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Some more photos from a nursery run. The little begonias were in bloom, some half and half variegation, and a hoya I have not seen before! I must say the hoya was an interesting sight; it essentially looks like a collection of green sticks.

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Finally getting my plant hanging hooks mounted above the window! I’m so super excited about how it’s coming out but WOW the framers did a bad job, the studs are all over the place.

In other news, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to have imposter syndrome when it comes to plants. I’m hesitant to post pics because there’s a part of me that says “somebody who knows way more about this particular plant is going to cringe at something I’m doing wrong.” Yeah, gotta heal past that and show some green love eventually.

So for now please accept a flattering close up of my new goldfish plant!

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كيف تزرع نبات المكحلة وطريقة اكثاره بالتعقيل

نباتات الزينة ، مكحلة ، سهل الرعاية وله وردة جميله جداً تشبه زهرة اللوتس.

المكحلة أو عَنْكَبُوْتِيَّة أو طَرَادِسْقَنْصِية أو إتْرادِسْكَنْتِيَّة أو ترادسكانتيا (الاسم العلمي: Tradescantia) وهو أسم لجنس يشمل مايقرب من 75 نوعًا من النباتات التي لها أوراق جذابة وأزهار بثلاث بتلات.

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One of my moms friends gave me some pretty plants yesterday and I love them 💙💙 1st is Purple Heart Tradescantia, 2nd is Bears Paw, 3rd is Spider/Ribbon Plant, and the 4th is Swedish Ivy!!! Ive never had a “normal” house plant sk hopefully they survive! Only plants I have are succulents 😅 But I hope I can keep them alive an well theyre so pretty

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