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#trey clover x reader
honey-milk-depresso · a day ago
tweel stan anon here :D
may i request a s/o who is like really childish and also loves to cling around trey, and the tweels (both the brothers in a story)
Hey Tweel Stan!! ^^ Here ya go!
Finally can start working on all the requests properly :')))
I'll do a separate one on twins individually and with the twins in the headcanon! ^^
TWST s/o who loves to childishly cling on them
Trey Clover
He's got his fair share of experiences dealing with the same kind of thing with his younger siblings.
He's carried so many of them who cling onto his arms like they're playing on a monkey bar.
Having to have the same thing from you; clinging onto his arms, engulfing him from the back as you wrap your legs and arm around his torso, or maybe coming in from the front and grabbing his hands to wrap them in front of him makes him softly chuckle.
You're like his younger siblings, how cute~
Trey smiles, his eyelids half lidded as he ruffles your hair when you face him in the front and cling to his torso, giggling and grinning so happily without a care in the world.
He snorts when you make funny faces like puffing up your cheeks or just something so weird that it just makes him crack up. He can't help it, you just look so cute.
Trey places a chaste kiss on your forehead, interlocking your locks in between his fingers as he smiles. He wouldn't trade you for the world. <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya? How cute~
You're like Floyd, so affectionately and physically clingy. Good times.
Like Trey, he's had his fair share of experiences with Floyd, Floyd being the clingy brother who whines about how early it is to start school.
Sometimes he feels you lazily cling onto his back and here you softly whine about how you want him to just go to bed with you instead of always having to work for so long. He needs a break after all!
Jade sighs, but has a warm smile plastered on his face. He simply shrugs, and lightly pat your head, his mismatched olive green and golden orbs softened at the sight when you looked up to him in your sleepy form.
You look so cute, it'll be such a waste if he didn't kiss your puffed up cheeks.
He lightly kisses them, but he teasingly licked it when he sees you almost falling asleep. The warm and wet sensation of his tongue lathered on your cheek startled you awake, whining and pouting about his "dirty little trick".
He chuckles, highly amused by your reaction as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
With a soft yet cheeky grin, he smiled. "I'm just teasing you, darling, no need to get worked up~"
Floyd Leech
Floyd is down for you being clingy and physically affectionate! That means plenty of hugs and squeezing you affectionately!
Floyd loves hugging you back whenever you tackle him and cling onto the front of his torso. He hugs you back, and coos about how cute your face is and just peppers it with kisses.
Floyd would squish your cheeks, hug you, squeeze a little, kiss you a lot, because your child like affection just drives some sort of urge in him to give you an enthusiastic return of gesture.
However, there are times Floyd would get moody,
sometimes he doesn't feel like he's in the mood for any cuddles from you, and maybe it may make you feel sad.
The best way to still cling to him is when he falls asleep, and you can sneak into his arms and rest beside him, slowly cling one arm on his torso or back and fall asleep, your head resting on his shoulders or arm.
He wakes up, still moody, and sees your cute sleeping face, you snuggling up against his arm makes him grin widely, and hugs you with both his arms tightly, and awakes you with an euphoric and airy look on his face.
"Ehehehe!~ Koebi chan you're so adorable!!~" Ah, such an love-struck eel~ <3
Oh my god..
This is the most adorable one yet. Jade and Floyd absolutely adore you!
Of course, Jade is the least clingiest out of the three of you, mostly witnessing you and Floyd having a daily cuddle fest almost anywhere when you guys meet.
But your innocent touches of affection never fails to make Jade melt for you, and hugs you lightly together with the already openly cuddly brother.
Sleeping with them, with you in the middle, clinging onto both their arms while smiling childishly at them..
aren't you being too adorable?
They hug you tighter in between them, pulling themselves closer to the centre of the bed, close to you.
Cling onto them everyday please, I swear to you, they'll never let you go when you three sleep and cuddle through the night. <3
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It's my first time doing something like this so it may have some mistakes 😅..
Warnings? Nope
•Short Y/N (around 150cm) [Has almost nothing to do with text, just some mentions of small height)
How would they react to their crush confessing to them?
You came to the Heartsabyul to help everyone prepare to the next unbirthday party. Ofcourse Riddle knew that you came, I mean how would he don't know? You're the one who told him that you will come lol. In the beggining only thing that you wanted to do is just to help your friends with preparing, but by the time you couldn't help the weird feeling inside you. You liked, no. Loved Riddle. A lot. But everytime you wanted to confess your feelings to him you chickened. So you thought to yourself:
"I think it's time to confess.... Today or tomorrow, will I get rejected or accepted, I just want him to know how I feel.....Well and maybe know if he feels the same way to me..>\\\\<..
So~ after you've done your job you went to your dorm to "check Grim". Riddle was upset that he didn't get the chance to talk to you. After some time, he went to his room, where he saw a letter.
"Could it be....A love letter?" - quietly hummed Riddle. He opened it and started to read it.
"Hey Riddle! Go to the rose mase, nearby the purple rose."
"What does this mean?" <– (Riddle said that)
He went to the rose mase, as the letter said. It took him quite a lot time, but he did found the purple rose. Nearby the purple rose he saw another letter.
"Yay you found me ^-^. Now go find another purple rose in the lounge u.u"
"What the-". Riddle had no words. Like that he went there, and there until he collected 7 purple roses. The last letter said this:
"Back to the rose mase~"
On a moment he thought it was a joke. He had to go back to the rose mase. He went there anyways lol.
After coming to the rose mase he found 2 purple roses, now he had 9 purple roses. Between them there was a letter that was saying "behind you"
He turned around, and saw Y/N. He was surprised because he wasn't expecting to see you before classes. He wanted to say hi, but you suddenly took both of his hands in your hands, and roses between you both. You said:
"Will you date me? Sorry for making you go everywhere, it's just was a game hehe~. I love you, do you feel same way?". Riddle blushed. I mean, ofcourse. It's not everyday your crush tells you that they love you. Ofcourse he accepted you ^-^
Ace and Deuce was kinda shocked to know that you two started dating.
Cater and Trey wasn't really surprised, they saw the way you look at each other, so they knew this could happen.
