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#traditional drawing

Sona attempt~

I call them V.V. and they are supposed to be a pupper mix but they classify as a duck because they were raised by ducks-

(I cant make a character, even a sona that doesn’t have at least a bit of story I have a problem sjsue)

The hair made them a bit more feminine then I’d like but i like fluffy.

I wanted a sona but I couldn’t find the right bird and I didn’t want them to look like Vevina (myoc) sona is not exactly duck but close enough. I can always change in the future uvu

This is just a doodle post, nothing important sjege

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Huey snaps arc

This happened a while ago on a game with some cool peeps and there are a lot of drawable moments but I like this even tho their not connected sjejeieje

I apologize for my lack of drawings and stuff, I haven’t been in the best mindset, but I’m feeling a bit better so I’m trying to get back into it. This is a bad doodle but its something sjeue

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