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#trevante rhodes fanfiction

Hey love!! Everyone’s doin okay! My older sis is in the process of moving into her new home with her fiancé. But still doin well. How about you and your loved ones? I think i know what story you’re talking about it’s called Three’s Company (i think) by @thickoreo but she left and i posted an ask with it but somehow i can’t find it in my search😩. If anyone has it please hit me up! I’m so sorry i couldn’t be of better help😒. Please come back if that’s not the one. I haven’t gotten a chance to catch up with all Chiron and Erik content.

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“the shell must break before the bird fly” 



The motherland of the world.  The different shades of melanin was in this country that is loved by many.

Even though many of these beautiful melanin people where taken away from the lands of the rich motherland to be enslave by the colonizers.

 It stop there.

A tribe called the Rhodes, protected the country by unifying the motherland  to fight off the colonizers. With that, the colonizers realize that they couldn’t win against them. It was better for them to be their friends than their enemies.

With that, Africa was never touch again by any colonizers. The people of Africa realize that without the Rhodes tribe, Africa could been taken over. The African people choose the Rhodes tribe to be more than their leader.

Their Royal Family.

With that, since 1860, the Rhodes family been in charge.

Now in 2020, the royal family has not been in charge by the dominant, melanin male. Instead it was run by a strong, independent, beautiful, and dominant melanin female.


Queen Aysi

She is almost 85 years old and is still looking like she is in her fifties. Aysi change a lot when her father died. She became the strong women she needed to be for the rich motherland, Africa. 

With her being the oldest, and no male heir to the throne. The shy fifteen year old was now on her way to the throne. With that, she married a loud village boy in Ghana. Which she fell in love with during her time at her private school there.


King Zane

They had a total of three children:


Princess Angel


Prince Ade


Prince Aray

Her kids were her pride and joy. She gave Africa more than the people say. Queen Ayasi was the most prominent monarchy in the world, which Queen Elizabeth in England was glad to share with her friend.

Even though Queen Ayasi loves her children and her 15 grandchildren. The one out of the 15 grandchildren was secretly her favorite: Trevante Rhodes


Prince Trevante

The son of Prince Aray and her oldest grandson. He showed much compassion, kindness, and care for the motherland. Queen Aysi knew Tre was going to be king someday and she knew he need a queen, which he did. However, Queen Aysi did not like her due to seeing her young, and shy self being in her.


Queen Ciara

Ten years ago, Trevante and Ciara meet at Alabama State University, the historically black college located in Montgomery, Alabama. Ciara accidentally trip on the stairs, which Tre caught her just in time. But, with his computer being destroy due to him dropping it to catch the beautiful woman. She apologize greatly and asking him what she could do to fix it.

“ Go on a date with me and it will be fix.” Tre smirked with his vioce speaking in his strong, Chad accent due to the royal family living in Chad. 

With hearing his accent, Ciara knew she was not messing with somebody regular. She heard that one of the Prince of Africa would be studying here. She finally meet his dark orbs, and she ran away.

With Tre being shock, he kept on the lookout for the girl. Whenver he saw her, he went up to her and she ran. Finally one day, she stop running, and Tre finally got what he wanted: a wife.

Ciara and Tre got engage the day of their graduation, and that meant Ciara degree was not used at all. Ciara always wanted to be a journalist, and getting a job at New York Times for after graduating. However, if she wanted to married Tre, she would have to do only royal duties.

The first out of many sacrifices that she would be giving to be with Trevante.

To now, 2020, Ciara was now stuck in the golden gates of hell. She live the lavish life and have the love of her life, but she stuck to do the duties of royalty and is under criticism everyday. 

With no heirs being born by the soon to be queen, she has been and always been outcasted by the family. 

Especially Queen Aysia.

She never knew why the Queen hated her so much, she felt stuck. Plus with her son and head advisor, Prince Ade, and many other advisors belittling her. Ciara was still stuck in her shell and did not get any help from her husband. Due to him not wanting to upset his family, she was alone.

Until one day she met a journalist, Maddie Robinson, who was sent to Africa to interview the royal family as the legendary Queen Aysia would talking about her ruling for 50 years.

Ciara and Maddie became closed friends and Ciara could talk to Maddie about the royal life. With that, their will be many secrets reveal to the public and that will shake the royal family 160 year rule like never before.

Will the Princess finally break out her shell or suffocate?

This is, The Princess’s Secrets.


So everyone surprise, surprise, surprise!

This is one of my new book series as Just Listening is coming to an end soon. I go inspired by a documentary about the Princess Diana and Fergie which are divorcees of British Royal Family.

So I decided to make a Royal Family for the motherland Africa. With that, this might have the first chapter soon, rather than later. I hope you guys like the prelude!

Please like, comment, and share! Definitely COMMENT because I love seeing y'all comments and hearing y'all voice of opinion.

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Just Listen-Chapter 6

“Baby, you need to calm yourself down before you give yourself a full-blown panic attack.” Aunty Christy shouted at her niece who was sitting down outside on the porch. With tears and snot coming from her nose, Christy and Momma T did not know what to do.

Nobody knew that Tre did not have a job right now because Tre did not want nobody to know. Tre was holding onto that black man pride and did not want nobody to help him. Thinking that he could not provide for his family was the one thing he need anybody to know.

With Cierra still crying, Momma T sat beside her on the step and rock her.

“It is okay baby; everything is going to be alright.” Momma T said with her comforting voice. Momma T already knew that Tre did have a job. When Cierra called Momma T, Cierra broke down to her. Telling her everything and how much Cierra was thinking about divorce Tre.

Momma T knew how her son gets when everything is not working for him. He can get cold and distant.  Even though Tre have been telling her what Cierra have been doing wrong. She knew that her son was doing some wrong too.

With Cierra calming down just a little, Lisa came out with her sixth cup of wine.

“You just like your daddy, a cheater!” Lisa shouted at her daughter while at the front door looking at her. While Momma T and Aunty Christy looked at her with disgust. Cierra just shook her head.

Cierra biological father is not Marcus. Cierra’s biological father left Lisa when she was 18 after she told him she was pregnant and got another pregnant the same time. He stayed with the other woman that was pregnant instead of Lisa. Even though Marcus came into her life and adopt Cierra as his own. She was still spiteful. Lisa was so spiteful, and it show through Cierra childhood. Many of Cierra’s good memories were with Marcus and all the bad ones was with Lisa.

“Close the damn door Lisa before everybody hear you.”  Aunty Christy yank the door close by her sister. Even though Christy hope nobody heard it, everybody heard it. Especially Jakob, who was in the room by the front door.

All of Jakob’s cousins looked at him with sadness in their eyes. Jakob looked out the window seeing Grandma T yelling at Grandma Lisa. The main person he was looking at was his mom. Even though his mom and him had that fight, he loves his momma. He seen his mom cried many of times throughout these couple of months.

He even heard the argument that night when Angelo had to break it up. One thing was that Jakob was secretly growing anger at his dad. Months ago, when Tre not getting any roles for movies, he started being cold to his Cierra. Even though the girls really did not notice, Jakob saw the small digs Tre threw at Cierra.

The one thing that top the cake, was when Tre did not come home the night of their anniversary. Jakob saw his mom cry the same way she did that night. He held his mom while she crying. With that, Jakob wipe the tear down his face and sat down listening to the argument outside.

“You know my grandbabies and son-in-law deserve something better than your ass. You are no good for nothing.” Lisa yelled even louder at Cierra while Christy and Momma T was trying to calm her down. With Cierra finally having enough, she got up and walk inside the house into the kitchen.

 However, Lisa was right behind her. With that Jakob, Mia, Amaya, and their cousins ran right behind them to see what was about to happen.

When Cierra finally got into the kitchen, she went straight to the refrigerator and got some wine.


“You know you be nothing without Tre!” Lisa keep on shouting and berating her. Everybody in the formal dining room, ran straight into the other side of the kitchen. With those people, Mike was included with them.

