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foorubbish · 2 days ago
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Bege has dad instincts. Can’t let these kids look unpresentable. 
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chososrightpigtails · 23 hours ago
Donquixote ‘Corazon’ Rosinante
Favorite commission piece I did so far 👉🏻👈🏻
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lawzo-incorrect-quotes · 2 days ago
Zoro: Treat spiders the way you want to be treated.
Law: Killed without hesitation.
Zoro: No.
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every-trafalgarlaw · a day ago
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childofblackmaria · a day ago
Yes hi hello!! 👋
First of all I gotta say that I absolutely love the aesthetics of your blog?? I'm always on mobile and when I go through your tags I always notice that your color scheme and also the organization of your posts is so nice?? Honestly, your blog slaps🙌💕
As for requests... I was wondering if you could write a little something about cuddling with Yamato and/or Law? (and any other characters you want to bc I know u like them dilfs👀) Headcanons, scenario or imagine - I'm happy to read anything you write, so feel free to pick any way you want to do this :) I'm honestly just touch starved and craving something domestic and warm and maybe a bit cute😔
Anyways, have a very nice day and luv u <3
omg hi, thank you so much!! i feel very flattered, hehe. and i loved your request, i feel like i don't get to write a lot for both of them (since this is the OP dilf headquarters oops). also your username is cute 🦆 i've took the chance and added Roger to the list because why the fuck not. let's cuddle the big beefy himbo man, too. pspspspsps Roger simps pspspspsps
☁️ fluff cuddling headcanons with Law, Yamato & Roger
Tumblr media
ever tried cuddling a house cat that would hiss every time you got closer than a three meter radius?
that's Law
granted, he had his cuddly moments when he would crawl into bed late at night to you, seeking the warmth of your body under the sheets
with his face nuzzled in your neck he would hold you tight, immediately relaxing with the sound of your steady beating heart
giving up his big spoon privilege? over his cold dead body
though on days that end with Y it's fine i guess...
with you rotating like a starfish in your sleep it's impossible anyway to hold you for 8 hours straight (or 2-3 unrested hours in Law's case, have you seen those dark circles under his eyes. they're Prada)
he would play with your hair whenever you both cuddled, gently tucking it behind your ear or absentmindedly twirling it between his fingers while you both were reading on the sofa
once you gain his trust, he will be a very cuddly boy as long as you give him space... don't worry, he will come to you soon, he's a house cat after all
Yamato, oh Yamato, my angel, my darling, my sunshine
growing up like he did, he sure is touch starved and will demand cuddles whenever you were around
he'll wrap his arms around your waist from behind when you're cooking or braid your hair while you lie in his lap, any form of physical touch is welcome with him
Yamato is strong af and his hugs can fix your bad back, really. he will crack your spine like a glow stick
doesn't care if he's the big or the little spoon, he'll flip you around like a pancake anyway in an attempt to find the comfiest cuddling position
Yamato will melt the second your wrap your arms around him, kissing his temples and forehead, telling him how much you missed him (even if you only went to the bathroom and back)
when you're chilling in bed together, i can see him using your butt as neck pillow while you lie on your stomach, playing on your Switch, just welcoming any form of closeness to you
he would spell letters on your back with his fingers for you to guess ("is it 'ODEN WAS HERE' because if so, hold up...")
maybe don't mention that his dad is kinda hot if you want to keep cuddling Yamato
forget hot water bottles and heating blankets– Roger is here
this man radiates warmth like no other and he is happy to share
his big grin whenever you crawled into his arms was worth more than all the gold treasure on the Oro Jackson
Roger isn't afraid of PDA and would casually wrap his arms around your hips no matter where you stood. he just loved to have you close (if you didn't mind him having Rayleigh in his other arm, they are inseperable)
whenever you had cold hands, he would take them in his and rub them together until they're warm again (he won't let go then though)
Roger loves cuddling you while he was lying on his back, you on top of him, your face resting against his bare chest, dozing off to the sound of his heartbeat
he would kiss your head and rub your back, letting you know that you're safe with him and that he was planning on never letting you go
whenever he held you in his big, beefy arms, the world seemed to stand still. it was a feeling of finally being home again after a long, long time
but beware, this man sleeps like a stone and you might take critical damage when you attempt to wiggle yourself out of his arms... maybe just stay there, it's heaven on earth anyway
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tsunderedoctor · 23 hours ago
IM HERE PURPLE!!! SO how about law starting to show his childhood friend he loved them after so many years of having it bottled it up and seeing them after almost losing them? Is it ok so have female reader??
