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20/01/22 Soobin’s Tweet
저녁 든든히 챙겨먹기 모아들
Have a good dinner MOAs
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kuromantic · a day ago
Haikyuu-bu Chapter 88: Bigfoot Hyakuzawa Sighted
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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From: Klonoa Heroes Official Guide Book (Published by Shogakukan - 2003) (Pg. 202-203)
Character & Background Concept Design Collection Ideas from the planning stage!
(Image 1) Klonoa - After considering various attack variations using the ring, it was decided Klonoa could use weapons other than the ring. There was also consideration to change his hairstyle and even his clothes.
(Images 2 & 3) Pango - The motifs for the character were finally narrowed down to armadillos and pangolins because of their tough nature, but many different ideas were drawn up until that point. Incidentally, the name "Pango" was taken from the English name of the pangolin....... The idea of a pyrotechnician and a bomb maker was planned from the start.
(Images 4 & 5) Guntz - Guntz is a cool and stylish character who becomes Klonoa's rival. However, he initially appears as a villain. As we solidified the ideas, we began to consider both canine and feline features for his appearance. In the end, he settled on a wolf, and came up with the picture on the right (Image 5), which was a near-final draft.
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220119 | Taeyong’s Instagram update
Curly Tyong♥️♥️
Translated by nctnews
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[Translation] Futarigurashi Chapter 03
Tumblr media
Scans: sophinarina
Translation: ikezuyawa
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A bad idea is not passed down
Over the next few weeks me and my husband exhibit our handcraft at the culture center of Sjungaregården. The piece we have devoted the most focus to is a box that we have created together. It is unique and completely created with love and care in combination with our tool; Sámi tradition.
Many of our visitors have asked if a box like this was common in the past. We have answered that we have never seen a similar box before. I have noticed that many refer to “the past” and I wonder how it’s been historically when discussing Sámi items. “How Sámi lived and how it was in the past” is also something that is often referenced by hostiles to describe us currently living Sámi as “un-Sámi” in relation to our ancestors.
Many times we have explained that our culture is alive. We shape it with the traditions as tools, into our own. Sámi living today are as much Sámi as 300 years ago, and both we who live and what we create with our traditions is as Sámi now as it was then.
When I meet someone that believes we aren’t Sámi, for example, because we use modern techniques, I usually ask in which time period we should have stayed, in which time period Sámi were “real”.
Like I said, our culture is alive and kicking, and by making it ours we do more than just imitate or “roleplay” our ancestors. We have to be free in this, in shaping our culture. I think that culture has to constitute a possibility for survival. Niilá tends to say that it’s natural for a bad idea not to be passed down anyway. I think he might be onto something.
And who should decide where the limit goes in creation? Who is “more Sámi” to judge something like that? Should you be able to educate yourself to such an authority? Should our culture be a sort of education?
I joke about how, in a living culture, you are in a constant, hearty conflict with other generations.
I think it’s important to differentiate between culture and traditions, where traditions are (to me) what we use to shape our culture, which the shaping itself is a part of.
– Ina Omma
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i hate how all the Iliad and Odyssey book names are ALL SPOILERS
it’s like having harry potter chapters called “snape is the half blood prince” or “the death of dumbledore” 🙄
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Toga: Everything... was thrown away.
Apparently Toga's parents/family threw away everything in her bedroom after she ran away...
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JJWXC’s new plan to open an English language site for their authors sounds nice in concept, but when you read more about, the more it sounds like a bad attempt to cash in on the international readers they gained after the ’support authors’ movement initiated by translators last year. Oh, and this site would be danmei only. So, what about all the locked chapters and censorship? Would those still be in place?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So it’ll be mtl at first (integrated at the site), then some volunteer translator who has to buy the chapter just like everyone else first gets to translate it. After their work is approved they are bound to translate every chapter. Also, quality control is left up to the readers who can vote on the translations they most like and all these other translations will still be available.
I’m sure they’ll also jack up the prices to reflect the cost of translation + English language extra. I would prefer paying the old price and doing the mtl:ing on the translator of my choice.
IMO this all sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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Tumblr media
German to English Translation homework with a decaffeinated mocha at Waterstones Café, Cambridge.
{Turning over a new leaf by going decaf! What kind of studyblr am I, preaching caffeine-less learning?
But for real, I really try to only have decaf on days where my anxiety and intrusive thoughts are low and manageable - which is usually annoying, since my tired days, where caffeine would be beneficial, are usually my most anxious days.
This homework was fun! I love sitting and deciding which words sound the best in a translation. The moment when it clicks is so euphoric and wonderful.}
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19/01/22 Soobin’s Tweet
멋있게 찍어주셔서 감사합니다
Thank you for taking such great pictures 
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Chanyeol - 220118 Musical 'Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa' Instagram update: "뮤지컬 <블루헬멧 : 메이사의 노래> 대본 리딩 현장 공개 📖 2022.03.18 ~ 05.08 대성 디큐브아트센터"
Translation: "Musical 'Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa' Script reading site revealed 📖 2022.03.18 ~ 05.08 Daesung D Cube Art Center"
Credit: howfarms.
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iwonhoyou: 예쁘다
It’s pretty
Translation: official-wonho. Please take out with full credit.
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tried something new 😂 introduction to some nhl finns’ social media interactions in finnish!
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nctnews · a day ago
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220119 | Hendery’s Weibo & Instagram update
WEIBO | Very happy today 😉
IG | Is a wonderful day 😉
Translated by nctnews
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A wild Wen Ning appears: MDZS translation & voice recording challenge
Welcome to another installment of the MDZS translation and/or voice recording challenge series!