With Angelo still seeing Mike here, he walks quickly up to him.

“Didn’t you hear Tre, leave now Power Ranger,” Angelo yelped quietly at Mike “ You already are not by these people here and Tre.”

Mike looked at Angelo and notice that some of Cierra’s and Tre’s family members was looking at him crooked eye.

“Well, that is my friend and I am trying to help her. Plus, just back up off of me.” Angelo seethed at Angelo looking at Lisa berating her.

Before Angelo could responded, Cierra just started laughing. She was laughing hysterical. It was very slowly and then it turn into tears.


“ You know what, I have let you say things to me and talk shit to me. But today, I am done with your bullshit,” Cierra turned around with the wine bottle in her,” You nothing but a bitch! A drunk bitch at that!” Cierra walked with each word which led her to being right in front of her mom’s face.

Lisa and Cierra just stared at each other for a minute before Lisa said something that could not be turn back.

“ Damn, I wished I swallowed your ass.” Lisa taunted with a smirk. Everybody gasps as Lisa said those words. 


As Marcus was about to step in, Cierra swung the bottle at Lisa’s head. Lisa duck right in time. Marcus swoop up Lisa and Mike ran to Cierra and pull Cierra by her waist.

“ You think you big and bad bitch!” Lisa shouted at Cierra while trying to get out of Marcus’s grip.

“ Yes I am! I fucking hate you!” Cierra barked to Lisa trying to get Mike’s grip. The kids looked horrified at their mother never seeing her get this upset. Mia thought it was best to take Amaya back upstairs because she was crying seeing mom get upset.

As she was walking up the stairs, she saw her dad running down the stairs looking at Amaya.

“Why you  crying My My!” Tre shuddered to Amaya, who was crying hard, not knowing what was wrong with her.

“Momma… and…. Grandma… Lisa… is fighting” Amaya stuttered to her dad trying to breath from her hard crying.

“ Mia go upstairs and calm down Amaya!” Tre frantically said to Mia. With Tre walking through family members looking at what was happening in the kitchen, Mia knew it was about to get worst. Due to Mike, holding her mom back and her dad telling him to leave right away. One thing about Tre, when he says something, he means it.

Back in the kitchen, Mike was trying to calm down Cierra.

“ Cierra I need you to calm down babygirl.” Mike said while looking Cierra in the face. However, from both of their knowledge, Tre was looking dead at them. He was getting more angrier from Mike touching his wife.

Tre’s cousin looked at him and saw that it was not about to be good. She then tap one of Cierra’s cousin and the ripple kept going on.


Finally everybody was looking at Tre excepted for Mike and Cierra.

Mike notice the silence and turn around, and saw Tre looking dead at him. Cierra looked at her husband and they met eyes for the first time since Mike came. She look at them and anger and the same coldness of the past few months was behind them.

“ Didn’t I tell you to leave my fucking house.” Tre calmly said to him while walking to by the oven. Everybody looked at Mike seeing what was about to be said next. Mike walked up to Tre looking him dead in the eyes.

“Well, I was and your wife seem in a little bit of trouble. Thought I help her out,” Mike pause looking back at Cierra and turning his head back around “ which seems like you don’t know nothing about.”

Mike was tired now of trying to help Tre. He might have mess up by saying that Tre was not a good father or husband, but he was trying to help a brother out. After, Mike said that last comment, Tre turn around and it seem like he was walking. 


Then all of a sudden, Tre ran up and punch him.

That punch led to a big ass brawl to happen. Everybody started screaming, from the elders shakeing their heads, to the mothers shooing the kids outside or upstairs, and to the men trying to pull the fight apart.

Marcus got a hold of Tre’s shirt, seeing that Tre was trying to slam Mike to the ground. “ Tre come on now!” Marcus yelled trying to reason with him just like the others. As they pull the two men apart from each other to opposite side of the kitchen, Mike said something that just made it even worst.

“If I wanted to fucked Cierra, I would have fucked her so good that she would have left and your kids would have been calling me dad. You bitch ass!” Mike scream with spit coming at his mouth.

When Tre heard something about his kids, he ran got out some how and ran up on Mike again. This time Tre was out for blood.

Cierra was still frozen in her place, looking at Tre and Mike fight. Nobody could calm Tre down, not even his momma. Cierra ran up to the fight trying to break apart with other people in the family.

With both Tre and Mike throwing punches back and forth, Tre wind up and miss Mike. However, he hit someone, and then he heard the same cry that night of the argument Angelo stops. Everything became silent, however the blood curdling scream of the person on the floor.

Christy and Momma T ran quickly beside her. Even Lisa looked at her and freak out. The one person that made it upset the most: Jakob.

Cierra was looking at the floor, blood pooling on the white tile floors. Cierra was in huge amount of pain in her nose. Tre looked at his wife on the floor, and Mike looked at his friend on the floor.

“Baby…” Tre whispered silently to himself with his mouth in shocked. Looking at Cierra, Tre tried getting close to her, she flinched. Even though it was on accident, Cierra was scared. She looked at Tre and saw the coldness of these past of these few months in his eyes faded. She saw he had regret and sadness in his eyes.

“Just leave me alone!” Cierra quickly got up and ran to get her keys. Angelo ran after his cousin deciding it be best. Jakob looked at the blood on the floor and tears came down his eyes. He looked at his dad and spoke these words.

“I hate you.”


Wow that was just…. wow!


Y’all that not the actual family reunion! Baby secret will pour out and things about to be shook in the Rhode’s household!!

Baby if y'all don’t have nothing to say about what just happen, baby was you reading what I was reading.



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At a beachfront resort, having dinner and returning from the bathroom Trevante’s wallet falls. As he picks it up, he finds a remote. Knowing all to well what this went to from having experience with a familiar one a while back, it couldn’t be what he thought it was. Someone was getting all types of freaky at this resort. Being there for a writing personal retreat, he thinks, what the hell, why not see who it belongs to, just for kicks.

He turns the vibration on low, trying to see who it belongs to, taking advantage of his curved booth, looking around the dining room floor for subtle reactions. When he jolts it to maximum sensation, he finds the owner of his latest source of fun. Almost knocking a full plate of food onto the ground, a wine glass shatters on the ground falling victim.

She had the nerve to be with a nigga. Maybe she was going to give it to him, or maybe him being a dumbass dropped it. Either way, seeing this shy look and almost blushing on her pretty deep brown round cheeks, he couldn’t get enough of looking at her. He watches her look at her man, trying to see where he was hiding the remote when his hands were on the table. Her trying to analyze it in her head as it read across her face was cracking him up. When she realized, maybe just maybe someone else had control of it, he saw the panic fill her eyes. In that moment he switches up the pace and adds a circling feature, making her close her eyes and bit her lip hard.

Trevante sips his rum as he enjoys the show of his making, coming up with possible scenarios of who they were. She is a pro though, for sure. True freak indeed the way she is taking all this. Last time he used one of these, the girl barely lasted ten minutes, and at this point it had already been forty. She had to be leaking. She probably tastes sweet like a juicy melon on a nice summer day. Like honey dripping down his tongue. Mmm.

As he secretly pleased, she seemed to be teasing her dude. With each refill of her wine glass, her eyes turned more and more lusty. Seeing her dude’s reaction to her running her heels up and down his lower leg under the table, somehow the way it was done let him know she was usually the initiator in the relationship. Anyone with eyes could see she was practically begging to be fucked. Hard. She seemed like the type to fain innocence knowing that was the last thing on earth she was. She probably bought this little number to spice things up, get him to do some of the things she wanted. Things it seems like his mind would never know the pleasure off. A fucking waste, he thought as he shook his head.


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Training - Part 6

Masterlist for more!

A/N: Here is a bit of a flashback and more emotions revealed between the two! We love to see it! Be sure to COMMENT if you enjoyed it!

Luh Yall!




