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sandwichrin · 32 minutes ago
A Little into You (Junkyu x Reader) (Ch. 11)
Chapter 11 - One step
Word count: 4.4k words
Genre: Fanfiction, PG13, Comedy, Romance.
A/N: Chapter 11! Wow! Look at how far we’ve come! There’s still more to come in this story though :3 Thank you for waiting you all, enjoy this one <3
“For real? YG Entertainment??” you questioned your team leader again.
“Yes…y/n, you’re acting strange…”
“I-I just…I’m just surprised our company has a client this big,” you said, your voice slightly breathy.
Soomin wrapped her arm around your shoulder, and chuckled, “Yeah! We secured them last year! This is our second time holding and providing lessons for their staff too,”
You smiled at her, an unsure smile. But of course, she has no idea what was running through your mind.
“Oh, but last year we conducted the lessons at their old building. This one here is our first,” she continued.
“Ahh, I see,”
“Is that why you’re acting strange, y/n?” she looked at you, a teasing smile formed on her lips.
“W-what? What are you talking about?”
“You must be nervous seeing such a big building, huh?”
“Oh, that. Yes! You’re right, this building is kind of intimidating,” you nodded at her assumption of why you’re nervous.
“Don’t worry! We’ll be okay!” She said cheerfully. “Besides, one of my close friends work here, so we have nothing to worry about!”
“Aha yeah sure,” you smiled and nodded.
 (YG Ent. – 5th floor)
 “Lim Soomin! As usual, a little earlier than our appointment!” a man said when he saw Soomin enter the department’s floor with you closely behind her.
Soomin smiled her pretty smile at him and extended her hand for them to exchange handshakes.
The man, also, as handsome and attractive as Soomin, in your opinion, smiled back at her. He peeked at you who was behind Soomin, and nodded as well at you.
You nodded and smiled timidly back at him.
“Ah, you’ve brought a little friend too,” he said to Soomin.
Soomin turned around and gestured at you, “Yeah! This is my friend, and also my new team member. Y/n, this is Bomin, the friend I told you about,”
“Ahh, nice to meet you,” you said.
“You wanna grab a drink at the cafeteria downstairs? Since you’re early and all,”
Soomin gave him a look, “Bomin…” she said with a cautious tone.
Bomin raised his hands, “Hey, just a drink. I swear, and then I’ll pass you your team’s ID card,”
Soomin turned to you again, “You okay with this, y/n?”
“I’m fine with anything, really,”
“Hmm…Okay Bomin. One drink, and then y/n and I will leave with our ID access cards, okay?”
Bomin grinned at her and nodded happily. “Sure, Soomin,”
 The cafeteria was filled with both Bomin’s and Soomin’s loud laugh.
It had been over 40 minutes, and their one drink had turned into 3 rounds of hot coffee by now.
You moved uncomfortably in your seat, holding onto your bladder that was struggling to stay in at this point.
You watched as Soomin and Bomin teased one another, talking about their school days. You smiled and laughed along with the stories they shared, not that you understand most of them since you don’t know them that well, but hey, at least you tried, right?
You stared at your third cup of coffee on the table in front of you. If only Bomin would stop ordering another round of coffee every time he finishes one, you wouldn’t have the struggle of finishing all the three cups that was served.
You let out a soft sigh as you lift the cup to your lips, praying that your bladder would be able to handle at least one more cup of this drink.
“Gosh, Bomin! You’re still as funny as ever!” Soomin said in between her laughs.
Bomin chuckled at this and raised his cup to his lips, “But of course. And you’re still as charming and beautiful as ever, Soomin-ya,”
You almost choked at your drink. Okay! Now is your cue to leave!
Listening to them goof around together was okay, but seeing them flirting with one another was already another thing. You felt like you were third-wheeling a couple’s date.
You placed your cup onto the table and stood up quickly, making both of them turn their attention to you.
“What’s wrong, y/n? Everything okay?” Soomin asked, concerned about you.
