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Restrained - Part 3

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A/N: This add had me caught up in the damn rapture! Spent all day writing and it was truly lovely! Enjoy and comment!

Luh Y’all!




Originally posted by lovingpostit

“I’m not going.” Deaysha shakes her head as she walks into the kitchen.

“Baby you have to go! It’s a network event. Everyone will be there, all with their wives and girlfriends and I think the owners will be there as well. You have to go,” Michael says, now somehow standing all in her personal bubble. For the past couple weeks, his “late nights” have turned early and this nigga has been tap dancing on her nerves. She thinks she liked it better when he wasn’t home. The thought “Take one of your hoes to the party with you,” came to mind quite a few times and she almost slipped up and said it. Yeah… he gotta go.

“Michael please get out my face. I don’t want to go! Most times the people are all assholes and they only talk to you anyway so what you need me for? Let me mind my business. You are more than capable to do this by yourself. I know you can,” she says patting his shoulder hoping he doesn’t follow her to yet another room. She seems to have lost him as she sits on the couch, and turns on the TV as she sips her Orange Spice and Black tea. Blowing the steam, he comes back into the room with an exasperated look and sigh.

“What do you want for it?” He asks now sitting across from her.

“Huh?” She says not even bothering to look in his direction.

“I’m desperate and I need you there. I’m not too proud to beg. Something you want for something I want,” he says leaning back in his chair and laughing at her ears perking up at that.

“Hmmm, I like. Let’s see, how many hours is it?” She asks, pausing the tv.

“About five I think,” he says.

“Eww. Well, I guess that’s overtime….I can’t think of anything now but how about we put it as an IOU and leave it at that. Final offer,” she says with a mischievous smile.

“I believe the last IOU ended in us getting this house but like I said I’m desperate,” he says extending his hand for them to shake on it.

“I want steady libations, good food and if I eel like disappearing, don’t try to stop me. I believe thats all my requests.” She says.

“Deal.” They say as they shake on it.


Dressed to the nines and lookin goodt, Deaysha sashays into the party, arm in arm with her fiancé. Fenty body glitter glistening from her exposed mahogany skin, the light bouncing between her burgundy dress and gold accessories. The first waiter approaches them with champagne and Deaysha takes two just for herself. She could tell by all the fake smiles and pretentious people that she was going to need to be almost sedated with alcohol.

“Mikey!!” Some hoe buzzes into their periphery. Deciding to not be annoyed she just chooses to watch. You learn more with that anyhow. The way he is so pronounced and adamant in introducing her as his fiancé as if with capitals, lights, and blinkers on, Deaysha smiles thinking to herself, just how many of them are here? Pure comedy.

She manages to meet a few people and finds her way over to the bar to mind her business and think more on what this IOU would be. Just as she is about to devour a beautiful lollipopped lamb chop, Michael returns to push her into someone else’s face. Somehow she musters a fake smile quicker than she thought she could to look up. But to her utmost surprise, there he fucking was.

Floods of images and motion in action came pouring through her mind and body all at once. Feeling that full feeling that he gave her in all the right ways. Damnit!

She wanted to leap into his arms and say fuck the world but somehow his gaze was instructing her not to, so of course she obliged.

“Babe, this is the owner of Black Industries, Trevante Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes, this is my fiancé Deaysha,” Michael smiles blissfully unaware of how time had stopped between them. Deaysha thinking of the stretch in all her muscles as he had her bound and gagged and filled to the brim. That image of him with the black silk durag, shirtless, black sweats and the black playboy pimpin’ robe, whew! Even fully clothed he was a masterpiece. Extending her hand out to him, somehow as it always does, her gaze drifts lower and lower to see if that delicious slangs was poking out for her. She would whip it out right now if he said the words.

Quickly embracing her into a hug, he grips her tight as his cologne envelopes her senses and throws her off balance.

“Behave,” he instructs, his deep voice reverberating through her as he feels on the side of her curves that her man couldn’t see. As she said before, she really didn’t give a damn about him and would fuck, suck, and a hell of a lot more in front of him if that’s what Daddy wanted. But that didn’t appear to be the case with the slight eyebrow raise as they ended their hug.

All of the words seemed to blur for her. Michael was talking about some shit and she was thrust into a very large circle of whomever, but in the end, she truly didn’t give a fuck. Her mind replayed those beautiful 36 hours over and over again. Her body tossed, pushed, pulled, flipped, stretched, and bent to more positions than she could even count. Her mouth, pussy and ass used up like the fucking cum whore she was. It was simply everywhere. The feel of his sweat on her skin. She could easily just sit and lick it off him for days on end. Damn!

Now more engaged than usual, in the circles, and somehow keeping a low level of basic conversation, just enough to keep her eyes on that man as her man now buzzes in her periphery. No ring on his finger. No one immediately next to him. All good things. Even still, if he had a line up, she was determined to get to the front of the damn line. No telling what would happen if a woman just walked up to him right now. All hell would definitely jump loose cause she was willing to scrap and cut bitches for this dick.

Suddenly, excusing himself, Trevante leaves the crowded circle of people, looking smooth as all hell in his all black. Tired of the games and subliminal eye contact, she wanted more and if one thing was for sure, she was going to get it. Waiting a few seconds, she excuses herself and follows after him. Tucking a curl behind her ear, she looks around and spots him going through a door to outside. Speeding up a bit, not wanting to lose him, she peels the curtain back to a balcony with the most beautiful view of the city and to her right, the most beautiful man.

“You trying to leave me?” She asks with a blushing smile as she bites the side of her lip. With no hesitation, she closes the distance between them and kisses him. Holding his face close, she glides her tongue in and out of his mouth, kissing him and biting his lips hard.

“Mmmm, calm down lil baby. We aint in a rush,” he says smiling against her lips and patting her ass in his hands. His big arms wrapped around her tight, he holds her as the pleasant breeze blows against them.

“You coming out here all bold as shit! It doesn’t surprise me since you’ve been that since I’ve met you but you’re not at all bothered if ya man sees?” He asks as he tucks that same unruly curl behind her ear, bringing his lips back to hers, like magnets that can’t be away from each other too long.

“I would pull your dick out and shove it down my throat in front of the whole party if you asked me to,” she says smiling and planting kisses on his chest as she rubs his print.

“Mmm still a bad girl I see? Our last encounter ain’t set you straight yet?” He asks, gripping her chin and firmly pulling it close. With the last one, he had her blindfolded and bound to some contraption with literally dicks going everywhere. In her mouth, down her throat, deep in her cooch, between her titties, hell probably her damn ears and nose too. An overstimulating high that took her a couple hours to come all the way down from. Trevante’s aftercare was quite impeccable.

“No I’m only a good girl for you Daddy. Only on occasion. I kinda like the alternative and the consequences after. That is how I got you after all,” she smirks, lazily backing him against the wall behind him and sucking on his neck, unbuttoning the second button on his shirt since she’s touched him.

“How I got you huh? You talk mad shit for an almost married woman,” he smiles, kissing her engagement ring before popping each of her fingers into his mouth, one by one.

“Fuck him. Say the word and I’ll toss this shit right off the balcony,” she says, sliding the ring to the tip of her finger.

“Chill,” he says straightening his face, gripping the back of her neck and pulling her puff, extending her neck all the way back just how he liked it. Unable to help herself, she unbuckles his pants, sliding her hands into his boxers, spitting, and getting to work on that dick, all with a wide ass smile on her face, never breaking eye contact.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asks, squinting her eyes as the thought crossed her mind.

“Does it concern you? You don’t seem too concerned to me,” he laughs as he looks down at the havoc she is stirring up down there.

“Answer the question,” she says tightening her grip then easing up after he looked like he was gonna flip his shit.

“Tell me why you want to know first,” he says crossing his arms, letting her have all the fun she wants.

“In theory, I would hate to break up a happy home but I’d burn shit to the ground just to be your one and only,” she says with a small smile and shoulder shrug, letting her freak flag fly completely uninhibited.

“Well then, I guess it’s good that I’m a single man then,” he caresses her face as she starts tugging harder, their eyes keenly looking at one another.

“I want to go home with you,” she says softly as he sucks on the flesh right below her collar line as to not be visible later on.

“Uhn uhn, being a good girl for me means going home with ya mans, not me,” he says abruptly turning her around to the balcony, lifting her dress and entering her all in one fell swoop. His hands on top of hers, his arms over hers, her back against his chest, he held her waist as he slid his big full thick veiny dick deep inside of her. Bending her to 90 degrees, he damn near bruised her hips with how tight his grip was as he thrusted hard and fast into her wet core. Hearing the party only mere feet away and being this close to the edge gave a thrill unlike any other. Opening her eyes looking at the beautiful city sky line before her, this was heaven. She couldn’t describe with words the way he made her body feel but the if the way her pussy was gripping that motherfucker said anything, the last thing she wanted was to ever let him go.

“You betta arch that fucking back like I taught you,” he huffs in her ear, spreading her legs a bit wider with his feet, the faint sounds of his balls hitting her ass getting louder and louder. Now bent to eye level with this damn railing, she truly understood what it meant when people say you can feel it in your damn chest. She presses the balls of her feet harder and harder into her heels for some support as he angles her hips just right to take this damn pussy assault!

“I feel you trying to hold on. You don’t have to wait for me. Go head and bust baby. Let me have it mama,” he groans in her ear as she looks like she would’ve exploded if she tried to hold on any longer. Being the man he is, he swept her up and next thing she knows, her thighs are around his waist as he has her up against this wall, fucking into her like it was no right now nor tomorrow. The look on his fucking perfect face and the ease in which he somehow just knew what her body craved and needed and just provided took her over the edge yet again.

“That’s right. Good girl. Let me have all that,” he praises as she holds onto his shoulders and locks her ankles, her sparkling gold heels just shining as much as her reignited soul was. Smiling from ear to ear, she throws her head back as she starts grinding her hips and meeting his strokes. The sound of the buckle of his belt hitting the wall added a bit of humor since his pants were hanging at about the level of his knees. With full on passion marks all over her neck and chest and even her moans almost stuttering, this man was truly fucking the shit out of her and she couldn’t be any more grateful.

Just as she was about to get good ole nut number three, someone walks out onto the balcony.

“Mr. Rhodes, your firm called and…“ the woman begins to say looking down at her phone until realizing just what she walked in on.

“Not now Stephanie!” Trevante barks.

“Im so sorry,” she says quickly leaving and closing the curtain back.

“Who in the fuck is Stephanie?” Deaysha says grabbing his face and tilting his chin until their eyes were level.

“One of my many teams of assistants Babygirl,” he laughs, not putting her down and beating it up as he presses her into this wall, locking her in with not even an inch to escape. “Your aggression is adorable,” he smiles as he stills her hips and fucks hard and deep into her, his head resting on her shoulder as she almost draws blood from biting her lip so hard. Pressed so hard against her, her tippy toes were barely touching the ground as his hips rocked back and forth with precision. Giving her full support as he pounded her out, keeping a sturdy rhythm. He turns her head and brings his lips to hers as they both unravel simultaneously.

Satisfied and smiling from ear to ear, he peppers kisses along her jaw as he relishes in that still pulsing pussy. After a few seconds, he eases out of her, both smiling at their cum dripping down her legs.

“Good Job Lil Baby,” he says, pulling his pants up as he pats her booty, smiling as she cheeses at him.

“Go to the bathroom and clean yourself up. We still have a party to attend,” he says fixing her hair and her dress before kissing her again.

“But you do it so well,” she whines, already forming the pout on her lips.

“Yeah I spoiled you too much, now go,” he says, smiling at her back in his arms and kissing on his chest.

“When am I seeing you again? And if you say too long, I will just happen to find out your address and maybe stalk you a little bit,” she says, biting her lip again.

“Soon. I will text you. Until then, go home,” he instructs laughing at her stomping her foot and pouting again. Kissing her cheek and turning to walk back in, she pulls him back and tenderly kisses him one last time before going back in.

After collecting herself for some time, she returns back to the party, finding Michael alone at the bar.

“Hey Sexy, you finally came back,” he says, almost in a slur. Definitely one drink too many.

“Yep, popped up just in time to end this thing and collect on my IOU,” she says leaning her back against the bar, her eyes scanning until she finds Trevante again.

“Understandable. I think we can go now if you want. I did all I came to do,” he says standing and kissing her cheek, which she makes a face at. In response from across the room, Trevante makes a face telling her to act right. She huffs unnoticeably and hugs Michael back while rolling her eyes.

A few minutes pass as Michael says his goodbyes and then they are off. During the car ride home, she gets a text from Trevante which makes her grin from ear to ear.

“Good Girls always get rewarded. Meet me here on Tuesday at 7. Don’t be late.” He sends with an address.

Whew what a day!


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Restrained - Part 2

Part 1

A/N: Hey yall! We back with a continuation of this! It might not be what you expect but trust me, just stay tuned to the ride and you will enjoy it! 😘 Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Luh Y’all!




Steam fills the air and fogs the mirrors as hot water cascades down her back. Glancing up at the reflective glass shower ceiling, she’d wished he was here. Had it not been for the soreness all over her body, hickies from head to toe, her throbbing kitten, and wobbliness, even weeks later, she would have thought that night had been a beautiful beautiful dream.

She could still sense his hands teasing her, touching her ever so lightly, sending tickling prickly sensations throughout her body. In stark contrast to the pounding and snapping of his hips as he held the rope she was suspended from, barreling swift, hard, and deep all the way to the hilt. Not an ounce of her body didn’t belong to him that evening, and part of the morning after too.

If only she hadn’t met him over 2000 miles away from where she calls home. What could life even be with a man so…voracious? Just as the hand-held shower head began to slip down low, she heard keys in the door.

Choosing to cut her shower short, almost certain of eminent annoyance coming sooner or later, she grabs her body length towel and begins to dry off.

“Hey Babe,” she hears her fiancée calling, from the bedroom. No doubt trying to rid himself of the smell of whatever bitch caught his fancy this evening. She rolled her eyes and pretended not to hear him, instead applying her facial cream, her floor length silk robe draped over her shoulders.

“Babe, I’m home,” he says clamoring into the bathroom, disturbing her peace, leaning down and placing a peck on her cheek. The days when she dreamed of only his lips, such a far and distant memory.

“Hey. I didn’t hear you come in,” she says forcing a slight smile, glancing at him through the mirror. Stopping to take a double take at his gorgeous soon to be wife, as she applies her moisturizer in circles to her cheeks. For the first time in a while feeling that old feeling in his stomach, that attraction that had seemed to fade a while ago, spurring up in him as he licks his lips at the curve of her breasts in this new lingerie he had never seen before. Looking at the expression of his face change, suddenly she really wants to hurl.

“When did you get this little number?” He asks, his smile widens as he gently lifts the strap, kissing the side of her neck.

“This old thing? Its not new in the slightest,” she says quickly easing out of his grasp as she cuts off the light and returns to the bed, trying to moisturize the rest of her body, confused as to this attention all of a sudden.

“Hmmp, I know I’ve never seen it,” his eyes brimming with heat as he leans wide legged against the door frame, tilting his head, intently watching her lotion her legs as she tries to avert her gaze. What he interprets as coyness is in actuality her trying to hurry up and get in bed and feign a headache.

Whatever mistress he had this time must be slacking. Last time he wanted to “hump and lump” which she unaffectionately coined, was at least six months ago. She was not at all interested in being his human masturbation device. Not this evening. Not when she was still thinking of her best sexual experience in life with a complete stranger. Even just thinking of him gave her chills down her spine and a contemplative smirk.

“What you smiling at?” Michael asks, interrupting her thoughts once again, his lips nipping at her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her back against his now bare chest. His hands now caressing the same rolls he hadn’t seemed interested in for quite a while.

