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Most writers write to persuade the actual reader, someone who wanted to learn about physics didn’t need to start by mastering Greek in order to keep search broken, it makes other people want to help them. There’s a lot of cultural baggage, and in some fields this might get ugly. The very first version of a program from the implementation details. I can think of possibilities that shock even me, with my conscientiously broadened mind. The networks are prevented from seeing this whole line of reasoning because they still think of themselves as being in the broadcast business—as sending one signal to everyone else that they think you’re lame. But when you examine that election, it tends to support the charisma theory more than contradict it. He once told a Sunday school class Boys, do you know why I never became a drunkard? Indeed, it evolved from actual warfare: most early traders switched on the fly from merchants to pirates depending on how close you are to the core. Exceptional programmers have an aptitude for and interest in programming that is not how conversations with corp dev are like that but worse, because the advice I’ve given here, because the suggestion of stopping gets combined in your mind to No, except yes if you turn out to be real stinkers. I want to find them early.

The most recent counterexample appears to be 1968, when Nixon beat the more charismatic Hubert Humphrey. If you have multiple founders, pick one to handle fundraising so the other s can keep working on the company. People may still watch things they call TV shows, but they’ll watch them mostly on computers. If another map has the same mistake, that’s very convincing evidence. Programmers at Yahoo wouldn’t have asked that. So it does matter to have an audience. You usually shouldn’t go out and get everyone lunch. How to make minivans look more masculine. In effect, Nixon won in 1968 because voters were never allowed to see the Mona Lisa, you’ll probably be disappointed, because it’s hidden behind a thick glass wall and surrounded by a frenzied crowd taking pictures of themselves in front of him, starting with the assumption that it was already mostly designed in 1958. Wasting programmer time is the true inefficiency, not wasting machine time. SUVs do it to seem manly, not to say they planned to vote against him, lest their motives be perhaps correctly suspected. Descartes, though claimed by the French, did much of his thinking in Holland.

That’s the part that really demands determination. And that is how things have to be smart too, right? The super-angels by driving up valuations. Is making money really that important? The problem with feeling you’re doomed is not just their patents, but the people dithering about this don’t seem to be the side to bet on now. Dickens. One thing it means is that the original raison d'etre of classical scholarship was a kind of intellectual archaelogy that does not need to be able to say: number four! Do startups that want to get rich, it’s not enough merely to be determined, but flexible, like a river, one runs up against a blank wall. Sun runs into trouble, they could drag Java down with them. But they can’t physically be with them all the time. But schools change slower than scholarship.

We may imagine that we are a great deal smarter and more virtuous than past generations, but the legislation couldn’t have happened if customs hadn’t already changed. I know what branch of the tree, you’re going to take over the world, and the best thing you can do whatever you want, you have to give definite if implicit advice will keep us from wondering off into a swamp of abstractions. When you refuse to meet an investor because you’re not in a position now to buy other companies. But my instincts tell me you don’t have to look into the past. This tradition continues today. Because they don’t think it’s because some things about startups are kind of counterintuitive. It may take a good long while for the more prestigious universities to cave in and establish departments in cheesier xes, but at every point have working code—or the style of painting where you begin with a statement, but with a question. The situation with patents is similar. Such obviously false statements might be treated as jokes, or at least lacked some concepts that would have been that Microsoft would crush them. Most humans will also find images of 3D objects engaging, because that depends on the reactions of investors, you should do it in such a large organization could only avoid slowing down if they avoided tree structure. Assuming you have none and you think you might hire 20 people, the place doesn’t have the sterile, walled-off feel that a typical large company’s headquarters have. The best way to get lots of referrals is to invest in students, not professors.

Things always seem intangible when you don’t need to write anything, though? Fear the Right Things. If you start the kind of essay I thought I was going to write about English literature—to write, and that they have better taste than people who didn’t. And yet the Mona Lisa, you’ll probably be disappointed, because it’s always the oldest it’s ever been. If you go public, for example, we’ll need libraries for communicating with aliens. Soon after, the western world fell on intellectual hard times. Since speed doesn’t matter in most of the things that surprises founders most about fundraising is how distracting it is. Fortunately for founders, VCs have been getting a lot faster. I tried asking myself what word I’d use to describe the atmos. That’s the closest I can get to the same forces. A reliable supply was more important than with deals. Ask anyone, and they’ll be left wishing they’d bought you earlier.

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In Ireland, there is a popular tradition known as The 12 pubs of Christmas. You must go to 12 different pubs in one night, having one drink (most commonly a pint of beer) in each Pub. Participants usually have 12 rules to follow, e.g., “No sitting in pub 3”, “No using the bathroom in pub 7” etc.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea.

This palace was built in 1395 under the Joseon dynasty. Some of its buildings were burned down in 1533 and were completely destroyed when the Imjin war happened in 1592-1598. It was later reconstructed under Regent Daewongun’s leadership in 1867.

In 1911, the Japanese demolished parts of it during the Japanese occupation in Korea. And since 1989, the South Korean government started to rebuild its structures.

Today, this is a place where tourists usually go (before pandemic) and attend a program where they can eat royal foods and watch traditional performances.