I love that way you write for so long, I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while! 😭😭♥️♥️
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No worries, my love! And thank you for your kind words!!💖💖 I hope I do your ask correctly! Also, thank you for the Law, I will humbly accept this gift~
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Trafalgar D. Water Law
Tumblr media
You two had met in Spider Mills, you were another child who thought of joining the Donquixote gang, though the rough treatment of the leader’s younger brother scared you off. 
When Law would get thrown out, you always asked why he tried so hard. Much to the brunet’s annoyance. You would help patch him up and watch him try again to get on the leader’s good side, or at least try to get in the building-
Once he was in, you never saw him again, you half expected him to die, from the rough treatment of the gang. However, years had gone by and the boy became a man, a so called supernova who went off to become a warlord. It’s amazing what ambition does to a person.
You hadn’t expected to meet him again, you went off and managed on your own, joining another crew of pirates and traveled the world. But here you two were standing in front of each other once again. 
It took you by surprise that he remembered you, honestly, you only remembered him from his tough attitude and curiosity to know what created it. 
“You’re....Y/N-ya?” Hearing your name come from his lips left you to shiver, he definitely had grown up. Nodding, his shocked expression turned back to his usual grump look, making a tsking sound, he stared you down. “Why are you here?”
Chuckling at his usual demeanor, you shrugged. “My captain came to help with the Wano revolution, they were an alley of the great Oden.” He seemed surprised by your words, but accepted them as the two of you walked together. It didn’t take long to catch up, though most of the talking was on your part, you both knew what he did in Dressrosa, you had stated your amazement on his skills as he covered his face with the straw basket. 
“Don’t talk about things so openly, you’ll blow my cover.” Laughing once more, you accepted his embarrassment for what it was, anyone could tell he was Trafalgar Law anyway. 
By the end of the day, you had reached your post, giving the man a wave, he stopped you, grabbing your wrist. “You’re safe here, right? You feel protected?” 
This time it was you who looked surprised, nodding at his words, you loved your crew, but you supposed growing up with the Donquixote crew left a bitter taste in his mouth. “If you ever feel unsafe, you know where to find me, my crew will always accept you.”
With that the man left, leaving you with more curiosity than when you were children, just who was Trafalgar Law anyway? 
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mugiya · a day ago
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mingot-studios · 2 days ago
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Yes you are Law.
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pasuterune · 21 hours ago
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fireflykaizoku · a day ago
if it hasn't been already done before, can i please ask for law and zoro taking care of a sick reader? I've been sick and it's exam season and things are a bit overwhelming currently. thank you in advance and hope you have a nice day! <3
extra notes (platonic relationship, gender neutral)
hello, anony! i'm so sorry to know you've been sick! take it easy, breaks are important! you won't be able to learn if you're exhausted or nervous. but i'm sure you'll do great on the exams (and keep me updated about it pls). but remember: your health comes first. i'm sending love and positve energy! ❤
Zoro doesn’t really take care of himself, unless he's working out. I think he barely gets sick, and also, he’s either training or taking naps most of the time. So maybe he won’t realize you’ve been feeling stressed, overworking or sick at first.
He’ll start noticing when you’re not there during the meals, spending time on the deck with the crew, or when someone mentioned that you weren't feeling well (probably Chopper). And while he wouldn’t know what to do or how to help at first (he’d think the other Strawhats could be a better help on that). But he’ll ask if you need anything.
He may offer you some sake to help. If it helps him when he’s stressed or even sick, it could help you, right? (marimo, no… That’s not how it works. It doesn’t work for everyone).
