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exel-bobbie · 5 months ago
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medusabutmodern · 5 months ago
my heart goes out to anyone who was made to feel stupid for caring too much. anyone who was laughed at or "cringed" at for being themselves. anyone who cried silently so they don't be a burden. anyone whose love was taken for granted. anyone who feels unsafe in their own bodies. to anyone who felt devastated because others failed to be humane enough. it's not you, it's them. i hope you find a way to love yourself again. you're not alone. you're important.
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nolongerangels · 6 months ago
"my child is fine" your child wanted to kill herself at 11 years old
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survivor-positivity · 4 months ago
it’s okay if trauma has made you angry. your subconscious reaction is to protect yourself, and sometimes this is how it’s expressed: it doesn’t make you a bad person
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compassionatereminders · a month ago
Before you dismiss yourself with a "well I'm used to it" consider that maybe you shouldn't have to be.
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mental--healthawareness · 4 months ago
I'm less and less interested in masking my mental illness for people anymore. My energy belongs to my recovery and my healing, not in pretending I'm okay for your comfort or your approval.
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mentalhealth · 6 months ago
your trauma is not your fault. your trauma is not your fault.
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artimea · 6 months ago
“My child is fine!”
Your child literally cannot function without making up and playing out fictional fantasies in their head, disconnecting from reality and therefore not getting anything done because it’s a way for them to cope with reality and the trauma they haven’t been able to address.
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wholeheartedsuggestions · 2 months ago
you’ll never “just get over it”. it’ll always be there a little bit, tucked away somewhere. you’ll continue to live your life and not notice it much. but maybe every so often it’ll hurt again and that’s alright. our traumas don’t magically go away when we heal. but they also stop taking up so much space.
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sacerdotessa · 6 months ago
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Don’t plagiarize, you were born original, don’t die a copy.
Pay attention  to the 8th HOUSE:
The 8th house is all about fears, taboo, the dark side of the human mind and what's hidden. It's connected with Scorpio and associated with Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth, it suggests that we're all able to find the key for heal our traumas and win over our fears.
First, look at the sign on the cousp on the 8th house, here some examples (maybe I'll explain in another post and in a more detailed way what does the sign on the 8th house cousp mean):
Aries 8th house: fears related to taking action, defining your individuality, competition, doing something exclusively for yourself, expressing your anger, impulsive behaviors.
Taurus 8th house: fears related to your own stability, expressing yourself in a creative way, expressing the sensual side of your personality.
Gemini 8th house: fears related to communication, expressing your opinion, being chatty, being superficial, not feeling smart enough.
Cancer 8th house: fears related to your roots, your family, expressing your emotions, being vulnerable.
Leo 8th house: fears related to self-expression in general, standing up for yourself, being extra, taking leadership, vanity, feeling confident, expressing yourself through art.
Virgo 8th house: fears related to rejection, being criticized, responsibility, respecting high standards, not feeling smart enough, being imperfect.
Libra 8th house: fears related to cooperation, relationships, connecting with other people, love, loosing your balance.
Scorpio 8th house: fears related to secrets, not being able to know what's happening around and inside of yourself, jealousy, expressing your sexuality, open up, intimacy.
Sagittarius 8th house: fear of missing something, not living your life at the fullest, being trapped, not being able to experiment and have the opportunity to learn.
Capricorn in 8th house: fears related to taking responsibility, not working/trying hard enough, showing your emotions, open up.
Aquarius in 8th house: fears related to showing your authentic side to the world, feeling weird, not being able to “fit in”, being different, loneliness.
Pisces in 8th house: fears related to chaotic situations, deep emotions, love, explore your dreams, explore your spiritual side, losing yourself.
Look at the position of Pluto in the birth chart:
The position of Pluto in a specific house of your birth chart suggests how you can heal your traumas. Pluto can be a tricky planet, it's connected to karmic lessons and can be challenging keeping on repeat the same lessons again and again until you change the game in a definitive way.
Pluto in 1th house: define your identity, find your authentic self and don't be afraid to express who you truly are, open up with others, accept unconditionally your unique way to independence is the key.
Pluto in 2th house: find your comfort zone, guarantee yourself a stable lifestyle, develop resilience and try to set reachable goals for yourself, try to express yourself through art.
Pluto in 3th house: speak your mind, connect with people around you, share your ideas, relationships are important for your healing journey, write down your emotions, heal the relationships with your siblings.
Pluto in 4th house: understand and nurture your emotions, heal the relationship with your family, understand your roots and practice unconditional love, heal your inner child, feel a sense of belonging with your community.
Pluto in 5th house: heal your relationship with your inner child or surround yourself with children, give yourself the opportunity to “act like a kid” again, work on being spontaneous and less shy, express yourself through art and theater.
Pluto in 6th house: follow a healthy lifestyle, eat well and drink more water, do gym, work on your goals and dedicate your energy to a project or volunteering, connect with animals.
Pluto in 7th house: establish healthy relationships with others, define healthy boundaries with others, open up, establish 50-50 relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation.
Pluto in the 8th house: establish a healthy approach towards sexuality, explore your spiritual side and activate yourself in a direct way towards your fears, be honest and don't fear your deepest thoughts.
Pluto in the 9 th house: expand your horizons through  travel and education, learn is the key for healing your trauma, connect with new realities, explore your spiritual and philosophical side.
Pluto in the 10th house: find your goals and work hard to achieve them, you can heal your wounds through a carrier that makes you feel happy and aligned with your highest goals, you need a lot of structure and to work on your approach to responsibility.
Pluto in the 11th house: you need to find a community and work with people that shares your same view of life, find a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and community, don't isolate yourself and open up with others, you can heal your wounds through friendships.
Pluto in the 12th house: you need to explore with your spiritual side, work on your internal dialog, try to sleep well, analyze your dreams and trust your intuition, your spiritual gift will guide you through the healing process.
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survivor-positivity · 4 months ago
one of the key points of trauma recovery is learning to let go the idea of getting back to “who i was before”. your trauma has shaped you and that’s okay. recovery is learning how to live with what happened rather than getting rid of it, even if that feels impossible at the moment
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