They all was happy for you two ^^
It was another "peaceful" day at Heartsabyul. Ace was messing with Riddle, Cater taking pictures for magicam, and Deuce working out with Jack. Nothing new. until–
💥B A M💥
The door slammed, and the person who did this came into the room. It was Y/N. Trey smiled when he saw your small figure. Riddle yelled:
Meanwhile Y/N just was looking like that:
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't understand why he was yelling at them for "breaking" door, even tho door is still here. All fine.
Trey just smiled and told Riddle to calm down.
"Hello Kawaii Chan, how you doing? Also why did you come here so suddenly, I thought you was trying to kill Crowley today". Trey heard Cater saying that and making his way to Y/N.
"Oh well, this bird of a headmaster flew away ;-;"
Y/N said that with unamused face.
"I'm doing good, how about you guys?". ~After some time~.
"Where are you going Trey senpai?"
"?! Oh, it's you :0". Y/N caught him off guard.
"I'm gonna bake some tarts, wanna join?".
"Yes". Y/N said that, while their eyes was sparkling.
By the time they was baking, Y/N turned to him with very serious face.
"Trey senpai..". Quietly asked Y/N.
"Hm?". Trey didn't understand this sudden change of mood, but he smiled anyways.
"I love you, do you like me back?.."
"?! I-" Yet again, Trey was caught off guard.
"Yes, yes I do. I do LOVE you back"
This time nobody was surprised when you two started dating.
They was happy for you two.
I'll make part 2 with Cater, Ace and Deuce
And the other dorms too, but yet again later
That's all I can do right now because I have exam month :')
Bye, hope you enjoyed >w<♡
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luvrbug · a month ago
Twst boy's Favorite places to kiss
(edit: i may be shadowbanned so pls comment if u see this in the tags thank u)
(a/n: sfw ofc ! i wanted to get some sort of content out, lest my blog completely whither and die)
Malleus likes to kiss your hands. He gets teased by Lilia for being so "old-fashioned".
Lilia prefers to kiss your nose. It makes you giggle, the cutest flush covering your cheeks.
Sebek is normally the one being kissed, but he's a cheek-kisser at heart. the type to text "can i kiss your cheek after school" and delete it 30 seconds later
Silver likes your shoulders, or anywhere near the shoulder-neck area. He'll wake up from napping against your shoulder, and press a sleepy kiss on your neck.
Leona's favorite pillow is your stomach, so obviously its his favorite place to kiss. If you're ticklish, i pray for you.
Ruggie likes to kiss directly between your eyebrows. It's a habit, to place a smooch there whenever he's passing by.
Jack is also a cheek kisser. He DOESN'T delete his text though. (even if his tail is between his legs while he waits for your awnser)
Azul is a temple kisser. Even when he's got a desk entirely full of paperwork, he still finds the time to give you a smooch.
Jade like to kiss your forehead. He's not really a fan of lip kisses, but his forehead kisses carry all of the words he'd ever need to say.
Floyd is an all over kisser. He doesn't have a favorite place on his beloved shrimpy; all of their body is equally kissable!
Idia is normally too embarrassed to kiss you, but he'll place a smooch on your eyelid while you sleep. (don't wake up, he'll die of embarrassment)
Vil doesn't care about smudging his lipstick when it comes to you. (he wears smudge proof anyway). He finds kissing your forehead to be soothing. A reminder that you'll always be there for him.
Rook claims to love all of your parts equally, but he pays special attention to kissing the inside of your wrists. The thrum of your pulse is soothing.
Epel is the type to ask for a hug after school. He does like to kiss your cheek, even if he does turn the colour of an apple.
Riddle isn't one for kisses in general, but he favours your lips.
Trey is also a forehead kisser, it plays into how parental he is. He'd absolutely melt if you did it back.
Cater likes your neck. It usually makes you giggle, and it just feels intimate to him. Cheek kisses are for posts, but his neck kisses show how much he cares.
Deuce would have a heart attack the moment he pressed his lips to you, but he really likes the space where your eye and nose connect.
Ace likes to kiss your stomach or any pulse point. He always wakes you up with stomach kisses.
Kalim likes to kiss everywhere! Can and Will pounce on you to smother you in kisses.
Jamil is reserved with PDA, but he loves to kiss your temple in public, and shoulders when its just you two
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wolken-himmel · 3 months ago
In which the five Heartslabyul boys turn into hedgehogs due to a certain catboy messing with their tea.
Now, (Y/n) has to take care of them while making sure to not accidentally step on one.
Idea by @rosebe3.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Helloo? Is someone here?"
The garden of Heartslabyul was eerily silent as you trudged inside, making sure to close the creaking gate behind you, lest some hedgehogs or flamingos manage to get out again. Your eyes drifted around the area, and you could feel confusion bubble up in your dry throat when you could find no one occupying the small table filled with all sorts of treats and cups for the by now cold tea kettle.
Cautious on your feet, you ventured closer with the intention to investigate the curious sight. Indeed, the kettle was already cold, and the cups were still half-way filled and the treats still untouched. In the middle of the table stood a pinkish flask with a sign attached to it, reading: Drink me! On second inspection, the tea cups seemed to have a strange pinkish tint to them aside from their usual deep brown.
You furrowed your eyebrows and put your hands on your hips.
"Hm... where is everyone? Aren't they supposed to have a tea party right now?" you whispered to yourself while once again gazing around the vast garden of the dorm. Between the bushes, you swore you could see small shadows dart from one hiding place to another, always staying hidden from your watchful eyes. Eventually, you just shrugged and exhaled in feigned disappointment. "Oh well... whatever— it's better this way..."
Even with no one watching you, you felt like a horrible criminal as you advanced towards one of the rose bushes and crouched down to run your fingers across the smooth petals of a rose still left white and unpainted. Innocently whistling to yourself, you got out a gardening scissor from the pocket of your blazer. "So— I need a couple of roses since Headmaster Crowley just gifted me a vase..." you muttered to no one in particular, still hesitant and nervous. "And... if no one vocally objects in the next five seconds, I'll take it as a 'yes' to me taking just a few roses!"
Your other free hand cupping your ear, you listened intently for a reply — and when you received none, you giggled in mischief and brought your undivided attention to the rose about to be plucked from its bush. "Well— I can't hear anyone, so it should be alright!" And indeed, nothing and no one tried to stop you as you tugged at the flower and brought the sharp blades of the scissor closer to the green stem. You didn't get much farther: A pain soon spread through your index finger. Screaming, you recoiled. "Ouch! What the—"
Upon further inspection, you soon found a hedgehog stuck to the tip of your index finger, his teeth ferociously clamped down onto your poor digit. A whine escaped your lips at the way you had landed on your bum rather ungracefully, but you had more important things to worry about — like the angry red hedgehog glued to your finger.
