#traumatic brain injury.
catmat · 3 months ago
When someone asks me how bad my headache is at its worse, I tell them that if someone offered me $1,000,000 to have this headache, even just for a few hours, I wouldn't take the money. That's how bad it is.
And they'll reply, "Oh, you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad."
Yes it can, and it is.
Believe people's pain.
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anexperimentallife · 6 months ago
Among the more ridiculous bits of disk horse I've seen recently is the assertion that neurodivergent and mentally ill folks using spoon theory is "appropriating" terminology from physically disabled folks.
And listen, as a Certified Cripple(TM) who also happens to be a Certified Mentally Ill(TM) and a Certified Neurodivergent(TM), that may not be QUITE the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, but it's close.
If spoon theory helps you describe your situation, use it. If anyone complains, stab them with a fork.
As for fully abled NTs using it, idgaf. Unless someone can give me a compelling reason why spoon theory shouldn't be normalized, I'm fine with it, as long as they get where it comes from and grok that they (generally, but not always) start each day with a shitload more spoons than we do.
Like, if a fully abled NT friend were to tell me their partner ditched them, their mom was in the hospital, they lost their job, they failed am important exam, and they didn't have the spoons to make themselves dinner, the LAST thing I'm gonna do is clutch my pearls about them using spoon theory. More like, "Come on over, homie; I got some leftover adobo in the fridge, and you can vent all you want while we eat and watch Ponyo."
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kronkk · 6 months ago
Literally why is US football still allowed??
Tumblr media
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spielzeugkaiser · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[PART 1] - [PART 2] Jaskier once said that he never wanted to get back, even if he misses the ocean, because it would mean giving up music and geralt. Geralt is still very badly concussed here and Jaskier won't be hearing anything about that, even if he can't speak right now. (understanding each other still somehow just... works between them.)
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promptsforyourwhumpfic · 2 months ago
Whump Prompt #889
As they lay waiting for rescue, A notices something dark in B’s ear. They touch it and realise to their horror that it’s blood. The hit on the head B received is much worse than a simple concussion.
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sweetpeauserboxes · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
[id: a light pink userbox with a pastel pink border, and pastel pink text that reads “this user has a traumatic brain injury” on the left is an image of a green ribbon. /end id
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maiseey · 6 months ago
Hi there maisee! I'm not sure if you've already made a post about this, if you have I can't find it so I apologize —but I was wondering about your thoughts regarding the citadel episode? Specifically what exactly Echos injuries might have been besides what we can clearly see in the episode? It's never really stated (because of course it's sw) and so I wondered what injuries you think would've been likely and what exactly that should've entailed when Rex and tbb found him in s7! (concussion, broken bones, internal bleeding, burn injuries etc.) I hope you had a lovey weekend!
Hello! I did write a little about Echo already, which I’ll link here. Sorry, I REALLY need to update my masterlist. I also have older posts on his hair loss and possible hemicorpectomy, which are linked in my pinned post, if you’re interested. Since you seem to be curious about his physical injuries, I’ve displayed some real injuries that can result from a blast below:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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harringrovetrashh · 15 days ago
Post S3 Billy lives AU except the Mindflayer’s control cause traumatic brain injury which results in Post-Traumatic Epilepsy. (read more about pte here)
before I start just want to clarify that most of these are based on MY personal journey with epilepsy, and it may look different for other people 🤷‍♀️
some hcs:
He lives with Steve after he wakes up from the coma, bc he couldn’t go back to living with Neil. How the hell would he explain anything? He’s drowning in NDAs that say he can’t talk about any of it, but Steve already knows. Plus big empty house = perfect.
The first seziure doesn’t happen until about 2 weeks after everything’s calmed down. He’s just going about his morning routine, eating breakfast, when he blacks out. The next thing he knows is some random dude in a paramedic uniform asking stupid ass questions like “What’s his name” and “Who’s the president”. He’a able to answer most of them, but they still take him to the hospital.
Cue four weeks of various MRIs and EEGs (who knew there was a 48-hour EEG where he had to take home a weird looking tv thing?) He’s diagnosed with PTE and put on a new anticonvulsant. They also transfer his primary care to someone whose actually in the know about the UD, and it starts to kind of work as a form of therapy since he has to go once every month at first.
Steve becomes UNBEARABLE after his diagnosis. Any sudden noises Billy makes result in a frantic and terrified Steve barging in and asking if he’s okay (no matter where Billy is, including the bathroom).
