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#transformers oneshot
frannyssquare · 2 years ago
If you haven’t read this amazing one shot I highly recommend it
Tumblr media
It’s good all your favs including your grumpy weapon specialist
Tumblr media
And the sarcastic as ever Cliffjumper
Tumblr media
Not to forget the Optimistic Optimus Prime
Tumblr media
And his space husband Megatron
Tumblr media
It even has everyone’s favorite Leader of the Deceptions Starscream!
Tumblr media
There’s just a snippet of this lovely publication y’all should go read it, it is hilarious!
Tumblr media
Soundwave wondering how he got stuck with Blaster
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ask-shadowsinner · 3 years ago
Hey shadow may I please have a scenario of how the bots of the Lost Light would react to their human companion who usually is always taking care of them in little ways, and hardly ever asks for anything falling ill? Like she cant move or speak. I'm sure many of them have never seen true sickness before and I wonder how they would deal with it.☺ I love your work and dedication to the blog by the it is simply amazing!
I guessed you wanted a female s/o(from the use of she), so female pronouns are used.Thank you, I enjoy writing for you guys! It kind of went no where so if you’d want me to continue feel free to ask.
No one realize that they needed you until one day you disappeared. Everybody was worried to the point Ravage asked Megatron if he’d seen the human around. Slowly everything spiraled into chaos as they scoured the ship looking for their organic companion. Luckily Ratchet has some common sense to check their hab-suite. “(Y/N)?” Ratchet questioned in a gruff tone, his helm poking into the room. On the other hand, Drift slipped passed the medic to concerned for his friend to ask permission. Not that you could anyway. Your throat was too sore to speak coherently and muscles followed close behind not letting you have much movement. “Are you all right?” Drift asks holding in his panic at your current state. Ratchet grumbled at the mech that was now sitting by your bed back of his servo to your head. “I don’t think humans are suppose to be this warm..” Drift’s tone turned slightly scared for his friend. Ratchet’s servo quickly replaced the samurai’s own. “Yeesh, you weren’t kidding. We should get them to the med-bay”
Drift nods reaching to lift his friend of the bed only for her to winch at the ache in her muscles. Muttering a sorry he adjusted you to be comfortable and and letting you lean against his chassis. “Let’s go,” Ratchet waved already leaving the room. Drift moving as fast as he could without hurting you followed. A crowd had formed in the hallway outside of your hab-suite. Tailgate was the first to break away with Cyclonus dragging close behind. “Is she alright? She’s not going to die right!” the minibot frenzied almost trying to climb Drift to see. Cyclonus stopped him of course settling a servo on the mini’s shoulder as he stayed silent. It comforted Tailgate enough for to calm down. “We would know if we could get to the med-bay,” Ratchet said annoyance in his voice hiding his concern. “Everyone quick scatter! This is an medical emergency!” Tailgate yelled waving his servos in the air in attempted to disperse the crowd. No luck for Tailgate, they were too interested in their human companion currently cradled in Drifts arms.
“Move it or lose it, your choice,” the unmistakable voice of Whirl says pushing his way through the group. This allowed enough space for the medic to weave through the sea of mechs. After that the trip to the med-bay was a walk in the park. “Put her on the berth,” Ratchet tells Drift, pointing to a vacant medical berth. Drift sent you down onto the berth as instructed  and backed off so Ratchet could do his thing. The samurai left to not bother the medic and hope for good news, he joined the crowd that gather in Swerve’s. Everyone too worried to drink.
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transformers-why · 3 years ago
Screehing Beauty
Plot: How might Tailgate, Whirl, and Megatron react to seeing their human s/o take off a beauty/face mask?
@fruutie568, I interpreted this as those masks that really blend in with your face, so here ya go! I hope you like 'em...
- 'Kay so this boy screams at a volume that makes the room shake
- He thought you were peeling your face off
- When you freak out and ask why he's screaming he just gives you this terrified and confused look
- His eyes are most definitely lit up in panic
- He rushed over and you can't help but start laughing
- Once you explain it's just a fancy mask to make your skin nicer, he calms down
- "Oh."
- "Yeah, but feel my face!"
