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#trans character
galacticjonah · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
«Nicodemus was positively fierce in his affections. Sharp and frightening as if he were set on wielding his own heart as a weapon. But Mari was too serene to be afraid. Or perhaps simply too stubborn.» 
Mari first, Nico second. Two men bound together by an odd fate. Impending doom, strange cults of eldritch gods, occult studies, missing siblings, working through trauma, finding peace and...queer love.
My fiance and I are working on a novel with these two as protagonists and I poured all my love into their portraits.
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anonbeadraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Character sheet commission of Golden the tiefling for @quolbyjack ✨commission info in source link below✨
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empress-s · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy belated trans day of visibility to trans icon May Marigold!! :D
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marcy-rangel · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy transgender day of visibility! I'm not trans but I love and support y'all 🥰
This is O-Kiku, a trans woman from One Piece, I love her so much 😍
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creepycoffins · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Thankful for my adhd bc I get to hyperfixate and crank out very self indulgent trans cowboys
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nibeul · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s nearing 04 and I was honestly going to go to bed after working on comms, but I decided to do a little doodle of Nyx too because she makes me very happy. I’m honestly shocked by all the positive responses I have gotten (I need to reply to some asks in my inbox ahhh I am a bit behind, sorry!) but I am glad people like her so much because she brings me joy :)
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royalboi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Lets see if this works, has been a while since I shared something! I really like how this came out 👀 my favorite demon OC!
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katherynefromphilly · 5 months ago
Marvel’s ‘Loki’: “Let’s put ‘Gender: FLUID’ on Loki’s arrest form, that will show the canonical genderfluid aspect of this mythical figure.”
Meanwhile, in Norway’s ‘Ragnarok’ version of Loki, Loki actually says in dialogue: “I don’t believe in gender, I don’t like labels, I’m just me.” (Goes on to wear whatever clothes and be attracted to whomever person they want and in season 2 they take it up a notch by [redacted - spoilers])”
Also meanwhile on Norway’s ‘Ragnarok’, Loki’s friends and family: “We know and respect you are genderfluid and unique and we love you as you are and will die for you.”
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zukoisgayforsokka · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I commissioned the brilliant @jasminedragonart (thank you again I love her) to draw my Trans Hijabi Yue. If you read any of my fics on AO3 please imagine the beautiful Yue like this gorgeous art work
[ID: A digital drawing of Yue in a cream hijab with a grey Tui and La motif. Pinned where the scarf meets her parka is a large Water Tribe pin in the trans pride flag colours. She is smiling. /End ID] @atladescribed
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anonbeadraws · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
character sheet commission for Emi of Valentino, a warlock who’s dating his Patron Glare, who’s mostly made out of light?? Groovy, honestly
✨commission info in source link below✨
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momolady · 2 months ago
The Soldier: Part Two
Tumblr media
Darkness permeates the halls. As the soldier heals and begins to explore, old memories resurface, some much darker than others. 
There had once been a maid in the employ of the Marfont family, near the same age as Corinne,  tall and rather boyish in appearance. She was a hard worker, and during the last days of Mrs. Marfont’s illness she had been the only one allowed at her side.
The young maid and Corinne were also close. Because no one was allowed around the property while Mrs. Marfont was sick, they became friends. Corinne admired the maid’s strength and resolve, while the maid fell for Corinne’s freckles and doll-like charm. The two gave into youthful indiscretions and often hid away, kissing and touching one another in secret. Corinne would pout and plead with the maid for more, and even when she became engaged to Nathaniel, she continued to kiss the maid in secret.
“Nathaniel will never know you as I know you,” the maid whispered raspily into Corinne’s thigh one evening. Her long, elegant fingers worked to bring Corinne to a heavenly sin. “He’ll never love you like I love you.” Corinne stopped up her cries with a pillow as the maid pulled her down.
The maid found comfort in her love of Corinne. She took more than just pleasure in making her lady come. Her mind was wracked with guilt, filled with images of Mrs. Marfont’s final hours. Keeping Corinne happy and sated helped to keep the demons away.
Just days before Nathaniel was to leave, he cornered the maid. He approached her with not just the knowledge of her affair with Corinne, but also the cause of Mrs. Marfont’s death. He threatened her to leave, or else he’d reveal her secrets to the whole house and the world beyond it. But it would not be her who would be shamed by the revelations - all the shame would fall on Corinne. So the maid bid a tearful goodbye outside the house, not even allowed to say her goodbyes to Corinne.
