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in the third grade me and my friend got in a fight over whether a girl could be a wizard and i was pro-girls can be wizards and she was pro-girls cant be wizards and i feel like thats when i should have realized that i wasnt straight

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Confession time…

I guess sometimes magic is real.

If you know you know.

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those rare cases do exist, but since they share experiences and struggles with natal women (due to passing as women, being legally female and all around convincingly pretending to be female on 24/7 basis) they’re going to benefit from female-centered feminism anyway; if they face stuff such as being talked down to, denied space and promotion in employment and academia, wage gap, catcalling and objectification by men etc, female-centered feminism has it covered for them. they can participate in feminist action, but otherwise I don’t think there’s a need or a point in derailing and redefining feminism to make it about anything other than “female liberation” or “pro-female activism” just to include rare male exceptions; I even see it as harmful, as female people, being an oppressed demographic, deserve a movement for themselves. I don’t think redefining their terms or goals to include exceptions among their oppressors whose situation is very specific serves anything but generally pandering/catering to the oppressor group.

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The setting is: A Building That Looks Like the Trans Flag

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“Why do you use They/Them? Are you plural?”



Do you want one?

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When someone you haven’t come out to unknowingly misgenders you:

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Because our mind’s are so powerful, given the ability to manifest and alter reality (correctly -if you know what you’re doing..) 

This is yet another reason why the content you put into your reality is so important! It ALL matters, the people you surround yourself matters…start clinging to narcissists and you inevitably become so abused after awhile, so insecure that you literally start to become like them unintentionally.

We may start even being mean to others without realizing it because we are picking up from other people, their pains, their projections. Sometimes we absorb too much and even other people can trigger our own insecurities and questions of self worth.

I didn’t have a ton of supportive people in my life when it came to me being trans. I had a lot of friend’s who I thought respected me but it turned out they did not after finding out how badly they would talk behind my back.

In truth this was divinely orchestrated as their rejection is God’s protection…but at the time it did not hurt any less and I didn’t fully realize that at the time when it was happening.

It used to crush me and it did alter my perception of myself for awhile especially regarding my self worth - which should be my first priority and found within.

I should not be worrying about what THEY think. However, when we are so ostracized from society, family, friends, etc it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting any type of affection one can receive in order to feel loved.

The subconscious mind is so powerful and is picking up on all your thoughts, beliefs etc and shaping your reality is the point I’m trying to get back to and how unhealthy it is I feel for trans people to always have to be surrounded with not feeling heard or seen in life.

I want people to actually feel empowered.

This is why it is so crucial for trans individuals to have that type of support early on to prevent potential self harm, suicide etc in a world that constantly says you are not valid enough to be male or female based on your physicality.

My own appearance, self worth and entire life in general began to transform once I started reprogramming my subconscious mind for the reality I desired. Once I removed my self from toxic outdated friendships and relationships that were literally killing my soul.

I did not need outer circumstances to validate me, but it really could help people and even save lives if you took the time to listen to how people really feel and how they want to be understood.

To SEE them for who they really are and how they want to be seen.

We are all interconnected and mirrors of one another and once you understand this as well fully you can thank those who are mirroring pain and insecurities because there is something still within us surfacing up to be healed and loved.

Stop putting people into boxes!

You’re infinite, you are loved.

“Focus on the reality in which you prefer” - Bashar

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I love the phrase “soft boy” because, as a man that happens to be transgender, I’m more sensitive and much shorter than most other guys. And while I’m not ashamed of how being socialized as female made me emotional, I do recognize that people see that personality trait of mine as something that makes me less manly. They feel the same about my stature.

Calling myself a “soft boy” allows me to embrace those more “feminine” aspects of myself. It literally alleviates dysphoria for me.

I’m not claiming all trans men need to like that phrase for the same reasons I do, or even that they have to like it, but I think it’s toxic for hyper-masculine FtM guys (a category I believe I fall into) to act as though it’s something only “trenders” say.

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the NHS’s 3 year waiting list for HRT is going to be my villain backstory if they’re not careful

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The idea that greater society is accepting of people of any gender who present androgynously is so fucking wack and i feel like if ppl spent 5 minutes thinking abt it outside of the intracommunity microcosm that manufactures so many takes abt nonbinary and gender non conforming ppl theyd fucking realize that lol

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