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treasure ∵ "jikjin" visual film
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Headers are mine ¬_¬
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The Second Step: Chapter One "JIKJIN" Lyric Poster
<Mashiho, Jaehyuk, Junkyu, Junghwan>
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난 그냥 당신의 소년이되고 싶어!
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Tumblr media
A cheeky design to prove (mostly to myself) that I am not a bot that reblogs either cute or badass art XD
Also, because I had goblins in my mind when I was making this, I beseech the goblin among goblins @askkrenko to provide me a fitting image for this baby.
Thanks for reading!
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My Treasure (210117)  —  Asahi FaceCam   ↳ for @blahblahblahcollapse​ and @asahikuns​
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A Rare Bronze Age Dagger Found in Slovakia
During their time off, relaxing by the River Váh, near Hlohovec, a local came across an object that they found interesting. Only when they returned home, did they discover that it was an archaeological find and paid a visit to the nearest museum.
Similar finds should be handed over to the regional offices of the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic.
The local had discovered a short sword, or a long dagger, with a length of almost 26 cm and a weight of almost 150 g, the Trnava Office of the Monuments Board said. Its handle from organic material has not been preserved. Only traces of the rivets remained.
Potential link between two weapons
Similar short swords have been found in the Danube basin, stretching from southern Germany to the Vojvodina province in Serbia.
They are typical for the emerging Tumulus culture, which began to dominate the central European region in the 16th century BC, that is during the Middle Bronze Age,” said Matúš Sládok from the Trnava Office.
In the past, a similar sword was discovered in Včelince, near Rimavská Sobota, where it was part of discovered bronze objects.
Long daggers from the Early and Middle Bronze Ages are often found in richly filled tombs, as part of mass discoveries, and often in rivers. The sword found in the River Váh may have fallen into the water as part of the cult, but it may also be a lost object, Sládok said. The dagger's owner could have lost it, for example, when wading the river, he added.
At the end of the Early Bronze Age the first metal swords began to appear in Central Europe, as a separate invention that most likely evolved from long bronze daggers. The sword from the Váh could serve as a very interesting developmental link between these two types of weapons, Sládok argued.
More Váh finds
The sword is the fourth find from the River Váh in the Trnava Region since 2002, which has been reported and handed over, the year the Monuments Office of the Slovak Republic was established.
In the Váh, people have found a bronze blade from a dagger on a stick from the early Bronze Age, iron semi-finished products dating to the 2nd century BC - 2nd century AD, and a fragment of a millstone.
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hi!! could you make a enemies to lovers yedam au? love you writing btw<333
🥛: omg my fav trope and one of my fav boys! ofc !! and thank you sm 💓
video therapy
warnings: its more like a one sided enemies to lovers since y/n is the one who hates Yedam,, not proof-read :c
summary: Yedam's one flaw: he can't sleep. the resolution? watching your study vlogs. you hate him, though. he's the school 'perfect boy' and his youtube videos do better than yours. what'll the result be?
milky's 💌: video therapy is one of my fav n.flying songs hehe i miss those boys p.s. idk why this is taking me so long to write T.T i think it's because i'm actually really enjoying writing it and it's getting super long LOL
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you hate him because he's perfect.
he's kind, sweet, and caring. he studies hard and achieves the best grades. he has an eye for both the sciences and the arts, dresses well and always looks pretty, and most importantly, his youtube videos do better than yours. of course they would. who wouldn't want to watch a video of a pretty boy singing while softly strumming a guitar? they'd probably choose it any day over your study vlogs.
"good morning! we just had our first set of classes and are on break, now. Junghwan, did you have breakfast?" you half-speak to your camera and half-speak to your friend sitting behind you, who tucks into a rolled omelette.
"i ate breakfast," he says with a muffled voice, his mouth full.
"yeorobun, Junghwan ate breakfast, is eating brunch now and will probably have lunch later on our second break, too."
Junghwan lightly slaps your arm, telling you to stop teasing him.
"he eats well, as he should," Jaehyuk says from your right, reaching out to ruffle Junghwan's hair.
"shouldn't we eat something, too?" Jaehyuk asks.
"sure, let's stop by the snack store for a quick snack," you say.
"wait, don't leave me!" Junghwan whines.
