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wormyorchids 3 days ago
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New zine printed!
You can find it at Etsy.com/shop/wormyorchidsart or sign up for my mailing list for a zine every month at Patreon.com/wormyorchids :))
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fairyyuki 7 months ago
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Today I bring you my art for the Wanderlust Klance travel zine. It's a beautiful travel-themed zine and it was really nice to be a part of it! 馃實
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bnhavacation a month ago
Contributor Lineup 馃帿鉁堬笍
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We're so excited to share our fantastic lineup of contributors with you!
@/cowgirlongirl (twt) @/anlyastar (twt & ig) @/cheriri0205 (twt) @/fireheart_aw (twt) @arcynnamon @/blue__azull (twt) @/GabiFalcaoArt (twt & ig) @/heyriel2go (twt) @/yallstari (twt) @/bkomei (twt)
@flyingjemsaucer @lilac8raccoon @/LYKAIOH (twt & carrd) @/karmahope2713 (twt) @/MellowDaydreams (twt & ig) @/Mika24601 (twt) @/mafuwafuwaa (twt & ig) @/Meggadoodle85 (twt) @/meggadoodle (ig)
@/o_fish_allydumb (twt) @/officiallydumb (ao3) @/ohpenyo (twt & ig) @/pandalanachick (twt) @/peterokii (twt) @/quirkred (twt) @/sazhimii (twt) @/semiT__T (twt) @/onierokinetic (twt & ao3) @/Malware_inc (twt & ig) @/katiesimrell (twt) @/snakesatsea (twt)
@/_snowflooks (twt) @/starryroyalty (twt & ao3) @/TheSideProtege (twt) @/thelackvoid (twt & ig) @/2_percentmilk (twt) @vianadraws @/YSHEAN3 (twt) @/yshean2225 (ig)
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klance-travel-zine a year ago
Preorders extended!
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The mods behind Wanderlust, a Klance-centric travel zine, have decided to extend preorders! Preorders will now close June 20, so make sure to grab your copy of the zine within the next month!
Remember that we also have some background ships included in drawings and writing, so expect to see some Veracxa, Romellura, Adashi, Curtashi, Curtadashi, and Hunay throughout the zine in addition to Klance!
One-Way Bundle: $15
Digital zine
Round Trip Bundle: $20
Digital zine
2 bonus merch oneshots
Preorder your copy of Wanderlust by FILLING OUT THIS FORM
To receive a copy of this zine, we require a few screenshots as proof of your donation to the Black Trans Travel Fund. You can donate more than the required minimum to receive one (or both) of the bundles, but you need to have donated at least $15 to receive the One-Way Bundle and at least $20 to receive the Round Trip Bundle.
We require a screenshot of your donation on the medium you choose to donate with (either PayPal, Cashapp, or Venmo). We also require screenshots of the entire subsequent email you receive after sending the money. Your name attached to your card/payment medium must be present in the screenshot, and it must match the name you write down on this form. The screenshot(s) of the email must also include the date sent.
Please blur out any sensitive information relating to the number on your card or bank account and/or your phone number (if applicable), but your name and the date MUST be present.
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taegitravelzine 9 months ago
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馃懇鈥嶁湀锔廡his is your captain speaking, please put your attention in the screen as we will be introducing the crew we have on-board with us in a while!
Welcoming the crew behind To The Depths and Ends: a Taehyung and Yoongi Travel Zine!
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We hope everyone is looking forward to seeing them!
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fionac-b a year ago
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Some pages from my recent sketchbook zine 馃挄 first of many mini books I want to make. Hopefully we鈥檒l get to go to Europe this summer - I鈥檇 love to make a full blown travel journal
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fanzines a year ago
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Zinester Sheina made a travel zine about Vienna during the pandemic. A6, 16 pages and full colour. Find it on Etsy.
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annazines a year ago
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Title: Surviving a long haul flight: Tips & tricks I learned from 12+ hours traveling
Author: Jessica of FakeBreakdownCrafts
In late 2019 I daydreamed about taking a trip over the next spring break. I wanted to fly away somewhere, sleep in a hotel, watch snow fall outside. Of course, that didn鈥檛 happen. I ended up buying this zine instead as a kind of escapism.
