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I met a boy in East LA...
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💜💜💜birthday present for my favourite dm 💜💜💜 Happy birthday bug!! ✨commission info in source link below✨
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i spent entirely too much time on this
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aviidus · a month ago
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What Could Have Been
What if Viktor met the nerds when they were babies and actually got them into the Piltover academy too? He’s got his little mini army of enthusiastic Zaunite innovators.
Also, I treasure the very little content of Powder and Ekko’s friendship, I wanna see more of it and the possible romance that could’ve come out of it- pls, Riot- I beg you-
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Something soft for a friend.
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casual night for the girls
[ID in Alt]
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lucky-numberme · 3 months ago
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"If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. Wheat is wheat even if people think it is a grass at the beginning" —Vincent Van Gogh— transliterated excerpt of this letter to Theo
Been thinking about @hellofromthehallowoods' Percy again (and always) 👀
[TEXT ID: A 4-panel monochrome comic about Percy Reed from Hello from the Hallowoods featuring a quote from Van Gogh. In the first panel, Percy (a white trans boy wearing a collared shirt, trousers and sweater) is floating and glowing. His hands are on fire and he looks up into the stormy sky. He's surrounded by stylized lightning. A silver thread goes from his chest into the second panel. Panel 1 text reads "If I am worth anything later." Panel 2 text reads "I am worth something now." In the second panel, a patchwork hand (Diggory's) holds up a white piano key which is attached to the other end of the string. Panel 3 is a solemn-looking framed family photo of the Reeds: a middle aged white couple and their child in pigtails and a dress. Cracks cover the faces of the wife (Abigail) and child (Percy). The bottom of the photo is leaking black liquid, which drips down into the fourth panel. It drips on a profile image of Percy whose eyes are also leaking black liquid. There are scars surrounding his mouth. He has short cropped hair, freckles, and moles. He is smiling gently. Panel 3 text reads "Wheat is wheat" and panel 4 text reads "Even if people think it is a grass at the beginning. /end ID]
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ottistry · a month ago
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Quiet night
trying out new brushes with trans!wanxian. they’re probably discussing lesson plans
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momolady · 4 days ago
Mancini the Pink Rakshasa
Tumblr media
This is a very special story, featuring a very unique romantic lead. Inspired by the classic Pink Panther cartoons and a little bit of con artists, we have Mancini, a remarkable jewel thief and charmer.
Female Reader (cis) x Male Monster (trans)
His voice on the other end of the line was exactly what I needed to hear. I’d just quit my dream job and had been sitting in my own filth for a week. The phone rang to some strange number, and I almost cried when he spoke those magic words to me.
“I need your help.”
I hadn’t seen him in years, not since I wanted to take fashion seriously. We’d parted amicably but I still felt tension whenever I thought about him and what he could possibly be doing. Now, as I waited for him that crowded little cafe, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he had in store for me.
“Can I take your order?”
The waiter approached just as my phone chimed with a message. “I’m still waiting for my friend to show up. I will take some more water though.”
“Just a friend?” The waiter’s voice took on a much more sultry tone. “Is that all they are?”
I looked up from my phone and into those striking yellow eyes. He was dressed in a waiter’s uniform and holding a tray in his hand. He swept the tray down to me, presenting me with a bouquet of flowers.
“It’s been a while, my little jewel,” he said. “I’m glad to see you’ve grown your hair out. It suits you.”
I was still in awe of his talent in presentation. I took the bouquet with a big grin and watched as he took a seat before me. “You haven’t changed at all, Mancini.” Which was, shockingly true. I’d know Mancini for ages, and all the time I had known him he had dyed himself a spectacular shade of pink. As a panther Raksahsa being born with albinism, he felt if he was going to stand out, then he really wanted to stand out.
Mancini smirked and leaned forward on the table with his elbows. “I wanted you to recognize me after all these years. So tell me, how are you?”