"i'll stay here with you," Jeongwoo says.
with that, you and Jaehyuk leave the class and walk through the hallways to get to the snack store. you show a bit of your school to the vlog, stopping by windows to show the view, zooming in on Jaehyuk's face without him noticing.
"hey, are you zooming on me? stop!" Jaehyuk whines, reaching for your camera.
you hide it behind your back and run away, being chased by Jaehyuk.
"yeorobun, look. i'm being chased by my own friend," you pant into the camera.
when Jaehyuk finally reaches you, you've made it to the snack store. the two of you have to calm down before entering.
"they have my favourite snack! finally! i've been begging them to stock it and they kept putting it off," you say, showing the snack on camera.
"should we buy all of them?" Jaehyuk asks. "you never know when they'll stock up again.
you consider it, but decide not to.
"let's leave some for the other students, too."
Yedam watching you from behind two aisles with a smile. he didn't know you were a person you likes that kind of snack, and he didn't know you could be so kind and give up buying them all so everyone else could have some, too.
once you turn away from the checkout line, you come face-to-face with Yedam, who's waiting behind you with a pack of your favourite snack in his hands.
you roll your eyes at him and scoff.
"Jaehyuk, I should've bought them all if i knew he was fond of that snack, too," you say before walking away.
Yedam's smile fades into a frown as he looks at the snacks in his hands. he still decides to purchase them, though.
"y/n! someone left a snack for you!" Junghwan says excitedly, clapping his hands.
"huh? this snack? but we just bought of that 'cause it's y/n favourite," Jaehyuk says.
you look around the classroom, wondering who would leave you the snack. they probably knew it's your favourite, too.
"who left it?" you ask Junghwan and Jeongwoo.
"they told us not to tell you," Jeongwoo says, sticking a tongue out at you.
"hmm... well this is perfect! interview time!!" you announce, grabbing your camera and rushing around the classroom.
you ask everyone if they know who left the snacks for you, and they respond in the same, suspicious way. they throw winks at each other and widen their eyes but say they don't know.
"well... i guess i'll never know who got the snacks, but thank you to whoever bought them!" you say into the camera.
"thank you to whoever bought them!" your voice echoes in Yedam's ears, making him smile.
he watches his phone carefully as you walk back to your desk and happily eat the snacks. his thumb reaches out to brush the digital you that exists in your vlog, and he accidentally pauses the video. with a frown, he taps again to resume it.
Yedam started watching your vlogs a month ago. he came across them and watched them for fun, but then he realized that you were the cure to his insomnia. after watching two of your videos, he'd fall into a deep sleep. not because your videos were boring! but because your voice soothed him.
he'd usually sing and upload covers to his channel when he couldn't sleep, but of course, these days he's been sleeping well. viewers noticed his less frequent uploads and how it was always daytime when he sang, now. they asked him about it on a live, once.
"ah, actually i sleep a lot better these days, so i don't sing covers at midnight anymore," Yedam explains into the camera while fixing his hair.
"so i've started watching someone's vlogs and their voice is so soothing that it helps me sleep. oh, whose vlogs? ah... i would tell you, but i don't think the vlogger would be happy if i did that. i kind of know them, so... my s/o?! no, i don't have one! they're just a good vlogger, yeorobun, don't get the wrong idea."
Yedam's heart races during the live. he's so scared he'll give away info about you and that it'll make you more upset with him than you already are. he doesn't know he's upset the whole school instead, though.
when he returns to school after filming that live, everyone around him is talking about who the honey-voice vlogger that helps Yedam sleep could be.
"it can't be you, right?" Jaehyuk asks you after stealing some of your snacks.
you smack his hand and shake your head.
"there's no way that devil in disguise watches my videos. not when i have declared war against him!"
"why do you hate him, again?" Jeongwoo asks, scratching his head.
"because... he's overrated. i just... don't like him, now shut up," you say, throwing a chip into Jeongwoo's open mouth.
Yedam watches you interact with your friends from the back of the classroom and behind the wall of many students who've gathered around him.
"Yedam, can you tell me who the vlogger is? i have sleeping problems, too," a girl says in a high-pitched tone, pushing her hair behind her ears.
you scoff hearing her voice and stand up, banging your fists down on your desk.
"can all of you drop it, already? it's just a vlogger! go search on youtube for some vloggers, yourself! Yedam doesn't have to tell you if he doesn't want to," you yell.
everyone in the crowd scoffs at you, some saying you're jealous because you're not the vlogger Yedam watches.
