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storm-and-starlight · 2 days ago
'Cause We're One and the Same
This fic was inspired by this art from @itsrapsodia​ -- I got this scene of the two of them together stuck in my head and ended up writing it! (As a... general sort of trigger warning, Jaskier opens the fic by making a joke about not having a penis; my intention was that he experiences little-to-no bottom dysphoria and being both slightly drunk and around trusted friends, he’s comfy stating that.)
"--and that fucking Valdo Marx," Jaskier says, gesticulating wildly with his thankfully mostly-empty mug, "always sauntering around like he's so much better than everyone else just because he managed to get a court position straight out of Oxenfurt instead of slumming it like the rest of us, and all the rest of-- them," with a peculiar emphasis on the word that Geralt has no clue what it means but Priscilla and Essi clearly do, "acting like they're so much better than us."
Priscilla makes a sharp noise of agreement and sets her glass down on the table with a thunk. "It's like it's all just a contest to them, who can get the most popular song or the biggest royal patronage or--"
"It's a dick-measuring contest, is what it is," Jaskier says with finality, thumping his hands on the table, and Geralt snorts.
"Which you're exempt from?"
"Geralt, darling, I think by virtue of not having a dick--"and his mouth snaps shut, eyes going wide and startled. “Shit.”
Geralt blinks.
"Um," says Priscilla, and then leans over and says in a furious whisper "you haven't told him?!"
"No, I haven't," Jaskier mutters, seeming almost-- shocked, "it never came up, and he can hear you."
Geralt hums to indicate that he can, in fact, hear them both, and turns his gaze on Jaskier. The bard is growing paler by the moment, all the blood draining from his face, and for the first time since they met Geralt can smell-- fear? Just the barest traces of it, overlaid with alcohol and nerves, but it's the first time it's been really, truly, directed at him.
Jaskier's fingers are rattling on the tabletop, off-beat and out of rhythm, and then he shoves himself up and away with far more force than necessary. "I'm-- getting some air. Don't wait up."
"Jaskier--" Geralt says, half-reaching out to him, but Essi puts her hand on his wrist and pushes it back down, firmly, and Priscilla gives him a glare that could curdle milk as Jaskier ducks through the growing crowd inside Three Little Bells. He's had worse glares from Lambert, but there's something about seeing Jaskier so shaken from what seemed to be nothing more than a slip of the tongue that leaves him... unsettled.
He shakes off Essi's arm and rises to go after him, to make sure the bard's okay, but Priscilla catches him by the fabric of his sleeve. "Leave him." He blinks at her, and she levels him with that glare again. "He doesn't need you barging in after he's already said too much," and Geralt looks at her, really looks at her and how much she cares, and dips his head.
"If he comes back, tell him I'll be in the room." She keeps glaring at him, fierce and protective, but very deliberately lets go of his sleeve, and he walks away before he can start to think about-- whatever it was that just happened
He's carefully cleaning his steel sword when Jaskier comes stumbling back into the room, still pale-faced but with the scent of alcohol no longer quite so pungent from him. He's sobered up a bit, then, and Geralt very carefully sets the sword to the side, folds his hands in his lap and tries to look as unintimidating as possible. It's late enough that the tavern is quiet now, and he's had plenty of time to think about what he wants to say to the bard. There’s a lot of secrets he hasn’t wanted, or even had the chance to tell, but he’s beginning to think--
Better to see what the bard says first, though.
"Hello, Geralt."
He hums in response, not quite sure how to start... whatever this is. Jaskier closes the door behind him with exaggerated care, and then doesn't move from the middle of the room, scratching at his lute calluses in the familiar nervous gesture, the tension radiating off of him in a cloud. Literally; Geralt can smell it.
"I should probably. Um. Explain."
Geralt nods, and then seeing how Jaskier goes that much paler, huffs and clambers to his feet to haul out the room's single chair. "Sit down before you fall down."
"Ah. Thanks?" It's almost more a question than anything else, but Geralt nods in what he hopes is a reassuring manner and retreats back to the bed.
"Right. So. I should... probably tell you. What I meant by-- by that." Jaskier flounders, hands fluttering wildly through the air, and settles on "I-- I wasn't born a-- a man."
It's only one of the answers Geralt had been prepared to hear, but it settles something reassuring in his gut, that there's more common ground between them than only a few years of shared adventures. "Neither was I."
"I know it's not exactly-- talked about, but I promise you it's very real and I really am a man and if you don’t think that’s true we are going to have-- hang on, what?"
"I wasn't born a man."
Jaskier gapes.
"But you're--" and he flaps his hands in Geralt's general direction, "I mean, you-- I've never seen you-- really?"
"And you're not just saying that to make me feel better, in some twisted... I'm-an-outcast-from-society-and-I-don't-understand-basic-etiquette-like-not-telling-bards-they're-pitchy-to-their-face kind of way?"
Geralt lifts an eyebrow, carefully not commenting on the fact that he had been pitchy, and Jaskier lets out a sound that might be a laugh and might be a sob. "Right, yeah, when do you ever care enough about my feelings to do something like that. Fuck, Geralt, you can't just-- spring that on a fellow. I mean-- gods, here I was worried that you'd be... weird about it, and instead you're--"
"As dickless as you are?"
"Oh, fuck off," but the fear-scent is gone, the color slowly coming back into his cheeks, and he slouches back into his chair in a boneless heap. "Gods. I-- thanks, by the way."
"For what?"
"For... for trusting me, I guess? I mean it can't exactly be the kind of knowledge you want getting out there, what with witchering being... witchering."
Geralt shrugs. His brothers all know, of course, and so did most of the Wolf School before the pogrom -- hard to keep secrets like that with communal bathing, and there were always a few of his kind -- their kind, now -- in every school. "Most people just... assume."
"Right, yes, what with the whole... big grumpy manly... man look you've got going on there. How did you do that, by the way, some kind of potion? Transformation spell?"
"The Trials," Geralt says, trying to hide the flinch that comes with the memory, even after all these years. "They made us all like this."
"Ah," says Jaskier, and falls silent, not quite looking at him, or at anything in particular.
"Are you--" Geralt starts, the dim memory of before the Trials and the horrible sense of not fitting into his own skin surfacing unbidden, and Jaskier must read something in the look on his face because he nearly lunges forward out of his own chair.
"No! No, I'm-- I'm happy, really, Geralt, I promise. Just, uh, teensy bit jealous, you've got the whole--" and he makes another of those flailing gestures that only really manages to indicate where Geralt is in the room rather than anything in particular about him, "muscles and jawline and stubble thing really going for you."
"You can grow a beard too," because he can, he saw it when Jaskier's razor broke in the middle of Kaedwen and he couldn't get a replacement for a week and a half.
