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#traditional sketch

Some early morning warm up doodles I did today.

Of course I couldn’t help myself but use tea itself to paint some cups of hot and ice tea. I did also use some of my watercolours too to add that extra hint of colour ^^

I had fun painting with the tea- it gave the tea bags and the tea drinks a nice golden brown colour (though I did use a bit of tan watercolour to emphasise the tone a little).

Anyways, these were fun to draw and I hope you like them to :)

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Happy Pride Month ya’ll!

I’ll be drawing some of my OCs with their current sexualities and genders.

Today I drew Edgy Mc Edgelord, who is a Bisexual Bigender - as am I. She (and I) are attracted to both men and woman and we also identify as both a man and a woman. This is the reason why she’s physically a mix between the two, and the reason why she has both sets of genitalia. Yes you heard that right, she has a dick (and a vag). 

Breaking away from the subject of genitalia, Pride Month is really important to me. Not only do I get to feel accepted for who I am, but I also get to educate people on what a Bisexual Bigender person is (since not a lot of people identify as both). It’s a great time for love, acceptance, and rainbows. I hope you all have a great Pride, such a shame it was cancelled this year.

Stay safe!! xx

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Art dump


All the traditional art that I’ve done in my new sketch book so far.


•∆•Requests and art trades are still open! •∆•

Tag list: @nansblockit @ask-the-amazing-greenland @slasher-beware @ticket-to-ride13 @illwaitinthisplace @piratenclown

If you want to be tagged just comment on this post or shoot me an ask/message, have a wonderful day!

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