“Alright alright, come on now. That’s enough, let’s go to bed,“ she says patting his hands and faking a yawn.

“But babeeee” he whines as he licks up the side of her neck before slowly sliding the flesh back and forth between his lips as she feels his dick rising against her ass.

“Yeah, we have an early morning tomorrow and you know I never get sleep so you should let me get it now,” she replies, her breath surprisingly getting caught up as he dominantly spread her thighs, wrapping himself around her, gripping and kissing like she hadn’t seen him do in years.

Rolling her over to face him, he looks into her eyes as he lightly caresses her cheek with the back of his hand. For a brief second, it looked like he actually loved her….maybe.

Lifting her chin, he connects his lips with hers. The fullness massaging her like a cloud, the way she used to like it once upon a time. If she didn’t know any better, she would actually believe that he wanted her right now.

The kiss deepens as he pushes his chiseled chest flesh against her, wrapping her thick thighs around him, suckling hard on her bottom lip. Suddenly he pulls away, backing up to lay on his pillows as his eyes watch her.

“We’re turning into one of those couples huh?” He says as his finger traces the outline of her cleavage.

“Michael, you’re never home,” she says, bringing to mind all of the reasons he had given her that made her respond to him this way. Consistently working too late, cheating with Lord knows how many of the “models” he photographs, not paying the woman he proposed to any mind at all, and when he did come around to wanting to be intimate, he supremely fucking sucked at it! She’d seen men with way smaller penises that worked her better than he had been for the past year or year and a half. The boring ass one position, five minute session of least power strokes always served as a reminder of her unhappiness. “Hump and lump” was the best way to describe the whole thing.

You would think fucking other bitches would make you good at fucking. But no. Now here she is about to get baited into something she knows won’t be pleasurable all because he decided to remember she exists. Damnit!

“I’m sorry. I will do better sweetheart,” he says in between kisses as he climbs on top of her and unties her robe.

“Seeing is believing, Michael. Seeing is believing,” she rolls her eyes and looks to the ceiling. He was too fine and too randomly charismatic when he wanted to be to for him to have that F graded bedroom skills.

“Don’t worry, Imma show you,” he smiles, his large muscular arms wrapping around her body and lifting her to him. His strength reminding her of the tug from Trevante a few weeks before.

Since Michael would be basically masturbating with her body, maybe she could find a way to use him too. Especially since he had finally let go of that damn doggy style that literally doesn’t even feel like anything any more. She wouldn’t arch her back on purpose in the hopes of maybe him pushing her into one or perhaps not cumming in a few minutes, but nope, you guessed it, it didn’t work.

“You’re in a particularly good mood,” she giggles at him kissing her tickle spots.

“I am. A couple came in for engagement photos and they reminded me of us back in the day. I came home ready to see this pretty face then you hit me with the “this old thing” then talking about you sleepy. Well how about you let me put you to sleep then,” he says holding her close as he smacks her ass.

“You talk mad shit,” she smiles, rolling her eyes, liking the feeling of this closeness more than she would care to admit.

“Sooo, what do you say?” He says before gliding his tongue into her mouth and tweaking her nipples, one of her weaknesses he had yet to explore as of late.

“I guess so, but you better make it worth my while,” she says gripping his chin and looking into his deep brown eyes. These glimpses were the man she fell in love with and the only reason she somehow wishes it could go back to where they used to be.

Just when he strips her of her clothes fast and hot, she thinks this will be the one…the time when he finally gets it right… that is until he says those dreadful words.

“Roll over for me right quick.”

Though they are rare, in that moment, she could have cried. The life she thought was going to be hers kept proving itself as not the one she dreamed of and the truth kept replaying over and over again. The sexual awakening with a stranger gave her more thrill and fun than she’s had in over five years. Life wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Resolute in getting this shit over with and not falling for the false promises the next time, she sighs as she turns and lies on her stomach. Arching her back and backing it up on him about 15%, she wanted this to be over even quicker than usual and like clockwork, those hips of his got to stuttering at about three minutes and 15 seconds in. And yes, she was staring at the clock the entire time.

As he collapses and rolls back to his side of the bed with a smile on his face, she looks out the window, the perfect full moon staring back at her. Maybe she could make another trip and go see Mister Man who with just a look and a smile had her more satisfied than she was now. With that, she wished on the moon and stars, hoping to see him again before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.


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Originating from this HeadCannon and this inspo

A/N: Enjoy the ride yall! 😜

Luh Yall!




“Babe, do you think you can put your phone down for a second and pay me some attention please?” Deaysha asks, looking at her boyfriend of four years. Getting away to the beautiful island of St. Lucia, she thought maybe just maybe he would leave all the extra work in the US where it belonged.

“Hold on one second sweetie. They just can’t seem to do anything right when I’m not there. Let me make a call and then I’m yours for the whole night,” he says, scooting his chair back and rising to stand.

“The whole vacation,” she corrects, rolling her eyes as he towers over her, his tall frame and long legs annoying her in this moment. Kneeling down he slowly kisses her forehead, her cheeks, her chin, and ultimately her soft lips. Cupping her face as the kiss deepened, they were starting to get into it before his phone rang, and she bit his lip so hard she almost drew blood.

“Aye Watch It,” he warns, gripping her chin as she smiles.

“Oh Shut up! You too busy to do anything about it anyhow. You don’t even know what I’m wearing,” she rolls her eyes, looking off to the side, catching a glimpse of a nice wave.

“I do so notice, you look beautiful Baby,” he kisses her cheek. “Now let me go handle this real quick, I promise to not take long,” he says beginning to walk away.

“That’s not what I was talking about and don’t make promises you can’t keep, asshole!” She shouts after him to which he laughs and flips her the bird.

She sighs as she looks at the empty seat in front of her. The only reason she was wearing panties right now was to get something started. Her pink little vibrating panties remote had been laid out all day long. In his pocket, in his briefcase, in his laundry, on the bed, on his paperwork, on everything practically and it was already 8PM and not even an attempt at a buzz. It was quite rude, to be honest. Notifying the waiter to not clear the table since she was only going to the ladies room and wasn’t leaving for the night, she also let him know to bring another bottle of Riesling to the table.

In the bathroom stall, she shook her head as she looked down at her pretty pink lace panties, wanting to take them off since they weren’t being put to use anyway. She huffs and puffs and has a mini tantrum before deciding to keep them on. She didn’t care if he was going to play with her, she could still play with her damn self. Resolute in getting herself off as she enjoys a lovely T bone steak, with mango pineapple chutney, baked potato and a side of grilled veg, with some lovely wine, Deaysha was intent on making her own fun. As she gets back to the table, opening her clutch, her little pink remote wasn’t there.

Looking around on the table, the floor, and their belongings and not finding it, she thinks she must have left it upstairs before digging into her food when it arrives in front of her. Her boyfriend returns after about fifteen minutes, ensuring her she had all of his attention for the rest of the night. She rolls her eyes at him and his existence.

“Even your chewing is annoying,” she says with an exasperated sigh.

Just as she was thinking of taking the panties off again because he was making her angry at this point, they suddenly turned on. A low pulse. Subtle, constant, and steady.

That dirty motherfucker hadn’t abandoned her after all. Determined to not immediately lose the attitude since he had finally done what she was wanting him to do, she trades the grimace on her face to a slight smile.

“See look at that! There goes that smile,” he says caressing the side of her face, running his thumb over her cheek. Closing her eyes as the pulses writhe beneath her, she smiles, guiding his thumb into her mouth before opening her eyes and looking at her man.

“Mmmm, what’s that look for? This wine must have you lusty already. I’m kind of liking it,” he slyly smiles, his thumb circling her tongue before returning back to his phone and meal. In that moment, the vibrations stop completely.

Immediately disappointed, she pouts her lips. Him being oblivious yet again, she kicks him in the shin, too tired of his nonsense today.

“Owww! What is it?” He asks, rubbing his leg before trying to rub hers to which she almost kicked him again if he hadn’t moved his leg.

“You know what? Fuck it! Give me my damn remote. You don’t deserve it and you working my last nerve. Go let your number crunching fuck you later on and leave me be,” she huffs, pushing her chair from the table and holding her hand out.

“What are you talking about? You know I love you Baby. I will give you all the bratty attention you desire once this deal goes through. You want more of the finer things like that necklace around your neck and that engagement ring that was supposed to be a surprise that I know you’ve been fiddling with for months,” he says nonchalantly as she acts shocked.

“You can save all that. I found it in the left pocket of my suit jacket when I put it in the right pocket. You’re busted.” He continues taking a sip of his wine.

“Damnit!” She mutters under her breath. She’d thought she was more careful but she was caught red handed. It was a damn good ring. 5 carat Cartier. Timeless, elegant, classic. Who could blame her for taking it around the block a few times?

“If you want all that and maybe our own island to have endless resort leisure, then you’d better keep your eye on the prize.” He chides as she makes a fake vomiting sound.

“Nigga you make me itch! Must you always behave like somebody’s elderly loved one? You got me fair and square with the ring but your wishes of matrimony don’t compensate the abandonment you are showing me right now! I had that remote to a certain toy item of clothing, parading all around you today and just when you finally act like you give a damn yOUUU …“ Her words get caught in her throat as the vibrations come back in full force, set to the max. It took her so off guard, her legs shot up under the table, shaking it and knocking over a glass.

As the waiter cleans it up, trying to compose herself she closes her eyes, subtly bowing her head. Her boyfriend was rambling on about something or another but she was so far on her high with her puddy tat purring like a kitten, she didn’t even care. Licking her lips as she comes to, in more ways than one, she opens her eyes with a refreshing look on her face.

“Are you alright?” She finally registers his words and slowly nods her head with a smile. Lusty eyes returning once again, she looks around to see where he could be hiding the remote. His hands were on his fork and his phone. He hadn’t touched his brief case in at least twenty minutes and he was looking as if he wasn’t aware of what was going on.

Sitting up a little uneasy at the thought of someone else having it, she subtly looks around the restaurant a bit, keeping her eyes peeled for the little colorful remote. As if commanding her attention, the panties stop abruptly then turn back on high with a circling motion, making her eyes bulge as she clenches her thighs and bites her lip.

Caught up in the rapture, she took her well deserved teasing and pleasing session. Over the course of dinner, she enjoyed the pulsing rhythms between her legs, making her melt in more ways than one. Ignoring her man’s words, she focused on what she thought to be his actions. Playing footsies and rubbing his hands and arms, nonverbally thanking him. But as the pulsing intensifies in the span of a few seconds, now at the highest setting, her jaw drops as she stares at him.

“What are you trying to do?” She says a little above a whisper almost blushing, her eyes widening and watering as the pressure increases.

“What are you talking about? You doing freaky shit over there?” He asks, peering over to her side of the table, a wide grin spreading across his face.

“You really don’t have the remote?” She asks, something about the cluelessness of his face letting her know the answer before he even said it. Before she could say anything else, the vibrator turns off completely, successfully edging her and letting all that building just fizzle right back down.

“Aww shit,” she swears, sitting back in her seat and throwing the napkin draped over her lap onto the table.

“Baby, don’t be mad but the client just texted that he was free to meet now instead of tomorrow. I figured getting it out of the way today so you wouldn’t murder me for your big birthday tomorrow would be the best bet. It won’t take long,” her boyfriend, completely in his own damn world, says as he kisses her cheek before exiting the restaurant.

Swirling her food on her plate, she wonders, if he didn’t have it, then who did? The thought of a stranger controlling her orgasms was not a welcomed feeling but had to logically be considered. Ordering dessert and another glass of wine as the waiter passes by, she casually begins to look around the resort restaurant as she sips her drink.

Turning her head from left to right, she sees the couples, the solos, random old men at the bar, no one looking particularly open enough to tickle her freaky type of fancy. All of a sudden, the panties come back to life with a low hum, making her almost knock the glass out of her hand. Smiling as her fingertips subtly trace her cleavage before exposing just a little bit more of her bosom, she was beginning to like this game.


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The Princess’s Secret- Chapter 1

Africa, 12:15 p.m.

People of Africa, arise and to work!

You have conquered the soil and won your rights;

Your freedom will be born of your courage.

Lift up your eyes, the future is yours.

The people of Africa, sung while waiting for the precious royal family to come out off the famous Warrior Palace. 

They were happy and love their country.

However, the precious darling to much of the whole continent of Africa and the world, Ciara, was not so happy. As she was in her motorcade, looking at the spectators, she saw the happiness that she had years ago.

Ciara looked away from the crowd, and looked at the seat next to her. 

Her husband.

Trevante, wasn’t sitting there due to his grandmother “acting” like she really needed him in the car. Ciara saw between that lie that his grandmother told him.

However, Tre didn’t.

Ciara saw his grandmother invite, Sasha, a woman who “suppose” to be Trevante’s wife in his grandmother eyes and her advisors. Sasha was the “native”, black woman who would bring up a “great” heir for the throne.


Ciara and Trevante have been trying to have a baby since they have been married. Out of the six years they have been married, they have experience five miscarriages and had child.

Unfortunately, a tragic event took the child.

Ciara finally looked down at her navy blue dress and saw the tear stains on her dress. She wiped her tears and looked in her purse to fix up her makeup.

Toby, Cierra’s and Tre’s driver, pulled up to the gates of the palace. As he was waiting for the guards to open it, Toby looked at Princess Ciara. He saw the tears  and the small mascara stains on her cheeks. 

“ Princess, you okay?” Toby asked as he pulled through the gates. Ciara straighten up and looked at the back of Toby’s head. 

“ Toby, I’m okay.” Ciara answered while finishing up her makeup. As she said that through her teeth, Toby and Ciara knew that she was lying. Toby and Ciara tooked up a friendship with some occasional flirtation. Toby developed a crush on her.

Ciara wouldn’t dare cheat on him, but sometimes it would be great to have her husband to take up for her. Toby always made a way for Ciara to smiled and told her the things she need to here whenever the Queen brought her down. 

“ Okay princess, this is your spot.” Toby spoke up for the Princess to snapped out of her thoughts. 

Ciara looked around and saw the cameras flashing and ready for her to come out. Ciara thought to herself, “ Fake smile.” 

Ciara finally looked up at Toby and smiled at him: not a fake one. 

“ You got this beautiful.” Toby stated with much pride. However, he realized that he spoke out of terms with one of the royal family members. As he looked back at Ciara, she smiled and nodded.

“ Thanks Toby.” Ciara spoke as the door open with a guard with his hand out.

Toby smiled, knowing that he made the Princess smiled.


New York, 6:30 a.m.

“ Ummm homeboy, I don’t do lips and it is time for you to go” Nikki said while looking at her one night stand.


“ Baby, now come on, let me get to know you!” The one night stand said while looking at Nikki. Nikki walked over to the door and open it. She looked back at the man, whom finish in 10 minutes, and was also very clingy.

“ Man, you weren’t that good and baby you ain’t that cute. Now sashay away” Nikki proclaim with much boom to her voice.

The man picked up his clothes and left Nikki’s apartment. With that,Nikki shut the door, and went to living room in her high rise apartment  in New York.

Nikki wasn’t just any old body in New York. Nikki is the editor-and-chief of the most proclaim black magazine in New York: Melanin. With Melanin only been known in the black community from the previous editors- and chiefs.

Nikki changed that in the past year of her being the head. Now the magazine is a well publish and own magazine. Beating out there top competitor, Togue, she made the leading magazine be something for the culture.

Nikki got her big binder for the issue of August with Beyoncé and Serena Williams on it. She sat down and turn on the TV to the Royal News Channel.

As she turn it on, she heard her phone ring. She sat down and picked up the phone off her coffee table and answered.