One Year Ago

“I’m outside,” read the text notification across her phone as Deaysha hurried up and finished folding her clothes. The Scrub N’ Dub Laundromat was having a half off special and since the laundry was piling, she had to take advantage. Gathering all her clothes and putting them in her big bag, she hears the chimes of the front door, Trevante entering wearing bball shorts and a tank with his black durag still on. She squints her eyes, half way trying to figure that out as she watches him come in.

“What up my G?” Trevante daps a fellow classmate as Deaysha gives him a weird look.

“Hey Little Miss, you ready?” He asks, smiling, the whites of his teeth twinkling as he extends his arms out for a hug.

“What the hell is this?” She asks swiping the durag off his head after she releases from the hug.

“Aye, stop that!” He admonishes, swiping it back and looking at his reflection in a dryer to put it back on the right way. “You don’t even say hello and already with the shits,” he shakes his head as he plops her bag of laundry in the cart with her other bags and pushes it out to the car.

After a few moments of looking at him silently put her things in the trunk, she hugs him from behind. “Hi Trevante,” she says, her words muffled by his shirt.

“Uhn uhn. Back up off me,” he says shaking his head, pretending to be annoyed, fake rolling his eyes as she holds him tighter, before laughing as she uses her arm strength to squeeze him as tight as possible, wanting to ignite the tight bear hug competition thing they do. Not responding to prove a point, he ultimately caves and uses all his muscles squeezing her arms as she squeezes him.

“Okay! Okay! You win!” She says releasing him, as he smiles in defeat. When he starts to walk to the driver’s seat, she quickly swipes his durag again, runs around to her side, and jumps into the car, locking her door and sticking her tongue out at him.

“You never stop playing yo! The biggest kid I ever seen. Give me my shit back,” he says shaking his head as he starts up the car, some garbage rap playing from the speakers, one of the lil’s, Lil Zoey or something like that, at least thats what she called them.

“No I’m not giving it back. Its 3pm and you walking around like you just rolled out the bed, and even when you do, you look better than that. Up here a hot ass hood mess. You know I don’t associate with such. And you back to Lil Zoey and nem I see,” she shakes her head with an exaggerated eye roll.

“I’m grown Deaysha. If I wanna look like a hot ass hood mess, then I can. And you can say what you want but you know this shit slaps,” he says turning it up louder, bopping his head to the beat, as she felt her ears would burst from just how bad it was.

“No, even your sleepy time jazz was better than this,” she says, turning it down and grabbing his phone to play something on the aux. “Between that, the struggle outfit of choice, and that ‘what’s good my G’, you sound like you’re trying to be the next hood nigga of America. You back on that flippy floppy shit?” She asks as she turns on her SophistaRatchet playlist, just to irritate him .

“You so damn irky with that shit Deaysha. I know you want to be a doctor but you ain’t never said shit about a Psychiatrist. You gonna psychoanalyze me my whole life? It’s just a song, damn,” He says, turning the volume all the way down to be petty.

“I’m just trying to make sure you not on some dumb shit. You know your ass only gets wishy washy when a certain Hoe comes around. Trying to perpetuate frauds knowing your Ponchatoula Louisiana ass is country as hell, but not hard. You can knock a nigga out cause you big as hell but you would talk it out first, and its nothing wrong with that,” she says turning on a regular playlist and putting the volume back to normal.

“Can you just drop it, Deaysha? I don’t want to talk about it,” he says as they get close in the drive back to their dorms.

“I’m not trying to be extra Trevante, I just don’t want Shay to snake her fangs back into you for you to get all brand new and act all different, just cause you think she will like it better,” she says softly, trying to gauge his response.

“I Said Drop It Deaysha!” He says a little louder, his brow and face all twisted and touted up, as he returns his gaze back to the road. The car-ride was silent for at least five minutes, feeling the tension between them as the ride comes to a close, he begins to speak.

“You coming back to my place so we can study for this test on Monday or you going home?” He asks, normally, to which he gets no answer. He looks over at her with her arms folded as she looks out of the window, still no answer. “Okay, fine, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said it like that. Can you talk to me now?” He asks sweetly, waiting for her to give any response, getting the cold shoulder from her being one of his least favorite things.

“If it’s alright with you, I would like to drop my clothes at my place, then we can study at yours or your lounge. I think my roommates are in mine,” she says monotonously, still facing the window.

“Okay, sounds like a plan,” he says as he rides to her place. As she drops off her things, his pride wants to say he was right in all his actions, but his heart knows better. If she was acting different, he would say something about it. They had been best friends for two years. They notice the smallest details about eachother because thats just what they do. A DeVante thing, their names transposed against each other. As she gets back in the car, he plays Reuben Studdard’s I’m Sorry and pouts his lips until her annoyed angry face relaxes and she uncrosses her arms.

“No, I’m not talking to you so leave me alone,” she says turning her head out of the window. He turns the volume up as he drives to his side of campus. Once parked, he gets out of the car, locking the door so she cant. He comes to her side, helping her out, so he could talk to her, face to face.

“I Sowwy,” he says in the alien monster voice that she heard from a movie and absolutely loved. The original quoteable was the character saying “Uncle” as the other character was choking him and since they watched the movie together, they would say that to eachother in the voice to bring a smile to the other’s face.

“Nope. Get away from me,” she says, shaking her head and pushing him as he goes in for the hug.

“I Sowwy Deaysha!” He continues to say in the monster voice, hugging her, keeping her close and kissing her cheek despite her protests.

“Nope you don’t appreciate me. Leave me alone!” She says pushing his face out of the way as she tries to not laugh.

“But I do appreciate you, Boo Boo. I love you,” he says in the voice before his kiss attack began on her cheek and neck, tickling her.

“No! You don’t know how to act Trevante. Leave me alone. Stop it!” She giggles as he plants thousands of kisses on the side of her face, neck and a little bit of shoulder. His hands planted firmly against her lower back, holding her close as her protests begin to cease. Her cute little infectious laugh making his heart smile. When her little snort pops out, they crack up laughing.

“Forgive me, please? Say you love me too,” he says in the voice as he rests his head in the crease of her neck and shoulder as she hugs him back. Her soft hands, lightly grazing across his upper back, making time stand still for a little bit, all his worries just melting in her arms. Leaning back to look into her eyes, he takes her face in his hands, slowly running his thumbs across her cheeks.

“I Sowwy. Forgive me,” he says in the monster voice, as she sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes.

“You made me promise to tell you my true feelings straight up. You made me promise to speak up when you get to acting funny. AND, you made me promise to tell you if I think you’re heading in the wrong direction. I’m only doing what you told me to do then you got nerve to wanna get mad,” she says, looking him straight in the eyes.

“I know. You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m a dumbass. I love you. I appreciate you. But I still want you to forgive me,” he says in between slower kisses to her cheek and neck, still using the monster voice, so close he could feel her breathing.

“You betta forgive me or imma give you a wet willie,” he says in his regular voice about to lick his finger as she pushed him back. She made the mistake in telling him that was one of the most annoying things to her as a kid and since then he would randomly pop up and do it. In classes they have together, when she’s stressed and too stubborn to listen, and now this.

“Okay! Okay! I forgive you!” She says keeping him at arms length away, smiling as he pokes out his cheek for her to kiss and rolling her eyes as she kisses it, before heading into the building, him carrying her heavy ass bookbag behind her.


In the kitchen, Deaysha at the island with a textbook, notebook, and planner sprawled open on the table as Trevante gets to cooking something that smells good. His early 2000s R&B playlist jamming in the background. Now actually dressed in an olive green tee and some black joggers, his durag looked absolutely fine. Doing her work and enjoying the vibes, she still had one more thing on her mind.

“Tre?” She calls.

“Yeah?” He says, looking over his shoulder.