But he’ll try to be helpful somehow, asking if you’re resting enough or making sure you’re taking breaks when you’re studying for a long time. He’d walk by your bedroom, open the door and say “Oi, you’ve been reading that book for hours, stop for 5 minutes. Chopper told you to rest”, and then go back to whatever he was doing.
May bring some snacks or dinner if you're resting and can't get up. Zoro may not remember to tell you to take your medication, but would bring them if Chopper asked him to.
I don’t think Zoro would help you study, but he would be happy to know you got good grades.
Law often overworked and barely slept. But he didn’t want his crewmates to do the same thing. He cares about their health not only as a captain, but especially since he was a doctor.
When Law noticed you were getting sick, he’d give you strict orders to rest, drink water, eat well and take medication (if needed), and vitamins. If you said “but I need to study for my exams'', he’d tell you that you could study, but to keep it easy. He knows that you wouldn’t be able to focus and learn while feeling sick.
Will keep an eye on you (or tell Bepo to keep an eye on you), to make sure you’re not staying up late trying to read that textbook. Sleeping well would be very important for your recovery.
I think Law would even try to find a way to help you study, either by helping you with the flashcards, making a studying schedule or finding a different method so you wouldn’t have to spend the time you should be resting, overworking yourself and getting stressed. It’d only make your health worse anyway.
He’d feel very proud to know that you got good grades after all!
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haunted-xander · 23 hours ago
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WEC one piece!!!! was just gonna be ASL bros at first but then i wanted to do Law too lol
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perfusio · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Robin explains to Law the sensations of her flower limb.
(In the crew, nobody really cares exept Chopper who knows absolutely everything. )
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chososrightpigtails · 2 days ago
Dr Trafalgar D Water Law
brb frothing at the mouth, nose bleeding uncontrollably
Tumblr media
Do not repost or use without perms pls
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lawzo-incorrect-quotes · 23 hours ago
Zoro: You know you've made it when you see your picture everywhere you go.
Law: Those are wanted posters
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every-trafalgarlaw · a day ago
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sashi-ya · 11 hours ago
SASHI! Can I request for your event the prompt of Law being in jail? please!? NSFW and can you please make it with two Fem readers and since you are good with demons, can they be demons? THANK U!! 💗
Excuse me, anon... what is this request? a double demon request? Well of course, please enjoy this sinful fic for you! I created both demons differently. One is sweet and more like a sub, the other is a dom and sadist. Thank u for asking for this sweet request, I enjoyed it a lot! 💗~
Tumblr media
~ 🌸 Cherry Blossoms Over Wano Event 🌸 ~
⚠ Nsfw~ Trafalgar Law x Demons! F! Reader ~ That's Trafalgar Law, The New Prisoner
tw: this shit ain't soft. Canon divergence, ep 951 (Law in Wano jail beaten by Hawkins). 3 way: FFM. DARK NSFW. Blood play. Demons call each other "sisters", demons are NOT human, so it's up to you if you want them to be real sisters or just creatures with no morals and no notion of incest. Impregnation. Law is a sub, used for his seed.
wc: 2.6K
a/n: I have another request with this prompt which is SFW that I received after this one, surely will write that one too!
Like this event? masterlist 🌸~
Tumblr media
The smell of blood… ah, sinful, sweet, spell bounding. The smell of blood… fresh, like iron, oh so enticing.
Shadows moving in the night, the moonlight bathe their skins and they shine. They shine, but they aren’t like the Sun.
Wisterias hanging over each door of the Flower Capital, but not there. Not from where the scent of sweet vital fluid comes. They can enter freely there. Oh, of course they can.
The tinkling of the shackles around his wrists, the way he spits blood on the ground. “Look at him, sister… that's where the sweet smell was coming from.”
Like snakes, like cats perhaps, the creatures of the night crawl inside. Long hair, silver and black, like the moon and the dark.