"I can!" and Jaskier grins, impossibly wide. "There's a-- a potion, there's a mage in Novigrad that makes it, it's why I'm here, actually, and it's what makes me, well--" and he gestures proudly to himself, to the long trim line of his torso and the shadow of dark stubble on his jaw and Geralt can't stop the half-smile that grows across his face because even though it's been sixty years and more he still remembers the impossible joy of finding a skin that fit.
Jaskier grins back at him, bright and brilliant and throws himself forward to wrap his arms around Geralt's shoulders in an abrupt embrace. Geralt can smell the happiness rising off of him and for once he doesn't stop himself from holding the bard back, because-- There were others like him, at Kaer Morhen, but they all died in the pogrom a long, long time ago and it's been... lonely, since.
"Thanks," Jaskier says, softly.
"For what?"
"For being here," and Geralt only hums and holds him tighter.
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artistsfuneral · 5 months ago
Lambskier, trans!Jaskier, periods, Lambert drinking his respect people juice, soft comfort, falling in love
When Lambert blinked awake in the middle of the night, it took him a moment to understand what pulled him from sleep. There was a scent in the air that didn't belong to his bedroom and his drowsy mind needed a few minutes to sort his thoughts. It was the sickly sweet scent of copper coins. Lambert smelled blood and immediately sat up in his bed, hands checking his chest and throat for injuries, before he remembered that he was tucked away at Kaer Morhen, where it was safe.
He turned and found Jaskier lying next to him in bed, still asleep. Two days ago, Eskel and Geralt had left the keep for the last hunting trip of the year and after realizing that neither Jaskier nor Lambert were sleeping well on their own, the bard had quickly decided to bunk with the youngest witcher. Not that Lambert was complaining, he actually enjoyed Jaskier's attention – not that he would ever say that out loud. But the blood scent came from Jaskier's side of the bed and if there was one being in the keep that shouldn't smell like fresh blood, it was the human. Lambert gently but firmly shook him awake.
Jaskier woke with a groan and a grumble, grimacing into the darkness. “Huh? What's wrong?” He babbled out, words slurred. At least he didn't seem to be in pain, the witcher thought, but asked none the less, “Are you hurt?” Jaskier blinked in his general direction and yawned before answering. “No, why?”
“I smell blood.”
That woke Jaskier up. Like Lambert had done earlier, he sat up in bed and Lambert cast a quick igni to light the candles in his room, just in time to see how Jaskier turned beet red and clasped his hands over his mouth, a quiet curse escaping him. “What? What's wrong?”
Jaskier threw the covers back and scrambled out of bed, waves of... embarrassment reaching the witcher's nose. “Oh fuck, Lambert, I'm so sorry,” Jaskier babbled, “I completely lost track of time!” Lambert frowned at him, at the blood on his covers and back again at Jaskier, before it dawned on him. “Oh. Oh!”
The witcher climbed out of bed, not seeing how Jaskier's face fell, but before the bard could try to justify himself, Lambert was already talking again. “Melitele's giant bottom, you scared the crap out of me, bard.” Jaskier didn't know how to reply to that, instead he just stood there awkwardly, watching as Lambert pulled the sheets from his bed and threw them in a corner of his room, then opened his closet.
“Are new underpants and a cloth enough for tonight? We can wash your stuff tomorrow.” He asked, pulling out said things and showing them to Jaskier. Said one still stood, where the witcher had left him, openly gaping at the man. Lambert chuckled, “What? Think a little blood scares me, did you forget I'm a witcher?”
“But- Are- Aren't you mad?”
“Whatever for? Because of the sheets? They have seen a lot worse.”
“I- I lied to you?”
“Did you? You're a man right?” Lambert asked, still holding out the clothes with one hand, the other stemming into his side. Jaskier nodded once, his eyes wary. “Then what did you lie about? I don't give a fuck what's in your pants and what's not; It's called respect. And if somebody doesn't respect you, you tell me and I will fuck them up, alright?” Jaskier nodded again. “Good. Now, do you need anything else before I go out, so you can change?”
“Pants?” Jaskier asked quietly and watched as Lambert pulled out a soft looking pair of breeches from the bottom of his closet, handed him the pile and left his room without another word.
The bard stood there for a moment, still a bit shaken up, before he ducked his head and went to clean up the mess between his legs. Lambert didn't give a fuck, as he so eloquently put it and Jaskier smiled at the knowledge.
Later that night, when he had called the witcher back into his room and they had put new sheets on the bed and went back under the covers, Lambert handed him a warmed up sachet of dry rice and Jaskier felt his heart flutter.
this has been on my mind for forever, I’m just so soft for soft Lambert u.u
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katthekitkatlord · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
You can find the full version over on twitter. I would link it but last time I linked something from twitter here, I got my account suspended for two months. So good luck!!
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stinastar · 8 months ago
Trans Rep Witcher Fics
Tumblr media
If you’re coming to this list from a reblog, please click through to the original post as it’s likely been updated with more content!
Please note I haven’t read everything on these lists, so I can’t speak to all they contain, ya dig? Mind the tags etc. <3
- - 
Jaskier gets diagnosed with ADHD - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Geralt brings Jaskier to his appointment - by @jaskierswolf
Nurse Jaskier - trans Geralt & trans Jaskier - Geralt gets hip surgery, Jaskier is his nurse - by @feraljaskier
Jaskier starts following Geralt - trans Jaskier - Jaskier starts following Geralt on the path and the Witcher is 100% supportive and respectful - by @persony-pepper
Just Jaskier - trans Jaskier - Jaskier comes out to supportive, gruff as ever Geralt - by @brasskier​
Glory Be - trans Ciri (they/them) - Ciri growing up and settling into their identity as they go, ends pointing towards Ciri/Cerys - by @childoffantasy​
❧ Much more under the cut!
You Saved My Life - trans Aiden, mentioned trans Geralt - established lambden relationship cuddles and banter - by @jaskierswolf​
As brothers, they'd stand together - trans Eskel - Eskel comes out to his family and receives nothing but love and support in return, with extended platonic hug bonding coming from Lambert - by @officerjennie​
Copper - trans Jaskier - Jaskier gets his period, and Lambert is lovely and supportive - by @artistsfuneral​
Oh No He’s Hot -  trans Eskel, nonbinary Lambert - Lambskel meet cute ish in modern au - by @funkylittlebard​
I’m not like other Cats - trans Aiden - soft lambden fluff - by @feraljaskier​
Magic Strap - trans Aiden - Lambden smut with a magic strap on - by @feraljaskier​
Sexting - trans Aiden - Lambden sexting mishap - by @feraljaskier​
I'm stuck with these Chucklefucks - series where Aiden, an AFAB transman, is a cat school witcher that meets grumpy fuck Lambert from the wolf school: banter and smut ensue - by @lynge81 (Tumblr won’t link)
out in the pouring rain (down on your knees) - trans Ciri - Ciri isn’t a central character in this but she is fiercely loved and protected in this smutty, angsty, beautiful Yennskier/Yenralt/Geraskefer fic - by @yoursummerfrost​
a breath beneath the surface -  trans Jaskier - Geraskier smut - by @witchertrashbag​
Witchers Were Never Girls - trans Geralt - Supportive loving Jaskier, Geraskier smut.