“Even tho I was freaking out earlier, you can tell me if you’re seeing that girl,” she says with a sigh as she puts her pen down and looks at him. “I would rather hear it from you, than to come over here when I’m trying to talk to you and she just here all in the way looking dumb….sorry. Imma stop. Like you said, you a grown man and can do what you want. I just would like to know only cause it would effect my normal life, not to be nosey. What you do and who you do is your business,” she says, watching him as he smiles and shakes his head.

“I know for damn sure you would want me to tell you if I popped back up with Ellison,” she began to say before he interjected.

“FUCK THAT NIGGA!” He says turning his head all the way around to make eye contact.

“Mmmhmm with ya nut ass double standards,” she says with a smirk, knowing it would get to him.

“First of all, you still never told me why you showed up to my door crying the way you did that day, so yeah, long as I live, on my mama and all I love, that nigga getting fucked up when I see him. No hesitation.” He says turning around and flaring his chest out, making her laugh. She knew he was serious but it was still funny to see him get so mad about it. Yes that whole thing was a mess, but still less than Shay and her snake head ass.

“And I didn’t want to pop Shay in her mouth with how she always leaves you? Completely changed and feeling bad for being the great person that you are. I be wanting to wild out on her ass too, but no, I’m here listening cause you MY best friend. I want you to be happy and to live your best life with who you want. And to not have to keep things from me cause you don’t know how I would react. I’m always here for you, no matter what,” she says as he turns back around to the food. After a few minutes of silence he begins to speak.

“She came over the other day…,” he says with an exasperated sigh as Deaysha did all she could to not vomit at the mention of that woman. “Supposedly under the guise of looking for something,” he continues.

“Y’all ain’t been together in a year, what the hell she looking for?” Deaysha seethes out, too quick to capture. She was supposed to be the calm one. She did just ask for this information.

“I know, I know. I let her in, let her look for whatever, ignored her and went back to my work. She claims “oh it must’ve been somewhere else”. I see through the bs. She only came cause she heard I hooked up with somebody I didn’t know she knew till after. She tried to do the “I Miss You’s” and I told her to save it. She said you’re probably right and its probably better to leave the past the past but she “still cares about me”. For what I think was the first time, I was able to see clearly enough to know it was bullshit, and that never happens.” He says as she watches his body language.

“All the bullshit with her and that nigga on that tape, threw me for a fucking loop… I know you know about it. Everyone does. Apparently everyone knew she was cheating too, but me,” he says shaking his head.

“I didn’t know Tre,” Deaysha says softly, feeling herself beginning to get emotional.

“No, I know you didn’t…It’s just all that, and feeling like no matter what I did, I never gave enough in that relationship, always being compared to random thirsty niggas, never feeling secure. I felt I had to be different. Be hard, be more whatever, to attract and keep a woman,” he admits.

“But Trevante, you know thats not true,” She says going over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder as she seems him fighting back tears.

”I know, but its not that simple De,” he says shaking his head.

“Make it that simple because it is! You told me when I felt like I had to be skinny, have a flat stomach and proportions on amazing, “slim thick” whatever, that if a nigga deserved me, that shit wouldn’t matter. I didn’t need to change anything about me at all for no snot nose nigga. That’s what you said to me almost verbatim. If that applies for me, it applies for you too.” She says pulling him into a tight bear hug, releasing a bit when she felt like she was cutting off his air supply.

“But Deaysha,” he begins before she stops him.

“No buts Trevante. You know you don’t gotta hide or act in front of me. The same way you see me and let me be me, even the silliest jumping on you, snorting, and completely nerding out, I see you. Who cares what anyone else thinks, Shay thinks or whatever? She went out there and got the roughneck who didn’t give a shit about her and you see who doorstep she was just on! There is nothing wrong with you, do you hear me? Nothing! You’re a king! And not even in a Hotep way,” she says making them both laugh, wiping his face as a tear escapes his eye.

“Listen to me. I love you…just exactly the way you are,” she says holding his face in her hands, staring up into his eyes, the moment and the words filled with more than it probably should’ve been. Looking from her eyes to her lips, he shuts off the thought. He knew that she was the only person in the world who truly knew him. He was never scared to talk to her. She always could bring out his truest self. The inability to hide anything from her both infuriated him and also turned him on a bit. He always knew he wanted more with her but he always held himself back.

From the moment he saw her with her pep talk in the bathroom the day he met her, he wanted her forreal, and definitely not as a friend. But the way things turned out, now she was his best friend. He could come to her with anything, even the one person she hates the most, and she would still try. For him. She gave him love he felt he didn’t deserve and with his insecurities taking over, instead of kissing her and telling her he loved her too, he held her tightly against his chest. Maybe the love could transmit by osmosis until the time he could truly reciprocate it.

“It’s not even just about a girl. I’m just figuring it all out for me. I love you too. Thank you for loving me and always being my guide back to who I am. I appreciate you,” he says the last sentence in the monster voice making her laugh. Feeling her this close and kissing her cheek as slowly as he was, things were only bound to go further and that’s not something he wanted right now, so he gives her one last kiss and lets her go. Going back to the food on the stove, he says,

“Alright, enough with the mushy shit! Put on Musiq Soulchild followed by my sleepy time jazz and lets get this study party rolling! Now what year did the Byzantine Empire fall?”


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A/N: De calls Trevante at work feeling kinda frisky! Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did!

Luh Y’all!




”Lieutenant, you have the conference meeting in 10 minutes. Your coffee is on your desk,” Trevante’s assistant Bethany informs him as he returns from his meeting with the General.

“Thanks Beth, I appreciate it,” he says with an exasperated sigh, taking a quick breather for the day that’s already been jam packed even though its only 10:15am.

Seated and finally taking a sip of his coffee, dark roast, full bodied, no cream and two sugars, a smile spreads across his face when “Love of My Life🥰” calling displays on the screen.

“Good Morning Babygirl,” he says, licking his lips as the corners of his lips curl into a wry smile.

“Baby! Come home right now and suck on this pussy,” Deaysha mewls with the distant sounds of My Neck My Back in the background. The shock making him almost smack his coffee clear across the table as he fumbles with his phone to take it off of speaker.

“Babe, you can’t just pop off at the lip like that. I had the phone on speaker,” he explains, as a grin spreads across his face, swiveling his chair around to look out of the window, while licking his lips.

“Right now, lick it good! Suck this pussy just like you should! My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack!” She sings into the phone loudly, trying to turn the call into FaceTime.

“Uhn Uhn. Not yet. I have a meeting in a few and I don’t know what you gonna try and distract me with on camera,” he continues, ignoring the request, hearing the song change.

“Hang up on me again, and Imma come up there and sit right on ya face! Moisturize that dry ass beard you left with this morning,” she laughs, dancing around in her olive green lacy lingerie, oversized white cardigan, and fuzzy socks.

“Don’t be mean just cause you a little in need. I will handle it when I get home,” he says deepening his voice in efforts to put his foot down, knowing it rarely worked but still willing to try.

“But Big Daddy, I want that long fat dick in my mouth right nowwwwww. Can I have it Daddy? Pretty pleaseeee,” she whines as he closes his eyes thinking of her on her knees, her almond shaped brown eyes looking up at him, the perfect kneel, ass poking out and back at full arch. Damn.

“I said no Deaysha! Now be good and maybe I will handle it when I’m done my meeting in like an hour,” he says realizing the time, standing, and heading out of the door.

“You gonna get enough of saying no to me Trevante! You should know better by now the lengths I would go through when I want that hammer,” she says, clicking FaceTime again.

“Baby, I would love to continue this conversation but I have a meeting so save all this for later,” he whispers, turning the corner, right outside of the boardroom, a few minutes left to spare.

“I got an ass so big like the sun! Hope you got a mile for a dick, I wanna run. Slap it in my face, Shove down my throat. Nigga where your blunt, I can make this pussy smoke!” His wife raps but the sound didn’t really connect to his ear the way it did a moment before, sounding more distant. Taking a second before it clicks in his head.

“Oh shit!” He says bum rushing into the board room where his wife was now on speaker in front of almost every single one of his subordinates. The Bluetooth automatically connected and there they were, hearing all of her in her element.