Today we are taking a dive into descriptive language with Wen Ning's first appearance in the novel. This challenge was originally proposed by @fwoopersongs over a discord chat. Many thanks for the suggestion!
See text below. There are no differences between the simplified and traditional versions for this paragraph.
Simplified: 他的脸苍白清秀,甚至还有些忧郁的俊逸。但因为眼里没有瞳仁,只有一片死白,再加上从脖子爬上面颊的数道黑色裂纹,使这忧郁变成了骇人的阴郁。长袍的衣摆和袖口破碎褴褛,露出和脸惨白成一个颜色的手腕,扣着漆黑的铁环和铁链,脚踝也是。那叮叮当当的声响就是他曳动铁链时发出的。一旦静止,一切又都归于死寂。
Traditional: 他的臉蒼白清秀,甚至還有些憂鬱的俊逸。但因為眼裡沒有瞳仁,只有一片死白,再加上從脖子爬上面頰的數道黑色裂紋,使這憂鬱變成了駭人的陰鬱。長袍的衣擺和袖口破碎襤褸,露出和臉慘白成一個顏色的手腕,扣著漆黑的鐵環和鐵鍊,腳踝也是。那叮叮噹當的聲響就是他曳動鐵鍊時發出的。一旦靜止,一切又都歸於死寂。
Previous installments can be found in my pinned post. These challenges are always ongoing, so feel free to jump in at any point with your own entry. You are welcome to do this one - either the translation, the voice recording, or both!
For this challenge, I'll start off with my entry, which is under the cut with notes!
Running concurrently on Twitter.
My voice recording: On Vocaroo here
My translation:
He had a pale face with delicate features, which contained a kind of striking melancholy beauty. But because his bloodless white eyes had no pupils, and black cracks crawled up from his neck to his cheek, this melancholy beauty had taken on a terrifying, desolate cast. His wrists, peeking out from under the ragged, shredded cuffs of his robe, had the same deathly pallor as his face. Pitch-black iron manacles encircled his wrists as well as his ankles. It turned out that the ding-dang clanking sound had been him dragging his chains around.
He stilled, and everything fell into a deathly silence.
My translation notes (using traditional text):
清秀 for "delicate features" 清秀 is used to describe a "fresh beauty", and for boys, a "more feminine" or "softer" features, according to what I looked up. In the text it reads more literally as "he had a pale, delicately/softly/femininely beautiful face," which also works, but I added "features" to indicate we were still talking about his face while improving the flow. (Refs: baike baidu | zhidao baidu with focus on boys). tl;dr Wen Ning is attractive
俊逸 for "striking" 俊逸 seems to be a pretty archaic term, but everything I got was that it talks about an "unusual/outstanding" attractiveness. I chose "striking" as it seemed to fit best in English. This phrase also comes with ~vibes~ of being naturally talented and easygoing, but given the context, I chose not to include that here. (Ref 1 | Ref 2 | Ref 3)
陰鬱 for "desolate cast" This term literally translates to "gloomy," but that felt like I was describing the clouds or someone's mood, not someone's appearance. I added "cast" to specify that it was referring to appearance and to emphasize the transformation.
長袍的衣擺和袖口破碎襤褸 for "the ragged, shredded cuffs of his robe" This translates more literally to "shattered hems and cuffs of his robe". I changed "shattered" (破碎) to "shredded" so that it applied more specifically to clothing. Additionally, I chose to use "cuffs" (袖口) only, instead of "hems (衣擺) and cuffs (袖口)", as hems refer to the bottom of the robe, and the following part of the sentence is only talking about his wrists, which would involve cuffs.
長袍的衣擺和袖口破碎襤褸,露出和臉慘白成一個顏色的手腕 for "His wrists, peeking out from under the ragged, shredded cuffs of his robe, had the same deathly pallor as his face. " I rearranged this sentence for flow. In literal sentence construction, it says, "The shattered hems and cuffs of his robe exposed his wrists, which had the same deathly pallor as his face." This read very awkwardly to me, so I condensed it a little.
一旦靜止,一切又都歸於死寂。: "He stilled, and everything fell into a deathly silence." There is no paragraph break in the text, but I made an editorial decision to add it and emphasize how the entire atmosphere shifted.
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Tumblr media
Mankai Manga Sengen 230: How To Call
Kumon was inspired by the name-call of "Aniki" in the 8th performance by Autumn Troupe. He’ll try calling it ...?
*extra notes: Aniki (兄貴) can mean older brother or someone who’s higher rank, in this case Sakoda is referring to Sakyo as 兄貴 being he is his superior.
trans. @mankaisengen-translations
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codenamesazanka · 12 hours ago
2/3 of chapter translation to the best of my abilities.
Tumblr media
Dabi: The hell is a crazy woman like you doing. Didn’t expect you to have a heart for sentimentality
Toga: Just curious about my home. It's normal.
Dabi: Ha. Are you ready for this?
Tumblr media
Toga: For what?
Dabi: What else? Ready for the end of the world.
Toga: A little late for that.
Dabi: Good. No matter who's crying or laughing, tomorrow will come equally. Well, then, Let's laugh, Toga Himiko.
Tumblr media
Dabi: Humans live to laugh.
Toga: …They'll discover us, Touya-kun. —You're so nice.
Dabi: The current system doesn't have the strength to catch up to us. Being nice— I want Endeavor to have a difficult time! Let's use it.
