Are the differences really all you
It waits for you, just as it waits for me
you cannot escape anymore than I can
You look at me
and see humanity鈥檚 frailty exemplified
You look at me
and think of all the ways you are stronger
You see weakness in me,
refuse to recognise the commonality
If you allowed yourself to look and see and recognise,
what would happen?
You might have to face the reality of humanity
have to feel the ache of pain
know the struggle of striving and sometimes failing
You would be steadier for it,
testing resilience against the heaviness of life
We are the same inside, I can see it
We are the same inside, you won鈥檛 see it
But it will still come for you,
catch you unaware
leave you cowering in its wake
It will come for me too
but I will meet it head on
tested strength holding steady
We are the same inside,
fragile with humanity
- but fragile does not mean without strength
your misconception drives your rejection
and that is where your
truly lies
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, for Day 3 and song 3: Just Like You-inspired poetry.
Thanks for the support, Louies! I am really enjoying all the content from the talented Louies inspired by and excited for the beginning of LTWT 馃憤馃槉 It honestly does feel like a community, people who want the best for Louis and who want him to do what he obviously loves, people who find inspiration in his music and artistry. Louis鈥 humanity has always touched and inspired me and that is part of what I connected to with Just Like You: the humanity of human experience and emotion. I have met people who find that same humanity a weakness to be eradicated but I just don鈥檛 believe that, and this also inspired the poem.
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Tumblr media
Find below the cut all my fics from 2021 - ThoseFookin_Avacados on AO3.
Strawberries and Cigarettes
Harry/Louis 鈥 T 鈥 2.6K 鈥 Fic Post
strawberries and cigarettes always taste like you
"Need help there, love?"
"Oh god, yes-" Harry turned around to look at the source of the voice and his heart dropped to his stomach as they caught each other's eyes.
Or on a very lonely valentines day, Harry's car breaks down in an unknown alleyway, where he bumps into a blue-eyed boy who takes him back seven years ago on the same day.
Let me in your life with a smile (啶嗋お 啶曕 啶ㄠ啶监ぐ啷嬥 啶膏ぎ啶澿ぞ 啶啶ぞ啶 啶曕 啶曕ぞ啶た啶 啶灌ぎ啷)
Harry/Louis 鈥 G 鈥 2.4K 鈥 Genderfluid!Harry 鈥 Fic Post
His fingers were cold and numb, grip tight on the marble of the sink as he evened his breathing. Cold water trickled down his jaw and neck, dribbling down his chest, slightly dampening the pale blue dress he wore. A quavery hand reached out to unzip it. The soft noise of the metal against metal as he pulled the zipper down felt harsh, like it wasn't just lace and chiffon slipping off his shoulders, but it was a part of him he would be tearing away and hiding. Like he was tearing her out, bundling her in his arms and shoving her away in the dark so no one could see. After all, she wasn't just in his head.
聽And all he wanted, was to keep her safe.
catching my breath, catching my death
Harry/Louis 鈥 M 鈥 3.6K 鈥 Fic Post
Ice melting into water seeped into his garments, a storm of flashes seeped into his mind. Him making a toast, laughing with his friends. The next moment, Louis telling him his family was dead. His trembling, sweaty hands, writing a letter to Louis before he silt his wrists and he thought, maybe he was actually going crazy, because he heard Louis' agonized voice yell his name out.
He shut his eyes tightly. It was getting harder to breathe.
Harry/Louis 鈥 G 鈥 1.6K 鈥 Fic Post
And in that second, Harry knew, that no matter what happened, as long as he had his love and his little butterfly, he had nothing but pancakes and mashed food to worry about.
If one thing had been different
(As a part of the Prompt Generator series)
Harry/Louis 鈥 G 鈥 1.7K 鈥 Fic Post
Persist and resist the temptation to ask you
If one thing had been different,
would everything be different today?
He'd got a chance people wouldn't get how much ever they wished for. He was finally rid of the guilt haunting him. He would no longer have to spends nights alone wondering how if that one thing had been different, everything would have been different.
Shining just for you
Harry/Louis 鈥 G 鈥 1.1K 鈥 Fic Post
For a clumsy person, Harry danced with quite the grace- spinning around Louis, billowy light robes brushing against his firm darker ones. Despite his slightly smaller build, Louis was deceivingly strong, his grip on Harry's waist tight as they performed their steps in sync. Like two opposite halves of a whole, like ones reflection in the mirror, like the sun and the moon.
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around you like the rings of saturn (577 words GA) by docklands / hershelsue
Niall and Harry are best friends. Because they're both omegas who live together, they decide to help each other during their heats. It becomes something else.
Read it on AO3 馃崕
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Damn it, Let Me Cuddle You! by LadyAJ_13
Pairing: Louis/Niall
Tags: Canon, Post-1D, Cuddling & Snuggling, Post-Coital Cuddling, Sleepy Cuddles, Spooning
Rating: T
Length: 920 words
Summary: Louis and Niall are both the big spoon. This causes issues.
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berlinini 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Louis Tomlinson becomes Yves Saint Laurent's youngest Creative Director in the history of the fashion house.
Paris je t'aime 7/5
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xiaojaan 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pride month series 1/?
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miss-styles 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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