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♡ make your bed.

♡ open the window and let a little fresh air in.

♡ clear the floor of your bedroom completely. Consider installing hooks in your bedroom so things don’t get tossed on the floor or bed as much.

♡ I would suggest, no more scented candles. I know this is such an autumn “thing” but they can really make you feel unwell. I just bought one that I was hoping was more “natural”, but it wasn’t, and it gave me a little headachey feeling.

♡ take a shower. I know you can’t take a salt bath, and I do recommend salt baths to my followers who can. Try shaking some salt on your head and rinsing it all the way down, including over your face. Don’t get salt in your eyes.

♡ eat more root vegetables. They are very grounding. Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, radishes, turnips, beets.

♡ if you can, try to make a little salt water spray for yourself. Use about a teaspoon of salt, some water (do NOT use moon water for this, it’s too emotionally charged) and possibly a little quartz or amethyst shard. This helps ground and cleanse the energy wherever you spray it. Avoid using essential oils herbs or perfumes, so you can keep it very neutral.

♡ sit on the grass or dirt outside for a while. Bring a blanket and a book.

♡ wear a quartz or amethyst or other grounding crystal. Rinse it quickly and briefly in water to cleanse the energy. Avoid obsidian at this time (it’s not grounding, it dredges up buried stuff to heal it.) Avoid hematite.

♡ make an altar for your ancestors and departed loved ones, or set things for them on your existing altar. Use photos or mementoes and plain, unscented candles.

♡ bake bread. It’s very soothing. Knead love into it and then give it all away to people you want to bless.

Here are some things to add to your bread, or to your tea or mulled cider, etc:

♡ cardamom for true love, forgiveness and healing the heart

♡ cinnamon and allspice to encourage abundance and comfort

♡ cloves or ginger to ward off evil

♡ apple to increase love, orange and lemon to increase happiness and joy

♡ pepper for fun, to fight boredom and blah

♡ rosemary and salt to purify

♡ basil to heal the spirit

And of course, continue to get medical attention for all medical issues or physical changes you’re experiencing.

I hope these ideas help! ♡

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⚖️ Wednesday October 28 - Mercury Rx into Libra

Mercury retrogrades back into Libra.

Mercury Rx is a chance to review how we communicate, and in Libra, how we get along with, and relate to other people. 

Do we need to be better listeners? Do we need to accept our own shadows to be able to accept others with more compassion?

💕 Wednesday October 28 - Venus into Libra

Venus moves into her airy, social domain of Libra, where it will stay until November 21st. 

Venus is strongest in her home, so all Venus themes in its airy aspect will be in the front of our minds – treating others with fairly, pleasant socializing, love tempered with justice, refined manners and etiquette, art and aesthetics. 

Think in terms of balance and symmetry, and how these concepts are important to our sense of beauty and aesthetics. Our energy can flow freely when there is harmony in our environment. 

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Venus will be entering the sign of Libra on October 27th and will stay there until November 21st. This Venus in Libra is a great transit, even if there will be some tensions with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. Oh, and do not forget Mars because Venus will be in opposition to the planet of War. Overall, we will feel that passion within us igniting due to the opposition to Mars and this can be a great thing for romantic relationships or the day to day since we will be motivated to be more ambitious about our goals and aspirations during this time. Mars will be going direct while Venus is in Libra and we can get those plans we had halted back on track. Libra is ruled by Venus, so love and passion will be in the air. With Venus in Libra we can dream, hope, and feel more inclined to be romanced during its one month stay in this sign.

Check your rising signs for more accuracy.

Aries – There will be a greater focus during this transit on your relationships. You will be reminiscing about the past with Mercury entering Libra and being in the same sign as Venus. Nostalgia is fine as long as this does not hold you back. Keep your mind on the prize as Mars will be direct soon. Scorpio Season will allow you to move on, make peace with the flawed relationships from the past and step into your power.

Taurus – Just like Aries, this period will also be one where you might be reminiscing of the past relationships (friends or lovers) but you will learn from the mistakes of the past in order to make things easier in your present. Venus’s impact will allow you to make amends with business partnerships and it will allow you to feel motivated to work harder. Venus will be bringing opportunities for you since this is also your ruler.

Gemini – Prepare for some excitement as Venus will make a positive aspect to your sign, making you more alluring to others and your charm levels will be on overdrive. The only drawback is that Mercury will also be in the same sign as Venus so there could be some tensions from people in the past making their way back. Of course, you have the charisma to preserve the peace within your social circles and romantic relationships.

