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#trent Maxwell
teamnathan-tw-blog · 9 years ago
When I go to Australia, I'm going to Bondi and I will sleep on the beach until I meet Maxi.
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l-frown-blog · 9 years ago
Forever watching this over and over, how can anyone deny that Maxi is a babe? <3
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bewareofher-blog · 9 years ago
I've become a little bit addicted to Bondi Rescue...
Maxi, can i marry you please? Too cute.
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emerson-taylor · 7 years ago
Mothers Helper (Bondi Fanfic)
“JOSH!!” I screamed over the noise of the overcrowded beach.
    “JOSHUA!!” He was stll nowhere to be seen.
    Brilliant. My third day as a ,others helper and I had already lost a child.
    “JOSH!!” I cried out again.
    I felt someone tug on my bag.  It was 7 year old Mason. He pointed to the café/ pavilion.
    “Yes, Mace?” I asked him while grabbing for my phone, the bright idea of calling him had just popped into my head.
    “Why are there lots of people over there?” he asked.
    “It’s a café mate.” I replied.
    I grasped my dented iphone 5 in my hand a typed in the passode. I called Josh’s phone and I heard it go off in my bag.
  “Oh, balls.” I mumbled quietly.
    Obviously not quiet enough because Mason started laughing at me.
    “Ky said a rudey word!!” he giggled gleefully.
    “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” I mumbled in response.
    I was trying not to panic. It was difficult though- especially when you have just lost a 13 year old boy on Bondi Beach. Am I confusisng you? Let me tell you about me.
    My name is Kylani Simms. I only ever respond to Ky though- kylani, what were they thinking? I’m half jewish and I am 18 years old. I was having problems finding money to pay my uni fees- journalism- so a family that have known me since birth decided to make me their mothers helper. I was born in Melbourne and I moved to Bondi a few days ago. I am going to be their mothers helper for the rest of the year and I am studying online and at a tafe place down the road. Right now though, I have to focus on Josh.
  I was scanning the beach with my eyes again when Mason tugged my bag again.
    “What now Mace?” I asked, exasperatedly.
    This better not be ‘i-spy’.
    “Where is Robby?”
    my head snapped up as soon as he said that. Robby, mason and Josh were the kids I was going to be looking after. Josh was 13 and a smart-arse, Mason was 7 and socially awkward while Robby 4 and adorable.
    “What? He’s not here?” I asked worriedly while looking around for him.
    “No. Oh, don’t worry. Josh said he would be with him.” Mason told.
    “who would be with who?”
    “Robby would be with Josh.”
  “and where’s Josh?”
    “Ummm, dunno.”
    “Oh, fuck.” I said as I began packing up towels and comic books into bags. I handed a pile of bags to mason and I began screaming again.
    they didn’t come though and I was distraught. I gave Mason someone’s iPod to play on so he would stay quiet. I began scanning the area for coppers or lifeguards. I couldn’t see anyone.
    I got out my phone and began looking through emergency numbers I had in my contacts when I heard Mason squeal.
    “Mace?” I asked.
    When I looked up, I saw one of the lifeguards blue rhinos’ coming towards us. There were two people in it. They were two guys, one really young guy with blong hair, one short guy with a shaved head and long a long stubbly beard.
    “You ok, Miss?” the young one said.
    Maxi, that’s his name. My grandmother and Aunt used to love that show. But when Nan died and my Aunty moved, I didn’t really get to watch it the other guy was Beardy though. I knew that much.
    “Hi. I’m Ky and I’m a kind of Nanny-slash-mothers helper-slash-child minder(or I have been for the last 3 days.) and Ive somehow managed to lose two boys.” I explained.
    “How did you lose two kids?” Beardy asked.
    “I was putting sunscreen on this ones back when one must have gone.” I gestured to Mason and they nodded.
    “I got a phone call from their mum when the other one must have gone. Im really not sure how long they’ve been gone because MASON here didn’t tell me.” I concluded.
    “Have you got any information about them?” Beardy asked.
    “Yeah. Theyre 13 and 4 years old. Josh is 13 with curly, longish blonde hair. Hes tall and gangly. Robert is four and he has shoulder length very curly brown hair. I got a photo of them on my phone.” I said and I showed them the phone.
    “That’ll give us plenty to wrok with.” Maxi said before radioing the tower.
    I could feel that I was getting a migraine and I pulled my curly brown hair out of its tie. I massaged my temples and I grabbed a towle to quickly dry my sandy legs- I was only wearing a bikini. I slid my havaianas on and I climbed onto the back of the rhino with mason on my lap, watching every possible person that could be Josh or Robby. In the end, we were asked to go back up to the tower. I was doing everything I could not to cry. We climbed the tower steps and Mason began crying.
