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euesworld · 9 months ago
"All I have ever needed was someone who will not give up on me and treat me right.."
It's hard to find someone like that, but I found it in you - eUë
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zippyzstuff · 10 months ago
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ramoray79 · 2 years ago
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Reblog if you can relate to this!
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lusaffalei · 10 months ago
Be with someone who actually gives a fuck about your bad days
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xojaze · 9 months ago
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Rainy day, perfect for snuggling 🌸
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ivydooomsday · 5 months ago
Just some things if you wanna follow me + talk to me; pretty simple things 🤍🤍
- keep the nsfw stuff away from me, I post my selfies and my gaming - that’s all I’ll ever post.
- don’t come into my dm’s asking for an OF link or to ‘buy my content’ because I’m not about that life and I will not do it - don’t even ask.
- please don’t flirt or crack sexual jokes because it makes me uncomfortable.
- you’re free to follow me as you wish but please just keep me off your sexual blogs. I don’t want my pics on your nude blogs because that makes me uncomfortable
Please all I’m asking is you to not be a jackass ✌🏻 I come here for a good vibe so don’t ruin it. It’s annoying that I even have to ask this stuff.
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badinfluence-damngoodtime · 2 months ago
Sis went from hooker to trophy.
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shemakesmusic-uk · 3 months ago
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Following her recent acclaimed single 'Between The Lines', electro-pop artist and harpist, TATYANA announces her debut album, Treat Me Right, alongside an irresistible track and video, 'Kiss Me Right Now,' out everywhere now. Due out April 22 via Sinderlyn, the forthcoming ten-track, highly-anticipated LP is also now available for pre-order and pre-save.
TATYANA's latest sugar-coated pop banger sees the musician gush over her latest crush. In the infectious chorus, over auto-tuned vocals, she sings, "You could kiss me right now / I've been dreaming 'bout it / I've been dreaming 'bout a guy like you / Someone I know is gonna see me through." The synthy, sweet, sparkling track builds like a crush does, slow at first, then comes crashing in, all at once.
In the accompanying playful video, from the comfort of her own bed, TATYANA is joined by friends who each meet their crush for a kiss, fittingly, with lollipops hanging out of their mouths. Directed by Molly Daniel, the video brilliantly captures the butterflies of a new crush–the nerves, the cheek-to-cheek smiles and foolishly stumbling through a kiss–each feel tangible, with some shots seen through a grainy lens as nostalgia seeps through.
Speaking about the video, director Molly Daniel explains "’KMRN’ was a super fun way to explore the "kiss", pleasure and the mental and psychical foreplay of relationships. We wanted to create something light and fun, while keeping a foot in reality so that sexuality could be displayed in a less performative manner whilst also giving everyone a chance to be playful. Tatyana was really open minded from the start and the song really echoed the energy we created that day!"
Over ten tracks on Treat Me Right, TATYANA manages to achieve pop excellence, combined with the twinkling, unrivaled sounds of a harp and production by dream collaborator, Joseph Mount (Metronomy). Speaking about the album, TATYANA says “Treat Me Right, the title of the album, encapsulates so much about the themes on the record- it’s sweet-toothed, made with a wink, tongue in cheek, brimming with innuendoes. I wanted to examine romance at its critical early stage - the beginning - where it’s all escapism, projection and dreams. I lived this record, and I’m very happy to have captured the giddiness of new love and desire in one place. It's a place I can always return to - and be reminded of the magic in those first encounters with matters of the heart."
Treat Me Right:
01. Kiss Me Right Now 02. Right Places 03. On My Mind 04. Lover, You Don't Know Me 05. Runaway 06. Introduction 07. Treat Me Right 08. Between The Lines 09. Make Amends 10. End Of The Galaxy
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Photo credit: Bella Howard
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sharpiewashere · 5 months ago
This woman had some fire tracks. It’s a shame she only had the one album and she wasn’t more popular.
This song is a banger in it’s own 60s way.
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elcewhere · 5 years ago
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euesworld · 5 months ago
"In your eyes, I see a thousand sunsets that I want to see with you.. I see even more sunrise's."
I want to do so many things with you but I guess that is up to me as much as it is you, I will treat you right - eUë
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mewmewatlantis · a year ago
Shout out to @kougamylove !
Like legit,they are always on the ball,and always so sweet and polite and understanding.I'm not a big blog,but mutuals like them makes you feel ten feet tall!
Thanks bruh!💯💓🎶
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ramoray79 · 2 years ago
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lusaffalei · a year ago
Be with someone
Who chooses you everyday.
Not just when they are
in the mood for you.
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caffeinatedkris · 11 months ago
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(via Alpaca Threat Mounted Print by kristalcurt) Order this alpaca image with text that reads “Treat Me Right or ALPACAp My Bags and Leave!”  Great gift idea on tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, stockings, mugs, pillows, blankets, and so much more!
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stevie-waratah · a year ago
You either treat me how I deserve to be treated or you stay the fuck away from me and don’t waste my time and effort 🥰
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purple-coded-emo · 2 years ago
Treat me how Fall Out Boy treats Chicago
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madmadmilk · 2 years ago
Omg girl how’s treat me right going?!!
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.... it’s going. lol tbh it’s not my favorite thing i’ve ever written and i think i’ve effectively made the most frustrating y/n situation ever hahahaha but i might still post it tho idk
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hell0-mynameisdisaster · 2 years ago
If you treat me right, baby,
I'll give you everything.
-Falling ~Trevor Daniel
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brattydiapeyprincess · 2 years ago
💕👑❤Just treat me right and I'll be your babygirl❤👑💕
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