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koihoi · a day ago
Tumblr media
late night gansey feels
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imgoingtoeatyourknees · 2 days ago
gaslight: Adam
gatekeep: Noah
girlboss: Blue
mansplain: Gansey
manipulate: Ronan
manwhore: Henry
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starryspectre · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I finished Mr Impossible months ago and I’m still hung up on that ending ugh!!
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kingreader · 2 days ago
oh you kin adam parrish? cool so at what age did you start overworking yourself in an attempt to get rid of the overwhelming feeling that you’ll never be good enough?
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orangesandblues · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hennessy seriously needs more love she’s such a queen <3 Sorry for the shitty quality, I’m still figuring out canvas sizes  Can you guess the painting on the right?👀
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murderboyparrish · 23 hours ago
this is one of the most common words i see people who don't like adam using, mainly, on twitter. but why? why does adam parrish bother people so much?
i'll try to explain...
lack of empathy, lack of putting yourself in the other's shoes, lack of understanding why the person has that particular reaction. adam bothers because people like adam were made to bother, were made to demonstrate that unconventional reactions exist, "unpleasant" reactions are results that fall outside the morality of wanting victims of abuse to behave in passive, calm and disciplinary ways.
i don't know about you but if i were a victim of physical and psychological violence, had several jobs, tried my best and still looked for a welsh king with my friends i wouldn't have a gentle and calm demeanor; it is incohesive, it is illusory, it is short-sighted.
annoying is a pathetic and even cruel word for adam. it's okay if you don't like him for various reasons, it's not his problem and it's not mine, it's your problem, it's society's problem, which always imposes victims as people who shouldn't have reactions, let's say, "unusual ".
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koihoi · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gansey and Ronan as cowboys!
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the-ghost-king · 2 days ago
Hey, TRC fandom! Please stop referring to Adam's ears as good or bad! He has a hearing ear and a deaf ear! Deafness is not any sort of moral alignment, hearing isn't "good" it's weird and more importantly- ableist!
Also, if there's any reason you're holding on to the idea knowing this (which I promise, there's no reason to) in canonical text Adam is never referred to as having a "good ear". It's always either his "deaf ear" or his "hearing ear":
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I promise there is no point in any of my versions where Stiefvater calls Adam's hearing ear his "good ear" and there's no reason you should be doing it either!
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paunchsalazar · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ronan is getting up there on my list of protagonists of all time
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robobee · 9 hours ago
evil henry cheng voice be afraid and unhappy
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wespers · 21 hours ago
pretty fucking rude that i’m never gonna look out the passenger window of my best friend’s car and see my soulmate walking their bike up the hill and tilt my head back and think please and then 2 years later end up having my first kiss with them in my childhood bedroom and they fall in love with me so deeply that they accept me, terrible surface flaws and all, and drive home from harvard on their motorcycle just to spend 3 hours with me on my birthday
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Prompt: “You’re adorable when you’re mad”
It wasn’t when Ronan came home with bruises across his knuckles.
It wasn’t when Ronan came home with bruises on his arms.
It wasn’t even when Ronan came home with a fresh bruise blooming in an eye socket, more pink than purple still.
It was when Ronan stumbled through the front door of Monmouth Manufacturing bleeding. Two streams trickling from his nose. A smear of it on his mouth, lining his teeth. A whole gash on his temple, the blood thick and clotting and so apparent with no hair to hide it. And a thin slice down the column of his neck, clean as the cut of a knife.
This was when Gansey finally lost his temper.
“Where is he?” he demanded, the bark of his voice a shock to his own ears, even as he struggled to keep his hands gentle. They wrapped around Ronan, tugged him into the bathroom. They trembled as they turned on the tap.
“Gone, I’m sure,” Ronan mumbled. He avoided Gansey’s eye as he slouched on the lid of the toilet, looking more admonished than hurt. What a terrifying thought, that Ronan could appear at his doorstep looking like a bloody rag and care more about Gansey’s judgment than his own pain. What a terrifying thought, that he would ever imagine Gansey to judge him.
It sobered him. But only a little.
“Where is he, Ronan?” Gansey snarled. He wiped a towel against Ronan’s forehead, thankful to see the bleeding had stopped, but all that red only colored his vision, only fueled the fury in the pit of his stomach.
Ronan didn’t even wince, just ground his teeth tighter.
“He’ll be with his pack of dogs, if he’s even still there,” Ronan evaded again. He sniffed, running the back of his hand under his nose. He looked studiously at the smear, contemplating that part of his body that had made its way to the outside when it was supposed to stay inside.
Gansey took that hand in his own and wiped it clean, too.