Yedam's eyes sparkle when you make eye contact with him. he bows his head with a smile and mouthes a 'thank you'. meanwhile, you stick your tongue out at him and leave the classroom.
"did you just help your enemy?!" Jaehyuk exclaims.
"only cause it was getting too loud and annoying in there," you explain.
Jaehyuk shakes his head at you.
"ahhh y'all are throwing me some very... romance-oriented questions, today," Yedam speaks to his phone camera as he hosts another live.
"what? do i like someone? ah..." Yedam's face starts to glow red.
"well, i'm not sure yet if it's like or just a crush, but... the vlogger that i watch before i sleep... ah, next question!"
"Yedam, Yedam, Yedam. it's all about Yedam in this damn school!" you whine to your vlog.
"you can't keep that in. you don't want people to know you're in the same school as Yedam, right?" Jeongwoo points on, sucking on a lollipop.
"oh, stay out of it!" you huff, but you know he's right. you'll have to cut all of this out.
"i swear he loves the attention. it's his own fault for revealing that he likes someone!" you complain.
"who likes someone?" Yedam gently asks, approaching youe group in the classroom.
you roll your eyes and sigh.
"you, you obnoxious idiot!" you half-yell.
Yedam grabs his chest, faking pain at your harsh words.
"hey, y/n, be nice," Jeongwoo mumbles.
"it's okay, y/n doesn't have to be nice. they're the best when they're themselves, just as they are," Yedam shyly says before walking away.
"that was so weird," Jeongwoo says when Yedam is gone.
"i know," you agree.
the whole school has gone crazy hearing Yedam has a crush on his favourite vlogger, and everyone is trying to find out who it is. of course no one has gotten it right yet, though.
"the popular kid at my school has a crush on someone and everyone's going crazy trying to find out who it is," you explain for your vlog.
once you upload the vlog, people in the comments wonder if you could be talking about Yedam.
their school uniform is similar, maybe they go to the same school?
Yedam smiles reading the comments on your latest vlog, where you indirectly talk about him indirectly saying he has a crush on you. ironic?!
for some reason, even though you hate him, it makes him happy to see you mentioning him like this, so happy that he has a good night's sleep with dreams of you and him together, holding hands by the gentle flow of a river.
"what would happen if our school's two vloggers, y/n and Yedam, did a collab?" Jaehyuk asks Jeongwoo, who shakes his head.
"then we'd all end up in flames. you know how much y/n hates him--" Jeongwoo starts, being interrupted by you.
"i'll do it!" you say, smacking your hand down on a desk.
"what?!" Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo say, in sync.
"people are starting to guess Yedam goes to my school. i might as well just use this in my favour!" you explain.
Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo are still confused, not realizing you have a tactic. to take your enemy down from close up!
when you ask Yedam to do a collab with you, well, his heart skips a beat and his whole world slows down. you don't see it, but that's how it is for him.
then, he agrees instantly.
"what should we film?" Yedam asks.
"i want to film a day in your life," you suggest.
"on my channel or on yours?" Yedam asks.
"hmm... maybe for yours? and then you could sing something for my channel, maybe a song i could use in my intro and outro?"
"sounds good!"
you decide to film Yedam's day the next day. that's when everything changes for you, since you decide to sleep over at his that night to make sure your filming is accurate in the morning.
after Yedam shows you around his house, he also shows you his room, which you lowkey end up falling in love with. the led lights on the ceiling, the scattered posters of singers Yedam probably looks up to a lot, his messy but cosy bed...
"why're you looking around like you're in a museum?" Yedam asks, laughing.
"uh-uh... well, i need to know! for the angles a-and stuf..." you mumble.
"nevermind, are you okay to sleep on my bed tonight? and then i'll sleep on a spare mattress on the ground beside you?" Yedam asks.
his sweetness makes you angry--why is such an annoying jerk so nice! he makes you so mad that your bpm is through the roof right now.
"no! you need to be on your bed so when i film you waking up, it'll look accurate. you don't usually sleep on the floor, do you?"
"ah, you're right."
you shake your head at the boy before you tell him you're going to the washroom to change. once you leave, Yedam is giddy. he bounces up and down in his room, thinking about how the two of you will spend the night. of course, the plan is to eat and for Yedam to record an intro/outro song for you, but...