He pants, he is in pain. The ink patterns on his caramel skin and the icy stare, a subtle smirk with confidence and pride. “He is not from here, isn’t he?” she asks, playing with her argentum hair. “Our pray, my sweet sister, is indeed not from here. That’s Trafalgar Law, the new prisoner”
The voodoo monk, long blond hair, Hawkins bids goodnight to the prisoner. “Trafalgar, you will spit the truth sooner or later, meanwhile have a pleasant stay” he spits, and kicks the poor black haired convict in his stomach.
But the man only smirks, and what a sexy smile.
Black nails, like claws, tingle on her hands. The black haired creature also smirks and gloats. Concupiscent, her body takes a human-like form. Her companion does the same, the embodiment of perfection and exhilaration.
Wano demons once in a while, need human seeds… Oh and that prisoner looks like a perfect candidate…
Slowly, they move inside the dark, humid cell. The scent of his blood invades the place, some tears and sweat maybe too. His hands tied to chains over his head. A head that loosely hangs and his eyes are closed. He is still panting a little, the kick has left him in pain.
Even if the demonic women hide in the void of darkness spots, where the moonshine is not able to reach, he is aware of them. And the man whose name is Trafalgar, slowly rises his head, fixing menacing cold eyes into the murky void in front of him.
“I can feel how your skin gets all bumpy…” the dark haired demon whispers next to his ear and licks the trail of dry blood on his right cheek. Law turns his head to the side, but he sees nothing. “Fufufu… don’t be scared!” another voice, a playful yet wicked one, now comes from his left.
The surgeon shivers, he can feel their presence, but he can’t see them. Sharp claws barely grazing his skin, sometimes he smells rotten and sometimes it smells like sex. Like the scent of naked bodies and the scent of pheromones, like the scent of pure lust, of pure sin and desire.
“Who are you?” he asks, with a trembling voice.
Oh poor thing.
“Who are we, sister?” one of them asks. “Well, haven’t you heard about the Wano demons, sweetie?” the other says.
“Do you want us to free you, pretty little thing?” the raven haired woman-like creature with little horns and fluffy clothes covering just her breasts and her legs, asks. But the prisoner does not answer, instead he scans her, up and down, scared but amazed.
“Hi… Trafalgar? Are you a pirate?” the silver haired demon asks; some scales cover her impious body. Horns and yellow eyes. Eyes that curiously travel all over his body. She crawls to him, on all fours, and yet she looks like a snake, serpentine movements to get to him.
Law flinches to the soft touch of the demon, his crossing legs are now over his belly. He is indeed really scared, forming a ball to protect his already beaten up body. “Oh, why don’t you let me touch you?” she asks. A sad expression on her face with a hint of sadism deep inside.
“You will let my sister touch you; do you understand?” the raven haired demon shouts, grabbing Law by his hair and pushing him against the metallic bars behind him. He grunts, and spits some more blood. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?.”
She perversely laughs, softly putting her foot over Law’s stomach. “We… want to make a deal” she says, opening the black kimono just enough to expose the surgeon’s crotch with her toes. “We will free you and protect you, as long as you are willing to give us your seed… you look like a good human to be served from”
Law stutters, he even coughs. Facade that slowly go from confused and scared, to a smirk twisted and perverse that could make anybody tremble.
“I’ll take that as a YES, then. Sister, come here” the black haired demon, the tallest and probably stronger of the two of them commands the other. Slowly, the yellow eyed demon crawls closer to him, and starts smelling him. Desperately inhaling the sweet scent of blood strings that run like thin rivers over his inked skin, so delicious, so tempting…
The tip of her tongue tastes the acrid flavour of Law’s cruor. “More!” she expresses, so excited while her sister brushes her hair, still with one of her feet over Law’s warm crotch. “Wha- more?” Law asks, panicking, making the sweet silver haired demon to rest over her knees, pouting. “I want more, I want more!” she insists.
“Then bite him, sis” the dominant demon says, grabbing her by her hair and pushing her against Law’s neck. “Come on, feed on him.”
Law squirms, trying to stop her, but the dark haired demon fixes her eyes on him. Dark matter flows from them, like tears, staining her cheeks. “You are gonna make my little sister cry like me, you know that?” she says, menacing, threatening, paralyzing him. He knows too well he has no power to beat them, not now.
