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mozzzz05 · a day ago
I’m sorry but the “Luther wants to throw you a party so you feel loved” “do you feel loved?” And then the most genuinest, most wholesomest, most gorgeous smile and the little shy “yes” from Viktor has me sobbing it’s so damn cute
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hexhomos · 7 months ago
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this is my design
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hodeighost · a month ago
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My Viktor and Jayvik fanart!! I'm not that proud of the Jayvik one, could have done it better imo but whatever, have my art fellas
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yakichoufd · 6 months ago
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craftydabitch · 4 months ago
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Busy with commissions + low on Vik content = quick sketch I did weeks ago replicated of @arcanescribbles beautiful doodles. (You can find her original piece here.) Thank y’all for the constant feedback despite my inactivity!! I’ll be back to it soon 💫
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abbilaura-artdump · 3 months ago
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My piece for the Love and Life YOI Pride Zine!! This was a lovely zine to be a part of~
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wainmfis · 4 months ago
guys viktor's designer in arcane is rting trans viktor posts, and he just said ''canon is fake, be free'',, yall,, god is hearing us
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rachedurst · 4 months ago
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original by @lartsnart
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arcade-writing · 2 months ago
transmasc anon again with another request >:-)
maybe jayvik + transmasc reader where the reader is stressed about an upcoming event and jayce and viktor decide to help them out! (and maybe jayce is trans as well? you can do whatever, but i rarely see any trans jayce content hehe)
This meme was so rushed but it still stands
Tumblr media
Fixer upper
pairing: trans! jayvik X trans masc! reader
Warning: AFAB bodies for all parties, surgical scars, strap on Viktor, oral/ blowjobs, minor sir kink, threesome, penetration, praise kink, Dom! Viktor, Switch! reader and Sub! Jayce
I wanted to show off different trans bodies so - as an extra warning incase of dysphoria; Viktor has only gone on hormones and has not had any surgeries. Jayce has done both - surgery and hormones.
It's up to you as the reader to imagine what you've been through and what stage of transition you've gone or if you have at all. Because you don't need to do all the medical stuff to be trans!
In this blog we love and respect all trans bodies, no matter how you dress or look you are what you identify as and no one can tell you otherwise!
Tumblr media
It didn't take a genius to figure out you were stressed.
It took two geniuses.
Viktor peered over at jayce, Nudging his head in your direction. Jayce followed and they both looked at you. Hunched over your desk, head in hands, as you scribbled all over different papers. Both of them knew it was time to intervene when you started throwing paper balls into the trash.
"(Y/N), dear?" Viktor called out, taking off the goggles on his head as he stood up. "Are you okay?"
They both came to your side. Looking down at with concern. Jayce was more direct. He pulled your seat back with a loud scrape. Picking you up and began to cradle you to his chest. You sputtered protests until his hand patted the back of your head.
You weren't sure why that broke you but you quickly hugged his neck. Sobbing into his shoulder, sniffing every 5 seconds so you wouldn't ruin his uniform.
"There there, babe, what's got you like this?" He slightly bounced you in his arms.
Viktor rolled his eyes as he stood by the two of you. Rubbing his hand on your hand in slow smooth circles.
"it's just-" you hiccuped as you tried to form your words.
"I've been trying all week to get these event plans sorted but I just- I just can't do it!"
You sobbed harder as your own failures stabbed at your gut. You wanted to impress the counsel. Be more than just some assistant; this event had to be perfect. It was celebrating the first anniversary of the Hex Tech discovery. You wanted to show your boyfriend's how much they meant to you and Piltover AND impress the counsel.
It was obviously too much for you. You kept having all these ideas but none of them fit. It was messy. Chaotic. This needed to be on standard to progress day or the galas they hold. The best of the best!
Viktor took a few of your papers. Reading over the ideas and mock up designs for decoration. He hummed as he tried to find any matching patterns in your ideas. Anything you kept going back to or something similar. See what you gave more attention than others.
Jayce kissed your head as he watched his boyfriend think. A knowing smile on his face as Viktors eyes brightened.
"I 'tink I know how we can help."
You peered over to him, taking a big sniff. "H-how?"
He waved your papers. "It's a event for us, no? I think we both would have good input on what would fit."
"But it's supposed to be a surprise! I want you two to feel special."
"it's hard not to already feel special when I got you as my partner." Jayce cooed, leaning his cheek on your head.
"i have to agree with Jayce, besides, all these parties are becoming predictable - boring, far too formal for either of us."
"yeah! If there's anyone who knows how to bring life to a party, it's you."