"i'm back! ah!" you're startled to walk in on a shirtless Yedam before you slam the door shut and lean back against it.
"y/n, i'm so sorry! i thought i should change before you got back, too. i didn't know you'd be that fast!" Yedam explains.
"it's fine just... lock the door next time, or something," you mumble.
you squeeze your eyes shut but all you see is Yedam's smooth, pale skin. his arms positioned upwards as he tries to put his shirt on. the image of him getting changed just doesn't leave your head.
"hey, are you okay? i said you can come back in now," Yedam softly says, removing your hands from your eyes.
"oh... yeah."
you enter his room and he trails in after you, picking up his acoustic guitar and adjusting his mic. he types something into his computer and you watch him.
"what are you doing?" you ask.
"getting ready to make an intro/outro song for you, remember?"
you sit on a spare seat beside him and he starts to mess around with sounds.
"what do you want the song to sound like?" Yedam asks.
"something that would be fitting for my channel, but also not super basic, not something that is typical of vlogger channels."
Yedam nods along to your words and suddenly it looks as though he's got an idea! as his fingers move and his head nods along to the beat, you can hear something coming together.
he adjusts his guitar and starts to strum a melody, and for a second you drown everything out. all you can see is Yedam's delicate fingers and the way they pluck the strings. his hair prickles his eyelashes as he looks down at his hands, and you find yourself reaching out to brush the hair out of his eyes. it's an unconscious, instinctual motion that stops Yedam in his tracks and leaves you frozen, too.
"ah, i'm sorry! it just looked like your hair was bothering you," you mumble.
"no, that's okay!" Yedam reassures you. he's blushing, but you see that happen so often around you that you just assume Yedam is always feeling a little hot or something.
after the instrumental seems put together, Yedam asks you if you wanted him to sing on the track, too.
"of course, you idiot! your voice is the main part," you snap.
"my voice is the main part?" Yedam repeats, pointing at himself.
you lightly slap his shoulder and tell him to get on with it, but as soon as he starts singing, you fall back into your seat.
see, you've maybe watched just a few of Yedam's covers. it's important to scope out the competition! but hearing his honey voice in person is just something else. you kind of don't want to stop hearing it.
"how did that sound? is the song okay? the lyrics?" Yedam asks once he's done recording.
"yeah that was... amazing," you say airily, still in a daze.
"i'll put it on a USB and it'll be all yours, then. what should we do after i'm done?" Yedam asks.
"can we eat? i'm starving," you whine.
Yedam gasps. "of course! i'm sorry i didn't think of feeding you sooner."
"feed me? am i a hamster," you scoff, but smile watching Yedam rush downstairs to the kitchen.
after Yedam made the excuse that there was nothing to eat (there was, Yedam just either didn't want to cook or didn't know how), he ordered pizza for you both. you sat on the floor of his room sharing the food while watching something on Yedam's laptop.
"you watch some funny youtubers," you tell him after laughing at a joke made in the video.
Yedam doesn't respond but looks at you with a smile, his mouth full.
once the video ends, another video immediately starts playing straight after, as Yedam has it set to autoplay. fo your surprise, you hear your own voice and watch as Jaehyuk whines about not having had any banana milk.
"wait... that's my vlog! why did the algorithm make it play next, i--" you reach out to stop the video, but Yedam holds you back.
"no, wait. i haven't seen this one yet," he mindlessly mumbles, watching your video carefully.
"haven't seen... yet?" you repeat.
"huh? oh. huh?"
"i-- uh--"
you watch as the boy turns red again, fumbling to pause the video.
"hey, should we sleep?" he asks.
"Yedam, its 8pm."
"we have an early morning ahead! no? okay."
"Yedam, what did you mean earlier when you said you hadn't seen this video yet. is it in your 'watch later' or something?" you snort.
to your surprise, Yedam says, "yes."
"why not? your vlogs are good, y/n. i enjoy them."
"you... enjoy them?" you ask.
you can't tell if it's because the door is shut and the windows are closed that you feel so warm or if it's because Yedam's words and his shy expression are making your heart beat so fast.
Yedam nods and almost confesses, "actually... wait, nevermind."
he almost tells you that you're the vlogger who lulls him to sleep... almost.
you cock your head at him but don't question him any further.
with the slight awkward tension between you both in the air, Yedam decides the two of you should just sleep. of course, he has trouble sleeping and you're also unable to sleep.
once your sleepless night ends, you jump up to film Yedam waking up. somehow, even with a puffy face, he looks so good.