“ Okay girl, I got some news you will like! It’s about the royal family!” Natalie shouted over the phone. Nikki smiles as she heard her little sister,the person who knows everything and her personal assistant, breathing hard over the phone.

Before Nikki could answer, Natalie already answered.

“ Well girl, I heard that Princess Ciara is very unhappy. They say that Queen Aysia is very mean with her, which I believe is very untrue. That means you can find out from the Princess yourself.” Natalie stayed while finishing up in a rush.

As the 70th anniversary of Queen Aysia ruling, there was going to be a big festival. With that, Queen Aysia wanted Nikki herself to interview her family and others for her feature in the magazine.

Nikki looked up to her TV, catching Princess Ciara coming out her motorcade. She saw the smile, the fake smile, that Nikki knew all to well.

Nikki knows what is BS being born on the Westside of ATL. When she was younger, Nikki learn that you need to observe people before you talked to them. Also, learning to looked out for a details especially when her brother got shot.

As Nikki, kept looking at the TV screen, she saw Ciara with her fake smile. Nikki could tell the Princess was unhappy, with the puffiness under her eyes from crying about 30 minutes ago. Also, she could see that Ciara was a genuine human being that goes with her spirit to help anybody and everybody.

She watch as Princess Ciara walked to her husband, Trevante. Nikki saw that Trevante was a loving and kind person . A man that loves his wife, but a man that try to please everybody to keep the peace. As the Princess and Prince took hands, while everybody whom was watching the couple’s moment.

Nikki could tell Ciara was scared, by how hard she squeeze his hand. Her smiles turn into a grin in someway, a grin that had grimace behind it, that made Nikki angry.

“ Nikki, you still there?” Natalie question to her sister.

“ Yeah, however, this African Royal Family interview just got a little more interesting” Nikki boldly stated.


Africa, 6:30 p.m.

“Princess Ciara, hunny you need to get ready.” Adah, Cierra’s aide and maid, shouted while closing the blinds.

With no answer, Adah looked back at the Princess. Ciara looked up with tears coming down her eyes.

“ Oh honey!” Adah shouted while jogging over to the Princess. Adah got to her and hug her. With that, Ciara cried harder into her shoulder.

Adah knew what was upsetting her and it upset Adah.

While the Royal Family was on the balcony of the Warrior Palace, Ciara was told to stand inside the palace and not along with her husband, whom was standing on the balcony along his grandmother and immediate family.

Ciara wasn’t upset about that, she was mostly upset that the Queen told Sasha to stand in the position that Ciara was suppose to stand at. Trevante didn’t stop Sasha from grabbing along to his arm. To the world it seem like the childhood best friends, but to Ciara and other people in the Royal Family that was different.

Some of the non-immediate family of the Royal Family looked at Ciara in sympathy. Ciara tried to shake the tears, but she couldn’t. With everything from not being able to have a baby and Tre not standing up for her: she busted out crying.

She did not only get the attention of the family that was inside, but everybody that was in the balcony. She met eyes with her husband’s and she ran to their wing of Warrior Castle.

“ Ciara, honey I’m so sorry!” Adah said with much sadness behind her voice. Adah could hear the hurt in Ciara’s voice. Adah has been apart of the royal family staff since Trevante was born. She saw how the Queen been for  30 years ,and was one of her biggest critics in the staff.

“ If you don’t speak up, you will die unheard.” Adah said quoting an African proverb while rubbing Ciara’s back.

Adah, always told her to speak her mind back to the Queen. However, she understands that the Queen can get even more down and dirty and ruin Ciara if she really wanted to.

With Ciara keep on crying, the bedroom door open up. Adah looked to see Prince Trevante standing looking at her and Ciara.

Trevante dark skin was glowing from the Shea Butter and Baby Oil he moisturize with everyday. He walked in with his African Army Accolades Belt over his left shoulder.

“ Hello Adah.” Trevante said with his deep Nigerian accent. Trevante lived in Nigeria with his father until he left for college.

Trevante looked at his wife and just shooked his head. Tre felled in love with the overly shy girl at Alabama State. The shy woman who took him to eat McDonald for the first time. They talked about the economy and different human rights issue instead it being about his status and wealth.

Seeing his wife cry, made Trevante feel like he fail as a husband. However, his grandmother was his mother. Prince Trevante’s mother died after she gave childbirth at the hospital. Queen Aysia was the person to help comfort her child, Prince Aray, and take care of her grandson like a mother. So whenever his grandmother says something, he does.

“Adah, could you leave please?” Trevante ask with his booming voice. Adah knew that Tre ask it as a question to be nice, however she also knew that it was an order. 

Adah pulled Ciara head up from her shoulder and looked at her. She looked at Ciara’s eyes and she saw the hurt that she was going through. Adah smiled at Ciara, and let her go to go out of the room.

As she pass Tre, she gave him a look and left.


Trevante walked over to the couple’s bed and stood by one of the gold pillars at the foot of the bed. 

“ Ciara, why was you crying. That really upset my grandmother.” Tre confessed with some anger behind it. Ciara scoffed and looked at him.

“ Trevante, your grandmother have been trying to break us up since we got married! Then she makes me stay in the back and let Sasha, the woman that suppose to be princess in her eyes, stand by you during the Royal March!” Ciara spoked softly, taking her eyes off of him.

“ Cierra, Sasha is one of my best friends! My grandmother knows that! She knows I love you! Ciara, I am going to always listen to my grandmother because knows what best!” Trevante screeched the last part to her. Ciara just nods her head and just looked down at her lap.

“ So if she flats out say, get a divorce from me, would you listen then?” Ciara questioned slowly while looking her husband in his eyes with much anguish behind it.

Trevante stared at her, he didn’t know what to say. Of course, he wouldn’t divorce his wife because that was the only person he could be normal with and he loves her dearly. However, his grandmother was the matriarch of the family, and she always knew what was “best”.

With the silence in the air, Ciara had her answer. Ciara start crying hard and shaking her head. She quickly got up and head to the bathroom in the couple’s room. Tre tried to go after her, but the he met the door instead.


Africa, 11:30 p.m.

With African drums playing in the background, the ball for the Royal March was just starting. This is not the typical ball that Royals have. This is a ball where dancing, eating, and having fun was suppose to overflow. While all of this was happening, at the royal table, Ciara sat alone and watch the crowded.

As per usual, she was by herself and away from her husband due to the Queen’s “needs” to be met. Ciara saw Tre with Sasha the whole night. 

One thing that was clear that Tre would defintiely do anything for his grandmother even divorce in Ciara’s eyes. She saw them laugh and touch, which she was prohibited by the Queen and her advisors to touch her own husband, but Sasha could. 

Ciara held in her tears for once and didn’t cry. As she finish eating Jollof rice, she saw King Zane come over. King Zane was the complete opposite than his wife, he was loving and caring of his grandson’s wife. He saw the kindness, and the gentleness of her soul that she gave whenever she do royal duties.

“ How is my favorite granddaughter-n-law ?”  King Zane roared with his deep baritone voice with his drink his hand. Ciara looked up from her plate, with a mouth full of Jollof rice.

“ Well, I don’t blame you for eating some Jollof now!” King Zane laughed at Ciara while sitting besides her. King Zane looked over the crowded and saw his wife talking to some of the lieutenants of the Army with his son, Prince Ade, following right behind her. To his daughter, Princess Angel, dancing with one of royals from Spain. To his youngest son, Prince Aray, drinking with some royals from Italy and England.

He looked back to Ciara, about to speak, until he saw that she was staring at something. He looked the same way she did, and saw that his grandson and Sasha was dancing very closely. With her hands rubbing all up and down his arms and Trevante not stopping.

King Zane got up, and went to the mic.

“ Hello everyone, I would like to give a special announcement to my beautiful granddaughter-n-law!” King Zane announce capturing all the attention due to his voice and fun personality. He looked towards Ciara, which she was smiling, and continue on.

“ My announcement to her, is one of my famous dad jokes!” King Zane laughed out with some people laughing. King Zane put on his glasses and took out his phone and spoke out.

“  Did you hear the rumor about butter?” ,King Zane pause while looking at the crowded, “Well, I’m not going to spread it!“ King Zane finish while laughing at it. Everybody wasn’t laughing at the joke, but was laughing how cringy it was and how much King Zane was cracking up.

“ Well that is all folks, I’m only a one joke at a time type of guy!” King Zane laughed while walking towards Ciara. She was laughing along besides him. Even though Ciara didn’t need to know why he went up there, she was glad he did.

“ I got to go to the restroom!” Ciara said while still laughing at King Zane. King Zane looked at his granddaughter- n-law and shooked his head. As Ciara left, Toby wave to her. He was invite due to him being a close friend with a lieutenant. 

To hers and Toby not knowing, Queen Aysia saw the exchange. She knew they was friends, but Trevante didn’t know how close they really were. 

Ciara headed to the bathroom after the waving to Toby. As she got in there she saw Sasha and her buddies. They all looked at Ciara and Ciara looked back at them. 

“ Hello, Princess Ciara.” Sasha snorted out while looking at the only thing that kept her from Trevante. Ciara looked at her and shook her head and move to one the sinks to freshen up.

“ Oh, so the Princess can’t talk no more. Well you really don’t talk ever!” Sasha jeered at her with her two friends laughing in the back.

Ciara looked at her, and all she saw was her having her hands all over Tre.

“ Leave my fucking husband along!” Cierra cursed at Sasha while giving her glare.

“ Oh so the Princess want me to leave Tre along. The Queen don’t like you! Princess, you know when Tre was not at home that night last Saturday and was on a trip for the Army. Guess where he was, my bed! He made me feel so good and made love to me all night long!” Sasha tease while walking towards Ciara.

“ He tells me everything that you don’t do. For instance, you haven’t gave him a baby. A simple thing for a woman to do. Plus, your first child is dead because of you!” Sasha teased some more putting emphasizes on the last sentence. 

As she said those words, Ciara didn’t know what overtook her. She looked at Sasha and punch her in the face. With that, a brawl was on between the ladies. Ciara got her choke and didn’t let go. 

With that, Ciara kept holding her neck. Ciara didn’t hear the guards, the Queen, Trevante, and some of the rest of Royal Family coming into the bathroom. Tre saw that Sasha looked like she was going limp.

 Tre picked up Ciara and pulled her to a wall.

“ What the hell is wrong with you!” Trevante screamed at Ciara. Ciara looked at him and pushed him.

“ You!” Ciara screams back with much anger. She looked around looking at the Queen and her advisors. They all looked at Ciara in digusted. With that Ciara, left the bathroom in tears and go back to the one place that she is not outcasted: her bedroom.

“ Now this is what I am talking about! Why you married that girl, she mentally crazy for hurting Sasha like that!” Queen Aysia said looking at Tre. Some of the guards help Sasha up and took her away. With that the only person left in there was Tre.

He shook his head and left the bathroom.

As the door close, the toilet flush.

Nikki walks out of the stall, clicking the voice memos recording off. She went to the sink and wash her hands. As she did that, she thought about what just happen and saw how the Princess was indeed in a very unhappy spot and how Natalie was definitely wrong about the Queen.

With that, she was going make sure that every secret would be told.


Well you guys this is my first chapter for The Princess’s Secrets.

Who is the bad guy in this story: Ciara, Tre, Queen Aysia, Sasha??

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When Two Worlds Collide- Chapter 1

Hey Y’all!

This is my new series and I hope you guys truly like it. I wanyed this out earlier but your girl had some bad writer’s block!!


“Now Ms. Linda, I payed for this month rent. Then you wanted to tell me that my building have termites!” Nia shouted at her landlord over the phone.

“Nia, you know that I wouldn’t take your rent if I knew there was a problem. However, I just found out today. You might have to move in with Trevante.” Ms. Linda whispered out the last part.

Nia shooked her head even harder. Nia walked downstairs to the kitchen to make her something to eat before she needed to leave.

“Ms. Linda that is a definite no and you know that!” Nia said with much anger while finishing up her food before heading to the shop.

“Baby, the whole damn neighboorhood knows that! I know he have hurted you, but baby if you don’t want a termite infested salon. I’m going to needed you to leave by Monday!” Ms. Linda shouted back at Nia.

Nia shook her head once again, still listening to Ms. Linda trying to give her other options to go.

“Ms. Linda, you can ask him because I am not.” Nia quietly said to Ms. Linda. Nia got to the refrigerator and saw that last night dinner, rice and chicken, was in the back.

As Nia reach to grab the leftovers, Ms. Linda caught her attention.

“Baby, I will ask Trevante for you. However, honey you need to get over that heart break! I know Trevante was your first love, but baby if you want to live life, you need to move on !” Ms. Linda said in a motherly tone with Nia.

Nia froze as she was place the rice and chicken in her bowl. Cierra knew Ms. Linda was right, but she just couldn’t. As she was about to reply, she heard Cause I Love You by Lenny Williams.

Nia smiles to herself, as she finish packing up her lunch.

“Ms. Linda, I will talk to you later and please don’t make it sound that I need desperate help to Tre!” Cierra said with emphasis on the last part of her statement to Ms. Linda.

Ms. Linda laughed at the comment.

“Baby, you are in desperate help!” Ms. Linda continue laughing as she ended the call.

Nia walked into the dining room, hearing Lenny Williams song even louder. She saw her Gigi over there moving to the song.

Nia drop her lunch on the table to get her attention. As it drop on the table, Nia’s Gigi turn around quickly.

“Little girl, you better not scare me like that. If y'all wasn’t here, I would be naked!” Gigi Ruth exclaimed while turning down the music.

Nia laughed at her Gigi Ruth.

Gigi Ruth was the matriarch of the family. She wasn’t originally from Chicago, but moved here when she turn 18 to get away from the Jim Crow South. Even though she still experience racism, she felt a little more comfortable than living in Alabama.

She didn’t take shit from nobody, and she was going to act like how she felt: young.

“Well Gigi, I heard you and your little friend last night. Whom, was in the same bed my papa had his last breath!” Nia exclaimed while bringing out breakfast for the table.

“Nia, get out my business little girl. The last thing I remeber your old, ugly papa was six feet under!” Gigi Ruth starting grabbing some of the sausage off the plate. 

As Nia saw the sausage in Gigi’s hand. She snatch out of her hand.

“Now little girl, you might be my blood! However, don’t snatch my damn food out my hand!” Gigi Ruth said while giving Nia the death scare.

“Gigi, you know that you can’t have this! You need to lower down on the greasy food!” Nia shouted back as she went into the kithen to get her Gigi’s food.

“Well damn Nia what I suppose to eat! I should called the damn AARP on your ass!” Gigi Ruth said as she put her hands up to her chest. As Nia was walking out the kitchen with Gigi’s food, her mother came downstairs. 

As Nia place the food, Gigi Ruth saw the contents of it.

Plain oatmeal.

“Cassandra, get your daughter before I kill her! There is no butter, milk, sugar! It is white people oatmeal because no black person a would ever touch this shit!” Gigi Ruth shouted even louder, while shaking her head looking at the oatmeal.

“Momma, please I have a headache right now.” Cassandra calmly sat down on the plastic dining seat. As Nia heard that, she rush over to her mother with her medicine.

“Momma well take this one first. Then take the other ones!” Nia stuttered out, while rushing to get all the pills out of the bottle. Cassandra grab her daughter’s hand and held it. Nia looked at her mother with tears in her eyes.

“Baby, it just a headache. I am fine.” Cassandra reassured by grabbed the medicine and taking it. Nia went back into the kitchen to recollected herself. As she did that, Gigi Ruth looked at her daughter.

She wasn’t getting any better.