The morning the maid left was one Corinne would never forget, and soon, her father would be leaving as well. She mourned in a way she could not show, sitting by the window and hoping to see the maid return to her. A year went by, and the only one to return was her father, and with him the soldier named Lockwood.
Lockwood was eventually able to walk on his own, though he kept his bandages in place. He was quite tall and had become thin due to the rigors of military duty. But he was able to sit in the parlor and come to the dinner table, and no longer had to be waited on hand and foot, which had seemed to bother him. He could sit and enjoy life like everyone else in the house.
“I’ve only ever met one other person as tall as you in my life, but I think she was taller,” Corinne remarked one day as she took Lockwood for a stroll through the gardens. The air held a chill, and the ground was damp from all the rain. But at least the sun was shining, and the garden looked bright.
“A woman?” Lockwood chuckled.
“Yes, and an amazing one at that.” Corinne’s smile suddenly faded and she looked away until she could bring it back.
“Although, Corinne, you must consider everyone you meet very tall,” he teased.
Corinne scoffed and gently struck the back of his hand. “How cruel of you, Mr. Lockwood!”
He looked up to see they were standing at the front of the house. There was a window open with the curtains billowing out. Lockwood faltered a step, and Corinne caught him. “Are you all right?” she exclaimed with alarm.
Lockwood’s vision was blurry, and from the corner of his eye he thought he saw someone lying on the ground. “I’m sorry. I think I need to lie down. I feel dizzy all of a sudden.”
“Yes, of course.” Corinne helped support him as she led him back to the house. Once he was tucked into bed, she placed a kiss on his cheek. “I’ll go and fetch my father for you.”
“No, wait. Stay with me.” Lockwood reached out and took Corinne’s hands again. “Lovely thing you are. Just sit with me and I’ll catch my breath.”
“I’m happy to,” Corinne said brightly. “I pushed you too far on the walk today.”
“No, no, it isn’t you.” Lockwood smiled. “Just something from my past.”
Corinne nodded, stroking his hand gently. “Would you like to talk about it?”
Lockwood took a deep breath. “I saw someone die,” he murmured. “I won’t go through the gory details, my lady. But it’s haunted me since. I see her face sometimes, and I hear her whispering.”
Corinne looked visibly unsettled by the comments. “Oh.”
“I don’t mean to frighten you,” Lockwood reassured her. “It is not a haunting.”
At the foot of Lockwood’s bed, just over the mantel, was a painting of her mother. She gazed at it longingly, then turned her affections back upon Lockwood. “I still think my mother comes here from time to time,” she confessed. “I can smell her perfume in the hallways, or feel a hand on my shoulder when no one is there.”
Lockwood’s stomach churned, and he felt a pain settle in the depths of his stomach. “Do you miss her?”
“Horribly.” Corinne lowered her head, suddenly distraught.
“What’s wrong?” Lockwood touched her cheek, bringing her face back up where he could see it.
“I received a letter a few days ago that has been bothering me.” Corinne placed herself beside Lockwood and laid herself on the bed. Her hair spilled across the pillows, and Lockwood breathed in her sweet scent. “Nathaniel is returning home.”
Lockwood gave her a reassuring smile. “He’s your fiancé, isn’t he? Aren’t you happy?”
Corinne remained silent. “No.”
“Why not?” Lockwood rolled to his side.
“He’s not the one I wanted to come home,” Corinne protested. “Nathaniel is a fine man, but there are things about him that make me feel disgusted with myself.”
Lockwood touched Corinne’s cheek and brushed his fingers through her hair. “You like me, though. What is the difference between us?”
“Many.” Corinne leaned in, kissing Lockwood again. “I’ve only ever kissed one other who made me feel like you do.” She captured Lockwood’s tongue, sucking it and feeling the place where the end split in two. “What happened to your tongue?” She held Lockwood’s face between her palms, licking his tongue and kissing it.
“You’re kissing it,” Lockwood laughed.
“I’m serious,” Corinne giggled. “How did it become split like that? Were you born this way? Or was it an accident?”
“Curious creature,” Lockwood breathed. He lapped Corinne’s neck, then moaned into her ear. “It was made that way, purposefully.”
“For what purpose?” Corinne started to stroke down Lockwood’s chest, but he grabbed her hands quickly.
Lockwood chuckled. “It’s late, and I don’t wish to give you nightmares.”
“I’m not a child,” Corinne pouted.