- You two basically spend the next five minutes swooning over how soft your cheeks are
- And the next hour going around and having people feel them
- the moment he walks in, he screamed too
- But in amazement
- "WOAH!!!" He rushed over to you, asking how you did that.
- "I...that, that wasn't my face, Whirl."
- "Oh, lame."
- ????
- After explaining to him what the purpose of it was, he is so jealous
- "I want a face mask."
- "Sugar, I love you, but you don't have a face."
- "I don't care I wANT A FACE MASK Y/N."
- You both end up going to Brainstorm, asking if he could figure out some kind of cream or polish or whatever to make the metal around Whirl's eye smoother
- "Well I don't have a cream, but I do have a sander!"
- "No, Brainstorm."
- "Yes, Brainstorm! Smooth face, smooth face, smooth face, smooth face--!"
- Oh dear.
- When he walked in and saw you peeling off a layer of your skin he almost felt like was intruding
- Maybe this was some organic thing?
- He knew humans shed their skin every seven years maybe this was what was going on
- "Should I leave...?"
- "Huh?"
- "This seems to be more of a private thing."
- "What are you talking about?"
- When he learns it's a moisturizer he's less concerned and more fascinated
- He wants to know if there are different types of masks
- Maybe ones that don't blend in with your skin tone
- Overall he's pretty accepting, doesn't obsess over it
- But he does find amusement in the people that freak out when they walk in on your little spa treatment
- So far he's heard 12 screams in this ship caused by that mask it honestly pleases him more than it should
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red-plaidedandcladed · a month ago
Okay but here me out the cons with a s/o who’s like alastor from hazbin hotel mainly tfp cause knockout would love them, 1) there all decked out in red 2) there humor. Megatron would let the cannibalism slide cause he hates humans, and megatron would probably ally with a powerful demon, cause he a little 🤏( a lot ) power hungry, and what more powerful than a demon. And the autobots think there prisoner and recking absolute havoc.
Edit: but for tfa, blitzwing (random) would love alastor (y/n)
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Imagine the decepticons helping you through a breakup
“Im gonna kill that son of a bitch!” Knockout punched Breakdown’s shoulder at his outburst, warning him to tone it down. After all, the isn’t about him.
You shook your head and sighed. “No. Don’t. It will just make things worse and I just want to leave this whole crisis behind me.” Of course you appreciate their concern, it’s not like a human’s romantic life is an important  issue to an alien cybertronian. However, you are more than just some weak human. You are their Y/N. Nothing bad should be happening to you or be any where near you. 
Opening your emails on your computer while sitting on Shockwave’s shoulder is an every day thing by now, however, you dint expect the hundreds of ‘Im sorry’ emails, Im ‘sorry text’ messages, and ‘Im sorry’ voice messages. You knew your ex better than what he’s advertising to be on your desktop: All of those sorry’s are just manipulative lies to make you crawl back to him. After all, he was the one who cheated on you. Not the other way around. 
“Whats wrong?” hearing Dreadwings voice as he walks into the room was a relief to you. He’s always been very insightful of your feelings. “Nothings. It’s just, he wont leave me alone. I really don’t want to hear from him any more.” Then you got an idea. “Hey Soundwave?” The Mech in question immediately turned around to look at you. “Isn’t there some cyber-space-place area sort of thing that makes sure that I don’t ever have to hear form him again?” He nodded his head. “Can you do that for me, please?” he nodded again and started typing on his cybertronian keys, immediately getting to work. 
“Are you sure you want to break up all communication with him?” Starscream has always second guessed your decisions. Not because he isn’t on your side, but to make sure you don’t do anything stupid that you will regret later. Its one of his quirks only you welcomed and understood. “Yes.” Starscream nodded in agreement. “Are you in emotional pain?” Shockwave’s question perked up from below you. Closing your computer you thought of his question. You thought you’d be in immense pain by now. But still, you feel nothing. “No. In fact I don’t feel any different from when I still was in the relationship.” “That Indicates that the relationship lacked emotional connection and bonding from the beginning. In the future, please refrain from indulging yourself in negative relationships like this one.” You smiled at his concern. Even though it’s Shockwave, he still has had a caring soft spot for you. “Yeah.”