free animal - trans Geralt - Geralt potioned up with black eyes, Geraskier smut - by @stonedgeralt​
something's set to start - trans Geralt - Modern AU Geraskier New Year's Eve hookup - by @stonedgeralt
other things i'll never be - trans Geralt, trans Jaskier & trans Yennefer - Modern AU Geraskefer fic - by @limerental
Take It Slow - trans Geralt - Geralt carefully comes out to Jaskier, who fully accepts him, sexytimes throughout - by @caffeinatedcorvids
Oh, Golden Mornings - trans Lambert - Lambden kinky sexytimes in established relationship - by @caffeinatedcorvids
Helping Hands and Loving Tongues - trans Geralt - Geralt experiences gender dysphoria, Jaskier helps him through it.
Repeatable Mistakes - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, semi-public sex.
my soul's warmest fireplace - trans Geralt - Jaskier reminds Geralt he’s worthy of love - by @stonedgeralt
Return to Oxenfurt - trans Jaskier - Fluffy canon-era Oxenfurt Academy AU featuring genderswapped Valdo Marx and soft! understanding! Geralt - by @vands38
Relocation - trans Jaskier - Prof Jaskier meets blacksmith Eskel at a medieval history conference and they get stuck when their flight is cancelled, smut ensues - by @jennyloggins
Unravel - trans Geralt - Geraskier smut c/o Jaskier’s butt bow, you know the one.
Stolen Nights - trans Geralt - Geraskier smut.
Damn what the stars own - trans Jaskier - Jaskier is a royal runaway, and has taken upon himself to keep an eye on Ciri while Geralt tried to escape his destiny - by @jaskierslastbraincell
Reprieve - trans Jaskier - Modern AU strangers to lovers Geraskier smut
your lips curled into me - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Jaskier asks Geralt to sit on his face, smut obvs - by @stonedgeralt
lock and key - trans Geralt - Established Geraskier, Geralt has missed Jaskier very much and Jaskier welcomes him back (with sex) - by @stonedgeralt​
Cherry Baby - trans Geralt - Geralt is a bodyguard for (underage) rich kid Jaskier. Angsty (very little related to gender) with a happy ending.
Incredibly Specific Dysphoria Porn To Cope - trans Jaskier - Jaskier experiences dysphoria and Geralt buys him a strap-on; smut - by @tinymacaroni​
Talk to me - trans Eskel - Geralt and Eskel pause during sex to discuss what terms/descriptors to use for Eskel's privates  (and then get back to sexy business) - by @officerjennie​
All Those Books That We Both Drowned - trans Jaskier - Geralt- a grumpy, workaholic, history professor- meets the flamboyant music professor Dr. Pankratz and immediately develops a rivalry. When they are recruited to work on a project together said rivalry and the stewing sexual tension between them make things... complicated.
Treat Me Gentle, Kiss Me Soft - trans Eskel, GNC Aiden - Eskel discovers Aiden looks damn fine in a dress, and they discuss Eskel's hesitations concerning sex. Aiden is soft and tender with him, and Eskel feels precious like he never has with anyone before him - by @officerjennie​
You’re safe with me, I promise - trans Geralt - Geskel fluffy smutty goodness in Kaer Morhen - by @funkylittlebard​
match made at the DMV - trans Aiden - Lambert has a tendency to loudly disparage romance, despite very much wanting it for himself (not that he’ll admit it). Vesemir has had enough and takes matters into his own hands, and that's how Lambert meets Aiden - by @purpurred​
I've got you - trans Jaskier - Geraskier smut - by @theamazingbard​
- - 
If you have rec’s please send them my way! I’ll need a link, title and blurb like these have, please and thanks!
- - 
More rec lists
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bi-aragorn · a month ago
An Empty Threat
Ok so i’d like to preface this by saying that i half wrote several fics and now they are being thrown out entirely out of order. woops.
for @thewitchertransweek
Day 7: Free Day
Here on Ao3
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Trans Masc Geralt, Trans Masc Jaskier, Vaginal Sex, Cock Warming, Strap-On, Top Geralt, Bottom Jaskier, Blow Job (ish), Tease Geralt, Modern AU but that’s barely noticeable
Geralt & Jaskier being horny feckers below
Geralt could hear Jaskier whining below the desk, squirming where he sat. They had been at it for about ten minutes, but Jaskier was already feeling needy it seemed. Geralt paused his game, and dropped one hand to pet his boyfriend's head, smirking when the pitiful whining increased in volume.
"Being so good for me, Jaskier," he murmured, and tugged sharply at the man's hair. Jaskier choked and Geralt glanced down to look at him
Jaskier’s eyes were red and watery, his chin damp where he hadn't been able to keep from drooling. Geralt bit back a moan as he stared at Jaskier's lips, how pretty and pink they looked stretched around Geralt’s strap. 
Jaskier whimpered again, his hips rutting up desperately against nothing. He hollowed his cheeks, bobbing down on Geralt's length, staring at his boyfriend all the while with wide pleading eyes. A rough tug of his hair pulled him back. 
"Hhh, Geralt, please, I wanna-" he was babbling wildly, hands scrabbling at Geralt's thighs. Geralt flushed a little, his dick twitching at the sight.
"You're such a little slut, Jaskier. So desperate for my cock," 
Geralt watched as Jaskier wriggled, his own cock hard between his legs. He let Jaskier keep begging him and reached between the man's thighs to tease a finger over his slit. Jaskier gasped, keening and becoming suddenly very still. Geralt chuckled at him and drew his finger up over Jaskier's cock. 
Jaskier moaned, and ground down against Geralt's fingers, his moans breathy and high-pitched already. Geralt let him for a moment, waiting until Jaskier was moving frantically against him, and then pulled away. The howl the smaller man let out was ear-splitting. Geralt released his hair and Jaskier collapsed to the floor with a whimper. 
"Geralt, Geralt please, I'll be good I swear, I can sit still, just let me come, please, Geralt," 
Geralt couldn't hold back a low moan. He shifted in his seat, feeling the top of his own thighs damp with his arousal. Really, he should make Jaskier keep warming his strap for a while longer, that was their deal. But as pretty an image as it was, the desire to fuck his boyfriend into the mattress was even greater. Geralt shuddered and stood up. He moved over to their bed and perched on the end of it. He cleared his throat.
