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skrunklynoodle 24 days ago
We need to make an alliance
Criminal Case comics, no matter what season
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explore4release a year ago
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theeg0ldenh0ur 7 months ago
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I love looking back on moments from unexpected trips. I how l landed up in a beautiful space. Space as in, that very point in time and location! Sharing space and scenery with those two beautiful women who were working at one of the most simple but aesthetically pleasing hookah lounges I have ever been too! The calmness of the atmosphere and really being able to take in that I have just landed in another country and will experience beautiful places & people from this moment on. I was wearing a bikini and the grooviest mesh cover up. I felt beautiful, a little flashy because of my insistence of dressing like the stand out lioness I am, and most importantly a content but blooming excitement stirring in my core. This is along the lines of the life I will experience more of! I will have more ~
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ladyinpoetry 7 months ago
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Poem of the Day #445
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6lackestl0v3 11 months ago
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lets make our OWN memories, create OUR story, build US. im tired of seeing the same w everyone else, we鈥檙e different. my gorgeous, powerful, desirable, melanin, admirably worthy QUEEN, you are my world .
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golden-eisi a year ago
How to stop time: kiss.
How to travel in time: read.
How to escape time: music.
How to feel time: write.
How to release time: feel.
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iweon a year ago
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A beautiful moment somewhere in time ;)
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kaputtdankethanol a year ago
I've kept way too many things to myself.
My therapist said it's no good for my health.
Never told you how much I love you and I cared.
Never told you so much when you were standing right there.
It's so hard to speak...
Must be the anxiety that's always here crushing me.
So many words in my head, but nothing comes through my teeth.
I wish I told you how damn important you were to me.
I wish I told you baby and maybe you'd never leave.
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mllkymash 2 years ago
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abyssal-glory 23 days ago
I love you angry characters I love you revenge arcs I love you protagonists who kill people and don鈥檛 feel bad about it I love you manipulative heroes I love you gray morals I love you terrifying protagonists I love you characters who hold boiling grudges I love you characters who reveal that their perceived harmlessness was just patience the whole time I love you stories about atonement and rage and vengeance that don鈥檛 end in forgiveness or guilt I love you stories that explore the healing power of incandescent rage
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billiewena 11 months ago
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6lackestl0v3 2 months ago
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honestly feel i miss the image i created OF you, not the REALiTY of YOU鈥ts scary to keep coming back like this.
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marisatomay 11 months ago
cmon girlies we鈥檙e picking out a 10k+ single chapter fic on ao3 to read stomach down head turned towards our phones held next to our pillows as we move only our thumbs to scroll until our sedatives knock us out
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thegirlthatcriesacademia 2 months ago
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Time is nothing.
Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveller's Wife //Illustration by Lesley Imgart
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marlynnofmany 9 months ago
I knew that the eruption/explosion of Krakatoa was the loudest sound in recorded history, but I couldn鈥檛 quite grasp how loud until I got a couple details of perspective. This was in 1883.
The shock wave ruptured the eardrums of sailors 40 miles away.
The explosion was heard more than 3,000 miles away, and recorded all over the world.
It made tsunamis nearly 100 feet high.
Now picture this happening in modern times, with modern communications. Not only would there be uncountable videos and whatnot, but the timing is what really gets me. Imagine you鈥檙e going about your day, scrolling social media, and posts start pouring in about an apocalyptic volcano on the other side of the continent. The news are full of it. You spend ages glued to the screen; this isn鈥檛 remotely close to you, but it鈥檚 a big deal, and you know people who live closer to it.
Three hours later, something explodes outside. Propane tank? Car fire? Some jackass with illegal firecrackers?
Nope. That was the sound wave, finally reaching you.
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willowcrowned 10 months ago
time travel fics where it鈥檚 Luke and/or Leia who goes back to the prequels as opposed to prequels characters going back to the prequels are incredibly funny because instead of emotional tension you could cut with a knife and horrible grief overlaying every action it鈥檚 just one (or two) ridiculously powerful people running around with absolutely no idea what鈥檚 going besides (a) that the chancellor everybody loves is pure evil and plotting the downfall of the republic and (b) that their dad (with whom they have a VERY complex relationship) is, at best, old enough to be barely out of space college. who needs complex and carefully rendered plans based on a million different remembered factors when you can have one of the space twins seeing Palpatine and trying to kill him with their illegal laser sword on sight
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sightofsea 9 months ago
stories about time travel are about two things. number one is inevitable tragedy. number two is seeing that inevitable tragedy and saying oh god I will make this right please even if I can't fix it I will try to make this right. also I lied they're about three things and third is obviously love
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