Megatron’s voice showed up on the intercom. “I for one, am pleased that this embarrassment of a romantic involvement is no longer a part of your life. This prevents further trouble the humans could cause us if this connection where to continue.” You nodded in agreement. Doesn’t matter if Megatron can’t see you, he knows that you understood him. A bond like this is something you share with all of the decepticons. That thought made you smile to yourself. 
“Don’t worry, Y/N. You don’t need trash like him.” You didn’t like the way Knockout just spoke about your ex. Even though he fucked up big time and treated you like shit, you’ve never enjoyed talking bad about people - especially behind their backs. No matter how awful they choose to act in their lives. “Hey. Why don’t I take you to that new place you like? Would that cheer you up?” “Sure.”  Smiling up at Knockout while he talks to you has never been difficult. He always wants the best for you no matter what. 
All of them do.
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ask-shadowsinner · 3 years ago
I. Love. Sparklings. I can't get enough of them. So please, can I have a scenario where Tfa Starscream and his clones teaches a lil seeker sparkling how to fly?
I didn’t want it to be too long so I decided to make it a two-parter if that’s all right to you.
All seekers have an instinctual need to fly so can keep it at bay others can’t, the later group included the sparkling under Starscream’s care. Most sparklings can take off on their own even on their first flight but have trouble landing without a small crash. However on occasion a sparkling is unable to lift off the ground there own, the clones find out that their little sparkling falls into this category. When Sparkling first transformed it surprised the clone assigned to take care of it.(Poor Skywarp would be scared half to death) They gathered the others, Star included, and awed at the spectacle. Usually the sparkling would of at least tried to achieve flight this was concerning. The five stayed silent for a little while.
Slipstream was the first to speak up, “We have a problem.” Starscream looks over with a expression filled with annoyance and spit out, “Oh, you think?” He looks back to Sparkling whom reverted back to their bipedal mode. Sunstorm picked them up and cooed, “They are still the best sparkling even if they can’t fly” Sparkling giggled at the smiling seeker currently holding them reaching up with their tiny servos to pat his cheeks. Sunstorm started laughing with the bitlet. 
As heartwarming as the scene was this was a serious problem. Starscream pondered a moment before taking Sparkling from Sunstorm. “We’ll to teach them to fly. It’s…. Our fault this happen anyway.” Star’s remark was followed by the sparkling in his servos yawning. “Tomorrow, We’ll teach them tomorrow.”
Sparkling looked up at their caregivers in wonder. They knew the group of seekers were up to something. They’re plotting something the bitlet just feels it. They stand up from sitting and waddled their way over to the group, not wanting to be left out. Thundercracker saw Sparkling approach and cleared his throat getting the other adult seekers attention. “Ah,Sparkling it’s nice to see you,” Starscream chirps folding his servos together. 
Sparkling holds their arms up then wait for one of the adult seekers to pick them up. Being the closest Slipstream quick scooped them from the ground cradling them in her arms. “We have something important planned today!” Sunstorm chimes from beside Slipstream. Starscream adds on, “Yes very important.”
Part One
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red-plaidedandcladed · 2 days ago
So… I decided to sorta write a little bit on the alastor y/n. And anyone can write about it so long as I get tagged on it.
P.s. my writing ✨sucks✨
Ratchet the cons have got a human smokescreen said as he came through the ground bride.what happened arcee asked. Me and bee where out and saw knockout take a human and we chased him for a bit but he got away through a groundbridge. Well we must hurry to save the human from the hands off the cons Optimus said.
-with the cons-
So what are,cause I haven’t seen any like you knockout said to what he assumed to be human in his servos. Well I can you the same,and what ever it’s your doing can not be long,cause my brother was already a bit concerned about let out on my own in new town and if finds I did Brodie he’s not gonna let out on my own for awhile. Stop talking for right now your about to meet lord megatron.
