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gansey: “no one cares about me”

adam, pointing at himself: “are you sure?” 

adam, pointing at ronan, noah, henry, and blue: “ARE YOU SURE??”

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Summary: Gansey can’t stop thinking about Ronan tickling him to pieces on the couch and tries to seek the other out for a repeat of that day. Ronan is happy to oblige so long as he hears a certain confession from the other boy. 

Gansey had been trying all week to get Ronan to tickle him, and the fifth time it happened Ronan finally caught on to what was happening.

After that first and second time on the couch, Ronan had left the other boy relatively alone. There were a couple moments when Ronan would jab him in the ribs, or that teasing smirk would play once again at his lips, moments where Gansey suspected he would pounce. Each time nothing happened. It was almost annoying as Gansey had been on edge ever since that day, waiting for Ronan to take advantage of his newfound information. As days and then weeks went by, however, Gansey began to accept that maybe he had forgotten. Or worse—maybe he was weirded out by the whole thing and was avoiding him on purpose. The thought was mortifying and Gansey tried to push it from his mind, though anxiety kept it there at the edges of his consciousness, needling away at him endlessly.

After a while of this strange radio silence from Ronan, Gansey decided to take matters into his own hands. The first time he had provoked Ronan into retaliation he had been acting like a dick; maybe it would work a second time.

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if we don’t laugh about the horrible parental neglect we’ll cry

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thanks to everyone who took the quiz and especially to those who left messages theyre very entertaining to read through ;p

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i just think trc quizzes giving me gansey as a result qualifies as a hate crime

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to this day the most unrealistic part of trc is ronan being a middle child

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The thing with being the one leftover, the not-favorite of three siblings is one might end up thinking things in the range of “hey its no’s only human to have favourites and it’s not like they can control it”

to “i will do my own things. I will stand on my own and be my own person. I don’t need their validations”

to “maybe i will never be loved by anyone or be anyone’s favourite since even my parents don’t find me special”

And it swings and swings back and forth like a pendulum.

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My ronsey trash ass re-reading that one scene in the dollar store over and over again: Art. 

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somebody: niall lynch is a loveable asshole

me: he neglected his children and put his family in considerable danger


me: I do see ur point tho

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I love the fact that the whole trc fandom agrees that ronan had a thing for gansey at one point in his life

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I was asked to list some Soulmate Pynch fics that I liked. So here they are, in no particular order. 

💞 awake and unreal by dykemedusa (Rated T)

The first time Ronan found a soul mark, he was eight years old. When he lifted off his shirt to climb into the bath one afternoon, there was a blotchy, purple bruise on his stomach.

or: the soulmate AU where whatever marking your soulmate gets, it appears on your own skin for 24 hours

💞 Welcome to Starbucks by A_Fantasist / @blankinsidecards​​ (Rated T)

Most people would’ve gone searching. Most people would’ve visited every coffee shop in the nation. But Ronan thought that was stupid. The whole thing was stupid. Soulmates were stupid. His ink was stupid.

Welcome to Starbucks. Can I take your order, Ma’am?

What the fuck, right? Ronan didn’t even like coffee. And in what situation is Ronan going to be mistaken for a ma’am?


That’s why he avoided cafe’s, as a rule.

💞 (I’m quite all right) hiding tonight by hollyanneg / @magicienetreveur​ (Not Rated but it’s G/T)

Pynch Prompt Week 2019, Day 1: Soulmate AU - Based on the quote, “Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.”

(You can check out more Pynch Week 2019 Day 1: Soulmate prompts here)

💞 we tell no one by @bestillmyslashyheart​​ (Rated T)

It was a knowledge that remained unsaid upon unspoken mutual agreement. They didn’t talk about it and they didn’t talk about why they didn’t talk about it but they both knew it. It was something that was only ever acknowledged in the moment and then promptly ignored thereafter, shadowed until the moment was upon them again.

Blue and Ronan have the same taste in guys. They refuse to admit it.

Also, soulmates.

💞 I Had A Rule by @etoilegarden​ (Rated T) 

“Aren’t you ever curious?” Gansey asked, voice hushed as he stood beside Adam in the bathroom at Monmouth.

Adam had come straight from work to Monmouth because Gansey wanted to go trekking around a new hiking track he’d discovered, and he’d gone to change in the bathroom. Gansey had come in to get a juice because apparently in this house there is no privacy. Ronan and Noah were out joyriding somewhere - if they had been here, Adam would have been more careful. As it was, Gansey had come in and gotten an eye full of the ink of Adam’s arms. Ronan had gone all out. He had tugged his shirt on quickly, but not quick enough.

EtoileGarden has written other Pynch Soulmate AUs, though I haven’t read them all.

💞 Trying It Again by @swimmingwolf59​​  ( Rated T)

Pynch Week 2018!! Day 1/Chapter 1 - Soulmate marks AU 

“When Ronan was ten, he ran into his soulmate. Literally …  But before he could say anything, his soulmate hurriedly stood and fled in the opposite direction.”

(You can check out more Pynch Week 2018 Day 1: Soulmate prompts here)

💞 the conquest of stars by roselatte / @circegf​​  (Rated T)

Adam knows Ronan is his soulmate. He also knows Ronan doesn’t have a soulmate.

“That’s nice, Gansey,” Adam says, though for all he knows it could look like Microsoft Word clipart. He’s not Gansey’s soulmate, so he can’t see Gansey’s soulmark.

💞 Just To Be Quiet by sksai / @babzgordon​​ (Rated M) 

an AU loosely based off the concept of the book Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. or, an excuse for Ronan and Adam to have a heart-wrenching psychic bond.

“How, ” the boy went on, “are you talking to me all the way from your room?”

“I don’t know,” Ronan, a child, wasn’t all that concerned with such trivial logistics. “I just am.”

(This isn’t labelled a Soulmate AU, but it checks all the boxes. It’s complete now but, full disclosure, I haven’t yet read the last two chapters)

💞 My Backwards Walk by @omgbeersforqueers​​ (Rated E)

Ronan is a Grammy award-winning rock star with a shady reputation, Adam is a mechanic with a maybe-girlfriend. When Blue drags him to the Second Sleeper concert, he gets wrapped up in a scandal with himself and Ronan at the center.

Just for the record, Adam didn’t want to be there in the first place. He was already half deaf, and the last thing he needed was to lose the other half in the mosh pit of a rock concert. He didn’t even like rock concerts.
Unfortunately for him, he did like Blue.

💞 Meant For You by ohdarlingg (Not Rated but it’s G/T)

Ronan finds out the hard way what a complicated thing it is to be Adam Parrish.

Soulmate AU where you wake up in the body of your soulmate the day after the younger one’s seventeenth birthday

💞 you’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece by Klavier / @lynchly​​ (Rated M)

It wasn’t that Adam listened to the comments from other Aglionby boys about “the brain and the brawn” or took any of their gold-plated opinions into account.

It was the fearless, almost insubordinate, nature of Ronan’s rolled up sleeves. Two handprints encircled his wrists, a deep violet, darker than any mark Adam had ever seen. Gansey sported a matching color on both palms, as if he’d dipped them completely in paint.


Feel free to add your recs, so it can be a more complete list for the Anon who requested this  💞

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gansey’s parents r so weird. their entire family is so cracked abt history that they were just like “OK makes sense” at their 10-15 YEAR OLD CHILD just fucking around in europe. what the fuck. karen he died like last year SEND HIM TO THERAPY INSTEAD

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