“I can see that. You may be small, but you have a womanly shape.” Lockwood breathed into her ear, moaning again. He tickled his fingers up under Corinne’s night gown. “I bet you have womanly lips as well. I bet they’re wet.”
“Mr. Lockwood, we mustn’t,” she mewled.
Lockwood chuckled. “So should I stop?”
“No,” she whimpered. “I’m simply stating that we shouldn’t.”
Lockwood bit her ear as his fingers found her wet and pliant. “I’ll only touch.”
Corinne bit her lip, thrusting her hips forward so Lockwood would touch her more. “Can I touch you?”
Lockwood kissed her to keep her quiet, rubbing her and touching her, pushing up her nightgown to have access to her entire naked body. Lockwood feasted upon Corinne’s pleasure, lapping up her honey from his elegant fingers. “Are you crying?” Lockwood whispered to her.
Corinne sniveled and hiccuped. “No.”
Lockwood kissed her cheek, feeling the warm, wet tears there. “You’re so cute, my lady. Do you feel much better?”
“It’s been so long,” Corinne breathed.
“You should go back to your room,” Lockwood commanded softly.
“Let me touch you,” Corinne pleaded. “Please, I am desperate to.”
Lockwood whimpered and shook his head. “You need to go.”
“I am not afraid of scars!” Corinne argued. “You will not disgust me like Nathaniel. You remind me nothing of him.”
Lockwood touched her cheek. “I want you to. The gods know it. The devils know it. But I beg you, my darling, go back to your room.”
“Why?” Corinne’s voice trembled.
“Because…” Lockwoods voice caught in his throat. “I am not who you believe me to be. I am… more and less at the same time.”
“I want to know,” Corinne kissed him affectionately. “I beg of you.”
Lockwood was helpless to her lips, her eyes. If she knew now, perhaps it could save them both pain when Nathaniel returned home. He lay back and took a breath. “Go ahead. I can no longer fight you.”
“I’ll take such good care of you, Mr. Lockwood. I’ll love you, I’ll adore you! No matter what I find.” Corinne opened his shirt, seeing the bandages there. Her hand smoothed over them, at first feeling nothing. She moved down, undoing the laces of his trousers. She stopped when she opened them, finding nothing inside. Her fingers slipped between Lockwood’s thighs, finding something familiar but unexpected. “Mr. Lockwood,” she breathed.
“Do not be angry at me.” Lockwood trembled.
Corinne took hold of the bandages, unwrapping them until she could see what was underneath. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank the gods!”
“Thank them?” Lockwood erupted.
Corinne dipped down, kissing his breasts. Lockwood lost his breath and grabbed hold of Corinne, pulling her up. She was smiling in relief, tears in her eyes. “I so much prefer this form over the other. I love your bosom, I love what lies between your thighs. I do not like cock.”
“Corinne,” he breathed. “I’m stunned.”
Corinne kissed him. “I know you say you are a man, which is how I see you. I will love you as a man. I will touch you like a man. I am sorry if I prefer this body.”
“It’s alright.” Lockwood was filled with relief. It almost took the pain away that still lingered in his body. “I’m glad you know me now.”
A few days later, Nathaniel returned to the Marfont home and was received warmly by the household. He looked exhausted from his journey, and after a bath he rested until the next morning. Corinne kept herself busy, cleaning, cooking, whatever was needed to greet Nathaniel upon awakening. Lockwood kept to his room, listening through a crack in the door. One afternoon, Lockwood heard Nathaniel and Corinne talking in the parlor.
“You look different,” Corinne told him. “What happened to you out there?”
“War changes people,” Nathaniel replied. “It can twist a man to his breaking point. I saw the best and worst of humanity in battle, Corinne.”
“Are you well?” She sounded confused by her own question.
“There’s someone else here, isn’t there?” Nathaniel blew off her question. “Your father mentioned there was another soldier staying here.”
“Mr. Lockwood, yes,” Corinne replied. “He was horribly injured, and Father has been taking care of him.”
“You need to be careful of who you let inside, Corinne,” Nathaniel said gently.
Corinne was quiet, fidgeting with her own worries. “But father said he was a hero.”
“Even heroes have things to hide.”
Lockwood woke that evening, feeling a presence in his room. He turned his head to the side, where he heard breathing from the foot of the bed. He sat up slowly and took a deep breath. “Stay where you are,” Nathaniel murmured.
“What are you doing in my room? You frightened me,” Lockwood said.