"If you come over here and get my cock back in your mouth fast enough, maybe I'll let you come," 
It was an empty threat- but Jaskier didn't have to know that. The brunet keened, and scrambled over as fast as he could, babbling and begging as he did so. Geralt said nothing, simply grunted as he watched Jaskier's pink lips wrap around his strap-on again. The sounds and the picture that Jaskier made were so enticing that soon Geralt was biting back little groans, his hips jerking forward and pushing him deeper into Jaskier's mouth. Each rock of his hips sent the strap-on colliding into his cock, and Geralt shuddered as he felt himself drawing closer with every movement.
When he thought he could take no more, he grabbed Jaskier by the hair and pushed him off again.
"On the bed," Geralt grunted, not giving Jaskier a second to reply. The other man nodded, his cheeks flushed bright red and his lips slick with spit. Jaskier clambered onto the mattress and positioned himself on all fours, looking back over his shoulder at Geralt with half-closed eyes. Geralt bit his lip, and grabbed a handful of Jaskier's arse. Jaskier shivered, and then whined when Geralt ran a finger over his hole.
"Ready for me, Jask?" Geralt asked, sliding one finger into his boyfriend, feeling his dick twitch at how tight Jaskier was. Jaskier nodded, hair flopping in front of his eyes. Geralt smiled, and pushed it back with one hand, caressing the side of Jaskier's face as he drew back. 
He shoved Jaskier's legs further apart and then slowly, cautiously pressed in. Jaskier groaned, his head dropping onto his arms, his back arched as Geralt bottomed out inside him. Geralt watched in awe as Jaskier took all of him in. He gasped as he moved back, and the base of the dildo pressed firmly against his cock. He slid out, still going painfully slowly, and paused.
Jaskier began to whine. "Geralt, don't teas- f-fuck!" Geralt slammed back in and gripped Jaskier's hips tight as he set a punishing pace, fucking in and out of the other man's tight, wet hole. Beneath him, Jaskier was whimpering and moaning incessantly, clawing at the sheets. Geralt groaned at the sight, and shoved at Jaskier's back to send him sprawling face-first into the pillows. Jaskier yelped, his breathing coming out erratically.
"Ger, 'm gonna come, I can't help it," he whined, muffled by the pillows, "Geralt, please, let me come? Please, please-" 
Any further words were muffled by the loud shout Geralt made as he slammed into Jaskier one last time and came, his entire body shuddering. He fumbled to reach a hand between Jaskier's legs and get a hold of his cock, at the same time leaning over him to kiss his neck just how he knew Jaskier liked. Barely a second later, Jaskier was gasping through his orgasm, breath hitching on sobs and rutting against Geralt's fingers. 
For a moment they lay together, Jaskier blanketed by Geralt's weight. As they caught their breath, Geralt felt Jaskier wriggle beneath him. He was on the verge of apologising for crushing him, when he heard Jaskier's breath stutter again.
He rolled over and pinned Jaskier to the bed so close their noses almost touched. 
"You're insatiable, you know that?" Geralt said accusingly, and began kissing his way down Jaskier's chest. Jaskier smirked and nodded, as he slid his hands through Geralt's long hair, wrapping a segment around his fist. 
“Oh, I know,” he said, breathily. “But you-” the rest of his words were lost to incoherent noises as Geralt’s mouth finally reached his target.
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behonesthowsmysinging · 5 months ago
as if "a man with bread in his pants" isn't the most trans thing you've ever heard
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itsgeraskier · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys <3 I thought to do another aesthetic for this year, pride version <3 Here we are with Trans!Geralt (ftm) and his boyfriend trans!Jaskier (ftm). I love the idea of Trans!Geralt which he has known for the first time Trans!Jaskier and finally they got into world of acceptance, loyalty and respect. I hope you like it. Glass <3
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clown-of-rivia · a year ago
Geralt's blank, hard stare on the subtle-but-there bump on his belly felt like it was suffocating him.
"Geralt, please, say something..."
Jaskier knew this wasnt the time, he didnt want to tell Geralt he was going to be a father like this. But Geralt had given him no other option. It was now or never.
So they stood here on the mountain, Jaskier's red doublet open and his undershirt pushed up.
If Geralt wouldn't listen to him, hear him say how unfair he was being, maybe if he saw-
"Get rid of it."
-the proof of...wait.
"What?" Jaskier's voice was trembling and low.
"You heard me." He could see Geralt grit his teeth in fury, his eyes still so cold. So different from the man he knew.
The man he thought he knew.
"Nothing born of a man and a mutant could be good. Whatever magic or curse is at work to make a Witcher's sterile, inhuman seed take cannot be anything but a monster. Get rid of it or I will find a way."
Jaskier was still staring blankly. His hand that had been softly cupping the small bump moved to cover it. The action was defensive. Protective.
'No' Jaskier said, 'never', but only to himself. The quiver in his voice still there but now shaking in anger, "fine."
That night Jaskier slipped 3 sleeping draughts Yennefer had given Geralt months ago into the Witcher's food. Enough to kill a human. While the man slept Jaskier stole into the night on Roach's back, the mare riding hard and fast arriving just before dawn at the city gates.
He wasnt sure why she allowed him to ride her, or how she seemed to sense his distress. When he dismounted she gave him a soft snort for his thanks and nipped at his belly before turning and making her way back to her master.
Jaskier knew he couldnt stay. Geralt will find him.
Find them.
So he sold all his clothes and bought sturdy but pale clothes made of rough leather to throw off his scent. He covered his boots, pack, and lute in an oil he would never use, and changed the colour of his hair. With his last coin he bought provisions for the road then set off.
Whether the Witcher followed or not, he didnt know.
6 months later.
He didnt even hear the wolves before they were on him. His trusty dagger and quick reflexes was the reason he was still breathing. But 12 days without food and little water meant his reflexes were not fast enough.
Breathing hard with his own blood pooling around him the tears that spilled from his eyes felt almost warm. Comforting. He cried.
He cried for his baby, begging its forgiveness for not being able to protect it. He cried for himself, the pain and rejection and heartache he refused to cry over in the past. He cried for Geralt who he had loved deeply and entirely, knowing he was only a casual bed warmer.
When there were no more tears he started to feel cold. The darkness creeping in felt like an embrace. He was so tired.
But then, the crunch of leaves. Did he miss one?
That's how Eskel found him.
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brasskier · 8 months ago
It’s far from done yet, but I just wanted to drop a sneak peek at my current trans!Jaskier WIP, because today actually marks the eight-year anniversary of my coming out, and I had to celebrate somehow.
Tumblr media
It’s very loosely inspired by the very first fic I posted in the fandom, which you can read here.
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razorblade-skies · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Art by the most amazing Puck, go follow him on twitter, instagram and tumblr
After running away from everything for so long, a bard finally found something to run to. Now all he needs to do is to learn how to work with a burnt out sorceress, and how to trust the witcher who broke his heart. But Jaskier will do anything to find Ciri again. Unfortunately, it looks like his own past has no intention of leaving him alone.
