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#traditional painting

🕯 Candles magnetic 🕯


Finished watercolors magnetic canvas YCH for lalunalaleo (Instagram) ☆

Too love the character - it’s very comfortable painting .)

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There’s one phrase in Russian “Write in the table” (писать в стол). That’s mean “to write without publication”. And I want to draw in the table cause I don’t sure that people want to see my art. And when I think about it it makes me hurt. So I need to rest and “to draw in the table” during two weeks. If I’ll feel better then I’ll continue my break. I’m really really sorry QwQ

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Special thanks to Rupert Holmes and his Pina Colada Song for keeping me motivated and the left over olives in my fridge for keeping me from starving during the process.

I started this in June last year and did the sketch, then I put it away and didn’t really look at it again until yesterday evening when it’s unfinished state suddenly started triggering me and I sat down and finished it in one session from 6pm to 2am.

It’s funny that I needed much more time for Charlie considering that everything about Mac should have been more difficult.

Also I have never in my entire life drawn a glass bottle before, can you tell? 😂

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The painting process in long and filled with mostly hating it. Then you get to those last few brush strokes and think; “Wow, I kinda like this.”

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Draft - Quadratic

The last draft for one of my color palette paintings
It’s supposed to be a quadratic scheme but there is hardly any blue (oops)

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Day 01 of 31 day Strada easel paint from life challenge

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