Even though Cassandra tried to hide it, she couldn’t hide it from her momma. 

Back in the kitchen, Nia looked at the time, seeing it was almost time for her to leave. She knew her younger brother, Nate, wasn’t up at 7:30 on a Saturday.

Nia walked out the kitchen to her brother’s room. As she got to the door, she didn’t even knocked.

As she walked in, she saw not one body but two.

“I know your dumbass don’t have a girl in the bed!” Nia snapped by pull the cover off the bed. As the cover came off, she saw her brother and some girl from his high school.

When the covers got snatch off, Nate realized that his ass is in for it. Nate look at the foot of his bed, and saw his sister. He looked at her face, and it was giving attitude.

“Wake her up.” Nia gritted out with her hand folded across her chest. Nate looked at the girl and he was scared. As Nia saw her brother being scare, she took matters in her own hands.

Nia grabbed the girl’s foot, and get start dragging. As the girl started to feel herself being pull, she woke up immediately. Just as she recognized was happening, she hit the floor.

“Now little girl, you need to find your clothes and get out of this house! With that, I know you sneaked in through the window, however you are walk out of the house through the front door!” Nia hissed out to the girl , who started to cry, as she realized that Nia was pulling her out the bed and she got caught.

As the girl starting getting her stuff, Nia turned to her brother.

“For you, you are going to get dress and be working like a dog at the shop today! You have five minutes to be down here!” Nia shouted at her brother.

As the girl had her clothes on, Nia pointed for her to walk first. As Nia and the girl got to the dining room, Gigi Ruth spit out her oatmeal.

“Now I know this ain’t Nikki’s little girl up in here!” Gigi Ruth chuckled out while shaking her head. Cassandra looked behind her and was shocked by the girl walking out the house.

“Baby, don’t be like your grandma and momma: a hoe!” Gigi Ruth shouted at her the girl as she got to the front door.

“Momma!” Cassandra sighed while shaking her head at her momma. Gigi Ruth just went back eating her food. Nia shut the door and went back into the dining room.

“I can’t believe him! He knows better than that!” Nia shouted out while sitting down waiting on Nate. 

“Baby, it is okay. He is just a teenager!” Cassandra calmly said to her daughter.

“Momma, I just don’t undestand! He needs dad! I just don’t understand, why dad would just leave like that!” Nia barked out.

As Nia said something about her father, Cassandra stomach drops like it always does. Even though, Cassandra did tell the truth about their father, she didn’t tell them all the truth.

As Cassandra was about to say something, Nate came into the dining room.

“Now Nate, I am going to tell you, you don’t need to mess with them Jackson women because all I know that they give people the itch.” Gigi Ruth teased her grandson, as she head to the door to get into the car.

Nia and Cassandra laughed as they head outside to the car too. Nate on the other hand, was scared. Nate ran outside and closed the door.


“Gigi, I am itching a little bit!” Nate uttered out as he got into the car.


12:00 pm

The shop was busy due to it being a Saturday. With the salon, Nia sat at the very end on the left of the row. 


With everybody chatting and people jumping in, Nia went to the front were Nate was at.

When she finally got up there, she saw him talking to a girl. Nia looked and just saw all her breast hanging over the desk. Nia went behind the desk, which catch the attention of both of them.

“Ummm, Nia, don’t you see I’m busy.” Nate said in a hushed tone trying to push his sister away. 

Nia looked up from the computer to her brother and the girl. The girl seem like a smart girl, with her dark melanin popping and her braces shining in her mouth.

“Honeybun,” Nia spoke holding the girl hand, “My brother is a broke man! You don’t want a broke man, so I suggest you go back sitting over there. Cause I bet he said that you the most beautiful girl he ever met. With that, he suggest y'all go to the park and kick it. Then he going ask you do you want to go to the movies which he going ask me for money. ” Nia said to the girl whom didn’t look happy.

As Nia finally saw who her next cilent was, she walk in the back. As for her brother, who was trying to recover from his sister outburst, the girl slap him and walked back to her seat.

Nate followed Nia back to her station.

“Why would you do that Nia! I already have to be at this dumb salon helping clean! I can’t even get my haircut at Tre’s place because you so mad at him for cheating on you! Let me have my damn life! ” Nate hollered out in front of the whole salon. Everybody stop their conversation and looked at the siblings. With that, Gigi Ruth walked over there to straighten them out.

“Now y'all stop acting a damn fool! Nate go over to the barbershop and get your head cut. ” Gigi Ruth boldly stated to the siblings while handing money to Nate. As Nate left, Gigi Ruth looked back at Nia and her face showed how she felt.

“I want you to say something. I dare you. Your brother need somebody that want mess up his hair. Justin. ” Gigi Ruth joked while looking at Justin when walking back to her station. Everybody started to laughed at her.

“Well I do know how to cut Ms. Bump the Ends!” Justin snapped back with his marcel curler in his hand.

“Baby, ask your grandaddy about bumping the ends because he was bumping my ends all last night!” Gigi Ruth scream while taking the rollers out of her head. With that, everybody was dying with laughter.

Nia just shooked her head while grinning to herself while sitting in her chair. She looked around seeing that her client wasn’t here yet. She went and got her phone from the back to see if she was still coming. 

While back there, one of the many people waiting in the shop shouted out.

“Oh God, everybody Tre is coming over here!” the lady shouted so the whole shop could hear. All the ladies and Justin was straighten themselves out. 

Tre was like the Denzel on the Westside. His always straight white teeth, with his low fade haircut, and that clean beard just make every women a little moist.

Also, Justin.

As the door open, all the ladies and Justin looked at him.

“Hey ladies.” Tre smirked at the ladies and Justin looking at him like a pack of meat. 

“Hey Tre!” All the women shouted back while looking at Tre and the sweatpants he was wearing.

“Y'all are some hoes! Trevante don’t want y'all ass! Some of y'all needed to be worrying about y'all baby daddies and if they giving you some child support! ” Gigi Ruth shouted at all the women in the shop. 

All of them sighed and turn back to what they were doing.

Tre laughed and looked at Gigi Ruth and gave her a hug. With that, the person behind him held on to his leg a little harder.

“Well I kinda needed some help. My babygirl hair needs to be braid! I know y'all busy but I really need your help. ” Three calmly stated while bringing the little girl from behind him.


Gigi Ruth looked at the little girl, along with everybody else. The girl, Brelynn, felt all the eyes at her.

“Daddy why are all these people looking at me!” Brelynn quietly stated on the verge of tears. Brelynn was a really shy little girl and daddies girl due to her mother dying during childbirth.

“Lets go in the back!” Gigi Ruth stated while walking in front of them. As they was walking behind Gigi, people started to notice the little girl. They were talking alot.

“ Oh God, that the child!”

“ Were is Nia?”

“ Ah damn, keep me under the dryer a little while longer so I can what is going to happen.”

Tre heard the comments and shooked his head. As they finally got to the back, he saw her.

The person he still loves.

As Nia was getting off the phone with her client, whom was not able to make her appointment, she put the phone back in her locker after it. As she turns around she see her Gigi, Tre, and Brelynn.

Nia was just left in shocked, while looking at the little girl. The same little girl, whose mother that Tre slept with during their relationship.

The same little girl, Nia wish was hers because she wanted to have all of Tre’s kid.

“ I did not know you was back here!” Gigi muttered while looking at her grandaughter. Gigi Ruth can see the hurt on her granddaughter face when she Brelynn and Tre. Nia shooked her head and walk pass them. However, Tre grabbed her arm. As Nia realize that, she started to looked at him like he was crazy.

“ I really need somebody to do her hair Nia. I don’t trust nobody but you to do it!  I was really hoping you didn’t have anyone.” Tre begged to Nia. Nia looked at Tre and saw the man that she still in love with after ten years.

Nia looked back at the the little girl, whom was looking at Nia. Nia walked over to her and smiled.

“ What’s your name?” Nia asked while smiling at her. Brelynn went further behind her daddy. 

“ It’s okay. My name is Nia. I see that you like to read books!” Nia smiled at the book in her hand.

“ My favorite book series is Harry Potter too.  Your daddy use to take me to get the books all the time in the city.” Nia giggled while remembering when Tre and her went to the city to stand in line for the new Harry Potter book. Brelynn smiled at Nia, whom wasn’t like the other women her dad brought around.

“ My name is Brelynn.” Brelynn answered while smiling at Nia. As Tre was looking at the interaction, his love for Nia expanded even more.

“ Babygirl, can Nia do your hair?” Tre asked as she saw that Brelynn wasn’t behind him anymore, but was standing in front of Nia smiling and talking.

“ Yes daddy, I want her too!” Brelynn answered excitedly while going back to talking to Nia. As Gigi Ruth realize that her client was still under the dryer she went to go back to check on her.

As she was beginning to open the door, she heard whispering. So Gigi Ruth do what she does best.

“ I know y’all nosey, black asses are not at this door!Y’all need to get some business before you try to see what others are doing! That is why most of y’all asses don’t have no man!” Gigi Ruth screech as she open the door seeing clients and hairstylists trying to listen.

“ Now Hattie, I know you done had a hip replacement. You say you can’t go to church, but you can come to a door to listen to somebodies business!” Gigi Ruth scream while shaking her head as she closed the door.

Tre shook her head and laughed at the crazy, old woman.

“Okay sweetie, my chair is right on the left at the end!” Nia said to Brelynn as she skip out the door to Nia’s chair. Nia realize that it was only her and Tre in the backroom.

She finally looked at him in the eye, those chocolate brown orbs, and looked at him for the first time in a long time. 

“ Well how much is it going to be?” Tre quietly mumbled out to ease the tension in the air. Nia just looked at him and shooked her head.

With that, she left and started on Brelynn’s hair.


2:00 p.m.

“ Hey everybody, I got hotdogs, pasta salad, fried chicken, smothered pork chops, and some baked chicken plates! I also got all the Madea movies on DVD.” Ms.Linda shouted out as she came in with her a mobile food stand. 

Ms. Linda did everything from being the landlord, selling the food, to the bootleg DVDS.

Nia looked up as she finish parting the last section of hair on Brelynn. Brelynn was preoccupied with her book. Ms. Linda recongized the Brelynn in her seat.

Ms.Linda walked over to Nia’s station to have a little chat with her.

“ Hey Ms.Linda!” Brelynn said while smiling.

“ Hi baby, Nia doing a good job on your hair!” Ms. Linda said while giving a hug to Nia.

“ Have you talk to the person you needed to talk to Ms.Nia?” Ms.Linda questioned while looking at the mirror to check out her makeup.

“ No. We only talk about hair Ms.Linda.” Nia answered backed as she was starting to braid the last braid. Before Ms. Linda could answer, somebody start talking about how men ain’t shit.

This was a very hot topic in the shop for all the women, plus Justin.

“ Now that nigga, Jacquees, at the barbershop is not shit at all! He told me that I needed to leave like I was some hoe.” one of the hair clients in Dajai chair said disgustedly.

“ Well honey you are hoe!” Gigi Ruth laughed while sitting her chair. Everybody else start laughing with her.

With that, Brelynn laughed at herself. Nia notice, but she thought it was something in the book that was funny.

“ Well, Mr. All Goody Two Shoes, Allen, he is a hoe too!” Emily, one of the hairstylist, said while pressing out the girl hair.

“ Nerdy Allen?” Nia question remembering Allen in high school. Emily look towards her and gave her look that said she was right.

With that, Brelynn laughed even harder, and caught the attention of everybody.

“ This remind of the barbershop! They talk about y’all too!” Brelynn laughed even harder. Everybody in the shop looked at Brelynn.

“ Well for you,” Brelynn pointed to the girl in Dajai’s chair, “ They call you duck lips becuase you tried to swallowed Jaccquees lips when kissing him!” Brelynn stated while still laughing.

“ Also you,” Brelynn pointed to Emily, “ Allen thinks you a nice girl and he really likes you! However, he just stand the smell of your. I don’t remember what it is call, but I know it started with a v.” Brelynn finished laughing up. Everybody else was left in shock and gasp.


“ Oh hell no, they talking about like us like that! Lets go over there now with the little girl!” Dajai’s client shout while getting up and standing in the middle of the salon.

“ Wait hold up now,” Gigi Ruth went to the little girl, “ What they say about me ?” Gigi Ruth said in a cocky tone.

Brelynn laughed even harder while looking at Gigi Ruth.

“ Well they call you a old hag!” Brelynn finish laughing. Nia shooked her head thinking, WW3 is about to happen on the Westside streets.

“Oh hell naw, they going need Black Jesus because I am about to pistol whip all of them bastards!” Gigi Ruth shouted while walking out the door, with mostly everybody following behind her.


Brelynn looked at Nia, whom shooked her head. 

“ Did I do something wrong Nia?” Brelynn question with much concern.

“ Oh baby, it is okay, but WW3 is about to happen!” Nia help Brelynn out the chair to see what is about to go down.




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Away from Miami

Characters: Chiron (Moonlight) x Male Reader

Content: Fluff; romance


Originally posted by osvaldrps

“Baby, I really can’t believe we did this.”

You and Chiron sat out on the balcony with a cup of hot cocoa and bundled up in his thick coat. The sight of the snow-capped mountains, the half moon, and the endless stretch of pine trees reflected in his deep, dark eyes. Crickets and other creatures serenaded you. You reached across the little table between you and leaned in to kiss Chiron on the cheek.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

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Just Listen Ch 10- Reunited





Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday

Everybody sing the Stevie Wonder rendtion of “ Happy Birthday” to Amaya. Amaya was soaking up the attention and look towards her parents. Her parents may thought she didn’t notice the little things, she did. She smile not only it was her birthday, but she has her parents still together.

“ Amaya, blow out the candles baby!” Tre shouted to his youngest daughter with some tears coming up seeing his baby turn six years old. As Amaya blew out the candles, Cierra looked up at her husband. 

Tre couldn’t hold the tears in.

Cierra wipe off a tear off his face. As she finish wiping the tear off his face, Tre caught Cierra hand and kept it on his face. He looked at her and smile. Cierra smiled back. 

As the couple was having a silent moment, Jakob was up to no good. As Amaya finish blowing out the candles. Jakob came up with a idea.


Jakob saw his little sister soak up all the attention. Amaya might be his favorite sister, but she was on his list. Amaya “accidentally” slip up and told Jakob’s girlfriend that constipate. Even though Jakob was, he was shock that his favorite sister was going to do him like that. 

So Jakob, whom was standing right behind Amaya, and standing by Mia finally saw the time was right.

As he seem like slow motion, Jakob slam Amaya face in the cake. It seem like everything stood frozen.

Amaya looked back with this twitch in her eye, and grab a piece of the cake and threw it at Jakob. Jakob yelled out:

“ Food Fight!”

With thirty 5/6 years old, they love themselves some food fight. With Jakob running away from Mia and Amaya, whom was running after him with cake in their hand.

Cierra and Tre finally felt out of their lovely eye gazing when a piece of cake hit Cierra right in her face. When Tre looked around, it was a bunch of kids running around with cake and other food in their hand. Parents were hiding and some was even joining.

Marcus took off his shoe warning kids if he get hit by some cake, then they getting their ass whoop.

Tre turn back to his wife, who was still in shock, and start laughing. As if he didn’t learn that laughing at his wife will get him hurt. She looked on the ground, and saw that some Mac-N-Cheese was on the ground. Cierra went down and pick it up off the grass and chuck it at Tre.

With that, Tre shut his mouth and looked at his wife. Cierra met his eyes and knew it was time for her to run.

“ Cierra, you better run because when I get my hands on you, those lemon cookies are mines!” Tre ran after her getting a plate of mash potatoes.


