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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#trans mlm

♡ mlm fantasies ask meme ♡

prince and knight - describe your ideal sword

blacksmith and baker - what’s your favorite uncommon dessert?

boarding school classmates - if you were a teacher/professor, what subject would you want to teach?

cowboys - have you ever ridden a horse?

angel and demon - what’s a piece of media that you always hated/thought you’d hate, but now love?

sailor and lighthouse keeper - have you ever been in the ocean?

rogue and bard - what would your musical artist alter ego be like/be named?

sports teammates - is there a sport you wish you could get into (as a player or an audience member)?

pirate captain and first mate - if you owned a pirate ship, what would you name it? (bonus: what would the figurehead be?)

adventurer and scientist - if you became famous for discovering or inventing something, what would you want it to be?

vampire and werewolf - if someone was dressing up as you for halloween on a tight budget, what elements would you suggest for their costume?

farmer and beekeeper - what would be your ideal pet and thing to grow in a garden combo?

painter and poet - who’s an currently practicing artist or writer that you really admire?

rival bands - what two musical artists would you die for a collaboration from?

art thieves - what famous piece of art do you hate?

undercover spies - what unique/recognizable habit of yours would likely give away it was you if you were on an undercover mission?

cryptid trackers - if you became an urban legend in your town, what event/action/circumstance would start the legend?

punk bfs - what moral, message or statement would you get on the back of a leather jacket?

arts major and STEM major - share a cool fact (about anything) that you learned recently

model and/or designer and/or mua - who embodies your ideal aesthetic?

english teacher and philosophy teacher - out of all the characters you read about/studied in school, who would you kin?

wildlife rehabilitation center coworkers - if you had a familiar, what would you want it to be, and what do you think you’d actually end up with based on your lifestyle/personality?

18th century penpals -  name a moment in some classic piece of literature/media that there is absolutely no heterosexual explanation for

♡ non-binary mlm & nblm are more than welcome to participate if they so choose ♡

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oh bro you’re sleepy??? well you can always nap right here…… know like if you want to?????no dude it’s cool if you rest your head on me…….if you want i could like….. you know maybe …… with your hair??????……’re okay with that??????…okay cool night night bro…….

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is it a common trans gay thing to not being able to tell the difference between wanting to date someone and wanting to be them

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