Nathaniel let out a slow breath. “Don’t toy with me. I know what you are. I know what you can do. I’ve seen it for myself.”
Lockwood held a lot of rage inside, and a lot that was directed at Nathaniel. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”
“Keep playing the idiot. See where it gets you.” Nathaniel hissed. “You’re a danger to the people here. To people everywhere. Once the war is over, you shouldn’t even exist.”
Lockwood slowly clenched and unclenched his fists. “What do you think I am, Mr. St. Claire?”
“A wrath,” he says. “Berserker. Whatever they’re called out there on the battlefield. You’re a soldier chained to a demon.”
“How do you know that for certain?” Lockwood murmured.
Nathaniel stood from his chair and walked to the side of the bed. “You need to leave here. Leave the doctor. Leave the girl, or I will choke you with these silver chains.” He raised his hand, placing a silver chain against Lockwood’s neck. It burned his skin and sent chills down through his body, but all it did was pull his old rage to the surface.
“Funny,” Lockwood seethed between clenched teeth. “This isn’t the first time you’ve threatened me in this house. Once before, you threatened me with the life of your fiance.” He grabbed Nathaniel’s arm, and his teeth began to grow and sharpen. “You knew the secret of Mrs. Marfont’s death.”
“No,” Nathaniel whispered. “Let me go!”
“You used my love for Corinne to hurt me, to cut me deep and scare me away.” Lockwood pulled him close so he could see the glow of his eyes through the bandages. “Get the fuck away from me. I will stay here or you will die. Your choice, Mr. St. Claire.” He shoved Nathaniel back, making him sprawl on the floor as Lockwood rose to his feet.
“How?” Nathaniel stammered as he tried to stand. “Ms. Liam was the one I scared away. Not you!”
“Was it?” Lockwood chuckled. “You know what I am? I’m surprised.” He knelt down and peered into Nathaniel’s face. “Your silver doesn’t threaten me.” He took the chain from Nathaniel’s hand and chucked it out the window. “You won’t threaten me ever again. Least of all will you use sweet Madalence to hurt me. Now get out, and I will allow you to live.”
Nathaniel hurriedly stood and backed out, returning to his room. Lockwood settled on the edge of the bed to soothe himself. He began to cry, weeping through the bandages. His rage frightened him. All he wanted was Corinne.
Lockwood woke in the morning, seeing the rain had subsided and sunshine was pouring through the windows. He rose, moving the blankets away and walking to the window. As he looked outside, he saw something strange on the cobblestones in the garden. Looking closer, Lockwood choked back a cry and held his hand over his mouth to keep from screaming. He stumbled out into the hallway, coming across Dr. Marfont as he came down the stairs. “Stay quiet,” Lockwood begged. “Don’t say a word! Stay quiet!”
He took Dr. Marfont outside, showing him the scene in the garden. “Is that…” Dr. Marfont hurried out to the body lying in the garden. Lockwood swayed back and forth, bracing himself in the doorway. His vision blurred, and the body looked just like Mrs. Marfont had.
Dr. Marfont knelt down, checking the pulse. “It’s too late,” he said. “He must have jumped last night.” He looked up to the windows, seeing one was open and the curtains hanging out. “Come, help me,” he said, “before everyone wakes up.”
Lockwood stumbled forward, still seeing the body of Mrs. Marfont on the ground. HE trembled, reaching down to pick her up.
“It’s quiet,” Mrs. Marfont said. “I can finally get some sleep.”
Lockwood staggered away from the body, shaking.
“Come back here, dammit!” Dr. Marfont snapped. “Help me get rid of it before anyone sees!”
“Not again!” Lockwood wept.
“He’s dead. There’s nothing to be done!” Dr. Marfont snapped.
Lockwood looked down at the body of Mrs. Marfont. He saw it lying there twisted, head bent unnaturally. It wasn’t Mrs. Marfont. It was Nathaniel. “Oh my God,” he whispered.
“Hurry! Grab him!”
Lockwood and Dr. Marfont moved Nathaniel’s body from the garden, taking it behind the house where no one could see. Dr. Marfont sighed, shaking his head. “I couldn’t imagine what would happen if Corinne saw such a thing again.”
“She still doesn’t remember?” Lockwood knew the answer already.
Dr. Marfont shook his head. “The shock of seeing it blocked it from her mind.” He sighed heavily. “How could this have happened twice now?”
Lockwood wrung his hands together. “I’m sorry, doctor. This is my fault.”
