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My CDC creation…that I didn’t finish in time XD

I did Freyja for the Norse God/ess theme this month but cause of the amount of work I’ve been doing at home to help out my work I wasn’t able to get it done in time (we created a whole system of craft kits, where I chose the crafts, wrote out the instructions, created 41 how to videos, and we got them out in a week…we’ve now sold 600!!) Oh well pretty happy with how it turned out! Made with acrylic inks for the cloak, fluffy cats and bg, and watercolours for the rest. 

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I’ve been thinking A LOT about how Evylah would change as she grows up, in maturity and appearance, and this is the result of my first round of doodles. Definitely ripping off Nolan just a little with the trench coat (it’s most definitely a lot) but I’m SUPER happy with it, and the braid is totally her style.

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Q for Keith & Kate: what are some things you two like to do ??

Kate: Love to annoy the crap outta Zen! Also like to tease Mary, ‘n spend time with Ethan. 'N bein’ outside. Doesn’t matter if I gotta do smt, I just don’t like bein’ locked in the same place for too long. 'N I like to bite things, includin’ myself. OH, 'n I like to be with my lil’ bat, Azzy!


Keith: “Uh. I like reading. …and watching horror movies. And that’s about it, I think? I think. There aren’t really much things I like to do, considering I just like to be alone with myself and maybe stare at the ceiling, or walls. Thanks for asking”.

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