My lord I’ve captured a human that we can use as a  bargaining chip against the autobots. And what is your name human? My name is y/n l/n, sir pleasure to meeting you! I said with a wide grin on my face. The large gray being that was called megatron hummed and said well at “it” has manners, knockout since you captured them you can watch over it. Yes, my lord, knockout said and left.
You know for someone who’s been kidnapped you act strangely happy knockout said. Well my brother  taught me that you should always smile, so I smile! Simple as that.sooo where do you come from knockout said trying to fill the awkward silence in the med bay until breakdown got back ( yeah breakdown is not dead and I am still upset and wil not get over it)currently ? Yeah. Oh I’m from hell. Knockout stoped. I’m sorry from where? Hell you know the underworld? So if your from hell wouldn’t that make- me a demon? Yes.yes it would I said still smiling. So your brother is also a demon? Yep. So what did you do to end up in hell ? Well me and my brother where, how do I put this lightly we where serial killers. What’s that ? Knockout asked. Me and my brother killed people. I suddenly burst out laughing at knockouts face hahahahah! Oh your face truly is funny I wish you could see it I said between laughs. I guess my shadow thought this was also funny cause it to started laughing which made knockout scream and fall backwards, this action only made me laugh harder.
-After knockout got up- Oh I’m sorry but your reaction to that was very amusing,oh al will love to hear about this. Okay that was very unexpected for this to happen. Which on what just happened or me breaking the news? You telling me I honestly just heard about your “kind” I guess from human horror movies. They make picture shows bout us demons? Yeah and other things to. Oh tell me more please. Well later I do have to take you back to megatron cause this discovery. Okay but you promise to tell me more about picture shows? Yes. Okay let’s go.-back at the throne room- knockout what brings you back ? Well I’ve recently learned that it wasn’t a human that I caught but rather a demon. A demon? Yes,they say that both them and there brother are demons. Megatron walked up to knockout and looked down at don’t look like a demon he said (now I know y/n isn’t  supposed have a set look,but in this you are alastors twin so you would look similar/identical to one another so alastors human form has brown hair and brown eyes so that’s what your gonna have to look like, sorry. P.s. your demon form is identical to his as well) looking over my brown hair and eyes. Well this is how looked like as a human so nothing really demonic about. And how would you look “demon” wise. Oh I am so glad you asked. I said stand and close it my eyes and activated my demon form. Feeling my self grow taller (again you’d be taller in your demon form and alastor is confirmand to be as tall as Vox which is 7’0 so demon wise you’d be 6’11 just a little shorter than al. Or you can 7’0 as well)felling my antlers sprout. Opening my eyes. Ah feels good to be me, now for a formal introduction y/n l/n overlord of hell ! I said while bribing a wide grin.
Tumblr media
Now how might I be of service? Megatron eyes had opened a bit wider,but quickly recovered the way you’ll be of service is being a  bargain tool so that I can the materials I need. Oh lovely I get to be the star of the show isn’t that dandy. How so ? Megatron asked well I take in all of the there’s an opposing side and you called me a bargain tool, oh I haven’t had this much fun in decades.
-with the autobots-
We’ve managed to reach out to megatron and he’ll only hand the human over if we hand over some of our resources Optimus explained. And smokescreen asked. I said we would be willing to trad cause we can easily get more of the things he asked for, so me and arcee and smokescreen will go retrieve the human and brings them back to safety.
-back to you-
So are you ready y/n ? Knockout asked yes this will be fun, after all the world is a stage, and a stage is a world of entertainment~ I’m gonna miss you even if you did nearly give me a spark attack. Knockout let’s go megatron said. Show time i said.
-at the meeting place-
Megatron hand over the human and arcee will hand over the resources. Knockout go. Yes my lord. As we got to the middle to meet “arcee” I hugged around knockouts neck bye I said bye red knockout said as he handed me to the other bot.
-at the autobots base-
Did you get the human bulkhead asked. Yes we where able to get them and with no injury. Great now we have another human to deal with ratchet said . You know you should smile I said. What ? Well my brother always told me you should always smile cause your never fully dressed with out one! Oh speak of my brother I do have to get back to him cause I don’t want him to worry. You know for some who was captured you seem oddly happy. Well this is the most fun I’ve had in decades!