"so, Yedam, what do you do after you wake up?" you ask, behind the camera.
"i scroll through my video comments first," he mumbles, hiding his face behind the blanket.
"then, i wash up!"
"i won't film that for obvious reasons~" you sing, making Yedam laugh.
the day goes on and you accompany Yedam to class, follow him around during lunch and back to his house after school.
"do we have enough footage?" Yedam asks.
"more than enough! i can do some initial editing and then i'll send it over to you," you say before parting ways.
Yedam misses you already, from the moment you turn your back.
when you start to use Yedam's intro in your videos, you gain more viewers and more comments. people ask why Yedam's voice is in your videos, and you get frustrated.
meanwhile, after Yedam posts your vlog of him, wherein he included your giggles, chatters and complaints as you spoke to him behind the camera, many start asking him who was behind the camera.
the two of you decide to host a live together to clear things up.
"hi! i'm y/n and this is Yedam. we're here to explain a few things," you say.
"actually, Yedam and i did a lowkey collab? he recorded my intro and i recorded his day in the life. it was a win-win!" you explain.
"yeah," Yedam agrees, not breaking eye contact with you.
comments flood in about how Yedam keeps looking at you instead of the camera, but one in particular catches your eye.
i think i know why Yedam keeps looking at y/n. that's the look you give someone you like. i think y/n is the vlogger who helps Yedam sleep
many of the viewers react to the comment, too, some calling it absurd, others saying it could be true. you point it out to Yedam and he smiles, looking at you before he looks into the camera to speak.
"you're right," he says, "y/n is my video therapy."
you look at him, shocked, and he simply looks back with a smile.
"y/n, i was thinking... did you maybe wanna date? i mean, would you let me be your boyfriend? because i really like you..." Yedam mumbles, smiling while looking at you in a daze.
"Y-Yedam i'm live right now, remember?" you say, blushing and covering your phone camera with your hand.
"oh my God... i was so caught up in.. you.. that i didn't even realize," Yedam explains, starting to laugh. his face is pink as he watches you quickly apologize to the viewers before you turn the live off.
you turn to Yedam to cup his face in your hands.
"i like you too, you idiot. now let's date," you say, pressing your lips onto his. the poor boy is taken aback but he soons returns your motions, wrapping his arms around your waist and deepening the kiss with a smile.
milky's ending ment: i'm sorry the ending feels a little rushed and if this doesn't flow well.. i struggled writing this piece because throughout the process,, i had stress hitting me from many angles and just,,yeah :") im sorry to the anon that it's so late and i hope its somewhat enjoyable :c
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tabletoptrinketsbyjj · 18 hours ago
Hotlinks to all Tables: A complete list of every trinket table for quicker access compared to scrolling through the entire blog or sifting through the archive. This also functions as the easiest link to reblog or save for reference purposes as it’s updated with each new table. Now with 124 full d100 loot tables, category specific rolling tables a working rollable Omni Loot Table.
---Note: The links sometimes don’t work on mobile devices or some apps. Try using a desktop or browser extensions if they aren’t working. 
-The Omni Loot Table: A loot meta-table that allows the user to roll randomly on the 124 tables this blog has collected. This grants a DM literally millions of unique trinkets, equipment and items that players can find to enrich their world and playing experience.
-Character Creation Loot Generator: This generator creates an sample of five trinkets, curiosities and loot, pulled from a wide list of other tables that is meant to provide the player with some items to encourage engaging roleplaying with perhaps a minor boon to the odd dice roll. The generator is meant to be used by character's of Level 1 or higher at character creation to help them with ideas of what their character have been or have done.
-All Unique Armors: Splint mail, studded leather and sturdy shields of all shapes, sizes and mysterious backgrounds. Distinctive armors that can serve as the basis for family heirlooms, legendary artifacts and magical or masterwork weapons.
-Unique Armors, 1
-Unique Armors, 2
-Masterwork Armor Bonuses: Over a dozen homebrew armor improvements, enhancements and modifications created though superior craftsmanship. These masterpieces though more powerful than ordinary armor would not be considered “magic” or “+1” objects. 
