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#transformers prime starscream

This cake is a DISASTER since I only had three gel colors to work with, but I wanted to decorate my bday cake inspired by Starscream’s color scheme and his special nickname for me “My Little Starflower”!! You can kinda see my nickname for him “Starlight” in the bottom left corner in the last pic :D

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Some MORE unfinished Starscream self ship doodles!! 🌸🌟

#self insert, #self shipping, #transformers prime, #starscream, #transformers prime starscream, #tfp, #tfp starscream, #💕 Two falling stars ✨, #my art, #i'd put these in my doodles tag but u kno what i worked a little too hard on that last one, #even tho they... are all doodles... ah. anyway...!!, #im so in love with starscream im so in love with starscream im SO in LOVE with STARSCREAM, #he is my starlight and i'm his little starflower and we're ten months strong baby!!!!!, #i'm starting to get the hang of his helm i think! maybe! kinda!, #i will never understand how his chassis works i dont think i'll ever fully try it lmao, #not until i work on that FULLY colored stargazing painting!!!! THAT'S gonna look so good, #also i fucking love the concept of these decepticons clawing the ground/walls/floors/table when they kiss me, #i always imagine megatron's claws scratching a table and leaving marks when he's kissing me, #bc he has the urge to be really rough but he can't because i'm just a little human!!, #he doesn't wanna crush me after all!! and starlight over here is just excited!!, #his claws digging into the earth and ripping the starflower patches apart unintentionally, #i think it would also be so cute if his wings flapped when he kissed me too???, #like he's so excited it's the equivalent of a dog wagging its tail!!!, #his wings fluttered when he was excited in season 3 he'd REALLY flutter around his conjunx, #i'm gonna redraw our first kiss. completely alternative. where he asks first, #and ANOTHER first kiss drawing where it's ME being the impulsive little fool, #and another ANOTHER first kiss COMIC where he's CONFESSING first with the red energon necklace!!, #the ideas swarming in my galaxy brain.................................
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I just had a little image play through my head and I think it’s very cute/funny. Starscream must be so frustrated at always being discarded like a piece of trash and I was just thinking how cool it would be if there was a scene where a human character who has grown attached to him and follows him everywhere knows about this and Starscream has been going on about how no-one ever picks him over literally anyone/anything else and the human has a pokemon ball toy and decides to pick it up and throw it at Starscream, saying “Starscream, I choose yoooouuuuu” and the comparatively tiny ball bounces off him with the most pathetic little *TONK* and Starscream is very confused for a second before he gets the reference (Starscream definitely picks up on pop culture things in human culture because he does surf the internet looking for useful things; he would know about Pokemon as much as I’m sure he’d wish he didn’t lol) and then the impact of the emotional weight behind the joke hits him and he is genuinely floored and it just seems so funny and adorable and wholesome in my head. XD

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He had counted the minutes that would tick by, then the hours. His digits tapping onto the hard surface of the table in the laboratory. He was doing some research that had been going on few months ago- never really stopping, and hardly ever getting a good recharge.

Others would try to get him away from the lab, even went to extreme lengths as to lock the SIC out of his own lab. But, to no avail it failed. Starscream wasn’t going to stop, not now. Not when he is so close as to finding out exactly where Skyfire is.

The tiny spark that other’s would claimed the Seeker had, it had pulsed within its casing. The tiny glimpse of hope, made Starscream think that there could be a possibility his old friend before the war, was still alive.

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So…. I was in a voice chat in amino, and I was a bit bored and didn’t know what to draw. One person suggested Starscream and another suggested drawing him with flowers and they sent this ych thing where I thought the flowers looked like cabbages. I thought drawing him with cabbages was much more funny and original. So… I drew Starscream with a bunch of cabbages. You’re welcome.

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