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Connecting flight in US from UK?

Hi all, have tried scowering the web but really can’t find an answer for this one - > I’m looking to travel from London to Cancún, our direct flight was cancelled and now some of the best options go through US airports.

With the restrictions on entering the US right now, does that also apply to being at an airport for a connecting flight, or will I still be permitted?

All the best

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Podcast about weird experiences solo traveling

I’m thinking about making a podcast specifically about interesting and strange experiences people have had when solo traveling.

Message me if you’re interested, and have some stories to tell!

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Hi and an Introduction

I’ve been traveling solo around the country fulltime for five years in a converted campervan. So far I’ve visited 70-some cities in 34 states, and have written three books about my travels. Sadly, the pandemic has clipped my wings, and I am currently holed up in Florida waiting for the situation to get better so I can travel again.

I was planning to visit Canada when the pandemic kicked in, so that will likely be where I go first once it’s safe.

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Did anyone struggle with asthma abroad? (central/south america etc)

I traveled to Mexico City a couple of years ago, and upon stepping out of the airport I felt as though it was a struggle to breathe. I only have mild asthma and it’s never caused me a big problem to be honest. But as soon as I stepped into Mexico City I started to panic, because this sensation of not being able to breathe just wouldn’t leave. I remember going to bed and almost gasping for breath. Either way, in the 2 weeks I was there, I got used to it eventually but I was never fully comfortable. I can only assume this is because MXC is high above sea level?

Been planning to go through CA/SA at some point next year by myself but I notice that many other SA/CA cities are high above sea level. Across Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Bolivia, are cities with higher sea levels than MXC.

Even without COVID right now, it makes me wonder how I will cope in these places? Has anyone else with asthma, or like in my case, mild asthma, traveled to these regions? Was it a struggle breathing etc?

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I never get tired of seeing this amazing view! 😍🥰 I’m so totally in love with Positano! ❤️🤗 Buongiorno!!! 😘

#love #passion #makeithappen #branding #marketing #gorgeous #view #peaceful #mylife #explore #traveling #living #queen #innovation #creativity #soul #connection #subconscious #beautiful #igdaily #beach #myplace #heart #healing #resting (at Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy)

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