-All Unique Minor Magic Weapons: A collection of flavorful weapons of artifact level quality suitable for low level characters. Much like the Minor Weapon Enchantments that some of them draw inspiration from, they provide small bonuses and combat options that are restrained by limited uses, niche situations or come with risky drawbacks. 
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 1
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 2
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 3 
-Unique Minor Magic Weapons, 4
-Minor Weapon Enchantments: A collection of minor bonuses that are weaker than a standard +1 weapons, as they come with trade-offs, risks, prerequisites, limited uses or niche benefits. These enchantments provide feat-like bonuses, low level class abilities, modify damage types, provide short bursts of power or replicate the effects of low levels spells. Rollable Minor Weapon Enchantments Table. 
-Random Weapon + Random Minor Weapon Enchantment.
-Random Unique Weapon + Random Minor Weapon Enchantment.
-All Minor Magical Items: Semi useful magical objects (If not always useful to an adventurer) that have little to no drawbacks associated with their use and are perfect for low level characters.
-Minor Magic Items, 1    /   -Minor Magic Items, 2
-Minor Magic Items, 3    /   -Minor Magic Items, 4
-Minor Magic Items, 5
-All Unique Weapons: Blades, bludgeons and bows of all shapes, sizes and mysterious backgrounds. Distinctive weapons that can serve as the basis for family heirlooms, legendary artifacts and magical or masterwork weapons.
-Unique Weapons, 1   /   -Unique Weapons, 2
-Unique Weapons, 3   /    -Unique Weapons, 4
-Unique Weapons, 5   /    -Unique Weapons, 6
-Unique Weapons, 7   /   -Unique Weapons, 8
-Unique Weapons, 9   /   -Unique Weapons, 10 
-Unique Weapons, 11   /   -Unique Weapons, 12 
-Unique Weapons, 13   /    -Unique Weapons, 14
-Masterwork Weapon Bonuses: Over 20 homebrew weapon improvements, enhancements and modifications created though superior craftsmanship. These masterpieces though more powerful than ordinary weapons would not be considered “magic” or “+1” weapons. Compatible with Pathfinder, D&D 5e and other D20 systems. Rollable Masterwork Bonus Table
-Running the Numbers: On Balancing Homebrew Masterwork Weapon Bonuses
-Random Weapon + Random Masterwork Weapon Bonus.
-Random Unique Weapon + Random Masterwork Weapon Bonus.
-Wild Magic Surges: A collection of Wild Surge options for DMs and PCs who find the published tables limiting, repetitive or boring, three things wild magic by definition, should never be. Rollable Wild Magic Surge Table.
Unique Metamagic Options: The practice of learning, preparing and casting spells is often considered Art rather than religious fervour, academic knowledge or inborn skill. An expanded list of metamagic options for PC's and DM's to use in their games and as a resource for other tables on this blog. More than just a list of effects, each Metamagic option hopes to provide a vivid description of exactly how the caster is deliberately warping the nature of the spell to achieve their goal. Rollable Unique Metamagic Options.
-All Sealed Glass Vials: Faulty potions, weak elixirs, alchemical supplies, spell components, ritual elements, enchanting materials, crafting ingredients and magically preserved biological samples.
-Sealed Glass Vials, 1   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 2
-Sealed Glass Vials, 3   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 4
-Sealed Glass Vials, 5   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 6
-Sealed Glass Vials, 7   /    -Sealed Glass Vials, 8 
-Sealed Glass Vials, 9
-All Books: An eclectic library of dusty tomes, fictional textbooks, pocketbooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, booklets, leaflets and magical manuals.  
-Trinkets, Books, 1   /   -Trinkets, Books, 2 
-Trinkets, Books, 3   /   -Trinkets, Books, 4
-Trinkets, Books, 5   /    -Trinkets, Books, 6
-Trinkets, Books, 7   /    -Trinkets, Books, 8 
-Trinkets, Books, 9 
-All Rings: Enough rings and bands to wear three on every finger and toe while still having dozens to spare. These small circular pieces of gems, metal, wood or bone always add more to the story than the sum of their parts. 
-Trinkets, Rings, 1   /    -Trinkets, Rings, 2
-Trinkets, Rings, 3
Crowns, Circlets, and Coronets: Resting on the noble head of the mighty king or regal queen are the physical manifestations of their wealth and power. The symbols of their right to rule, these various headdresses are often tailor made to serve as metaphor for the monarch’s personality or that of their kingdom. 