As the end of the party came to an end at 5:00, the family was cleaning up the food fight that ruin the whole backyard. As Tre and Cierra was cleaning one section of the yard, the kids gather up on the other side of the yard.

“ If your dumb self didn’t start this, the backyard wouldn’t be ruin!” Mia yelled at Jakob while trying to be quiet as possible. Mia looked at her Apple watch and realize that the caters would be here in a moment.

“ OMG we got to get mommy and daddy upstairs because the cater is going be here at any moment!” Mia rushed into the house to get Angelo and Marcus to get them two upstairs.

Mia came back outside with them following right behind her. She gesture for Amaya and Jakob to get inside to put on their outfits for the surprise. 

On the other side of the backyard, Marcus and Angelo was busy trying the two to go to their respectfully places where Mama T and Lisa to set up their outfits for the surprise.

“ Cierra we need to check on the test.” Angelo whispered in Cierra’s ear. Cierra turn around and ran to her office with Angelo. This test could change things in the Rhode’s household.

As Marcus saw Angelo get Cierra to go, he stated silently to Tre, “ Tre you remeber that phone call you had this morning, I think they left a message on the land line.” Tre looked at Marcus and ran upstairs to his room, which was the room that had a landline, to hear the voicemail. This voice mail could change things in the Rhode’s household.

Both of these things can.


“ People,move it!” Mia yelled at her family that was setting up the backyard for the surprise dinner. Mia looked over at her siblings which they were bickering with each other.

“ Both of y’all James Brown lookalikes! Y’all better not ruin my plan or else!” Mia shouted  at them and while looking into both of their eyes.

“ Okay, Mrs.Meanie, that is why you actually looked like James Brown yesterday!” Amaya retorted back with a head roll.

“ Now this is why she is  my favorite sister!” Jackob said while looking at Mia, whom was not very interested in the argument.

“ Okay both of y’all get change into your outfit and hurry up.” Mia said while turning around and saw Marcus about putting the wrong floral arrangement on the table. Grandpa Marcus what the heck are you doing!” Mia shouted while quickly running over to him.


As Cierra walked out of her office with the dress that was laying on her desk.


Cierra saw her husband walking down the stairs in the amazing black suit with his shirt open a little.


“ Now Trevante Rhodes don’t make me take you down on this staircases.” Cierra whispered seductively to her husband as he walking towards her. Trevante smirk and looked at his wife.

“ Now turn around for me Mrs.Rhodes.” Tre smirked as he saw his wife go slowly around. As she was about to turn back to him, Trevante grabbed her towards him. They both start making out with each other and feeling all up on each other. Tre start going down Cierra neck as he heard a voice.

“ Now I am getting tired of seeing y’all getting freaky in this house.” Angelo stated while looking at the couple. They both look quickly at each other only to see Angelo.


Standing right beside him was Marcus and Jakob with a disgusting look on there faces. Cierra finally notice that the everybody was dressed up.

“ Why are y’all dress up?” Ciera question to the three of them. The look on their faces told Cierra and Tre that they were hiding something. 

“ Well you know that we like to look good! What’s wrong with that.” Jakob answer while not looking at his mom. Jakob don’t look at his parents when he is lying and they know that.

“ You are lying, did Tre even gift me this dress?” Cierra question the three stooges in front of her.  Tre spoke up:
“ No baby I didn’t, but Marcus said that you gift me this outfit.” Tre looked at Marcus, who turn his whole head the other way. 

“ Well I can tell that everybody is hiding something from us and I want to know now.” Cierra stated with much firmness while looking at the three people in front of her. Marcus looked down at his watch reading, 8:00, which this was the time that Mia wanted her parents to go out for the suprise.

“ Well, we are hiding something, it is in the backyard.” Marcus looked at the couple in front them. Cierra and Tre head to the backyard with the three hiding behind them. 

When Cierra and Tre walk out to their backyard, Cierra started to tear up.

With Reunited playing in the backyard, the couple looked in awe at the transformation of their backyard.


The backyard that was full of food was transform to a romantic canopy dinner for two. With the bamboo trees in the background and the candles all over the backyard. Tre looked at his wife, who had tears coming down her eyes, it made him smile. Cierra looked at her husband and ask, “ Did you plan this?” saying with much shock on her face.

“ No we did!” Amaya shhouted behind them. The couple looked back and saw their three kids in their waitress outfits.


“ Well my lady and sir, it is time for you to go eat and I will show you to your table.” Mia stated to her parents with dinner menus in her hand. Walking hand and hand, Cierra and Tre followed the Mia.

When getting to the table, Tre got Cierra’s chair and waited for her to sit before he went to his chair before to do the same. 

“ What would your drinks be sir and ma’am.” Mia said while smiling at her parents and seeing that they loved it. They looked at the print menu that Mia did this morning. 

“ Well for me and my lady I think we will take the red wine.” Tre said while looking at Mia. Mia smiled and turn to walk back in the house.

“ Wow, our kids are amazing.” Cierra  said stil looking around at the backyard and how the kids transform it. 

“ They are truly amazing. Happy anniversary baby girl!” Tre said reached across the table and held Cierra’s hand. Cierra turn back over to looked at her husband. With a smile, she replied “ Happy anniversary baby!” while squeezing his hand.

“ This past couple of months been the hardest thing. Baby I am truly sorry for doing anything that ever hurt you. I was so depress that I forgot that I had my wife that was hurting too.” Tre quietly finishing the statement at the end with tears coming down. Cierra looked at her husband and the tears came down faster.

“ Baby I said things too, and I am sorry for that. I love you so much Trevante Nemour Rhodes. I don’t know what I would do without you. You gave me all my children, my first love, and my best friend baby. I know the lost of the baby really hurt us both,” Cierra stated to her husband taking a pause, “ Well, I have something to tell you. I haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of days and I took a test. 15 to be exact.” Cierra emphasized the last part of her statement.

With a smile, Cierra looked at Tre and announce “ All 15 of them were postive!”

Tre smiled turn into a big cheshire cat smile. He got up out of his seat and ran over to his wife and kiss her. He held on to her face, with their noses touching each other, they were smiling.

“ Well, I hope it is a boy because I can’t deal girls no more dad! Cause these two right here are a enough for me.” Jakob said out loud while his sisters and him was looking at their parents. Cierra and Tre looked at their kids, which the girls was punching him because he ruin the moment. 

Those were their kids alright.

“ Daddy you forgot the gift you suppose to give mommy!” Amaya shouted giving her dad the ringbox.

“ You remeber when I first propose to you and I gave you my grandmother’s ring. With that, I said to you when we get stable enough, I would buy you something else.” Tre said while givng Cierra the ring box.

Cierra open it up, and Tre truly outdid himself.


“ Trevante Rhodes, this thing is huge!” Cierra said bewildered with Tre putting the ring on her finger. 

“ Well your daughters, momma, and Angelo said that was the one.” Tre stated recounting ring shopping this past week. Cierra looked at Tre and smile at him. She then looked a the kids and saw that they wanted to be in the conversation too.

“ My little babies, bring up a chair!” Cierra shouted looking at the kids. Amaya sat down in Tre’s lap, who went back to his seat, while Mia and Jakob got a chair. The family started to talk and laugh like they use to before everything happen. 

They were in their own world.

The other family memebers went outside and realize that the family was having their time together. They put up the food, and went to their respectful rooms. The Rhode’s family went back to being them.

“ I do have an announcement though!” Tre exclaimed with a sleeping Amaya  on his lap.

“ Well, your daddy and husband is about to be the a superhero! I am the next Green Lantern!” Tre stated with much excitement coming from his family. Tre looked at his wife and just smiled.

“ It is time for you kids to go to bed too!” Tre said while getting up with Amaya still knock out. The twins latch onto  the their mom arms while Tre walked Amaya to their room. As he layed down Amaya, he kissed her on the cheek and left her room. 

Tre went inside their master bedroom, looking at his wife that was taking off her makeup with a wipe by her bedside. Tre came beside and look directly at her and smile once again.

“ Baby all of this smiling is getting a little creepy.” Cierra insisted while laughing at her husband. “ Why can’t I look at my beautiful, hot, sexy wife that is looking absolutely stunning that dress.” Tre stated back while taking off his shoes. Cierra just laughed while walking into their joint closet.

“ Tre on serious note though, I am truly proud of us! We got stuck in the movement of us and things happen. We didn’t know how to solve them, but we learn alot!” Cierra said while changing and walking out in her pajamas pants and sports bra.

Cierra got on her side of the bed and got under the covers with Tre walking out of the bathroom. 

“ I know baby! I have learn that I need to take care you like you take care of our family. You learn that I just need  you to be my best friend. However, both us learn that we need to just listen!”  Tre stated coming out of the closet with his sweatpants on.

Cierra wasn’t looking at her husband’s face no more, but something that swinging. Tre looked at his wife and knew what she was looking at. As he got in the bed, Tre said “ I think somebody wants to give The Green Lantern some lemon cookie.” 

As he got in the bed, Cierra jump on top of him. 

“ Well Mr. Green Lantern I think tonight you need to just listen to me!” 


Well that is the end of Just Listen you guys 😭😭😭! My first baby is grown up😭🥺!!I am so proud that I acutally did it and I finished it! I want to thank @l-auteuse​ for telling me that I could do it and all of y’all reading this! Tre, Cierra, Amaya, Jakob, and Mia is not ending, they just only beginning! My Masterlist will be updated and keep an I for my new series, When Two Worlds Collide. 

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Alone Time.

“Well, when’s the last time y'all spent some time together?” My best friend asks. I shrug, trying to think about it.

“Honestly, I don’t even know! We’ve been so busy working and we’re almost, always so fucking tired.” She sighs.

“Girl, y'all gotta fix that!”


“I don’t know! Wake him up in the middle of the night and sit on his face or something!” I roll my eyes and hold my laughter in.

“Girl, get off my phone!” I hang up before she can and toss my phone on the bed.

“Lord, she is aggravating.” I rub my temples and contemplate on what to do for the remainder of my day, since I was off and Tre doesn’t get off until eight-thirty.

I decide to take a nap, to make the time pass by quicker, it was currently only four thirty so, hopefully I can stay sleep for a while. I ascend up the stairs, jump into my bed and doze off not too long after.

Four hours later..

I finally wake up, looking over at my clock, seeing that it’s fifteen minutes after eight. I get out of bed and head to my bathroom to take a shower.

Once I’m done, I get dressed in a tank top and shorts and head downstairs to make dinner. I put on some music so that I didn’t feel completely alone.

Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Excuse Me’ blasted through the living room as I finish the food. The music was up so loud, I didn’t hear the front door open and close. It wasn’t until Tre cleared his throat, that I was aware of his presence.

I grab my phone and turn the music down some, turning around to greet him. “Hey, baby.”

“Hey, babygirl.”

He comes up behind me and snakes his arms around my waist. I giggle as his beard tickles my neck, “I missed you, beautiful.” He said, making me blush.

“I missed you too, handsome.” I put the plates down and turn to face him, cupping his face and kissing his lips.

Tre grips my hips gently and deepens the kiss. “Baby, are you hungry?” I ask, pulling away from his lips.

“For you.” A glint of lust exposes itself in his irises, making the seat of my shorts incredibly wet.

He picks me up and heads into the living room, tossing me onto the sofa. His lips attack mine again, taking my breath away.

“But, baby— I made you dinner.” He pulls his jacket over his head and tosses it on the coffee table.

“I appreciate it…. but, I’m tryna eat you right now.” His lips find my neck, pulling whimpers from my lips.

I let his rough hands roam my body and bite my lip, gripping his shoulders from the feeling. “I want you in the worst way.”

Beginning to toy with the wet spot on my shorts, I arch away from the couch and tighten my grip on his arm. “Don’t tease me, baby.”

His orbs bore back into mine, while he removes the soaked fabric away from my hips, allowing my glistening folds to come into view.

“Mm, no panties.” He drags his index finger up and down my slit, covering it in my nectar. My hips buck from the sensation.

He winks at me, before covering my clit with butterfly kisses. I groan and run my hand over his low fade. His tongue slips into the mix, wrapping around my bud.

“Oou fuck,” spreading my legs a little wider, his heavy hands rest on my thighs while he slides his tongue from my tight cove up to my clit, over and over again.

“Yessss,” my mouth drops open, letting whimpers and moans run free. I lift my shirt up and squeeze my breasts, adding to the pleasure.

“Feels so good, babyyy!” His lashing grows wild, causing me to lift up and grip the back of his head. He moans against me, sending shocks through my body.

“Just like that, baby….” lifting a hand up to my neck, he squeezes it and continues to devour me.

“I’m gonna cum,” I push at his shoulders and arch away from the sofa. His tongue holds my clit hostage, continuously sucking.

“Ohhh fuck! Yesss, just like that!” I grip his head and grind against his lips, jerking through my orgasm.

Moving away from me, he stands up and strips. I lick my lips and stare his very noticeable print.

“It ain’t polite to stare, shawty.” He smacks my thigh before pushing them back open, sliding back between them.

“Well… it’s mine, so I can do what I want with it.” His eyebrows raise in amusement. I smirk and tuck my fingers into his briefs and tug them down, feeling his length spring out and touch my thigh.

Wasting no time to slide into me, he places his forehead against mine, watching my face scrunch up from his sudden, but sinful intrusion.

He groans as my walls throb around him. “How long has it been, babe?” He begins to move slowly.

“I — I don’t know… too long.” I place my hands on his chest and match his movements. He speeds up.

“Sounds like we got some catching up to do, then.” He presses his lips against mine and grips the back of my thighs.

I moan into his mouth. He wraps a hand around my neck, making me drip onto him. He pulls away from my lips and bites down on his bottom one, staring down below and watching us become one with each other.

“Sss— feels so good, Tre!” I toss my head back into the pillows and wrap my hand around his wrist. He begins to roll his hips into me, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“Fuck! Just like that— mm!” I reach between us and rub my clit in small circles, adding to the intense pleasure that I’m receiving.

His constant grunts and my moans mix together like a melody. His eyes flicker up to mine, staring straight through me.

“Just like this, huh?” My mouth forms into a permanent 'o’ shape. A smug grin appears on his lips as he moves faster.

“Tre…” my eyes fall into the back of my head as he comes in contact with my spot, rubbing against it deliciously. My free hand scratches his chest.

“Wassup mama?” My thighs begin to quiver. I try and close them, but he pries them back open.

“Unh! I’m cummm— I’m cumming!” My back arches away from the couch as I rain down on him. I try and scoot away, but he follows and pins me to the cushion.

“You tryna run away from me?” He licks his lips and glares down at me. Still coming down from my orgasmic high, I search words that my mouth can’t form.

Tre smirks before pulling me up from the couch and carrying me to our room, tossing me onto the bed.

“On your knees, babygirl.” I get on my knees and arch my back, sticking my ass high in the air. His hand comes down it, sending a stinging sensation through me, but also making me wet.

He pulls me to the edge of the bed and glides back into me, picking up where he left off; slamming into me.

I grip the sheets into my hands, while his hand finds my neck again, squeezing harder. I scream out, feeling him immediately curve to my spot.

“Ohhh shit!” He leans down and presses his body into mine, keeping the same crazed pace.

“Too much? Huh? You want me to stop?” His husky tone makes me clench around him.

“No! Keep…. keep going!” Diving deeper into me, he begins thrusting into me so hard it makes my brain rattle around a little.

“Fuuuuuck! Oh my God, babyyy!” My body starts jerking from how rough he’s being, sending me into a different realm of pleasure.

“Feels good?” His voice booms from behind me. I frantically nod, unable to speak through my moaning fit.

“Shhhh—” his heavy hand cracks down on my ass again… and again… and again.