Jaskier is a trans royal runnaway, and has taken upon himself to keep an eye on Ciri while Geralt tried to escape his destiny. But now, Cintra has fallen, he knows he's not the only one looking for the princess, and somehow Yennefer of Fucking Vengerberg is involved.
This is my first fanfic, and I feel like a proud parent ! I put a lot of myself in it, and it means the world to me to see that people like my take on this story. Thank you to the witcher community for being so sweet ♥
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buttercuppedwitchers · a year ago
So I don't know if any of you would be up to writing this, but I absolutely have Trans Jaskier stuck in my head, and there are barely any fics out there about that.
First, read this post by @/sapphicwitcher (I don’t wanna spam them with a tag but I’m still going to link them!  Please check them out! they came up with this before we did!) Also, yes we’d be more than happy to write Trans Jaskier-
We absolutely adore Trans Jaskier! Like the post linked above says they have enough magic to be able to do it, Plus Yennefer literally goes through an entire ritual to alter her body. It wouldn’t surprise me at ALL if Jaskier would go through the same thing especially considering he’s a viscount and has enough money for it.
Jaskier always forgets that not everyone knows he’s trans. He’s always going “OH!, yeah-” and moving on like it’s nothing. Which, realistically, it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal, to begin with so why mention it?
It’s just who he an is and the people who do know about it are Yenna and Geralt. The people Jaskier’s slept most likely know as well.
He’s never been worried about it who he is, especially now. He’s a male, just like he wants to be, he’s happy and in a happy relationship doing what he loves to do. He gets to go on wild adventures and sing the whole time and he even sings for Geralt ‘privately’ if you know what I mean ;)
I’d like to think that the whole process was and still is very freeing for him. He’s able to be the purest most authentic self now. He doesn’t have to hide or be nervous about anything when he’s with Geralt out of the road just traveling and adventuring.
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He found out he was genderfluid when he was just a beb, maybe like six, first caught by a bully and taunted with “What are you, a girl?” and he replied without thinking, “Sometimes, yes.”
He swings wildly between genders and sometimes he feels like he might be both or he might be neither or he might be something else altogether, but he doesn’t really have the vocab to describe it, so he just tries to parse it into “man” and “woman”.
Oxenfurt was great because with all the university student shenanigans, no one gave a shit if she waltzed around in a dress and wore ribbons in her hair, because “Oh he probably lost another bet, oh part of it was to literally be a girl for a week? Alright, sure.”
His parents are tired. Mother tries so hard to understand, and she really does accept it, but she and Father are both confused and tired of all the complaints about Julian (who sometimes insists on the name “Juliette”)
It’s a bit hard to travel with two suits and two dresses and all the underthings needed for both, so Jaskier decides to just go with presenting as a man at all times, even though sometimes it feels weird if not wrong
When he first tells Geralt, he expects to be rejected. Instead, Geralt just looks thoughtful, and asks, “Do you still use the same name?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Hmm. Alright.”
And that’s that!
The Witchers of Kaer Morhen are good with pronouns but it still sometimes confuses them when Jaskier wears a pretty dress because “??? hot man??? is now hot woman??? But so manly??? and now so lady-like??? SHE KNOWS COURT MANNERS??????”
Ciri meanwhile has an absolute blast being taught how to put her own makeup on and also how to make an invisible slit in her skirts so she can reach a dagger strapped to her thigh, for ease of stabbing while in courtly dress.
Yennefer intentionally misgenders Jaskier but also they’ll spend Such A Long Time talking about stereotypical Cranky Old Lady things and she gives Jaskier potions that build up her chest and hips so she fits the latest fashions better and if someone else misgenders Jaskier, Yennefer will turn them into a toad and feed them to caiman.
Geralt is the only adult who completely accepts and respects every moment of Jaskier’s existence and when anyone asks him why he says, “Because Jaskier is Jaskier and that’s enough of a reason.”
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stinastar · 6 months ago
Trans Rep Witcher Art
Tumblr media
If you’re coming to this list from a reblog, please click through to the original post as it’s likely been updated with more content!
Trans Geralt shirtless by @jaybrogers
Trans nymph Jaskier by @jasxier
Trans Eskel cropped nude by @laurelnose​
Trans Geralt in a bathtub by @jxthics​
Trans Geralt in Jask OnlyFans AU childhood memories by @spielzeugkaiser​
Trans Geralt in Jask OnlyFans AU top surgery recovery by @spielzeugkaiser​
Trans Geralt Rights by @marbledgummies2​
Fuck TERFs Geralt, Jaskier & Ciri by @spielzeugkaiser​
Trans Geralt & Eskel training by @katthekitkatlord​
Trans wolftaur Geralt & cervitaur Jaskier by @katthekitkatlord​
Trans Geralt, modern au, still a witcher! by @silvipeppers​
Trans Geralt, nude Jaskier & Geralt (not explicit) by @silvipeppers​
Trans Jaskier and bonus siren Jask by @jasxier​
Trans geraskier by @itsrapsodia​
Trans Jaskier Nude on twitter by @pale-goblin​
Trans Geralt in Jask OnlyFans AU by @spielzeugkaiser​
Trans Geralt with Regis smut by @eredins-a-king-aint-he​
Trans Geralt with Gaunter smut by @eredins-a-king-aint-he​
- -
If you have rec’s please send them my way! 
- -
More rec lists
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faeymouse · a year ago
Timeline fuckery and trans!Jaskier AU where Jaskier was born under the Curse of the Black Sun, but joke's on that prophecy you can't help bring about the resurrection of Lilit if you're not truly a girl. Keeping his past of being locked up in a tower and eventually managing to escape a secret, he travels the land singing songs and thirsting after witchers. Is it possible his songs are so catchy because of a Black Sun mutation? Possibly, but you so much as think that near him and you'll regret it. You dare believe he worked his arse off at Oxenfurt to become a Master of the Seven Liberal Arts just to have his talent attributed to an eclipse? PFFT.
Still probably best not to have any autopsy-curious wizards find out, though.
(Also you betcha Yennefer is the first to figure it out, but as someone that knows the pain of what its like to live in a body that isn't you, she doesn't point it out. She might even tag along on the Hey wanna kill Stregobor? adventure)
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behonesthowsmysinging · 5 months ago
try saying transmasc jask as fast as you can't
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persephassax · a year ago
Tumblr media
I was thinking about lots of stuff and really what I want in this life is trans!Jaskier railing Geralt with his magic dick. (I’m a simple creature) but artistically and verbally I’m not all the way there yet so this triumphant gay trans man will have to suffice until such time that I can do it more justice. (Although if anyone wants to write it I won’t say no.......)
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Chapters: 4/? Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types, The Witcher (TV) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Jaskier | Dandelion Additional Tags: Mild Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Light Angst, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Trans Jaskier | Dandelion, Trans Male Character, unsafe binding, dont fucking do it, Bind safely, Hurt Jaskier | Dandelion, trans!Jaskier Words: 12K
Notes: I’m not uploading the whole chapter here because I can’t copy all the italics and stuff straight into tumblr.  Enjoy!
