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travis hackett doodles (featuring laura and max being a couple in the bg)
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quick Travis between commissions BACK TO WORK
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the quarry as john mulaney quotes! yes it was inevitable
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emma (as Theater Coach™)
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Made a thing ❤️🫶🏻🩸
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A/n: Man that card his mother gave him made me sad, what an old bitch.
Dad!Travis, cause I totally figured that the man would be a l loving dad and husband.
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Travis jumped, the man wasn’t expecting this. Last year he just drank beers with Chris and get some crappy card from his mother. He expected the same thing this year but with you smiling at him that was a sign that he was going to be wrong.
“Happy birthday…you know I can’t believe you never told me your birthday. Sucks that Laura had to tell me.”
Travis wrinkled his nose. “Well Laura only found out because she was snooping through my shit and two my birthday doesn’t matter….it never did.”
It broke your heart hearing him say that, that he still had this self doubt about himself. Sharing your head you wrapped your arms around his neck, you had to stand on your toes since he was so tall. “You need to get that thought out of your head Travis. You matter to a lot people. Me, your son.”
“He’s a baby.”
“And get your the only one that can stop him from crying…also Laura, Max, Chris, Bobby….you matter Travis. You don’t need your bitch of a mothers approval or the shit card she gives .” Cupping his cheeks you then turned to the crib. Your son doing his best to stand, his little fingers grasping the bars of the crib. “Isn’t they right sweetie!”
Walking over to the crib you picked the baby up, he let out a little giggle, gurgling in your arms though his eyes latched onto his father. His little hands reaching out to the man. “See!’someone wants to see Daddy.”
Chuckling for a moment, Travis took his son from your arms. The baby reaching up to place his little hands on his cheeks.
“See! Silas is saying happy birthday daddy! Don’t be sad daddy!” You teased placing a kiss to his cheek, the baby snuggling into his fathers chest.
“Alright! I get it, I’m loved.” Travis sighed as he pulled you in close. “So we should head out for that birthday dinner right and maybe have a little birthday sex.”
Grinning you placed a kiss against his jaw. “I wouldn’t have it any other way birthday boy.”
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I just noticed something heartbreaking in the scene when Travis tells his Ma that Kaylee is dead. He’s hunkered down by her chair and when she turns toward him in disbelief he flinches away from her hands, and then quickly stands up and backs away.
Constance Hackett can go to hell.
*mashes the button harder in the next scene*
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sgt-dignam · 6 hours ago
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come on, t-money. lighten up, man. no reason we can’t be buds, right? i can think of 7. really, 7?
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Travis/Laura shippers be like
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/the cop didn't expect this.
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Laura - The Quarry 🌙☀️
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What he says: "I'm in charge here."
What he means: "Please please help me. I have no idea what I'm doing, oh god."
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I love their relationship so much! 🌞
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gamingaquarius · a day ago
I'm need to be up at 7am for a 6 hour shift and I can't sleep.
So... instead of trying to doze off to the "land of nod" like a normal human being, I'm looking at pictures of Ted Raimi. Because my childhood crush on him has resurfaced due to The Quarry and you simping lot...
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freuleinanna · a day ago
Laura & Max, narrating: Despite being at a loss for words, he yelled at us for the next 45 minutes
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multi-fandom-imagine · a day ago
Time: 1:22am
Place: Work
Thoughts/Mood: Wanting to be dicked down by Travis Hackett.
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The real Hag of Hackett’s Quarry was Constance Hackett all along
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mutual-monsters · a day ago
anything you say can and will be held against you (so only say my name)
Pairing: dark!Travis Hackett x afab!gn!reader
TW: kidnapping, dub-con/non-con, stockholm syndrome (kinda?), masturbation (reader), p in v, humiliation, breeding, bondage, praise, sir/authority kink, pet names (darlin’, little one, sweetheart, doll), probably a lot of issues of with the tenses, not proof’d or beta’d
Summary: Tensions increase as your time under Sheriff Hackett's captivity starts to add up
Word count: 962
A/N: Hey, guys 🧍 sorry for not writing for so long! But, I’m back with this! I’ll try to be on more often!!
Oh! And the title of this song (predictably) comes from this Fall Out Boy song.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You accosted yourself as you woke up in the North Kill city jail cells. This was probably your fault. That sheriff had told you to that Goddamn motel. But, your curiosity had gotten the best of you and after all, what could that shady ass cop know anyways?
So, of course, when you woke up with a splitting headache, locked up in a foreign place and all alone, you knew you were fucked beyond belief. You just didn’t know how exactly. 
