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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#trans headcanon

my friend said I had an uncanny ability to find popular trans hcs/theories that are for fandoms i’m not in (i.e. kurapika in hxh) or fandoms i’m a beginner in before i finish the available content (bakugou, haruichi, dororo i clocked as trans hcs before finishing s1 and in the case of dororo, before the reveal) and on one hand its like, yes, its just a Trans Thing to Know, we tend to flock to the same sorts of charas but ALSO its just me projecting super hard and I happen to find ppl who agree with me

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Trans guy Pidge???? Valid!!!! Super cool and funky!!!! Love thinking about him passing as a guy and being like “huh this is heccin great”

Trans girl Pidge???? Valid!!!! Super cool and funky!!!! Love thinking about her coming out to the group and being accepted

Nonbinary Pidge???? Valid!!!! Super cool and funky!!!! Love thinking about them saying fuck the gender binary, we’re friends with aliens nothing is real

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If we’re making every goddamn red head in the show a relative of Wesley “Wes” Weston, I’m gonna need people to figure out how this child is related to Maddie and, by default, Danny

Did her sister get divorced and move away, leaving behind her husband and 4 (?) kids? Is Maddie’s maiden name Weston, and the reason Vlad is also into Wesley’s dad is because he took his ex-wife’s last name?

So far, I’m counting Wes, Kyle, Easton, and Norothy, “Nora,” Weston btw. I cannot remember the dad for the life of me, aside from the whole, “gold digger willing to shack up with Vlad,” thing


Edit: check the notes actually, bc I’ve decided that Wesley’s dad is trans and Maddie’s brother

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-gomez and morticia from the Addams Family (1991) are t4t and this is extremely important to me.


-1st of all, the drama. the aesthetic. the class. wow. trans rights.

-2nd of all. it makes better narrative sense - what better send-up of the classic nuclear family than to have a version of it that would make conservative cishets cry?? They’re a Normal Family :) and theyre also Both trans. terrifying. love it.

-3rd of all: morticia v tall and beautiful. elegant. the class. the queer vibes. wow.

-4th of all: gomez short. fashionable. handsome. dramatic. mind-bogglingly queer vibes.

-5th of all: of course it wouldnt be mentioned in the film?? why would it be remarkable for the addams family 2 have trans people in it?? no one in that family would question it.

-i said so thats why

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TW: Dysphoria/SelfHarm(Binding too long)

Shigaraki Finding out you’re ftm trans:

  • Listen I headcanon him as a trans man so I feel like he would be really chill about it like
  • He’d notice how you slowly were changing your appearance
  • It started with you dying your hair new colors until one clicked
  • When that wasn’t enough you trimmed it a couple inches but even that wasn’t enough so you decided to cut it to your liking
  • He was kind of oblivious at first but also he pretty much knew but wanted you to come to him when you were ready
  • After changing your hair you got new clothes that were baggy and hid those parts of you that made you dysphoric.
  • They were just cheap clothes you could get at a short notice because you needed something quick because your normal clothes just made you feel uncomfortable
  • You saved up for your first binder and some boxers. Just plain ones that were either black or grey. Unsure what size you were and wanting to get a feel for how you’d feel in them. You were worried but ultimately you felt so much relief. It didn’t help enough as you wanted but it sure helped more than you expected.
  • Eventually weeks go by and he notices your body was always covered in baggy clothes, which he definitely didn’t mind because to him you were amazing no matter what you looked like.
  • The change in clothes along with your binder did help a lot but you never took off your clothes in front of your boyfriend. You weren’t one to really do that in the first place but when you wouldn’t even just relax in one of his shirts and sweats? He was getting worried.
  • One night he comes home from a long mission and heads to your room expecting you to be asleep or indulging in your favorite hobby.
  • He found you sitting up awkwardly in a stretched out way that was honestly uncomfortable. A pained and frustrated look on your face.
  • He stood at the doorway watching you. “What’s up sweet thing? Something wrong?”
  • Nonchalantly you replied that you were just stretching some muscles before bed nothing important. Yes you were stretching but in efforts to relieve the pain on your chest so you wouldn’t have to take off your binder.
  • With a sigh he made his way beside you on the bed. “You can’t wear your binder too long. You could hurt yourself and I don’t want you breaking a rib.”
  • “Here. Go to the bathroom and change out of that. You’ll feel much better.”
  • Handing you your favorite outfit of his and a blanket for you. Smiling gently at you.
  • After returning, changed and all, he wrapped the blanket around you and ushered you to sit on his lap.
  • “It helps me to wrap myself up in one or two blankets when I get dysphoria. It helps because I can’t see anything. Plus it’s very comfy.”
  • “How long did you know?”
  • He went with the honest approach and flat out told you the fact he pretty much already know. It was obvious but he didn’t wanna push you or make you uncomfortable.
  • You both talked for awhile. He took some time telling you some tips for binding and lessening dysphoria. Both of you talking about your feelings. You told him what name you wanted to go by and asked him so many questions.
  • Eventually time passed while you curled up in his lap listening to his breathing until falling alseep, content.
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