Sharp fangs bite the caramel skin of the prisoner, enough to make him bleed. She sucks, eager, thirsty. And won’t stop unless her sister tells her to do so, and for that she still grabs her by her hair. “Keep going, darling. Feed well on him, not always we get such quality of a man.”
She begins to feel how Law’s sex becomes harder and wetter, and she relishes at it. "Aroused already, huh?".
The dark demon uses her sharp claws to cut through the clothes of the other and herself, and then lifts her sister from her hair. "Let me taste him" she says.
Law widens his eyes, scared and sure he will get the other side of his neck bitten. But he is wrong, and the grunts that escaped his throat show how much frustration he feels to get extremely horny by the images of the demon kissing each other, swapping his blood, playing with their tongues.
Drops of red substance run through the commissures of both mouths, lustful, degenerate, staining their breasts. And from the breasts to their bellies.
Law pants, annoyed and aroused. Fighting against his own moral boundaries, breaking them all when he realizes how hard he has become. How much he wants to be untied, mind becoming darker and darker, his libido asking to touch them, to fuck them, to share the blood with him.
“Have you been poisoned before?” the dark haired demon asks, cleaning her mouth with the back of her forearm, while the silver haired one licks the remaining drops of blood off her chest. Law is unable to understand how she noticed, and simply nods. He breathes with difficulty, the pirate looks like a feral beast, chained, but willingly to be untied to attack.
As the sweet demon kneels next to Law, ready to assault his neck once again, the dominant one kicks Law’s legs to spread them. She scans the wetness and the arousal on the man’s underwear, gloating at the show of neediness.
“Look sis, wanna bite the inside of his thighs? They look so tasty” she says, pointing at her demon sister the soft, tempting, tanned inside of Law’s legs. Her sister pounces over Law, ready to bite, kiss, lick Law’s flesh and as he does, her ass faces his countenance.
Spread, wet and sticky, presented to Law like a delicious plate of his favourite food. Tempting, smelling exquisite, luring Law into a deathly oral trap. “Eat her out, you want that, don’t you?” the raven haired demon orders, smirking, aroused by the trembling lips of the doctor.
And as he grunts, in pain by the fangs leaving marks on his thighs, his head buries into the demon’s sex. He rejoices with the profane elixir of the demon’s wetness, devouring her entirely. The sound of the shackles resonating all around, the sound of the shackles and the pants because he is so into eating her that he forgets to breathe.
And she moans, and her claws cut the fabric of his underwear exposing his hard, throbbing member. The sharpness of her fangs graze dangerously his shaft, up and down, but at this point the man does not care. He is willingly up to be hurt, to be bitten, to be bled out.
The demon pushes her sex onto his mouth, as she whines and grunts, enjoying the taking over pleasure of a climax that makes her absolutely happy. “Ah thank you!”
“That’s enough food for you, human” the dominant demon says, taking his head out of the sex of her sister by pulling his hair. “We want your seed inside me, not a single drop will be wasted from you.”
Law looks at her, glossy eyes, shiny chin, lips barely open, breathing hard, closing his left eye as the excitement has made the cut over his brow bone to open again and bleed out. She crunches at his side and cleans his eye with her black sharp nail.
“See I can’t stop tasting your blood, it’s so addicting. You must be from the D. clan, aren’t you?” she says, so sure he is, the blood of them not only tastes sweet but produces on her tongue a special tingling and burn sensation like the sun does on her skin.
Law is even more amazed by the accuracy of the demons in knowing him, and even if he would love to discuss it, he needs more. He is about to burst, and his dick begs for release while the cute demon keeps licking the squirting drops of precum off him.
His belly spasms, he knows he must contain as much as he can. The deal was to give them his seed, and that’s what he is gonna do for the sake of his crew and himself.
And for his body, too.
"Dear sister, could you please allow me to fuck the human?" The dark demon asks her companion, lovingly grazing her cheek, commanding sweetly for her to move.
And she does, allowing Law’s dick to be free to jump over it.