Tumblr media
Dabi: Transformation. Use for someone you love from the bottom of your heart. Now you can use That Quirk, too, with your blood Before Machia picked me up, I took it from the real thing— Twice's blood. Let the Sad Man’s Parade continue. The ones who'll be laughing at the end… …Will be us.
Tumblr media
Spinner: Shigaraki, are you ok—
Tumblr media Tumblr media
AFO: There’s no need to worry. Tomura is recovering nicely. He's in the process of transcending the Quirk Doomsday Theory.
Spinner: Shigaraki... What is that?
AFO(?): Ah yes, of course.
Skeptic: Spinner. Within villain offenses, You know how much percentage of the crimes committed by villains are attributed to heteromorphs. To that extent, No matter how many countries and heroes shine, the light can never reach that darkness. There are no shortage of hetermorphs who hold a grudge against those that call themselves Heroes.
Tumblr media
Skeptic: Our remnants have pulled in this flow. Since the League of Villains’ early days, you have exposed your form to the public eye and been doxxed. That costume, once just a poor copy, now has become a star that guides the heteromorphs.
Spinner: …A fancy palanquin that’s easy to carry. {A saying, basically means he’s a easily manipulated figurehead.} I don't have such a pretentious motive. I’m just...
Skeptic: The die has been cast. Prison breaks aside, the rioters are waiting for you. You must pull the trigger on behalf of ReDestro.
Spinner, thinking: I’m just a lower-class nobody whose thoughts doesn’t matter. It’s too late to stop the current.
AFO: Your one small step… …will give everyone courage.
Shigaraki: Destroy it.
Spinner, thinking: Well Let's not think about it anymore. Shigaraki I'm only doing this for you—
Tumblr media
AFO: That's right, Iguchi-kun. Anyone can be... ...someone's hero!
take with grain of salt; esp with some parts like Dabi's description of Toga's quirk and AFO's bit about the Quirk Doomsday Theory. anyways, yeah!!! Woo! Villain Chapter!
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cirillafionariannon · a day ago
Kanetsugu Naoe Route Translation
Tumblr media
Chapter 5 Part 1
[Spoilers Ahead. Copyright belongs to Cybird.]
Mai: "Lord Nobunaga and the others are aiming for the same thing..."
I mumbled to myself, and that's when it happened.
???: "Sorry for scaring you."
Mai: "Waah!?"
I turned around, startled, and there was...
Mai: "R-Ranmaru...?
Ranmaru: "Long time no see. How have you been?"
Mai: "Why are you here, Ranmaru?"
Tumblr media
Ranmaru: "I'm here to help you, of course ★."
(So, you're saying...)
I stared blankly at Ranmaru's smile.
Ranmaru: "Even in this situation where the Oda army's authority is shaken by the attack on Azuchi,"
Ranmaru: "We can't just leave the Uesugi army to take the Oda territory."
Ranmaru: "I don't know if the Uesugi will invade soon or if the Oda will take it back... I don't know, but there'll be another war coming."
(The Oda army is planning to fight, too.)
(Well, that's true... if we keep losing territory, the morale of the army will go down the drain.)
Ranmaru: "Even if we send our troops to deal with the rebellion that Kicho is stirring up..."
Ranmaru: "If they use you as a shield, their morale will get even lower, so we decided to bring you back."
Ranmaru: "Everyone is busy preparing for war, so I volunteered."
Mai: "What do I have to do with morale...?"
Ranmaru: "I'm surprised. You got low self-esteem."
(I know.)
Ranmaru: "I wish I could show you how upset everyone was when they found out you were in the hands of Uesugi!"
Ranmaru: "Come on, let's go. Kasugayama Castle is pretty hard to break into, so we need to hurry."
Ranmaru quickly reached out his hand.
(If I take his hand, I can return to Azuchi.)
The option I had hoped for was right in front of me.
(But is it really the right choice?)
Something tugged at my heart, and the hand that was reaching out stopped.
(If Ranmaru is right and my being a hostage makes the Oda army even a little hesitant to fight the Uesugi-Takeda army―)
(If I come back, it means we'll be closer to a point where we can fight without hesitation.)
(Lord Nobunaga and Kanetsugu-san are probably aiming for the same goal. Besides...)
Kanetsugu: "He probably has a different goal aside from overthrowing Nobunaga."
Kanetsugu: "Something like spreading a war throughout Japan."
(Whatever Kicho's purpose is, there is 'something' that will make the war a turning point.)
(I don't think it's good for the Oda army or the Uesugi-Takeda army...)
(If so...)
Tumblr media
Ranmaru: "Lady Mai? What's wrong?"
Mai: "Ranmaru... I'm sorry you came all the way here."
Ranmaru: "Huh?"
Mai: "I know you want to boost the morale before the battle."
Mai: "But if it can delay the decision to go to war for even a moment... I want to be here."
Ranmaru: "What do you mean...?"
Mai: "It looks like Lord Kenshin is currently torn between a rematch with the Oda army."
Ranmaru: "-----!"
Mai: "If you want to quickly end this war that started with Kicho's bombing..."
Mai: "I think it's better for the two armies to join hands than to continue to be enemies."
Mai: "If the Oda side were to offer negotiations now, we might be able to move the Uesugi-Takeda forces toward an alliance."
Ranmaru: "Lady Mai..."
I quickly pulled out the paulownia box and dipped my brush in ink.
(I still haven't been able to return the favor he asked me after I failed to go back in time.)
Nobunaga: "Accompany Keiji Maeda's troops and bring them good luck."
(I hope this is "good luck" for you, Lord Nobunaga.)
I wrote down only the requirements and folded the letter carefully.