"A... hedgehog?" you whispered under your breath as you carefully wrapped a hand around the small creature, careful to not hurt yourself with his spikes, and gentle eased him off your finger. The little guy seemed to relent eventually and merely watched in contentedness as you sucked on your injured finger. Once that was taken care of, you turned to him to shoot him a furious glare. "Ugh, you didn't have to bite me..."
The small hedgehog's lips curled up into an innocent smile as he endured your glare without a trace of fear — on second inspection, he actually looked very amused. For moments, your (E/c) eyes bore into his grey ones, and you were able to sense something akin to familiarity in that gaze of his. And then, it dawned on you, causing you to gasp. "Wait. Those angry grey eyes..." you murmured as you raised the animal to your eyes. "You look exactly like Riddle! How hilarious!"
Your words caused the small animal to squeak loudly and thrash around with his small legs — so small that you could barely see them underneath his round body. It seemed like there was something he wanted to tell you; sadly, you were the worst in your animal language class, resulting in you furrowing your eyebrows in confusion and worry at the small guy's growing anger. Much to your surprise, a total of four hedgehogs — all coloured in different hues — shuffled out from under the rose bush in front of you and climbed onto your outstretched legs.
A small giggle escaped your lips when you lowered your angry friend to the grass, which made him whine in frustration, and took the opportunity to gaze at the five hedgehogs resting on your legs — some of them dozing off, and some of them looking up at you with large button-eyes.
"Woah, and you look like Trey!" you cried out while picking up the green and orange hedgehog, one having a clover and the other a diamond on his forehead. Giggles escaped your lips as you cuddled them close to you, and they seemed eager to be drowned in attention, too. By then, your voice was sweet and high, and you were pretty much babbling at this point. "—and you! You remind me of Cater."
Yet, your cuddling session with the two was short-lived since the green hedgehog wanted to be let down, so that he could console the angry red hedgehog. The orange hedgehog on the other hand wormed his way out of your arms and dove into your left blazer pocket where you kept your phone. It was only then that you noticed a blue and another orange hedgehog fighting by your feet — well, it was more like the blue one wanted to sleep while the orange hedgehog wanted nothing more than to prevent that.
They both let out squeals of surprise when you grabbed them with one hand each and plopped them down onto your thighs, smiling down at them widely. "Deuce and Ace have look-alikes, too?" you cooed as you ran your hand over their soft spikes, although the mischievous orange one sometimes snapped at your finger — be it in a playful way. Not paying the troublemaker any mind, you continued to coo at the five hedgehogs. "What a coincidence."
Yet, you soon stopped in your tracks once you took a closer look at those five peculiar hedgehogs that reminded you of your five Heartslabyul friends. Ace huffed and puffed in anger when you stopped stroking his little paws, but you ignored him and merely stared holes into the empty air. "Coincidence..." you muttered more to yourself that to them. Pursing your lips, you furrowed your eyebrows in suspicion. "What if this isn't a coincidence? What if you five are actually— oh, what am I thinking..."
Soon, you were back to your old giddy self when you simply couldn't resist anymore at the way the blue hedgehog tilted his head at you and looked up at you with wide and dumbfounded eyes. Letting out a wistful sigh, you swooped all five of them up into your arms and cuddled them close to you. "Aw, all of you are so adorable! I could cuddle you all day long!" Yet, your glee died down when you peered down at the red hedgehog, your eyes unforgiving. "As long as Mr. Angry doesn't bite me again..."
The red hedgehog huffed in a way that you couldn't figure out whether it was a playful or an offended one; but you took his pacifistic reaction as a good sign. One by one, all of them weasled their way out of your grasp — all but the green hedgehog who seemed content just staying in your arms. As you were busy cradling the calm animal in your arms, your gaze trailed off to the blue and red hedgehog fighting over that place inside your crossed legs.
The usually so calm blue hedgehog looked like he was about to scratch the other one's eyes out — and you were worried, truly. Sighing, you set the green hedgehog aside and pulled the quarreling blue and red ones aside before they could tear each other's throats out.
You giggled and shook your head in a chiding way. "Hm? Oh— Ace-hedgehog! Don't be so mean to Deuce-hedgehog!" you cooed, watching in amusement as they glared at each other and seemed to have their small arms crossed. They began hissing when you pulled them into a tight embrace, their faces pushed up against one another in your arms. "Come here, my babies~!"
The red and blue hedgehog seemed to have calmed down soon when you could sense the faint feeling of small claws scratching against your pants and the sound of scratching reaching your ears. You looked down to find that other red hedgehog that had bitten you earlier pawing at your clothes in an attempt to gain your attention. Luckily for you, whose hands were full, the green hedgehog soon came to your rescue and calmed down his red friend enough for him to cease his attempts of turning your clothes into scraps of fabric.
"Trey-hedgehog, you're doing such a good job at calming down Mr. Angry!" you cooed, and the red hedgehog immediately perked up in anger and began to growl at you. He would have attacked you if it weren't for the green hedgehog, whose head you now patted eagerly. "You're just as gentle as the real Trey is!"
The next distraction was the sudden sound of something colliding with the soft floor, followed by another gentle thud. You peeked down to find the orange hedgehog happily laying on your phone, doing a surprisingly good job at turning the device on and opening the camera application. Not attempting to stop him in the slightest, you simply watched the orange hedgehog — the blue and red one still in your arms — as he snapped pictures of himself while posing in multiple poses that made you swoon.
"Cater-hedgehog? Oh? How did you unlock my phone and activate the camera?" you cooed, giggling. "I see— you're just as photogenic as the real Cater is!"
The orange hedgehog seemed even more exhilarated upon hearing your words and continued snapping pictures at the speed of light. The blue and red one begrudgingly stopped fighting as they enjoyed that special place in your arms. The green hedgehog was still busy consoling his red friend before the latter would explode.
"Forget stealing roses—" you muttered to yourself with a silly smile on your lips. "I'm in hedgehog heaven..."
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drac0nia · a month ago
♡ 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐚𝐝
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❣︎ details ; what they do when you're mad.
❣︎ content ; various students x reader, fluff, no proofreading.
❣︎ notes ; this has been living in my mind so have my 'semi-break' brainrots, my friends.