Cancer – We have entered Scorpio Season and with the potential that Venus in Libra brings, this can be a very dynamic month for you. You will be more focused on beautifying your immediate environment, trying out some DIY and purchasing things you do not need. Mind the wallet and use this transit to meditate and remember to take some breaks when you feel pressured.

Leo – You might have a lot to say this transit as you feel your ego boosted by Venus and Mercury in Libra. Make sure you do not speak in a way that might cause offense since Mercury opposing fiery Mars will bring out that impulsive side to you. The effects of Venus might be smoother, so you will have the right things to say if conflict arises. Nevertheless, think before you feel the need to speak your mind.

Virgo – There will be a greater focus on yourself this transit, as Venus in Libra boosts your confidence, allowing you to step into the spotlight. You will know your worth, not accepting or taking anything that is not to your liking. Venus serves as a reminder of self love to attract people worthy of us. With this opposition to Mars, things can get dicey. Trust yourself and the process and if you feel let down by others, remember to keep pushing on.

Libra – Venus in your sign is an incredible transit. All eyes will be on you since you will be exuding positive vibes and energy. They all love you but there can be a push and pull feeling with Mars in Aries causing some tensions. You will be passionate and fueled by desire. As a Libra you will know how to balance and this period will require a lot of balancing and diplomacy.

Scorpio – A good transit to do some reflecting and focus on new routines. Venus will have you seeking some comfort on your own. It will have you needing a place where you have some much-needed peace and quiet given the amount of hard work and efforts you have devoted to work or projects during this Mars Retrograde coming to an end soon.

Sagittarius – It will be a good time to reconnect with friends and family during this Venus transit. With its opposition to Mars, you can expect a lot of passionate moments and excitement during this cycle. There could also be some drama as well as some visits from folks you no longer associate with. Keep things diplomatic, as Venus is in Libra and maintaining the peace will be essential. Mars will be trine your sign, so make sure not to let that fire energy consume you.

Capricorn – Powerful and necessary, this Venus in Libra transit will inspire and make you shine. Venus can be filled with struggles this transit as it creates some friction with your ascendant but there are still many blessings that will come with it. You can impress superiors, have a better relationship with colleagues and employers or it can get you recognition at school. Use this transit to further your goals and ambitions.

Aquarius – This will be a period where you embrace your love of learning. If you are in college, you might find passion in a subject you could consider majoring in. The opposition to Mars fuels your drive and you can see yourself making some moves. This can also be a moment where you rekindle your love for travel (if your part of the world allows it).

Pisces – Healing and inner growth will be key topics for you during this time. This Venus transit will help you transcend and find solutions revolving around any negative experiences you have dealt with over the last few months or years. Venus in Libra will make you feel empowered and the fears you might have been experiencing will slowly melt away.

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Full Moon in Taurus

🌙 31st October 2020

This full moon is very special not just because it is the second full moon of the month, but also because it is on Halloween night! This hasn’t happened in decades, so make use of the unique energy!

I am sure you are tired of reading the words ‘disruptive, frustrating, transforming etc but that is what represents the energy of 2020. And this full moon is no different.

The moon will tightly conjunct Uranus. We can never really predict what Uranus will bring us, so the best thing you can do is to expect the unexpected. Try to stay as open and flexible with your plans as possible because Uranus has to power to completely change and disrupt anything you have planned.

We are still experiencing Mercury and Mars being retrograde. Like I mentioned before, make sure to think twice before you act, do not make any rash decisions and try to avoid arguments as much as you can!

Overall, this moon’s energy might feel quite frustrating and chaotic, but if you embrace it, you can definitely use it for manifesting, expressing your true self and letting go of the past, because it’s quite powerful!

If you’d like to know how this full moon will affect you personally and what YOU can do to use the energy to the maximum, check out this post.

I wish you a blessed full moon✨

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Fun fact there was a guy who confessed his love to me during the last mercury rx in scorpio (last year), I rejected him several times but it officially ended this month, when mercury is retrograde in scorpio again. Do you notice the patterns? Cycles that start in retrogrades come full circle in another retrograde of the same sign

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venus is moving into my 11h soon let me get started on scripting my very own friends to lovers au 💆🏿‍♀️

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So first of all, the next three years is going to be really intense and difficult for you. Saturn, then Pluto will be moving over your descendant and then conjuncting your Neptune as they go. That’s a hell of a transit. Expect your relationship status, your self image, and your way of relating to others to massively change within the next few years with a series of events that will first remove people from your life, and then likely bring new experiences and people in, as Saturn and Pluto (and Jupiter) transverse your 7th house (over the next 7+ years or so.)

Anyway. The natal T-square. You have had difficulty with communication and understanding yourself and others. This may have been due to bullying, or misunderstanding, from your family or from your teachers, or both, as a child. Ultimately it can give you strength in understanding because of what you’ve been through. You yourself can be a good teacher.

