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justlgbtthings · a month ago
this is really important so i’m posting it here because it’ll probably get removed and the original poster may be banned, but this is literal documentation and proof of what we already suspected, which is that terfs and transphobes are directly connected to the far-right and have roots in racism, homophobia, misogyny, and antisemitism. it really is all part of the same oppressive system, so there is no disconnecting transphobia from conservatism. there is no such thing as a progressive transphobe as much as they may want you to believe. it has nothing to do with biology or protecting women or children, none of it is founded in science or logic, it is purely hatred and saying otherwise is only an attempt to justify bigotry.
edit: anyone replying with stuff like “well actually you can’t prove that all terfs are racist/conservative” and “that’s not what the data means, it’s just tracking tiktok algorithms” is getting blocked automatically. i do not have the energy to debate human rights with terf apologists. and the point of my paragraph wasn’t to say “this 2 minute video documenting tiktok hate speech leading to other hateful content singe-handedly proves that transphobia is right-wing, racist and [insert other prejudices],” it was to say that it just confirms a trend we already knew existed. i’m not interested in debating whether or not terfs are actually racist or not. i know for a fact they are, their perceptions of gender are based on rigid white supremacist gender roles and expression, which automatically makes them racist but also easily homophobic and antisemitic, which leads to misogyny by forcing afabs into submissive female roles and ridiculing and harassing amabs for stepping outside of white masculinity. we already knew all of these connections existed, but documenting the direct pipeline of all of these ideologies connecting provides us statistical, tangible evidence that this is indeed what’s happening. i shared this to warn people about the implications and effects of associating with transphobes/other hate groups, not convince you that racism exists. stop sympathizing with bigots and doing their work for them.
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perpetuallyfive · 8 months ago
As a gender nonconforming cis dyke, I’ve received a lot of weird hostility in bathrooms. Like, a lot. The mild but frequent stuff is when people see me, do a visible double take, and go check the sign again. The not entirely common, more aggressive stuff is when people verbally question why I’m there. More than once I’ve had someone call me “it” or confront me about my gender in public settings. I’ve had people try to tell me to leave.
But the only place I’ve had someone physically try to remove me from a bathroom was in London.
Some random middle aged woman thought that she had the right to put her hands on me simply because I don’t match her ideas of what femininity is, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened in a place where transphobia is running rampant. Of all the weird stuff that’s happened to me in pretty conservative parts of the US, they simply are not as emboldened here as they currently are in the UK; but don’t think for a moment that they don’t intend to get there.
Trans people are reason enough to fight these bigots. It’s a good enough reason. Trans people deserve respect, dignity, compassion, and protection. But if you think they’ll be satisfied with only pushing trans people back into the closet, you’re utterly deluded. They want absolute conformity, simple as that, and they’re increasing their push here too.
Any lesbian who aligns herself with transphobia is a traitor. Simple as that.
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moonlit-imagines · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
guess who just came out as transgender! i hope we meet elliot with nothing but love and support! isn’t that right? congrats to him!
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fuckyeahasexual · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates, the American Medical Association (AMA) said Monday.
Tumblr media
Img Description: The blue logo of WebMD and text of their twitter name and handle. Followed by transcribed text, then another photograph of a 3D rainbow Pride flag.
Here are some facts: 
Race was once on your public birth certificate 
Binary sex differentiation is a product of colonization 
It is not rooted in the biological sciences but rather in eugenics 
Here is what we must do: 
Take sex off birth certificates for racial and gender justice
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notnights · 7 months ago
Transphobes: Lily isn’t trans! Lily isn’t trans!
ZLS Staff: Hey check this out:
Tumblr media
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fluxphage · 3 months ago
fuck it, formal post! BANANIMATIONOFFICIAL IS A TRANSPHOBE AND HOMOPHOBE. this is the person who made the DSMP Portal AU, and is currently running a [questionably copyright infringing] kickstarter for L'manburg hoodies. ill now be providing screencaps/wayback machine/reblog links. one of the links i had was deleted TODAY, after she blocked me, so i cant provide that one unfortunately. here is a link of her calling gay sex sodomy and saying its wrong under the bible.
Tumblr media
here is a screenshot of it as well.
Tumblr media
here's this tweet that speaks for itself. here's a wayback link of their both transphobic AND ableist comic. i unfortunately cannot screencap this one as it's very long, but please click through to see for yourself. the image doesn't embed with wayback, so here it is. as you can see it is embedded from her blog itself, and i have a higher rez saved as well if she deletes AGAIN. edit 1: we found more homophobia, great /s link 1 link 2 edit 2: [exhaustion]
Tumblr media
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tbitch · 5 months ago
obviously the entirety of T.ERF ideology is based on lies, falsehoods and (self-)deception but there's this one particular thing T.ERFs spread online that I find like, so laughably false and I think any trans person going through medical transition would too... the conspiratorial idea that pharma companies are like, trying to generate gender dysphoria and make more trans people to sell more hormones, and are "peddling" their drugs to trans people.
like... okay, just imagine you're me. I open my generic brand CPA and look at the insert. All of the information is mostly relevant to its usage in prostate cancer, with a couple of notes about "female hirsutism". There is no mention of its use in trans hrt. I have to cut the pill into quarters and take that only once every few days because the lowest dosage available is 50mg, which is excessively high in most cases for transfeminine hormone therapy.