Tumblr media
❥ They get really clingy.
— Cater, FLOYD, MALLEUS, Silver, & Neige.
❥ Apologises profusely because he's either scared or doesn't like you being mad.
— Deuce, Kalim, & IDIA
❥ Leaves you alone till' you've calm down and apologises afterwards.
— Riddle, Trey, Jack, Azul, Jamil, Vil, & Silver.
❥ Adds more flames to the fire by annoying you more.
— ACE, Floyd, JADE, Lilia, & Chenya.
❥ Suddenly your wish list has been fulfilled and everything you wanted to buy was at your dorm.
— KALIM & Malleus.
❥ Bribes you with your favourite snacks to forgive him.
— Heartslabuyl, RUGGIE, Azul, Epel, Idia, LILIA, & Chenya.
❥ Takes you on a date.
— Cater, Deuce, Jade, Azul, Kalim, ROOK, Silver, & NEIGE.
❥ Too stubborn/prideful to apologise so he ends up ignoring you too.
— Ace, LEONA, Floyd, Vil (maybe), & SEBEK.
❥ Brings you flowers or chocolates, thinking it would work and make you forgive him.
— Riddle, Deuce, Ruggie, Azul, EPEL, & Neige.
❥ Makes you nap with him because he thinks you're cranky cause' you're tired.
— LEONA, Jack, Silver, & Chenya.
Tumblr media
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I was wondering if i could maybe request the gn! S/o sitting in the rain to destress concept but with trey, rook, jack, jamil, and jade?
You can read headcanons for the same prompt (but with Riddle, Vil, Leona, Idia, and Malleus instead) here!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Imagine Trey’s surprise when, on his way home from a run to the Mystery Shop, he finds you sitting in the rain. He warns, “Hey now, you’re going to catch your death of cold out here,” then invites you to Heartslabyul. Trey promises to help find an alternative to destress--and so, you follow, shoulder to shoulder under his umbrella.
He lends you his room to dry off and change into a spare set of clothes. Trey’s T-shirt is too big for you, so it hangs off you like a dress... but at least the elastic band on his sweatpants makes it a comfy fit! You shuffle into the kitchen to let him know you’re done changing, only to be tossed an apron and told to come lend him a hand.
You work together to make a batch of sugar cookies! Trey gives you instructions for each step, and you carry them out diligently--save for kneading, which you quickly tire of. Trey comes up from behind you, and (with you stuck between him and the table), using his powerful forearms, demonstrates the proper technique.
While the dough is chilling in the fridge (and later baking in the oven), he wipes stray dustings of flour and sugar of you. With the clean up done, he brews you a cup of your favorite hot drink and settles with you in the lounge. A window is slightly cracked open, gracing you with the refreshing scent of rainfall and roses as you sip at your drink and share a warm conversation with Trey.
When the cookies are done, you mix up batches of colorful frosting, grab bags of candies and cannisters of sprinkles, and start decorating. You’re putting the finishing touches on a particularly elaborate “thank you” cookie for Trey when he suddenly hands you a cookie iced to resemble a rose covered in dew drops. A special surprise, just for you--a beam of light peaking out through the rain clouds.
Tumblr media
“Mon dieu! What have we here? You’re soaked to the bone, mon amour.” Rook cries out when he spots you in the rain, but it is not long before you notice his eyes adopt a glimmer of interest in what you’re up to. To your surprise, he closes his umbrella and strips off his rain coat, exposing himself to the elements.
Rook tugs you up from your seat, asking you to join him in enjoying the rain--he wants to be able to share this experience with you! You’ll chase one another through puddles, make grand splashes, and take turns spinning the umbrella around, watching in awe as droplets bounce off of it.
Ever the dreamer, Rook at some point bursts out into song. You don’t really understand the lyrics (they’re about as long and convoluted as his usual speeches are, with the occasional French), but you think it sounds beautiful anyway and attempt to come up with your own song, too. Why not? It’s fun~
By the time the rain clears up and the sun comes out, you’re both totally drenched. You can barely recognize Rook--he’s so soaked that the brim of his hat covers his face, and his golden hair forms a wet curtain that further obscures his features. Yet he laughs all the same, delighted to have spent this quality time with you.
Luckily for Rook, he has quite the resilient body, so the frolic in the rain doesn’t affect him later. You, on the other hand, catch a cold as a result. The huntsman catches wind of your predicament and like the man man that he is comes a-knocking at your bedroom window with a basket of treats and fresh wildflowers. What’s more, Rook insists that he’s not leaving your side until you’re healthy again!
Tumblr media
When Jack notices that you’ve gone missing, he immediately embarks on a quest to track you down without donning any rain gear of his own! The only problem is that the rainfall interferes with his keen sense of smell, so he ends up wandering for quite some time before finally stumbling across you. “So this is where you were. I was worried about you... but I guess you’re doing just fine.”
Jack’s relieved to have found you--but now that he has, his protective instincts are on overdrive! He tells you you’re coming with him indoors (no ifs, ands, or buts!), and he’ll personally haul you home on his back if he has to! What sort of a boyfriend would he be if he just left you alone and at the mercy of Mother Nature?
Not only does he help you home, but he also helps dry you off! Jack means well, but he’s a little gruff when he handles your grooming. Whenever he towels himself off, he does it vigorously to speed up the process of air-drying, resulting in a very fluffy head of hair and fur! Since he uses the same technique on you, your hair ends up all poofy and sticking up!
You’re still shivering from sitting in the rain, so Jack fetches you a blanket. Since you insist on sharing, you end up huddling under it together, your shared body heat trapped in the thick fabric. You snuggling up against Jack’s soft tail and ears, and the hard musculature of his body.
Likewise, Jack also gets to cuddle with you. While you may not have fur, there’s comfort to be found in your shape, your scent--which the rain had once washed away. His eyes begin to flutter, worn from worrying and hunting you down. Together, lulled by the sound of rainfall and heads leaning against one another, you and Jack drift off the dreamland.
Tumblr media
Jamil is not amused to find you without rain gear. Even after receiving your explanation, he seems exasperated and disapproving of how you relax. “Honestly... Of all the possible methods to relieve yourself of stress, you had to choose one of the most nonsensical ones... What will I do with you?”