“I’m fine,” you said as you waved your hand at her. “I just…really…have to use the restroom,”
Soomin giggled at this, “Omg! Why didn’t you say so?? Sure, sure, you can go,”
You smiled at both of them and hurriedly waddled away.
Soomin watched as you leave the room. She smiled to herself, “She’s actually very cute, don’t you think so?”
“I guess. I mean, you’re obviously cuter,”
Soomin laughed at this and playfully hit Bomin on his shoulder. “Stop that! I told you, we can’t do this here,”
Bomin smiled and nodded at her.
Soomin was about to take a sip off her drink when she realised something.
“Wait! Does y/n even know where the restroom is??”
 You walked down the wide, open hallway of the floor, glimpsing at every room’s sign and the signages available, hoping to find one signage that says ‘restroom’.
“They usually put the restrooms at the end of the floor right…” you muttered to yourself.
You hurriedly waddled past all the doors of the floor, just wanting to get to the restroom as fast as you could.
And lucky enough for you, you saw the restroom signage right at the end of the hallway.
And boy did you run.
You literally dashed towards the restroom, with the loud click clack of your high heels echoing in the hallway.
Once you’ve finally entered the restroom, you slipped into a cubicle, locked it and sat down to get your business done and over with.
 Jihoon and Junkyu entered the main door of the building, scanning their access ID before being able to really enter the inside part of the building.
“Yooo they’re playing this music video after so long!” Junkyu exclaimed when he saw the large LCD screen opposite their escalators showing their ‘I Love You’ music video.
Jihoon too, noticed this and snickered. “Hah! Look at Doyoung! I almost forgot his hair was red for some time!” he said as he pointed at the screen.
A staff walked past them and they bowed and greeted the staff before deciding to go up the escalator.
“Come on, let’s head up,” Jihoon said to his friend.
As they were standing on the escalator, they suddenly heard a sort of loud noise approaching them as they got closer to the floor above them.
Junkyu furrowed his eyebrows and turned to his bestfriend. “Did you hear that? What the heck is that??”
Jihoon shrugged at this, his face confused as well.
As soon as they reached the floor above, they looked around.
“Huh, it stopped,” Jihoon said.
“Yeah. I almost thought there was a dinosaur roaming our hallways,” Junkyu shuddered to himself.
Jihoon shook his head and laughed, “Okay but your imagination is just too wild, Junkyu-aa”
“Hey, you never know.”
 You stretched your arms happily after finally being able to release your bladder a moment earlier.
You washed your hands at the sink of the restroom and made sure to check your appearance, just in case you smudged your makeup or if you forgot to tuck in your blouse into your skirt.
You leisurely walked out of the restroom, since you were sure that Soomin and Bomin were probably still busy catching up with each other right now.
You decided to just take your time and let them spend more time together.
As you were walking towards the cafeteria, you decided to take a long round walk inside it, and maybe only go back to Soomin’s table a bit later.
You observed the walls of the room, taking in the beautiful design of the place itself.
It’s only a cafeteria, and yet it looks so grand. It looks so classy and comfortable.
You smiled to yourself, thinking about your friends that are artists of the company. You felt glad that behind all of their hard work and practice, they were given a comfortable place to eat and rest.
As you were strolling in the cafeteria, you noticed that there was a path leading to an outdoor section as well.
You peeked at the section, noticing that there was no one there.
You took a step towards the outdoor section. Opening the door, you were greeted by a gentle breeze.
“Oh my god, it’s pretty here,” you said to yourself as you take in the scenery of the outdoor eating section. It looked like a private balcony, or a patio in your opinion. It looked cosy and homey.
You stood near the rails of the balcony (let’s just call it a wide-open cosy balcony).
You closed your eyes and let yourself feel the breeze that was floating in the air. It felt so nice. You inhaled and exhaled a few times.
To be honest, this might be the first time ever that you’ve ever felt this relaxed. You felt like you were in a safe space where no one or anything could ever bother or hurt you.