The zine is colorful, glossy, and overall beautiful. It has some good information and personal stories. I don鈥檛 often write about my own travels because it feels like bragging, like showing off my privilege as someone who鈥檚 gone on road trips and flown on planes. I鈥檓 beginning to think that鈥檚 not correct. For her part Jessica presents her travels as something fun, a story to share; I like that. I like reading about it.
This review was written October 7, 2020.
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wormyorchids 2 years ago
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Tryin to catch-up on inktober with a minizine about our bike journey!!
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bnhavacation 14 hours ago
Contributor Spotlight: Jemsauce
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Introducing our next page artist, @flyingjemsaucer!
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klance-travel-zine a year ago
Zine Preview: Tina
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Sly glances
Our eleventh preview for Wanderlust, this time for a piece drawn by @anothertina鈥!
This piece and many others can be enjoyed by preordering the zine! Bundles start at $15, so make sure to grab your copy soon!
Preorder the zine here!
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taegitravelzine 4 months ago
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Welcome, Passengers! Thank you for choosing To the Depths and Ends: a Taehyung and Yoongi Travel Zine as your travel companion.
Pre-orders will be open until March 9, 2022, 11:59PM, GMT+8. What are you waiting for?
Order here!
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鉁堬笍 Hugging?
- 70+ pages PDF zine
鉁堬笍 Hugging.
- 70+ pages physical zine
鉁堬笍 Matching Necklaces
- 70+ pages physical and PDF zine
- 1 print
- 1 washi tape
- 1 random polaroid
- 1 random charm
*Bundles are not eligible for stretch goals*
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monotonemanday 3 years ago
Viva Las Yoosung
Hey, Everyone! I know I am behind but this is the piece I wrote for the @mysmetravelzine MysMe Travel Zine! For the cutie that is Yoosung! Thanks to everyone who supported the zine. It was an amazing project to work on!!
His hands were clammy and his throat was closing up. Dry mouth and sweaty palms. He had traveled so many times before. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle. Traveling around the United States for Veterinarian expos and conferences. Yoosung wondered why this time he was so nervous. Contemplating what it might be, he came to a realization when warm slender fingers intertwined with his own and his moist palm was met with a soft one. He had never traveled with her before.
She was overjoyed and filled with excitement. Yoosung was finally taking her with him! Yoosung was a mess at conferences. Huge event centers in huge cities. Skyscrapers, High Rises, bustling streets, and pedestrians jumping in front of taxi cabs like they owned the streets. It made him anxious and incredibly nervous. Making a fool out of himself in front of the love of his life? No way. At least that's what he had hoped. She broke him down. MC and Yoosung were off to Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City. A three day conference. No big deal. Again, that's what Yoosung had hoped. MC decided otherwise. A weeks vacation.
鈥淢C...do you mind if I sleep on the plane? I am feeling a bit-鈥 He wasn't about to tell her he was nervous. 鈥淚'm feeling a bit...gassy.鈥
鈥淵ou'll still be gassy in your sleep, Yoosungieee.鈥 Her melodic teasing settled his nerves the tiniest bit. She closed her eyes and gave him her brightest and toothiest smile. 鈥淏ut yes, you can sleep. For half of the flight! The rest, we have to play games. OH! And you have to stay awake while the plane takes off. It's my first flight. You'll hold my hand won't you?鈥
Holding her delicate hand, he balled his free hand into a fist and clenched it tight. Steeling his resolve and deciding he would shake off all of his nerves. He was going to show her a good time, even if it destroyed him. Even if some mean hot dog cart owner made him cry again. MC deserved a great vacation.
鈥淥f course, Babe! I'll hold it nice and tight!鈥
鈥淏abe? Yoosung when did you get so bold?鈥 Batting her eyelashes just moments ago, her big doe eyes had now narrowed and a smirk crept upon her lips.
鈥淕et used to it MC, you're veterinarian extraordinaire, superstar gamer boyfriend is no more. You're with mature, jet setter boyfriend now. Travel-man Yoosung.鈥
MC and Travel-man Yoosung settled into their seats and quickly took to the sky. Holding hands and nuzzling the entire flight. The normal Yoosung had returned for the plane ride, but as soon as they landed, confident jet setter Yoos was back. Mustering all the confidence he could, Yoosung hailed a taxi once they retrieved their luggage from baggage claim and lead MC strongly by the hand. He planned on showing her a trip filled with more luxury than Jumin could offer, more romance than Zen could produce, and more visual pleasantries than God707 himself could create.
