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Mini fic: Trevor and Hector + Let your Father show you how to DANCE.

send me a mini fic request // accepting

Whatever it is that Trevor is doing - he calls it dancing, but Hector’s seen dancing before and he’s fairly certain this is not it - Hector quickly decides he wants no part of it. 

“I don’t dance,” he says, and backs away from his father’s attempt to drag him into the bizarre display of flailing limbs and thrusting hips. 

Trevor’s persists, and Hector soon grabs for one intrusive hand. “And you won’t be dancing for much longer if you keep this up.” 

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Okay okay okay. Mini fic request: Trevor and Hector. "Aren't you glad to see your beloved Papa?"

send me a mini fic request // accepting

Trevor’s there, arms outstretched and beaming, indescribably present and attempting to reconnect. 

The sight of him makes Hector’s lip curl, and he does nothing to hide his sneer.

“Not particularly.” 

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And these very old photos are of my close grade school friend, his name is Trevor Jordan. He was hit by a car and died in 2006. He was thirteen, I was twelve, Em was eleven, we all went to Gardner.

He and Em kind of had an ongoing thing while Taylor and I were together, but we were all so young it was mostly just playground flirting. He was more into me, and we were close, but I was so wrapped up in whatever Taylor wanted that I really didn’t realize that until I was older. Looking back on our friendship is one of few things that still makes me genuinely sad.

I brought him up one time in my past relationship, and it was veiled in half-truth and vague details because it wasn’t something I was ready to talk about.

The summer after he died is when Em drank bleach at her birthday party, sometimes I wonder if his death had any effect on her drug abuse and ultimately her death, but that’s just speculation. No one could know for sure.

Lucky for me, Taylor said it was very uncool to do drugs, which I why I was straightedge until I had my first drink at 21. He also made fun of the music I liked and told me he’d only keep dating me if I wore black, painted my nails black, and cut myself. But ya know, at least I didn’t do drugs. One positive effect he had on me.

Honestly, in my adult life, any time I would self harm, I’d get the feeling of being in my bathroom in our house in Gardner. If I turned out the light and closed my eyes, I could swear I was there. I could even hear the crickets outside and smell the fields if I tried hard enough. Everything would get quiet and it would make me feel calm. That’s where my mind goes.

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A/n: Trevor is my favorite… so enjoy ;) Also as I’m writing and looking at the other a-z I’ve written. I can see I missed a few letters in some of them lmao.



Originally posted by lauleemc


  • Trevor is a tad bit indolent with his aftercare. He likes to lay there with his partner, usually behind them or on his side. Just so he can plant soft kisses on your back and shoulders. He’s one to wrap his arms around you and hold you close to his broad chest.

Body Part

  • For himself, I can see Trevor liking his hands and forearms. His hands are strong and warm, they’re what keep you safe from harm. He also knows he has an angular jaw. He likes when you trace your fingers along his chin and jawline.
  • On his s/o, Trevor can’t seem to choose because he likes everything. Relishing the fact that he has you naked and in his hands. But, I suppose if he had to pick it would be your thighs. He loves to squeeze them, bite them and lay his head in your lap. His stubble tickles when he’s in between them.


  • It’s very thick and hard to swallow at first, it’s not very sticky but don’t let it dry cause it’ll be a bitch to try and get out later. Fucking cements over lmao. Despite that it surprisingly tastes great and it isn’t very salty. He says it the beer and ale he drinks that makes it tastes so…intoxicating.

Dirty Secret

  • In his younger days whilst traveling around, he would often drink himself into a coma just to get to sleep at night. He does it less now that he has the company of Sypha. But one night while staying in an inn he saw this servant girl working down in the tavern. As the night went on, Trevor would catch her stealing suggestive glances his way. Trevor tried to ignore it but he couldn’t, it had been ages since his last lay and he was definitely aching for the touch of a woman. So, that night he invited her to his room. He had every intent on fucking her filthy but…didn’t? Or rather he couldn’t, not the way he intended. She had brought him a complimentary tankard of ale. She drugged him, tied him up to the bed post and had her way with him. In the midst of the haze that was inflicted on him he could see through cloudy vision that she was robbing him. She took everything. The next morning he woke up still tied down and with an intense headache. He had to call for help, it was extremely embarrassing and when he was asked what happened he didn’t say. It’s a dirty little secret he’s taking to the grave. He actually saw the girl again but didn’t have the heart to go confront her about it.


  • He’s got it under his belt, he’s not a horn dog but he’s slept around enough to know what he’s doing. How to do it right, how to do it even better. As well as knowing what he likes and what turns him on. Surely there will never be disappointment when sleeping with Trevor. Unless he’s completely wasted.

Favorite Position

  • Kneeling missionary, he likes hovering over you. Your back on the ground while he’s thrusting into you at an angle that’s extremely difficult to not let drive you mad. He likes looking at your face, he likes seeing your chest heave and your lips parted. It makes him hard and his thrusts harder. He also likes it when you’re on top riding him, he likes it playful and a bit rough so do whatever you want to him.


