allthecanadianpolitics · a day ago
Trans game streamer swatted on aug 5 London Ontario. I haven't seen this in Canadian media, perhaps you have? Peace. (Can't post link to polygon article)
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disteal · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Every time i drive with my arm out the window this is narrated over me Gone Girl style
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tiktoks-for-tired-tots · 2 days ago
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crippled-dad · 16 hours ago
Reminder that you do not get to question someone else's pronouns. This includes queer people. If someone uses she/her and presents as a man, then that's all you need to know. You don't have to like her, you don't need to know why she uses those pronouns. You just have to use those pronouns. If someone uses they/them and presents in a "binary" way, then good for them. respect their pronouns. If someone uses he/him and presents as a woman, then that's his choice and you aren't entitled to any further information.
The human experience is so vast and varied, putting people in boxes is nearly impossible. Obviously I can't list every situation in this post, but you get the point.
This goes for neopronouns as well, it's not causing you any problems, there is literally no harm being done to you by using someone's correct pronouns.
It is not and will never be your job to say that someone can't use a set of pronouns.
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apas-95 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
epic. this is your guy?
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uncanny-tranny · a day ago
Absolutely, incredibly wild how much cis people (in general) seem to claim ownership over peoples' bodies after they come out as trans or some flavour of genderqueer.
How, then, can you describe non-trans peoples' almost collective sense of "loss" over the coming out of Elliot Page's coming out, for example? How, then, can you explain when a cis person bemoans the "beautiful daughter" or "strong son" they "lost" after a child comes out?
Trans bodies, identities, and experiences as seen as beneath cis ones, which is the default, the good, and the expected. It is acceptable, apparently, to claim a person's body and identity to preserve one's own emotions. We do not belong to ourselves, we belong to other peoples' feelings about us. To remain steadfast to a trans identity is a loss to the idea that we can be owned in the first place, which is why there is such backlash when a person (or even a fictional character) is revealed as trans.
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shyocean · 2 days ago
Written in 2018. So this conversation has been going on for a long time, I guess.
We've got a word for the particular blend of problems that binary transwomen have--transmisogyny. We've got words for the problems sets faced by transmascs, like transandrophobia or transmisandry. At this point, I don't know which one is more accepted.
Is there actually word for the problems faced by people who are genuinely operating outside the binary?
Because the current discourse feels akin to biphobia in a lot of ways, especially if people aren't medically transitioning.
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robertreich · 3 hours ago
The Real Motive Behind the GOP’s "Culture War”
Why do Putin and the Republican Party sound so much alike? Simple: Their culture wars have similar agendas.
Both are trying to distract attention from the economic looting by their respective oligarchies.
Vladimir Putin has been blasting so-called "cancel culture."
This was his third "cancel culture" rant in recent months. It’s the same imaginary crisis that Trump and the GOP have been ranting about for several years.
Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News’s most infamous personalities, accuses liberals of trying to cancel all sorts of things. 
Last fall, Putin argued that teaching children about different gender identities was, quote, “on the verge of a crime against humanity.” Putin’s fixation on LGBTQ people is also echoed on the American right.
Republican state legislators are attacking trans people and restricting discussion of gender and sexual orientation in schools. And in Texas…"state attorney general Ken Paxton likened kids getting gender-affirming medical care to child abuse.” 
While Putin’s MO has been to fuel Russian ethnic pride and nationalism, America’s right wing has been fueling white nationalism.
To conclude from all of this that authoritarians think alike misses a deeper truth. 
Putin, Trump, Carlson, and America’s right wing have been promoting the same narrative for the same reason: Manufacturing fears of “the other” to distract from where all the wealth and power have gone…all the way to the top.
Remember, Putin was put into power by a Russian oligarchy made fabulously rich by siphoning off and privatizing the wealth of the former Soviet Union. Likewise, Trump and the radical right in America have been bankrolled by an American oligarchy — Rupert Murdoch, Charles Koch, Rebekah Mercer, Peter Thiel, and other billionaires.
Sowing racism, homophobia, and transphobia creates life-or-death dangers for many people in our society. For both Putin and the American right, it serves to divert attention from the economic plunder by the ultra-rich.
They want people to fear one another rather than unite behind higher wages, better working conditions, and a fairer economy — and against authoritarianism.
To fight back, we must fight widening inequality while defending marginalized communities from these demagogues’ attacks. The real threat is not diverse identities – it’s corporate greed and political corruption.
We have to see the culture wars waged by Putin and America’s right for the cynical strategies they are, and build a future in which prosperity is widely shared.
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turnerssyndrometomboy · a day ago
the idea that tomboys are being pressured to medically transition is quite hilarious considering the opposite is true far more often: pressure is put on us to be more feminine. and terfs and their fearmongering about trans folk is only making it worse.