There’s also a blurring of boundaries that’s not conscious. The Other Person’s needs seem like your needs. Perhaps there’s projecting. You tend to play either the nurse, the therapist, or the invalid/patient, in 1-1 relationships. When you become more conscious of yourself (as you will over the next 3 years) you can make this role more official and become a teacher or counselor or something. This T-square can also help you create art or music.

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aries: this will be a week to focus on your relationships, of all kinds, but with venus in the mix you can definitely expect romantic tones to be involved in that.

taurus: although libra’s airy quality is not something you’re extremely familiar with or comfortable with by default, venus’s ingress into that sign is auspicious for you, as libra is her other home (besides your sign). so the world takes on a pleasant sweetness for you this week.

gemini: your retrograde ruler moves backward into libra this week, lightening the mood somewhat, likely much to your relief. but recall that this is a highly temporary situation, and it is not wise to shove aside or place on the back burner any intense or uncomfortable issues that have recently arisen.

cancer: mercury backing into libra may be a little less comfy for you than when he was in scorpio, but it also means he’s close to turning direct again. then he will head back for your fellow watery sign and whatever seems a little bit through-the-looking-glass now will seem to correct itself.

leo: your solar ruler opposes uranus in taurus this week. this is an alignment which likely conflicts with some of your natal leo placements, especially if you have more than one of those. surprises that occur in this time may seem unpleasant, and they may seem to send you a few steps backward, but ultimately they will probably lead you to powerful innovations and insights.

virgo: as your retrograde ruler mercury continues to retrace his recent steps, retrace your own steps with him and see what you can find that you may have missed before. he moves briefly back into libra this week, so carefully avoid big expenses, loans, signing contracts, etc.

libra: mercury backs into your sign, and your ruler venus promptly thereafter enters for the first time in about a year. this is, of course, her home sign, and with mercury being retrograde and synchronous with her moving, this casts a glamor on you and makes you supernaturally attractive to others - the way you look or your overall vibe or both. but the same spell can be cast on others, so just be aware that not all that glitters is gold.

scorpio: a full moon halloween is a scorpionic thing indeed; it occurs in your relationship house. that can certainly be lovely. in the spirit of spookiness, though, keep in mind that the 7th house is sometimes also interpreted as that of open enemies, not just lovey-dovey stuff.

sagittarius: this week is full of astrology that is mildly supportive to you. nothing huge, and also nothing very bad. it is auspicious to have friendly conversations with your neighbors, siblings, and cousins at this time.

capricorn: mercury moving back into libra this week contributes to a wide sense that the endless squares to the big planets in your sign never end. but this week also marks the halfway point in this retrograde process and, after a final round of such squares from mercury, things lighten up a little bit soon.

aquarius: the sun opposite your ruler uranus, in fixed signs square to yours, is perhaps uncomfortable but it also makes you a genius. it’s not easy! perhaps you don’t wish to know *quite* so much. but if you keep grounded and ethical all week, the knowledge and foresight granted by this opposition pay off.

pisces: the sun remains in scorpio but otherwise the watery quality ebbs slightly this week. this can leave you feeling a bit stranded. embrace the fact that air and space are as dreamy as the deep sea.

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Malefic planets in malefic houses have the tools, endurance and power to overcome difficult circumstances

Mars in the 8th, for example, can benefit you because mars “breaks” things.  The 8th house is the idle house where things can feel stuck.  So Mars can break a feeling of rumination or lethargy and allow you to transform.

Saturn in the 2nd had the patience to build assets to survive through long, laborious hard work.  You fear not having access to that house, so you work harder to have it for yourself.  But in order to get your ass in gear, Saturn restricts you from having the house initially, as if a preview to see what life is like without those things.  It’s not uncommon for people with Saturn in the 2nd house to grow up poor or without a sense of family support, so they grow up working hard later in life to overcome it.

Soft benefic planets suffer n the malefic houses because their nature is not to fight aggressively or overcome hardship.  They want to enjoy and be at peace.

Putting a benefic like Venus in the 6th will disturb your happiness or sense of pleasure because you will always feel in conflict, trying to overcome a hurdle and contest with obstacles to fulfill desires.

Sun is actually a mix of malefic and benefic, often deemed as a mild malefic because of it.  The Sun your ego, creative talents, vitality and drive.  On one hand you can suffer health effects or conflicts of the ego, yet you can get creative and apply yourself with drive to move forward. 