You opened your eyes again to be greeted by the warm sun rays. You smiled to yourself again.
If you were to be working here for the whole month with your team, this balcony itself would be the perfect getaway spot for you to relax.
 “Anyone else need anything else?” Jihoon checked with his group members before wanting to leave the practice room.
“Hyung! Can I come with?” Jeongwoo asked from one end of the room.
“No, Jeongwoo, I need you to stay and work on that leg movement of yours before we start dancing to the full formation,” Hyunsuk replied to him.
Jeongwoo pouted at this but he nodded and followed what Hyunsuk said.
Since no one added anything for him to get, he decided to just head out of the practice room.
 Jihoon entered the cafeteria, hurrying as well, since he didn’t want to take too much time from their practice, especially since they’ve only just wanted to start. He decided to just take orders for the drinks and bring them back to the practice room since most of them just got here as well.
“Hi, can I get two iced coffees, one chocolate milk and three iced tropical juice?” Jihoon ordered as soon as he arrived at the open counter that the cafeteria staff was standing at.
The staff nodded and made his way to make the drinks for Jihoon.
“I’ll come back to get it, yeah?” Jihoon added, since he decided to roam around while waiting.
“Sure,” the staff answered.
Jihoon pushed his hair to the back with his hand and made his way to his favourite spot of the cafeteria.
Jihoon heard loud laughter coming from the right part of the cafeteria and he tilted his head slightly to check out who it was.
There were two people of whom he wasn’t familiar with. Maybe it was one of the upper staffs, he thought to himself.
He shrugged and headed towards the outdoor balcony.
He stopped in his tracks when he saw a figure of another person there.
Jihoon stared at the figure curiously, especially since he knew that the trainees weren’t supposed to be having their break now. And his sunbaes’ were surely a whole lot taller than this figure right here.
Now, Jihoon couldn’t tell it was you because you had your back facing him, and given that your work attire was something he was still unfamiliar with, he couldn’t even tell it was you from the back of your head.
Jihoon was backing away from the balcony, wanting to quietly leave the place and not bother this stranger who seemed so immersed with the surroundings outside.
Jihoon stepped backwards, and accidentally backed himself against the door as he forgotten that he had closed it after he stepped outside earlier.
“Ow,” Jihoon said as quietly as he could.
The sound of him backing into the door made you turn around.
And you saw him, bowing slightly, his hand rubbing the back of his head.
“Oh?” You said.
Jihoon heard your voice, which made his head lift up to see you staring at him.
“Jihoon?” You asked, since he wasn’t saying anything.
You were sure it was Jihoon, since he was literally staring back at you, his face in shock.
And as if on cue, the wind started blowing a little stronger, making your hair slightly float along with it.
Jihoon couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt like he was in a Kdrama, with you staring at him questioningly and standing right in front of him; not to mention the sudden gush of soft wind.
You took a step forward towards him, now concerned since he still hasn’t said anything ever since you both made eye contact.
“Hey, you okay?” You asked again.
Jihoon shook his head slightly, blinking his eyes a few times.
He noticed that you were slowly taking steps towards him so he hurriedly turned around, opened the door and rushed inside the building again.
He ran towards the cafeteria staff, picked up his tray of drinks and ran off towards his practice room.
You, on the other hand, felt puzzled. Why did he look so terrified?? It was Jihoon, right? You were pretty sure it was the right Jihoon that you saw.
 Jihoon ran into the practice room, panting loudly and with the drinks tray in his hands shaking.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, hyung? What’s wrong??” Haruto asked when he noticed Jihoon’s panicked appearance.
Jihoon panted, “N-nothing. I just, I ran here so that I could get the drinks here as fast as I could,” he smiled a little, trying to lie his way out.
Haruto blinked a few times and shrugged. “Okay.”
“Okay, everyone! For those who ordered a drink, your drinks are here!” Jihoon called out, gaining the attention of the rest of them.
“Yayyyy hyung got me my chocolate milk!” Junghwan cheered as he ran towards Jihoon to grab his drink.
