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#transformers prime

I forgot when I made him, but it was a while ago and if you recognize him let me know immediately so I can snipe you thanks

as it’s painfully obvious by the attempt at the left it’s easier to pick an alt mode and build up, so Turnpike is a 2018 Mazda mx-5 Miata Convertible, he’s got heelys and goggles and he’s precious. P sure he’s TFP due to the face marks and design complexity. I guess he can be my sona but w e. He’s pretty in a background character kinda way, bee’s height, and a grade A fucking dipshit like me.

his design is nice but I’m too stoopi to draw it again haha.

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Hello, hope you're having a good day! May I ask for Optimus, Ratchet, and Ultra Magnus reacting to their quiet/gentle SO picking Megatron up in the middle of battle and throwing him?

Bot!s/o, medic, so it makes more sense, at least to me

~Ultra Magnus~

•You are a medic so you mostly stay at the base with Ratchet

•You’re strong, just like a bot your size would be but by Primus he was not expecting this

•Megatron managed to get Magnus down but you came to the rescue

•He was ready to throw down with Megatron when you got near him, but you just freaking pick that con up quickly and throw him away

•Magnus is speechless, and also very impressed

•You go back to your quiet, gentle self pretty quickly and help Magnus off the ground with a small smile

~Optimus Prime~

•Megatron and Optimus were crossing swords once again

•And you, the kind gentle medic sneaked up on Megatron, grabbed him by the waist and german supplexed him (it’s a wrestling move you can see it here)

•Optimus is like well… okay then

•Megatron is probably the most confused by the whole situation

•Optimus is worried you’re gonna get hurt and ushers you to come stand behind him so he can protect you

•Afterwards he makes sure you’re okay and that you didn’t get hurt

•And then it turns to you checking him for injuries, because that is your job as a medic


•Ratchet and you were in the field, for reasons

•You just picked up Megatron and yeeted him into the nearest cave wall

•Ratchet had to blink a few times because he had a hard time believing what he was seeing

•He had seen your strength before but the last time was a long time ago, because you’re rarely in the field, let alone with him

•He is astonished and kinda annoyed, because you would put yourself at risk like that

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transformers:prime!megatron is the most redeemable megatron because you can chalk all the really awful stuff he did over the course of the series up to his having been under the influence of Robot Satan since episode 1, and sure you can argue that Robot Satan was only able to get a grip on him because he willingly injected himself with Robot Satan’s blood but he didn’t KNOW Robot Satan was still around to take advantage of that fact MUCH LESS that Robot Satan was, in fact, disguised as the very planet he was standing on GIVE HIM A BREAK OKAY HE WAS DOING HIS BEST UNDER DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES that yes he himself created BUT STILL

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You know the times where the humans went to cybertron in Prime managed to become absolutely hilarious thanks to Rescue Bots Academy. Because the explanation of a bat being absolutely fine on Cybertron would either be
A. It’s atmosphere became breathable to organics after Cybertron got restored
B. That is some sort of mutant bat from Griffin Rock (though that wouldn’t be surprising)
C. The atmosphere was breathable to organics all along and no body realized it until Medix smuggled a bat onto Cybertron.

Though it could honestly be animation and writing errors but it’s hilarious thinking Megatron threatened Optimus to kill some children by letting them out of the tanks they were held in when in reality they would’ve been fine. Megatron and Optimus were just dumb, oh god I don’t think I can take that scene seriously again.

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Ironhide: Now you listen ‘ere hound. When I said we’re playin’ fruit ninja, I meant it.

Hound: 'n I said Fruit Ninja is for chumps. Angry birds is way better. 'Sides it’s my tablet.

*Ironhide and Hound continue to fight as Smokescreen sneaks behind them, grabs the tablet for himself and keeps walking.*

Smokescreen, to himself: Minecraft here I come.

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The only reason Prime Arcee is blue is because a pink motorcycle would've been embarrassing for Jack. I can never think of blue Arcee without thinking of fragile masculinity now even though it's my favorite color... Anyway someone pointed out that Arcee is always the color of robo-blood (blue in Prime, pink in most others) and so I just hope that trend stays.

I know of that reason and I don’t give a fuck

Blue Arcee is one of the best changes the franchise’s had in recent years. Pink on Arcee always looked ugly anyway (Elita 1’s fine tho, she had a better shade of pink)

Leave pink female characters in the 80s and hooray for blue female characters

Plus lol “pink is robot blood” we all know Arcee was pink cuz Female Character = Ugly Pink Colour, not cuz of blood. And in TFP their blood is blue anyway and that’s hardcore

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HCs for TFP Megatron as a sire to his daughter please? Like throughout her life; sparkling, toddler, child, teen, adult?

Since we already have two sparklings planned for Megatron, we’ll be doing his youngest daughter Windsheer!