Mai: "I want you to deliver this to Lord Nobunaga in exchange for my custody."
Ranmaru: "Lady Mai... you're pretty ballsy, you know that?"
Right after Ranmaru muttered a few words, a faint sound of the door opening in the next room reached my ears.
(Kanetsugu-san is back...!)
Tumblr media
Ranmaru: "I'll definitely give it to him."
Mai: "Thank you."
Ranmaru: "Until we meet again, be safe. That's my promise."
Ranmaru put the letter in his pocket and quickly disappeared into the darkness.
(Did I go too far?)
(Even though they were enemies for a reason, joining forces to prevent Kicho from doing what he wants is pretty cool.)
Feeling anxious, I remember Kanetsugu's words.
Kanetsugu: "You don't have to be proud or hesitant to follow the signs of your heart."
I feel like I'm being encouraged, and a fire lit up in my heart.
(I don't know if I was right, but at least I didn't go against my heart.)
(I should be proud of what I chose to do.)
As I stared into the darkness, the sliding door of the bedroom opened after a while.
Kanetsugu: "You're still up?"
(Ranmaru, you're still in the castle, right? I have to act natural...)
Mai: "W-Welcome back..."
Kanetsugu: "----?"
(Crap, I've never said 'welcome back' before.)
A cold sweat runs down my back.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "I'm back."
Mai: "-----?"
My heart jumped as Kanetsugu replied.
Kanetsugu: "What's with the face?"
Mai: "I-It's nothing."
Kanetsugu: "Don't stay up too late. Get some sleep."
With a raised eyebrow, Kanetsugu disappeared behind the partition.
(He said, "I'm back.")
(It's just a greeting... why am I so happy?)
(Because I don't need to hold myself back anymore...?)
I feel strangely ticklish, and my lips relax.
Tumblr media
(I wonder if he'll accept my "thank you" now, without getting the wrong idea.)
(Nope. Maybe I was just assuming it.)
(Maybe he will take it when I give it to him.)
I gently stroke the paulownia box by my bedside.
(When the Oda army asks him to join hands with them...)
(I wonder what Kanetsugu-san will think...)
My heart buzzed with anticipation and anxiety, and sleep never came...
That night, I began to draw the design for the "Thank You" gift.
At midnight, two men are drinking a cup of sake.
Shingen: "............................"
Tumblr media
Kenshin: "What?"
Shingen: "I didn't say anything."
Kenshin: "Your stare is annoying."
Shingen: "I didn't expect you to call off the war against Oda."
Shingen: "I told you we would attack again and see how Kicho would fare before Oda took it back."
Kenshin: "I just reconsidered this morning that we need to rethink our strategy if Yoshiaki is behind it."
Shingen: "Is that all?"
Kenshin: "What are you trying to say?"
Shingen: "You're scared, aren't you?"
At the sound of the lowered voice, Kenshin's hand tensed up as he held the cup.
Shingen: "You're afraid that your war-seeking nature will 'come back' to haunt you... and that you're going to drive them to tragedy."
Before he could finish, the blade slid to Shingen's throat.
Tumblr media
Kenshin: "Shut up."
Kenshin: "Unless you want to get your breath taken away right now."
Shingen: "I don't want to die just yet."
Shingen shrugged his shoulders, unconcerned with the murderous intent directed at him.
Shingen: "I still haven't had my tea with the goddess."
Kenshin: "Bullshit."
Ranmaru returned to Azuchi with the letter two days after he had left Mai.
Hideyoshi: "Are you sure Mai wrote this?"
Ranmaru: "Yes. Right in front of me."
Mitsunari: "I'm glad to hear she's okay, but..."
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "The point of this is to say, Kenshin Uesugi is confused, so the time to make an alliance is now."
Masamune: "They are also wary of Kichou inciting war in various places, huh? It makes sense, but it's very convenient."
Mitsuhide: "Normally, I would suspect that she wrote this because she was threatened, or that she turned against the enemy, but..."
Mitsuhide: "It's that little girl we're talking about."
Hideyoshi: "This "Kanetsugu Naoe" that Mai mentions as someone she can talk to..."
Keiji: "----!"
Hideyoshi: "I've heard a lot about him. I've heard that he's an excellent vassal and a military strategist."
Mitsunari: "Same with me. I heard that he opened a school where people of any status could study and that he donated many Chinese classics and poetry collections."
Mitsunari: "I've always wanted to meet him."
Ieyasu: "Hey. Why are you talking so happily about meeting the enemy's military strategist?"
Mitsunari: "I'm sorry. But I don't think there are bad people who cherish books and knowledge."
Ieyasu: "That's no excuse."
Hideyoshi: "Lord Nobunaga, what do you think?"
Nobunaga: "Keiji."
Keiji: "Yes."
Nobunaga: "What do you think?"
Keiji: "I think..."
Keiji: "I think it's okay to have a face-to-face talk, even if it's not exactly an alliance."
Nobunaga: "Hm...."
Hideyoshi: "Lord Nobunaga...?"
Tumblr media
Nobunaga: "That woman is one hell of a lucky charm, after all."
A few days have passed since the night I sent the letter to Ranmaru, but there was no sign of the war starting until one early morning.
(It's done...!)
I finished the stitching feeling refreshed.
(Every day, after Kanetsugu, goes to bed at night and before he wakes up in the morning, I've been working on it in detail...)
As I carefully folded the finished product, I couldn't help but feel excited.
(Will he accept it?)
Up until yesterday, I was sending Kanetsugu a reminder to not wake up yet.
This morning is the only time I feel like he needs to 'wake up early'.