“I know how to fuck I know how to ride, I can spin around and keep the dick still inside.

Now your mouth wide you looking real scared, I’m a man-eater headhunter I’m PREPARED,” she bellows in her full City Girls inspired ratchet tone, as he almost breaks the conference room sound system.

“BABE SHUT UP! ITS ON SPEAKER!” He shouts to the top of his lungs as he unplugs something, cutting all the sound, three fourths of the room filled and staring back at him on top of the table looking like a mad man. A second later, the General walks in.

“Lieutenant,” he nods to Trevante as he climbs off from the middle of the table and stands in salutation.

“General,” Trevante responds, sweat along his brow and all over his face before being instructed to sit, as were the rest of them. Looking around, he could see a few people barely containing their smiles and shaking their head. He slowly drags his hand down the center of his face, trying to reset and re-center himself to give his presentation.


An hour and a half later, following the meeting and being clowned by half the office, he returns to his office, approaching the assistant’s desk.

“Any messages?” He asks, his assistant giving him a pitiful smile before answering no. He enters his office and takes a deep breath closing his eyes and opening them to his wife in a trench coat spinning in his office chair.

“So you just hang up on me now Trevante? Is that what we do?”

“Baby, I didn’t hang up on you,” he says, only able to form the biggest smile as he walks over to her, setting his things down, not being able to be mad at her if he tried.

“On your knees Trevante,” She orders, untying the trench, revealing the olive green lingerie, bra and panties set, criss cross at the top with a detachable nipple and puss. He grunts as he looks at her.

“But babe,” he interjects, blinking his way from the trance she put him in.

“On your knees, right now. I won’t say it again,” she demands, placing her hands on her hips as she looks up to him, her serious face, front and center. He drops to his knees, seeing the 5 inch stiletto pumps she was rocking and her buttered and oiled down legs, her calf glistening and looking edible, along with those freshly pedicured toes. Sitting in front of him with her hands clasped flat together, resting along the center of her chin, waiting for his response. Her long claw jeweled white nails sparkling with every dramatic hand movement.

“Number 1: Why did you hang up on me?” She asks sharp-tongued and laser-eyed.

“As I got close to the meeting, my phone automatically connected to the Bluetooth of the conference room, so all my subordinates heard you screaming Look Back At Me lyrics, thats why I screamed shut up and I apologize for that and raising my voice,” he says gulping as she spreads her legs, lightly tracing her fingers on the inside of thighs, up between the valley of her breasts, before sticking two fingers deep in her mouth.

“Lower,” she says pressing her foot to his forehead forcing him down a bit lower, now more in a crawl state. “Number 2: You were already wrong for not giving me dick this morning knowing just how much I needed it, we needed it. And I’m also ovulating so you’re double wrong Lieutenant Rhodes. How do you plan to rectify this discrepancy?” She asks smiling as she twists the ball of her foot against his forehead.

“Baby, I didn’t lock the door, anyone could come in here right now,” he says nervously looking to the door.

“Do I look concerned? I worked damn hard for this body. Its your fault anyhow for leaving me. You didn’t answer my question darling. Don’t make me make you lick my heel,” She warns watching his desire for her burn beyond his eyes.

“The problem was me not listening to my beautiful wife,” he begins, going into push up position before sitting up.

“Damn right it was,” she chimes, her eyes fiercely lined with his.

“Would listening to my beautiful…sweet….intelligent…indescribably sexy wife and doing whatever it is that she wants of me, help to rectify the situation?” He asks, lifting her leg to his mouth before kissing and sucking from her toes to her knee.

“Bringing pleasure to your queen never hurts,” she comments, pursing her lips and rolling her eyes. “First, take off these shoes, they are great for stepping all over you but terribly uncomfortable, please take them off, with only your mouth, no hands,” she instructs, leaning back in his chair like the boss she is, watching him lean down and use his tongue, lips and teeth to unfasten the little buckles. Rotating her ankles, she lifts a foot to his mouth.

“Open,” she commands, loving the power she has and the look on his face. He complies of course. She giggles as he voraciously sucks on her toes, the flashes of purple in and out of his mouth so amusing to her.

“That’s enough,” she squeals as he begins tickling her.

“Where do you want me now?” He asks, sitting up on his knees with hunger in his eyes.

“I feel you’ve done enough groveling and deserve a reward. In your seat please, Lieutenant,” she says, standing and moving to the side. He follows her commands and sits down where she just was, eyeing her up and down like the full course meal she is.

“I want a taste Big Daddy. You gonna let me have it?” She purrs into his ear as she slides her hands from his face, neck, chest, abs, all the way to his thighs, spreading his legs a bit as she kneels before him.

“Whatever you want. You know I don’t know how to tell you no,” he says, his eyes slightly close to closed, rubbing her neck as she unbuckles his belt.

“Could’ve fooled me! This morning wasn’t the time to try that out,” she admonishes, finally releasing the hardened slanga from the little component of his boxer briefs. “He is so pretty Daddy,” she says as she licks up the shaft. Just as she was about to swallow him whole, someone opens the office door. Trevante quickly pushes her under the desk and pushes his chair in, coughing borderline choking as he sees its the General. He attempts standing as proper procedure mandates, and Deaysha working with him trying to tuck his dick back in his pants, all in the span of a millisecond.

“At ease, son. No need to stand,” the General states as he takes a seat opposite the desk, both Trevante and Deaysha breathing a sigh of relief.

“What can I do for you Sir?” Trevante asks, able to breathe a little bit clearer.

“Well, some of the guys, told me about what happened prior to the meeting this morning. Now what you do in your own home is your business,” the General begins, tilting his head to the side and shrugging his shoulders.

“General, let me explain,” Trevante interjects.

“No need to explain, Son. I was once young too. Grace and I had plenty of escapades, everywhere, all the time. No real limits but we did have rules. Rules of the household, that I put in place, as to have no misbehaving. Now, how you run your home is your business,” The General begins to drone on with another melodramatic speech of Trevante needing to take back control of his household, making Deaysha want to vomit.

Submissive as in 1950s housewife was never her thing, but as the Bible mandates, she does in fact submit to her husband …sometimes. But all of that is none of the General’s business. Happy wife, happy life. No one was going to make her feel bad about expressing her sexuality as she should, nor for wanting Daddy’s dick. And no one was going to stop her from getting it either.

She has a perfect view of Trevante pretending to listen to the man’s chauvinistic garbage, and she is determined to prove to the General, just how much fun her disobedience could be. Trevante’s hips jerk slightly as she begins feeling on his shaft. She quietly spits on it, smoothing it all over the beautiful work of art, tugging and pulling at it, stroking it in her hand. Trevante gently holds her chin, before briefly looking down at her and shaking his head no, before going back to looking at the General.

“It’s imperative to control your household and run it as you see fit. They are allowed all their freedoms but bottom line, a wife is to do as her husband commands. Not all of this acting out, nonsense,” the General continues.

“General, if I may,” Trevante sits up, politely ready to go to hell and back to defend his wife and all of her actions but not able to get a word in edgewise with this man. Deaysha snickers as she flattens her tongue and glides him nice and slow into her wet warm mouth, slowly inhaling and exhaling through her nose and she takes him inch by inch. She smiles at his jaw tightening and him trying to suppress his eyes from rolling back into his head. Caressing his thighs with her hands, her nails kneeding his flesh, she starts going ham, thoroughly enjoying pleasing her man. If only his eyes could talk. His orbs glisten and his mouth gets impossibly tight as she somehow quietly bobs her head onto his dick. Getting a little too happy, a slurping noise slips and Trevante starts fake coughing trying to cover it up.

“You okay, Son?” The General pauses his monologue, somehow still aware of anything else besides the sound of his own voice.