-Crowns, Circlets, and Coronets, 1
-All Cloaks: A collection of unique descriptions of cloaks for DM’s to give to their players as magical or mundane loot and for players to use during character creation to help flesh out their personal style.
-Cloaks, 1
-All Necklaces: Pendants, amulets, lockets, chokers and other “Neck Slot” jewelry that grant an immediate glance into the bearer’s personality, wealth, rank or social class and often serves as an iconic part of that character’s look. While a locked metal torque can instantly mark the bearer a penniless slave and a string of lustrous pearls mark their owner a flauntingly wealthy noble, so can an adventurer's necklace mark them as a creature to bestow quests upon.
-Trinkets, Necklaces, 1   /   -Trinkets, Necklaces, 2
-Trinkets, Necklaces, 3
-All Artifacts: Artist masterpieces, rare magics and opulent combinations of jewels and precious metals. These objects can be found in the throne rooms of kings, the demiplanes of archmages and the pinnacle of a dragon's hoard.
-Trinkets, Artifacts, 1
-All Valuables: More useful than regular trinkets, these items have either a clear purpose, a reliable ability or are made from a fairly costly material.  
-Trinkets, Valuable, 1   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 2 
-Trinkets, Valuable, 3   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 4
-Trinkets, Valuable, 5   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 6
-Trinkets, Valuable, 7   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 8
-Trinkets, Valuable, 9   /   -Trinkets, Valuable, 10
-Trinkets, Valuable, 11
-All Trinkets: Interesting baubles or semi magical items that have little to no practical in game or mechanical use for an adventurer.
-Trinkets, First
-Trinkets, 1   /   -Trinkets, 2   /   -Trinkets, 3
-Trinkets, 4   /   -Trinkets, 5   /   -Trinkets, 6
-Trinkets, 7   /   -Trinkets, 8   /   -Trinkets, 9
-Trinkets, 10   /   -Trinkets, 11   /   -Trinkets, 12
-Trinkets, 13   /   -Trinkets, 14   /   -Trinkets, 15
-Trinkets, 16   /   -Trinkets, 17   /   -Trinkets, 18
-Trinkets, 19   /   -Trinkets, 20   /   -Trinkets, 21 
-Trinkets, 22   /   -Trinkets, 23   /   -Trinkets, 24
-Trinkets, 25   /   -Trinkets, 26   /   -Trinkets, 27 
-Trinkets, 28   /   -Trinkets, 29   /   -Trinkets, 30
-Trinkets, 31   /   -Trinkets, 32   /   -Trinkets, 33
-Trinkets, 34   /   -Trinkets, 35   /   -Trinkets, 36
-Trinkets, 37   /   -Trinkets, 38   /   -Trinkets, 39
-Trinkets, 40   /   -Trinkets, 41   /   -Trinkets, 42
-Trinkets, 43   /   -Trinkets, 44   /   -Trinkets, 45
-Trinkets, 46   /   -Trinkets, 47   /   -Trinkets, 48
-Trinkets, 49   /   -Trinkets, 50
-All Worthless Trinkets: Vaguely interesting garbage, vendor trash and junk loot. Not magical or mysterious like regular trinkets or worth anything more than a copper piece or two even if you could find someone to buy it in the first place.
-Trinkets, Worthless, 1   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 2 
-Trinkets, Worthless, 3   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 4
-Trinkets, Worthless, 5   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 6
-Trinkets, Worthless, 7   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 8
-Trinkets, Worthless, 9   /   -Trinkets, Worthless, 10 
-All Mottos: Whether they're called adages, maxims or creeds, these simple statements are essentially promises made to oneself, family, or institution. A character's motto can be a goal in itself or a moral anchor that centers his life and guides his action. A mixed collection of real life and fictional mottos that can aid a DM to quickly expand the history of the campaign or to aid a PC in a richer character creation.
-Mottos, 1   /   -Mottos, 2   /   -Mottos, 3
-Mottos, 4   /   -Mottos, 5   /   -Mottos, 6
-Mottos, 7   /   -Mottos, 8   /   -Mottos, 9
-Mottos, 10   /   -Mottos, 11
-Battle Cries: Simplistic and bone chilling warcries, complex and inspiring calls to arms and primal wordless screams of rage that shakes the enemy down to their iron-shod boots. A collection of simple phrases, threats, insults and violent promises for creatures to yell before and during combat to add verbal spice to each attack.