They learn about absence seziures and wham. Suddenly any time Billy spaces out thinking about something, whether it’s a car problem he’s trying to fix or disassociating after a nightmare, Steve instantly thinks he’s having a seizure and yelling at Billy. Eventually they come to an understanding, Billy acknowledging that it’s Steve’s way of expressing his care, while Steve learns to calm his reactions to just a verbal confirmation.
Billy has to sell his Camaro. It was a really depressing moment but he’s not legally allowed to drive it and won’t be anytime soon, so it’s not worth the upkeep. He cried for two nights straight.
The most embarrassing moment of Billy’s life is the first time he has a seizure in front of the kids. He’s worried he’s traumatised the poor kids who’ve already gone through so much. Until Dustin makes a stupid joke and everyone laughs it off.
He still does pull Max aside and talk to her personally because she’s taking it the hardest. He’s embarrassed so it starts off aggressive as hell, just all blustering and “Don’t treat me like fucking glass Maxine, I’m fucking fine.” But after they scream at each other for a minute, Max just starts… sobbing, and Billy realizes that “oh shit she really does actually care” It’s the real turning point in their relationship (although they have a long way to go)
He never really goes into a like ‘remission’ period, but he learns what will push him over the edge. No weed (he’s a little sad, but he finds he doesn’t need the escape as much now that Neil isn’t there). He gets sleep and eats regularly. Absolutely NO flashing lights (even slower ones tend to give him at least a migraine). Diligently takes his meds everyday. He’s never 100% seziure free, but the time between them grows until it’s been years between them.
He gets an alert dog, and it gives him a little more comfort. He’d been crashing on Steve’s couch for a while because everyone’s scared of him living alone, but he used the money from selling the Camaro to purchase a golden retriever named Fitz because the agency has a terrible sense of humor.
Max is constantly coming up with new stupid metaphors for having a seizure. The top one is still currently “his brain deciding to do the worm for no reason.”
Once the time between seizures goes from months to years, he’s able to get his license again and he packs up a small picnic, gets Fitz in Steve’s mom van, and goes to the Quarry for the first time in a long time. The peace is nice.
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stormr · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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milfbatman · 10 months ago
why doesnt every vigilante cover their heads like batman and red hood like what if they accidently leave hair at the crime scene and the cops are like wow look a possible clue lets scan its dna or whatever they do and — holy moly what was tim drake doing at this murder scene
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nightmaretour · 9 months ago
I don't think this is spoken about much but, could we stop treating rare disabilities like a spectacle please? There's a fine line between finding something interesting, and treating it like a fun fact that no real person actually experiences. I see that line getting crossed a lot.
No, it's not a "crazy condition that's too weird to be real!" It's a disability that some people have to live with every day of their lives. Please treat those people with some respect, especially if you're presenting information about it or using it in a work of fiction. Do your research, ask people who actually live with that condition about it if possible, and most of all, think about the real human beings who have that condition and what it's actually like to have it.
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c-kiddo · a year ago
hm... i hope people dont get mad abt molly not being exactly like he was before... like, his memories aren’t going to be exactly all there, his speech isn’t going to be the same as before. he can only really speak in a few words at a time and they’re disjointed (like, just saying Love at yasha instead of her name or hello or anything).. and that’s ok. like, it took him 2 years to get to where he was before.. idk im just thinking abt some posts i’ve seen about how theyre going to get him back to normal and i think thats a,, questionable take :-0
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anexperimentallife · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(I would love to add image descriptions to all my image posts, but hey, guess who is multiply disabled, chronically ill, working a full time writing job, AND trying to help care for a newborn? This guy!)
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actuallyavpd · 6 months ago
“Ugh, You Kids and Your Traumas”
We recently had the kind of family holiday where your obnoxious, racist uncle hangs around drinking shitty beer and getting progressively less human the more physical and liquid calories he consumes.
Happily, we convinced my family to do a virtual holiday again this year. (I wish I could phone it in for all holidays from now on.)
Anyway, one of my cousins asked if I was doing any non-work writing (she meant fics, which we’ve talked about before and which I tell family are “online stories” without going into detail).  I said yeah, actually, lately I’ve been stretching my research muscles on learning more about personality disorders, particularly ones that arise from childhood rejection and neglect.  No need to be too specific in front of Others, y’know?  And I was content to leave it there.