He takes you by the wrist and drags you to Scarabia, where he runs a bath and commands you to hop in (while his eyes are averted, of course). Once you’re hidden among copious clouds of sweet-smelling bubbles and warm water, Jamil sets to work tending to your scalp and hair with various products that he personally uses. You barely recognize your own hair by the time he’s done with you--it’s so shiny and vibrant!
After the bath, you’re dressed in a fluffy bathrobe and seated on plush cushions while Jamil dices some fruit for you. While you munch away, he delicately dries your hair with a silk towel (meant to minimize split ends and hair breakage). 
Next up, body oil and body butter to moisturize and leave you smelling nice! Jamil applies them to your limbs and helps to massage the products in, even down to your cuticles. When that’s complete, he departs for the kitchen and returns a short while later with a cup of chai and a platter of food.
As he sets the meal before you, he confesses that it’s just something he quickly threw together, but that he’d rather have you not operating on an empty stomach, as that can lead to disastrous decision making (”like sitting in the rain for Great Seven knows how long,” he grumbles under his breath). You dig into your meal--and Jamil makes you promise that, the next time you feel stressed, you don’t go putting your health at risk again and just come to him instead!
Tumblr media
Jade appears before all decked out in camping gear. “Oya, do my eyes deceive me? What a coincidence it is, running to you here. I take it that you are partaking in your usual cleansing ritual.” He explains that the optimal time to hunt for mushrooms is after rainfall, so he has planned a mountain expedition. Jade then invites you to join him on his adventure (”A far superior and more productive use of your time, rather than sitting in the rain and catching something dreadful afterwards,” he insists.) And so, you take his hand.
The trek to the mountains is magical. The entire world looks mystical under a veil of rain, fat droplets rolling off of the leaves overhead and falling like fat crystals. While you’re busy drinking in all the sights, Jade locates a suitable camp site and sets up the tent. When it’s pitched, he allows you to go in first and use it as a station to dry off and change into a spare pair of (way too big for you) clothes.
Jade crawls in when you’re done and prepares a simple but tasty meal using a can opener, rations, and his magical pen. He even brews you some tea in a thermos using bottled water, dried leaves, and fire magic! Sitting cross legged, you share a cramped, cozy dinner together.
After dinner, you tuck away into a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, Jade only brought one with him, meaning you have to really squish up against one another to be reasonably warm. He chuckles as you struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position (and do your best to ignore his teasing). Eventually, you fall asleep to the steady rhythm of his heart and his hand supporting the small of your back.
The next morning, you rise bright and early for mushroom gathering! The world is coated in the aftermath of the rain, shiny the glow of sunshine. Reenergized, you roll your sleeves up and launch into a productive day of mushroom gathering--and when you turn in with your impressive haul, Jade has a thank you gift for your efforts: a pretty little flower, tucked behind your ear with a tender smile.
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undentifiedx · a month ago
Tumblr media
Accidentally sleeping with them
Summary: spending time with someone you love can be tiring sometimes, or you just enjoy it too much to notice time passing by and energy slowly leaving your body, with only sleep being the solution for it to go back. So, after that process with your significant other, how would they react to falling asleep with you and waking up to your sleeping face?
Includes: heartslabyul
Warnings: established relationship, fluff, physical touch, taking pictures of someone sleeping, drifts away from the title a little, lmk if I missed some.
Riddle Rosehearts
He really didn't mean to fall asleep, but what could he do? He was used to sleep early, but since there weren't classes the next day he decided that he could stay awake with you a bit more, which ended being a lot more. And now, all he can hear is birds singing outside, the wind blowing outside, your soft snores... Wait, what? As soon as he took notice about a different sound to what he was used to listen every morning, he quickly opened his eyes and took a look around, seeing you sleeping peacefully while holding his hands tightly. His cheeks flushed and he was ready to give you a lecture about falling asleep with him like that, but putted that aside as he decided that it would be better if he let you sleep a bit more. So he snuggled a little bit closer to you and closed his eyes, enjoying every last minute of this peaceful moment with you.
Trey Clover
Your boyfriend was teaching you how to bake some desserts because you had asked him, and who he was to say no to you? Now, you both needed to wait for an hour or so, and you were getting tired. Sitting on the counter by each other side, listening to the pouring rain outside and soft thunder, you couldn't help but feel a little drowsy. You leaned towards him, leaning your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes, slowly drifting off. He didn't move a muscle after he felt your weight on him, and subconsciously let out a soft smile, still careful not to fall asleep, as he needed to pay attention to the food. All that was in vain, for he decided to close his eyes for a bit, being obvious what happened next. You both jolted awake to the sound of the alarm he set up ringing. Trey quickly regained his senses and did what he was supposed to do, leaving you still recovering from the shock. He gave you an apologetic and tired smile as soon as he finished his thing, and stroked your now flushed cheeks. Maybe you both should take naps together more often.
Cater Diamond
Taking pictures was tiring, specially if you wanted to give the best of you in it. Making all kinds of poses you could think of and hoping that they would end up good. Cater always reassured you that you're beautiful and everything suits you. But he was your boyfriend, of course he would say that. You knew he was always honest with you, speaking the truth even if it wasn't what you wanted to hear, but doubt still kept plaguing your mind, and it tired you - a lot. The boy used to take pictures with you every day and you gave your best to please him and his fans on magicam, even if it wasn't really your thing. He dragged you to place to place, searching what scenario better suited the mood or weather that day, even if it was risky because of annoyed people nearby or weird creatures lurking around. That day he was being extra perfectionist and that made you both walk a lot more than you were used to. After you finished your little photo session and sat under a tree for a break, you went to lay your head on his shoulder but accidentally fell on his lap. Being too lazy to get up, you decided to just lay there, surely he wouldn't mind. Your then closed your eyes to take some rest but drifted to dreamland. Of course you didn't notice the surprised look on your boyfriend's eyes. He didn't think you'd trust your unconscious body to him, so it was quite a surprise. His gaze softened and he moved his hands to stroke your head, taking a few pictures of your sleeping face to save on his 'Y/N being cute' folder on his gallery. But don't worry, he's not posting it anywhere. He closed his eyes to sleep with you for a bit, because he was tired too. As he woke up, you still were sleeping, he took a moment to admire your face before giving you a forehead kiss and waiting for you to wake up. He surely was going to tease you for the rest of the day, but all in good fun.