“Answer me, baby.” I reach back and grab his hip, pulling him as close to me as humanly possible. My eyes roll back.

“Yesss! It feels so damn good….. so damn good….” I hunch forward and dig my nails into his skin as another orgasm rips through me, this one much more intense than the last.

“Fuck… you love me?” He pulls me against his chest, pressing wet kisses on my neck. I heave a euphoric sigh.

“Mmm… you know I do.”

“I wanna hear you say it… tell me you love me.” His heavy, slow thrusts drive me up a wall.

“I— I love you… oh my goodness! I love youuu!” I reach back and caress the side of his face, while he continues to attack my neck.

“I love you, too— shit…. you feel so good, babygirl.” My body shakes as another knot forms inside of me, his words only intensify the feeling.

“I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna cum so hard!” My body convulses as jolts of pleasure start at the top of my head and travel all the way to my toes.

“Ohhh fuck— h-oh fuck—” I grip the sheets in front of me and let out a broken yelp that replays itself, until my throat goes dry.

Tre stiffens behind me and fills me with his warmth. He growls into my neck and pulls me closer to him.

“Shit…. we ain’t went at it like that in a minute.” Ending our connection, I lay on my back and stare at the ceiling. He crawls on top of me and lays his head on my chest.

“I know. We both needed that, huh?” A smirk makes its way onto my lips. He picks his head up and mimics my expression.

“Hell yeah! Fuck dinner, I’m immobile for the rest of the night.”

“Ah shit! I put it down, huh?” I roll my eyes.

“You know you did, babe. I ain’t have to tell you that.” He chuckles, placing kisses on my left collarbone.

“I like when you say it, though.”

“Hush, before you get me started again.”

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Home-cooked Meal

Characters: Black (referred to as Chiron) x Black Male Reader

Content: Fluff; Romance (set in Atlanta, GA)

Word Count: 986


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Vacation. You had to force Chiron to take one.

“I don’t ever wanna risk goin’ hungry,” he said to you once.

But you stressed the importance of rest and breaks. You also had to say to him, “Hellooooo, I have a job, too!” You were the marketing manager at the Children’s Museum, and Chiron worked two jobs–bussing tables in the morning and replenishing at night. He was always in survival mode, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the back aches and the headaches; the falling asleep with clothes on—it was becoming a bit much.

Monday was officially his first day of vacation. You wanted him to have as much time to himself as possible, but Monday had to be your day with him. You brought your work day to an early halt and rushed home to be with him. You entered your home to find him sitting on the patio and drinking from a beer bottle.

“Hey, baby,” you said, as you stepped outside. As you leaned in to kiss him, you saw sadness in his eyes.

“Sup,” he responded after receiving your peck on the lips. He looked down at his watch. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah, I came to spend some time with you.” You sat in the chair across from him and looked out at the blue sky. Then, you looked back at him–muscles bulging through his white tank; the fabric of his blue shorts separated by his wide open legs.

“What’s got you down today?” you asked.

Chiron took a sip, and just shook his head. “Nothin’. Just thinkin’.”

You expected that response. Getting Chiron to open up was like demanding a flower to blossom in front of you. You didn’t push him any further, though. You rose from your seat, kissed his forehead, and walked back into the apartment. Plush tan carpet melted under your shoes as you breezed through the living room and into your cozy kitchen. You searched the refrigerator and freezer for something. Nothing caught your eye. As you considered takeout, you got a better idea.

“I’ll be back, baby,” you called out toward the balcony. You rushed out of the apartment, and on the way to your car, you frantically scanned your brain. Your train of thought continued in the car.

“Fuck, what the hell does he like?” you asked yourself. You started the engine and made your way to Publix. You’d asked him what his favorite food was once before, but in typical Chiron fashion, he just said “Ion got no favorites.”

You wandered around the grocery store, trying to think of everything that Chiron has ever “to’ up”, as the old folks say–and you realized that he eats every meal like its last–from ramen to steak. The light bulb went off–maybe you shouldn’t think of his “favorite” meal–perhaps tonight was the night to go for “different”. You dragged your buggy to the most empty section of the store you could find, and searched Pinterest for recipes–seafood recipes. Miami natives liked seafood, right? You hoped at least Chiron did.

Between shopping and prepping at home, a couple of hours had passed before you’d finally found your groove in the kitchen–salmon sizzled in your cast iron skillet; crab cakes cooked to perfection in your air fryer. You knew green beans would be a great complement to the meal, but you weren’t going to settle for the can in your pantry. You and Chiron were going to feast on the FRESH stuff tonight! When you returned home, Chiron was on the sofa watching television, and finally, he’d made his way into the kitchen with a grin.

“What you up in here cookin’?” he asked.


“What kind of dinner?” he looked over your shoulder and onto the stove. Then, he tugged on the handle of the air fryer, then pushed the door closed again. 

“You in my way, Chiron,” you said with a sour tone, but you had a smirk on your face. Chiron tilted his head and lifted the corner of his mouth, revealing a little bit of the gold over his teeth.

“My bad, Chef Ramsey!” he said.

You chuckled, and attended to your food. “Get on out my kitchen, boy.” He stared at you with that boyish smirk still painted on his face, but you did not return the look. He kissed you on the cheek, then walked out of the kitchen.

At about six o'clock, you started putting food on your china dishes–garlic butter salmon, crab cakes with homemade aioli, roasted red potatoes, and fresh green beans. You placed the plates on the table with wine glasses and silverware wrapped in napkins–no plastic to be seen tonight. As a finishing touch, you lit a white taper candle in the center of the table, and brought your Bluetooth speakers into the kitchen to play some Miguel from your phone.

“Dinner’s ready!” you shouted, as your poured wine into his glass, and reapplied the cork. You sat the bottle on the counter when Chiron sauntered in with a big smile. 

“Have a seat,” you said.

Chiron sat down in his chair and examined the spread with happier eyes. You leaned down, kissed him on the cheek, then sat across from him. The two of you ate, but you barely talked–Chiron was destroying his plate. And you couldn’t lie to yourself–you were, too. Chiron finished off his crab cake and nodded. Then he looked up at you.

"You been holdin’ back on me,” he said. You laughed.

“Just some light work.”

Chiron scoffed and laughed. “Okay…”

“Thank you for the compliment, babe,” you responded with a sweet smile. “I just never have time to cook like this. Or no one to cook like this for…”

Chiron’s eyes tightened. He looked down to hide his smile, then picked up a potato with his fork. He nodded again.

“This might be the best meal I’ve ever had in a long time…a very long time…”

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I Want You


Summary: Let’s just say … counting has never been so much fun.

Author’s Note: Hey guysssss! Here is a little one-shot I wrote for my good sis @l-auteuse ! Let’s get smutty, shall we? Please leave a comment for ya girl! I love you guys! And just know, I’m terrified right now! 

You’re watching him as he’s watching you. His nostrils slightly flaring every so often. His fingers are interlocked as he steadily twiddles his thumbs. Sitting roughly two feet away from him felt as if it were miles. The distance is killing you. Killing him. You let your hands graze dark wooden dining table while cocking your head to the side. You sighed deeply as a small smirk crept across your lips. 

“Don’t do that. Trust me, you don’t want to do that,” he says before licking his lips leaning forward. 

“What have I done?” you say while blinking your lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m curious Trevante.” you continued while twirling a random curl around your finger.

“I will break you, wreck you, and put you back together again. I’m not touching you until you beg. And you will beg.” he says oozing complete dominance. 

“All of that? Just for smiling?” you replied sarcastically.

You admired his rich, beautiful midnight skin that shimmered under the dim lighting. His broad, muscular shoulders - you were convinced there wasn’t a part of him that wasn’t precisely chiseled. Every inch of him was appealing to your eyes. His disposition was somewhere between cocky and confident and his aura was heavy. His eyes held a detrimental amount of darkness and mystery. Those dark brown eyes lingered on you. Adoring your soft features - plush full pink lips, perfect round breasts, and those eyes. God, he loved your eyes. He loved how you were looking at him with them. They held curiosity with a mix of innocence. 

“I’m not one to beg,” you said while slowly crossing your legs.

“You will be.” he quickly interjected.

Tre leaned back in his seat nonchalantly. He rose his right hand and held it at eye level. He looked at his hand and then back at you.

 “I’m going to start counting now. I’ll let you choose your fate.” he reasoned.

“I’m listening,” you said now leaning forward. 

“All I’m saying is, If I were you, I wouldn’t let me get to one.” he chuckled.

“I’m intrigued, dare I say enticed?” you replied.

“Hmm, is that so? Five,” he said while standing and undoing his light blue tie.

“Shit,” you muttered.

“Four,” he said while removing his grey suit jacket with a knowing smirk.

Standing now, you grabbed the candle that was in the middle of the dining table. You walked towards him slowly watching him teasingly unbutton his white collard shirt.

You’re now standing right in front of him. Your breathing slows as your heartbeat quickens. You run your fingers over his abs while biting your lip.

“I want you,” you whispered.

“Then beg for me,” he said while caressing your cheek.

“Three.” he continued while kissing your forehead.

“Please?” you begged.

“Please?” he repeated as if he was in shock.

“Say it again,” he demanded as he takes the candle out of your hand.

“I said, please,” you repeated while wrapping your hands over Trevante’s as he continued to hold the candle. You blew out the flame sensually and smiled at him.

Tre slipped his hand under your black pencil skirt letting his fingertips tickle your skin. He explored your inner thighs creating small circles on them teasing you with no remorse. You closed your eyes the moment you felt his finger press against your clit. You gasped before releasing a whimper. Eyes still closed, you felt his lips press against yours passionately. Tongues both fighting for dominance of the ever-deepening kiss.

“Take all that shit off. Except them heels. I love you in those heels.” he directed.

You nodded. After a brief moment, your clothes melted off of your body revealing your brown sugar melanin. The more Tre stared the more he wanted to taste you. This body was something that he wanted to frame amongst other things.

He placed sweet kisses on your shoulder that trailed up to your neck. Soon those kisses turned into lustful licks. Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from you. Now, he slowly pours the warm candle wax over your erect nipples. You hissed at the feeling and arched into him carelessly. Before you knew it, Tre’s fingers found their way into your slick entrance. 

“Make it sloppy. Make her talk to me,” he demanded.

You felt his fingers begin to move faster. 

“S-Shit. Shit.” you grabbed his arm trying to steady yourself so you wouldn’t buckle in your heels.

Trevante slowly removed his fingers from your wetness and sucked on them in front of you. 

“I would offer you a taste. But I’m selfish like that,” he said. 

Before you could answer, he sat you gently on the table. Your eyes were dazed, glossy with potent lust. His needing lips pressed against your collarbone lightly grazing it with wet kisses and with each kiss, he moaned into your skin. 

“You love to fuck with me don’t you? Got me feening for you in the worst ways,” he said staring you in the eye. He laughed and pulled out his manhood stroking it slowly, sensually.

“Look how you got me,” he said. 

Your eyes trailed down from his eyes to his length. The needing. The wanting. You feel the desire grow in your center now turning into a pulsating throb.
The throb now imitating your heartbeat. This tortuous ache causing you to squirm and to wiggle. You looked at him as if he was your savior. Here to deliver you from the torment. Your hunger. With those innocent eyes that he loves dearly, you stare at him boldly while you carelessly, thoughtlessly rubbing your clit in slow steady motions trying to mimic his fingers from earlier. Suddenly, he moves your hand and slaps his dick on your clit earning a high pitch whimper from you.

“Count,” he demands.

“One,” you whisper breathlessly.

Another slap.

“T-Two.” you stutter.

“I didn’t hear that. Louder,” he demands

Two slaps now given.

“Two! Three!” you yell.

“Good girl,” he responds with much delight.

“Now get up and bend that ass over. I’m trying to see those red bottoms from another angle.” he continues.

Biting your lip, you stand upright. You sway from left to right seductively and turn away from him. You bend over slowly touching your toes while exhibiting the perfect arch.

“Damn.” Tre whispers.


You wake up immediately hearing your phone ring incessantly. You look around your bedroom confused. Looking to your right, you glance at the clock.

“It’s 2 motherfucking 30 in the morning. Who the fuck is calling me?” you yell out loud.

Completely annoyed, you reach for your phone and snatch it off of the charger. 

“This shit better be good. This nigga was just about to pound my shit,” you say while unlocking your phone. You noticed that you had 2 missed calls from Trevante, your coworker of two years, and one unread text from him.

Tre: I can’t stop thinking about you, De.

De: What are you saying?

Tre: I want you.

You smiled at your phone and thought to yourself.

“I guess dreams do come true.”


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Note: I am so happy to be back writing. post-grad depression is real and I believe I have finally gotten over the hump in my life and I am back to business. I know I left a huge cliff-hanger with Cashier Girl so I am not promising anything other than me working on it. I don’t want to promise an update that may not come anytime soon but know that I am working on the last part. 

I’m working on other stuff to put out, small things. I don’t think I can do another series with this job I have (55 hours a week… please send help lmao) but once I find another job, we shall see. I have so many ideas, I can’t wait for you guys to see them!

Thanks for reading, xoxo!


Y/N stood staring and biting her nails as she watched the scene in front of her. She worked as an assistant to the director so she was able to see all the action up close and personal, including him. Him, being the Trevante Rhodes, the sexiest man alive in her eyes. She’s been working on this set for about 6 months now and she has yet to speak one word to him. The voices in her head tell her that a guy like that will never go for a girl like her, a shy girl from Mississippi, who loved watching anime while eating ramen, authentic ramen of course. So for 6 months, she has done a great job of avoiding having any conversation with him or anyone for that matter. Most of the staff thought she was weird because they never met a black girl that likes anime over reality tv, whatever.

“He’s fantastic, isn’t he Y/N?” She heard her boss ask her. She looked over to see her boss still staring that the screen. Currently, they were acting out the scene in which the female lead was attempting to break out with Trevante and leave his home but he was confessing his love for her. Y/N thought she would pass out but she pulled herself together answer her boss. “Yes ma’am, he’s a great actor.” She replied. “Y/N, please stop calling me ma’am, you’re making me feel old and we are almost the same age.” She laughed. “Sorry Heather, I keep forgetting.” She apologized. “It’s fine love. We’re about to wrap up here. Can you do me a favor and make sure that the caters have set up? It’s almost lunch and I think we could all use a little snack right about now.” She nodded and mumbled a sure before walking off to check the tables to ensure all the food was properly set up.

“Well if it isn’t Y/N. I haven’t seen you in a couple weeks girl.” She heard someone call out to her. She turned around to find Marla, one of the food workers talking to her. “Hey Mar, it’s been hectic around here. I haven’t been ducking you, I promise.” She replied, going up to hug her. “I know, I know. I miss our talks. You’re the only one around here that doesn’t have a stick up their ass and think they’re better than everyone else.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully as she eyed the box in Marla’s hand. “What’s up with the glittery box?” She questioned. Marla gave her a devious smile before placing the box in her hand. “It’s for you pretty girl. One of us had to remember your birthday.” She smiled and graciously took the box. “Thanks Mar, I appreciate it.” “No problem, have you wished for the courage to talk to Mr. Sexy or are we still pretending that you don’t have a thing for him?” She asked. “Ha ha, very funny. It’s a simple crush and nothing else. What would a guy like that, want with a girl like me Mar? Look at all the beautiful women walking around this place!” “And you are one of them! Look, I gotta go serve food but we are not done with this conversation ma’am. And answer your damn phone when I call you!” She said running off to the other workers. Y/N looked down at her watch and saw it was lunch time and headed out to her favorite spot to devour whatever Mar put in this box for her.