But!  Enter the Druncle.  We’re all treated to this lovely tirade about how everyone now has a trauma, etc., etc. -- it was trite and boring so I won’t waste time repeating it.
Ten years ago I would’ve engaged and ended up aggravated.  This time I just shrugged and thought about pie instead.  
It got me thinking about trauma, though, once I’d run out of pie.
It’s not at all unusual for a person to have a concussion or two in a lifetime.  More, if they put themself in harm's way.  
(My concussion story: I once knocked myself out cold by swinging a racket in circles on its thong and clocking myself in the head with it. I’m graceful.)
Did you know that “concussion” isn’t a diagnosis?  True story.
“Concussion” is the lay person’s term for a mild traumatic brain injury.
But think about how many times you’ve heard someone say “just a concussion.”
It’s not “just” anything. It’s a traumatic brain injury.
Yes, it’s mild, but it’s still a physical trauma.  It takes time and attention to heal properly. In some cases it never heals.  If you re-injure the brain before the first traumatic brain injury has fully healed it causes compounding damage.  People who have repeated traumatic brain injuries (like people who engage in violent sports or dangerous professions, or are in unsafe conditions) develop lifelong physical and mental conditions from the long-term effects of repeated trauma.  
Sure, I walked away from my concussion with a headache and no lasting long-term effects (that I know of).  Yet a friend of mine had "just” a concussion several years ago and is now unable to read.  That’s not a rare case, either.  I’ve treated a number of people who have lifelong disabilities from “just” a concussion. That “big dumb jock” stereotype isn’t because sports necessitate stupidity.  It’s at least in part because traumatic brain injuries cause learning impairments and behavioral/emotional challenges.
How a concussion affects people depends partly on chance, partly on brain structure/chemistry, partly on where exactly the blow occurred, partly on what recovery support the person gets, and partly on whether there are repeated injuries.  Every situation is different, but they’re all traumatic brain injuries.
That people don’t take concussions seriously is no small source of fury for me.  We put children in situations where their brains are turned to jelly for “entertainment” or – worse – for the “betterment” of the kids. They end up with academic, emotional, physical, and social problems, which leads to fewer job opportunities, fewer meaningful social relationships, addiction, anger issues, etc.  Not terribly entertaining and certainly not better for the kids, I would say. 
(Not All Sports, etc.  But certain sports for sure.)
Forty years ago people talked about concussions as though they were equivalent to a twisted ankle.  In recent years we’ve started to take them seriously because the data is irrefutable: they can and do cause lifelong brain damage.  It’s going to take another forty years or more before we get protections in place for children, I imagine, but at least we’re starting the conversation. (Nobody argues with a TBI specialist more than a Sports Parent or coach -- it’s utterly gross the lengths some will go to so that little Johnny can have a shiny bit of metal for getting his head kicked in. But yeah, tell us again how bad participation ribbons are.)
We’re only just now starting to recognize that emotional traumas work in just the same way as physical traumas.  Maybe my friend walks away from an emotional trauma with symptoms that resolve in months or years, while I walk away from a similar trauma with lifelong depression/anxiety.  
The more frequent and serious the traumas, the higher the likelihood for lifelong consequences.
So yeah, I would say we Kids These Days (hilarious given I’m pushing 40 but okay) do talk about trauma more.  And that’s a good thing.  Maybe in a century we’ll have better protections in place to keep kids out of situations where we know they’re going to experience repeat traumas of either type.
We can’t necessarily stop one dumbass from conking themself on the head with a racket, but we can make it harder for kids to go around injuring one another or for adults to put children in situations where such behavior is permitted / encouraged.
I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with emotional concussions and traumatic emotional injuries, whether mild or profound.  You’re not alone.  Those injuries matter.  They’re worth talking about.  Don’t let the bastards tell you otherwise.  
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phoenixyfriend · 3 months ago
So, some non-sexual age play fic got cross-tagged with de-aging (which I was actually looking for, but I got curious about the other stuff) and just...
Authors do NOT want to touch on how this structure of universe* would intersect with disability politics and systemic ableism against developmentally and mentally disabled populations.
Anyway, going under a cut because I'm doing one of my "I know people write this either as a stress reliever/coping thing or as a kink, but I'm going to take this handful of elements I saw and go in an unintended direction" rambles like I did for omegaverse. Also this touches on a lot of the Ugly things about ableism, which I'll warn for in the tags if you want to check those before hitting 'read more.'