“I’ve been better.” I’ve forced it out rather than lying and saying ‘fine’. Mancini would have known I was lying and pressed further anyways.
His brow pinched. “What’s wrong. I thought you sounded strange on the phone.”
I had left him long ago in order to pursue a career I no longer had. Confessing this felt like an utter failure.
“Did someone assume your named was pronounced ‘bitch’ again?”
I shook my head. “No, no, that’s something I can get over. It’s that I uhm...I quit my job last week.”
His eyes widened. “You’re joking.”
“I wish I was.” I laid the bouquet down on the table. “It’s kind of hard to explain.”
“Let me guess.” Mancini opened up his top which removed the waiter uniform to a stunning green velvet blazer. “An old paramour stole your ideas, and now your former fashion house is claiming the two of you are still together and you’re selling their designs to her?”
My jaw hung open.
Mancini smirked proudly and gave me a wink. “How did I do?”
“You got it!” I gasped.
He chuckled and flicked the gold hoop in his ear. “I thought as much. So, how about we go back to your place and finish catching up?”
You furrowed your brow. “Then why did you have me come here?”
“So I could fill your apartment with gifts.” he stood up and offered his hand out to me. “I had to surprise you after all this time.”
I felt near tears as I took his hand. It had been so long, and I had denied how much I missed him. As soon as I stood, Mancini wrapped me in a firm embrace. “I’m glad we’re no longer strangers, my little gemstone.”
I took in a deep breath, smelling that same old cologne and I felt at home. “Me too.”
Back home, I found much of my old furniture had been replaced, and yet, everything was how I left it. “There we go!” Mancini took a seat on the new sofa. “I thought you deserve an upgrade.”
I frowned as I hung up my coat. “You didn’t need to do that. And how long have you been watching me?”
Mancini grinned and patted the seat beside him. “Come sit, I’ll regale you with tales of all my heroic antics.”
“Antics maybe.” I sat beside him and was very pleased with the comfort of the new sofa. “But heroic might be a stretch.”
“Bich Ngoc, how dare you?” You chuckled. He placed an arm on the back of the sofa and leaned in close to me. “You do not think of me as your Robin Hood anymore?”
I smirked back. “I never thought of you as Robin Hood. You’re a Selina Kyle, a Carmen sandiego, but a Robin Hood you are not.”
Mancini pouted but kept getting closer. “You always kept me in line. I need that again.” His hand rested upon my knee.
I cast my eyes upon that hand, watching it pushing against the fabric of my skirt. “All you have to do is ask me, why are you dancing around so much?”
“Because that’s not fun.” His hand stopped for a moment. “I would like you help coming up with some disguises, some costumes, maybe even a faux line of clothing.”
I clicked my tongue. “What’s all this for?”
“The same little rat bastard who stole your ideas and got you exiled has something I’ve got my eye on.” His hand continued trailing up my thigh. “When I started researching her I realized the two of you had a little bit of a past, and quite a present I might add.”
“You knew Ving stole my ideas?”
“She has an old sketchbook of yours.” Mancini’s hand was no under my skirt and on my thigh. “She also had some old pictures of you.”
I grimaced at that thought.
“You never gave me pictures.” His hand gripped my thigh and my breath was taken. “So I had to keep them.”
“You stole pictures?” I scoffed.
Mancini was close enough that he could lick my lips and he pressed his face against my neck, moaning and kissing as his hand slid about my thigh. I pressed my hand against his chest, but adjusted my hair so it didn’t get into my mouth.
“She didn’t deserve them,” he growled against my shoulder. “But I do find it funny she kept such things.”
I moaned as his hand slid between both thighs. “And why would you want to keep them?”
“Because I never stopped wanting.” He pressed a kiss to my lips and I did have to push him back. I plucked his hand from between my thighs and stood up.
“I need a drink. Do you want anything?” I huffed and smoothed down my skirt.
Mancini’s face took on a horrible pout. “There’s champagne chilling in the kitchen. I was going to serve you that after we reunited successfully.”