It has been a long day. Geralt and Jaskier got kicked out of town, and one idiot just needed to wake Geralt up in the middle of the night, barely being able to take a single breath.
The consequences of very unsafe binding featering one idiotic bard
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marvelous-space-nerd · a year ago
Just breathe, you idiot ch 4
So I’m pretty sure I forgot to upload this here so here it is!
ao3 link
It has been a long day. Geralt and Jaskier got kicked out of town, and one idiot just needed to wake Geralt up in the middle of the night, barely being able to take a single breath.
The consequences of very unsafe binding featering one idiotic bard
The thing about hearing Roach neigh was that she usually was so calm. She only neighed when she was in direct danger, not when she was alone. Geralt started running towards the distressed horse. He heard Jaskier getting up before he went deep into the forest. And oh boy did the went deep into the forest, good thing they didn’t look for the camp because they never would have found it. The forest was densely packed with trees, bushes and quite a lot of animal shit. He found their camp relatively quick and he didn’t see bandits or witch hunters, but a family. They got a cart with two kids in there, one of whom was a hunchback. A man, the father Geralt presumed, was untying Roach and an older child, around fifteen was looking through their supplies.
‘Fuck’ This wasn’t what he was expecting, he was expecting dangerous people, people who he could fight and be over with, he wasn’t going to fight a hungry family. 
‘Step away from Roach, now.’
The man turned around, clearly shocked. He did seem to stop trying to steal his mare, but he wasn’t backing off.
‘Oh good gods,-’ Judging from the sound of his breathing he ran all the way, that idiot. ‘What’s happening here and hey you!’ He shouted at the teenager. ‘That my stuff don’t touch it!’ She seemed startled by this and returned to the cart, leaving all of Jaskier’s stuff on the floor. ‘Geralt’ He said while collecting his stuff. ‘What’s happening here?’
‘Couldn’t have phrased it better myself.’ The witcher said, looking at the man. ‘Talk.’ 
‘Look we don’t have any money and no food. Please forgive us we thought you died so stealing your stuff wouldn’t have mattered. I’m just trying to take care of my family, and as you can see, my youngest daughter is a hunchback. Please forgive a man who’s just trying to take care of my family.’
‘The hunchback isn’t going to add anything to my pity. I know one who turned out just fine and-’ Yennefer. That’s it.
‘Geralt I don’t know what you were going to say but we can’t just leave them like this. They’ll die and we can miss some of this old meat right?’ No one would eat that meat anymore but Geralt couldn’t care less about the family anymore.
‘The hunchback’ He said, completely forgetting how to form a normal sentence
‘Yes Geralt that happens sometimes, buuutt we’re out of coin and even if we wanted to help them there’d just be no way.’
‘Yennefer.’ He just said, clearly confusing Jaskier even more. Who after staring for a while turned to the family.
‘Kind family, if you try anything now this witcher will slit all of your throats, so give us a moment. Geralt what the fuck on you on about?’
‘Yennefer, the hunchback, she-’
‘Geralt you’re not making any sense, I thought you liked Yennefer. You know what I’ll deal with this family while you do, whatever the fuck you’re doing right now.’ He went to their stuff and grabbed some of the older meat, even Geralt has no idea why they kept it, maybe if they truly would die from starvation they’d have something. He gave it to the kids in the cart and directed the man near roach to the old horse in front of the cart. ‘I would love to invite you over for tea but I have a witcher to make sense of. So just go on your lovely way and don’t die, good luck!’ He said with an angry undertone. He hit the horse so it would start to run, the man quickly seemed to have regained control over the cart after a while and he finally was on his way.
‘Geralt honestly, what are you on about?! I never liked Yennefer but even I am not comparing her to a hunchback! I might hate her but she is pretty, you fucked her Geralt. So what. are. you. on. about.’
He was still collecting his thoughts. He never told Jaskier but when he was hurt by the djinn, he noticed how Yennefer’s left shoulder was a little higher than her right one. He knew about how Aratuza changed their subjects appearances if they weren’t pretty enough. That’s how he figured out that Yen has been a hunchback. He didn’t ask her but he was pretty sure about it. But that would mean that they changed her entire bone structure, so a man’s chest would be possible too right?
‘-really Geralt just say something.’ He didn’t even realise the bard was still talking. ‘Hey, earth to Geralt.’ He snapped his fingers. ‘You still in there? Helloooo?’
‘Explain later. Clean up our camp and stay here, I gotta go somewhere’ He wasn’t going to give him false hope, he’d tell him when he was sure about. He got on Roach and started walking to the nearest town, hoping he’d find a sorceress, preferably Yennefer. But any other mage would do.
‘Geralt where the fuck are you going? Oh you better have a good explanation for this when you come back because guess what? I’m fucking furious with you right now!’ 
fuck, this might be a really bad idea. He stopped Roach the moment he realized it.
‘No Geralt don’t “fuck” me.’ That came out wrong. ‘Explain to me why you almost ran away! You called Yennefer a hunchback, and honestly I don’t mind that and you got on Roach ready to sprint away!’
He just stared at him, not knowing what to say. He probably stared for a while because Jaskier’s expression softened, and he asked the last thing he’d expect:
‘Geralt, darling , what’s wrong? Talk to me please .’ He had called him darling many times before, but somehow this time it hit different. He dropped his anger, and oh god he had all the right to be angry, and he was now making that he was alright.  He got of Roach and resisted the urge to pull Jaskier into a tight hug, knowing that right now it would only make him uncomfortable.
‘I want to help you.’
‘Geralt I honest to god don’t get how running away is going to help me. Why did you do it?’
‘I can’t tell you until I’m sure Jaskier’
‘So I just have to forget this ever happened?! Geralt you owe me an explanation and I mean right now, not in god knows how many months.’
‘I’ll explain once I find a mage, okay?’ Fuck, he might have already said too much
‘Actually no. But you don’t seem to want to give in, it’s not like I have many choices. But I'm not letting this one slide.’
‘Fine, but it better be one hell of an explanation. I’m really not going to let this one slide.’
‘You never let anything slide.’
‘That might be true, so you of all people should know to not pull stuff like this on me.’
‘A good conversationalist, charming as always. We gotta clean up our camp so I can perform tonight and I’m not planning on getting your stuff. That girl really made a mess and unlike you I’m not just gonna stuff my stuff in random bags.’
‘Jaskier you never get my stuff why would I ask that from you now?’
‘Because my dear witcher, you are taking me for granted and-’
‘That’s not true Jaskier, just trust me, okay? It will save you a lot of hurt if I’m wrong.’
‘Fine! But only because I know you’re just as stubborn as me.’