Okay but how do we know there not with the cons ? Arcee said she could be a spy. Arcee is it I asked she nodded. Well you see arcee if I wanted to hurt anyone here…
Tumblr media
I would have done so already. I’m here cause I’m board. What are you ? Optimus asked. Oh how rude of me. Y/n l/n overlord of hell. Pleasure to be meeting you!
Like I said just a little short story and not adding to it but like I said you guys can write about it just so long as I get tagged cause I would like to see what you guys come up with.
P.s. a Brodie is 30s slangs for a mistake 👍
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Imagine Wheeljack driving you to school
Warning: morbid/dark humor
The tires of his alt mode screeched as he came to an abrupt halt in front of your school. Some peers that were coincidentally walking down the sidewalk jumped at the car’s sudden stop near them. Your back hit the passengers seat as Wheeljack automatically undid your seatbelt.
“Ugh! These speeding records in the morning have to stop.” You whined.
“Sorry I don’t drive like a grandma.”
You rolled your eyes at his comment as you checked your bag for all of the things that you may have forgotten. His voice once again filled the car’s interior.
“Alright: When someone offers you candy say ‘no’. When there’s a weird stranger run away aaaaaand?”
“When there’s a red light stop?”
“Why should I? We didn’t get caught!”
You sighed at his behavior. Even if he’s a reckless driver he somehow manages to get you from point A to B safely and in one piece. Sometimes you ask yourself what traffic was like on Cybertron.
“By the way that thing earlier was a stroller, not a speed-bump…” Miko chimed in from the backseat. Both of you got out and walked to the entrance of your school, Jack and Raphael already waiting patiently. As you got closer to the entrance you looked back at Wheeljack. As always, he's watching you as you get inside so he knows you’re safe. You wave at him even though he wouldn’t be able to wave back, so he flashes his front lights as a small goodbye. 
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ask-shadowsinner · 3 years ago
Can we ask for the Zach and Cody AU? I wanted to know if we can get a cybertronian!reader moving in to the hotel and meeting everyone. please and thank you.
Of course you can! I’m kinda surprised people remembered that. I got stuck on who would be who then other things came up so I’m sorry about that. I hope everyone enjoys.Keep in mind the relationships are exactly like the show and I may not of matched the characters perfectly
If you’re living in the hotel most likely you are staff or related to the owner. I’ll assume you’re staff in this.
Ultra Magnus at the front desk is an imposing figure. It kind of intimated you at first but you got over it fairly quick, making your way over to him. He appreciates your respectful tone as you give him your name and why you’re here. Magnus checks over the records and give you the assigned bedroom key. He warns you of Rodimus as he was a rowdy sort and lived on the same floor. You thanked him and were given a welcome in return. A small bot named Tailgate offered to take your bags but you declined they weren’t that heavy. Instead you asked if he could keep you company as you made your trip to your room.
He was a pleasant bot and talked about things that had happened in the hotel like the haunted room where they saw a ghost once. It was odd but not the worse story you’ve heard. The elevator dings to signal the arrival of the floor and opens.”Thank you for your company Tailgate!” you chirp strolling out of the box.The minibot waved and hit the button to go back to the first floor. Hopefully he didn’t get in trouble for leaving his post. Soon you found your room and unlocked it. It was nice, well furnished and clean. You make a note to thank whomever keeps this way.
Leaving your bags unpack for now you decide it’s best to wait until after you explore the hotel. Exiting your room you bump into a young red mech. It was easy to assume that this was Rodimus that Ultra Magnus warned you about. The mech seemed to be excited to see you for the first time, “Hi, I’m Rodimus!” At least you were correct with your assumption. He didn’t seem that bad,just a little energetic. Reluctantly you introduce yourself and start a conversation with the young cybertronian. Rodimus proposed showing you around the hotel and you agree. He grasps your servo and takes you to his room first. There you meet his two roommates. Drift and Megatron, Drift and Rodimus seemed to be great friends but everything was strained with Megatron. It was worrying to watch. You greet them both kindly and Rodimus takes you away. Not wanting you around Megatron.
