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#trans ftm
transmasc-shit · a day ago
i met one of the managers at my work for the first time tonight and she was like “btw im really obsessed with your name i love it it’s so cool” and i got to say “thanks i chose it myself” and she thought that was so funny
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prettygayrose · 9 months ago
Something that bears mentioning: I get why we need to shame straight girls who fetishize mlm ships but. To any straight girls who consistently relate to or resonate with mlm dynamics on a deep level or see themselves in queer male characters. if by any chance this post from a tiny tiny blog crosses your dash. Please take this moment to very privately consider the possibility that you might not be straight. Or a girl.
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purrpisgone · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey y’all, donate to my gofundme and get me out of my transphobic house <33
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so-over-ableism · a month ago
What to expect from Testosterone from just starting to 2 1/2 years
hi friends, i just hit my 2 and a half year mark on T, and i’m going to summarize all the changes in chronological order! this is gonna be long so buckle up
1 month
- SWEAT. so much sweat. the middle of winter? sweat. summer? EVEN MORE sweat. it was the first thing that happened to me, and i felt gross until i got used to it. weirdly enough, the strong body odor wouldn’t really come until 3 months, but by that time, i was already wearing a lot of deodorant to help with the sweat so i didn’t stink. i still have an almost permanently shiny face tho
- oils. your body starts to get oily and combined with the sweat you’re just glistening and you suddenly understand what greasy pizza feels like. you’re an oily snack.
- acne. because of the sweat and oils, your pores start to get clogged and acne begins to form. it’s also natural to get more persistent acne even if you have a skin care routine. remember, you’re essentially a teenage boy going through puberty. you’re gonna get acne and it’s gonna last for a few years. i still have persistent acne
- hunger. i was so fucking hungry for the first few months on t, starting right after i started t. try to keep eating healthy but it’s good to satisfy that hunger because your body is using a lot of energy shifting and also you’re literally going through puberty and that’s when cis guys eat like crazy
3 months
- leg hair thickens and darkens. it’s so fun!!! my leg hair also got a lot longer even tho i stopped shaving a while before i started T. if you already have thick hair/have family with arm hair, it won’t be just your legs. i just am like my moms side of the family and they don’t have a lot of leg hair to begin with let alone arm hair so i had to start from scratch
- start of bottom growth. at this point, your clitoris is going to start to grow. this is because when a baby is in the womb, they begin growing as female, giving the babies nipples and female genitalia. a wave of progesterone happens at a point and at this point, the baby develops in a way that will make them be assigned either male or female at birth. if the baby grows to be amab, testosterone amount grows in the body and the clitoris the baby has gets bigger and the urethra elongates and goes through the now penis, and the vagina closes and the labias majora and minora seal to create the ballsack (which is why there’s a seam on the ballsack) and testicles form in the ballsack. that’s essentially what t is trying to do to you. it’s recognizing the increased testosterone and is trying to grow the penis that would have been grown in fetal development. this normally hurts like a burning sensation, because the clitoris is a bunch of nerves and those nerve endings growing and shifting is painful. just get an ice pack or a heating pad (whatever helps you specifically) and put it between your legs.
- start of voice drop. it won’t be a drastic change, but you may start having voice cracks and your voice may become more ambiguous sounding. it will continue to deepen the longer you’re on t, and it normally hits its peak around 2 years. mine is still getting deeper, but it’s much less drastic than the 1 year to 2 year range
- potential facial hair growth
- menstruation should be stopped by now if not already stopped by norethindrone
6 month
- by this point you’re probably feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. again, it’s puberty. you’re feeling teen angst. you may feel gross. you may feel more irritable. you won’t cry as easily to the point when it’s frustrating when you’re really worked up and just CANT cry it out. you get used to it, don’t worry
- facial hair continues to grow. mostly starts of as baby fuzz but will thicken up over time. i started getting facial hair on my side burns first, then on my chin and neck. even at 2 1/2 years, my beard isn’t fully formed, it’s patchy and needs some more time but it started here
- face structure begins to change from softer to more angular
- fat redistribution. fat moves away from the hips and butt to the stomach and legs. potential weight gain as it shifts
- muscle mass changes. muscles start to appear bulkier without working out. will affect weight as muscle is heavier than fat
- continuing and increase in what i mentioned before
- here’s where my voice went from slightly getting lower to a full on drop
1 year
- upper body is settling into either a rectangular shape or a triangle shape, depending on what you’re starting with. even if you get to a rectangle shape here, you may reach a triangle later on (like i did).