Kanetsugu's voice: "Hm...."
(----! He's awake...?)
Mai: "Ka一"
I almost call out to him, and then I realize一
Tumblr media
(I look terrible...!)
My nightgown was in disarray, and my hair was in a shaggy mess.
I hurriedly changed into a kimono and ran a comb through my hair.
(I'm starting to get nervous.)
I tightened the obi and took a deep breath.
Mai: "Kanetsugu-san, good morning."
Kanetsugu: "Good morning."
(Oh... His voice is a little hoarse from sleep.)
Kanetsugu's sudden "openness" still makes my heart jump.
Mai: "When you're done changing, can I have a moment of your time?"
Kanetsugu's voice: "What's up?"
Mai: "Um, I want to discuss some important stuff later, if possible."
Kanetsugu's voice: "Okay. I'll be right there. Wait for me in the next room."
Mai: "Okay."
As I waited in the next room, I soon heard the sliding door open.
(He's here...)
My face heated up with anticipation and nervousness when I saw Kanetsugu's perfectly prepared appearance.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "Sorry to keep you waiting."
Kanetsugu: "What's with that face?"
Mai: "What kind of face?"
Kanetsugu: "Nothing, it's fine."
Kanetsugu sat down in front of me.
Kanetsugu: "So, what's the matter?"
Mai: "The thing is..."
(No matter how he takes it...)
(I'll tell him how I feel about this in words.)
Gently, I hold out what I put behind me in front of him.
Kanetsugu: "! What's this?"
Mai: "It's a haori made from the Echigo jofu cloth I received."
Kanetsugu: "I was wondering what you were doing every morning and every night... so this was it."
Mai: "You knew!?"
Kanetsugu: "I didn't see it, though."
Kanetsugu narrowed his eyes and picked up the haori to examine it.
Kanetsugu: "That's some fine tailoring."
His neat fingertips traced the seams.
I felt a shiver run through my body as he caressed it.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "I hear you're good."
A wry smile appears in his cool eyes.
(I've never seen you smile like this before.)
His smile was warm and light, like the sunlight flickering through the trees.
My heart was thumping with happiness, and words came out of my mouth.
Mai: "That day when I first met you, on the battlefield..."
Mai: "Thank you for saving my life."
Kanetsugu: "What is it, all of a sudden? Are you still dreaming due to lack of sleep?"
Kanetsugu tilted his head, not realizing the connection between the Haori and my words.
Mai: "At that time, you waited for me to take your hand, remember?"
Kanetsugu: "I forgot about that trivial matter."
(You're lying. You definitely remember.)
Mai: "The fact that you left it up to me to decide what to do with my life一it made me very happy."
Mai: "It's a little uncool that it's a gift, but..."
Mai: "I put a lot of gratitude into it..."
Each time I spoke, my heart beat faster and faster.
My breathing became unsteady, and I cut off my words once.
I took a deep breath and breathed it out.
Mai: "I want to give this to you. Will you accept it?"
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "............................"
In response to my best efforts, Kanetsugu...
Kanetsugu: "............................"
He raised his eyebrows and looked away as if he was hurt.
It was a look that I had seen many times before.
(You smiled earlier when you looked at the haori.)
Kanetsugu: "Your一"
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "I'll accept your gratitude."
Kanetsugu: "But only words will do. There are more suitable people for this haori."
Kanetsugu: "I can't accept it."
Mai: "............................."
My heart thudded in my chest at the clear intention of rejection.
Mai: "Why... I made it with you in mind."
Mai: "So, there's no one in the world who's more suitable for this haori than you..."
A long fingertip came close that it almost touched my lips.
Mai: "............................."
I couldn't help but gulp as I thought I might touch him if I tried to speak.
Kanetsugu: "What you are seeing is a false image."
(False image...?)
Kanetsugu: "You... don't know the real me."
(What are you saying...)
The breath that spilled out became a damp heat that pooled between his fingertips.
Kanetsugu: "It's fine if you don't know me."
The words that spilled out sounded so sad that my heart tightened.
Tumblr media
Mai: "Why..."
(Why are you hiding it behind a thick wall like that and not letting me see it?)
(I don't know why... but I want to know about you...)
(Why do you make that face?)
(How can I stop you from making that face... I want to know so much.)
Kanetsugu: "Put it away before it gets dirty."
Kanetsugu lowered his fingers and placed the haori in my hands.
Mai: "Wait, please一"
I was about to hand it to him again, when...
Shida's voice: "Lord Kanetsugu, I have urgent news."
Mai: "----!"
Kanetsugu: "Enter."
After Shida bowed to me, he presented a letter to Kanetsugu.
Kanetsugu: "Who is it from?"
Shida: "From Mitsunari Ishida."
Kanetsugu: "What?"
Kanetsugu examined the letter with a mixture of surprise and suspicion on his face.
(From Mitsunari... to Kanetsugu?)
(Could it be...!)
Shida: "Lord Kanetsugu... What does the letter say?"
Kanetsugu: "I would like to propose an alliance. Therefore, why don't we meet and have a small talk?"
Tumblr media
(I knew it! Lord Nobunaga must have read my letter...!)
Kanetsugu: "That's weird."
Kanetsugu: "Lord Kenshin never mentioned to anyone that he was unsure about his decision to fight."
Kanetsugu: "If we, who have the upper hand, accept the alliance proposal, there's no way for Nobunaga to judge."
Kanetsugu: "A meeting with a few people... does he want to get rid of us on the spot?"
(This is bad... if we continue like this, the conversation will get complicated and go in a strange direction...)