Then I open my Estradiol Valerate pills. The insert describes extensively the possible risks and effects for postmenopausal cis women. Again, nothing transition related. I take these thrice daily, sublingually. The pills aren't designed to be taken this way and it takes a while for it to be fully dissolved. Despite sublingual/buccal administration being quite common among transfems, often suggested by clinics/doctors, and being the subject of studies testing and confirming the efficacy of this route of administration, there has still never been an estradiol product marketed that was designed to be taken this way.
My "lived reality" contradicts this absurd paranoid theory, to an almost comedic level. Pharma companies really don't care about trans people. We're irrelevant to them, and make up an insignificant proportion of the user-base of any given drug. Practically all drugs used in HRT are beyond patent protection, too, making any efforts by a particular pharma company to promote its use futile and not profitable.
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chaosofbattle · 8 months ago
it’s trans day of visibility! i’ve seen posts circulating about the transphobic bills being passed in arkansas and alabama, but i haven’t seen much about how almost every other state has several transphobic bills up for discussion that can still be prevented.
you can go to this link: to see which bills are before your state legislature, and then GO CONTACT YOUR STATE REPS!!!!! call, email, testify, protest, do whatever you’re comfortable with that will make your voice heard. we can still stop these bills from becoming law.
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uncanny-tranny · 3 months ago
Cis™ Person: When am I allowed to misgender a trans person? Can I misgender them when they do something I don't like wrong? No? What if somebody was holding a gun to my head, though? Can I misgender a trans person then? What if they don't look trans? When can I misgender trans people??
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perpetuallyfive · a month ago
Reminder to those with a netflix account that tomorrow, October 20th, is the employee walkout in protest against the company’s consistent defense of transphobia and horrible treatment of trans employees who voiced objections.
The employee who originally organized the walkout has been fired. As part of the rally tomorrow morning at 10:30am, organizers will present a list of firm asks to co-CEO/Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, who you might also know as the guy who sent multiple internal memos arguing that media has no impact at all on how human beings see each other and ourselves. (Arguing that you think media as a whole is fundamentally pointless is a really good argument for him not having this job anymore, I guess.)
Please support the trans employees and their allies by not using your netflix account tomorrow, Wednesday October 20th, 2021.
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hoidgender · 10 months ago
when you're the only member of a minority in a social space, being asked questions about issues relating to your minority is often a straight-up microaggression. asking the trans person in the room about bathroom laws or the black person in your forum about inner city violence isn't a way to be inclusive - it's legitimately stressful for the person in question. no matter how you frame it ("wanting to learn more" is very common,) all you're doing is making the person, at best, feel like they're some sort of walking primer on minority issues. at worst, you make the person being questioned acutely aware that they are outnumbered by people who don't fully consider the humanity of the person being questioned. you end up feeling like you must walk on eggshells in your answer, wanting to leave a positive impression of your entire demographic on whoever asked the question. you have to educate carefully without threatening the sensibilities of the majority.
anyway stop spamming random people's inboxes with questions about racism or transphobia or antisemitism lmao it's really gross
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i’m not linking the book synopsis because i hate her and i don’t want to give anyone the site traffic for her hateful decisions but jk rowling is releasing a book where a cis man dresses as a woman so he can murder people and it’s so cruel and disgusting and blatantly transphobic and fuck jkr and fuck anyone who continues to agree with her violent bigotry or even defend her she’s pushing and monetizing false rhetoric that demonizes an incredibly vulnerable group of people who are exponentially more likely to be murdered than to murder and will do nothing but give bigots license to harm people they see as not conforming to their antiquated and damaging ideas of gender expression fuck her so much
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jonny-dykeville · 11 months ago
hey. important update on the TERF crawl.
if you’re in the UK, ESPECIALLY scotland, and you see ribbons in PURPLE, WHITE AND GREEN (the suffragette colours) those are TERF symbols. a bunch of terfs on twitter have been putting up these ribbons around places along with calling themselves ‘the new suffragettes’
here’s some examples:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
please keep a watch out, and if you see these and you can, cut them down!
(rbs appreciated)
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lumberjackloving · 8 days ago
to everyone who will be going home to hatred and bigotry today: i see you. to every lesbian who will be asked about when she'll find a man, to every bisexual person facing slurs at home, to every trans person who must put on the wrong clothes and respond to the wrong name: i see you. the holidays can be a deeply painful time for members of the lgbtq community but know that you are not alone. i see you, the community sees you, and together we can get through this knowing that when we are with each other we are loved.
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one-time-i-dreamt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aevios · 7 months ago
More Anti-Trans Bills to Fight
Hey everyone. So there’s been a lot of talk lately about the transphobic bill getting passed in Arkansas, and while that bill managed to get through, we don’t have to let that happen again. It sets a dangerous precedent and there are a lot of transphobic bills currently in the works in various different states. You can find information about some of them here.