Deuce Spade
During VDC auditions, everyone was doing their best to be picked, and so was your boyfriend and company. After a long session of practicing with scarabia boys + Ace and Grim, you both were exhausted, so you decided to all take a break. Deuce, being the gentleman he is, lifted you up bridal style and took you to a seat, leaving a grumpy Grim behind, who then was invited by Ace to pester someone. He sat next to you, maintaining a certain distance due to how sweaty both of you are. Cleaning your sweat a little with a handkerchief - and so did him - you took hold of his hand, resulting in a blushing and stammering Deuce. He was so tired that he didn't notice that he was slowly leaning towards you, and as soon as his head went to rest on yours, he fell asleep. Waking up probably hours later drowsy and confused, only noticing what happened after he saw the empty gymnasium and you sleeping beside him. Cursing under his breath, he went to wake you up, but decided not to as he saw your sleeping face, with a little drool leaving your mouth. Then he lifted you up again and carried you to your dorm, ignoring the ache in his muscles due to fatigue. You're more important.
Ace Trappola
Ace was a ball of energy. Possibly endless energy. Always up to something new and disastrous. But what could drain his energy the best was training on his basketball club. It was obvious that his performance was better if you were there, and boost his confidence, tiring him more. And today you weren't on the mood of dealing with trouble caused by him, so you went there. Sitting and only watching your boyfriend play weren't hard after all, right? All was going well, until the ball suddenly flew on your direction, knocking you out, all you remember was your boyfriend calling out your name and probably running towards you. You woke up with the scent of the infirmary filling your nostrils and a throbbing head ache. Slowly moving to look around, you see your boyfriend sleeping with arms crossed under his head on the bed you're laying in, still on his basketball club clothes, probably didn't even think about changing it because of you. Feeling a bit guilty for worrying him that much, you caressed his head and snuggled closer to him, falling asleep. He woke up in the middle of the night sore because of the position he was in, but quickly remembered the reason of it. Looking towards you, he saw your sleeping form next to him, with your hand next to his head, a different position than what you were in before he slept, so he assumed that you already had woke up and weren't dead. Yes, he thought you were dead. Relief was all he could feel as he let a soft and rare smile take over his lips mumbling a "don't you dare scare me like that again, Y/N. Or I'm breaking up with you", which of course wasn't serious. Your expression wasn't peaceful due to the head ache you had, so he took a few painkillers and left it near you with water on a table, in case you needed it in the morning. Crossing his arms on the bed again and resting his head on them, he took your hand and put it on his hair, slowly falling asleep again, you always occupying his mind.
Tumblr media
A/N: If you guys want, I can do other dorms too! Don't be shy, send me requests :) feel free to fill my inbox, but know that I'm picky. I accept Twisted Wonderland and Genshin Impact requests, but maybe others if I'm feeling like it. I'll post anything here depending on what I'm feeling like. Nothing NSFW, only gn or fem reader, no poly relationships or aus, and I guess that's all.
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rainy-day-coffee · 3 months ago
may i request hcs for the vice dorm leaders (minus ortho-) with a crush who just constantly drowns them with compliments and praise and is just overall super supportive! also small lil note: your writing is so sweet! i always get excited when you post! :D
Thank you so much!! That is very nice of you to say! I hope I can continue to make more things you enjoy!
Also, I apologize for the long wait!
Vice dorm leaders with a supportive crush
Tumblr media
Trey’s usually on the giving end of the support stick, not the receiving end. Your kind nature flusters him greatly, though he tries his best to now let it show. The most you’ll get to see are rosy cheeks as he rubs his neck in slight embarrassment. He’ll try shifting the conversation onto something else before he blushes any harder.
He’s very thankful for what you do! You remind him to take breaks from his duties often, and even when he refuses, you try to make his life a little easier. A nice change of pace from what he’s used to! 
He most likely will never get used to the endless amounts of praise you give him but he gets better with it over time. He even manages to slip in more compliments directed towards you after a while!
He often gives you sweets he baked just for you as a way of saying thanks. If those aren’t your thing, there are plenty of savory treats he can make too! He just wants to let you know that he appreciates you greatly, and food is a good way of showing it.
Tumblr media
He’s taken aback at first. Someone who gives him genuine compliments and adoration with no strings attached? Someone who’s willing to help him with his tasks and doesn’t mind doing so? Oh, he falls very hard for you. 
He doesn’t know how to react to your constant praises apart from chuckling and shifting around in embarrassment, all while his cheeks heat up. He absolutely loves it! It’s a pleasant feeling! Needless to say, he soaks up all your compliments like a sponge.
While he appreciates your help with his schoolwork or his never-ending pile of chores, he also appreciates that you push him to take rest days too. Ruggie is the kind to always push himself to work in one way or another, not wanting to let his free time go to waste. He’s always looking forward to your visits and is always more than happy to spend time with you whenever he can!
Tumblr media
Initially, Jade thought you were simply trying to butter him up, use him to gain something, or perhaps even make him fall in love (a task you succeeded in.) He thinks a lot about someone’s actions, always wanting to predict what they’re doing, you are no exception. Your supportive and overall loving nature definitely attract him. He wants to test out just how far that kindness is willing to go, but he’ll control himself.
While your compliments flatter him, he usually doesn’t get flustered by them! You’d have to really catch him off guard to see a blush of some sort. That being said, he thanks you for all your praises.
He appreciates the support you give him when it comes to his interests! He could happily be explaining something about a common mushroom and you’d be waving your imaginary glow sticks while listening intently. You’re always more than welcome to stop by his club room or go hiking with him. Talking with someone who hypes him up feels a lot better compared to someone who just listens because they have no choice!
Tumblr media
He’ll be uncomfortable at first. Not because he doesn’t want it, but because he’s not used to so much genuine kindness directed at him. You push yourself to understand his feelings, and even when you can’t, you still remain supportive.
He keeps his cool exterior, brushing your words off and trying to let his smug self shine through. On the inside however, he’s burning with a mixture of embarrassment and giddiness. Sure, other students praise him for his various talents, but it’s different when you do it! When you do it, his stomach fills with butterflies, his face warms up a bit, and his heart beats loudly in his chest. A foreign frightening feeling, yet welcome all the same.
He finds himself showing off more when around you, especially since you push him to do so. He loves being able to show you his true potential! 
Jamil repays your kindness, even though you’ve told him countless times he doesn’t have to. It’s exactly because he doesn’t have to that he wants to. 