I saw the spread in the kitchen which included fancy cupcakes and  tarts, various sugary confections Mancini loved more than anything. I plucked the champagne from the ice and looked it over.
“And what does that mean?” I asked.
Mancini appeared in the kitchen doorway. “Mean I intended to eat that beautiful pussy of yours until you fainted and then needed champagne to regain yourself.” He snatched the bottle from my hands. “Maybe you would have even tasted me a little as well,” he purred.
I sighed and let a smile shine through. “What are you trying to steal from Ving?”
“Oh, you’re no fun!” He chucked the campagne back into the ice bucket. “She’s been given this necklace for her newest show. It’s a fancy little dangly thing called the Jaguar’s Kiss.”
My brow pinched. “We’ve been trying to get that for every show we’ve had since I started working at Palais. How did she get it?”
“She did a few things in order to get it. Mostly bribe money, not to mention the lady who owns it will be starring in her show, wearing it mind you.”
“That old buzzard?” I scoffed.
“Now, now, little gemstone, it’s not nice of you to judge one’s appearance.” Mancini put an arm around me and pulled me in close. “No matter how old they are.”
“She’s an awful person, she dug up a graveyard to-”
“Yes, yes, I know.” Mancini let me go and went for one of the sweets on the counter. “Ving is taking offers on bringing in news designers. Which is why I need you. Plus, adding revenge to the scheme makes it so much more fun.”
I sighed and fidgeted with my hair. “Is that why you’re asking me back?”
Mancini held up a finger while he bit into a cupcake. “I’m asking you back because I miss you. Plus, she fucked you over. It’s not your revenge I am talking about, it’s my own.”
“You’re revenge?”
He nodded, licking icing from his lips. “I have my reasons.” He then smirked and dove in, stealing another kiss. “Come back, Bich, and I promise that you will not forget it.”
I smoothed my hand down his chest, tasting caramel icing on my lips. “I don’t have anything else going on.”
“Wonderful!” Mancini took the champagne back and popped the cork, sending a spray of foam everywhere. “Then we shall celebrate after all!”
I began working right away, designing several disguises for Mancini as well as working on creating a fashion line for his ruse. He helped me with some designs so they did not look like all my other works.
I was measuring him one day, noticing the scars along his chest from his top surgery. It made me think back to when he first had it done and I had taken care of him while he healed. He had been such a whiny baby.
“I’ve been working out,” Mancini teased.
I rolled my eyes. “That’s not what I am doing right now.”
Mancini flexed his arms and back while I tried to take shoulder measurements. “Do you like what you see though?”
“How old are you again?”
He chuckled jovially and rubbed his jaw. “I think I look much better than when we were last together.”
“You look like you always did to me,” I huffed as I attempted a shoulder measurement again. “But yes, you’re much more handsome and rakish than ever before.” I fed into his ego if only to get him to stand still.
“Have you seen my butt yet?”
I pinched his ear and brought him down to my level. “Yes, you're a tall, sculpted Adonis. Now stand the heck still!”
He stood up as soon as I released him and he rubbed his ear. “You don’t have to be mean about it.”
“I’m trying to get this all done in time. I can admire whatever you want when I don’t have so much to do.” I slipped my arms around his waist to get a measurement there.
“That tickles,” he giggled.
I smiled to myself. “Well that’s not changed.”
“Are you at least happy to see me?” He murmured.
“What brings this on?” I wrote down his measurements for later.
Mancini turned around. “Are you?” He looked at me with golden kitten eyes and I melted a little.
I sighed and set my things aside. “Of course I am.”
“Working in fashion has made you too serious. You were never Miranda Priestly.” Mancini reached out, tucking my hair behind my ear then smoothing his fingers along my jaw in a very seductive manner. “What happened?”
“Just that,” I huffed. “I worked in fashion for years. I’ve had to take things seriously to get where I am...was-”
Mancini put his hands upon my shoulders. “Then let me devour you until you violently quiver with an orgsam.”
