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remash · 3 months ago
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shack in the rocks ~ sean godsell architects | photos © sean godsell architects
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oritoor · 3 months ago
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Ultrasheep and Triangle
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webpixies · 20 days ago
The unboxing of my two custom resinsoul bodies! A white and transparent 58cm girl body with translucent jointed hands, and a black Sui. Plus a pair of Yao horns too.
Bonus close up of the jointed hands in transparent resin.
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cy-one · 5 months ago
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nellblazer · 11 months ago
Kinktober Day 22 - Power Play (Homelander)
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Summary: A cleaning lady at Vought, you strike up a friendship with Homelander but that’s not what was on his mind.
Warnings: Dub-con/non-con, murder, obsessive behaviour
(Possible proof reading errors)
*Please do not replicate my work anywhere else without my express permission*
You never expected the great Homelander to speak to you. Why would you? You were just the cleaning lady.
You swept the Seven's grand office mainly, polishing everything from the ostentatious table to all the monitors showcasing the world outside. It paid very well.
You understood why when you'd catch Translucent hovering near you, when you could feel his breath on your neck and sometimes you'd catch a splattered stain suddenly appearing from nowhere on the floor right next to you. He was a fucking pervert.
When you were really bending over the table to scrub at a stubborn coffee stain that A-Train had left, there was a hard smack to your ass and you yelped before being shoved down by the shoulder blades as a hand came to dive between your legs.
“GET OFF ME!” you yell, squirming.
“Hey!” Homelander's voice. “Back off now, Translucent. We don't need another sexual harassment suit.”
You could see the reflection in the table and Homelander's eyes were red, ready to kill if he needed to. The pressure on your back relented and you were able to stand up.
“Now get out,” he grabs thin air before throwing Translucent where you see the door burst open and Homelander rushes to close it, locking it firmly. “I'm very sorry about that. Are you alright?”
“I'm....yeah. He's been hanging around for a while now.”
“Why didn't you say anything?”
“He's a superhero. He saves people. What he does in his private time is not my business until he just made it my business.”
“You're exactly what we need here,” Homelander smiles. “You get it. None of us are perfect but we try our best. Have a drink with me. Your shift is done for the day.”
“It is? I...thank you Mr Homelander.”
“Call me John, please,” he waves the formality away before retrieving a glass of some liquor which you take gratefully and down it. “Well well, you are very full of surprises, aren't you?”
“Not as many as you, I'd expect.”
“Probably not but that's refreshing. I'm very tired of being around superhumans.”
You share another drink with him and the interactions only grew from there.
Homelander made a point to talk to you every day after that. You thought he seemed a little lonely by how much he'd seek out conversation and he started confiding in you how much the other members of the Seven caused him a headache in bad PR. You probably knew more about the inner workings of the Seven than even his boss.
“You're checking out early,” he remarks as you pack away your cleaning items.
“Yeah I squared it with Vought. Got a date tonight,” you smile.
“Oh...oh a date,” he muses. “That's nice. Who's the lucky person?”
“A guy I met at a coffee shop. I'm just going to see how it goes. I don't really expect anything to happen.”
“He'd be crazy to turn you down,” he says kindly. “Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Seven business to take care of.”
“See you tomorrow, John.”
“I look forward to it.”
After putting in a lot of prep to meet up with your date, he never showed.
“How did you date go?” Homelander asks the next day.
“He stood me up.”
“No...what an asshole,” he shakes his head. “I'm so sorry.”
“Don't be, I have the worst luck,” you shrug. “I'll be right back, I just need to get some more lacquer.”
You bumped into the Deep on your way there and he gave you that charming smile. He'd flirted with you on a few occasions and you were surprised when he took the opportunity to ask you out then and there.
“Really?” you blink. “You want to get dinner with me?”
“Yeah, you're cute and I think it's super sweet that you make little fish origami napkins for me in my office. I think we could have something.”
“You can pick me up at 8 then,” you saunter past, feeling elated that the pretty boy of the Seven was interested in you.
“Oh I'll be waiting, babe,” the Deep winks before going into the main office.
As you're picking up your equipment, you hear a lot of crashing, loud voices and the building shakes under your feet. You run to the Seven's meeting room to see Homelander choking the Deep, cracking the monitors behind him with the force he's applying.
“JOHN!” you yell. “What are you doing?!”
“Were you really going to go on a date with this sleazy sushi pile?” Homelander looks at you from over his shoulder. “I mean I'm right here. Why am I not good enough for you?”
“What? I...I didn't even know you liked me like that. I thought you wanted me to be your friend,” you approached him, trying to pull his arm away from the Deep but you were nowhere near strong enough to do that.
“Lovers can be friends too,” Homelander sighs. “Oh honey, we had a connection. I saved you, I told you everything about my life, even the shitty parts that no one gets to hear about and you want this little guppy? Seriously?”
“John, put him down and let's talk about this.”
“Got a thing for heroes but not for me, huh? Your date? The fireman? Not so much of a hero when he pissed himself after I threatened him.”
“You did what?!”
“You wouldn't notice me!” he becomes indignant. “I did everything right! You know what, enough. You only like the jerks that are forward so I'll be forward.”
He throws the Deep hard across the room before grabbing you around the middle, tucking your head into his chest and flying out of the window with you, shielding you from the glass. The wind rushed past as he travelled to whatever destination he was aiming for before he finally hovered in the air, holding you tightly.