Mashiho and Hyunsuk both grabbed their coffees from Jihoon whereas Jeongwoo, Junkyu and Yoshi grabbed their juices from him.
The rest moved to their own spots in the practice room, relaxing and drinking their drinks before they began their full dance practice.
Hyunsuk stayed beside Jihoon though.
“Jeongwoo’s so good at the leg step by the way. I corrected him once just now and instantly he managed to do it 10 times better than what I showed him,” Hyunsuk said as he took a sip from his drink
“Waahh, that kid’s a genius I tell you! He’s growing up so fast too,” Jihoon said, sounding a little sullen now that he realised his kids were all grown up compared to when he first met them.
Hyunsuk chuckled at this, “Look at us, talking like real old parents,”
Jihoon smiled and nodded at him. His eyes roamed the room, looking at his members sitting on the floor and talking to one another.
Now, even though his eyes were looking around the room, he couldn’t get the image of your face from his head. He kept remembering the look you gave him when the soft breeze came blowing at the balcony earlier.
“….and better!” Hyunsuk exclaimed.
Jihoon turned his attention to his hyung beside him.
“I’m sorry, what?” he asked, since he didn’t exacly catch what Hyunsuk said before.
“I said, the coffee here just keeps getting better and better! It’s so good! You wanna try some?” Hyunsuk asked as he offered the drink in his hand.
Jihoon shook his head politely at his hyung. “No thanks, hyung. I’d want some of the juice the kids are having though,”
Jihoon saw Junkyu sitting on the floor not too far from him and Hyunsuk, sipping on his drink with one hand and his other hand holding onto his phone as he stares at it. He’s probably watching a video.
“Hey, Kim Junkyu,” Jihoon called out to him.
Junkyu looked up from his phone. “What?”
“Come here,”
“Just come here,” Jihoon gestured with his hand.
Junkyu stood up from where he was sitting, keeping his phone into his pants pocket as he walked towards both his leaders.
The moment he arrived near them, Jihoon pointed at the cup of juice in his hands. Junkyu’s eyebrows raised and handed it to Jihoon, immediately understanding that his bestfriend would like a sip.
Jihoon smiled and thanked him before taking the cup from his hands.
“Look at you both, you don’t even need to say anything and yet you get each other so well,” Hyunsuk said, his face beaming with proudness for his two kids beside him.
“Hyung, I think it’s quite obvious that Jihoon only calls me here to taste my drink. We don’t need to predict him wanting me here for anything else,” Junkyu snickered.
Jihoon rolled his eyes slightly at this. He handed Junkyu’s drink back at him.
“Whatever, Kyu. You’re just too shy to admit that we’re soulmates,” he said teasingly.
Hyunsuk giggled at this when he saw it was Junkyu’s turn to roll his eyes at Jihoon.
“See? Soulmates! It must be nice to have one,” Hyunsuk said.
“Yeah, sure, hyung. Like you and our Doyoungie aren’t soulmates,” Jihoon said sarcastically.
Hyunsuk stopped to think for a while. “Huh…you could say so. We understand each other quite well,”
“See? There you go. I think we’re all quite compatible for each other at this point,” Jihoon pointed out.
Hyunsuk nodded at this.
Junkyu was about to leave with his drink when suddenly Jihoon’s loud sigh stopped him.
“What’s wrong? You seem like you’re distracted about something,” Hyunsuk asked Jihoon who looked restless beside him.
Jihoon shrugged. “I don’t know…I mean, if I told you guys, you wouldn’t believe me anyways,”
Hyunsuk shook his head and ruffled Jihoon’s hair, “Heyyy, don’t say that! You know we’re always here to listen to you,”
“Hmm,” he lets out another sigh.
Junkyu started stepping away from his hyungs when suddenly,
“I was at that outdoor balcony in the cafeteria, hyung. I saw this girl there. She looked exactly like y/n!”
Junkyu, who was a few steps away by then, stopped when he heard your name being mentioned by his hyung.