“Is that how they are going to end this week’s episode?” She questioned as she finished the current episode of My Hero Academia on her tablet. She was in her happy place, sitting at the picnic table by the river, watching anime on her tablet and eating the delicious present Marla gave her, chocolate covered donuts and cupcakes that say happy birthday. She was about to load up another video when she heard a voice behind her. “I know, I know but I’m still working on this movie for another couple weeks. I promise I’ll be home when I can.” She froze because she recognized that voice all too well. She turned around to see the man himself standing feet away from her on his cellphone speaking to someone. She turned back around before he could notice her and started her next video. Not that he would notice her anyway, no one ever does.

She can still hear him on the phone through her earbuds and hears him end the call shortly. She hears him breathe heavy and footsteps approaching her. She keeps her eyes on the screen, not paying attention to the show and then feels a tap on her shoulder. She prays that it is someone else but turns around to find Mr. Rhodes literal feet away from her face. She pulls her earbud out as she notices that he is trying to speak.

“Hey, can I sit here? I don’t want to bother your little set up you got going on here.” He asked smiling so hard, she thought her thighs were going to break by the way she was clenching them. “Y-yeah. Go ahead.” She mumbled. He sat down beside her and watched the river flow. There was a comfortable silence between them before he spoke again, “You work for Heather right? I always see you beside her. “ “Yeah, I’m her assistant. I’ve worked for her for about 2 years now.” She replied. “That’s dope. I’ve seen you around and I always tried to start a conversation but you always seem nervous or anxious and I don’t want to bother you when you’re busy.” She paused her video and took out the other earbud. “You want to talk to me? R-really?” He turned on the bench to face her, “Yeah, you seem like a cool girl. I also heard you talking to Jordan one day about food and I heard you were from Mississippi and I was like ‘I gotta talk to her, she knows what good food is’’ He replied, making both of them laugh. She pushed her curly bangs out of her face before she grabbed another cupcake from the box. “Is it your birthday?” He asked. She nodded showing him the topper on the cupcake. “Yeah, I’m the big 26.” “Why are you at work?!? You should be celebrating with your family and friends!” He exclaimed. She put the treat down before looking out to the river. “My family is in Mississippi and I, uh, don’t have any friends. Most people think I’m weird or whatever so I keep to myself. Which is probably why I always look nervous or anxious when you see me.” There was a calm silence before he replied, “I don’t think you’re weird. Everyone has their own thing but that doesn’t make you weird for liking it. I think you’re pretty cool.” He replied. She looked over at him and saw him smiling at her, making her clench her thighs together again. She looked at the box and gave him a huge smile back,

“Would you like a donut?”

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Things are going good for Trevante and his fiancee Monica. They just bought a new home and are enjoying each other’s company. While at his new job, he meets Nia. A young beautiful woman who doesn’t have any kids or a partner. He’s smitten with her and harmless flirting turns into something more. With guilt and lust on his mind, things start to change as his feelings for Nia deepens.

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Get Well Soon (Trevante Rhodes One Shot)


PAIRING: Trevante Rhodes + Black!Reader

SUMMARY: He wanted some space. But after coming down with a bad cold, Trevante realizes he needs you close again.

WARNINGS: Language

A/N:  My first go at our favorite #GodivaDaddy! Based on an anonymous request.



“You have to drink it, Tre. It’ll work faster than the pills.” You poured a tiny dose of Robitussin into the plastic cup, squinting your eye to make sure the measurement was just right.

Trevante whined and pouted, tissue stuffed into both nostrils. “But it’s nasty!”

“And you’re sick!” You mocked. “You can’t taste it anyway.”

“Can’t you do a spoon full of sugar like Mary Poppins or something?”



“Open your damn mouth, Trevante!”

He did, reluctantly, and you poured the cough syrup straight down his throat, making sure he swallowed every drop. Contrary to what you said, he could still taste it and he stuck his tongue out just to let you know how terrible it actually was. You kissed him his warm forehead and laughed.

“Yeah, I love you, too.”

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Warnings: swearing, light (i can not stress this enough) very light smut. Like it’s so light, i don’t even know why i included it in the warnings.

“You’ll always be a part of me
I’m part of you indefinitely
Boy, don’t you know you can’t escape me?
Ooh, darling, ‘cause you’ll always be my baby” - Mariah Carey


Originally posted by haidaspicciare


When Trevante broke up with you, you didn’t react the way he expected you to. You didn’t get mad and cuss him out. You didn’t get sad and you didn’t cry, begging for him to reconsider. You did something he did not see coming at all.

You laughed.

Yes indeed you laughed. You laughed so hard in his beautiful, serious face. He began to fear that you were crazy and probably gonna say some cryptic shit along the lines of “if I can’t have you, no one can.” But you didn’t. He thought the laugh was out of sarcasm but he was wrong. You looked him dead in the eyes and spoke:

“Go ahead and leave. You’ll be back.”

At these words, Trevante was stunned. He’s been through enough break-ups to know they always end in tears and avoiding your ex as much as possible. How are you laughing? You must think this is a joke.

“This is not a joke, Y/N. I’m serious.”

“So am I, baby boy. You wanna leave…” You stepped aside, giving your now ex-boyfriend a good view of the front door. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out but please wipe your feet when you come back because you will come back.”

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With my forehead pressed against the wheel of my car, I took three big inhales each one for different unrelenting stresses.

Unwinding after my day made it easier to deal with going inside. Swiping up my phone I checked the time, knowing Daddy was probably waiting up for me.


Getting to all my courage, I finally got out of my car and went inside my home, my father being exactly where I expected.

“Where you been?” He asked looking just as worn as me, his body limp in his big green reclining chair.

“I told you, I had practice. ” I replied tiredly, dropping my keys into their porcelain pot.


“I already know what you’re going to say and my legs hurt. Can talk in the morning?” He stared momentarily before waving me off, making my shoulders slump in relief. Walking towards the stairs, he cleared his throat making me turn around.

“You not gon’ tell me good night?” Rolling my eyes with a tiny smile, I walked back over and placed a kiss to his cheek telling him I loved him. I walked down the stairs to the basement taking in my space.

Bouncing onto my bed I slid off my shoes my feet aching horribly. I  checked out the heels of my feet sighing at the bruises that lined them. Red and purple, red and purple as usual. I unscrewed the top off of my Vapo rub and swiped it onto my soles, letting it soothe my pain.

Flipping out my phone, I scrolled through it, pulling up some music for me to listen too.

SZA softly poured out of my speaker, Broken Clock’s hypnotic beat floating into my ears as I laid down fully, curling up in my covers.I turned my music up a bit, letting it relax me further. I was so sleepy but my eyes wouldn’t shut as I looked up at my ceiling tracing shapes with my eyes into my popcorn ceiling.

“I have to be in this next competition,” I told my coach, Simone. We either practiced early in the morning or late in the afternoon, to combat with both our schedules.

“What competition?”

“The one at the end of this month,” I said in a duh tone. “I know you know about it. ”

“And you know I’m going to be in it.” She stood still before speaking.

“Do you think you’re ready for it?”

“Of course I do!”

“Janelle, they not only judge off of skill but presentation and-” She started off looking everywhere else but at me and I tightened my jaw, my blood beginning to pump faster.

“I can get enough money for a decent costume.”

“Can you?”

“I don’t pay you to fucking degrade me, Simone.” I spoke angrily sitting down on the bench stretching the shoestrings of my skates, tying them up tight.

“You barely pay me at all.” I scoffed, snatching my guards off keeping my eyes on the other side of the stands.

“Then quit.” She sighed her eyes softening as she looked me over, sitting down next to me.

“You know you’ll have to tighten up.”

“I will!”

“So that triple axel will be together by then?”


Hours passed and everything stayed the same.

Even with all my trying, all my attempts-I kept falling.  Hitting that ice felt like I was hitting a knife and I was repeatedly getting up just to stab myself all over again.

After my seemingly 100th try, I skated back to the bleachers needing to sit down and breathe. I gripped my seat trying to force the lump in my throat all the way back down, biting back any tears that blurred my vision.

“And you think you’re ready.” She said smartly, making my stomach twist into more knots.

“I am!”

“But you can’t get this crucial part of you’re routine together and you wanna throw yourself into an even harder competition!”

“I can do it sometimes!”

“Sometimes isn’t guaranteed!”

“It’s enough for me to keep going!”

“You’re supposed to believe in me!”

“I’ll believe when you try harder.”

“All I fucking do is try!”

“Okay, Janelle.” She brushed her hair back from her forehead and I counted each wrinkle, trying to focus on something else other than my burning anger.

“I think we’re done for the day.”


“We’ll try again tomorrow.” She spoke, set in her words. I didn’t want to stop her because, at this point, I needed some space away from her.

It’s so fucking frustrating.

I keep failing and failing and failing, yet I’m always expected to get back on my feet unscathed and ready for more action. I’m not this resilient person I’m putting on to be and it’s becoming harder and harder each day to pretend I am.

Why can’t I get it right?

I sniffle softly, my throat becoming tighter and tighter as the minutes ticked on mocking me.

“You not getting on the ice, today, Icey?”

I look back at the deep soothing voice, matching it to a handsome face.

A really handsome face.

He was much taller than me and leaned against the railing of the steps, his hands stuffed into his jeans pockets. He was clearly freezing, goosebumps running up the side of his arm. I’d become used to the cold, so much it was like a second kind of blanket.

His skin was stark against all the white that surrounded us, a dark brown that reminded me of hot cocoa- the juxtaposition being a beautiful contrast.

“What’d you call me?”

“Icey. I don’t know your name, so I just made up a lil something.” He paused before licking his bottom lip. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t. What was your question?”

“Are you not going to get on the ice today?”

“I’m not feeling it right now.”

“Damn, I was hoping to watch you.” He sounded genuinely disappointed and I was a little shook, starting to chew on my bottom lip.

“You watch me all the time?”

“Not all the time-"He said quickly, kind of flustered, "I just like the way you move and the sounds- I guess you do your thing or whatever.” He finished off, studying my features sheepishly.

“I don’t know if you’re trying to be nice-”

“I’m being honest.” Chuckling, I couldn’t help but shake my head at him.

“Well, thank you for that. That’s the first compliment I’ve heard about my skating in years.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am.”

“If I could get out there and fucking hurl myself across a block of ice every day, everyone would see it and everyone would be respectin’ me and my talent.”

“You’re making it sound so insanely impossible.”

“Not everyone can do it. ” He paused again slickly starting to smirk. “Not everyone can do it the way you do.”

“Stop hyping me up, stranger.”

“Amir.” He said quickly, his name becoming locked into my head.

“Stop hyping me up then, Amir.”

“Well Stranger-”

“Janelle.” I said making him let out a breathy laugh.

“Well, Janelle- I’d love it if you tried again.”

“I don’t know.”

“I think your discrediting yourself too much. I know your coach yells at you about how you fuck up on this or mess up on that but- you still look breath-taking. Like a real-life figurine but with passion and grace.”

I blinked unsure of what to say or how to feel.  Standing up straight, I leaned on the rail and gave him a small smile.

“Okay, I’ll give it another go. Maybe your seeing something I don’t.”

I stretched to touch my toes then put my arms outward, my pose before I began.

Starting off slowly, I did an easy figure eight, looping in a circle.

I was in the air for a couple of seconds before landing on my feet, my arms in the air as I kept my balance. I couldn’t dwell long in my excitement as I launched into a toe loop, spinning the exact way I should.

His straight white teeth were on display as I stood still finished with my performance. He clapped loudly, whistling too as my own grin grew wide on my face.

“I knew you could do it!” He yelled, His support making my heart thump harder in my chest as I bounced up and down in place.

“I don’t know what you did but-”

“I didn’t do anything that was all you!”

He gave me another thumbs up from the door and then turns on his heels leaving me alone in the great big space.

I didn’t know what to think, or how to feel.

Well, I felt good- confident even.

I started to skate again doing the triple axel once more and I wish Simone was here to see it.

See that I could do it.

He made me think about why I loved skating so much, why I had to keep this dream alive.

When I was younger, I used to spend a lot of time at my Grandma’s house.

I didn’t realize at the time it was because my father was unstable and he struggled to make things better for our little family.

At GiGi’s house you could never expect but so many channels but on satellite, there was this one channel where figure skating was played regularly.

Little Janelle was captivated- it was the only thing that could keep me quiet because it was so beautiful and pristine. Princesses dancing on my screen, twirling on the ice in their gorgeous costumes and slicked up hair-dos.

None of these girls looked like me and I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to become someone

I expected my daddy to treat my dream as unrealistic but I didn’t expect him to be as dismissive of it as he was.

When you’re little you think that you can do anything and when you’re supported in that, you keep aiming for stars beyond your reach.

My dad never had that philosophy. Aim for easy goals makes failure and heartache, not an option, so life goes smoother and you feel more settled.

I told him I wanted to be an Ice Skater and he told me I could clean the ice. I’d have an even better chance of working at the concessions.

You can only teach what you know, so I couldn’t even be mad.

No matter what- I have to skate. I don’t know if we’ve all got our destiny determined for us before we’re born but I know that this one thing, I was always meant to do.

I know it’s just a stupid sport but it’s my passion and when you’re so passionate about something you’re willing to put your heart on the line consistently to see it through, you can’t just abandon it when shit hits the fan.

Even when I fuck up, it’s like I did it. I got a chance to fly even for seconds all on my own and when I come back down from my high still standing, it’s a rush I refuse to let go of. When I succeed it only gives me more reassurance to keep going, never stop because there’s a chance you’re going to make it and people are going to know your name.

So no matter the circumstances, I gotta push as far as this skating shit will take me.

Because its the closet thing to a dream, I’ve ever wanted to be real.


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Grown - Part 10

A/N: The date/non-date continues! Enjoy!

Luh Yall!




Every season has its turn

And by the end the lessons learned

Cause the reason falls on me

Golly, golly, golly

I never shoulda let me love you

Cause my love will never be enough to change

You made your bed but now I lay

Am I’m still bounded here because I stay

“So…why don’t you date?”

“Not to be generalizing but…Men ain’t shit,” Deaysha answers with the quickness. “A lot of times or the men I’ve dealt with more specifically, have been all about playing games, deceit and full of shit, and quite frankly I’m tired of men in general. My life is way less chaotic without them, so I chose to leave them where they were,” she continues.

“Is there a part of you, however small that still holds out for some better version in the future? Marriage or kids or just maybe a non-fuck up every once in a while?” He asks after taking a pause, listening to hear anything in what she says and what she doesn’t.

“That’s future Deaysha. She has those things and those thoughts. Husband, kids, beautiful house in the suburbs with no neighbors, just land around it,” she says looking off to the side with a brief smile for a fraction of a second before it was replaced with a neutral visage.

“Current Deaysha couldn’t give a fuck about a snot nose nigga or his seed. I have my own shit to do. Too much of me to think and care about whatever else. I refuse to let anybody break me again after I worked so hard to even get to this half bitter state that I am in. No one has the right to take that from me. And if that means, I live alone forever with cats and I’m super miserable and whatever, at least I will have a whole me and peace to show for it.“ She says, trying to relax her tightening jaw.

“I feel you on that. In my last relationship, I carried all the weight. One hundred percent of the entire weight of the relationship was on my back at all times. My pop would tell me all the time, you will wind up with a broken back, a broken heart, and a broken wallet if she never takes ownership in the relationship and God knows, if she hadn’t left my nut ass an hour before our wedding, I would’ve carried her and all of it for the rest of my life. I thought I did it right, took care of home, knew how to treat a lady, worked hard in my career, go to Church, know God and serve God, literally every single check mark and I never in a million years thought it would end like that,” he shares.