I grumbled under my breath. “Stop that!”
“Oh fine!” He huffed. “But that offer always stands.”
I went to work right away making the garments. I started with Mancini’s disguises so he could go ahead and begin wooing Ving. Ving enjoyed anyone attractive, so I knew she’d love Mancini right away. Back when I first started designing, she had taken me under her wing and we began an affair while I tried breaking into the fashion scene. She was extremely charming, but she could be vicious too. She was a hunter in every sense of the word, and sending Mancini out to her made me a touch nervous.
After his first few visits with her, he was feeling jubilant in his scheme. Bit by bit he was working into her trust, and hopefully, he would earn a spot on her team so he could get closer to the Jaguar’s Kiss.
“She’s very handsy,” Mancini said. “You didn’t tell me that.”
“It’s what she does.” I was bent over my sewing machine, piecing a cocktail dress together.
“She wanted us to go skinny dip in her pool, then she kept offering me massages-”
I accidentally pushed a bit too hard on the fabric and placed a stitch crooked and bunched. Mancini looked at me as I pulled it out to inspect it.
“I didn’t accept either offer, of course.”
I frowned as I took out my seam ripper.
Mancini leaned over me. “I don’t like her that way.”
“Good!” I huffed. The seam ripper jabbed into my hand and I ripped it back, bringing the puncture wound to my lips and I tasted blood.
“Give it here.” Mancini took my hand, kissing it softly. “I only have one person’s touch on my mind.” He made me stand up and go to the kitchen where he washed the wound. He then placed a bandage upon it and kissed it again.
“You need a break. You’ve been on that machine for days now.” He swept me off my feet, literally knocking them out from under me and picking me up in his arms. “I won’t hera another word.”
“Wait, not now!” I grouched as he carried me to my bedroom. “Mancini, I’m busy-”
“Working for me.” he took off my shoes and tugged at my leggings. “And as your boss, I am telling you to stop right this instant.” He yanked my leggings off and smiled at this minor triumph.
I scoffed and placed a pillow over my face. “What are you doing now?”
“Making you relax.” His hands kneaded into my feet. “How’s this?”
“Fine,” I grumbled.
Mancini continued rubbing my feet. Moving his hands up to my calves. “She’s really not my type at all. I have no interest in her.”
“What?” I grumbled.
“I was just letting you know I don’t like Ving. Since you seemed jealous.”
I tossed the pillow aside and sat up. “What makes you think I’m jealous?”
Mancini smirked at me and I realized he’d gotten exactly what he wanted. He let go of my leg and leaned in close to me. I turned my head to escape his kiss, but his lips fell upon my neck, which was what he wanted.
“I meant it when I said I never stopped wanting you, Bich,” he moaned against my skin. “No one ever compared to my little gemstone.”
I grabbed his shoulder as he bared down upon me. “Mancini-” I whimpered.
“Let me show you how much I still care for you.” he kissed my lips softly, easing me back down onto the bed. “I promise, I’m even better than I was.”
I sighed and lifted my hips, taking off my panties for him. “Alright, but just this once.”
Mancini grinned eagerly, stripping off his clothes so he was just as naked as I was. He pushed up my shirt and sports bra, kissing my small breasts and then down my chest. I closed my eyes, turning my head aside as he went further down.
His strong hands pushed open my sighs and he moaned loudly. “Hello old friend.” His fingers pressed against my mound. “My god, you’re still as beautiful as I dreamed.”
“Stop talking to it!” I pouted.
“You used to like when I talked to her.” His fingers opened me and he lost his breath. “You’re fucking stunning.” That warm, rough tongue lapped against me and I lost my breath. He kissed and moaned, taking his time with me.
“Look how wet you are, my darling.” His tongue pressed inside and I clamped my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing. “You taste amazing.”
“Sh-shut up.” I was having a hard time keeping up the facade.