You chanced a look down and saw you were miles above the ground, your feet dangling in free space.
“John, don't drop me!” you start panicking.
“You notice me now?” he looks down at you. “Do you? I don't think you do. I think you need reminding who is the greatest superhero in the fucking world.”
He lets you go as you fall screaming, the air stinging your skin as you tumble over and over until something stops your descent and you're pressed into Homelander's chest.
“There there, I've got you. Saved you again,” he tuts. “Does that get you hot under the collar? Knowing I could kill you at any point but I choose not to? Maybe you just like danger. Oh I have an idea...”
He supports you with one hand whilst ripping the crotch out of your pants and underwear before unleashing the most frighteningly large cock you've ever seen. Rubbing it against your folds, he sinks in much easier than you would've expected.
“Oh so you do like this,” he laughs. “You like a man to take charge, you like to feel small. I get it. I can give you that. I'm gonna fuck you right here and now and you can't do a thing to stop it...not that you'd want to. Good God, you are so wet.”
You're scrabbling at his suit, trying to clutch onto something as he stuffs himself into you, stretching you out, filling you completely and he's not even fully in. You're desperately trying to look anywhere but down as he draws such a pathetic moan from you, your walls already quivering around him.
“Now this is much better, huh?” he starts thrusting, keeping a tight hold on you. “Look at me. You don't have to look down but look at me.”
You meet his gaze which is predatory before he starts fucking you harder. He's just studying your reactions.
“You know I used to use the X-Ray vision on you?” he laughs. “I loved it when you wore those high waisted panties. I like a humble girl.”
“John, I....” you want to reason with him but he's just dragged past a spot that cuts off your sentence, morphing it into a high pitched whimper.
“Keep saying my name,” Homelander growls. “Keep saying it. You're mine. Nobody else's. Nobody can ever take you away from me. I'll fucking kill them all and you know it.”
“John!” you feel your orgasm slam into you as you cling to him desperately, tears starting in your eyes.
“My very good girl,” he praises. “I'm gonna fill you up soon. Ready for that?”
You can't even speak. You can only take the thrusts that are forcing you towards another orgasm before you feel him cum, feel him flood your pussy and that sensation tips you over the edge once more, making you go limp in his arms.
The wind blows your hair up as he descends to the ground before laying you down on the grass in some field in the middle of nowhere. He's still lodged in you, stroking your face like some long term lover.
“Do you see me now?” he asks.
“I see you, John. I see you,” you nod.
“I think a commercial flight might have seen us too but that was always a risk,” he smirks. “So...still want to go to dinner with the Deep?”
“No,” you look into his storming eyes. “No I want more.”
“More? Then I'll give you more. Anything for my girl,” his cock is already hardening again inside you.
Not that you could refuse him anyway. Whatever Homelander wanted he got and he'd got you squarely in his grip.
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remash · 6 months ago
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powell street house ~ robert simeoni architects | photos © derek swalwell
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omglexxx · 9 months ago
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I just ordered this swimwear from AussieBum
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awakening5 · 10 days ago
What are your top three fave fics you've ever written? 💕💕💕
Jess!! You told me you meant to write five instead of three, so I shall give you five instead of three!
1. Order Reforged - Star Wars Episode 9 before there was an episode 9. Back when I still had passion for Star Wars and I was anxious to fix the mess that TLJ had left the GFFA in. Finn and Rey are the stars of the fic, and I've never been more proud of a slowburn. It's the length of a small novel, and I'm so proud of this fic. So much so that I've decided to repost it years after deleting it. Who knows if it will ever be read, but I wanted it out there. It's my favorite thing I've ever written.
2. Return - Part of my Ripple Effect Series, of which I am very proud, this third installment is likely my favorite. In an alternate timeline where Peter and MJ were closer before the Blip, this is their story of overcoming grief while navigating their strengthening relationship in the aftermath of returning. I normally like my Peter and MJ to be stupid and horny, and this was a delightful deviation for me!
3. Two's Company - Did I mention stupid and horny Peter and MJ? Because this fic has those two elements dialed up to 69. That's on a scale of 1-10, obviously. Friends with Benefits who fall in love with each other, but are too afraid to lose each other to say anything, they do some pretty stupid things to avoid a fallout. That includes, somehow, getting a secret identity involved and creating a convoluted love triangle between two people. My birthright.
4. A Room Apart - My favorite Harry Potter fic I've written! Roommates Harry and Ginny naturally start a friends with benefits situation (I see that I have repeated myself oops) while their professional lives intersect when Harry investigates a Quidditch doping scandal.
5. Cat and Spider - My first fic in the Spideychelle fandom remains one of my favorites! Peter and MJ at their most power-couple-y, Spider-Man and Black Cat meet on rooftops while Peter and MJ rekindle an old friendship at school, all the while ignorant of each others' secret identities and their shared forgotten history. Identity Shenanigans and love triangles between two people started here, y'all! Inspired, of course, by @machiavelien
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thekillingjoke-haha · 3 months ago
Me: *Looking for more the boys content already read everything*
Me: *Sighs opening a draft*
Friend: Oh god stop what you are doing now!
Tumblr media
Anyone who likes the boys drop a request for literally anything there's so little conent and I want more of my babies
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whore-for-cowboys · a year ago
I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing that they really just put an empty glass coffin on stage and made all the supes pretend translucent was in it in front of his family and on national television 💀
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