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I remember his voice. That makes this 100× worse

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overcorrecting for triggers is rude and you should stop. overcorrecting for triggers is manipulative, controlling of others, infantilizing, and not helpful. you’re not a progressive, woke, or good person for doing it. overcorrecting for triggers is not a good school, work, or institutional policy. you cannot tell other people what their triggers are. no one has to like or thank you for treating them like they’re made of broken glass.

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Me, talking to the spirits in my room: Please reveal yourself to me <3 

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it doesnt feel like it happened to this body, it feels like i discarded that vessel long ago

but my mind is still the same and i cant escape

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i just found out snape fanfiction exists - WHY

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All you have to do is stay alive. That’s it. There are literally no other requirements. Eat and drink the bare minimum you need to get by if that’s all you can do. Sit/lie down and do nothing all day, it’s ok. Just be here. You are so loved, I promise you. I love you. Yes, I know I don’t know you, but I love you. I love you so much. I’m not gonna say that it’ll be great one day, but it will be better than this. But no matter what happens in the future, you are enough RIGHT NOW. You deserve to be loved and cared about and alive TODAY.

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I want the pain to stop but I‘m nothing without it

What‘s gonna be left of me when the pain is gone

Who am I when I‘m not hurting

I can‘t take the pain anymore

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