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#trevor collins

A collection of emotes that I hope Trevor considers when he can add them to his twitch channel.

- turtle boat

- singing into a microphone with the speech bubble saying “yeah!”

- Barbara or at least a yellow heart that fits the artstyle

- dusk representation

- if Barbara starts streaming I hope they have a matching one that makes a joint picture

- the generic raid, hype, victory, etc.

- “dancing finger” from him emoting in CoD cold war with the wiggling/dancing finger, with or without the “shh” or “eh eh eh”

- caught in a web (representative of red web but also losing in games, getting stuck in a part of a game, whatever)

- a camera on fire or a thermometer maxing out because of his overheating camera turning off

- moonball with whatever logo/sub badge he lands on (I don’t know the colours of the other AH members moonball emotes of the top of my head)

- I guess I pickle related thing? But I don’t agree that his twitch assets or community should be pickle related. He doesn’t like them, what a weird thing to latch onto?

I’m excited what jokes will come from his stream to expand this list.


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IT IS COMPLETED! Winter Shenanigans over at @officialah!

Seriously, thank you to AH. This year has been a fucking roller coaster of a shit show, both in our community and out of it. But the team (both main room and post team) have been fucking amazing. They’ve continued to produce stellar content and inspire me… I just can’t say thank you enough.

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Stoneblock 2 (part 6) @ 12:39
Lindsay: Hey Matt. If you're comfortable talking about it, what are some of the most scary nightmares you've had. Or wonderful dreams!
Trevor: Even if you're not comfortable with talking about it, let's just get in there.
Lindsay: Yeah, let it out there
Jeremy: OH! I dreamed last night I married Michael! No joke.
Lindsay: Oh, I'm Sorry -
Jeremy: No joke!
Lindsay: Hang on, what. No - Matt, I'm sorry, I really wanna hear your story, but now we're focusing on Jeremy.
Matt: You're good--
Lindsay: Matt, shut the FUCK up, Jeremy what'd you say?
Trevor (background): "Shut the FUCK UP, Matt."
Jeremy: I had a dream I married Michael! :) Yeah, I was married to -- in my dream, I was married to Michael, and like Iris and Luna were there, and I was like --
Jeremy: --"I don't know how to take care of kids!" Literally it got to the point where I went, "Why did I do this?? This isn't the life I wanted!"
Lindsay: [losing her mind]
Lindsay, on the verge of fake tears: Jeremy... Was he happy? ;-; Was he happier?
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For the fourth year in a row, we will be hosting Trevor Collins Appreciation Week!

As some of you know this has been a steady tradition since 2017 and this year we thought that it is especially important to show @thetrevorc our love and appreciation for him after such an eventful year.

Now the details of this year remain similar as to previous years, so let’s cut to the chase.
Trevor Collins Appreciation Week is a week-long event that is held from the 13th to the 19th of December. Since the title is so long, we track the tags #treycoweek and #trevor collins.
Our prompts list is as following below.

Please refer to our rules and guidelines before you post anything if you would like to be featured on this blog, or simply before you post with the tag.

Trevor Collins Appreciation Week Prompts List:

  • Dec 13 - Favorite Moment
  • Dec 14 - Favorite Quote
  • Dec 15 - Favorite Non AH Video
  • Dec 16 - AU Day (FAHC, Kings, etc)
  • Dec 17 - Favorite Team
  • Dec 18 - Why You Love Trevor
  • Dec 19 - Happy Birthday Treyco!
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so i’m back. i assumed you’ve all read trevor’s statement. i’m glad everything’s cleared up now. if you want a link and breakdown of it, check out @trevorcollins-appreciation-squad

i would have returned earlier but i had personal matters to attend to. anyways,

Trevor Collins Appreciation Week is happening again this year so do follow @treycoweek, I’ll be posting more about it in the next few days.

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