He makes sure to give you extra helpings of food when you visit Scarabia for meals. You’ll be visiting a lot. After all, any friend of Jamil is a friend of Kalim’s! 
He’s also willing to help you with your studies, and always willing to listen to you talk. He’s not one to give out too many compliments, but he makes sure to praise you about things you’re proud of!
Tumblr media
You two are practically two peas in a pod! Your energy and his energy blend very well together. 
He’s not one to get flustered over honey-coated words but they touch him and make him feel warm.
Anything you do for him, he’ll be throwing right back at you, tenfold. It’s a war of words, each thrown with pure adoration and support, enough to fluster any normal person. Anytime you compliment him, he’ll be sending something right back at you. He leaves many poems and notes for you to find around your dorm!
He’s always delighted to talk to you about his different interests! Among a bunch of other things, he tells you about these new science experiments he’s conducted in his club and things he’s noticed about other students. There’s always a lot to unpack.
Many students are genuinely surprised you two aren’t a couple yet. They are shocked when told you two are still in the crush stage.
Tumblr media
Lilia finds you very charming! He very much adores the supportive and loving energy you display.
He loves basking in your praise and is quite shameless about it. He flirts with and teases you playfully. He also returns said praise with lots of compliments directed towards yourself, of course! You two become each other’s best hype man essentially.
Since you’re willing to listen, he absolutely loves telling you stories about his past! It makes him feel good when someone listens so intensely to his tales. It’s even better when that person actually believes them! He won’t hesitate to talk your ear off.
While he appreciates your willingness to help him with his tasks, he constantly tells you to not worry about him. If anything, he should be the one pestering you to take more breaks and enjoy life. With that in mind, he loves dragging you to different places to just relax. That way, you both are taking a break from your daily schedules.
Tumblr media
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torikaku · 6 months ago
Hello! I love the scenario where the Dorm Leaders wake up and see their S/O in their shirt. Could you possibly do that same scenario with the Vice Dorm Leaders?
Hi! Thank you for enjoying that post, here it is.
As for your request, absolutely! I love this cliché, hehe
Tumblr media
When Trey wakes up, he feels you hugging him. You always do. You always tell him that he smells nice and sweet, and you can't help but cling to him. But Trey just smiles at your words, allowing you to hug him in your sleep.
He tries to slip away from your embrace carefully and not wake you up. Putting on his glasses, he looks back at you and notices you wearing one of his shirts.
He quietly chuckles at you. The shirt is a bit big for you, but you look adorable in his eyes. Trey leans down and pecks your forehead. After getting dressed, he leaves the room, not disturbing your sleep.
A bit later he enters the room with some breakfast and tea for you, he finds you already awake. Playfully and smirking, Trey asks you why you put on his shirt.
You suddenly feel flustered under his mischievous gaze. Awkwardly, you scratch your nape and tell him that his shirt smells like pastries he always bakes, and you really enjoy the smell. Trey gently smiles, feeling his heart flutter in his chest, and tells you that you should eat your breakfast and not forget to brush your teeth.
Tumblr media
Ruggie enjoys your night cuddles so much, he feels so loved and doesn't want to leave the bed. But sadly, he has a lot of stuff to do even in the morning.
He frees himself from your arms carefully and tries not to wake you up accidentally. He checks you and notices that you're wearing his shirt. Not that he minds, but he was planning to put this shirt on.
The more he looks at you, the more he feels his face getting warmer. His tail begins wagging unintentionally. Ruggie hides his flushed face in the hands and sighs. He never thought that you would look adorable in his clothes.
The fact that you wear his clothes is very important for him. It means you see him as your partner and beloved one. Later, when you left, the clothes still have your scent on it, which Ruggie sniffs when he misses you.
Since you took his shirt, now Ruggie has the right to take yours as well, doesn't he? Don't be surprised later spotting him wearing something yours.
Tumblr media
Jade wakes up and finds himself lying on his side and you facing him and clinging to his chest. Aren't you sweet? He gently pets your head.
In the process of sliding away from your embrace, he notices that you're wearing a shirt that is quite big for you. Obviously, he recognizes this shirt as his own due to its size.
You're almost drowning in the shirt, but nevertheless, decided to use it as your pajama? Well, you look cute, Jade must admit. He grins at you with his usual mischievous smile.
Your obvious size difference always amused Jade, but seeing you wearing his pieces of clothes really makes his heart flutter in his chest and him feel butterflies in the stomach. If you weren't sleeping right now, he'd definitely turn the tables and make you flustered by teasing you and giving you compliments.
Well, since you enjoy wearing Jade's clothes so much, he can allow you to do so. But be ready that his gaze won't leave your figure, because he enjoys seeing you in his clothes as well.
Tumblr media
Jamil is usually not a heavy sleeper, but tonight he sleeps like a log. He's not much a cuddler, but allows you to cling to him. You lie behind him, coiling his waist with your arms and hugging him.
He is busy even in the morning. But he hasn't had enough sleep tonight, so getting up now is a bit tough for him. Sighing, with all his will, Jamil tries to leave the bed, but your arms prevent him from doing so.
Gently removing your arms, Jamil looks back at you and notices that you're wearing something he recognizes as one of his hoodies.
Jamil feels his face getting warmer as he puts the hand on the cheek. Oh, well, you look actually cute, he must admit. How are you always able to make his heart flutter? He sighs and smiles, leaving you lying in the bed and not bothering your sleep.
He doesn't like it when his stuff is taken, but since it's you, he can allow you to take and wear his clothes if you want; they suit you really well.
Tumblr media
Rook enjoys sharing his bed with you and feeling you in his embrace. He lies behind you with his arms around your waist and hugging you, his forehead is on your nape.
Waking up, he carefully squeezes you in his hug. He pulls away to study you and, watching closely, he notices you wearing a shirt that big for you. He quickly recognizes it's his.
Rook gasps in surprise. You look so belle/beau! He would sing you praises and compliments if you weren't asleep right now. It's just a morning now, and you already look so séduisant(e) and only wearing his shirt!
He cups his cheeks and smiles, spending some more minutes watching your beauty before leaving you to get himself ready for the day with his usual morning routine.
A bit later, Rook will mention how magnifique you look in his shirt. Oh, there's no need to be so flustered! He will gladly share some of his clothes with you for you to look more lovely!
Tumblr media
Actually, Lilia doesn't require much sleep as you do, but sometimes he keeps you company (honestly, he just wants to cuddle with you), just like now. He sleeps beside you, clinging to you.