They stayed at a simple hotel and the conference flew by. MC enjoyed the minimalistic vacation they were sharing, but Yoosung had some tricks up his sleeves. On the last day of the conference, evening was fast approaching and Yoosung called out to MC from the bathroom of their hotel room.
鈥淗ey, MC. There was actually a mistake in the booking of our room. They overbooked.鈥
鈥淲hat was that, Yoosie?鈥
鈥淐an you pack up our bags?鈥 He raised his voice just a bit so she could hear him better. 鈥淲e have to leave!鈥
Confused but not naive enough to question and fluster her boyfriend, MC began to pack up their bags. All the while, Yoosung was in the bathroom getting ready to execute surprise after surprise. His timing was perfect. MC just finishing up her bag and moving on to Yoosungs, gasped and clapped her hands to her mouth.
'Put it on, MC.鈥
In her hands MC held an elegant strapless body-con dress. A vibrant red in color, and a smooth silk texture. Laid about in the bottom of the bag were tall thin heels and accessories to match the dress perfectly. MC turned around to see her normal cinnamon roll boyfriend dressed to the nines in a slick black tuxedo, leaning up against the wall. She gathered the things from the suitcase and rushed to the bathroom to change. Yoosung stepped out of her way and she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. His cheeks flushed pink. Yoosung finished packing the bags and called for them to be taken to their new destination.
MC emerged from the bathroom and Yoosung was starstruck. He could feel a bead of sweat drip down his neck. He thought he might have gotten himself in over his head. She looked like a movie star and he had rushing thoughts of her being stolen away. Shaking his head he regained his composure.
鈥淧icture perfect, Babe!鈥 Yoosung smiled at her and gave her a cheeky wink. He offered his arm for her to grab onto and he ushered her out of the room.
鈥淲ell Travel-man Yoosung, where are we headed?鈥 Yoosung's cheeks felt hot. He didn't think that nickname would stick. They had reached the lobby and MC was searching for any hints or clues to what he had planned.
鈥淎h, don't worry about it, Doll. We're on our way to a swanky dinner. However, I figured we could enjoy a walk on the Vegas Strip.鈥 MC giggled at the way her boyfriend was talking. Trying to fit in with the locals, she assumed. Like some high roller who could bet it all at an upscale casino.
They stepped out onto the Las Vegas strip and MC's eyes went as wide as dinner plates and Yoosung could swear he saw them twinkling brighter than the lights in front of them. It was warm out. A dry heat. When they looked up they could definitely tell that it was night time but there wasn't a bit of darkness out. Not on Las Vegas Boulevard. They began to walk towards their destination hand in hand. MC was gasping and flitting back and forth between each side of the street, pointing and clapping in awe. She was like a child having the time of her life. Street performers every several feet. Musicians, Comedians, Dancers, Acrobats, and people with just silly talents. They past the giant Coca-Cola bottle, The large M&M's store, the small scale but beautifully lit Eiffel Tower, as well as the miniature Statue of Liberty. Everywhere they turned there were people in elaborate costumes. Women dressed in magnificent headdresses with feathers, glitter, beads, sequin and more material than their actual outfits. Most people dawned more skin than clothes. Flashing lights of every color surrounded them and music and beautiful noisy chaos came at the pair from every angle. MC was overwhelmed and overjoyed. Yoosung however, was not. He was a wreck. Worrying about the scantily dressed women coming up to him or the men in thongs dancing up on MC. Getting them lost in the crowd. He narrowed his focus and rushed them to their destination.
There they stood. In front of one of the most expensive looking hotels MC had ever seen. The Bellagio. A large pool of water was laid out before them and suddenly bursts of water shot upward towards the sky. Fountains accompanied by lights danced before their eyes. The Pink Panther Theme Song. The jazzy melody played through speakers and the fountains danced perfectly choreographed to the music. In the dry desert heat the beautiful fountains offered a light breeze and a subtle mist. Their shadows and silhouettes danced and flickered behind them as the water rocketed in front of them and the glow from the fountain lights illuminating their bright young faces. Their expressions ranging from in awe to enamored by the enchanting spectacle before them. Watching the streams of water dance gracefully and sway before their eyes MC felt Yoosung's grip on her hand feel less tight. It was the first time he had relaxed all night. She turned toward her boyfriend.
