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#traditional art for once :)

Animal studies for an art project I’m working on. I’ve been trying to learn how to draw animals anyway, so I was excited for this assignment. I still need to work on the owls though 😅😬

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Tiger and Bunny season 2???? BRUH I’m excited!!! So excited, that I sketched the boys after a long time. it ain’t coming out for a while but I’ve been waiting for 9 years already. Another 2 cant hurt XD

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lowkey wanna drop out of my major and sign up for an illustration major but i probably won’t get student support if i do, also i don’t draw a lot right now plus i’d need to put together a portfolio :(

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💛 Prestohn? :0c

💛 What is your personal opinion of this OC? Do you love them or are they your trash child? Are they your baby?

He is both my angle and my devli. When I first made him he was a little angel who could do no harm, but I wanted more variety personality wise for my ocs so now…now he’s not so “uwu could do no harm”. He’s honestly just a huge asshole at first glance

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Self control? none

this is the third time I have drawn Conductor today

But ykno,,, He deserves so much art,,,,

my only contributions to this community are many Conductor drawings and Club Penguin DJ Grooves

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-“ Why did you … back then ?

-“ You really don’t know ?

My father bought me an A5 drawing pad recently. I said I’d draw one different thing per day. I did not respect this and drew lots of drawings in the same day, especially Haurchefant & my WoL.

15 minutes challenge.

Credits : Haurchefant Greystone / Miqo'te © Squate Enix

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