You nodded your head. Wiping away your tears as you thanked them. Happy to have such amazing boyfriends to be by your side.
Okay this was it! You're going to show just how amazing you are! You'll blow their minds so hard they'll always come to you for advice! This will be a night to remember!
You were about to throw yourself into your chair until you remembered what position you were in.
"uh- Jayce- sweetie, you can put me down now."
He reluctantly did so, allowing you to get back to your desk as you moved all your previous ideas to the side. Grabbing a new sheet of paper and grinned.
It was a long process. Trail and error in every detail. Your partner's working hard to test anything more scientific they could add to your designs. Even going out of their way to make props to make the event come to life.
Viktor once again showed he was the chaotic one out of the three of you. Laughing despite having a machine explode in his face as he held up what was left of it. Exclaiming it was almost complete.
Jayce knew a good party. He helped you with food, snacks and drinks. Even sliding over home made recipes from his mother to add to the ever growing list of dishes. And who were you turn down his mother's cooking? It was the best!
Neither you or Viktor allowed jayce to be in charge of the music. Whilst jayce had a decent taste - you both knew he'd use it as an excuse to bring his lute. And no one wanted to experience that. That lute was going to stay in his room.
But it was finally time. You took in a deep breath as you opened the doors. Refusing to look inside until you were a few steps in.
"Before we begin this celebration, We'd like to thank the one who set this all up, Mr (L/N)! our thanks goes to you." Jayce cheered.
He was always the spokes person. Viktor stayed closer to the shadows, he didn't mind. Those two were polar opposites - jayce was desperate to be acknowledged, to be shown he was making people happy and proud. He was doing a good job and people liked him. A people pleaser to the end. Meanwhile Viktor was more sure in himself and his goals, he wanted what was best for Zaun, he didn't need these peoples praise. He was focused on his home and his people.
You supposed you leaned more towards jayce in that regard. You were from the edge of Piltover, you were looked down for it. You were still better off than most but not enough to be respected. Often times having to get things imported from Zaun because it was more affordable. You wanted people to like and respect you. Prove to them you were someone worth seeing.
But due to your upbringing, you couldn't help but side with Viktor. Many of piltovers progress was being wasted on well- Piltover. It already had so much. It wasn't Sharing it's progress with brother nation. The people who actually needed help weren't getting it.
But that was what hex tech was all about. Bringing change. Making Zaun a better place and opening Piltovers eyes.
You picked up a glass from a nearby tray, holding it up as your boyfriends did the same. The crowd following along as they applauded you. You rushed down the steps and finally took a good look at your hard work. You were already impressed by all your efforts but seeing it put together like this? With music and actual people enjoying themselves? It made the whole thing feel so much different.
Crowds in awe as they dropped blue sugar crystals made to look like hex gems into their champagne; turning it a vibrant blue as it fizzled. Others were showing off the platter dishes, It rotated and revealed it's many layers with just a push of a button.
Flowers decorated the edges of the room, matching it's theme of blue, red, white and gold. A band in the corner waiting for their cue. Fake Crystals and gems dangled from the ceiling, just high enough to not hurt anyone even for the tallest of guests.
Fireworks were planned for later on in the night.
Everything just seemed to glow. The entire room was sparkling with life. Your body slumped as relief flooded through you. You were so happy it turned out so well.
A gentle tap knocked you out of your thoughts, you spun around to see Mel standing behind you. A glass of blue champion in hand.
"You've out done yourself, I'll expecting great things from you in the future." She smiled, tipping her head before walking off.
You drowned out jayces words as he went on with his speech. You've already heard it a thousands time before. He didn't show but Jayce was more of an introvert. He was bubbly and social to those he was close with. Often clingy at times. But in crowds? He was a nervous wreck. Drained easily and sometimes, he'd look at a room feel his battery die. But he was the golden boy; everyone wanted to hear from him.
Viktor was charming. Once he was in his element there was no stopping him. If more people gave him the time of day he'd easily sweep conversations - letting jayce relax his straining cheeks.
You loved them for this. They complimented each other so well; you were surprised how much alike you all were in different aspects. Finding a common ground in comfort and understanding. It's what drew you all together. All of you making a perfect pair to each others puzzle piece.
"He'll get swarmed as soon as he leaves that stage." Viktors voice rung in your ears.
Your head whipped as you looked between the stage and him. "Aren't you supposed to be up there, too?"
"I don't 'tink anyone notice my disappearance."
You huffed. Glaring at the crowd. They both deserved recognition. Even if Viktor didn't seek it - he was still one of the brilliant minds behind Hex tech. He was the one who helped jayce in the first place.