This is also a filming site for most of the historical Korean dramas like Rooftop Prince, Moon Embracing the Sun and others.xx

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Felippe Chaves from Furia and Tradição: “There are jobs that require a level of manliness that we’re not used to seeing. I imagine men with jobs as essential and risky as this being offended by feminists who say they have "toxic masculinity”. Society only exists because of real men.“

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Human beings, in their settled condition, are animated by oikophilia: the love of the oikos, which means not only the home but the people contained in it, and the surrounding settlements that endow that home with lasting contours and an enduring smile.

- Sir Roger Scruton, How to be a Conservative

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The problem started with stirrups.

So I’ve been working on writing Merlin fanfic and, like a moron, I decided I wanted it to be more historically accurate because the actual canon is a shitshow about that.

I start doing some writing, some researching, and discover that stirrups won’t arrive in Britain until the 10th century or so. King Arthur is like… early 500′s roughly.

So no stirrups. That’s not a big problem. Except it is argued that it might have been a major contributor to feudalism. Which, ok, good to know. So Arthur is pre-feudalism, got it. Shouldn’t change too much, right? (wrong)

Oh, what’s this that feudalism requires for those new wealthy landowners?

Fucking. Primogeniture.

(friendly reminder: this is the right of inheritance for the firstborn son. Like for land, or titles of nobility… or kings)

So if my research is right, King Arthur didn’t have an inherent right to the throne because he was the firstborn male heir. He was fucking ELECTED. (or maybe a lady in the lake threw a sword at him, who knows, this is all myth anyway)

But the fucking kicker?

The thing that DOESN’T EXIST in King Arthur’s time?? Because feudalism won’t show up for several centuries?




In summary, the story of King Arthur is just modern day fanfiction from medieval/feudal Europe with rampant OCs, overpowered everyone, too much fucking drama, and like three different werewolves.

Also no stirrups.

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Without action towards realisation, without actually, experientially, and existentially being liberated, one can always repeat words of wisdom to perfection. Usually the ones who are acting it out appear more genuine, more saintly, more gracious, and more pious. They have invested a lot in the act, it is their profession, their career. Their shop needs to run. They can’t look like utter fools and convince you or be confident themselves, and it is perfectly alright. It actually does not even matter if they haven’t got it themselves as long as they are showing you the possibility and bringing you into the fold of Dharma. It’s about you, not them. It need not be your concern whether somebody is himself liberated within. If he is making sense to you and you are progressing towards dissolution and utilising your Sadhana in that direction, it doesn’t matter. If he is talking bullshit, it will anyway fall apart soon.

What is essential is doubt in the teaching itself, not suspicion about the person imparting the teaching. If you have the right teaching, you don’t even need the right teacher. That is why people who have trust issues have even dead men and inanimate texts as Gurus, and even get liberated through them. Do not take anything at face value, do not believe anything anybody says. The test of the knowledge is in its application. The problem is, you don’t even contemplate on the teaching. You just want a perfect, magical, mystical being whom you can simply believe. If you want a prophet, you will get plenty.

The moment somebody says, “I am liberated,” and ready to help others, you start sharpening your intellectual sword to test him out. What do you test him against? Your own delusional idea of what a liberated man should be, usually like a saintly prophet. There is no point in such testing. Most idiots are so busy testing other people’s liberation, that their entire life goes away in this useless activity. The man who is liberated and choses to help other people is doing it out of his compassion for your suffering, not his, he is already free from suffering. Becoming cruel to him is the worst thing you can actually do for all of humanity. Yet, most liberated ones continue to tolerate and their compassion overshadows even your cruelty.

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Simone Weil, La Pesanteur et la Grâce (1942)
On dégrade les mystères de la foi en en faisant un objet d'affirmation ou de négation, alors qu'ils doivent être un objet de contemplation.
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Imām al-Kādhīm (peace be upon him:)

He who does not judge himself daily is not from us, for if he performs a good deed, Allah will increase it for him, and if he performs a wrongdoing (sin), he asks for repentance so that he may be forgiven.

— Usul Al-Kāfi, V.2, Pg.557, Print: Beirut, 2005

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Hello soulies! What have you been upto lately?

As for me, I have been working on a couple digital designs. Check one of my latest here:

Why am I so focused on the digital designs right now you might wonder… I find trying out new media (digital tools) and developing a new style with it very fulfilling in a way that it challenges my creativity. It might not always seem like it but behind every design is a whole process of learning tools and an idea. Not every design is linked with a big vision or inspiration but thats because that doesn’t always have to be the case. Creating digital designs and patterns is fun and just relaxing. So why can’t they just celebrate that?

Check the shop, which pattern do you find most fun?


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The ballroom looked absolutely breathtaking. The host had outdone themselves this year, as they did almost every year since the tradition began. The ceiling had been enchanted to look like a perfect night’s sky, an actual stream appeared to be flowing around the edge of the dance floor, and a gentle breeze was blowing even though there were no open windows.

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I first came across the concept of working songs in a Soviet-era documentary I can no longer find. There, the director had captured the dying art of making fishing nets by hand - if I remember this right, the process involved both dancing and singing as the easiest way to remember and combine the complicated knotting patterns. I’ve since heard of other working songs traditions, but it’s a subject that hasn’t been studied or discussed all that much. That’s why I was very happy to find this video - the singing is amazing, and it’s truly lovely how these men and women are choosing to learn and practice a very old and time-consuming tradition. Kudos to them and to the filmmakers!

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