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444bunny · 4 months ago
Your growth will either inspire or trigger a sense of internal discomfort in others - In some way you’ve served as a mirror to parts of themselves that they haven’t yet accepted or tapped into - either way , it is out of your control. You are free to transform and become renewed , regardless of preconceived notions others may hold you to , based on past self or actions. By focusing in on continuous emanation of your light , you become your own fountain of energy that recharges and replenishes themselves within , protecting your energy simultaneously. Nothing can penetrate your aura in this state , because you are rooted and know who you are. Those who are meant to resonate with you , will gravitate towards you , with ease. Anything that doesn’t resonate will dissolve and dissipate , with ease as well.
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dndspellgifs · a month ago
Tumblr media
3rd level transmutation
Artificer, Sorcerer, Wizard
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crimsonkismet · a month ago
Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.
Barbara Marciniak
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practice-is-praxis · 5 months ago
Video Game Magick
Tumblr media
Video Games are something which I've been incorporating into my magickal practice for a while now, kinda even before I knew that's what I was doing (like most of my magickal experience, really).So, I figured I'd give some insight into how I use video games in magick and witchcraft and maybe some others will find this helpful.
Why video games? -  Why not? Hear me out. Video games, particularly certain genres, can be excellent tools to reach a "no-mind" gnosis state. I like to use fighting games at low difficulties, platforming games, easy shooters like Destiny 2, phone games, etc. Basically just lose yourself in the game.  As you do, you will enter a meditative flow state, and this is ideal for magickal procedures.
Magickal Systems - Certain games even have magical systems in the game, and you can use those systems for inspiration on your own magical systems. Create enchantments based on spells in fantasy games, imagine your shields as the kind of rechargeable energy shields many games have these days, starting with Halo.
Sympathetic Magick - Sympathetic magick can be used. Set your intent that the character you make/play as in the game is you, and as the character gains/deals damage, you charge energy in yourself. You could even consider concepts such as sacrificial magick (virtual life-forms being used), or doing rituals in game, using your character. Games like Skyrim are all about magic, and let you create potions, spells, and sacrifice monsters. Imagine every experience point being a quanta of energy, a bit of information, that transfers from "you" in the game, to you in real life.
Sigil Magick -  For sigil magick, I often like real-time strategy games, where I can draw sigils using buildings and resources in the game, design maps as sigils to upload that others can play on, and charge for you. Any game can be used though. You can consider your character, or a symbol you might be able to choose on one of their pieces of armor, capes, or accessories, or even the design of the character themselves, as a sigil. Load up an online game, and you don't even have to play the game "good". Every time you die, the sigil is destroyed, charging it each time. Shutting the game off after absorbing experience points would be activating the sigil.
Low-Energy/Disability/Illness - If you have low-energy/low or no mobility/disability/difficulty leaving your room, are bedridden, etc you can do a lot with video game magick. Perform rituals using your characters. Many games will even let you collect magical items and accessories, and you can really customize your game-self as much as you want, and let your virtual self represent your ideal/desired physical self.
And now I'll list a few games I personally enjoy the most for video game magick, and my personal applications of them, which hopefully will inspire you.
Pokemon - Using Pokemon is something I've seen others doing. Some great people on witchblr have made entire masterposts of Pokemon offerings and invocations based on their elemental types, and certain kinds of magick associated with each type, etc. I recommend checking out those posts.  Transfer all experience points from your Pokemon, and all in-game money you earn, into alchemized energy that you can put into your magick. Use a custom character name, and custom Pokemon names as mantrical sigils, every time you read the name, the mantra is activated.
Skyrim - Use your in-game character to be the representation of your real-life self. Gain experience for your character, alchemize and transmute it into energy for yourself. Create potions and use herbalism and alchemy in game. When your character drinks them, you get the benefits. Absorb Dragon Souls. Use your thu'uum as spell incantations. Perform rituals to the best of your ability in game. You can easily find a magical sword, a magical staff/wand, a pile of coins, and a source of water, or a cup, to represent all the magickal tools. Customize your character with your desired appearance.
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - This is a game based on a Celt warrior named Senua, who needs to restore her dead lover's soul from Hel. Runes constantly appear in the game, and they really seem to have done much research for the game to get the runes right. It's also a game that represents mental illness, specifically psychosis. Senua hallucinates, has visions, hears voices, and sees runes in her world. The game is very streamlined with a simple interface, and innovative combat system, with trials to get through that can be imprinted with ritualized intent. The action is great for getting into a state of single-pointed awareness gnosis. It also has a lot of really cool lore, that's actually based on a real magickal tradition spanning back centuries. Extra recommended for anyone dealing with mental or physical disability/illness.
DOOM: ETERNAL - If you can deal with hyper-violence in video games, DOOM is great. It's intensely fast-paced, so great for getting into the flow state, because if you don't the demons will likely overtake you. There are many rune-esque symbols in the game that can be programmed with intent and used as sigils. Assign a certain negative feeling to each of the various types of demons. For example, any time you see a Cacodemon, link it to Gluttony, and then sacrifice it, and let that represent you exorcising your gluttony, etc. Extremely good for excitatory gnosis, the fights come in natural waves, so after every intense fight, before letting yourself feel relief or the excitement and adrenaline start to fade, isolate the feelings, remove their usual emotional connotations, and use the energy for spellcasting, and then finally release it for a very cathartic experience.
Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 is a fun game, that's now largely free-to-play on pc, xbox, and playstation. It involves space travel, aliens, they literally say "space magic" at one point, which is about as close to saying "cosmic witchcraft" as one can get without saying it. Travel to different planets and moons, and protect the last survivors of humanity from hostile alien forces. Destiny 2 is great for gnosis, because it's easy enough to mostly be able to just play by instinct. There are dozens of accessories, emblems, etc, with sigils on them, that can be imprinted with intent, that each character class can get. You can design your character as a sigil that gets charged with every kill/death. Charge your name with intent. All experience goes to your real-life self. Charge missions with ritualized intent. Finishing the mission is finishing your ritual. In magick, the belief and intent are more important than the method, in my experience. Create servitors based on the aesthetic of the "Ghosts", that help you learn new information, and act as protection, or healing. Visualize having one of the rechargeable shields from the game, and the ability to "revive" from failures, and move on.
Warcraft 3: This is an old-game now, 20 years old (Jeebus...), but a good one for magick. You can use the mapmaker to design maps with sigils drawn in, using the trees and buildings you can draw them, and then upload the maps for others to play in, charging your sigil. Many real-time strategy games can be used, but I prefer Warcraft, as it's also got to do with magic, and I have a lot of emotional attachment to the game, first playing it when I was a young child. Again, charge characters with intent, when they take/deal damage they charge, when you shut the game down, it releases the energy into the Universe.
Final Fantasy - Another series that has to do with magic, and can be great inspiration. Tarot-esque cards can be collected in many games, that can be given meanings. The series trademark "Guardian Forces" can be used as a custom pantheon, giving them each magickal associations and abilities. They can be invoked at any time as your own personal guardians, protecting and warding your space, or healing and charging you, etc.
That should do for now. Some other games that can be used for similar applications (that are also just fun to play) include: The Witcher series, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Dark Souls, Ori, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Elder Scrolls Online, Injustice, Ark: Survival Evolved, Dead Cells, Wizard of Legend, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Diablo 3, Pillars of Eternity, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, and many more. Get creative!
If anyone has any suggestions of how they incorporate video games into their magickal practice, Feel free to add them in comments/tags, etc.  ❤️  🖖 
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444bunny · 4 months ago
I allow myself to release the fears surrounding new beginnings and new spaces I am moving into within myself. I trust in my intuitive and creative processes to guide me.
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dndspellgifs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp
2nd level transmutation
Sorcerer, Wizard
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aspiritualwarrior · 8 months ago
The most important lesson that man can learn from life, is not that there is pain in this world, but that it is possible for him to transmute it into joy.
Rabindranath Tagore
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crimsonkismet · 3 months ago
character cannot be built by taking the easy road.
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thecolonelsqueen · a year ago
Tumblr media
I can’t wait to bring back mom! I’m just waiting on Ed to finish up prepping!
**Youre missing out if we aren’t friends. 👌🏻
***I also made a whole clothing line. Check it out.
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ancestralvoices · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Reposted from @his_fit_diva The greatest life skill I've cultivated. To observe, do not absorb or judge. To see things as they are. Reposted from @solsistarsoul Happy Hump 🐪 Day!! Transmuting is the process, where using intent, you change something negatively into something positively… The law of perpetual transmutation of energy asserts that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Still, it changes from one state to another. This means that the energy in the universe is always transmuting into and out of form. At no time will the energy be standing still. According to the hermetic principle, there is a relationship between your vibration and energy. When you understand this relationship, it becomes easier to allow high vibrational energy to flow through you and create a shift in your reality. As above, so below, as within, so without, and as the universe, so the soul.” Taking on the emotional baggage of others often means that we lose sight of how we're really feeling. Use your new familiarity to differentiate between what is yours and what isn't. Detach from those things that are not your responsibility and embrace the rest. After all, there's a purpose to our emotions. #transmutation #transmutingenergy #emotionalhealing #emotionalintelligence #boundaries #artofdetachment #emotionbaggage #mindscience #mindfulness
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arkhamgal · 6 months ago
Critical Role Campaign 2 Finale Spoilers:
Ok but seriously, Caleb can make a new Transmuter’s Stone at ANY time and literally one of the things they can do is “Restore Youth”—make a willing creature younger by 3D10 years.
While this specifically cannot expand that creature’s lifespan past it’s natural limit, it does seem like it would keep that person youthful, healthy, and spry, up until the end of their life, so like all this (I don’t remember the exact phrasing) “Being together for a time and then parting ways before Caleb grows into an old man while Essek remains Essek” seems like, easily avoidable? Like, Essek will still outlive Caleb (unless he falls pray to misadventure) but Caleb can certainly keep up with him for the next 60 years if he wants to, so . . .
Guys he’s just suffered so much I just want to imagine Caleb being happy.
Tumblr media
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