"No need, besides, it just means the two of us can perhaps go-" his hand trailed up your back. Leaning down so his mouth was by your ear.
"-somewhere more private."
You chuckled, smacking his chest. "Really? Now? Come on, Vik."
He kissed your earlobe. Golden eyes scorching your skin as he looked you up and down. You whined softly, trying not to make too much noise as you were still in public. You searched the crowd but everyone was far too focused on your other boyfriend to notice.
Your eyes met jayce and he looked over at Viktor. You smiled giving him a small wave, Viktor doing the same. you could see the confliction. His feet moving in impulse but he remembered where he needed to be. He missed out a whole paragraph of his speech as he fumbled through the rest. Now eager to join the two of you.
As soon as he stepped off he was swarmed. People wanting handshakes, offers for projects, to congratulate him and so on. He tried to answer each question as he walked through the sea of people. Calling over Sky with an apologetic expression as he told people to mark in any appointments they had with her.
Some still disregarded his words and tried to get a one on one with him but he rushed off. Apologizing to each one as he finally freed himself. Jogging up to you two with a smile. His hands grabbed both of your waist and ushered you all off to one of the spare rooms near by.
As soon as you were all inside he slumped against the door. Letting out a sigh of relief.
"Popular as always." Viktor chimed up. An amused smile on his face as he kissed his cheek.
Jayce immediately melted. The stress clinging to him fading away as you joined in. Both of you kissing his face.
"You did amazing, I'm so proud of you, Jayce." You smiled.
If there was one way to fix his dying battery it was praise and affection. Tonight was going to be a long night for all of you. Your hand slid down his front, buttoning his vest as you leaned against him. Viktor finished your actions by undoing the top buttons. Jayce was stuck; flushed and keeping himself pressed against the door.
"Guys- what if someone tries to walk in."
"we can simply keep the door closed."
Jayce in his eagerness turned to Viktor, almost panicked.
"Give me your cane."
"excuse me?"
Viktor raised a brow as he clutched his cane tighter to him.
"We need to barricade the door-"
"or simply lock It with the key." You jiggled it, as they both looked down at your hand.
You made sure to quickly lock the door. Jayce made an 'oh' face as he scratched the back of his palm. You and Viktor laughed as you dragged him from the door. Jayces back landed on plump lounge chair, smiling as he watched you two crawl beside him. You sat by his head, moving it on your lap meanwhile Viktor sat between his legs. Hooking his cane over the chairs arm.
Jayce leaned into your touch as you held his face, trailing one hand down his neck to his chest. Moving his vest out of the way as your nails trailed around his nipple. Watching them harden beneath the fabric.
"enjoying yourself?" You asked, jayce responded with droopy nod.
His body twitching as Viktor leaned down, pulling up jayces shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. His lips tracing kisses from his belly button down to the beginning of the pants.
"Always so easy to rile up." Viktor commented, a smug look on his face.
His slender fingers run up the seam of jayces pants; brushing right over his most sensitive part. Jayce whined as he forced his hands into fists.
"Come now, he's been so good, working hard all night to perfect his speech, won't you be a little nice to him?"
"Please, V, I've been good."
Viktor couldn't resist either of your pleading faces. He was always weak to puppy eyes - that's how he got himself involved in hex tech in the first place. Jayces big eyes weakening his resolve. And then you came along and weaseled into both of their lives, giving them those puppy eyes to letting you join them in their lab.
He was completely smitten.
"That you have, don't worry, you'll get your reward."
Jayce lifted his hips as the smaller male helped him take off his pants along with his boxers. Immediately running two fingers up his slicked folds before rubbing his cock in slow circles. Jayce moaned as he jerked his hips up.
You unbuttoned jayces shirt just enough to get to his chest, rolling his nipples the same speed viktors fingers were going. Jayce was squirming under both of your touches. His eyes dazed, lost in the pleasure as his began to drool. You used both hands now, circling his hardened nipples with licked fingers. Pinching and rolling.
Viktor inserted a finger, thrusting in and out as the wet squealching grew louder until he could add another.
"Look at him, he's practically putty."
You hummed, picking up your speed. "He's so cute like this."
It was all too Much. Jayce moaned as his back arched; Cumming around his boyfriends fingers. Looking up at you with love and need in his eyes.
He didn't have time to process anything. You were already moving over to Viktor, undressing each other. You looked down at the small brace around his knee. He's been wearing it more often now but this wasn't the time. Viktors cock slapped his small stomach; the straps around his thighs made his ass look great.
