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#trans rights

I believe you are the gender you are born as. But I do believe in trans people being the other gender in society. The human race has created a culture for males and a culture for women and if you believe that you fit better in the other genders stereotypes and such than if you are trans socially you are that gender. Scientifically you are not, you are what you are born as and you can’t change that (yet).

This isnt a antitrans post or a transphobic thing just my interpretation of what being trans is

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They couldn’t even give us a good ol’ “trans rights are human rights!” ???

Just fucking, “You Exist.”


Glad we got that misconception cleared up, I would’ve thought otherwise if it wasn’t for this multi-million dollar cookie company 👍

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All transphobes cancelling literal cookies right now

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and that’s that on that 

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I can’t fucking believe I transgendered my way into having heteroromantic feelings ugh 🙄

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Trans people don’t “choose” their gender.

The only thing they choose is to courageously be themselves, even in a world where doing so can mean discrimination, harassments, and violence.

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I wish a bitch would try to tell me trans rights don’t matter😤

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Hello Beloved,
Some good political news:

As of 2/25/21, the Equality Act was passed in the House of Representatives. It will be headed to the Senate soon where it will be voted on.
If you are unaware of what the Equality Act is, it is an act proposed that will allow for protections and equal opportunities for LGBTQ+ people throughout America.

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POV: you’re a 50-something year old white dude working for Nabisco Corp, and you’re in a board meeting trying to figure out how to make teens eat more cookies

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whenever “they” do it, it’s bound to be a scam

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ur new gay outfit is just the last two pieces of clothing that you purchased what are u wearing

mine is suspenders and boxers

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to all of my lgbtq+ peeps that live in the usa, the equality act had passed the house !!!!!! if u don’t know what that means, it’s essentially a law to dramatically expand lgbtq+ protections by amending the civil rights act of 1965. HOWEVER. this bill faces a HUGE uphill battle in the senate, because of the filibuster. please please please allies and lgbtq+ people, contact ur senators and get them to support the equality act.

you can find your senators contact info at

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Did…. did Moomin just trans a bunch of old people?

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i just realize i never shared this

i have an entire google doc filled with petitions ranging from defunding the police, lgbtq+ rights, justice for victims of sex trafficking, world issues, and much more

i would highly appreciate it if you could take some time out of your day and sign some petitions, they shouldn’t take more than a minute

i worked very hard to make this document accessible and easy to navigate

also if you have any additional petitions you would like me to add, any resources, or any critiques, please let me know

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So Marjorie Taylor Greene argues the Equality Bill can’t pass because she says there’s only two genders due to science, but she also refuses to wear a mask because Covid is a hoax…

I just CAN’T.

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I haven’t come out to my family yet so I cant physically transition so I pit my art “skills” to good use and I draw myself as my ideal self and it is very euphoric

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