“Yeah, just something stuck in my throat,” Trevante acts it off, trying to swat her hands away from his pogo stick, attempting to put it back in his pants but he couldnt since it was at full attention. The whole thing was making Deaysha crack up under that desk. She gently moves his hands out of the way, before sliding him back to the back of her throat. She gets into it now, drowning out all the noise and honing in on her man, closing her eyes and working that dick. She intermingles her fingers with his as she feels him start to pulse, the sensation mildly tickling her gag reflex, making her smile. Teary eyed, she looks up at her husband, and perfectly in sync, his eyes meet hers. She smiles, winks her eye, and nods her head signaling for him to cum, and that is exactly what he did. Holding her head down onto him, he empties his seed deep deep down in her throat, easing up and down when she felt like she would need to cough. Slowly she licks him clean, rubbing his thighs, lightly licking his balls, and tucking him back in his pants, as he returns back down to earth. As you can tell, this was not their first public rodeo and definitely wouldn’t be their last.

“Son, are you listening?” The General asks bringing the attention back to him, as always.

“Yes, Sir,” Trevante quickly replies, acting like he was deep in thought.

“Good. The main thing I’m trying to say is, you can’t be made a fool of. Something I and the wives agree, she needs to know her place,” he begins again.

“Her place?” Trevante asks, his voice getting deep as he sits straight up in his chair.

“Nah, that’s where I draw the line. We might be relatively new here General, but my wife’s place is doing exactly what she does. What happened today was MY mistake and technological error. We’re trying to get pregnant and things are a bit hectic with that but the fellas understand. I won’t let you talk about her like she is some disturbance. She doesn’t want to host dinners at the house because she doesn’t want to. If she doesn’t want to hang out with the wives, she doesn’t have to. You talk about me running my house the way I want, what I want and what it is is that we run OUR home as equals, and thats it! Everything else we do is none of anyone else’s concern. She doesn’t need to change or be tamed. She might not fit into your mold but she creates mine and that’s all that matters,” Trevante says with as much restraint as he could muster, the vein in his neck and in his hands flexing like it was about to pop.

“It took guts to speak so freely. I respect it. I apologize if I overstepped and please give Deaysha my regards. Have a good rest of your evening Lieutenant and best of luck in your efforts,” The General smiles as he leaves the office. There’s a few seconds of silence before Trevante gets up and locks the door. He wished she hadn’t heard that.

“You can come out Babe, he’s gone,” Trevante says, sitting back down and sliding the chair backwards. When he heard a sniffle, his heart broke.

“Baby, noo,” he says getting on his hands and knees, climbing under the desk with her, and pulling her into his arms. “Baby, please don’t cry,” he says kissing her forehead and rubbing her back. He got even more mad at the asshole hurting his baby’s feelings as he felt his shirt wet with her tears. His sensitive sweet baby did not deserve this.

“They only don’t like me because I speak my damn mind and I tell the truth. Most of they relationships are straight ass! Stephanie’s husband thinks all her actually brilliant ideas are stupid and wants her to wait on him hand and foot cause he is a spoiled big baby. Alissa is so busy being drunk she doesn’t even notice her husband fucking her best friend, or chooses to ignore it. And no Karen, I refuse to have my lawn looking subpar, covering the beautiful ground of fertile soil with that fake shit! Imma grow my flowers and I’m gonna grow them big! Fuck them!” She says holding on to him tightly.

“Come mere babygirl,” he says, climbing from under there and offering her his hand. She takes it and he picks her up and sits her on his desk. Standing between her legs he lifts her chin and gives her a kiss while wiping her face.

“What do I want most in this world?” He asks, holding her close to his chest, kissing her cheek, and smiling at this sexy ass outfit as he opens up that trench coat, making her smile.

“I don’t know,” she pouts a little, answering above a whisper.

“What do I tell you all the time that I want most in the world?” He repeats, taking her hands and wrapping them around him as he slowly plants kisses on her neck.

“For me to be happy,” she says, looking up into his eyes.

“And what makes you happy?” He questions, taking her hands in his and kissing them.

“Doing what I want,” she says in a low tone.

“So if all I want in the world is to make you happy, and what makes you happy is doing what you want, doesn’t that mean that I want what you want and ALL this other shit is null and void?” He asks lifting her chin with his finger.

“I guess so,” she says looking away, out of the window.

“Nah, we’re gonna go home right now and you’re gonna show Daddy exactly what you we’re doing when you called me, sing to me, dance for me, My Neck My Back, Look Back At Me, all that, okay?” He says as he repeatedly kisses her lips, his hands running along the sides of her thighs. “These motherfuckers will not ruin our day, you understand me?” He says, kissing her until a smile finally spreads across her face.


“Bust that pussy open, then I tell her bring it back.” Trevante closes his eyes as he nods to the beat of the song.

“No peeking, Baby,” she calls just as he opens one eye before he quickly closes the other, sitting at the foot of the bed, his undershirt exposed, uniform shirt unbuttoned, kicking his boots off as he tries to wait patiently.

“Okay I think I’m ready” She shouts from the large walk in closet.

“Can I open?” He asks hearing the music stop and trying to peek again before she closes his eye again.

“When the music comes on,” she says as she licks up the side of his face before kissing his lips.

“How many licks does it take till you get to the center of the? Tell meee” comes from the speakers and his wife steps in front of him in her floor length fur, all her biggest jewels, her new wig, sexy lick your lips worthy black lingerie and the tallest stripper heels she owns. Channeling Lil Kim with her blinged out karaoke mic, she raps mainly the chorus and lip syncs the rest as they both crack up laughing. He gets up when the Thong Song comes on, coming behind her and bending her over. Stripping her layer by layer with every song, his hands roam all over her as she relishes in his full 100% undivided attention that she wanted all day long.

“Pussy good. Pussy sweet. Pussy good enough to eat,” she raps Pussy by Lady, bending completely over in front of him, looking back at him with a wave and a smile from between her legs. Taking a gulp of his Henny, she comes up to him with her head back and mouth wide open. He slowly opens his mouth, letting the brown liquor drip from his lips into her mouth. She swallows the shot like a good girl. His nasty freaky girl. He smiles and smacks her ass in approval.

When Big Ole Freak comes on, she takes the pole in the middle of their bedroom for a spin, trying to remember the couple moves she learned from the one class she took, otherwise free styling. Trevante on the bed in his boxers, two glasses of Henny in, contemplating rolling a blunt, his eyes hungry and ready for his main course. She works her way to the ground and crawls to him. He damn near took her wig off from his anticipation as he pulls her up to his lips. She giggles as he pulls her onto his lap, ripping her poor little lace all off of her and slowly guiding her onto him, right in time as Blow the Whistle comes on.

She pushes him back as she rides to beat. Smacking her ass, he reaches to the nightstand and pulls out his golden blunt sparking up, taking a hit and passing it to her before exhaling the smoke into her mouth. They hit them back shots against the dresser to Look Back At Me, reverse cowgirl on the floor to Trey Songz’ Make It Rain, from the side on the couch to Fight Night, that good and deep missionary in the bed to David Banner’s Play ending off in 69 and climax to Plies Get U Wet. Collapsing on top of each other, they both breathe an exasperated sigh, spent as hell and looking at the ceiling.

“Don’t get too comfortable, we got a baby to make. Here, make the next playlist,” he says handing her his phone before standing to go to the bathroom as she looks at him shocked.

“Fix your face Baby! You got me lit, now you gotta finish. We procreating in this motherfucker tonight!” He hollers from the bathroom, clearly on more of a mission than she intended when she called him this morning.


12 Months Later

“And that was the day Daddy got Mommy double pregnant with you two,” Trevante cooes smiling from ear to ear to his three month old twin daughters Emory and Emani, as they match his smile with a little giggle. Swaddled in cute pink and purple hats and blankets, he rocks them, one in each arm as he goes back and forth in the rocking chair.

“Can you stop telling them that story please?” Deaysha asks walking into the nursery, with her work clothes on, a tight form fitting black dress, black heels and pearls.