  • He was thankful that Windsheer was born on time, he can relax somewhat now
  • He still worries over her though
  • If Windsheer isn’t with her carrier, you can be guaranteed she’s with Megatron and Deltawing
  • Big baby wants to bite everything
  • No one is safe, not even Megatron’s digits
  • He never puts Windsheer down, he refuses to
  • No, you can’t make him, not even SO can make him
  • She’s already trying to fly, but she baby
  • Megatron let’s her “fly” around on his shoulders
  • It’s adorable


  • Windsheer is determined to climb everything and jump off of the them
  • If only she can get her legs to work and Megs to put her down
  • Megatron refuses to put her down unless it’s to help her learn how to walk
  • Still adorable, still baby, and still biting digits off
  • Her wings are big now and she keeps falling over
  • Stop laughing, she’s trying
  • She still wants to fly and no one can stop her
  • No shoulder rides don’t count, stop it sire
  • She passes out on Megatron’s shoulders and drools all over him all the time


  • Rebellious Teenage stage? You mean rebellious child stage
  • No shoulder rides and no touching
  • She will bite sire if he tries, please stop
  • No naps and she only wants sweets
  • Megatron got one of those child leashes for her
  • He lost track of her one too many times
  • Her best friend in Deltawing
  • No one tells her that Deltawing just short and not the same age as her
  • Granted she’s also tall for her age
  • She still wants to fly all the time
  • And she learned to get giant wings under control


  • Windsheer already had her rebellious stage 
  • Now she having her “follow Sire around and learn everything from him” stage
  • She’s weird
  • She’s still Megatron’s baby
  • His stabby baby
  • She’s already Megatron’s height
  • She’s only going to get bigger
  • She can finally fly
  • And fight
  • She still bites digits
  • Also, she still has a child leash
  • But only when she’s been bad
  • Which is often


  • By the time she’s an adult, the war is over
  • But she still a fighty baby
  • Also Deltawing’s bodyguard
  • She doesn’t visit Megatron often
  • But when she does it just them talking
  • She is confused about the war being over
  • She spent so much time learning how to fight and lead, now what is she supposed to do
  • She doesn’t know and Megatron isn’t helping since he’s confused about what to do now
  • Though Deltawing helps them get out of their funks
  • Even if Windsheer hates all the organics Deltawing keeps bringing
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((A/N: In monument to my love for Dreadwing (and my own twin) I wrote this semi-long drabble!))



She’d been there long enough to have suspicions that they’d forgotten that she was even on board. The only real sign that they still knew she existed was the constant guard making sure that she didn’t attempt any type of daring escape and the almost daily meals they provided so that she wouldn’t die of starvation

‘How thoughtful of them,’ she scowled, picking at her nails.

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Transformer Headcanons: Quarantine (Decepticons)

I’ve been thinking about this all day. If the autobots are bad this is so much WORSE

  • If you thought the autobots were a disaster things on the Nemesis were SO. MUCH. WORSE.
  • Starscream being the dramatic aft he is gets very bored and demands attention by literally flopping himself over all the other cons on bored.
  • Soundwave is typing? Well not anymore Starscream throws himself into the silent mech’s arms. Knockout working? Nope, he has mopey space diva laying against him.
  • At least, until breakdown sees. Then he proceeds to run for his life as he is charged by the jealous mech.
  • Soundwave is beyond exhausted. If Starscream’s antics were bad, his minicon’s have been getting under his skin. Ravage likes to sit on his servos, laserbeak on his shoulder while frenzy and rumble take turns jumping on his lap.
  • When he finally has enough and shoos them out of his office, they decide to pick on Starscream, who becomes more and more irritable to the others.
  • Shockwave has been fairing well, used to being locked up in his lab. What he wasnt used to was the arrogant medic walking around and trying to make small talk. It was incredibly distracting and it’s not that Shockwave didn’t like Knockout….no wait. That’s exactly it. The red con was to pretencious for Shockwave to handle.
  • Dreadwing and Soundwave got along, and were often found working side by side together or sparring one another. They respected each other’s boundaries and tended to give each other space when the other desired it. But they were also there for support when a situation came out.
  • Frenzy and Rumble would tease Dreadwing, but he would either ignore them, or fix them with a glare that would make even Megatron flinch.
  • Arachnid and knockout got along quite well and both made it their business to gossip about the others around base, particularly about Starscream and Soundwave’s minicons.
  • Laserbeak and Ravage were often seen together, but also enjoyed spending time with Predaking and Breakdown, finding solace in the generally friendly pets and treats.
  • Arachnid and Starscream fight all the time. Really, it’s getting ridiculous as they try to one up each other time and time again.
  • Rumble and Frenzy often place pranks into motion that messes with all the cadets, who retaliate with ‘pranks’ of their own.
  • By Primus help the con that hurts either one of them, Soundwave is there and is ONLY stopped by Megatron. However, given his ranking, that doesnt mean he wont use the security cameras to his devices, setting up footage to get said reckless mech who started the prank into trouble.
  • Dead end and clobber often are at the blunt end of Soundwave’s blackmail, but they can’t help getting back at the annoying minicons.
  • Dreadwing and Dead End get along well enough; Shockwave and Dead End even more so.
  • In fact Dead End is the only con- other than Megatron and Soundwave, that Shockwave can tolerate.
  • Dreadwing used to be up there, but then he went against Shockwave’s judgement. Given Shockwave’s rep, Dreadwing tries to avoid him.
  • Megatron is about to blow a fuse and is at his wits end. Ready to be battling autobots. The sooner the better.
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