Mai: "It's me."
Kanetsugu: "? If you want to introduce yourself, do it somewhere else."
Mai: "Since Lord Kenshin is wavering, I sent him a letter suggesting an alliance."
Kanetsugu: "What are you talking about? Are you talking in your sle一"
Kanetsugu: "Wait. Are you sure?"
Mai: "Yes."
Before I could nod, Kanetsugu took a step closer to me.
Mai: "!?"
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "Do you even know what you've done?"
Kanetsugu: "It's normal for such a letter to be judged as a trap."
Kanetsugu: "You could be assassinated as a traitor who turned against Uesugi!"
Mai: "I-I'm sorry! But I think it's better to move than to do what Kicho wants."
Mai: "I thought we should team up to counter them."
Kanetsugu: "This is why I didn't want to give you the brush."
I remember how reluctant he was when I first asked him for a brush.
(Huh, could it be...)
Mai: "You didn't want to give me the brush because you were trying to protect me?"
Kanetsugu: "-----!"
Kanetsugu: "We're not talking about that right now."
I could feel my heart pounding in my chest despite the bitterness in his face.
(Really, from the very beginning, I was....)
Shida: "Lord Kanetsugu, what will you do?"
Kanetsugu let out a deep sigh in response to Shida's question.
Kanetsugu: "Since you tried to think with your nimble little brain一"
Kanetsugu: "Even if you are not aware of it, you risked your life to create this opportunity."
(Hm? Are you mocking me?)
Kanetsugu: "There's no way we can't take advantage of this. Let's see what Lord Kenshin has in store for us."
(➜ Next Part)
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Doubt Season 4 (Liar! Dark lies) 7th Liar translation - Sudden conflict in the steam
Words: 3010
Reading time: 11 minutes
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Bold text = hints which were written in pink
It’s now June and summer can be felt in the air. They are having their twice annually lecture/ seminar of sorts and Ichimura-sensei is giving the lecture so MC feels that there are more people than usual.
Tumblr media
He is giving a lecture on narcotics and amongst other things, he infroms that only authorised people (with licenses) such as himself are able to prescribe them. He also names some illicit drugs such as cocaine and marijuana.
Evidence gathered
Workshop documents
 After the lecture MC approaches him and thanks him for his talk. He explains MC’s earnest face while taking notes gave him more passion for his talk.
He knows it’s sudden but wonders if next week, on June 15th if MC would be available to do a 2 day 1 night home visit for a patient living in a village with no doctor with him as an assistant. She’s happy to be given the opportunity, since they are so rare and above all else is happy to have been asked. She does have one condition though and as she is about to explain it he has already guessed it. He promises that on the off chance that her mother wakens then the staff are ordered to contact him and her immediately. When MC returns home, she strangely finds no one there. Eventually Yuu-kun appears, and invites her to join in on playing with fireworks with everyone on the rooftop.
Tumblr media
MC finds everyone happily playing with the fireworks up there. Yuu-kun offers one for MC to light, and gives her one he made himself. He knows someone who is good with hemp and other plants. Ami asks “isn’t hemp the same as cannabis?” Karen interjects, explaining something like the hemp plant is but not hemp itself and also talks about THC (Sorry but it gets too complex for me). Yuu-kun comments that Karen knows a lot about hemp. She says she heard it from a customer.
Kazemiya-kun remembers that lately several people have gotten into trouble for possessing marijuana because they mistook it for hemp and Yuu-kun also knows someone who got in trouble for that.
Karen wants to stop such a mood ruining discussion, and reveal that next Saturday she is going to an onsen that’s good for the skin. Ami exclaims she wants to go too but Karen declares it’s a special secret and can’t be shared. Okura has arrived on the rooftop and MC invites him to join in with the fireworks but he declines, proclaiming he doesn’t have the free time to be playing around with kids, but tells MC to come see him after. Kazemiya-kun wants to take a picture of everyone to send to Hime-chan.
The gathering is over and MC is the last one up there. She looks around to check that no one has forgotten anything. She finds a key for 303, which is Yuu-kun’s room. She goes into the house and finds him just standing outside his room and returns the key which he is grateful for. He also reveals he has something to give to MC.
Tumblr media
Yuu-kun’s room.
He recounts he found it when he went to a shrine and thought to himself he wanted to give it to MC. He gives her an omamori (charm) and reports that it will protect her from bad luck despite which direction she is facing (hard to translate this – not sure). MC feels that a lot of bad things have been happening lately so she’s grateful for it.
Evidence gathered
 Actually, he bought a matching pair for himself. MC points out that the omamori also has the Chinese zodiac signs and the four directions written on it, and resembles a clock. Yuu-kun elaborates that it’s 8pm now which converted, is the “hour of the dog.” MC is confused and he explains that long ago China and Japan divided the hours of the day up into the Chinese zodiacs, for example midnight is the hour of the baby rat, 6am is the hour of the kitten (baby rabbit), 2pm is the hour of the lamb, 8pm is the hour of the pup. MC praises him for being knowledgeable. He thanks her but mentions that he doesn’t understand medical terms so he respects MC.
MC had told the house mates on the roof top about her house visit to a patient next week and Yuu-kun is sad because next week he had wanted to invite MC out on a date.
Tumblr media
He asks where she is going and it is Kusatsu village. Yuu-kun also asks if he can go there too. When questioned why, he answers that he wants to take some photos of the volunteer experience. He reassures here that obviously he would not have the patient’s face revealed interfere with their care. MC is unsure but will ask Ichimura-sensei.