“I’m about to be telling them the story of how we make they brother or sister with that outfit you got on. Keep playing if you want,” Trevante says, looking to her and entertaining his babies, tickling them and blowing on their cheeks.

“Hey babies! You miss Mommy? Huh?” She asks kissing all over each of the babies faces before looking up at Trevante with his lips pursed and kissing all over his face too.

“I’ll be right back,” she says kissing all of their cheeks before going to their bedroom to change her clothes. Getting up and following behind her, kids in tow, he couldn’t miss this.

“Can you stop being a perv?” She shouts, bending over and taking her shoes off, his favorite part.

“Your children was asking for you and who would I be if I didn’t bring them to you? You’re the one with the dirty mind Mrs. Rhodes” He says looking shocked and shaking his head. She puts on her pjs and lays in the bed with her husband and baby girls. He kisses her neck as she plays with them, enjoying seeing her in her mothering element. Once they get sleepy, she tucks them into bed, ensuring to check that the baby monitor was on. She returns to her bedroom seeing her husband laying butt ass naked stroking his dick the second she steps foot into the room.


“If we have another one right quick, they can all be born in the same year, now get your ass over here,” he says leaping off the bed, picking her up and getting her naked in seconds.

“I will kick your ass, leave me alone! You cant even handle the kids you got! Chill Buddy!” She tries pushing him off, to which he kisses, licks, sucks, and bites her hands.

“You the one wildin today. No more kiddies just yet. You better pull out nigga,” she says laughing then being serious with the last part before kissing him as he peels the covers back and slowly buries himself inside of her. “Yeah we’ll see,” he winks as he covers her mouth with his hand, and presses play on Baby Playlist Numba 2.


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I Want You


Summary: Let’s just say … counting has never been so much fun.

Author’s Note: Hey guysssss! Here is a little one-shot I wrote for my good sis @l-auteuse ! Let’s get smutty, shall we? Please leave a comment for ya girl! I love you guys! And just know, I’m terrified right now! 

You’re watching him as he’s watching you. His nostrils slightly flaring every so often. His fingers are interlocked as he steadily twiddles his thumbs. Sitting roughly two feet away from him felt as if it were miles. The distance is killing you. Killing him. You let your hands graze dark wooden dining table while cocking your head to the side. You sighed deeply as a small smirk crept across your lips. 

“Don’t do that. Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” he says before licking his lips leaning forward. 

“What have I done?” you say while blinking your lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m curious Trevante.” you continued while twirling a random curl around your finger.

“I will break you, wreck you, and put you back together again. I’m not touching you until you beg. And you will beg.” he says oozing complete dominance. 

“All of that? Just for smiling?” you replied sarcastically.

You admired his rich, beautiful midnight skin that shimmered under the dim lighting. His broad, muscular shoulders - you were convinced there wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t precisely chiseled. Every inch of him was appealing to your eyes. His disposition was somewhere between cocky and confident and his aura was heavy. His eyes held a detrimental amount of darkness and mystery. Those dark brown eyes lingered on you. Adoring your soft features - plush full pink lips, perfect round breasts, and those eyes. God, he loved your eyes. He loved how you were looking at him with them. They held curiosity with a mix of innocence. 

“I’m not one to beg,” you said while slowly crossing your legs.

“You will be.” he quickly interjected.

Tre leaned back in his seat nonchalantly. He rose his right hand and held it at eye level. He looked at his hand and then back at you.

 “I’m going to start counting now. I’ll let you choose your fate.” he reasoned.

“I’m listening,” you said now leaning forward. 

“All I’m saying is, If I were you, I wouldn’t let me get to one.” he chuckled.

“I’m intrigued, dare I say enticed?” you replied.

“Hmm, is that so? Five,” he said while standing and undoing his light blue tie.

“Shit,” you muttered.

“Four,” he said while removing his grey suit jacket with a knowing smirk.

Standing now, you grabbed the candle that was in the middle of the dining table. You walked towards him slowly watching him teasingly unbutton his white collard shirt.

You’re now standing right in front of him. Your breathing slows as your heartbeat quickens. You run your fingers over his abs while biting your lip.

“I want you,” you whispered.

“Then beg for me,” he said while caressing your cheek.

“Three.” he continued while kissing your forehead.

“Please?” you begged.

“Please?” he repeated as if he was in shock.

“Say it again,” he demanded as he takes the candle out of your hand.

“I said, please,” you repeated while wrapping your hands over Trevante’s as he continued to hold the candle. You blew out the flame sensually and smiled at him.

Tre slipped his hand under your black pencil skirt letting his fingertips tickle your skin. He explored your inner thighs creating small circles on them teasing you with no remorse. You closed your eyes the moment you felt his finger press against your clit. You gasped before releasing a whimper. Eyes still closed, you felt his lips press against yours passionately. Tongues both fighting for dominance of the ever-deepening kiss.

“Take all that shit off. Except them heels. I love you in those heels.” he directed.

You nodded. After a brief moment, your clothes melted off of your body revealing your brown sugar melanin. The more Tre stared the more he wanted to taste you. This body was something that he wanted to frame amongst other things.

He placed sweet kisses on your shoulder that trailed up to your neck. Soon those kisses turned into lustful licks. Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from you. Now, he slowly pours the warm candle wax over your erect nipples. You hissed at the feeling and arched into him carelessly. Before you knew it, Tre’s fingers found their way into your slick entrance. 

“Make it sloppy. Make her talk to me,” he demanded.

You felt his fingers begin to move faster. 

“S-Shit. Shit.” you grabbed his arm trying to steady yourself so you wouldn’t buckle in your heels.

Trevante slowly removed his fingers from your wetness and sucked on them in front of you. 

“I would offer you a taste. But I’m selfish like that,” he said. 

Before you could answer, he sat you gently on the table. Your eyes were dazed, glossy with potent lust. His needing lips pressed against your collarbone lightly grazing it with wet kisses and with each kiss, he moaned into your skin. 

“You love to fuck with me don’t you? Got me feening for you in the worst ways,” he said staring you in the eye. He laughed and pulled out his manhood stroking it slowly, sensually.

“Look how you got me,” he said. 

Your eyes trailed down from his eyes to his length. The needing. The wanting. You feel the desire grow in your center now turning into a pulsating throb.
The throb now imitating your heartbeat. This tortuous ache causing you to squirm and to wiggle. You looked at him as if he was your savior. Here to deliver you from the torment. Your hunger. With those innocent eyes that he loves dearly, you stare at him boldly while you carelessly, thoughtlessly rubbing your clit in slow steady motions trying to mimic his fingers from earlier. Suddenly, he moves your hand and slaps his dick on your clit earning a high pitch whimper from you.

“Count,” he demands.

“One,” you whisper breathlessly.

Another slap.

“T-Two.” you stutter.

“I didn’t hear that. Louder,” he demands

Two slaps now given.

“Two! Three!” you yell.

“Good girl,” he responds with much delight.

“Now get up and bend that ass over. I’m trying to see those red bottoms from another angle.” he continues.

Biting your lip, you stand upright. You sway from left to right seductively and turn away from him. You bend over slowly touching your toes while exhibiting the perfect arch.

“Damn.” Tre whispers.


You wake up immediately hearing your phone ring incessantly. You look around your bedroom confused. Looking to your right, you glance at the clock.

“It’s 2 motherfucking 30 in the morning. Who the fuck is calling me?” you yell out loud.

Completely annoyed, you reach for your phone and snatch it off of the charger. 

“This shit better be good. This nigga was just about to pound my shit,” you say while unlocking your phone. You noticed that you had 2 missed calls from Trevante, your coworker of two years, and one unread text from him.

Tre: I can’t stop thinking about you, De.

De: What are you saying?

Tre: I want you.

You smiled at your phone and thought to yourself.

“I guess dreams do come true.”