Jayce was left only to watch as you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend's neck. Placing the dildo between your legs and grinded against it. Your mouths melting together as you tugged at his hair. He moaned into your mouth as he grabbed your hips, moving them so you could get more friction.
Jayce whined. He wanted to join - as much as he could lay back and watch you two all night. He didn't get the chance to make either you feel good yet.
The bigger male stood up, pulling Viktor onto his lap. You followed both of them, missing the friction. You were on your knees, placing Viktors cock in your mouth with eagerness that caught even him off guard. Moaning around it as you bopped your head. Making a sure to look at him as you swirled your tongue and licked up it.
Jayce was circling his clit. One hand on his chest, playing the the small mound. Viktor sighed as he leaned back. You put your hand between your legs, inserting two fingers. Fucking yourself as you swallowed up his hard cock. Taking as much as you could as your eyes rolled back.
Viktor jerked, feeling himself getting closer.
"V, I want to suck you off next - please." Jayce muttered, hiding his face into the other males neck.
"Both of you are so needy." His own moans cut him off. "I have bigger plans for the both of you."
That caught both of your attention. Looking at him with curiosity. Not daring to slow down your movements incase he changed his mind. He let out a whimper as he came. You were quick to lap it up as you slowly jerked off the dildo. Now completely slicked up with your spit and drool.
Viktor suddenly stood up, grabbing his cane from the couches arm. Leaning against it as he caught his breath. His face was calculating as he looked down at the two of you.
"Jayce, lay down again."
He was quick to do just that. Laying down as comfortably as he could as he waited with baited breath.
"(Y/N) won't you be a dear and give him his last reward? I'm sure he's been dying to get a taste." He teased.
Jayce nodded his head. Letting out a whimpery 'please.' You smiled as you got up, about to stand on the chair before Viktors voice cut through the room again.
"Turn around, I want to see you."
Your cheeks glowed as you stood over your boyfriend, slowly lowering Yourself with his help. You were hesitant to completely sit on it; despite having done this before. You knew he could take it and wanted to but you still felt worried.
"and what will you do, sir?"
Viktor perked up at the title. Grinning as he shuffled back over. Finding a smaller seat to sit in, giving him the perfect view. "Watch."
Jayce lowered you on his face. You moaned as you leaned on his chest, his mouth was desperate in its movements. His hot tongue trailing along your folds before focusing on your cock. Sucking on it. Your back arched as you you felt each lick and suck. Arms wobbling as you struggled to keep your body upright. Grinding against his face as you lost yourself.
The man beneath you was squirming, things rubbing together as he tried to get a little bit of friction. Moaning and shaking as he devoured you. You always tasted so sweet. He wanted every last drop. But apart of him knew his partner was there. Watching. A wet sound perked both of your ears.
"Touching yourself?" You gasped out. Jayce whined against you.
"Can you blame me?"
Viktor was many things. A sweet talker was one of them, especially in the bedroom. He was blunt regardless where he was. Teasing and sly. Somtimes too honest but that's what made him so fun to talk to.
And his voice? It was like honey to your ears.
"Please, Sir, join us." You pleaded, already taking a mental note to his reaction earlier.
He looked down at your aching leg. Feeling it numb. He stood up, testing it by bending it slightly. A dull ache still remained but he could push through it. Espically with that sweet voice of yours.
He got comfortable between jayces legs, pulling them over his. Jayce stopped what he was doing, moving you up to your dismay to look at Viktor. He handed him a pillow, he gladly accepted. He placed it under his bad leg to ease off some pressure.
Viktor walked over, Leaving his cane where he had it before. You grinned as you kept your hand out, incase he wanted any support but he declined.
He lined himself up to the bigger man's hole. Grunting as he slowly slid in. Amazed that he didn't even need any lube or extra prepped. Already so wet he could just take him. It made him moan as he bottomed out.
"Resume." he ordered.
Jayce immediately shoved your sex back onto his mouth. A need speed shocking you as you mewled. Viktor thrusted funding a sloppy but steady pace. Deep and hard just the way jayce liked it.
He was seeing stars. Overwhelmed as his eyes rolled back. His tongue pressing against your folds as he licked.
You leaned over. Moaning as Viktor met you half way. It was about awkward and a stretch but that wasn't important. You kissed him with a massive grin on your face. Swallowing each others moans.
You leaned back, needing to supporting yourself properly. Gripping the chairs arm as you grinded against his face.
"Good boy, you're doing so well!" You cooed.
"Do you like it w-when Viktor fucks you? Being deep inside you."