He stayed in his spot, his cold drink still in his hand. To be honest, he looked like a statue at this point with the way he’s standing still.
“Pfft! As if!” Hyunsuk started laughing when he heard Jihoon’s sentence coming out of his mouth.
“See?? I told you, you wouldn’t believe me!”
“No, I mean—it’s impossible! You need access to enter this building. And, y/n is at work right now, isn’t she?? Why would y/n need any reason to be here??”
Jihoon lets out another sigh. “Right?? See that’s why I couldn’t believe it either. And did you know?? When I saw her, she was glowing radiantly too!” Jihoon exaggerated.
Sure, he saw you being all glowy and pretty earlier but the way he explained it left a different impression on Hyunsuk.
Hyunsuk furrowed his eyebrows. “Glowing?? You mean…she’s all shining??”
Jihoon shook his head, “She looked too pretty to be y/n you know?? I’ve seen y/n few times now and I’ve never seen her look this radiant!”
Junkyu, who was still quietly still on his own, blinked a few times to himself. That’s not true, right? You had always been plainly normal to him, but he wouldn’t say that you were never pretty to his eyes.
Junkyu, realising that he was now imagining what you look like based on Jihoon’s description, started shaking his head furiously. Why would he bother imagining your face at this time of day??
Jihoon noticed Junkyu shaking his head and he assumed that Junkyu was agreeing with what he said.
“Right, Junkyu? It’s impossible that’s y/n, but she sounded and looked so much like her!” Jihoon said, referring to the ‘you’ he met just now.
Hyunsuk kept quiet for a while.
Jihoon and Junkyu’s eyes are on him now.
“Could it be…” Hyunsuk said in a quiet voice.
Jihoon leaned in close to his hyung.
Junkyu too, started walking back towards the both of them, wanting to listen closely to what his hyung is saying.
By the time Junkyu had reached them again, Hyunsuk raised his head to look at both his friends.
“Hey, Jihoon…did this y/n that you saw earlier…did she smell good? Like, smell super, super good?”
Jihoon thought for a while. “Hmm…I didn’t realise what she smelt like, hyung. But! I noticed that the moment she turned around to face me, the wind started blowing. At first I thought it looked like a Kdrama scene but when I think about it…it’s strange that the wind started blowing at that exact time…” Jihoon said. He shuddered to himself.
Hyunsuk covered his own mouth with both his hands. “Oh my god,” he whispered.
“What? What is it?” Junkyu finally opened his mouth this time.
Jihoon too, started doing the same as Hyunsuk. “Hyung! Could it be??”
“Oh no, you both don’t think—” Junkyu knew where this is going.
“Jihoon! The y/n you met was a ghost?!!” Hyunsuk said, holding on to his shriek since he doesn’t want to scare the rest of his members in the room.
Jihoon started shaking Hyunsuk’s shoulders. “Hyunggggg noooooo! No wayyyy! Why meeee,” he whined dramatically.
Junkyu grimaced at his hyungs. He left the both of them to their drama and decided to just sit down in another corner of the room.
He scoffed to himself. How could his hyungs believe that there was a ghost in this building?? And in broad daylight??
Junkyu rolled his eyes and continued drinking his juice.
 “Thanks for today, Bomin,” Soomin beamed at her close friend, looking like she’s the happiest person in the room.
“No problem,” he smiled back at her.
“Well, I guess, we better get going?” Soomin turned to you.
You nodded at her, “Sure,”
“Aight. Well, I guess we’ll be going off now,” she turned to Bomin and bowed slightly to thank him again before leaving.
The both of you walked towards the access point near the entrance of the building and Soomin took out a pack of access cards from her bag.
“Here you go,” she said as she handed one of it to you.
Taking the card into your hand, you looked at her questioningly.
Soomin waved her card in front of your face and grinned, “Let’s see how this baby works!” she said excitedly.
Soomin hurried towards the access point and scanned her card, making the barrier lift and letting her through to the other side of the hall.
