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*Makes breakfast for 2*

2 cups tater tots

1 tbsp butter

¼ onion

1 clove garlic

4 eggs

1 large sausage link

½ cup shredded cheese

1 avocado (or a cup or so of guac)

Adobo, chili powder, pepper


*Everything but the Bagel seasoning 


Start the tots in an air fryer/a toaster over/the actual oven however you like to cook them. I like to toss the tots in some adobo and chili powder about halfway through cooking

Melt butter in non-stick pan over low-medium heat. Chop onion and garlic and add to butter. Cut sausage into pieced and add to onions and garlic

Beat eggs in small bowl with adobo, chili powder, and pepper. Mix in shredded cheese. 

Add eggs to pan with onions, garlic, and sausage- cook until scrambled

Once everything is cooked, split tots between two bowls. Split scrambled eggs between both bowls. Cut avocado however you would like, add half the avo to each bowl (or add a dollop of guac)

Sprinkle with EBTB seasoning and add sriracha to taste

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There were Instacart workers protesting across from my work place today. They were physically blocking traffic and parading around in their cars. I hope that your voices, and everyone else united with you today, were heard. As a fellow service worker, I see you and I’m with you.

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We call them heroes. We call them essential. Now let’s stand with them for May Day 2020.

Workers from the following stores are organizing for better working conditions. The solidarity action they are asking from you and me is DONT SHOP at the following retailers for the duration of the strike:

• Trader Joe’s

• Whole Foods

• Target

• Amazon

• Instacart

• Walmart

• Shipt

• FedEx

Please refer to the twitter accounts traderjoesunion, TGTworkersunite, WholeWorkerWFM & GIGWorkersRise to keep abreast the boycott. And don’t shop. Just don’t. Not if you can help it. Our strength comes from standing together today for a better future tomorrow.

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Comfort Food for COVID19 Quarantine Life

I wanted pizza, but had none in the freezer, nor did I want to order out as the place I used to get pizza is no more (insert whine). However, I have a ton of matzos (bought on sale), Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and Penzey’s frozen pizza spices. And capers. I like capers on pizza, anchovies too but am lacking those fishies at the moment. So, toss all on matzo, one minute in microwave, and pizza craving is gone. Good thing about this is there is no leftover pizza, as it’s way too easy to eat the whole darned thing.

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