“Ronan,” he said seriously, purposefully, intentionally, “Where. The fuck. Is Joseph. Kavinsky.”
Ronan caved.
Gansey had never driven faster.
The church emerged from the mist, still smelling of a fight.
As predicted, five figures slipped between the trees of the woods that began behind the building. Four of them were silhouetted, visible more by voice than by body. One of them was illuminated by the headlights of a car, parked dangerously close to a locked box of offerings. He was the only one not joking, not scoffing, not mindless to the rage of the night.
Joseph Kavinsky didn’t even squint when Gansey’s headlights joined his spotlight. He simply grabbed the pair of shades hooked on the front of his tank and casually threw them across his eyes.
Gansey killed the engine.
Kavinsky smirked.
“Don’t tell me you left the dog all by himself to lick his own wounds?” Kavinsky purred. At the sound of his voice the four other ghosts looked up. Their grins reflected the unyielding light. Four sets of bared teeth creeping through the woods.
“That you gave him,” Gansey spat, and his voice sounded foreign. What are you doing here? his real voice asked in the back of his head. You left him all by himself, all by himself, all by—
This was not a night to listen to his conscience.
Kavinsky leaned back against a tree, the length of his body unveiling muscle and power Gansey hadn’t noticed before. Like he was showing off. Like he was saying yes, I am capable of hurting, and I have hurt. And then his hand slipped into the front of his jeans and emerged with a slender pocket knife, and something fell in Gansey’s stomach.
Kavinsky said nothing. He just lounged there, staring, smirking, waiting for Gansey to say what it was he had come to say.
“Stop. Stop touching him. Stop talking to him. Stop looking at him, for Christ’s sake. I don’t want his name on your lips or his blood on your knuckles ever again.”
This is exactly what Gansey had wanted to say. But Kavinsky was not the person he truly wanted to say it to.
Still, Kavinsky was the one who heard it, who rolled his eyes and waved his hand, sending his shadows deeper into the woods, a sudden sense of privacy enveloping the fragile night.
“Dick,” he began, with a self-righteous condensation Gansey had never heard from him before, “Haven’t you ever considered that maybe he likes it? That maybe—” And here he paused to push off from the tree, to step closer until he was eye to eye with Gansey, “He asks me for it?”
No. No Gansey had not considered this, would never dream of considering it, couldn’t fathom why anyone would consider it—
But then Kavinsky’s full lips quirked up and the faintest eyelash fluttered through shaded lenses, and such a sudden fire ignited in Gansey’s stomach that he forgot his anger for a moment.
“Ah,” Kavinsky observed. “Now you understand.”
“I don’t—there’s nothing—he wouldn’t—”
Kavinsky’s skinny hand looped around the back of his neck, his thumb rubbed under Gansey’s ear, and everything inside him stilled. “You’re adorable when you’re mad,” he smirked, “But you’re sexy when you’re flustered.”
Gansey wrenched his body back, wrenching a caw of a laugh from Kavinsky with it. The fire had ascended to his face, where it burned his cheeks.
“I didn’t ask for it,” he finally stammered with any dignity he could assemble. “So don’t touch me.”
Kavinsky slouched back to his post on the tree, and then four shadows were moving through the woods again. “Noted, sweetheart.” He flicked the pocketknife open, then closed. Open, then closed. “But if you’re looking to feel something, you know where to find me.”
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ardenetoile · a day ago
Tumblr media
Redraw of this piece of my art from 2019
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brophigenia · a day ago
Imagine K being so annoyed and starved for attention that it’s physically giving him a headache. Sending suggestive, wordless Snaps to the Pack. Aggravating Gansey with a borrowed phone. Finally showing up at the Barns to pick a fight with Ronan, even though they’re too grown up to fight like boys anymore.
Imagine Ronan, 25 and filled out into the figure he’d nearly had as a teenager, Ronan with a beard, Ronan with more tattoos like love notes scattered over his skin, one for every person he adores.
Ronan, not as hotheaded now as he’d been, taking K, just as reckless as ever, down. And it’s everything K ever wanted but nothing like that at all— he’d wanted Ronan on his leash, at his feet, at his command when he’d only understood sex as a struggle for power and control. Now he’s got Ronan’s big hands on his still-bony hips, smudging bruises into his olive skin, turning black and blue like Ronan’s got some fucked up version of the Midas touch, and yet Ronan is so fucking gentle. Taking him out of his head, making him feel seen.
You ever think about that?
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puhnatsson · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
✨boyz’n’cars✨ adam i-can-ride-a-bike-or-you parrish 🤤😍♥️ extra adam on impossible dreamy wheels for boys/cars series. calendar and set are coming 🙌
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