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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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and in the wake of tragedy she learns again to feel

long nights spent with friends under dusky skies
in cars, in stores, and we’re always looking for
ourselves, always looking for me, always looking for
the next Flowy White Dress to wear
to the next fake photoshoot in the glow of the morning.

her name is lust, her name is greed, her name is
warmth, and hunger for a world that is not
yet her own, but dreaming is
still free, a rarity, so you know
she dreams a lot.

we begin to live in
wakes and tides and rolling
stones and getting caught between
waking up and a wake of tradgedy, sick poetry
penned at three when magic is the only real we think we’ll ever see.

her name is flower, her name is beautiful
buttercup daisy, and angel for she is an
angel, in the early morning glow of the
sun against her face her halo
shines as again she learns to feel.


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How I lost almost 15 lbs in a month and a half:

(Summer Body 2020 tips & tricks)

  • Restrict your diet so that you can lose water weight (5-10lbs) if you reach a plateau that means you lost most of the water weight
  • To break the plateau, exercise to build muscle and boost metabolism. (Muscle burns more calories than fat)
  • In the beginning of exercise, you may not be losing any weight according to the scale. However, that means you are losing fat and building muscle instead.
  • My trick is eating 100-200 carbs a day. Most of the time, I try sticking to 100-150.
  • Limit sugar intake to only 20-40 grams a day
  • Caffeine also helps boost metabolism and lose weight faster. Around 100-200mg should be fine depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine.
  • Try to eat more protein, healthy fats, and vegetables
  • Don’t starve or else you will gain more weight than you weighed before.
  • Don’t give up if you break the diet once or are not losing as much weight as you want.
  • Being patient brings results

3 more months to get that summer bodyy🌈🌸🌺

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Do you ever just like need to open an app and just very blatantly open the wrong one for absolutely no reason and go “this isn’t the App Store, this is camera” “this isn’t settings, it’s news stand” “this isn’t camera this is temple run 2” I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE??!!!?

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