* Littles are a known, rare but widely-occurring phenomenon with some kind of physical, biological component that may include decelerated aging, and there are equivalent Caregiver roles that are similarly based in an unspecified biological, possibly genetic source.
It's a form of involuntary loss of mental faculty, inability to focus, incontinence, emotional instability, and dependence to the point of requiring a full-time caregiver. It has a lot in common with real-world disabilities! But in these fics, it's categorized and named, and social accepted and even celebrated (for cute/innocence reasons, which... reaches into fetishization), rather than widely disparaged. So how does that filter into non-Little forms of "adult that does not have adult faculties and requires care?"
What happens with a developmentally disabled person who doesn't WANT to be coddled, but is constantly given such treatment because the most visible form of such things is Littles, and people project onto disabled individuals what they'd want out of a Little 'if they had one.'
Like there's less "you're a parasite to society" bullshit, but way more infantilization and the like.
How do you even identify whether someone's a Little or has, let's say, long term brain damage from a childhood seizure? And since this is involuntary and is a disability in more than just a social model (that is to say, adjusting the world to be more disability-friendly would not remove the need for a caregiver), we also have to ask what happens if someone is a Little and doesn't want to be? What happens to them then?
Most of the fics I sifted through while looking to see if this had been addressed were clearly Coping or Personal Interests from people who are already in a real-life Little community of one sort or another, meant for Feel Good stuff, but one of them included Little clones being culled by the Kaminoans for their drawbacks as soldiers (as so many TCW fics like to play with), aaaaaand I got distracted by what the Senate petition to stop said culling would look like.
None of the below is more than tangentially related to the fic I read beyond 'Little clones exist and get culled' and 'Kix is a caregiver in this structure.' The rest is all me.
Anyway! In most of these AUs, 'Littles are Cherished' on a widespread societal level, so obviously they shouldn't be killed! Even the Senate can agree!
But then Kamino argues that in that case, they'd have to wait until later in life to identify problems, and would put years into training clones that actually DO have non-Little disabilities and will not be competent soldiers, wasting resources.
The Senate cares much more about that (money for useless clones that aren't socially important? Ghastly, tighten the budget please) and titters over it, and then someone (Padme? Bail? In my mind the person petitioning and giving on-the-ground reference info about Littles getting culled was Kix, who got caregiver designation in the fic that sparked this train of thought, so maybe him, except we need someone who can BE an asshole to other Senators without fucking up, so back to Padme) asks if that means they are specifically upset about not being able to murder toddlers for crying too much or being disabled.
And someone argues that clones might PRETEND to be Little too escape punishment or be removed from the army for safety, which is met with "I assure you that there are no troopers who are so ready to escape this situation that they will literally shit themselves for it. If a trooper wishes to dodge the call of the army, he'll just desert."
At that point someone else points out that they're clones, no people, so are they even REALLY Littles?
I also got to thinking about, like, what would a clone that was Little and got noticed but managed to not get culled be like? There are probably some, let's say like... three total Littles that the Kaminoans noticed that weren't culled, only because they displayed high levels of skill in a non-combat department.
(There were more, like a dozen or so, that escaped notice because the medics caught on and LIED THEIR ASSES OFF to protect their brothers.)
Only one of the three is allowed in the field. That one is Tech, with Hunter as caregiver, getting along with Wrecker well specifically due to Wrecker having a TBI with long-term effects that puts them on a comparable maturity level when Tech is regressed, so they're decent 'playmates'. (That may not be the best way to phrase it but I am very tired.)
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promptsforyourwhumpfic · 9 months ago
Whump Prompt #774
(In the lead up to whumptober I will be drawing from the alternatives list)
Head Injury
While traumatic brain injuries are a horrific ailment to suffer in real life, there's something quite pleasing about the symptoms when writing them for fictional characters...
Light sensitivity
Balance Issues
Vision Problems
Short/Long-term memory problems
Trouble thinking clearly,
Feeling more emotional
Easily frustrated/angered
The blend of symptoms make for a wonderful slow recovery fic filled with angst - particularly if writing graphic injury is not your cup of tea. 
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Tumblr media
Asking for help, even if it is just sharing to signal boost the shizz out of this to get me help from someone else.