  • It’s not overly silly with him but you can’t have sex with Trevor and not laugh. He likes to joke about how flustered he makes his you. This man is so much fun, but when the night calls for passion. He makes you giggle a little less and moan and whimper a lot more.


  • He’s mildly hairy at best. He’s got a happy trail but surprisingly very little chest hair. I’m not gonna lie you might catch a pube going down on him lmao. Which will make him actually trim, but very little. He likes having quite a bit of hair down there.


  • He can be very intimate, it won’t ever be awkward with him. He makes sure you’re comfortable and let you know that he adores you when his words aren’t enough. Trevor is likely very sensual too, so it’s not always about an orgasm with him.


  • He does it, not very often he’s usually good at holding it off while he’s traveling. It doesn’t resonate when he has to climb through shit pipes and fight drunks at taverns who have a personal vendetta against his family. But, when he’s finally relaxed and not dealing with any imminent stress or danger it sets in. He can’t ignore it once he starts think about it and it tends to help him feel better.


  • Trevor likes bondage, has an oral fixation when it comes to his partner. He loves their lips and mouth. Suck/lick on his fingers playfully or do the same to yours and he’ll just stare. He doesn’t fancy hurting his partner but he will choke playfully. He also likes to Roleplay, I could see him being into fucking you dressed up as a nun. His dirty talk is better than anyone else’s too, it’s probably bc he swears a lot.


  • Back of the wagon, anywhere you’ll be covered and undisturbed. He doesn’t mind getting caught but he doesn’t want to have a too high risk of it happening. Mainly because he wants to finish what he’s started with you and because he likes being thorough with his fucking. He doesn’t care if people hear though lmao.


  • When he’s relaxed and is able to let his guard down without any fear of something crazy or outlandish happening he will fuck as much as you want and may even ask for it on his own. His libido is medium to high depending on the day. During the winter it’s much higher for some reason? Maybe it’s the need to keep a regular body temperature.


  • Nothing insanely public, he won’t do anything they involves a risk of life endangerment. Like fucking in the middle of the night outside in the forest where night creatures run amuck. Sex is supposed to be fun, adventurous and experimental. No excess adrenaline pls, be gets enough of that already. Other than that he’ll probably do whatever you ask for.


  • A receiver however he can give, he’s good if he’s walked through it; a bit messy but still decent. He can definitely make your toes curl a few times if he’s really into it. But, nothing beats him seeing his your lips wrapped around his dick. It’s thick too, so if you can take the whole thing then he’ll blank out. He loves how it makes him weak in the knees and writhe a bit when he’s sitting. Trevor will gladly face fuck you. If you swallow he’ll do anything you want I swear lmao.


  • Given Trevor’s size, he has to go slow. He doesn’t want to hurt you, he wants to make you feel good. His pace quickens the more adjusted you become. His thrusts are deep and extremely filling, there’s no part of you that will be left untouched and stretched out.


  • Yeah he’s down, definitely down to fuck. All you need to do in those small moments of relaxation and peace that you both share together while on the road traveling, is to ask. He’s down to have you to himself during these moments and they’re surprisingly sensual and intimate.


  • Not into it, I mean he might fuck in risky places but he definitely prefers not to. He’s always on edge and needs to relax and if he wants to really enjoy the time he has with you, he wants to do it risk free.


  • If he rushes, two-three rounds with a 10 minute refractory period. If he takes his time, about 4-6 rounds and that is not counting when the sun comes up. One round lasts between 35 minutes to two hours with him, maybe three if y’all are getting kinky.


  • I don’t believe he owns any ‘toys’ with the exception of his whip. He won’t hit you with it lmao but he will tie you up with it.


  • He’s got girth, 4in inches thick he’s a bit above average in length aground 7.5in maybe 8in. He as a prominent vein going up the underside of his shaft to the base of his head. It would be wise to listen to him when he says take your time.


  • His yearning is about average, possibly above average with his s/o constantly around. The Belmont has an unbelievable amount of self control, except when he’s drunk lmao.


  • He has trouble sleeping when he’s alone but, after the act and when he’s with you cuddled up in bed he’ll KO and will happily sleep through the night. Though there are times when he’ll wake up during the night and his movements will stir you. Just hold him close and tell him it’ll be okay and he’ll go back to sleep!
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who ship trevor x allen here?

i do now XD i think its adorable.  poor nervous boy and his chill stoner BF. trevor could help him learn to take it easy and unwind a little. 

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What do you think would be Trevor and Helen’s most common sex position?

i say cowgirl cause helen could use her wings to lift her up and bring her down. so she could REALLY ride trevors dick (or dicks since many reptiles have 2 penis) 

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Allen or Helen stealing Trevor's signature beanie which leads to Trevor chasing after them and ends with both of them making out after he caught 'em.

oh i love it. they take his hat as a joke and trevor chases em and when he catches them it somehow leads to making out and maybe more

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If Razzle and Allen went on a date, I imagine that Trudy and Trevor are hiding in some nearby bushes giving Allen thumbs up while Wilde's holding up a sign poorly written that says "you can do this! Duck her fude!"

wilde being supportive is adorable, there trying there best XD 

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