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#trans mtf
vive-la-revolution2 months ago
鉁 let transmascs embrace their femininity 鉁
馃寛 let transfemmes embrace their masculinity 馃寛
馃尭 let nonbinary people not be androgynous 馃尭
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gaypinkbugs3 months ago
Trans people are not the reason for our own oppression. Me wearing what I'm comfortable wearing isn't the reason someone is transphobic, me using neopronouns isn't reason someone is transphobic, me existing as a trans person with his own humanity isn't the reason someone is transphobic.
Blaming trans people for transphobia perpetuates transphobia. Treating transphobes like children who can't understand their own actions or change them without others changing for them first, and who need to be protected from what they do only makes things worse.
I nor any other trans person needs to be digestible for people. Transness can be complicated, and that doesn't need to change so that transphobes learn to not be transphobic
Transphobes do so much damage to the trans community, not because the trans community isn't digestible enough for transphobes, but because transphobes choose to be bigoted.
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Some of you are out here bragging about how your countries education system failed you. I swear to what ever GOD if I see one more next generation Karen out here saying stuff like "SeX ChRoMEsOMes ArE ThE OnLy Th陌ng tHat DeTerMine sEX" I will not rest until advance biology is a mandatory highschool subject in every western english speaking country. By this freaking logic we as humans would have like 8 sexs you freaking troglodytes.
Like science doesn't need to be your strong suit but for the love of god when the rest of the world say's "Hey it's a bit more complicated than that" don't come out here swinging about gosh darn POL陌T陌CS especially if your arguing against the scientific community.
Sex too is not binary:
(This is the easiest one to understand)
Biological changes accure in trans man, woman and nonbinary people on hormons.
(Btw if anyone wants to learn more on biological sex that really is fine and I encourage asking questions or sending more info my way. But I will straight up delete idiological and political posts. Intersexphobia and or transphobia will not be tolerated!)
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teddy-draws20 days ago
Tumblr media
This just in: they don鈥檛 let you play volleyball if you鈥檙e cis鈥.. rip
ID and specific identities and pronouns under the cut!
[ID: a digital drawing of Haikyuu!! characters with a trans pride banner. From left to right: Asahi, Nishinoya, Takeda, Sugawara, Hinata, Kageyama, Kiyoko, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima. Asahi is wearing a skirt and smiling shyly, waving one hand, while Nishinoya leans out from behind him, grinning and flashing a peace sign- his shirt reads 鈥楿nder Construction鈥 with an arrow pointing down to his belt. Takeda and Kiyoko are holding the pride flag between them, with Sugawara between them making a heart sign with his fingers and with his hand on a tearful Takeda鈥檚 shoulder. Hinata is beaming and waving, held up by Kageyama, who is glaring at him and yelling something. Yamaguchi and Tsukishima are stood very slightly apart, Yamaguchi making a peace sign and holding onto Tsukki鈥檚 arm, Tsukki with his hands in his pockets, uninterested, his eyes not visible through his glasses. Around the group are various trans and gender-queer pride flags. End ID]
Asahi: he/she (bigender)
Nishinoya: he/him (trans ftm)
Takeda: he/him (trans ftm)
Suga: he/they (genderqueer)
Hinata: he/him (trans ftm demiboy)
Kageyama: he/him (agender)
Kiyoko: she/her (trans mtf)
Yamaguchi: he/they (nb transmasc)
Tsukishima: he/him (trans ftm)
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i-ll-be-the-moona year ago
@ everyone whos pronouns are she/they or he/they i hope you have an amazing day and this post is a little kiss on the forehead for you <3
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ikizi5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some more pictures i took the other day :)
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gaypinkbugs3 months ago
Someone using it/its pronouns isn't a bad thing.
I mean this in the sense that a lot of people seem to think that if someone uses it/its pronouns that it's doing something wrong. That it's letting transphobes call it something offensive, that it's perpetrating transphobia, that it's making other people look bad, that it's giving permission to transphobes to be transphobic.
But in reality, people who use it/its pronouns aren't doing anything wrong. All of the things listed above are transphobes problems, not the person who uses it/its problem. Yes, transphobes do call trans people "it", but this isn't the same as when someone calls itself it. As one is a non harmful way of describing what someone wants to be called, and the other is ignorant hate.
It/its pronouns are perfectly valid, they're nothing to look down upon and see as something wrong. Hold transphobes accountable for transphobia, not those who simply exist.
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it's a real bad look for you idiots rejecting the biological sex of people with intersex disorders while specifically arguing to accept the gender identities of trans people. trans people never change sex and human beings only have 2 sexes. sex is determined by both chromosomes and gametes and no, the existence of chromosomal disorders do not give us 8 sexes because you're too dumb to understand karyotypes like xyy and xxxx aren't new sexes because there aren't more chromosomes than x and y.
I do not believe that chromosomel abnormalitys give us different sexes. I saw another rad fem blog on this and the person tryed making it look like I made this claim. The current international community of medicine excepts the sex spectrum model.
And chromosomes along side gametes are not the only determiners of sex.
Biological markers of sex include:
Hormones 鈥揟ypes and level of hormone secretion, which vary within and across the sexes.
Secondary Sex Characteristics 鈥 Features that appear during puberty, but are not involved with reproduction.
External Genitalia 鈥 Genitals visible outside the body.
Internal Genitalia 鈥 Genitals present within the body.
Skeletal Structure 鈥 Sex differences may be seen in the pelvis, jaw bone, brow, and limb length and thickness.
Gene Expression 鈥揕evels and types of gene expression. Genes dictate the proteins made by the body. Known genes that impact sex include DMRT1, SRY (produces Testis-Determining Factor), and Foxl 2.
Brain Structure 鈥 Brain structure characteristics (including the ratio of white matter to grey matter) and brain activation patterns vary by sex.
Hormone Receptor Sensitivity 鈥 The response to sex hormones can vary, depending on receptor sensitivity. Some individuals may be partially or completely insensitive to hormones, negating their effect.
During a perisex trans individuals second hormone washing the body goes through many biological changes.,health%20concerns%2C%20along%20with%20HIV.
Lastly I do not need to try to "validate" intersex and trans individuals as they gender is already valid. As you know gender and sex are not the same thing.
When informing individuals on biology the goal is not to disvaid their gender identity. It is for their health as intersex and trans individuals suffer a lot of similar problems. Both socially and health wise. That's why it is important to understand the spectrum of biology as different conditions need different care.
More info on this by some great doctor's:
This is another reason why I hate radical feminism not only is it rooted in hate and ignorence but the dishonesty shown with bad fate and dishonesty is truly disgusting.
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vive-la-revolution3 months ago
trans women are women
trans men are men
and if you don鈥檛 agree
then go fuck yourself 鉂わ笍
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trans-rights-peeps8 months ago
me, thinking about how a trans woman started the stonewall riots and how trans people were at the forefront for the fight for lgbt rights
and now people are like #GetTheTOut
so just fuck Marsha P. Johnson amiright? -馃拃
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kristycatz27 days ago
Good afternoon to all the beautiful peeps out there. You all make my little bi heart swoon
Tumblr media
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