Tumblr media
DOUBT 7 suspects
The next day MC goes to see Ichimura-sensei and finds him tending to a plant with red flowers. When she looks closely, she sees that the stem and leaves have bristles. She thinks to herself it looks like the plant in the workshop documents. She asks him about Yuu-kun coming along, and he remembers meeting him the other time he stayed over at the share house. He remarks as long as the patient agrees, he’s happy for Yuu-kun to come.
Once she’s exited his room, she finds that some papers were mixed in with hers. She finds one titled “how to make opium” and wonders if it was for the seminar.
Evidence gathered
Documents on making opium
It’s the day of the home visit, and MC is sitting on a train to Kusatsu with Ichimura-sensei on her right, and Yuu-kun to her left. Yuu-kun thanks him for allowing him to tag along. Yuu-kun voices that he might need to go somewhere in the afternoon. He has an acquaintance living in the nearby Yamao village who he wants to go see. MC admires how he seems to know people from all over Japan.
Tumblr media
Yuu-kun replies it’s because he’s been to a variety of places for his job. Ichimura-sensei asks him what name he uses when he is working but Yuu-kun replies that it is a secret, as he thinks it is embarrassing for friends or family recognize his work.
Tumblr media
 Though he promises he will show them the shots he takes on this trip.
Tumblr media
After 3 hours, they arrive at Kusatsu station. Yuu-kun points out a map, with a local character on it and MC marvels at the site seeing spots marked on it. She takes a photo for later reference.
Evidence gathered
Ichimura-sensei remarks that anytime he comes to Kusatsu village the sky is beautiful. Yuu-kun agrees that it seems like a nice quiet place. Yuu-kun also discovers that there’s only one bus per three hours. When Yuu-kun asks if they should take a taxi, Ichimura-sensei answers that there are no taxis in the area and the bus is the only means of transportation. Yuu-kun concludes that they should make sure not to miss their bus then and MC offers to take a photo of the timetable.
Evidence gathered
Bus timetable
On their first visit, they see Ishida-san and his wife who greet them with smiles. His body hurts and he doesn’t have much appetite and is coughing. After the examination, Ichimura-sensei pulls MC aside into a different room, revealing that about 10 years ago, Ichida-san was a marijuana user. Ichimura-sensei believes he is suffering from lung cancer and he requests MC to look after him while Ichimura-sensei consults with the wife. MC reflects on how this is the same cancer her father is suffering from (oops I must have missed that).
When she returns, Yuu-kun is going off to the back garden to take photos of the flowers because Ishida-san had told him they were beautiful. Ishida-san requests MC to bring over the phone book and telephone. However, when she goes to get it she sees some hemp with a letter marking it as “happa” (it means leaf in Japanese, but can mean marijuana). MC believes he is still using it. MC takes a photo of the letter before bringing the items over to Ishida-san.
Evidence gathered
Ishida-san reveals he’s got pain all over and before he dies, he wants to go to that “Eden” (might just be what he calls a garden) but it’s difficult because he’s in a lot of pain. MC feels a vibration and Yuu-kun’s phone shows a TalkTime message from Sonoda saying “As promised the 420 is prepared waiting for you.”
Tumblr media
Yuu-kun splits from the group while Ichimura-sensei and MC continue on their house visits. They finish at 4pm and Ichimura-sensei tells MC to rest up at the onsen. They see Yuu-kun waiting on the bench for the bus and agree to go to the onsen together. When they board the bus, the one sitting behind MC is none other than:
Tumblr media
MC is surprised to see Karen, and Karen is surprised to see MC and Yuu-kun. Ichimura-sensei introduces himself to Karen. When they ask why Karen is there she said that Kusatsu village’s onsen water is good for beautyfing skin and is the reason why she came. MC realizes this is what Karen was referring to the time they were playing with fireworks. Karen realises that the three are on their way there too.
15 minutes later they arrive. Karen: “You’re staying at another building right? So let’s meet up later.” Ichimura-sensei checks in and reveals that he is staying in “spring day” (kasuga) room 301, Yuu-kun in Genji room 302, and MC in “dawn” (ariake) room 303. Dinner is served at 7pm in the other building.
In the lift, Yuu-kun notices the local character and calls it cute and takes a photo of the poster it is on. MC asks him to send her the photo too.
Evidence gathered
Onsen poster
MC arrives in her room and on the table there are some magazines and a map of the place. She notes the baths are on floor B1 and takes a photo.
Evidence gathered
Map of Kusatsu Ryokan
She gets changed and sets off.
Tumblr media
She’s so relaxed she starts singing, but hears someone behind the door so stops. When she goes back inside and greets them, she is surprised to find:
Tumblr media
They are both shocked to see each other and MC is worried it’s actually a mixed bath and is freaking out because she is standing there holding(?) only a towel. He looks away, embarrassed and gives her a towel to cover up with. She thinks that he is not even flustered in the slightest, but supposes it’s because they see a lot of anatomy in their jobs. He leaves to let MC get changed.
Afterwards MC is having a popsicle and still embarrassed about the situation. She sees Karen sitting on a bench and offers her a half of her popsicle (the type that splits in half, with two sticks).
Tumblr media
Karen states eating it brings back memories, and MC remembers when she was 9 and Karen was 12, Karen had given MC some of her popsicle just like this. They made a pact that no matter what, even though their parents are yakuza they would never get involved in wrongdoings. They pinky promised.
Back in the present Karen asks MC to rely on her no matter what happens from here on out. On her way back to her room, MC receives a TalkTime from Ichimura-sensei. The message reads “about what I asked for, please send it to room 503 at 7pm.” MC believes he sent it to the wrong person.