The demon straddles her hips over him, her wetness makes the humping slippery. She grazes her sex against his, even feeling the pulsating feeling of the blood pumping on his dick’s vessels. Her long nails carved on the inked chest of the man, as she goes back and forth, enjoying the face of pure rapture Law has.
"I wanna fuck you" Law whines, bucking his hips up for the tip of his dick to slip inside her. He begs and moans, almost crying because his hands are still tied and he can't touch her.
"Let's go sweet human, won't torture you any longer" she laughs, and guides the squirting sex inside her wet cave.
Up and down she goes, jumping on his manhood. She squeezes his cheeks to make him look directly into her black matter crying eyes. "Look at me" she commands, and then smiles at her sweet sister resting over Law’s chest, drinking the remaining blood from her nails.
"Fill me up" she growls, as she goes faster.
Law can only moan, whine, pant, and grunt, he is not able to think straight and the only thing he needs now is to be freed. He wants to squeeze the demon’s breasts; he wants to touch the other demon too.
“Release me from my shackles” he begs, tears in his eyes mixing with the blood sprouting from his brow bone. “You wanna feed the demons inside you, Trafalgar? Let’s create darkness, then” she moans, and uses her strong hands to break the chains that held his arms up.
The DEATH tattooed hands of the doctor fall at each side like made out of heavy lead. The poor man has been enduring the pain and the discomfort of having his arms up the whole day, yet he desperately looks for touching, for squeezing, for feeling.
“Come on, good boy! Fill me up, fill me really good” she encourages Law, while he goes deep deep inside her. He grimaces, he is about to burst, but also hates himself for succumbing to such dirty and profane request. And he didn’t even stutter, he could say it was to protect their crew… but was it really?
He feels rapidly falling into a spiral of pure perversion, the need to impregnate the demon has crawled inside his mind and now that’s what he is gonna do. His hands pull from some silver strands of hair of the sweet demon who keeps caressing his face, giving him sweet kisses, like a clinging pet to him resting over his chest while he gets ridden.
“Nghh” he grunts, not really sure if he should do this but doing it anyway. He explodes, and the clenching walls of the demon trap every single drop of his warm release, throwing her head back, grunting, fulfilled, smirking, crying, and laughing.
Law sweats, feeling how his twitching member is milked to the last drop by that blasphemous creature. His head falls to the side as the demon over him keeps moving a little more until she is completely satisfied and the other wipes tears from his eyes. “Good boy, you have helped my sister” she says, playing with the golden hoops of his ears while he rests on her chest.
“Human, you will be rewarded… now…
… Wake up”
“What the fuck?” he wakes up all of a sudden, sweating. The cell around him is still there, and the sun is barely poking out in the horizon. His hands still have the kairoseki shackles around his wrists, and he feels exhausted.
A sticky feeling between his legs, a subtle stain under his kimono on his crotch.
“Was it all a dream? And … my… How old am I? Twelve?” he asks himself, annoyed discovering it was all a wet dream. He feels humiliated and broken, but also amazed by his mind. “Fucking two demons? What the hell is wrong with me?” he asks himself, crossing his legs not to feel aroused one more time after the dream.
He tries to hide his mortifying stains when a well-known person walks through the door…
“Oi, Trafalgar… It’s time, let me untie you. Hawkins will be here in no minute”
“Thanks, man” Law thanks X-Drake, his supernova ally.
While Drake opens the shackles, playful laughs could be heard… laughter so similar to the demons of his dream.
“Drake-ya, are there any women in this jail?” “No, why?”
“Oh… it’s nothing” he said, looking at a dark spot, swearing he could see the demons blinking and blowing a kiss at him… ❤~
Tumblr media
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aly-insanity · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just saw this scene in Wano, I’m pretty sure the fact that I found this hot says a lot about my mental health...Figured I’d make a GIF out of it and share it seeing as people on Tumblr are usually the same level of sane :D
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pasuterune · 20 hours ago
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animated ver
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silvadour · a day ago
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mugiwaravoid · a day ago
Baby Law again cause y'all love him so much ❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤
Tumblr media
Cora-san mixed up coffee and tea.
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