    “Dude, whats wrong?” I asked him.
    “Josh said that he would buy me an ice cream if I beat him on Call of Duty this afternoon. But now he’s gone.” He cried.
  “Since when have you played Call of Duty?” I asked him as we walked through the door.
    “Since last Thursday when we watched paranormal activity.” I think my eyes popped out at the last few words of that sentence.
  “What?” I asked but he was cut off before answering.
    One of the guys, chappo spoke up.
    “I’m sorry Miss but I think we should call the cops.” He said apologetically.
    I could feel tears running down my face. I hd lost them. My fault. Mine. I could feel myself getting dizzy and I sat down with my head between my legs.
    “Whats the thing when your blood is weird and you fall over and fall asleep called?” Mason asked maxi. Or Beardy. Or Chappo.
    “Care to repeat?” one of them said with a laugh that stopped as they looked at me.
    “Ky, are you ok?” Maxi, I think, asked.
    “Just dizzy. And the word is anaemic Mason.”
    “Ok, ‘cause that’s what she is. Anemonic.” I had to stifle a laugh at mason’s words.
    I heard someone get a bottle of water an someone carried me onto a bed with ice packs.
    “Chappo, I’m calling the cops.” Beardy said.
    “Wait, get the little man over here. I think we’ve got them.” I heard Chappo say.
    I shot upright, nearly hitting Maxi.
    “YOU FOUND THEM?  And sorry Maxi,” I mumbled the last part, certain I was blushing.
    “Its fine.” Maxi blushed back.
    I walked over to they window where chappo was pointing. I saw Robby, screaming at Josh who was pashing some girl.
    “That’s them.” I confirmed.
    Beardy and some other guy went out on the rhino and came back with a screaming Robby and a glum Josh in tow.
    I lectured them with many different emotions when they walked in. Then I handed them over to the life guards. We were going to leave when I remembered domething.
    “Josh, Robby, look at this.” I began waving around a MASSIVE marvellous creations block.
    “This, is going to the lifeguards because YOU wasted their time today. That was going to be a reward for today but not anymore!! Apologise to the lifeguards. And to Mason while youre at ti.” I demanded.
    I heard Josh call me a bitch under his breath.
    “Care to repeat that in front of an audience?” I asked him.
    He shook his head.
    “Good.” I snarled.
  The boys walked out the door and I told them to wait for a moment and NOT to run off. I walked over to the lifeguards and I gave the block of chocolates to them. I thanked them all lots and I was about to walk out the door when someone grabbed my arm.
    I turned around, face to face with Maxi.
    “Yes?” I asked him.
    “can I have your number?” he asked blushing.
    “where’s your phone?” I asked him.
    He walked over to the table and grabbed it. We swapped phones and entered out contact details.
    “Text me.” I said before saying goodbye and walking down the tower stairs.
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randomsurfer-blog · 8 years ago
Tumblr media
Maxi and Jessie.......Bondi beach
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Anniversary - Trent “Maxi” Maxwell x reader
REQUEST: Hey 👋🏻 How are you? I saw that you’re writing for Bondi Rescue and thought I request something 🙈 Could you maybe write something for Maxi ? Something fluffy and cute. Maybe it’s also Valentine’s Day
A/N: I’m dumb and missed Valentine's day so I made it an anniversary imagine, I hope that's okay!
You glanced down at your phone as it vibrated against the wooden nightstand beside your bed. The screen lit up as two notifications appeared. Picking up your phone, you saw that Maxi had texted you twice.
"Just got off work, coming to get you, be there in 10" 7:03 p.m.
"Find something nice-ish to wear, I've got a surprise :)" 7:04 p.m.
You smiled down at the message, typing out a quick "okay." You padded across the hardwood floor of your apartment and over to the small closet, sifting through different outfits. You pulled out a white sundress with sunflowers decorating it, holding it up to examine it. Perfect.
You laid the dress down on your bed and pulled out a pair of white strappy sandals to go with it. You got changed from your sweats into the dress and shoes, checking in the mirror as you smoothed the dress out. You ran your fingers through your hair to style it, spraying in some dry shampoo as well. Your phone buzzed again, another text from Maxi popped up onto the screen.
"I'm outside with the car when you're ready" 7:15 p.m.
You quickly grabbed your keys and a small brown across-the-shoulder bag, stuffing your phone into one of the pockets and zipping it up. You hastily made exited your apartment, locking the door behind you and headed down the two flights of stairs.
You spotter Maxi standing in front of his car waiting for you. He wore khaki shorts and a white button-up shirt, meaning he'd probably changed just after work in the Lifeguard tower. His smile grew as you approached him, and you could feel your cheeks heating up as he looked at you.