Evidence gathered
Ichimura-sensei’s TalkTime screenshot
  He sends a new message apologizing for the mix up. Though he asks her to go ahead to dinner. He also asks MC to accompany him at the 9pm geisha performance and she’s happy to go. MC exits her room and suddenly sees the door to room 302 opening, and Yuu-kun dashing off somewhere. He was in such a rush he left the door open, so MC goes to close it but glimpses the inside. She sees brown powder scattered about. 
Yuu-kun arrives for dinner and sits across MC, and asks where Ichimura-sensei is. MC explains he had some business to take care of but will be here after. Yuu-kun compliments MC, stating she looks cute in her yukata and she reciprocates. Yuu-kun voices that it feels like they are on an onsen trip together (just the two of them). MC says they will be done with their home visits during the next morning and Yuu-kun proposes going sightseeing around the town in the afternoon. He reveals that he has something important to tell her, and she needs to keep it a secret from Ichimura-sensei. 
Back in her room she splays out on her futon and thinks about how Ichimura-sensei didn’t come to dinner in the end. MC bides time waiting for him by surfing FindFriend. 
Evidence gathered
Photo of pudding (Ichimura-sensei’s)
Photo of sake (Karen’s)
Photo of lemonade (Yuu-kun’s friend’s)
Photo of Karen in flower field
Kanekoshi’s profile screenshot 
MC goes out to meet Ichimura-sensei. When MC enters the dining hall she sees none other than:
Tumblr media
She is seriously surprised, but when she looks around she sees the rest of the yakuza gang. She also spots Karen and Okura. Karen recounts to MC that when she was walking through the hallway of the main building she just happened to bump into MC’s father. MC pulls Okura aside asking what this is all about. He answers that the onsen here is meant to be good for those with cancer. MC wants to know why it couldn’t just be Okura accompanying him rather than the whole gang and he replies it’s a relaxation trip lol. MC is trying to think of a way to do something before Ichimura-sensei comes but just then he arrives, as well as Yuu-kun.
MC’s father invites Ichimura-sensei to sit with him and she is surprised to see that they know each other. When he addresses MC as his daughter and MC accidentally calls him her father Yuu-kun is shocked to hear that he is her father. MC is upset that it’s been revealed and makes to go back to her room but just then one of the underlings rushes in, saying a suspicious person has come in.
In pops:
Tumblr media
Who Okura recognises as Kurosu from the Toranomon gang (lit. “tiger’s gate”). They are the rivals of Ryumon. The underling points out Kurosu is wearing a fake Ryumon badge and is carrying a large amount of marijuana. Some gunshots are fired and Toranomon underlings come to back Kurosu up. In an instant about 20 men enter and they declare their target is MC’s father. He exclaims that’s rather rude, and he isn’t going to die until he sees MC get married. Karen warns MC’s father to take it easy though, and he appreciates it and asks her to get behind him and commands Okura “you know what to do” and a second round of gunshots starts as MC is pulled away from the scene.
Okura has taken her out of harm’s way but MC is concerned about Ichimura-sensei and Yuu-kun. An underling has brought the two over to MC safely and Ichimura-sensei remarks that he never thought he’d see the day he’d seen a gun battle in real life. Yuu-kun comments that Okura was so cool, protecting MC. MC is baffled by their nonchalance. MC is a little worried about Karen, but knowing she is the daughter of yakuza (someone of a high-ish tier?) she will be protected. She apologises for Ichimura-sensei and Yuu-kun getting involved. Both rebut that it is not MC’s fault but suddenly Yuu-kun yells out “watch out MC!”
Tumblr media
She turns around to see a man from Toranomon pointing a gun at her. She hears a bam! And it’s Yuu-kun, who pushed the man to the floor. She thanks him and he criticises the man for pointing a gun at a woman. Yuu-kun confesses his body moved on its own, to protect MC. MC sees a memo that fell on the floor.
Evidence gathered
Memo dropped by Toranomon
 Ichimura-sensei encourages MC to stay safe behind him but she hesitates because he is a highly respected and needed doctor. He reassures her it is the senior’s duty to protect a subordinate. About 10 mins later it looks like it is over, with Ryumon unscathed and Toranomon all fleeing but Kurosu still remains. Okura demands to know who the marijuana is for and Kurosu feigns ignorance. The Ryumon underling speaks up, revealing that he saw Kurosu loitering about the main building at 8pm. Kurosu remains silent. They drag him off to a room for questioning while MC’s father apologises for the uproar to MC.
Karen is relieved to see MC unharmed and MC too, thanks Karen for being by her father’s side. Karen figures that if she (a woman) stays by MC’s father’s side it’s hard for Toranomon to get close and MC admires Karen’s smarts and thanks her again.
MC returns to her room and reflects on how her yakuza affiliation secret is now known by Ichimura-sensei and Yuu-kun. Suddenly a suspicion rises in her mind, the underling had said that “no one other than us is staying here” and in other words, the only ones staying in the ryokan are MC, Ryumon gang, Ichimura-sensei, Yuu-kun and Karen and therefore one of them has to be the marijuana recipient. However, if it was someone from the Ryumon gang, Okura would know about it and MC deduces it must then be Ichimura-sensei, Yuu-kun or Karen. She thinks back on the actions of the three and all had times where they mysteriously went off. When she goes through it again, she realises there is one person who had the potential to receive the drugs. She can’t believe this person has been soiling their hands with drugs and will never forgive them. She calls them to her room.
So who do you think the liar is?
Review the evidence here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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