- this is also the point where top surgeons start accepting referrals for the procedure. personally, my doctor did 6 months on T, but most doctors like 6months to a year on T
- leg muscles settle into place, as it can be a bit irregular up until this point (i had thick thighs and small calves up until this point)
2 years
- slow steady muscle building and bulking up. i went from being drowned in my new Philadelphia Flyers jersey i got for christmas last year to completely filling it out a year later. slow and steady wins the race my friends
- if your acne hasn’t gotten better with a skin care routine, or is becoming cystic, i suggest seeing a dermatologist. they can give you antibiotics and creams
- intense hunger starts to die down, as well as mood irregularities
- voice should be pretty deep at this point, and your body has gotten used to the thickened vocal chords so it doesn’t strain your body anymore to talk in a deep voice, it comes naturally. if you’re still having trouble at this point, consider doing vocal training
and that’s all i got folks, i may update this post when i hit 3 years to add what happened between the second and third year but i hope this helps!
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ragingvoid · a month ago
I just want to look like castlevania male characters that's not too much to ask
Tumblr media
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aresboy34 · 6 days ago
concept: play fighting that leads to you being overpowered that leads to you being bred 🥰
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vive-la-revolution · 3 months ago
okay okay listen
i don’t want to be masculine the way girls are
i want to be feminine the way boys are
get it?
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gaypinkbugs · 3 months ago
Trans people are not the reason for our own oppression. Me wearing what I'm comfortable wearing isn't the reason someone is transphobic, me using neopronouns isn't reason someone is transphobic, me existing as a trans person with his own humanity isn't the reason someone is transphobic.
Blaming trans people for transphobia perpetuates transphobia. Treating transphobes like children who can't understand their own actions or change them without others changing for them first, and who need to be protected from what they do only makes things worse.
I nor any other trans person needs to be digestible for people. Transness can be complicated, and that doesn't need to change so that transphobes learn to not be transphobic
Transphobes do so much damage to the trans community, not because the trans community isn't digestible enough for transphobes, but because transphobes choose to be bigoted.
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Some of you are out here bragging about how your countries education system failed you. I swear to what ever GOD if I see one more next generation Karen out here saying stuff like "SeX ChRoMEsOMes ArE ThE OnLy Thİng tHat DeTerMine sEX" I will not rest until advance biology is a mandatory highschool subject in every western english speaking country. By this freaking logic we as humans would have like 8 sexs you freaking troglodytes.
Like science doesn't need to be your strong suit but for the love of god when the rest of the world say's "Hey it's a bit more complicated than that" don't come out here swinging about gosh darn POLİTİCS especially if your arguing against the scientific community.
Sex too is not binary:
(This is the easiest one to understand)
Biological changes accure in trans man, woman and nonbinary people on hormons.
(Btw if anyone wants to learn more on biological sex that really is fine and I encourage asking questions or sending more info my way. But I will straight up delete idiological and political posts. Intersexphobia and or transphobia will not be tolerated!)
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teddy-draws · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
This just in: they don’t let you play volleyball if you’re cis….. rip
ID and specific identities and pronouns under the cut!
[ID: a digital drawing of Haikyuu!! characters with a trans pride banner. From left to right: Asahi, Nishinoya, Takeda, Sugawara, Hinata, Kageyama, Kiyoko, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima. Asahi is wearing a skirt and smiling shyly, waving one hand, while Nishinoya leans out from behind him, grinning and flashing a peace sign- his shirt reads ‘Under Construction’ with an arrow pointing down to his belt. Takeda and Kiyoko are holding the pride flag between them, with Sugawara between them making a heart sign with his fingers and with his hand on a tearful Takeda’s shoulder. Hinata is beaming and waving, held up by Kageyama, who is glaring at him and yelling something. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima are stood very slightly apart, Yamaguchi making a peace sign and holding onto Tsukki’s arm, Tsukki with his hands in his pockets, uninterested, his eyes not visible through his glasses. Around the group are various trans and gender-queer pride flags. End ID]
Asahi: he/she (bigender)
Nishinoya: he/him (trans ftm)
Takeda: he/him (trans ftm)
Suga: he/they (genderqueer)
Hinata: he/him (trans ftm demiboy)
Kageyama: he/him (agender)
Kiyoko: she/her (trans mtf)
Yamaguchi: he/they (nb transmasc)
Tsukishima: he/him (trans ftm)
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vive-la-revolution · 2 months ago
✨ let transmascs embrace their femininity ✨
🌈 let transfemmes embrace their masculinity 🌈
🌸 let nonbinary people not be androgynous 🌸
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