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onespinelessboy · 21 hours ago
You 100% need to see a therapist…
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creep4b0nes · 2 days ago
I fucking love coffee
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This mf w/ cinnamon 😫😫😤😖
Idgaf about liquid cals they are honestly keeping me alive so...
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collarbones · 4 months ago
one second im running on protein bars and working out twice a day the other im fasting for a week
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p0lzz · 3 months ago
I'm afraid of mom :(
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dont repost, like & reblog !
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iceblueboii · 17 days ago
for anyone considering joining an0blr
i remember coming on here and reading those “get out whilst you still can” posts. i thought to myself “oh me? i’m just doing research. i just want to see what it’s about. i dont restrict that much. im not stick thin. im not /that bad/. i can control myself and leave whenever i want!” it’s been 4 years since i had that thought. im still here. that’s the funny thing with this ana thing. you think you’re different. you think you’re the one in control. you think “oh i’ve only been doing it for a few days/weeks/months”, “oh i’m only restricting a little”, “oh i eat over 1200kcal”, “oh i dont puke or exercise all that much”. you think because of all these things, that you’re different. but we are humans too. we are just like you. we all started out curious, just like you. and now we are in so deep, we can’t get out. we keep coming back to this site. we have friends here. we keep looking for our inspirati0n. so /please/, when we say “get out whilst you still can”, we don’t say it to make this some type of invite-only group. we don’t make it to exaggerate. you need medical help. we all do. you’re never “not far enough” to receive that and stay away from these things. this site will trigger you. and we are all here, having been on your side and now on ours, and we are screaming at you that it’s not as easy as you think. we were all once you.  please get away from here and any other sites like this whilst you still can. please seek medical help now. this place is where people die. please don’t let yourself be dragged in. im begging you, dont let yourself go through this like we have. leave whilst you can.
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axel-skinny · a month ago
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nonexistentdeadboy · a month ago
nicotine is a meal shut up
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arc4ng3l · 5 months ago
must be:
Over 15, under 25
has had an ed for 2+ years
pro recovery
preferably LGBT
has sw higher than 110
Reblog to lmk ♡
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messiambrandybuck · 24 days ago
Reminder: Transgender is an umbrella term, and under that umbrella are Binary and Nonbinary gender identities.
Binary Gender Identities:
(Some) Nonbinary Gender Identities:
Gender Queer
I know a lot of people (especially those still in denial/figuring things out) hear the word 'trans' and immediately think of trans Men and Women, and so they avoid that label.
But don't forget! If you do not identify with your AGAB(assigned gender at birth), that means you're transgender! Even if you don't have everything figured out, it's okay to call yourself trans. You don't need specific microlabels, or proof of your identity. In the end, you'll find out what makes you most comfortable.
One that note: Bonus Reminder!
It's okay to think your trans, and then realize it isn't for you! Life is full of experience-based trail-and-error. Your journey, no matter where it takes you, is just as valid as everyone else's💚
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bleedingworld · 5 months ago
ed culture is eating half the recommended calories for your body type and calling it a binge
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onespinelessboy · 2 days ago
i wanna break up with my boyfriend because we're both su1c1d4l, is that wrong? /gen
like i dont want to date if ine of us is just gonna k1ll 0urs3lves and leave the other empty especially when we're so in love. is that wrong? why date if you're just going to kys
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gh0stius2 · a month ago
i want to get worse, so much worse
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kindawackvibes · 8 months ago
me scrolling through the tw disordered eating tag at 3am
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woundeater · 2 months ago
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// don't rb with tags
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kcalkoldbrew · 8 months ago
"you will lose ur boobs and ur period :( !" yeahthats like the whole point :/
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weakandinhuman · 2 months ago
no nu4nce n0vember cis girls need to stop posting under ftm ed related tags it’s annoying and frankly just odd
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sadquito · 8 months ago
I found some leg malespo
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ewghe · 3 months ago
tw//eating disorder mention
it makes me so sad to see young transmasc people on this app fueling their ed with their dysphoria and pushing stereotypes that you have to be skinny to be recognized as your gender. i wish i could tell them all that thats not the case and that their minds are tricking them.
they make borderline transphobic comments in relation to themselves, saying "boys don't have thighs like me" "i'm too thick to be a boy" etc etc. it makes me so sad. boys DO have thighs like you. there are fat and chubby cis boys. there are cis boys with thick thighs and wide hips. and even if there wasn't, you would still be valid. if you see yourself as a boy, if you are a boy, you have thighs like a boy. your body is a boys body. trans people are beautiful and perfect how they are. trans peoples bodies are different and thats ok. you don't have to be skinny to be valid in your identity. i know how it feels to think that your gender expression is tied to your weight and appearance, but please try to deconstruct that. its so untrue and toxic.
so many transmascs are pressured to be skinny, androgynous and perfect. this isn't something everyone can achieve. wanting to be like that is killing so many young people, hurting so many children. all i want is for trans people to accept themselves. its so hard to get acceptance from other people why do we have to keep tearing ourselves down like this?
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bvnnygvtz · 6 months ago
I’m so afraid that the calories in everything I eat aren’t accurate
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verybadcom-ed-ian · 3 months ago
Pov: you make an ed joke and someone laughs
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