Those of you that follow me know about my medical problems. But for those of you that don't my name is Leslie, I am 29 and am disabled. I am bedridden most days, I recieve in home care, I am wheelchair bound 90% of the time and rely on other assistive and adaptive equipment the rest of the time. I have what is considered "severe systemic disease" meaning I have multiple illnesses that affect my whole body but that are 'poorly controlled' because there arent cure alls or medication for alot of what I go through. I have functional neurological disorder, critical illness neuropathy, Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome, Autonomic Dysfunction, Postural Orthastatic Tachycardia Syndrome and other things that affect me both mentally and physically.
Due to my medical issues I an incontinent. I rely on self catheterization when I am able, foley catheters when necessary and absorbent protection always. My protection is something that does not upset me because consider my alternative. Changing clothes and destroying them, wrecking my bed and furniture and mostly my incontinence being a public display if it were visible and not concealed.
I have a few types of incontinence, 1. URGE INCONTINENCE this means I get sudden strong urges to go but usually not within enough time to get to the bathroom, 2. FUNCTIONAL INCONTINENCE meaning even if I get the urge in time because of my physical limitations often I cannot physically get myself to the bathroom or bedside cammode in time, 3. SENSORY INTEROCEPTION and SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER this means I do not always get the "signal" from my body to go, or if I do I do not recognize it, often times I know I need to go after it has started already, this also causes me to be considered "incontinent without sensory awareness" meaning I do not always recognize when I have used the bathroom. Due to Pelvic Floor dysfunction and neuropathy and the sensory issues I also deal with another kind of incontinence called 4. BOWEL/FECAL INCONTINENCE which is exactly what it sounds like. Luckily that isnt as bad as my urinary incontinence and I only have episodes of Bowel Incontinence a few times a week.
Unfortunately The american health care system fails, in more aspect than one and my insurance covers 1 type of brief which does not work for me, it causes me rashes, skin irritation and sores and they leak constantly. So I buy my protection out of pocket and use what works for me and what I know is effective for me.
I live below the poverty level on disability and am in financial hardship right now additionally because I have had excess appointments lately (diagnostics and testing for my GI problems and now more appointments to FINALLY get my feeding tube placed so I can eat and take my medication without the risk of choking or aspirating) as well as a roomate took off so we are having to cover their portion of bills and one of my fiance's renters took off so his income also took a hit.
I am EXTREMELY low on my supplies, and really need help to get more as my protection is something I heavily rely on and genuinely could not go without. I do what I can to stretch what I have and make it last but sadly, alot of the times that means wearing one longer than I should would can lead to skin breakdown and rashes and bed sores when bedridden or wheelchair bound like I am (I already have 2 on my bum) or cathing way more often than I should in an effort to keep my briefs dry but excessive cathing can cause damage, trauma and scarring to the urethra so I need to avoid doing it more than I am supposed to which is 5 times a day.
Please, please, please help me to get more of my supplies!!!! I genuinely feel so helpless and lost and do not know what I will do without my protection. Please help even if helping is just sharing so someone else who is able to help will see it.
I have a amazon wishlist with supplies that work for me and if that isnt doable I also have a paypal account if someone would rather just send funds and let me purchase on my own.
My paypal info is: @lesliedk
And my amazon wishlist link can be found here:
Please help me if you can!! If there is any more information anyone needs I will share what I can comfortably share. Huge thankyou in advance to anyone who can help a gal in need.
I love all of you very much!!!! Spoons and energy to all of you!! Brave on!!
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maiseey · 6 months ago
Let’s talk TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
Here’s a short overview of what medics look for when determining if someone has a TBI. The assessment the presentation refers to here (The “MACE 2”) is a great example of an accurate TBI exam. I’ve displayed most of it below the cut.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bpod-mrc · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Vision Loss
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are unfortunately quite common in humans. Mild cases may only affect your brain temporarily, but other more serious cases can cause long-term complications. TBI can often lead to long-lasting visual impairments like an inability to define shapes, a misalignment of the images that our brain processes from our eyes or a loss of spatial awareness. But why TBI causes these symptoms wasn’t clear until now. Researchers studied mice who had suffered a brain injury (damaged area shown in pink in these brain slices) and discovered that while the primary visual cortex, the region of the brain that processes visual cues, remained intact; there was a significant loss of neurons that were able to relay that information from the eye to the brain. Moreover, this ‘single blow’ appeared to cause permanent damage, but this knowledge is helpful to develop future therapy options including neuron transplantation.
Written by Sophie Arthur
Image from work by Jan C. Frankowski and Andrzej T. Foik, and colleagues
Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA
Image originally published with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Published in Communications Biology, November 2021
You can also follow BPoD on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
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stormr · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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