She turned around, her bright, pretty smile showing when she waved her hand to signal you to try your access card as well.
You walked up towards the access point and waved your card at the scanner. Beep! The barrier lifts and you walked right through.
You reached Soomin, shock written on your face.
“Oh my god, I feel like I’m a secret agent entering a secret agent agency for work!” you said, your face still in disbelief that you just did something so cool.
Soomin giggled at you. “Right?? Our office isn’t as advanced as this so like, don’t you think it’s thrilling to have this kind of special access to one of the biggest entertainment companies in this country??”
You nodded at her happily.
“Alright, agent y/n, let’s head back to our boring and dull office,” Soomin said as she linked her arm with yours.
You groaned at her sentence. “Aww must we?”
“Yes, y/n! Now, let’s head back,” she said, giggling.
 (That evening)
“Guys…don’t you think we’re invading y/n’s life by doing this?” Doyoung asked his hyungs.
“What are you talking about? Y/n should feel lucky that she has friends who are concerned about her like us,” Jihoon replied, though his eyes are still scanning the hallway, hoping to see your figure to show up anytime now.
“Doyoungie’s right, Jihoon. We could just ask her through text you know?” Hyunsuk sided with Doyoung.
Jihoon folded his arms against his chest and huffed, “And what? Scare the rest of our kids when we ask in the group whether the y/n we saw was a ghost or not in our building??”
“Well, technically…only you saw her there…”
“Hush! She could be here any time soon! We must greet her with a warm smile, just in case she gets rowdy since she might be all tired out from work,”
Hyunsuk glanced at his watch. 7.15p.m. They’ve been here for almost an hour now, and when they got off work at 6 earlier, Hyunsuk wasn’t expecting Jihoon to drag him here instantly. He was hoping to at least get some dinner first.
“Jihoon, let’s just text her. We can private message her too! I’m getting hungry, I’m sure Doyoung and Junkyu are hungry too,” Hyunsuk tried to convince Jihoon.
“Hyung, this is an important matter. We don’t talk about matters like these through text,”
Hyunsuk lets out a sigh. He knew it was no use arguing with Jihoon anyways. Maybe Jihoon needed this clarification since he must’ve been terrified when he saw the ghost that looked like you today.
“Besides, why did you bring Doyoung along? I thought I told you this was a leaders kind of investigation session,” Jihoon asked, as he restlessly glanced at his phone for the 8th time by now, checking the time.
“Hey, you brought Junkyu too,” Hyunsuk pointed out.
Junkyu stood quietly beside Jihoon, confused as to how Jihoon managed to convince him to tag along with this silly investigation of his.
Jihoon glanced over at his best friend beside him who was staring into space, a clueless look on his face.
“Meh, he seems fine with it. I only brought him ‘cause you brought someone else along first,”
“Dang, you both fight like you’re both a married couple who’s trying to make each other jealous. Chill you both,” Doyoung chuckled as he said this.
“Can we just go home already? I’m sleepy, and hungry,” Junkyu whined suddenly.
“Oh? You’re saying something now?” Jihoon said, amused with his best friend’s cute whine.
Junkyu shook his head. “I don’t care, I’m heading back. Our floor is literally 10 floors above hers so I might as well just leave,”
“Awww nooo don’t leave yet Junkyu-aa. Y/n will be here any minute! I promise!”
“Nah, who cares if y/n comes back or not, I don’t need to see her anyways—” Junkyu said as he turned around to leave.
And there, right behind him, was you, face surprised to see your friends in front of your house door.
“Y-y/n-“ Junkyu stuttered in all of a sudden, surprised to see you.
“Oh? Y/n! Hi!” Doyoung waved his hand at you, greeting you.
You nodded at him and looked at the four of them questioningly.
“Hi…Why…are you guys here?” You asked.
 To be continued….
