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#traditional femininity

Stop telling them. I can’t tell you not to care but you need to care about your goals and being happy more than their opinions of you. Your not hurting them- so they can kick rocks. I personally dealt with it by always being true to myself, and trying to get my surroundings to reflect that. Get some friends who are likeminded. They won’t pick on you when your life reflects your standards, they will wish they were a little more like you. As a matter of fact encouraging women to be less feminine and high maintenance is a form of oppression. You were born a women so don’t let nobody take your femininity away from you.

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In this loud and brash world, I quietly cultivate my femininity, mystery and serenity. Like a violet that grows in the harsh wind but hopes for a gentle breeze so that she can gently share her sweet fragrance with the world.

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