This is the first time you seen an inside pool the tender was a curious case called Riptide. There was something about him you could put your digit on but shook it off and talked to him. He was quick to make a friend out of you. Not that you minded. He’d be a fun guy to hang around. Rodimus had plenty of other places to show you. You met Brainstorm as he tried to fix on of his inventions that went haywire. You weren’t sure what it was for but Rodimus didn’t really let you stop to ask. He took to the restaurant were you met the maître d Swerve and the lounge singer Cyclonus. Swerve was talkative and it was late by the time you left to go to bed. You glanced over to the candy stand where a femme was, Nautica, Rodimus said her name was. Hopefully you can get to know everyone more latter but for now all you want is to recharge.
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anna-scribbles · a month ago
(adrinette, 13k, oneshot + epilogue)
Friendship, Adrien decided, shaking off the mental image of Marinette’s hurricane eyes and hesitant mouth, parted in a small, careful “o.” He had a very strong friendship with Marinette. That was all.
Adrien thinks a lot about words, love, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
(snippet under the cut)
Adrien liked to think he had a decent vocabulary.
Between speaking three languages, learning from private tutors all his life, and having a steadier supply of books than peers throughout his adolescence, Adrien was pretty confident he knew his way around a thesaurus. He and his mom used to play a game when he was younger, where she’d tap an object and he’d name it three times, three ways.
(Lively eyes peering at him, a wealth of golden hair tied behind her in a rare ponytail, she’d tap her pointer finger lightly on the vase of flowers adorning the dining room table. They’d had a smaller, circular table back then; Adrien had been too small to climb up onto the big chairs at the long table in the formal dining room.
“Huā,” he’d answer in earnest. “Fleur. Flower.”
She’d smile brightly, the bridge of her nose scrunched in satisfaction. “Good job! Bon travail! Zhèng hǎo.”
Once, he remembered, she had swaddled his ruddy, grinning cheeks in her cool hands and tapped his dimples lightly, a smile crimping the edges of her eyes. Adrien had reached out and gripped her cheeks in his own stubby fingers and named it for her, this feeling bubbling up inside and spilling out of him. “Heureux. Kāixīn,” Adrien had giggled. “Happy.”)
Still, there were times when Adrien’s extensive, Gabriel-brand vocabulary failed him. Like when Nino’s plans to woo Alya included American baseball terminology, or when Nathalie asked him what his plans were, exactly, for the growing stash of expensive cheese in his mini fridge, or when—
Marinette clamored into Mme. Bustier's classroom eleven minutes late on a Tuesday morning with all the tact and poise of a category 5 hurricane.
read on ao3
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Project Y/N (Oneshot)
Imagine being a project gone wrong a long time ago by deception scientists (Gender neutral reader)
Soundwave got the monitor rolling as Megatron, Knockout, Starscream, Breakdown, Shockwave, Dreadwing, and a few Vehicons huddled around. You crashed on earth in a deception pod. As people saw you, it raises a few eyebrows. You were locked into stasis that needs a heavy code in order to wake you up and a video message was stored inside the pod with you. You were brought on the nemesis and laid on a medical table. None of them knew what to expect when they watched the message that came along with you.
A scientist is hunched over, leaning himself against a counter. He looks up from the floor and wipes some energon away from his face. The way the scientist’s breath is hitching and heaving, anybody could tell that he either ran a thousand miles or fought a heavy fight that he didn’t win. Suddenly, there’s a loud thud. It sounds like a heavy weight has been thrown against the huge metal doors roughly 20 feet behind the scientist. He takes a deep breath and begins to speak.
“From the very beginning, we knew that Y/N is very special. By developing a Cybertonian that is more self aware and more capable, we could teach it to become the most powerful living weapon in existence. They were very responsive. Their intelligence grew steadily. Within a month, walking and talking. Within six, fully self sustaining. They were exactly what we intended.” The scientist flinches as another loud thud echoes through the large room he’s in. He’s obviously sacred to death. He looks at the door, then turns back to the monitor. Hastily, he types something into the computer, and a window pops up on the monitor. It’s a video.
“Do you consider yourself, a cybertronian, Y/N?”