Mancini purred against me. “I’ve been dripping this entire time. Want to see?” Mancini rose to his knees and popped out his hips. He opened himself for me, showing me his clit and dripping lips. I sat up, bringing him down to kiss him while pressing my fingers inside. He moaned against my lips, licking them sloppily as my fingers rocked inside him.
“Do you finally like what you see?” he chuckled as I threw him down onto the bed.
I placed myself over his head then leaned down towards his mound. His hands wrapped tightly around my hips, pulling me down onto his mouth.
I licked his throbbing clit and his hips bucked so he pressed hard against my tongue. I slid my fingers back inside him as his tongue and lips  kissed me again. He was so wet and warm, and I hadn’t been this excited in so long regarding sex. Actually, I can’t even rememebr the last time I had sex.
I started trembling from Mancini’s affections. His lips suckled around my clit as if he was trying to drain a very thick milkshake. I tried to keep my own efforts directed, but Mancini stole my breath. I gasped and shuddered, almost kicking as the liquid heat bubbled inside me. I cried out against Mancini’s thigh and he rolled me off onto the bed. He laid over top of me, grinding himself against my knee as he kissed me. He guided my weak little hand to touch, continuing to grind and kiss me until I felt a pulse against my palm. Wetness dribbled down my thigh and his body sagged until he laid back next to me.
“Sorry,” I murmured.
Mancini grinned as he put his arms around me. “For what?”
“I should have kept going. I sort of went limp noodle.”
He kissed my cheek and neck over and over. “I wasn’t expecting you to join in. I just wanted to help you relax. I also wanted to remind you of how much I adore you.”
I rolled over in his arms to look into those golden eyes. “It’s been years though-”
“I know, but I always knew I’d hold you again.” His arms tightened so I pressed into his chest. I bowed my head into his shoulder and breathed deep that faint scent of cologne. “You and I were always meant to be, Bich.”
I wanted to hold onto him as tight as I possibly could, but my arms weren’t strong enough. “Your head was always so full of such silly notions.”
Mancini chuckled, kissing the top of my head. “Not so silly from where I’m laying. You’re back in my most favorite place in the world. And together, we’re going to take the Jaguar’s Kiss for our own, and we’ll travel the world, side by side. I won’t let you go this time. Not unless you have a very good reason.”
My heart fluttered and I kissed him. “Once I catch my breath, I have a toy I think you’ll enjoy.”
He purred very loudly. “Let me fetch the champagne!”
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magpie-murder · a month ago
Tumblr media
collab with @incorrecctaveengers !!! he drew the flowers because i like how he draws flowers :}
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anonbeadraws · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
 The lonely thief doesn’t mean to fall for the Paladin that offered to watch over his slumber, but morning light reveals all true things, doesn’t it? 🌼🌼🌼
Baz is @thecoffeerain and Kit is mine, comic for funsies and I’m gay✨commission info in source link below✨
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parley-but-sus · 2 months ago
PSA for writing trans men/trans masculine characters in fanfiction, from a trans man
Here’s a small list of things that bug me with trans characters written in fanfiction, so please keep this in mind if you are currently writing something with a trans masculine character. If anyone wants to add on, feel free to do so:
1. Don’t feminize them solely because they are trans. We are not soft and cuddly because we are trans. If a character’s personality doesn’t call for it, it’s weird to decide to change that solely because of that aspect.
2. Don’t infantilize them. I’m looking at you, trans peter parker writers. This goes along with the last one, we aren’t babies so if the character is mature then don’t suddenly drop their maturity down to that of a nine year old in your writing. We know how to act like adults and handle ourselves perfectly fine.
3. Research how binding actually effects people. Don’t just guess based on how you think binding is, actually look into it. There are things we can and cannot realistically do in a binder. We can’t run miles (trust me, I’ve learned that lesson), we don’t sleep in them, we aren’t wearing them 100% of the time. If you are writing a fit and active character, your best bet is to write them post top surgery. In case that seems impossible for your character based on age/financial status, I’ll let you know that I am both a minor and poor yet I have access to top surgery. It’s fanfiction, you don’t have to get in the nitty gritty, but maybe make sure to keep in mind that most of us can’t walk up 3 flights of stairs without feeling like we’re dying.