鈥淵oosung. Thank you. Thank you so much. This is wonderful and I'm so happy you brought me to this lively city and I am sure you have such an extravagant night planned.鈥 He began to sweat. He wasn't sure what she was going on about. It sounded like the beginning of a clich茅 break up. Before he could completely panic MC held his face in her hands.
鈥淏ut you don't have to stress yourself out trying to impress me. We could go hiking and stay in a run down shack for a month. You don't have to spend money like Jumin, or plan something out of a romance novel like Zen. Anywhere with you is a place I would be more than happy to visit. I love you. So take a deep breath and relax. Here underneath all these bright lights, what shines the most to me Yoosung, is you.鈥
Yoosung kissed MC softly and brushed the hair out of her face. 鈥淵ou have no idea how much that means to me MC. I am sorry for being so tense. I just wanted to impress you and show you a wonderful vacation.鈥
鈥淲ell our vacation isn't over. So what is next Travel-man Yoosung?鈥 MC winked at her boyfriend and he gave a light chuckle.
鈥淏abe, we're going to get you the fanciest steak money can buy, the strongest cocktail at the most lavish bar. Some scumbag will hit on you and I'll punch his lights out. Then we're going to blow all our chips and money at the roulette table.鈥 Yoosung grabbed MC's hand and began running toward the extravagant front doors of The Bellagio's entrance. 鈥淰IVA LAS VEGAS!鈥
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asteriskpress 2 years ago
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Sorry for the radio silence as usual... TCAF was of course absolutely amazing and I鈥檝e been taking a break from zine life now that I have a real job (oof). I went to Italy for a brief trip (sadly not one month long like my other vacations) and am now working on my third zine in this travel series following up with Japan: Summer 2017 and Taiwan: Fall 2018.聽
In case you haven鈥檛 noticed I like to set a lot of rules for myself (like Fluxus-esque score making... I took a class on this and I don鈥檛 know how to explain this anymore). For this series it鈥檚:
-no more than 4-5 colors used (I cheated in Taiwan by using opaque colors to fill in things like grass and water)
-outlines/line art based on photographs I鈥檝e taken (my travel photos are kind of terrible because I put in so little effort and I didn鈥檛 bring my real camera for this trip but they turned out... slightly usable)聽
-traveling to a different country every year for an extended amount of time (more than a week ideally; I really liked keeping in theme with my month-long trips but now I鈥檓 strapped down by a job lol) (also sorry but Canada doesn鈥檛 count) (well maybe if I take a cool vacation there and not just travel for comic fests) (also i really want to go back to Japan but I feel obligated to travel elsewhere to make a zine about it) (life is art?)
-same number of pages, layouts (one full page spread in the middle), travel tips, recommendations, etc.
-now that I have a nice new printer I鈥檓 going to work on making the covers consistent so they鈥檒l look more like a series!! I love that astroparche vellum paper so eventually I will buy some of the light blue for a Japan reprint (I鈥檝e done a small number on it before) and I鈥檓 thinking a cream color for this Italy one (is this yellow ink going to be printable? stay tuned)
that was more information than anyone could have ever wanted but that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 excited about and I like talking through my process.
thx for reading, I鈥檓 getting ready for San Francisco Zine Fest on September 1 and then flying for Long Beach Zine Fest on September 8!
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noragamitravels 2 years ago
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Preorders for the Noragami Travel Zine: A Trip Between Worlds open in 2 more days!
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mysmetravelzine 4 years ago
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Meet the team!!!
Our amazing guest contributors are all set and ready to go! Be sure to check out their works before we take off!
鈥 @1o8k
鈥 @myetie
鈥 @kilofox | AO3
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maiji 3 years ago
People in Front of Places
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Last night I found a small box of pages from one of my favourite zine projects - People in Front of Places. It features illustrations of 10 photos I've taken on various outings - Canada, US, Japan, Austria - which I then added characters to, and wrote a short poem/story for each.
I finished assembling these, so now I have a few more copies available! Available in my shop at store.humangray.com
#zines #art #ink #drawings #illustrations #poetry #microfiction #travelzine #artistsoninstagram
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