“It was nothing you did. Now come along, let's go inside. We’ll deal with this later.” He walked away from the body, but Lockwood remained frozen there. Mrs. Marfont had suffered for a long time. Her illness changed her. During his days as the maid in that house, Lockwood had done nothing but tend to Mrs. Marfont and earn her confidence. Lockwood had been working out in the garden one afternoon when she heard a shout from above. Before she could even look up, Mrs. Marfont had landed on the ground before her. Right as Mrs. Marfont died, Corinne had come outside. After that, she did not sleep, eat, or move from her room for a week. Once she emerged, Corinne had no memory of the event. To her, her mother had passed away years ago.
Lockwood eventually went inside, shaken by Nathaniel’s death. He washed his hands and went to sit in the parlor alone. Corinne found him there and came up to his chair. “You didn’t join us for breakfast. Are you well?” Corinne touched his cheek, and Lockwood leaned into her palm. Her skin felt so soft, so warm, and her wrist was dotted with freckles.
“I’m not hungry,” Lockwood answered.
“Nathaniel didn’t come down, either.” Corinne sat down beside Lockwood. “Must have been the greens from last night. My stomach was a touch turned too.” She looked up at Lockwood and smiled.
Lockwood shakily turned to her. “Corinne…”
He went silent, unable to tell her she would be better off without him. Her smile, her expectant gaze, all made him so weak. He smiled at her, reaching out and touching her cheek. “You look exceptionally lovely today,” he whispered.
Corinne blushed. “Thank you. I barely slept, so…” She giggled shyly.
Lockwood felt tears in his eyes as he gazed upon her. She looked so happy, so sweet. “It’s not safe to be with me, Corinne.”
Her joyful expression shifted suddenly. Her smile remained but her eyes were almost empty. “What do you mean?” She started to cry.
“I should show you.” He took her back to his room and had her sit on the bed. Lockwood started to remove the bandages from around his head, and slowly he revealed himself. His face was no longer human above the mouth. Instead it was twisted, and held a row of eyes that were all black. His hair was gone, replaced by black spikes that grew into the horns along the side of his head. Corinne’s eyes watered and tears fell down her face.
“The knight who chained himself to a demon.” Her hands fluttered around Lockwood’s face. “What did they do to you?”
“I agreed to make myself stronger,” Lockwood rasped. “I never thought I would live through it.”
Corinne touched his face, smoothing her fingers down. She traced the lines of Lockwood’s jaw and made a small sound of alarm. “I thought twice that I knew you,” she breathed shakily. “When I first saw your neck, and when you touched me.” She looked into Lockwood’s eyes. “Ms. Liam, is that you?”
Lockwood shook his head. “Not anymore.”
“You came back,” Corinne wrapped her arms around Lockwood. “You never said goodbye!”
Lockwood remained silent, hanging limp in Corinne’s arms. He kept his eyes closed, and buried his face into her hair. “Why did you leave me?” Corinne wept.
“I had my reasons,” Lockwood choked. “I didn’t ever want to hurt you. But my staying would have done more damage to you than my leaving.”
“I waited,” Corinne said breathlessly.
“I know.”
Corinne stole another kiss then stiffened her jaw and became resolute. “I see you, and I want you.”
Lockwood clutched her hand tight. “That is dangerous.”
Her smile brightened again, and she placed a kiss upon his lips. “So are many things in this world.”
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ollovae3 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First, Terec and Ceret from the High Republic comics, then my gal Myna!! A trans Clone Commando!! Had a ton of fun getting to draw them, and I hope you like how they turned out!! 💙💮🌸 💖💕💖
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plucky-passerine · 5 months ago
Someone: So why do you make some of your ocs trans when you can just make them cis?
Me: Well, the long and patient answer is that being trans is an important part of my identity. It’s not just the experience of transphobia or dysphoria, which in an ideal world wouldn’t exist, but the euphoric feeling of discovering yourself, of finding an experience and identity that feels just right and embracing that within a community that understands. It also makes me feel like I’m included in whatever world my oc is created for. If my oc can exist in a world of magic and adventure and not only survive, but thrive as exactly who they are, it makes me feel more comfortable and at home in whatever universe that is. And by doing so for myself, I imagine I’m offering the same experience to other trans people who see my character and also identify with their experience.
Someone: Oh... so what’s the short and impatient answer?
Tumblr media
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maxiemumdamage · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Just watched Zombieland Saga. I’m in love with the entire cast but especially Lily. Please take my incredibly obvious and low-quality meme.