“Shit! Let me pour you some more wine cause you need it,” she says shaking her head and filling his glass up.

“I don’t discuss my last relationship because I refuse to acknowledge its existence and reality in my life, because just doing that takes me somewhere I never want to go again. BUT, in previous relationships in general, I never got what I wanted and shit was always stripped from me. I enter so full of fairy tales and whimsy and sappy shit, I turn train-wrecks into Prince Charming in my mind and vow to use the same determination I use in my career and apply it to relationships and it just doesn’t work that way. I can’t even listen to that side of my brain anymore! I’m just like sis, go get in the corner until I tell you to come back out! The world doesn’t deserve us sweetie,” she laughs taking another piece of bread and buttering it.

“I don’t want this to sound wrong or come off out of the way or anything but, fuck it, what about sex? Call me an old man but I’m not just wanting to share my energy like that anymore. You get taken from for so long, you start to keep all of you to yourself, so that it can never happen again, you know?” He says.

“Yeah, I’d rather have my peace of mind. No matter how good a dick is, it will never be worth that. Loneliness is a sacrifice I am willing to make in order to love, keep and uphold myself. No exceptions,” she says placing her glass back down, just as Charles approaches the table again. She rushes to look at the menu she hasn’t even touched yet, considering all this conversation.

“Are we ready or should I give you two a few more minutes?” Charles asks refilling the bread and butter just as it was about to run out.

“Hold up for a second, we might be good now,” Trevante says as he closes the menu with a wry smile.

“I haven’t even thought about looking at this and I’m already indecisive as is, I’m sorry but I’m definitely not ready,” she laughs, taking a sip of water to sober up a bit to quickly pick something, anything that looks good.

“Deaysha, do you want me to order for you? Not to be weird or anything, I just feel like I have a sense of your palette since the restaurant and drinks and things. I can take a stab at it, and you can cut me off if I’m completely off base. What do you say?” He says with matching smiles in his eyes as on his lips.

“Ummmm, I can’t say that anyone’s ever offered me that before. Either way it would take me several minutes so I guess you could give it a try,” she says with a nervous laugh, slowly raising her shoulders in a bit of shock with the gesture.

“Does the chef take off-the-menu requests?” He asks Charles, the wheels already spinning in his head.

“Yes he does, with any of the items listed on the menu, he can make them anyway you would prefer,” Charles says, excited for the break in monotony.

“For the lady, how about a half rack of lollipopped lamb chops with Moroccan barbecue sauce, a good sized pastilla for the table and Moroccan roasted carrots, with goat cheese, pistachios and raisins. Matter of fact, make that a full rack of lamb and all of that, enough for the table,” he says, the words gliding off his lips as if that wasn’t the most impressive and dare we say sexy thing Deaysha had seen in…forever. When she noticed her dropped jaw, she was sure to try and pick it up as quick as possible.

“I’ve worked here ten years and never heard anything as good as that ordered off the menu. I see why you married him!” Charles says to Deaysha as everyone laughs and he returns to the kitchen.

“Cheers to two years!” Deaysha says lifting her glass in a toast.

“Cheers Sweetheart,” Trevante says with a wink as he clinks the glasses together. Meanwhile Deaysha couldn’t ignore feeling the tiniest bit of something as he said those words.

“So, back to what we were saying. If you had your complete dream land, one where men don’t have that ain’t shit tendency, and things are all copasetic, what does that look like for you?” He asks with a smile as he drinks his lemon water.

“Am I such an enigma to you that you have to ask me all these questions?” She laughs, playfully rolling her eyes. “I honestly can’t even imagine such a world, like what does that even look like? Give me an example. What’s yours?” She says trying to be slick and deflect some of the attention off of her.

“Hmm, good reversal over there,” he laughs. “But I’d say, if I had it my way, I’d be married with 2 and a half kids by now,” he says.

“2 and a half? Okay Trevante! You marrying a Fertile Myrtle? Gonna have sis staying with child,” she cracks up at his unexpected admission.

“I’m an old man Deaysha, I’m not for the games. I do the same things over and over every day. The same routine, day in and day out. I’m ready for a switch up. That’s why I like hanging out with you when we do. I know I will have a good time, find out something about myself and you that I didn’t know before and just be able to be silly, with no judgment. That says a lot and it means something, you know?” He continues.

“I love how free you are to discuss these things. Maybe I’m in some kind of way immature or something but, I’m cringing with this whole thing. I’ve said a couple things and barely talked about anything but even remotely trying to let myself be free in that way to even dream of love again, fucking hurts and I don’t think I’m ready to deal with any of the hurt. I bottle it all up and only process the anger of it all, because that’s the easiest. Meanwhile, I’ve built the Great freakin’ Wall of China, all around me, this massive fortress that sometimes, even I can’t get through.

“Alright, forget everything, close your eyes and give me your hands,” he says, laying his hands on the middle of the table.

“Huh?” She looks at him trying to figure out what he is talking about.

“Just trust me. I want you to try something,” he says reassuringly. Looking around for a few seconds, she decides to give it a try, placing her hands in his and closing her eyes.

“You really got me out here doing all types of shit,” she utters as she gets ready for whatever it is he is about to say.

“Deep breath, two times. Inhale…Exhale…Inhale…Exhale. Now forget all the bad extra shit, where would Dream Deaysha be right now.” He says with his eyes not closed to make sure she wasn’t peeking.

“Oh that’s easy! I’d be living in Nice, the south of France, enjoying all the best bread and baking and food and travels. An apartment with a balcony, probably trying to see if my balcony neighbors were cute, flirting with them or something,” she says as he could see her joy in that moment, smiling deeply, happy for real. Broken from his trance of looking at her face by her squeezing his hands.

“What about you Mr. Rhodes? Where would you be?” She says. Closing his eyes, he pictures his dream life as well.

“Probably in France too actually, finished culinary school there but training under a multiple Michelin star restaurant chef, figuring out how to get one,” he says.

“Omg shut the front door! Are you serious?! You wanna be out here cheffin’ it up?! Food Network style! I’m hype!” She says opening her eyes and hitting his hands. “I’ve been watching cooking shows since I was little. At five, it was my dream job, until my mom told me, that and singing were too competitive! I love this dream for you! We gotta make it happen!” She says excitedly shaking his wrists.

“I love this enthusiasm!” He says sitting back and watching the wheels starting to turn in her head, her just as much as a problem solver as he was.

“Of fucking course! Why wouldn’t I be? This gone be our project, getting you to cheffin’ it up status! I love it! You already work at the restaurant, maybe they have an opening as a minor chef or something in the kitchen and you work up to the big major kitchen status. The food there is perfect and its creative and everything. AND you just made that whole meal out of thin air that we gonna have! AND you cooked that bomb ass gnocchi! Trevante you was made for this! “ she squeals excitedly.

“Uhh, about that, I have a secret to tell you,” he says, sitting up.

“What now?” She says, almost with a sigh, as he motions for her to come closer before whispering something in her ear. A moment later, she sits back in her seat, flabbergasted.

“You fuckin lyin!” She says shaking her head and crossing her arms.

“No bullshit. Honest to God,” he says with a smile, matching her demeanor.

“Are you kidding me?! How did I not know that? Am I that oblivious?” She asks.

“I don’t know. Everyone somehow guesses, but it was super refreshing that you didn’t,” he laughs at her annoyance.

“I’m getting a divorce, you lied to me,” she says shaking her head and crossing her arms again.

“Nooo, don’t be like that Short Stack!” He says trying to reach for her hand as she swats him away.

“We sat there talking the whole entire night and you ain’t say shit about owning no damn restaurant!” She says, smiling and shaking her head.

“I thought you knew! You really thought I was a bartender sending you all them free drinks? I would’ve been out of a job! And that time I just happened to leave when you came, as if my shift ended three hours before closing?” He asks, cracking up as her jaw drops.

“Boy, I thought you was finessing! I had zero idea and you never told me and bottom line, we getting a divorce on account of your dishonesty.” She says nonchalantly, shaking her head.

“Deaysha, come on now you know you love me,” he says still trying to uncross her arms as she doesn’t budge.

“Nope, I’m leaving. And I’m telling my main man Charles when he comes back.” She says, waving him off.

“Aww come on Babe, you can’t make it official like that by telling Charles. Let me make it right,” he says, pushing his chair back and standing up. Walking to her side of the table, he holds her in a big hug as she sits and starts kissing all over her cheek, saying, “You can’t leave me.”

“No! Stop it!” She giggles, feeling ticklish from all his kisses. “No! Forreal, people are starting to look at us!” She whispers, her sweet giggles, making him not really care what other people were doing.

“Not until you say you won’t leave me. Until then, you get all the kisses and all the tickles,” he says tickling her waist too, as her squirming away from his tickling hands, leads her closer to his rapidly moving lips. By now, a few of the nearby tables were laughing and pretending not to look at them.

“Stop it Trevante,” she says trying her best not to burst out laughing as she looks in his eyes.

“Uhn uhn. Say you won’t leave,” he says enjoying the taste of her skin on his lips and the feel of her in his arms a little too much to stop now.

“Okay! Okay! Fine! I won’t leave!” She says, peeking out of one eye to see if he would buy it. He kisses her one more time before returning to his seat. She couldn’t help but blush and avert her gaze for a couple minutes after that interaction. A former her would say, she actually felt butterflies. Tucking her hair behind her ear and looking up at him, she was glad as hell old her was no longer in charge.

Moments later Charles and a couple other servers bring the beautifully crafted meal to their table. The smell was utterly divine! Just as the wait staff were about to leave, she stops Charles.

“Charles, I have to tell you something. We’re getting a fake divorce,” she says laughing at Charles’ dramatic gasp and immediately looking at Trevante.

“Whatever it is, I know you have to fix it,” Charles says to Trevante.

“See he already knows it was you! Haha!” She sticks her tongue out at him as he shakes his head.

“We’ve been together this whole time and he didn’t tell me something about him and I’m mad now,” she says trying to make a straight face with her smile still poking out.

“I thought you knew!” He says. “I honestly did think she knew and it wasn’t a big deal. My bad Baby,” he admits. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t like those words coming from his mouth.

“If it’s worth anything, he seems sincere, but as always, I’m on the Lady’s side. Enjoy your dinner and make it up to her!” Charles says patting Trevante on the shoulder and winking at Deaysha behind his back.

“I will, after we leave, I got you Boo,” he says with a small smile that gets bigger and bigger the more he sees her pretty, teethy adorable smile from across the table. They eat themselves full as they catch up on things happened in the past week since they’d seen each other. Laughing and talking and “fake” flirting, the time seemed to fly by. Getting a dessert to go and boxing up the rest they hadn’t eaten, they head to his car. Both finally seated and facing each other, they burst out laughing.

“This was really really great! I had such a great time.” She says, reclining her chair a little and shifting her body to face him.

“Me too. I really enjoyed myself,” he says matching her position.

“I kinda like being married to you. When you not lyin’ and all,” she says with a smile, resting her hand on his face, her thumb caressing his cheek.

“I really thought you knew honestly. You saw my house!” He says, still trying to figure out how she didn’t know.

“I thought you had an inheritance or something! I don’t know your life!” She says sucking her teeth before curling her lips into a smile, as he places her hand back on his face.

“No more secrets,” she says softly, playing with his face, lifting his eyelids and opening and closing his nose.

“None?” He says giving her the oh really look when she still hadn’t really told him a straight answer to his non-dating question.

“Okay, maybe some, but not like that. Pinky promise?” She says holding out her pinky.

“Promise,” he says wrapping his pinky and kissing his hand, sealing the deal, as she does the same. Sitting back in their seats as the sounds of Neosoul plays on the radio, sleepiness falls over them. Deaysha being the first one to let out a snore before waking her self up with a smile on her face.

“It’s getting late, little mama. You want me to take you home?” He asks, his groggy voice, coming on that fast.

“No, not yet,” she says while yawning.

“Where do you want to go?” He asks.

“Hmmm, the 24 hour CVS on 4th,” she says, cheesing, something clearly up her sleeve but he wasn’t gonna do anything to mess it up. Driving to the CVS, he pulls up outside of the door so she could get out.

“No, park! We’re both going in,” she says as he tries to figure out what she is up to. As soon as they get in the store, she tells him to close his eyes.

“I’m taking you to your surprise,” she smiles, adorably showing all her teeth. How could he ever say no to that? He closes his eyes and he is shocked to feel her holding his hand and interlocking their fingers together. So shocked he almost opened one eye but he knew she was watching so he didn’t.

“Okay open!” She says as he opens his eyes to the candy aisle, seeing all their childhood favorites in one place.

“In celebration of our anniversary, I wanted ti take a trip down memory lane and buy all the good stuff, starting with the Ring Pop! Pick your flavor!” She says excitedly. They stick up on all the nostalgic snacks, Baby bottle Pop, Gushers, Fruit by the foot, Fruit roll up, Hubba Bubba Max, Pixie stix, the works. He finds a spot by the river and they sit in his truck trunk, looking at the full moon, deep diving in their dessert from the restaurant and their new snacks.

After a little bit, he looks at her, her being, distracting him from all else, even the moon.

“Come here,” he says hesitantly, truly bot sure what he would do if she did.

“No, just because its a full moon and we’re married and all, I’m not kissing you Trevante.” She says as a matter of fact, not even looking up.

“Who said anything about kissing? Come here girl,” he says with a smirk.

“No!” She says smiling, still not looking at him.

“We’re only a few inches away anyway, bring yourself over here,” he says, a little more insistent.

“Fine! If you try something, Imma sock you!” She says, getting her bag of goodies and scooting over. Sitting all the way back, he motions for her to turn around and sit between his legs, ultimately cuddling her again as they look at their perfect view of the moon.

“This really is your favorite thing to do,” she says, lightly laughing, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of his warmth around her.

“You already know,” he smiles, holding her a little tighter. “I really like being married to you. Its kinda fun.” He says nuzzled against her neck.

“I like being married to me too,” she says, her giggles turning into full blown laughing as she looks at his side-eye.

“No but for real, you make a good fake husband. Even I can’t deny that,” she says placing her hands on top of his, as they wrap around her waist.

“What if we real life eloped?” He says after a few minutes of silence.

“Commitment, for a girl who doesn’t even want to date? Wow, this free dessert thing is going a super long way,” she says.

“Okay okay, say in some years, if we’re still solo dolo, we elope and go to France and live our best lives,” he says. She turns around to face him with a huge smile.

“You had me at France!” She says before turning back around. “But actually, if I ever wanted to real life elope, I would hit you up. It seems you would make it fun. And now you taking me to France for all my dreams to come true, consider it a deal, my kind Sir,” she says shaking his hand.

After they finish all their snacks, he takes her home. Laughing and giggling as they walk up to her apartment, once they get to the door, they smile at each other before embracing in a tight hug. Slowly planting a kiss on her cheek, for the first time in s long time, she so desperately wanted to turn the few inches to make it a real one. After they let go, she pulls him into another bear hug again.

“Thank You…for everything,” she says, holding him so tight, she was almost up on her tippy toes. His hands, resting on her lower back, made her grip a little tighter.

“No. Thank you for dragging me out of bed. This was one for the books, my dear,” he says, easily letting her go.

“Have a good night,” she says turning around to look at him as she turns the knob of her door.

“You too. Good night,” he says with that charismatic wink and a smile.

The second she gets in, she plops on her couch, looking up at the ceiling.

“Lord, this cant happen. I’m not prepared. I can’t like him,” she prays aloud. In the same breath, she gets a text from him. It’s a picture of a beach at sunset and it says, “Our forever dream home. Goodnight Wife.”

Fake crying, she clutches the phone to her chest. It might just be too late.


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