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#trans memes
westcoast-guido · 2 days ago
Ways to tell cis people you're trans without telling them you're trans:
"I take a prescription for my endocrine glands "
"I had to have reconstructive surgery because (insert vague medical description of what you had done ) , yea It's weird, it's estimated about .5% of the population need it."
"They messed up on my birth certificate, so I had to legally correct my name later when I was an adult"
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guiltyidealist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When you tryna jack off but then you remember you're trans
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ftmotherfuckers · 2 days ago
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spoopy-patt · 7 days ago
oh your pronouns are he/they?
well that’s mathematically incorrect becuase you can still simplify the fraction since both sides have “he”
making your pronouns technically 1/ty
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currentlyonstandbi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
happy trans day of visibility everyone, i can now legally be perceived for the next 24 hours
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pyrrhic-victory1 · 6 months ago
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my dudes,
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random-pan1 · a month ago
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I see this as a win
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