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johannestevans · a month ago
Want to read some new fantasy stories that actually have queer & disabled protagonists, especially trans men?
Here’s a collection of 10 short stories - generally between 5k and 25k - of a variety of ratings, themes, and tones, all set in the same universe! This is just a little shot of the many more stories you can peruse on my Directory of Work. 
I’m an autistic gay trans man myself, and some of the themes I grapple with most across my work are disability and neurodivergence, transmasculinity and gender roles, class conflict, personal duty and social obligation, trauma and trauma recovery, kink and power dynamics in sexual relationships, and magic.
If you like them, there’s a few dozen more stories for you to peruse at your will, not to mention a lot of longer narratives that are 50-100k+!
All of my short stories are available to read on Medium and Patreon - you can subscribe to Medium for $5 a month or the lowest tier on my Patreon is $3/month, but Medium allows several free articles to begin with, and if you read two or three stories and you’re still not sure, remember you can use an incognito window or whatever. 
The Lord of the Wood’s Spring Bride
Every spring, the Lord of the Wood is honoured with a bridal ceremony. 
Fantasy, humour, and a little romance! Rated M — raunchy but not explicit — and about 10k. Themes include culture and tradition, class expectations in a small English village, and the protag being far too sexy for all this. 
A trans dressmaker is embroiled in the strange schemes of a local deity, and he lets himself be carried away with the tide.
On Medium / / On Patreon
Gellert’s New Job
On the hard streets of a smuggling town, an accountant goes from working for one family to another.
Gellert has worked as a business manager for the King family for nearly a decade when an error in judgement brings his employment to an abrupt end. Lucien Pike, a rival kingpin, employs his services instead.
Fantasy, crime, and a good bit of dark humour. 21k. Rated M. Transgender, autistic man’s POV; both protagonists are autistic. Themes are centered around  trauma, crime and class politics, and autistic social norms. 
On Medium / / On Patreon.
The Pilot
A specialist in magical antiques, Velma Kuroda, is called out to help a grieving captain with the ghost of his partner.
Fantasy and mystery, centering around queer grief and comfort in the aftermath. Rated T, 9k. 
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Au Naturale
A student at Camelot University gets involved with a stablemaster.
Explicit M/M short between two cis men. 7k. Themes are class, social isolation, magical worldbuilding. Featuring size kink, size different, large cocks, overstimulation, stomach bulging, mind break/aheago, dirty talk, D/s, age difference, rough sex, being pinned down, and dirty talk about piss play but no actual piss play.
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Warden Gordon and the Angel in the Woods
Working in a magical national park, Gryff Gordon has a contentious relationship with a local angel. 
Fantasy, romance, and light humour, with a bit of added sweetness! Rated T, about 7.6k. Featuring Warden Gryff Gordon and Perseverance-before-God at the Llallwg National Park.
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Letters to the Dead
An ex-gravedigger tells a story he’s been keeping back for a long time, of a job he had many years ago. 
Horror and mystery, with a bit of a twisted love story. Rated M, 17k. 
Tales from a gravedigger haunted by a ghost. Written in the style of a diarised blog post.
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Angel’s Wings
A vampiric sex worker spends the evening with an unusual client.
Fantasy and intimacy - centering around an autistic touch-averse angel who employs outside assistance in grooming his wings. Rated M, 4.6k. 
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Comes in Threes
Prince Arthur comes upon a boy in the woods.
Rated T, 4k. Simple fantasy with an edge of destiny at the point where Prince Arthur first meets Myrddin Wyllt. 
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Daddy’s Boy
In the magical smuggling town of Lashton, the youngest son of the Laithes, a prominent crime family, struggles to make himself heard and accepted by his family, especially his father. At the age of 17, he undergoes a metamorphosis.
In this one, themes of queerness and masculinity, politics and power dynamics in a blended family, extreme trauma and PTSD, and complex explorations of personal identity. 
Rated E, 23k.
On Medium / / On Patreon.
Divine Bodies
The god Freyr expects good work from his priests, but gives good rewards. Magical HRT for a loyal trans masc priest!
Featuring transness, divinity, magical HRT, size differences, come inflation, consensual nonconsent, somnophilia, gangbangs, stomach bulges, come inflation, public humiliation, power dynamics, nature imagery, gender expression and embrace of gender identity as faith and worship.
Rated E, 9k. 
On Medium / / On Patreon.
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