Jayce was a mess at your words combined by Viktors deep thrusts. Moaning and whimpering as he nodded his head. Any answers he made were muffled moans. You were sure he was trying to talk; he usually was the talkative type. The vibrations were going straight to your core.
Viktor was using his other hand to play with his cock. Needing that extra push as he fucked jayce with a much more unforgiving pace. Your moans filled the room as by some miracle you came together.
You shakily lifted yourself off. Immediately sitting down as you placed jayces head back into your lap. Viktor pulled out and laid down. Needing to stretch out his cramping legs. Resting on jayces stomach.
You all panted, catching your breath as the glow hit you. All smiling at each other.
Well - that was until a loud knock brought you all back to reality.
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nik0-l41 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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the-neon-pineapple · 5 months ago
Would you take a request for slice of life trans Viktor, in any form you want?
Well, I hope this counts? It's just. Viktor coming out over and over throughout his life. Set in the same universe as HAMMER TO FALL (NSFW at link).
Coming out is a process.
He comes out to his family by telling them what they've already guessed, and Baba Jela cuts his hair for him.
He comes out to Sky at the city-wide robotics competition when he's the only boy lined up with the 11-13 girls. It's quiet, against his will, but he keeps his chin up, and he wins, and the announcer stumbles over his last name so badly that he takes over and says his name firmly. Viktor.
He doesn't have to come out to Singed, because Singed sees the awkward start of puberty and just calmly offers to place an implant in his arm to stop it.
By the time he heads off to the Academy at 16 armed with scholarships and loans, his name has been changed and he's fairly successful at just looking like a particularly young looking man.
He's also one of the best in all of his classes: his immigrant parents' caution about language leaving his English a cut above the other native speakers, Baba Jela's stories and the books he read from his father's collection helping in history classes, his mathematics and science competency far higher than average despite his age.
Which, in the intense 'meritocracy' of the Academy, means he can essentially get away with murder as long as his grades are perfect.
And then he can start coming out just to be funny.
Someone accuses him of being in a dick measuring contest and he just says, "I don't have one."
He casually refers to his childhood as, "when I was a little girl---", especially when people are mid-drink.
Drunk freshmen boys go parading by in skirts and attempts to cajole him into joining them are met with, "I wore skirts for ten years, give me a break."
When discussing how much one character can change a piece code, he says, "You wouldn't believe how much an F on my birth certificate screwed things up for years."
During biochem he jokes, "My traitorous second X chromosome aside---" and Sky laughs so hard their classmates get the joke.
Heimerdinger asks him if he ever raced wooden cars in Scouts, and Viktor says, "My parents couldn't afford Girl Scouts," and Heimerdinger doesn't so much as blink before launching into friction coefficients.
He waits over a year with Jayce, half-expecting Jayce will hear it elsewhere and either begin to act strangely around their shared apartment or try to have a heart to heart, but nothing happens, and finally he orders a new packer and when it arrives he brandishes it and says, "My new cock finally came!"
And Jayce sputters, and flushes, and finally manages, "Congratulations. It's -- really great."
With Jinx it's, "I changed my name too."
And to Silco he says, "Well, Singed did a good job with my top surgery."
And it's good, and easy, and when he was younger it felt like brandishing it like a weapon but now it feels like a well-timed punchline, like whipping the cloche off a platter of food, like a seamless part of bumping shoulders with other people.
Especially when he gets them to snort coffee.
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did we all collectively agree that viktor is trans or
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argentavis · 5 months ago
when viktor was injecting that stuff into his leg that was just his t shot
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Tumblr media
[ID: i was informed it's not clear enough that viktor is trans, as such i will inform you here, trans Viktor]
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craftydabitch · 5 months ago
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theredumbrellatheory · 2 months ago
i'm formally requesting more ftm viktor fics on ao3, that is all.
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den-dumm · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
/ Finally taking off your binder in the evening be like—
Decided to make a lil trans-flag-bg as an appreciation for lil trans Víťa
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trash-gobby · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some lil' edits of Viktor and Klaus Hargreeves
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graaid · 6 months ago
Look Ma, No Hands! - a JayVik fic
Viktor is sore and keeps cracking his bones, and it's getting on Jayce's nerves, fast. So as a result, Jayce is going to use those big hands of his and show Viktor how to REALLY relax.
(some fun contents inside include: trans Viktor AND Jayce, a variety of explicit content, and relaxation ;) )
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gachacat489 · 3 months ago
This was going to be posted on my TikTok but I already made so much about this head cannon that I have for Victor
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