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only-treasure · an hour ago
Tumblr media
[Jihoon on Weverse Moment]
Ah right. There was no triple mint on Baskin Robbins so I'm eating mint chocolate ice cream right now🙂🙃
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only-treasure · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Yoshinori on Weverse Moment]
I'll go to work now~~~💕💕💕💕💕 till we meet again, bye!!!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Jaehyuk on Weverse Moment]
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Mashiho on Weverse Moment]
First moment. Finally, octopus soup debuts
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only-treasure · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TREASURE polaroid 🖤
아사히 예담 도영 하루토 정우 정환 🖤
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TREASURE polaroid 🖤
현석 지훈 요시 준규 마시호 재혁 🖤
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arttechhome · 3 hours ago
How To Jewelry Photo Retouching Service On Photoshop
How to Jewelry Photo Retouching Service on Photoshop –  Photographing jewelry has always been difficult due to the common challenges most photographers face, such as using monks, jewelry, dust, color solutions, and weird reflections. Although finding the perfect jewelry photo can be difficult, editing a photo with a jewelry editing service can not only enhance the image but also help improve the subject’s image.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
His pout😭😚💕
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Asahi on Weverse Moment]
Everyone, ask me questions
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teumeku · 10 hours ago
kim junkyu x reader, fluff
kind of adopting cats together
• "(reader), look– this one's so cute!" junkyu pointed excitedly to a little kitten, immediately dropping down as it started to circle around his legs.
• you giggled happily, also getting down on your knees to gently pet the kitten which purred softly, enjoying the attention. junkyu turned to you and smiled enthusiastically, "she's so cute~"
• "she's cute just like you!" you gently nudged his shoulder with your own and junkyu grinned shyly, whining loudly.
• "yah- (reader)!" he scolded you quietly, though the shy smile on his face gave him away and you laughed a little but he didn't respond, only pouting when the kitten got tired of junkyu's constant doting and walked away.
• "no, no, no, come back!" he whined, hobbling after the kitten, not even bothering to stand up.
• you smiled fondly, watching your boyfriend cutely trying to get the kitten's attention again and pouting whenever the kitten ignored him, walking away. as junkyu once again followed after it, you found your attention straying, eyes wandering around the animal shelter.
• you walked around, giggling lightly as little cats and dogs circled around your legs. you could still hear junkyu calling after the kitten behind you as your eyes settled upon 2 cats huddled in the corner.
• your eyes lit up immediately as you gently approached the cats who- now that you got closer to them- were asleep, loosely clinging onto each other. you turned to look behind you quickly, whispering, "junkyu, junkyu! come here!"
• he looked up and walked over to you, finally abandoning his attempts to get the kitten's attention, "what is it– awww...." his voice trailed off as he saw the 2 cats, his lips settling in a pout once again as he crouched down near them.
• "do you want them?" he asked, eyes already lighting up at the prospect, turning to look at you.
• "yes, yes, yes!" you nodded enthusiastically, "can we name them kiki and lala?"
• "kiki and lala? like the... sanrio kiki and lala? hello kitty kiki and lala? why?" junkyu looked at you with a big smile and you pouted– "because it's cute, don't judge me!"
• junkyu chuckled at you, smiling fondly, "okay, we can name them kiki and lala. but only because you're cute."
hihi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ wowie i'm on a (sort of) writing roll heheh but !! junkyu is cute and cats are cute so !! i decided to combine both of them because junkyu + cats = cuteness overload !! but i don't like this one... it's pretty repetitive and odd and short, i'm sorry :( also, adopt pets guys !! give them a happy home to be in !! and i've never been to an animal shelter so i'm pretty sure most of this is inaccurate. anyway... i'll be going now !! i'm sorry– i tend to ramble a lot (・へ・)
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teumeku · 14 hours ago
hamada asahi x reader, fluff.
painting the orange sunsets.
• you smiled softly, listening to the nostalgic and melancholic melody that your boyfriend had so been excited for people- including you- to hear.
• the beauty of both the song and the lyrics were indescribable, and you made a mental note to congratulate both asahi and haruto on the release of a song that you knew was special to the both of them.
