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#trans community
intersexfairy · a year ago
Because there arent many posts like this for transfems here are your reminders to...
Take your estrogen/progesterone! Refill your prescription if you ran out/will run out soon!
Stop tucking if you're experiencing pain, numbness, etc., or have been tucking too long!
Hydrate! Even if you aren't thirsty, if it's been more than a few hours since you drank something, please do!
Be kind to yourself! No matter where you are on your trans journey, know that you are valid and loved. ♡
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fedyorsundyinglove · 3 months ago
Reblog if you agree that gender and sexuality are fluid. No one needs to shove themselves into a box for the "comfort" of others. If you don't know yet, it's ok! If you don't want to label yourself, it's ok! Trying out more than one label is ok! You are valid nonetheless :)
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thatspookyagent · 5 months ago
Since I've been posting and reflecting about my place in the trans male community as a trans male of color, it's really growing on me just how little I hear from trans males who aren't white.
This is a serious issue. As well as whenever folks who aren't trans men or even when white trans men discuss issues within our community, trans men of color are constantly left out and never given any thought.
A good chunk of conversations revolving around the trans male community are way too white dominated, and whenever trans men are discussed, folks usually always assume our community is filled with nothing but white people, therefore the majority of discussions about how transphobia within government systems is harmful and how TERF rhetoric harms trans men, are whitewashed experiences and or talked about through a white lens.
For example, discussions about how trans men are treated by the (American) healthcare system and doctors, rarely ever talk about how trans men of color are disproportionately effected by how transphobic said system is. As a Black individual, I'm already going to be treated like I'm not human due to my race and me being trans only makes getting access to care even harder. Doctors labeling and or viewing Black trans men as Black women is really fucking dangerous, because Black folks in general especially Black women, are hurt severely by the healthcare system every day.
On top of this, the Black trans community is also effected by things such as AIDS and homelessness at significantly high rates.
This can even heavily effect Black trans folk's mental health. The thought of facing healthcare discrimination and the threat of possibly being humiliated because of your anatomy when it comes to receiving medical care, is something that trans POC have to battle on top of the possibility that we might face racism as well.
To leave trans POC out of the conversation is deadly. It can kill. Not having our voices heard and emotions known will only continue to hinder us. And the trans male community is not exempt from this. We can do better.
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nonbinarymlm · 9 months ago
Nonbinary people aren't advanced trans. Binary trans people aren't advanced trans. No trans identities are better, more progressive, or more interesting. All trans and gender diverse identities face unique joys and struggles, and there's so much to be gained from listening to other trans people with different experiences before making assumptions. Light-hearted positivity posts for specific identities and silly jokes are fine as long as we can remember this and listen to each other.
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getplume · a month ago
🎉 During this Latine/x Heritage Month, we want to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and resilience of our Latine/x trans siblings 🎉 ⁠ ⁠ We see you in your boldness in these intersecting identities. ⁠ ⁠ What does Latine/x Heritage Month mean to you?
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witches-ofcolor · a month ago
Anyway, shout to trans men/masc, especially black trans masc. I feel like black trans masc fall through the cracks in a lot of conversations about trans activism, especially in white trans spaces. 
so i see you, and you’re important! 
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intersexfairy · 6 months ago
here's your reminder that like trans people, many cis intersex people have to fight to be recognized as the gender they are. cis intersex people, too, have to fight to have their sexuality accepted in relation to this. cis intersex people are oppressed, and they are very often not protected under the same institutions that protect cis dyads. in fact, those institutions can outright attack them.
intersex rights are not just about our bodies. we would not be persecuted for our bodies in the manner we are if it weren't for the system of gender we have and how oppressive it is to anyone who doesnt conform to its rigid notion of male and female. include us in your fucking activism. even when we're cis.
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kerokerokeroppi · 6 months ago
hey so you guys really liked my post about being autistic so i’m hoping you can help support two autistic trans gay adults eat because our food stamps were slashed to $85 dollars last month and we got nothing this month, and nothing is pending this month. like most people, we need to eat.
i’m applying for food stamps as quickly as possible, but we need money for this month and possibly next month while this whole situation sorts itself out. we are desperate and making these posts is getting really emotionally taxing.
Tumblr media
i am a black trans man who works three jobs to provide for this household, and the one thing i’m not able to cover each month is food. almost all of my paychecks go to rent, electric, water, air conditioning, transportation and feeding my dog who lives at a friend’s house because my landlord charges an extra $100 dollars a month to keep any animal in apartments, and our apartment is currently a one bedroom that’s cramped as much as it is.
Tumblr media
both of us are willing to trade the following:
- artwork
- tarot card and oracle reading  (castor will do these!)
- help with schoolwork and homework (this includes essay writing!)
- written work (i.e; fanfiction and character essays)
- feet pics, i guess.
- pendulum and dice readings
- cosplay props and wigs
- sigils
- voice acting and voiceover work
we can do more than that, all you need to do is ask.
how to donate:
v*nmo: tuxedosam
c*shapp: $tuxedosam
v*nmo: @Clover-Hayes 
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imgaybut · a month ago
Nonbinary POC are fucking great like hell yeah you go (redacted)
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When i say i want a more "manly" voice i dont meant i want to sound like some 60 years old male blues singer, what i meant is that i want to sound like the voice actor of that typical animated character that is having a hard time going through puberty with a shitty voice full of cracks and high pitched screams that sounds really annoying and funny and good at the same time. I want to make people hearing my voice wonder how my throat is not ruined with all that painful and pitiful sounds coming from my mouth,you know?
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witches-ofcolor · a month ago
And just some late night thoughts about blackness and transness. I’m not trans masc, and I consider myself a gender fluid black woman (I guess that’s the right terminology lmao), but I have presented very “masc”.
And it was completely not on purpose. But I’m saying that as a black woman I’ve been perceived as a black man before. I’ll never be a man or trans masc, but I  can empathize and I can relate to being perceived as a threat just on the basis of being black and masculine--to a certain extent, because the ‘misdirected’ transphobia that black trans mascs face is not what I face because I’m not a trans man or a trans masc. 
But I think, there’s a nuance in said conversation, and I think it would be in the best interest of black people, black tme women and women aligned folks, to also advocate and familiarize themselves with the experiences that black trans masc go through. Not that we aren’t already, but I just had an experience recently that blew my mind and I had to say this. 
But it’s also to say that I empathize with you as black trans masc, because i know the feeling of being seen as a threat in places that are supposed to be safe for you based on how you present yourself. 
I talk about the intersection that we face with black trans women, but we also face an intersection with black trans masc. Our issues of safety and visibility are very much the same, especially in white lgbtqa+ spaces.
I don’t know if white trans people even experience this to the extent that we do, but I certainly know they contribute to it.
i think in general all black people are impacted by misdirected transphobia, whether they’re trans or not. 
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