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Ever met anyone who is really boring on your travels?

Where, when and why?

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Road trip in Europe vs America?

I’m thinking of travelling either Europe or America this summer, and I’m wondering what you guys think would be more fun for me (21 M)? I live in Britain in case that’s relevant.

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I want to take a break/leave my life for about 6 months at least

I want to take a break/leave my life for about 6 months at least, I’m currently in college but im more and more realizing that this isn’t for me, since I already changed my major once. I recently turned 23 and am nowhere near to finishing college and rather close to having a burn out. I dont feel right, stopped talking to my family for over a year even tho im still living at home. Can’t get out of my bed for weeks (more like months) and am just unhappy in general, can’t find any joy in anything. So the idea of leaving my current life in western europe for a couple of months and moving to a little apartment in the Mediterranean my family owns came to my mind.

The biggest problem that occurs to me is: I need to start making money online without any real skills, 400-600 $/€ would be enough. But not with braindead jobs like surveys or anything. Does anyone a subreddit to post this in?

In my time off I thought about getting more in touch with the nature ( plants, etc) {subreddit?}

Start working out {subreddit?}

Read a lot of books to improve my mental and physical health and also my knowledge and maybe go into philosophical stuff {subreddit?}

There are so many more things in my head but since im close to burn out I can’t sort them and tend to lose my overview instantly, but I hope u got the idea of what I was trying to say so if anyone knows subreddits that could find, please let me know.

PS: you might’ve realized already but I’m new to reddit

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Pertunjukan Kecak Dance (FULL) Di Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali

Pertunjukan Kecak Dance (FULL) Di Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali

Pertunjukan Kecak Dance (FULL) Di Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali
Jangan Lupa Untuk Subscribe, Like, Comment Dan Share Youtube Channel: Ngurah Surya Kusuma »


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Solo traveling Brazil with no Portuguese……any advice?

Going solo to Brazil by the end of Jan. Trying to learn as much of their language as I can before going but obviously will only have the bare essentials down.

Are there many English speakers there? Are hostels currently open with other travelers? Any advice and tips welcome!! I start off in Rio

Sidenote, if anyone is keen to join let me know

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Need Help on first Solo trip

Hello solo travelers! Glad I found this trend. I wanna travel more this year and I’m planning my first Solo trip. It’s for my birthday in March… I’m thinking Punta Cana or Cancun or Jamaica. I’m in NY and have a Green card and being in the US for 8 years and passport from Nigeria. I’m a bit of an over thinker and I would like to know everything and anything I should know. Advice, info, what to do to have max fun (I’m an introvert). Thanks guys

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Exodus Travel group question

Hi all, I’ve been looking at going on a group tour (In a post COVID world) and Exodus Tours have really stood out for me, they offer a lot of really interesting tours in areas I want to visit (Balkans) and there’s a lot of walking and hiking involved on them too which is another box of mine ticked. My question is, I’m 22 years old, if any of you have travelled with Exodus before, were there people in the group around that my age range or was it more catered to people who are in a slightly older age category? Cheers!

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What place did you have low expectations for that you ended up loving?

Mine was Barcelona, Spain. I thought it would be ok, but had no idea just how much I would enjoy the city. The people were very friendly, the food was great, the city and overall architecture was beautiful and it was a very peaceful and enriching experience.

What about you guys?

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How long should I stay in a state?

Hello. Looking to move to scottsdale, Arizona this year. My lease is up in august and I have furniture and a car. I already work from home but I might want to find something different and I heard temp jobs are good for meeting people and getting to know the city.

How long should I stay in arizona before I make the choice to actually stay there for good ?

I am now opening a savings account now so I will be able to put away money.

My boss did talk about how she could get my whole trip expensed if I want to stay more than a week. She even suggested a month. I WAS SO IN Shock.

What do you think I should do?

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The most amazing place you’ve been to?

For my future world trip I’m trying to make a list of unique places. I will be planning my route based on these locations. I already have a few such as some abandoned towns in Russia and mega mall in China, but I would love to hear what everyone’s travel/location highlight is?

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Luxury hotel Marriott Mena house

The Beauty and Greatness of Egypt
عظمة وروعة وجمال مصر 🇪🇬🙏❤️👑🌞🌎🌍🌏🌝🌴🐪✈️⛵️

Beautiful 🥰❤️

Beauty ☺️😜☺️ Egypt

Egypt, The Most Fascinating Country on Earth

Beautiful egypt


Wonderful Egypt
The Incredible Beauty of The Ancient Egyptian Jewelries 🇪🇬❤️👑💍👒

Beautiful Scenes from The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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My sister in law sent me this pictures she took while on our Japan trip in 2019

I will never forget how amazing it was to spend time in Tokyo and Kyoto

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