For the first few days, he didn’t talk to you much; he fed you, gave you a change of clothes, but he never opted to stick around long. And this was could be good, of course. Not everybody wants to be interacting on a personal level with someone like that, but simultaneously, the isolation was killing you. The ringing in your ears was starting to drive you mad, and not to mention the growing need between your thighs…
Travis Hackett, the sheriff who had been holding you hostage, brought you food every morning at 8:00– A bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice on a tray. 
As he slid it through on this day, he pulled up a chair. 
“Mind if I eat with ya?”
You looked up to him, nervous to answer him, and disturbed by his casual side. “Um, s-sure sheriff. I don’t mind.” A smile curves on your lips as they tremble.
“Thank you, darlin’.”
You both sat in silence for a while, eating your food and taking each other in. 
“I, uh,” His voice cracks a little, “I haven’t had breakfast with anyone in a long time. This is nice.”
Again, you smiled to him and nodded, talking to him for a while, indulging in his presence. 
Without warning, he stood, holding his bowl and dragging his chair back to his desk. 
“Well, darlin’, I’ve gotta go. ‘m sorry to impose.”
“No, sir. I-it was no trouble at all.”
You watch diligently as he gathered your tray and walked out of the room, focusing your eyes on the bulge straining against his pants.
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All morning your mind kept wandering to Sheriff Hackett. The sound of his voice, the way he smelt, the feeling of his skin, the size of his cock. The pool of arousal between your thighs grew slicker and slicker.
And then, you remembered the pillow lying next to you. Quickly you stripped off your pants, and eyed the pillow, slowly placing it below you. You mounted the pillow awkwardly, desperate for any friction, and began grinding down upon it. As you increased your pace, sweat dripped down your forehead, and you bit further into your lip desperately trying to stifle your moans. Soaking the pillow now, your mouth flew open, crying out begging, pleading for release, so much so that you didn’t even notice Travis’ name coming from your mouth, flowing out over and over like a waterfall. 
You were oblivious to the footsteps coming towards you, that of Sheriff Hackett’s, becoming slower and less methodical as he came to see what you were really doing. You didn’t even notice as he stood there, mouth agape, and then regaining his composure to speak to you. 
“Well, what do we have here?” He asked, eyes dragging over your exposed body.
“I– Sheriff! This isn’t what it looks like! I swear!”
A smug look drapped itself over his face, “Then what, pray tell, is it then?”
“Um, I, well…” You trail off.
“Because, sweetheart,” he says as he unlocked the door to your cell, “It looked like you were fuckin’ yourself silly just on account of me.”
He takes a few steps toward you, allowing you to answer. Still completely dumbfounded, and now blushing like crazy, you don’t respond. 
“Answer me, little one. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me what you were doin’ in here all by yourself.” He grabs your chin with his hand, forcing you to look him in the eye.
You swallow your pride, “Sir, I was…I was thinking of you.”
“And…and I was fucking myself with the pillow you gave me.”
“Good job, little one.”
You feel the pride swell in your chest as your captor rubs his thumb against your cheek, leaning into his touch.
“Now, darlin’, I need you to sit still while I put these handcuffs on ya, alright?”
You hesitate. His patience runs thin. 
“Be a good doll and answer me.”
“Y-yes, sir. Sorry, sir.”
“‘s alright darlin’.”
Swiftly, he pulls his cuff off his belt and wraps them around your wrists, strapping you to the cold metal bars of the bed below. He moves then to your underwear, removing them with no hesitation, tossing them to the side and onto the cool floor of the cell. 
Your eyes meet.
“Please,” you whisper. You don’t specify what.
“Don’t worry, doll. I gotcha.”
Once again without warning, as if it is his only option, he slides into you, mercilessly and without preparation. You cry out, begging for him to slow his brutal pace; he ignores your pleas. 
“Travis,” you beg, “Travis, please– I can’t!”
He leans to whisper in your ear as one of his hands finds your clit.
“Darlin’,” his voice is sharp now, “you’ve no idea how much I’ve been needin’ this.”
His pace never falters, his thumb rubs tight circles around your clit.
“I know you’re close. You might as well jus’ quit squirmin’ an’ lemme fill you up. It’ll be easier that way.”
You let it wash over you, knowing he is right, and feel yourself tighten around him. Eventually, he comes to a slow and releases himself inside you.
Travis stands, uncuffing you and placing his hand on yours. 
“Y’know, sweetheart? I think I just might keep you.”
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