Because I am from Texas, I specifically want to bring some attention to multiple transphobic bills currently in the Texas house and senate. I strongly urge those of you who live in Texas, or any other state that currently has anti-trans bills on the docket, to contact your representatives. These bills sneak through because people often don’t actually know whats going on with their local or state government and therefore don’t even hear about them until its too late. Make some noise and tell people about it and contact your representatives so they don’t think they can just let this shit pass while no one is looking.
Here are the anti-trans pieces of legislation currently being proposed in Texas:
TX HB1399, TX HB2693 & TX SB1311
Similar to the bill in Arkansas, these bills seek to ban gender affirming health care for those under 18. This includes not just surgery but also puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy. Not only do they deny trans children life saving affirming care, they also explicitly make an exception to allow for the continued (often non-consensual and/or not medically necessary) treatment of intersex children with hormones and surgery. It’s not about ‘protecting the children’. It’s about controlling children’s gender expression and reinforcing the gender binary at the cost of trans and intersex lives.
TX HB1424, TX SB1674 & TX HB3083
These bills seek makes it legal for healthcare professionals and pharmacists to refuse to participate in or provide any treatment or procedure that “violates the provider's ethical, moral, or religious beliefs.” The bill explicitly mentions abortions, but also opens the door for refusing trans people, as well as potentially LGBTQIA+ people in general, on ‘moral grounds’. This essentially negates any protections against medical discrimination based on sex, gender, and orientation by allowing doctors to claim we go against their religious beliefs. HB3083 specifically protects pharmacists who refuse to dispense medication on religious grounds. This means a transphobic pharmacist could simply refuse to give you your HRT with no consequences. This would affect all trans people, and possibly other queer people, not just trans minors.
**TX SB1646, TX HB4014, & TX HB68**
These are the worst ones here in my opinion. These bills would amend the current legal definition of child abuse to include providing, assisting with, or consenting to gender affirming care for minors as a form of abuse. Yes, you read that correctly. Parents who support their child’s gender identity and transition, doctors who provide gender affirming care to minors, and pharmacists who fill HRT prescriptions, could be convicted for child abuse. Supportive parents could have their trans children taken away from them. And once again, they make sure to note that its totally fine to perform HRT or SRS on intersex children (even when its not medically necessary), just not it if affirms trans children.
TX HB4042, TX HB4043, TX SB29, TX SB373, TX HB1458, & TX HB3455
These bills would make it illegal to allow trans children to participate in school sports as anything other than their assigned sex at birth. Additionally, HB4043 also requires that universities create a report on participation in sports based on birth sex, presumably in order to justify to expanding the ban to affect college and university sports as well. HB3455 not only prohibits trans people from participating in accordance with their gender identity, but also prohibits school districts and open charter schools from authorizing or sponsoring teams that include both male and female students in cross-country, golf, swimming, tennis, track-and-field, or wrestling.
TX SB1148
Makes it required to include birth sex on birth certificates and prohibits any gender marker changes for those under 18.
Here’s a rough outline of the messages I am working on to send to my representatives:
“Senator/Representative [Name],
My name is [Name] and I am a constituent in [City/District]. I am contacting you today to urge you to oppose a series of transphobic bills, including [list bill names here. SB is for senate HB is for house]. These bills are intended to punish and restrict trans individuals, particularly trans minors, from [being able to safely present authentically as themselves in school, participate in sports, and seek gender affirming care or delay puberty until they can make informed decisions about their gender identity, etc]. [you can talk a bit more specifically here about what each bill is and explain the harm each bill would do and why you oppose them]. These bills do not protect children, and in fact harm trans and gender nonconforming children and put them at risk by [denying them support and care, invalidating their identity, outing them to their peers by sex segregating sports, and even potentially taking them away from loving parents who support them.] I urge you support and protect the transgender individuals in our community by opposing these bills.
Thank you for your time,
It’s probs not perfect and its just the outline, but I know how hard it is to just get started with contacting your representatives, so I hope it can at least be a useful starting point for some. Happy to take constructive criticism and make adjustments, and you’re of course more than free to phase things however you like in your letter or when you call them. Keep in mind that these are your state representatives you need to contact, not the US house and senate. For Texas you can find who your representatives are here, and I’m sure other states have similar tools as well.
If anyone has anything to add or I made any mistakes in this post that need to be corrected please let me know!
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futurefishy · a year ago
while this elliot page news is really great and cause for celebration, please don’t what’s going on in the uk right now go ignored. the court has essentially banned hormone blockers for under 16′s, and kids who have been on waiting lists for years are having their endicrinology appointments cancelled, and those already on hormone blockers are having their perscriptions withheld. this is after the country’s only private trans healthcare provider being banned a few months ago.
trans people in the uk are really legitimately scared right now, and we need everyone to be loud about it.
there is currently a crowdfunding campaign to fund 2 legal investigations to try and get this appealed.
please share this and donate if you can
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