“No. I am something new.”
The monitor cuts back to the scientist.
“There was a change in Y/N. They were no longer what they were supposed to be. They began to show signs of hostility and aggression. They lash out morbidly and commit violent behavior; 62 wounded, 48 dead. We tried everything in our power to change Y/N’s behavior, but only resulted in more casualties.
Y/N is no longer viable. 
If someone is seeing this, please know… Y/N… it needs to be terminated.
It pains me to report, confirmation of program collapse.”
The door finally breaks open, and you step into the room. Then the monitor stops and goes black.
Everyone in the room is silent, slowly turning to your in stasis figure. Most of them scared, some of them apprehensive of what you might do. 
Megatron’s voice breaks the silence: “Interesting”
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ut-girl666 · 8 days ago
Yo guys- I need to write something, from a skit I did with myself, alone in my room- and here it is-
The twins set off fireworks outside of base; and accidentally start a fire. Whoops!
But better yet; Ratchet and Wheeljack don’t care that that’s what their doing. They care that they got caught.
Ratchet has to calm the twins, while Wheeljack laughs his ass off in the bg.
Optimus accidentally steps in the line of way the fire trail’s going-
-and his foot catches on fire. But he doesn’t notice until he’s told. And he doesn’t flip. Just “huh. So it is.”
I had to stop due to how much I was cackling, and I’m fairly sure my parents think I’m crazy.
Actual dialogue:
Optimus: “Well goddamn.”
OP: “Fuck me sixteen ways from Sunday ‘til I’m nineteen again, with the same amount of drinking problems, suicidal thoughts, and college bullshit.”
-another pause-
OP: “My foot is on fire.”
OP: “Prowl, bring a bucket of ocean tears over here, thank you.”
Prowl: “Optimus, please never speak again.”
OP: “Just pour the ocean tears on my foot.”
P: “Optimus, I’m begging you to not call the wa-
P, just noticing OP’s foot on fire: *increasingly feminine, humorously piercing and blood curdling scream* -AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!”
I’m sorry I just had to say this. Lmfao. I’ll reblog this when I post the shot on AO3.
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faustsqueeze · 23 days ago
New oneshot is up! Today’s prompt was ‘Secret Crush.’
Please enjoy!
Tumblr media
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krutchs-medbay · 24 days ago
Lil update for you peeps!
Hey everyone! I'm SO excited to announce that one brave soul has given me writing material (aka my first ever request - not counting the one sent before asking about them in general), and said writing work will be posted (hopefully) within the next two days! Small spoiler - It's going to be a pairing work, AND the first oneshot I've ever written for this blog! ~ (/0v0)/ ~ I really hope that A) it'll be a good read for all of you out there, and B) It will inspire all of you to make some amazing ideas for some oneshots, scenarios, or headcanons that you would want to see written by me!
See you guys next time!
- Till all are one
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shacklesburst · 4 days ago
Short Takamori oneshot.
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faustsqueeze · 25 days ago
The second oneshot for day two of Ishimondo Week is now up!
This prompt is ‘Drunk’.
Thanks so much for the support on yesterday’s update! Please enjoy~🧃🍻😴
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squeeto · 17 days ago
a oneshot of skwisgaar’s time without toki. LT-verse canon🖤a tiny ramble about the fic under the cut
this fic is very dear to me!! I wrote half of it on my friend’s death bed (the part where Toki’s in the coma, I literally wrote it holding his hand when he was in a coma) and the other half whenever I’d get so sad missing him that I needed something to do with myself. if u want something authentic, here ya go LOL. fair warning, it does get a bit dark in spots, but it has a happy ending🖤
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fishklok · a month ago
new oneshot!
Summary: Amber connects with her new brother-in-law during her wedding.
Characters: Amber (Metalocalypse), Pickles the Drummer, Seth (Metalocalypse), Molly (Metalocalypse), Calvert (Metalocalypse)
Ship: Technically gen, but it takes place during the wedding so Seth/Amber is there.
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faustsqueeze · 22 days ago
New oneshot is up! This prompt was ‘Public.’
Please note the new rating and authors notes and enjoy! 😳
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