"You look beautiful," he said once you finally reached him. You blushed even harder at his compliment, even after three years with him he still gave you butterflies.
"Thank you," you beamed, "You look very handsome as well." It was Maxi's turn to blush now.
"So what is this surprise you've gotten us all dressed up for?" You asked, your curiosity getting the better of you.
Maxi smirked, "You'll find out when we get there." He smoothly stepped to the side and opened the passenger door, gesturing for you to get in. You playfully raised your eyebrows, "Such a gentleman," you teased, stepping into his car. Maxi let out a soft chuckled before shutting your door and running around to the driver's side.
The drive didn't take long at all, and neither did you figuring out where you were headed. You knew the route from your apartment to Bondi like the back of your hand. You turned to Maxi with your eyebrows furrowed as he pulled into the closest parking spot. A thousand possibilities ran through your mind as to what Maxi could possibly have planned.
Maxi shut the car off and quickly exited, running around to your side and opening the door for you. He extended his hand out for you to take, the biggest grin spreading across his face.
"What in the world do you have planned Trent Maxwell?" You playfully narrowed your eyes at him, placing your hand in his. Once you were out, Maxi shit the door behind you.
"Just trust me," he said as he began leading you across the car park and to the beach. It was after hours, so there weren't many people on the beach. Only a few surfers and a couple of people who roamed the shore remained.
You decided to take off your shoes once you got to the sand, holding them in your free hand. Maxi ended up doing the same.
The two of you passed by the Lifeguard tower, running into none other than Jesse and Harrison. The two boys walked up to Maxi and you with grins that matched Maxi's own on their faces.
Your brows knitted together, confused as to why they would be at Bondi so late. Weren't the lifeguards all supposed to get off at 7:00 p.m.?
"Funny seeing you two here," Harrison quipped. The lack of subtly on his voice gave away that he, and Jesse, were probably in on the surprise. "Long day?" You interrogated, attempting to see what you could get out of the two boys.
Jesse shrugged, "You could say that. Had something we had to take care of, but it's all good now." You just barely caught the quick wink he sent Maxi, who in returned mouthed out a thank you.
"Well, it was nice seeing you two, we're just gonna head home for the night. . . you two uh, you two have fun," Harrison stuttered out, before running away with Jesse. The two boys whispering and chuckling to each other.
You turned back to Maxi, "Well that wasn't at all suspicious," you deadpanned. Maxi only laughed, tugging you once more, "Just come on."
You let him lead you around to the other side of the tower, and not too much further down the beach something strange started coming into view. Flickering lights surrounded what looked like a blanket with things splayed out on it. You looked back and forth between Maxi and the setup, yet he ignored your confused glances. As you got closer, you began to take note of the details of the setup.
The flickering lights turned out to be candles buried in the sand, and they were set in the shape of a heart. The blanket in the middle had an array of your favorite fruits, chocolates, and other snacks. The set up faced the ocean, providing a beautiful view of the sun slowly lowering towards the horizon, painting the sky in beautiful pinks and purples.
"Maxi, what is all this?" You questioned, a smile working it's way onto your face as you stopped just in front of the candles.
"Happy anniversary," Maxi said softly. It seemed as though his mischievous grin had been replaced by a nervous blush.
Your heart immediately skipped a beat as you let out a sharp breath. "You did this for me?" You asked in disbelief.
"Well, I had the boys set it up while I went to get you, but uh. . . yeah, yeah this is for you."
So that's why Jesse and Harrison were acting so weird.
"Um, do-do you like it?" It was adorable how nervous he was, you could tell just how much getting this right meant to him. You reached a hand up and placed it gently on his cheek. Standing on the tips of your toes, you softly pecked his lips. "It's perfect."
Maxi let out a sigh of relief, his whole body relaxing. "Seriously, Maxi, it's beautiful, thank you," you reassured. A soft and genuine smile tugged at the corners of Maxi's lips. "Well then," he gestured to the blanket, "be my guest." You giggled as you stepped inside the ring of candles, taking a seat on the soft blanket. Maxon followed suit, sitting down next to you.
The two of you spent the next thirty minutes chatting, eating, and enjoying the beautiful colors of the sky as the sun dipped lower in the sky. At some point, a comfortable silence fell over the two of you as you peered out at the soft waves lapping on the shore. Most of the candles had burned out, leaving the golden sun that sat on the horizon as the only source of light. An idea popped into your head.
You carefully stood up, brushing the sand that stuck to your legs off. Maxi looked up at you in confusion, "Come on," you offered him a hand, "I want to put my feet in the water before it gets too dark."