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when-november-ends · a day ago
transphobes will watch finding nemo with their kids and not see the irony in that
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scorpymiz · 2 days ago
Throwing nounself pronouns under the bus will not make cis people like nonbinary people or neopronoun users more.
I use they/them pronouns. Several months ago I came out at work, and oh boy, was I naive about what I was getting into. I work for a non-profit. When I told the Boss™️ that I was nonbinary and used they/them pronouns and intended to send out an email to my coworkers informing them of such, he told me no, not yet. Because A: he was worried that our more conservative donors might find out and they might pull funding, and B: he didn't think nonbinary people had protection under the law. I live in a fairly liberal state where you can get an X gender marker on your ID, so I knew he was full of crap. But he told me I could not mention my pronouns in any work emails or wear a pronoun pin until he went to the board and they made a policy on it.
Eventually he got back to me and said the board was 'worried about folks making a mockery' of trans folks-what if someone wanted to use squid/squidself pronouns. I'm not joking squid pronouns were the example he used. I argued that anyone coming out as trans would not be telling you their pronouns in bad faith, this was a very stressful process for me. Eventually they drafted up a policy that would allow employees to use she, he, and they pronouns, but if they wanted to use any other pronoun they would have to go through the fucking board all over again. At this point I was already super stressed and overwhelmed by this, but I still tried to argue that I thought this was an awful idea. I tried to send him a list of common neopronouns to add as some kind of compromise since he wasn't budging, but in the end, only they/them was 'approved.'
In the end it really doesn't matter to these transphobes. If you are outside the binary and use anything but he or she, they are gonna treat you like shit. They will act like they are trying to protect you from bad actors that want to make a mockery of you when it is them who are oppressing you. So no, I do not blame nounself pronoun users for this, it's entirely the fault of ignorant, asshole cis people that I had to deal with this. Trans folks need to stand together as a united front, no matter what pronouns we use or what genders we are.
Cis people are the ones oppressing us, not trans people.
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mywitchcultblr · a day ago
You know it's sad, when trans dudes are still getting hate and dismissed even in a 'social justice warrior' platform like tumblr, if I can get a dollar for each time some people telling trans dudes to shut up because they are men
I'll be loaded
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vexwerewolf · 6 hours ago
“I don’t have time for trans nonsense. I won’t play make believe with grown adults.”
Bitch you literally call yourself a “constitutional conservative”
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whoa-its-dani · a day ago
A trans woman was swatted and arrested after a troll sent an email impersonating her to every city council member in London, Ontario, saying that she had a gun, had killed her mother, and intended to shoot up city hall, “killing every cisgender I see”.
She was deadnamed multiple times by the cops, booked under her deadname, and misgendered numerous times during the arrest and the jailing, despite having legally changed her name, and the email itself having her real (legal; for over 10 years) name in it.
She was released with no charges, after the pigs realized what happened. They still have her devices as she’s still a suspect, which has left her and her fiance virtually unemployed, unable to access their own data. The laptop they stole confiscated has her fiance’s thesis & PHd documents on it. It will not be returned for months.
Someone had made similar threats under her name in a city she doesn’t even live in a week before all of this happened. The Toronto police knew it was a swatting attempt. The London police ignored when Clara’s brother asked if they could be put on a no swat list.
This is a hate crime, and the London police were complicit in it.
OP has a GoFundMe (in the description of the video) to move location, as well as to help with legal funds to fight back against this shit.
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deaddee-anime-brownfanlady · 36 minutes ago
The shit coming out about Taika Waititi and his transphobic tweets is not shocking nor as surprising as some people making it out to be. Like now!? People are just now finding out how much of an asshole & fake performance "progressive" douchbag Taika is, the man has been making condescending, disrespectful tweets against those that dare throw any sort of criticism his way or how he shits-talk on Loki fans and from what he says in interviews also articles the guy has always come off as an extremely fake full-of-himself prick who thinks his shit doesn't stink.
I wish some people stop treating this dude like he's the greatest writer/ director In history or acting like he can't be criticized due to his ethnicity when the man has made as well as said some anti-black comments and content & isn’t as wonderful as his stans or fans think he is.
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alas-poor-cesario · an hour ago
When asked why I don't have my "actual name" on FB and I say because of transphobic family it's great to open up the account I have under my name and see "ICK" describing someone on the women's football team and then, when trying to look up what the big fuss is see an article describing the player as "a male who identifies as a transgender woman". Like the club only restricts against nonbinary members to some degree because there's not a gender neutral competition.
Like great. Just what I wanted for my Thursday afternoon.
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captaincassianandorr · 2 hours ago
Alright one of you other two Survivor south Africa fans (all 3 of us) I need some help. Shane posted this this morning >.< I feel like it is bordering on transphobic but I can't be 100% sure due to an inability to read tones. But even if it is a "joke" it's still bad taste to me.
Tumblr media
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