-Battle Cries, 1   /   -Battle Cries, 2   /   -Battle Cries, 3
-Battle Cries, 4   /   -Battle Cries, 5  /   -Battle Cries, 6
-Battle Cries, 7
-All Reference Tables: When a trinket calls for a Random Weapon, Random Color or Random Godly Domain and you can’t think of one offhand, just go here and either roll a die or select one of your own choosing.
—Keep reading for all reference and resource tables.
Random Weapon Tables: Sometimes you just need a weapon and literally anything mildly lethal will do the trick. These lists give a DM the ability to quickly look through different options when generating loot or as a paired resource when an trinket from another table asks you to “Roll a Random Weapon”. Rollable Random Weapons Table.
-Random Sword Table
Random Godly Domains Tables: Depending on your system and in-game universe, there may already be a pantheon, singular or lack of Gods. However, people are superstitious wherever your players go and these tables allow a DM to generate a domain, theme or patronage to quickly flesh out a trinket with a “Random Godly Domain”. Rollable Godly Domains Table.
Random Nightmares: Unspeakable, nonsensical night terrors, worse than the strongest of bad trips on mundane hallucinogens, exist to prey on adventurers who have seen more than their fair share of trauma. A cleric’s healing words can mend the flesh but nothing truly mends the mind from the aberrant horrors, monstrous beasts and undead abominations, whose defeat is an adventurer’s main source of income. Rollable Nightmares Table.
Random Musical Instruments Table: There are a surprisingly large number of ways to pluck a string, blow through a tube or hit something with a stick. This table represents a collection of real life instruments all capable of being created with pre-industrial techniques. Furthermore they are all small to medium sized and could be easily be stored, carried, maintained and played by a traveling adventurer. Rollable Musical Instruments Table.
-Random Color Table: Pretty self explanatory and it’s basically only here because many of the trinkets reference it. Roll for colors or just use it as a reference while handing things out if you don’t have a color wheel handy. Rollable Random Colour Table.
-Random Creature Type Table: A quick guide to the various creature types for reference purposes. Rollable Random Creature Type Table.
-Book Descriptions: A short list of quirks, physical descriptions and eccentricities to add additional personal characteristics to the book trinket list. Rollable Book Descriptions table
Glossary and Common Terms: A collection of terms and lingo that are frequently used in D&D and other tabletop games, along with terms written by me specifically for use in this blog. Some words used in this blog are purposely written as “catch all” ideas or “Common Terms” that can easily be adapted to any game system.
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A shy fiend. Do you know a Goblin in your life?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Second Step: Chapter One "JIKJIN" Lyric Poster BONUS CUT
<Yoshi, Haruto, Asahi, Yedam>
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୨୧ ׁ ֶָ֢ ׅ ֹ ៸៸ 𝗆͟𝗂͟𝗆͟𝗂 ˳🍶) ۪ ׁ ⊹⭒ ࣪ ﹗ °
໑ 𝗒͟𝗈͟𝗌͟𝗁͟𝗂͟𝗇͟𝗈͟𝗋͟𝗂 〰︎ ⁩ ૮₍ ˃̵͈᷄ . ˂̵͈᷅ ₎ა 𓍊𓋼 ་ ⍸ ་ ·˚
യ 〜 ࣪ ࣭ 🍞 ࣪ ❫❫ 𝗈͟𝗌͟𝗂͟𝗍͟𝗈͟𝗌 ࣭ — ՙ🧸
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the sweetest wine 🍷
lady dimitrescu, boss-ass QUEEN, after rene gruau's 1954 ad for cinzano wine
ko-fi 💗
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This one needs no introduction, so I’ll just leave her here.
Oh, and by the way, what is a weekend?
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Item: toaster autographed by voice actor Rodger Bumpass in honor of that time on Invader Zim when his character made toast
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In honor of the Volume 8 Soundtrack dropping today
Blake, looking out a window of the Schnee Manor and yearning: Looking through the tears as the days creep slowly by!
Weiss, from the other room: IT'S BEEN A DAY!
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The Vale of York silver hoard, a collection of Viking silver items dating to the 10th century. Uncovered by a metal detectorist in North Yorkshire, England in 2007.
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