4. Research hormones and how they work. For basic understanding, usually puberty blockers would be given before puberty at around 8-10 years old. Testosterone can come at any age after that. I started at 15 and it effected me quite fast, got a man’s voice and all. If your character is in their 20s and on T for a while, don’t write them with a super high girly voice. That’s just not realistic at all.
5. Be CAREFUL when talking about trans specific experiences for your character if you are cis. The world is not a walking garbage dump for us all the time, I promise. We are not getting bombarded with “you girly tomboy t****y f****t” every time we walk down the street, you don’t have to go all out. And when expressing a characters gender dysphoria, try to have an understanding of how it is. It is not body dysmorphia but gender related, it is entirely different.
6. Please refrain from talking about your characters body as ‘womanly’, ‘feminine’, ‘curvy’, or any other variation that you would not associate with the character if they were cis. Please do not refer to their chest as ‘boobies’ unless they are mid breakdown or something. Please do not bring up curved hips or a womanly silhouette. Once again bringing up trans peter parker, please do not refer to him in his suit as wide hipped or skinny shouldered or large chested or anything of the sort unless you think it’s absolutely necessary. I’m a fit trans man and I know many other fit trans men who do not fit that description. He works out literally every single day, he isn’t a dainty little 6 year old boy, he’s a vigilante. This extends to any other trans vigilantes you may write.
7. Just a personal thing, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE write more characters post top surgery. I’m literally begging on my knees here. We are tired of the worn down old descriptions of ripping of a binder and rib pain, I WANT TO HEAR YALL WAX POETIC ABOUT HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY’RE SCARS ARE. Or even just a little mention of them having a flat chest would be nice lol. If you really want browny points from me, try writing them post bottom surgery too. Metiodioplasty or phalloplasty, your pick.
It’s currently 12:45 am while I’m writing this. I may add some later to this, may not who knows. I’ll tag a whole lot of things so hopefully people see this post, but please add anything you want to to this, I want to open up this discussion a little more. If you happen to be a trans woman/trans feminine person reading this, please also add what you would like people to know. Have a good day guys!! :)
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pazazy · a month ago
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happy day of trans visibility to one of my favorite trans characters: lake from infinity train! 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
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madeleineengland · 29 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Heartstopper (2022)
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hptransfest · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
welcome to HP trans fest 2022!
We’re a multi-ship, multi-era, multi-media fan fest, created to celebrate all non-cis characters in the Harry Potter extended universe.
This year, our Discord server is open to both creators and fest enthusiasts! Here’s the invite if you’d like to join: https://discord.gg/eyGgV4Gzkh
Prompting: 07 January - 21 January Claiming: 24 January - 14 March Creative works due: 21 March Posting begins: 31 March, Trans Day of Visibility
For more info, check out our updated FAQ & the fest’s GUIDELINES and stay tuned!
This universe is ours and we keep on resisting. Trans rights are human rights!
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galacticjonah · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
«Nicodemus was positively fierce in his affections. Sharp and frightening as if he were set on wielding his own heart as a weapon. But Mari was too serene to be afraid. Or perhaps simply too stubborn.» 
Mari first, Nico second. Two men bound together by an odd fate. Impending doom, strange cults of eldritch gods, occult studies, missing siblings, working through trauma, finding peace and...queer love.
My fiance and I are working on a novel with these two as protagonists and I poured all my love into their portraits.
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creepycoffins · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Thankful for my adhd bc I get to hyperfixate and crank out very self indulgent trans cowboys
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sonic-anomaly · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
5: style
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rythyme · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fluke’s Speech | You’re My Sky, Episode 9 (2022)
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