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chop0ffmyboobs · 5 minutes ago
I ordered my first roll of binding tape a few days ago and holy crap I'm so excited it's pretty much the only thing I've been thinking about lately
I can't believe I hadn't heard of it earlier! I'm losing my mind freaking out about how much better all my favorite outfits are going to look and feel
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entity9silvergen · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For any transmascs or afab people with chest dysphoria who did not know, a lot of us tend to hunch over so our chests are hidden. You gotta do what you gotta do to deal with dysphoria but please take some time to take care of yourself. When you’re able, try to sit and stand with good posture. Also make sure to stretch and bind safely.
[ID: Reddit comment responding to a post titled “I run to put on my binder the instant I hear someone at the door.” The response is “And here I am just opening the door like the hunchback of notre dame.” End ID]
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moldmildewmycelium · an hour ago
Tumblr media
So, I finally got TransTape to do something I'm happy with.
I ordered the Starter Kit last month and have been endlessly struggling with it since :/ it's really not great maybe even not good for people with larger chests (I'm a DD) and bodies. It was extremely difficult to apply even after Many instuctional videos and about 6 failed attempts where I got so frustrated I wanted to cry. Also used up a whole roll and a half of the largest size of TransTape that I got with my kit.
They recommend starting with a 3 idk unit (they're marked off I think every 2 inches?) strip and adjusting, and you should only need 2 or 3 on each side. I required 2 5 unit strips and 3 or 4 2 unit strips on each side, and this is as flat as I can get without discomfort and awkward bulges of flesh everywhere.
I finally got to something I like and will actually keep on with this application (achieved while laying down so my boobs didn't hang down while I worked). I'm not flat, I'm not even fat guy flat, but it has very much made my chest smaller as well as providing really good support and keeping me from like being conscious of my chest (especially while bending over or doing anything bouncy, I actually got a huge dose of euphoria bending over and not having anything move or hang down). The process did take a fucking WHILE to do for pretty minor payoff. Looks good under a shirt tho
Wearing my binder is very uncomfortable and as it's getting warm out I absolutely cannot wear it outside and be able to breathe or move around comfortably. So I was really looking forward to using TransTape as an alternative. (Also binders cover my chest tattoo!) And while I eventually got to this end result that I like, the $17-$20 pricemark on their biggest size (which still is not large enough for me tbh) and from what I've seen unreliable stock filling and shipping times, and allllll the time I had to put into getting a mediocre result? It's not something I will be purchasing again.
Very disappointed :/
I do think and have seen this product work very well on people with smaller chests and less fat! Looking at things other than functionality that I can asses, this product is pretty decent. Good adhesive and stretch, not too painful to remove if you do it right (they have an oil you soak it in to break up the adhesive before removal and a balm stick to hydrate and sooth any irritated areas), and comfortable to wear for long periods of time (it's meant to be worn for days at a time including showers and swimming, tho it will definitely not stay as perfectly done as when u first put it on as it wears out). I think if you're a smaller person and you're looking for an alternative to binding, this could be worth the price to give a try. D cup or bigger though? Probably not.
I do also wish there were more shades of skintones as the lightest is so dark and orange/yellow on me but I assume that's something they'll consider when/if they continue to grow as a conpany.
TransTape on me? 2/10
TransTape as a product? 5/10
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theolivesystem · an hour ago
I just wanna say
I get like the jokes about Kam and stuff like that.
I understand the fear around men and how people have been traumatized
Trust me I do.
But it's been really hard for me as a trans man to accept myself because of these things. I feel dirty and less loved and I wish so hard I wasn't trans sometimes.
I'm not cispassing so I kinda get the shitty ends of it both.
Just a lil vent.
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mychemicalgender · an hour ago
i keep thinking about elliot page and how him coming out means so much to me, like i already thought he was a great actor and seemed like a super cool person obviously! but then when i heard he'd come out as trans i was kind of amazed honestly. like hes 34 (i just googled it) and just recently came out and started transitioning.
its a big deal to me especially because im a 23 year old trans man/transmasc guy (labels are hard) whos still mostly closeted about my gender. only my close friends know, and im out online cuz i can be more anonymous here. i often feel ashamed of myself that i havent just pulled the bandaid off yet. the most ive really done to 'transition' is i got my hair cut short when i got out of high school, and i dress masc/neutral-ish (most of the time, but im pretty gnc as well).
but when elliot came out i had the sudden realization that 1) im still trans even if im not out, 2) im not a Bad Lgbt for not being out yet at my age, and 3) that i still have time! its my life and its up to me and me alone to decide when i feel ready enough to tell my whole family and everyone else i know about my real gender. every trans person's journey is different. i can still become who i want to be even if it takes me more time than others.
so i hope elliot page knows what an impact hes having on trans/lgbt in general people by being true to his authentic self, especially as a well-known celebrity in the public eye. 💘
(i hope this makes sense! i wrote it on break at work in a caffeine fueled frenzy :-) )
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lerainbowpotato · 2 hours ago
solution to yet another name crisis (maybe?) just use a different name in a different language
would that be wierd? i plan on moving internationally whenever that becomes a possibility and my mom thinks i should change my name to something from that country but i also like my english name and don’t want to change it again
there’s a couple names i like so it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out...
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phantomkinoc13 · 3 hours ago
✨reblog to give a trans-man the penis of his dreams✨
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cryptocurios · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Everyone shut up and look at me
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percivald3rolo · 6 hours ago
Travis Mayweather is trans. I will be taking no question.
Also Trip is Bi
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trans-comics-r-us · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I know this isn’t a comic, but hear me out.
I’ve been trying really hard to get to a point where I don’t have to worry about what I’m wearing in order to feel good. A point where it doesn’t have to be a hoodie and a binder. A point where tight clothes don’t have me second guessing.
And that goes for my weight too. My weight hasn’t ever been a huge issue but I still feel a little self conscious when I notice my stomach in a more fitted shirt or a few months ago when I compared a picture from 2019 to then of my back.
I remembered seeing that picture and feeling so good because I just knew that with top surgery and possibly testosterone, I’d look and feel so masculine. Then a few months ago I saw my back and I definitely didn’t feel the same way.
I’ve been working out and when I looked the other day, I was pleasantly surprised. I got some broad shoulders from gymnastics (which most people hate coming out of the sport but I’m so thankful for it.) and it really made me feel good.
I wanted to make an edit to the photo I took, just to make it look more artsy. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did. I didn’t edit my body at all, just some blurring if the background, the lines, and a rosy filter over top.
I’m still working on myself, both mentally and physically but I think this is a pretty good start.
Thanks for reading!
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They‘re really accepting and now we‘re even looking for a gender-specialist!! It was really freeing and though it was terrifying in the moment I know feel a lot better and more confident in my identity and gender! It‘s hard for my parents to accept but they just want me to be happy and safe, so they‘ll just need some time. But in general it was really great :)
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yokaiiku · 7 hours ago
I'm AFAB but i think i feel more like a guy. I don't know if im transguy or/and demiboy. And i don't know if i want to have a male body,maybe yes ,maybe no,hard to say.
Will i be still a boy if i choose to not wear a binder or have a male body?
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