Maxi took your hand as he pulled himself to a standing position. You didn't give him much time to get situated before you took off towards the water, yanking Maxi along with you. You didn't stop running until you were about calf-deep in the water.
The water was slightly chilled, but it felt nice and refreshing, a cool breeze sent goosebumps up across your skin. You gently skimmed your feet across the sand, feeling the water move against your skin soothingly. You stood peacefully for a moment, enjoying the view, until a shock of cold shot through your body as water splashed against your back.
Your whole body tensed up at the sudden contact of the chilled water. You slowly turned around to see Maxi attempting to stifle a laugh. Your eyes narrowed a bit, "Oh you're dead Trent Maxwell." Maxi's face shifted from an expression of joy to one of fear.
You wanted no time crouching down, cupping your hands, and catapulting a large amount of water in Maxi's direction. He turned a bit to shield the front of his body from the inevitable cold. But you were relentless, deciding to take another shot at him while his back was turned. After your second go at him, Maxi whipped around and used his foot to kick up water, soaking the front of your dress.
Laughter filled the air as the two of you childishly splashed one another until both of you were completely soaked.
"Okay! Okay! You win!" Maxi laughed out, holding his hands up in surrender. You crossed your arms over your chest victoriously. It was then that a cold breeze caused you to grip your arms tighter around yourself. Now that you weren't messing around you were finally able to feel just how cold you really were. The sun had long since disappeared from the sky, taking its warmth with it.
You watched as Maxi ran out of the water and up the beach, moving things off of the blanket and shaking the sand from it. He hurried back to you as you stepped completely out of the water, your arms still wrapped tightly around yourself. Maxi let out a breathy laugh at your shivering form. He wrapped the blanket around his shoulders, holding the two ends in both his hands. He then proceeded to wrap his arms around you, enveloping you both in the large blanket. You uncrossed your arms and wrapped them around Maxi's torso. His body heat provided instant relief as you melted into him, the blanket providing protection from any wind.
"This is your fault," you mumbled accusingly into his chest, referring to the giant splashing war the two of you just had. Maxi's chest shook as he chuckled, "I know, I'm sorry." Maxi pressed a light kiss to the top of your head.
You lifted your head from his chest and smiled up at him, "Apology accepted."
Maxi leaned down and captured your lips with his in a sweet and loving kiss, pulling you in closer to him. “I love you so much,” he mumbled against your lips, causing a wide smile to spread across your face. “I love you too,” you whispered back.
TAG LIST: @iateyourdonuts @i-fangirl-for-bondi-rescue99
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iwillbehome · 8 years ago
[Girl has lost her mother]
Maxi:"D'you want an ice block?"
I love you Maxi <3
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macmillerrrrrrr · 8 years ago
How cute is maxi with kids though
Like sdfghjkl
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perfectshon · 8 years ago
Tumblr media
bless Maxi
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joshua-bradley · a month ago
Reidy, dramatically: Someone call an ambulance because missing Chappo this much is killing me.
Maxi: Mate, you’re sitting on his lap?
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firebenderwolf · a month ago
Maxi: Find anything?
Jesse: Nope
Harrison: *proud* I fell in a hole
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I mean come on now, I can’t be the only one who sees it.
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miss-omnishambles · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sib3 Thursday kimothyfidget setmysightsonyou
These all make me squee with their intense cuteness! (esp. the Jaxi bromance!)
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joshua-bradley · a month ago
Maxi: Tonight, one of you will betray me.
Harrison: Is it me, Maxi?
Maxi: No, it’s not you.
Little Reid-Maxwell: Is it me, daddy?
Maxi: It’s not you either.
Jesse: Is it me, Maxi?
Maxi, mockingly: Is IT mE Maxi?
tagged : @wardlowobsessed
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firebenderwolf · a month ago
Hoppo: Can someone please explain to me why Harrison is so moody?
Maxi: I wouldn’t let him touch the fish when we went snorkeling.
Reidy: Why didn’t you let him touch the fish?
Harrison: *pouting* Fish are friends, not food.
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l-frown-blog · 9 years ago
The way Maxi squeezed my shoulder then teased us about going to embarrass us <3
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joshua-bradley · a month ago
'Can I copy the homework?'
Maxi: I can help you with it!
Harrison: Yeah, sure.
Whippet: Bold of you to assume I did the homework.
Max: lol nope.
Jake: Wait, we had homework?!?!?!
Reidy: *Read 5:55pm*
tags : @wardlowobsessed
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crinkled-emotions · 6 months ago
Bondi fans-
Would you prefer a Maxi fic, a Harrison fic, or a ship fic next?? Any ideas/requests?
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