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With this transit, ugly but necessary truths are likely to be revealed. Lies and manipulations can fall off or seem clearer. With this transit in opposition to Uranus rx, you can get sudden AHA moments. There could be reconsideration and things suddenly falling into place.

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✨Today, October 22, 2020✨

Astrology Transits by TripleAqua💜


Originally posted by asapscience

  • Sun enters Scorpio 19:00 EST (ends November 21, 2020)

Welcome to Scorpio season!! Time for increased intensity & seeking deeper truths. We may feel the need to have more intimate relationships with those in our lives. This Scorpio Season has the potential to be enlightening & all around positive due to the squares to the Capricorn stellium & Opposition to Aries Mars rx ending. The Sun will be joining Mercury in Scorpio still retrograding until October 27th. With two major celestial bodies in the same fixed water sign of Scorpio, this energy can reveal hidden aspects in our personal relationships. (Like, Mercury retrograde already does. So, expect a double dose of uncovered circumstances exposed.) These deep, hidden forces will prepare us to make adjustments and changes in our lives that are needed to evolve personally. Whether that be to let someone or something go in order to move forward or change our perspective on someone or something in order to have a personal transformation. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. So, all that is hidden in the depths of our psyche has a chance to be revealed. However, if the energy is improperly used, it can be manifested into jealousy, manipulation, and vindictive behavior. Use the high Scorpianic vibrations of the Sun’s rays to heal yourself and have a powerful transformation this season!


Originally posted by positiveupwardspiral

  • Scorpio Sun opposite Taurus Lilith 23:48 EST

This aspect may cause tension and forceful idealtion of opinions and ideas. There may be someone or something that tries to convince you of choosing their path instead of your own, creating an uncomfortable situation by convincing you to not follow your own influences, but theirs. If you are the one doing the forcing, step back and realize that you are forcing your way of doing things on someone else and this is taking away from their authenticity. Everyone deserves their right to be an individual. This can cause intense negativity but being present in the moment can actually bring an intense triumph in evolvement!


Originally posted by justbeingnamaste

-TripleAqua 💜🔮

Natal Chart Interpretations🪐, Tarot Readings 🔮, Holistic Healer🌿, Crystal Healer 💎

💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫

Venmo~ TripleAqua

Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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although it was persephone, and not venus, who became queen of the underworld, this is a similar type of vibe. you’re persephone here, and you’re the one taking ownership of whatever strange situation you find yourself in; venus helps you transmute a struggle into rulership of your kingdom.

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any nodal involvement can feel like a retrograde. and with mercury actually currently retrograde, the blasts from the past are palpable. be aware all day today and tomorrow of where you are headed and how that lines up with where you *want* to be headed.

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October 19, 2020

Today’s aspects

~Moon Enters Sagittarius 00:43 EST🌗

This energy gives us an optimistic and upbeat approach. We may show interest in socializing, traveling, being more adventurous and involving others.


Originally posted by pequenaslembrancas

~ Scorpio mercury RX opposite Taurus Uranus RX 0° orb

This aspect will make today go by very quickly. There may be conflicts in social relationships. Be careful with how you deliver your communication with others. It can be easily confused for having an attitude, especially with miscommunications during Mercury retrograde. There may be difficulty in channeling productive mentality today. Feelings of being scattered and overwhelmed may happen.  you may want to begin new projects and put older projects on hold. A lack of sensitivity may have you coming off as arrogant and can push people away unless you remember to take others feelings into consideration. Inner erratic agitation can cause much anxiety and nervousness today.


Originally posted by 0nly-an-illusi0n

~Virgo Venus trine Capricorn Jupiter 0° orb

This is one of the most looked forward to aspects to occur due to the harmony and expansion of love it creates!! It will lessen any hardships and bring love and joy into life. It’s easier to show love and affection during this transit, even to yourself.  It’s a great time for finding love and socializing.  Shopping is favored if finances allow it. So, buy that thing you’ve been wanting but have been putting off buying! Gifts, compliments, and really great offers should be accepted during this time. Don’t let a great opportunity pass by!


Originally posted by saliechelon255

~ Aries Mars RX Square Capricorn Jupiter 0° orb

 Immense energy and initiative to get shit done! This aspect gives courage to take on a defensive approach if you are being threatened. Do not attack others during this time, especially without provocation. This can cause accidents and injuries. Choose your battles wisely. This energy will make you feel invincible but be sure to ration it out properly or it will cause emotional and physical exhaustion.


Originally posted by positiveupwardspiral

Hope everyone has a great day!

-TripleAqua 💜🔮

Natal Chart Interpretations🪐, Tarot Readings 🔮, Holistic Healer🌿, Crystal Healer 💎

💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫

Venmo~ TripleAqua

Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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