They packed up and started walking towards the next town, Geralt on Roach and Jaskier walking next to them. The journey was quite easy, except for Jaskier’s occasional ‘Geralt what are you planning on I just have to know.’ The town was quite big and bonus, people didn’t stare at them as if he just murdered someone. The town was near Oxenfurt, and that would mean that the chances of finding a contract grew slimmer, but right now it was their best bet on finding a contract. The more people there are, the more monsters already left. They saw an inn, and suddenly Geralt was reminded how much he missed sleeping in an actual bed.
‘I’ll try to make a deal with the innkeeper, you go and look for a contract or execute your secret plan.’
‘Hm. Try not to kill anyone while you’re in there’
He let out a very dramatic gasp ‘Geralt I would never! When have I ever killed someone??’
‘You haven’t yet, but knowing you you’d probably start a brawl if you can’t strike a deal. See you later.’ He turned around going to the notice board first. There was a nekker nest near the city and they’d happily pay a witcher to get rid of it. It said to go to the innkeeper for more information, so he’d do that tonight, first he had to find a mage so he knew if they could help Jaskier. He really hoped this town was accepting of mages and had one, a good one, not some shitty I-found-a-book-and-now-I-do-magic-in-the-attic kind of mage. Those weren’t good for anyone, not for themselves nor the customer. He asked around a bit and his best bet was the local healer, who presumably used magic. He lived in quite a big house for a healer, the house even had came glasswork windows.
‘Don’t knock on the front door if you want him to trust you’ is what one of the peasants who helped him said, what he didn’t clarify is where he should knock. So Geralt looked around for a while, there was a back door, but that seemed way too obvious to Geralt. Instead he looked at the windows, they all had different patterns on them, but none of them had anything to do with the gods like most came glasswork. He saw one with a fist on it and decided to knock on that one. The front door opened and a man who, despite the time, seemed to be wearing pajamas.
‘Watch out that came classwork isn’t cheap! If you need healing just knock on the front door!’
‘Hm.’ Where the fuck should he have knocked? ‘Not here for your healing but for your,’ He paused when considering his words ‘night job.’
He let out a sigh. ‘Come in, don’t want you yelling in the streets.’ The witcher walked in and the rich looking facade directly faded. It was a mess in there. Books all over the room, discarded clothes, dead plants,rats and a lot of empty and half full bottles.  Unbelievable that this was his best bet.
‘Let’s get this over with shall we? What do you need oh dreaded master witcher?’
‘Need to know some stuff. If you don’t know it I need to contact someone.’
‘Spill it. I don’t have all day.’
He did not think this through. ‘Need to know if I can trust you first.’
‘Master witcher, I'm a mage, if I get caught I die. I don’t like risking all this despite the fact that it’s shitty. If you pay me good I have no reason to risk anything.’
Fuck he really didn’t think this through ‘I don't have a lot of coin right now. I do have a contract.’
‘Then come back once you have coin. I’m not going anywhere and if you tell me when I might even be sober.’
‘Tomorrow morning.’ He immediately regretted it. Nekkers weren’t terrybly hard to fight but he always was exhausted after a contract, especially when he had to execute them at night.
‘Fine. Knock on the front door next time.’
‘Hm.’ He turned around and started walking towards the inn, hoping to execute this contract quick.
  The inn seemed to be loud. He could hear the cheering people and the strumming of a lute before he even got in. He walked in and he could feel the energy raging around the room, and Jaskier was the cause of it all. It made him so happy to see him smile and perform again, so he decided to let him and go to the innkeeper instead.
‘What can I get you?’ She said. She was quite young and had red hair and bright blue eyes. 
‘Here about the contract. Said you needed a witcher.’
‘The nekker one? You’re at the right place.’
‘I know. I saw the notice.’
‘Right, I’d rather speak in the back room, it’s loud in here.’
‘Hm.’ And he followed her. She guided him to a small room, there was a bookshelf and a round table, and nothing more. For being a inn in a big town it looked like they were quite poor. They sat down, and he didn’t get offered a drink, the lady however was drinking a pint.
‘So. Thing is, there’s a nekker nest down the road.’
‘I read the contract. I need details before I can agree on a price.’
‘Fine, we didn’t really know it was there until they attacked two meritants. One died and the other told the story.’
‘What’d they look like?’
‘Like nekkers he said. Small, ugly and a lot of them. You agree to the price?’
‘I do, unless there’s some surprises. You have to pay double if you’re lying.’
‘If I was I wouldn't know I was lying.’
‘Good. I'll bring proof.’
‘Good luck master witcher.’
  He got out of the room to see Jaskier finish his song when they made eye contact.
‘Geralt!’ He said like nothing ever happened. ‘I didn’t see you come in, you found a contract?’
‘Yes, nekkers. But I doubt there will be much coin left.’
‘That’s okay, I made a deal here. I need to perform today and we’ll get one room and leftover food. Oh and I put Roach in the stables, I made sure that she would be included too.’
‘She’ll appreciate it. I have some nekkers now.’
‘Okay just, be carefull Geralt, you still owe me an explanation.’
‘I’m alway careful Jaskier.’
‘Trust me, you're not. But the crowd is demanding my attention again, so good luck Geralt.’
‘Hm.’ He might have said something different if they were alone, maybe he would have thanked him, or mocked him for his concern, maybe he would have let out a smile. Oh how that idiot made him weak, but he still didn’t want everyone to know that witchers do care, that they were only good at stuffing their emotions deep down until they thought they were gone. Or at least far enough to not be felt anymore.
  The nekker contract went relatively well. He got one cut on his left arm but otherwise he had no injuries. The nest wasn’t very big, he found only three nekkers near it and destroyed it after he slayed them down. He scouted the area for more nests, because he’d never seen only one nekker nest in his life, and found a second one. Four nekkers this time. One of them attacked his arm but he slayed it down without any trouble. He destroyed this nest too and tied one of the nekkers head to Roach, as proof. He destroyed this nest and didn’t find any others, so after a few hours of hunting, he started making his way back to the inn.
  Back at the inn Jaskier was still playing, he was sweating and honestly he looked like a tomato. But he was smiling bright as always. He started singing ‘Toss a coin’ when he noticed Geralt come in with the decapitated head of a nekker. The audience didn’t seem to appreciate Geralt a lot, so they turned their attention back to Jaskier, who somehow seemed to be flirting with the entire audience.
‘Seems like you did a good job. All of them dead?’ The innkeeper said when Geralt came closer.
‘Didn’t find anything else in the meadows.’
‘Good, not gonna deny your pay, you deserved it. You know what? I’m in a good mood, you get an ale on the house, I’ll be right back.’ And she walked off. Geralt took this as a good opportunity to watch Jaskier perform again. He still was singing toss a coin and he was still flirting with everyone in the audience, but Geralt loved just watching him smile and dance around the room.
The innkeeper threw a bag of coins on the bar and put a big mug of ale next to it. ‘Here you go.’