• you hummed absentmindedly as the song came on loop, yet again, and you looked around at all the little drawings and doodles hung around your room- some by you and others by asahi.
• you wanted to tell asahi how beautiful of a (masterpiece) song he had made but you knew you weren’t good with words- you’d just end up nervously saying a jumbled mess of incoherent sentences instead of complimenting him.
• as you looked around the room, your gaze fell upon the new set of oil paints asahi had gotten you for your birthday and you knew exactly what to do. surely asahi wouldn’t mind if you painted your feelings.
• and so, you set to work, laying out your paint brushes and various shades of oranges on your work table, and unfolding your mini-easel, standing a small canvas panel on it.
• you worked quickly, letting ‘orange’ play on loop as you let a wave of calm and peace wash over you. the painting- a simple, orange sunset- quickly took over the previously blank canvas and you lost yourself in the beauty of both the masterpiece your boyfriend had produced and the masterpiece you were currently painting, so much so that you didn’t hear asahi’s soft footsteps as he entered your room.
• you turned around only when you heard him gently set his bag down and you smiled happily at him, both wanting to gesture him over to see your painting in progress and wanting to shield it from view to surprise him until later. but, in your awkwardness of deciding, you instead settled for a half grimace, making asahi laugh and walk towards you anyway.
• “what are you painting? it’s, beautiful,” asahi breathed quietly, moving closer to the half-painted canvas, admiring it with a gentle smile.
• “i listened to orange today because, you know, you wouldn’t let me listen to it before. and it was really pretty- the song, i mean, and i didn’t know how to describe the beauty of it so... i decided to paint it. i-i’m not done yet... well, that’s obvious- but, uhm, do you like it?” your words, just like you had predicted, came out in a jumbled mess.
• asahi nodded gently, “of course i do, it’s beautiful already... and i’m really thankful that you even thought of doing something like this for me...” his voice trailed off as his smile grew ever so slightly.
• “i was going to just tell you how much i liked it but orange is just... such a pretty song and i’m so, so proud of you for making it. i didn’t trust myself to use...words- you know how awkward i am,” you smiled a little sheepishly, avoiding his gaze.
• you smiled a little as asahi chuckled, “well... seeing as you aren’t done yet, do you want help? i’d love to finish it with you.”
• your eyes widened at his offer and you nodded enthusiastically, “of course i do! it’d be even more special to finish it with you. here, you can have this brush.” you handed him a small paint brush that you had not yet used- wanting to save it for the details at the end but, seeing as the rest were already sitting in pools of oil paint, you had no choice.
• asahi smiled and you moved over to give him space to work as well. his brush worked quickly over the canvas, just as yours had done, adding his own little details and touches to the painting.
• you stood, admiring him for a little before realizing how awkward you must’ve looked and hastily joined him in painting once more. you swore you saw him smile out of the corner of your eye but neither of you said anything, choosing to simply enjoy each other’s presence and continue painting.
• and as the light and dark shades of oranges blended with each other from the tips of your and asahi’s paintbrushes, you smiled to yourself- this is what true happiness feels like.
hihi (again!!) i finally wrote another piece, yay! i’m sorry if you don’t paint (╥﹏╥) this was the first thing i could think of when i thought of asahi. i hope you like it though! it was really fun to write this :D p.s. i’m not sure why i chose oil paints... i don’t really like using oil paints.
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Ducktales stimboard: Scrooge McDuck - Gold/Expensive things (requested by: anon)
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Designing Treasure Buildings for Gameplay Variety in Hood: Outlaws and Legends
Designing Treasure Buildings for Gameplay Variety in Hood: Outlaws and Legends
In Hood: Outlaws and Legends, you play as an outlaw, determined to undermine the oppressive state by stealing its wealth and returning it to the people. The state keeps treasure chests in enormous buildings, secure inside locked vaults. The state is an organized and powerful ruling body. The three types of treasure building represent its three arms: the church represents the state’s control of…
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