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Note: I am so happy to be back writing. post-grad depression is real and I believe I have finally gotten over the hump in my life and I am back to business. I know I left a huge cliff-hanger with Cashier Girl so I am not promising anything other than me working on it. I don’t want to promise an update that may not come anytime soon but know that I am working on the last part. 

I’m working on other stuff to put out, small things. I don’t think I can do another series with this job I have (55 hours a week… please send help lmao) but once I find another job, we shall see. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!


Y/N stood staring and biting her nails as she watched the scene in front of her. She worked as an assistant to the director so she was able to see all the action up close and personal, including him. Him, being the Trevante Rhodes, the sexiest man alive in her eyes. She’s been working on this set for about 6 months now and she has yet to speak one word to him. The voices in her head tell her that a guy like that will never go for a girl like her, a shy girl from Mississippi, who loved watching anime while eating ramen, authentic ramen of course. So for 6 months, she has done a great job of avoiding having any conversation with him or anyone for that matter. Most of the staff thought she was weird because they never met a black girl that likes anime over reality tv, whatever.

“He’s fantastic, isn’t he Y/N?” She heard her boss ask her. She looked over to see her boss still staring that the screen. Currently, they were acting out the scene in which the female lead was attempting to break out with Trevante and leave his home but he was confessing his love for her. Y/N thought she would pass out but she pulled herself together answer her boss. “Yes ma’am, he’s a great actor.” She replied. “Y/N, please stop calling me ma’am, you’re making me feel old and we are almost the same age.” She laughed. “Sorry Heather, I keep forgetting.” She apologized. “It’s fine love. We’re about to wrap up here. Can you do me a favor and make sure that the caters have set up? It’s almost lunch and I think we could all use a little snack right about now.” She nodded and mumbled a sure before walking off to check the tables to ensure all the food was properly set up.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N. I haven’t seen you in a couple weeks girl.” She heard someone call out to her. She turned around to find Marla, one of the food workers talking to her. “Hey Mar, it’s been hectic around here. I haven’t been ducking you, I promise.” She replied, going up to hug her. “I know, I know. I miss our talks. You’re the only one around here that doesn’t have a stick up their ass and think they’re better than everyone else.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully as she eyed the box in Marla’s hand. “What’s up with the glittery box?” She questioned. Marla gave her a devious smile before placing the box in her hand. “It’s for you pretty girl. One of us had to remember your birthday.” She smiled and graciously took the box. “Thanks Mar, I appreciate it.” “No problem, have you wished for the courage to talk to Mr. Sexy or are we still pretending that you don’t have a thing for him?” She asked. “Ha ha, very funny. It’s a simple crush and nothing else. What would a guy like that, want with a girl like me Mar? Look at all the beautiful women walking around this place!” “And you are one of them! Look, I gotta go serve food but we are not done with this conversation ma’am. And answer your damn phone when I call you!” She said running off to the other workers. Y/N looked down at her watch and saw it was lunch time and headed out to her favorite spot to devour whatever Mar put in this box for her.


“Is that how they are going to end this week’s episode?” She questioned as she finished the current episode of My Hero Academia on her tablet. She was in her happy place, sitting at the picnic table by the river, watching anime on her tablet and eating the delicious present Marla gave her, chocolate covered donuts and cupcakes that say happy birthday. She was about to load up another video when she heard a voice behind her. “I know, I know but I’m still working on this movie for another couple weeks. I promise I’ll be home when I can.” She froze because she recognized that voice all too well. She turned around to see the man himself standing feet away from her on his cellphone speaking to someone. She turned back around before he could notice her and started her next video. Not that he would notice her anyway, no one ever does.

She can still hear him on the phone through her earbuds and hears him end the call shortly. She hears him breathe heavy and footsteps approaching her. She keeps her eyes on the screen, not paying attention to the show and then feels a tap on her shoulder. She prays that it is someone else but turns around to find Mr. Rhodes literal feet away from her face. She pulls her earbud out as she notices that he is trying to speak.

“Hey, can I sit here? I don’t want to bother your little set up you got going on here.” He asked smiling so hard, she thought her thighs were going to break by the way she was clenching them. “Y-yeah. Go ahead.” She mumbled. He sat down beside her and watched the river flow. There was a comfortable silence between them before he spoke again, “You work for Heather right? I always see you beside her. “ “Yeah, I’m her assistant. I’ve worked for her for about 2 years now.” She replied. “That’s dope. I’ve seen you around and I always tried to start a conversation but you always seem nervous or anxious and I don’t want to bother you when you’re busy.” She paused her video and took out the other earbud. “You want to talk to me? R-really?” He turned on the bench to face her, “Yeah, you seem like a cool girl. I also heard you talking to Jordan one day about food and I heard you were from Mississippi and I was like ‘I gotta talk to her, she knows what good food is’’ He replied, making both of them laugh. She pushed her curly bangs out of her face before she grabbed another cupcake from the box. “Is it your birthday?” He asked. She nodded showing him the topper on the cupcake. “Yeah, I’m the big 26.” “Why are you at work?!? You should be celebrating with your family and friends!” He exclaimed. She put the treat down before looking out to the river. “My family is in Mississippi and I, uh, don’t have any friends. Most people think I’m weird or whatever so I keep to myself. Which is probably why I always look nervous or anxious when you see me.” There was a calm silence before he replied, “I don’t think you’re weird. Everyone has their own thing but that doesn’t make you weird for liking it. I think you’re pretty cool.” He replied. She looked over at him and saw him smiling at her, making her clench her thighs together again. She looked at the box and gave him a huge smile back,

“Would you like a donut?”

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Things are going good for Trevante and his fiancee Monica. They just bought a new home and are enjoying each other’s company. While at his new job, he meets Nia. A young beautiful woman who doesn’t have any kids or a partner. He’s smitten with her and harmless flirting turns into something more. With guilt and lust on his mind, things start to change as his feelings for Nia deepens.

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Get Well Soon (Trevante Rhodes One Shot)


PAIRING: Trevante Rhodes + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: He wanted some space. But after coming down with a bad cold, Trevante realizes he needs you close again.

WARNINGS: Language

A/N:  My first go at our favorite #GodivaDaddy! Based on an anonymous request.



“You have to drink it, Tre. It’ll work faster than the pills.” You poured a tiny dose of Robitussin into the plastic cup, squinting your eye to make sure the measurement was just right.

Trevante whined and pouted, tissue stuffed into both nostrils. “But it’s nasty!”

“And you’re sick!” You mocked. “You can’t taste it anyway.”

“Can’t you do a spoon full of sugar like Mary Poppins or something?”



“Open your damn mouth, Trevante!”

He did, reluctantly, and you poured the cough syrup straight down his throat, making sure he swallowed every drop. Contrary to what you said, he could still taste it and he stuck his tongue out just to let you know how terrible it actually was. You kissed him his warm forehead and laughed.

“Yeah, I love you, too.”

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Warnings: swearing, light (i can not stress this enough) very light smut. Like it’s so light, i don’t even know why i included it in the warnings.

“You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?
Ooh, darling, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby” - Mariah Carey


Originally posted by haidaspicciare


When Trevante broke up with you, you didn’t react the way he expected you to. You didn’t get mad and cuss him out. You didn’t get sad and you didn’t cry, begging for him to reconsider. You did something he did not see coming at all.

You laughed.

Yes indeed you laughed. You laughed so hard in his beautiful, serious face. He began to fear that you were crazy and probably gonna say some cryptic shit along the lines of “if I can’t have you, no one can.” But you didn’t. He thought the laugh was out of sarcasm but he was wrong. You looked him dead in the eyes and spoke:

“Go ahead and leave. You’ll be back.”

At these words, Trevante was stunned. He’s been through enough break-ups to know they always end in tears and avoiding your ex as much as possible. How are you laughing? You must think this is a joke.

“This is not a joke, Y/N. I’m serious.”

“So am I, baby boy. You wanna leave…” You stepped aside, giving your now ex-boyfriend a good view of the front door. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out but please wipe your feet when you come back because you will come back.”

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