‘Thank you. Any reason you’re in such a good mood?’ 
‘I love seeing bards perform. Most of them make really good music and cheer everyone up, like this one. Only he seems to be exhausted sooner than most. He’s taken a lot of breaks already just to catch his breath. Well he’s probably fine if he keeps performing like this.’
‘Even if he wasn’t he’d never admit it.’
‘You know him? Never thought a witcher had a soft spot for a bard.’
‘We travel together. I have an adventure, he makes a song out of it.’
‘Good. By the way, will you please throw that nekker head out on the street, it’s starting to smell.’
‘Fine.’ He said, but he’d do it gladly. Most people weren’t so kind to witchers, but this innkeeper gave him free ale. So he threw the head far away, so it wouldn't scare away the guests. He went back in and drank his ale, and he paid for a bath. Even Geralt has to admit it, monster guts stink, and otherwise he’d just have Jaskier whine at him all night about how bad he smells.
He went to the inn’s bathroom, without Jaskier, unlike their usual routine. He had no idea how to use all of the salts and oils and soaps Jaskier always used, so he just settled with the bar of soap that stood near the window. He washed himself and stayed in the tub until the water had turned cold. He put on his pants and shirt and put his armour in a bundle he carried with him on his way downstairs, he had no idea which room was theirs. Only his steel sword was still strapped to his back. He went downstairs to find Jaskier completely exhausted, drinking a big pint of ale. He was chatting and possibly flirting with the lady behind the bar. He stopped the moment he saw Geralt.
‘Geralt!’ He said. ‘How did the hunt go? Heard it went pretty well from this lovely lady.’ She rolled her eyes when he said that and turned to another customer. ‘She really seems to be immune to my charms. Oh well, what can you do about it?’
‘Look I wasn’t planning on doing anything more than a little bit of flirting Geralt, trust me. But I know you don’t want to talk about it so how did the hunt go? I saw you come in with a monster head so I'm presuming it went pretty well, but I’d like some more detail to maybe put in my next ballad.’
‘Not a lot to tell. Two nests of nekkers, one scratched my arm.’
‘Did someone already take a look at it? your arm I mean, not the nests.’
He let out a sigh. ‘No, presume you're gonna do that.’
‘I'm your friend Geralt, possibly even more. Of course I'm going to take a look at it. Let’s go upstairs.’ He said before drinking what was left in the mug. ‘She was so kind and gave us a pretty big room, so no one has to sleep on the ground. Come on.’ They walked upstairs and only now Geralt took a good look at everything. The bathroom was the first room they passed, and there were seven other rooms. They had the one in the back. It was a pretty big room for the fact that Jaskier only had to play one night to get it. There was one double bed in the middle of the room and they had enough room to put their stuff on the ground, so Geralt put his stuff next to Jaskier’s. It landed with a big clatter that might have woken the whole city. There was a table with three chairs, and honestly even Geralt couldn’t make sense of why they would put three chairs in a room with a double bed. Jaskier grabbed one of the chairs and turned it so it was facing away from the table.
‘Sit down, which arm was it? I don't believe you’ve told me.’
‘Left. It already stopped bleeding.’
‘Good.’ He put their first aid kit on the table and put a chair on Geralt’s left side. ‘Well? take off your shirt, I can't work my magic if there’s fabric all over the wound.’ And Geralt obeyed and took it off. Most of the blood had already been washed of by the bath he took, but there was still quite a big scalp on the wound.
‘It’s probably nothing.’ He said, not wanting to make Jaskier worry when it wasn’t necessary.
‘I know, but I do want to clean it with alcohol so it’s definitely nothing. I really appreciate it that you took a bath but that isn’t going to do as much against infections as this.’ He held up the bottle and put some on a clean rag and started cleaning the wound. ‘You know what Geralt? This one might not even leave a scar if you take good care of it!’
‘Thank you, Jaskier.’ He said after he was done. He put another white salve on it before putting a bandaid around it.
‘Don’t mention it, I always do it.’
‘I know, and I can never thank you enough.’
‘You can, by letting me do it, like now. The Geralt from a few years back would never let me fix a bloody stab wound without a lot of protest.’
‘Still not forgiven me for that?’
‘Forgiven? Yes. But I’ll never forget it or make sense out of it, so I’ll keep teasing you about it until I die, if that’s what your getting at.’
‘Don’t die on me Jaskier.’ He didn’t even know why he said that, just the thought of Jaskier being gone scared the shit out of him.
‘I’d love to Geralt. Have adventures with you for centuries to come, but’ a pause. ‘I'm only human.’
Another sigh. ‘I know, I just wish I could make you immortal, or make you live as long as a witcher.’
‘I know, and I’d like that, I don’t want to leave you behind but’ He let out a sigh. ‘I think that the djinn might have been our only chance at that. I never expected that from you or anything, maybe I'm just disappointed with how you used your last wish to fuck a witch.’
‘Jaskier, I am sorry about that.’
‘I know. Get in the bed, I'll be there in a minute.’ He said before moving to the toilet room. ‘Oh and Geralt?’
‘I already put my stuff on the window side, so please lie on the other side of the bed.’
‘I will’ He went to the bed and lied down. He didn’t fall asleep until he heard Jaskier come back and fall into the bed. And before he knew it he was talking to the bard again.
‘They hurt bad?’
‘My ribs? Not bad no, they could be better, but it was so worth it.’ He could just hear in his voice that his eye was sparkling. ‘I really missed giving big performances, a lot.’
‘I know, please don’t make it any worse.’
‘I'll try, but no promises, I don’t know how long I’ll hold out.’
‘Hm. Goodnight.’
‘Goodnight Geralt.’
He left at dawn that morning, before Jaskier woke up. He did leave a not however, so Jaskier wouldn’t have to worry about him.
  I'll be back soon.
      - Geralt
   He wasn’t the best when it came writing notes, or just writing in general. He went to the healer’s home and knocked on the front door. Unlike last time he was wearing a doublet and matching pants and he didn’t smell like alcohol anymore, unlike the rest of his house.
‘You have coin?’
‘Wouldn’t have come otherwise.’
‘Good, come in.’
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pretttydemonboy · a year ago
And we fall into each other
Rating: Explicit Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply Category: M/M Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types Relationship: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of RiviaJaskier | Dandelion Additional Tags: trans!Jaskier, post episode 4, top surgery mention, mild internalized transphobia, Gendered Language, PWP, Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Oral Sex, Jaskier is a size queen, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia Has a Big Dick, Top Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Bottom Jaskier | Dandelion Language: English
Jaskier has been pining after Geralt of Rivia for years now, but he's kept quiet about it because he doesn't want Geralt to treat him differently once he knows the truth.
Unfortunately, Jaskier is a thirsty bitch and sometimes you just have to take a risk.
Have some shameless trans!Jaskier porn y'all.
read on ao3!
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