In the morning, when he finally opens his eyes to see your adorable sleeping face, he notices that you are wearing one of his favourite oversized shirts, which is a bit big for you as well.
Lilia is hard to fluster, but now, you somehow have succeeded in making this old man's heart go doki doki because of your cuteness. Oh, is this something you feel when he steals and wears your clothes?
He quietly giggles to himself. He decides to stay with you on the bed until you wake up. Lying on his stomach and holding his face in his hands, Lilia playfully swings his legs back and forth. Now, he has so many reasons to tease you! Ah, you will look so cute with a flushed face.
You can be sure that Lilia won't leave you alone after this situation. Standing behind you and draping himself onto you, he will pleadingly offer you some of his clothes for you to wear. They will definitely look good on you, why don't you try to put them on? (Cue Lilia showing you a puss in boots face)
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peskygirl13 · 4 months ago
TWST Pokemon AU Part 1: Heartslabyul
I saw @twsthoodstar​‘s Pokémon au posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) and was inspired to do my own.
Be sure to check out their blog. They write several crossovers. 
Tumblr media
“Aren’t you a cute little rose bud.”
Riddle first saw your partner after the tart incident.
He looked out the window to see you helping Cater paint the rose red along with Ace and Deuce.
He would’ve ignored it if he hadn’t caught sight of the little green bud on your head, happily admiring the pretty red and white roses.
He was a little surprised at the sight of the tiny flower bud, but he remembered seeing it with you during the entrance ceremony, you hugging it to yourself as if someone would take it away.
The second time he saw it was in the cafeteria that same day.
You were sitting with those two idiot first years, Trey, and Cater.
You were happily munching on food that the cafeteria provided while the little bud happily ate what looked like food pellets, but he could also see some fruit as well.
As he got closer, he heard what you and the others were talking about.
“So, what is this creature again, (Y/n)?” Cater asked, taking a picture of the happy Budew for magicam.
“She’s a Pokémon.” You responded, “Her name is Budew.”
‘Budew, huh?’ Riddle repeated.
“She was my first Pokémon. My younger siblings, Victor and Gloria, got their starters with their friend, Hop. But we had a bunch of Budew that lived right outside our house because of my mom’s garden and this one decided that she wanted to stay with me.” You explained, gently rubbing Budew with your finger as it cooed happily.
Riddle couldn’t help but think how cute you both were. But his mood soured once Ace started complaining about him.
He didn’t interact with you and Budew after that, but he saw you around campus. Budew was constantly with you, ridding on your head while Grim rode your shoulder.
It wasn’t until his overblot when he officially met Budew and you.
You and the other first years had just finished kicking his heinie and he was passed out on the ground, flashbacking over his childhood, when he felt a peaceful presence.
He thought he heard a sound of water dripping, causing ripples.
He opened his eyes, with a bit of difficulty, and saw your Budew resting on his chest, glowing a light blue.
When it finished its move, it hopped off his chest and smiled up at him. That’s when he noticed that his head was in your lap.
Helping him sit up, he turned to face you.
“You ok, Riddle?” You asked. “I had Budew use Life Dew on you. You should be all healed up.”
That must have been the feeling from before.
“… I… I really wanted to eat that marron tart, too…” He muttered.
“Huh?” You tilted your head at him.
“I like white roses, too. And pink flamingos are totally fine… And I prefer honey over sugar in tea. I actually like milk tea more than lemon tea… I wanted to talk with everyone after meals a lot, too…”
He began rabbling, but he didn’t care. In the end he started crying.
Budew jumped into his arms, startling him at first. Then it rubbed it’s face against his chest, trying to soothe him.
You wrapped your arms around him as well. Doing your best to comfort the red-headed boy.
The contact made riddle burst into a fresh set of tears.
When was that last time he was hugged like this?
After that, he began spending a lot more time with you and Budew.
It got to the point where people automatically knew that if Budew wasn’t with you, it was with Riddle.
Budew and Riddle were a force to be reckoned with, especially when someone broke one of the rules that Riddle just couldn’t seem to let go of yet.
Ace experienced firsthand the wrath of Riddle and Budew when he was both hit with a stun spore and collared.
He was in the medical wing for hours.
Then spring break rolled around.
After you had told him about what happened during winter break, Riddle didn’t want you to stay at the school alone.
He also didn’t want to go home to his mother.
And since Floyd wasn’t going to be at the school during this break, he decided to stay at NRC with you and Budew.
He invited you to stay at Heartslabyul, to which you and Budew gratefully accepted.
Truth be told, he also was using this as an opportunity to confess to you without the risk of getting interrupted by Trey, Cater, or one of those morons.
Tumblr media
“You fucking rodent!”
God, he hated that thing.
Your Scorbunny was an absolute angel, but only when it came to you.
Truth be told, you always knew your partner was a troublemaker. You two met when he accidently kicked a stone in your direction and it hit you smack-dab on the forehead.
After that incident, Scorbunny seemed to take a liking to you for some reason, so you decided to make it your partner.
Scorbunny adored you, but it also hated everyone else. Mostly a certain red-haired Heartslabyul student.
Your first meeting with Ace was less than stellar, him making fun of you and fighting with Grim, gaining everyone detention.
That first impression was everything and to Scorbunny, Ace blew it.
Even after fixing everything and becoming friends, Scorbunny still hated Ace.
It also didn’t help the boy’s cause that he flirted with you all the time, earning him several fire fueled kicks to the shins.
This doubled when you and Ace started dating.
Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, the feeling was quite mutual.
Scorbunny was an ass to Ace, so Ace was an ass right back.
It all came to head when Azul requested (more like ordered) you cover the shift of someone who called out at the Mostro Lounge.
You couldn’t bring Scorbunny with you because the dorm was under water and because the poor thing was petrified of the twins (mostly Floyd), so with no other choice, you requested Ace’s assistance.
Normally you’d ask Deuce since he was the only one other than you that Scorbunny listened to ever since the day he dropped a cauldron on Ace’s head, but the boy had the roped into painting the roses with Cater and Scorbunny had been banned from the Heartslabyul gardens after it had left scorching foot marks on the grass and used several poor hedgehogs as make-shift soccer balls.
Ace resisted at first, put you were able to pull him in with your puppy eyes.
After handing Ace your partner, you ran towards the Octavinelle dorm.
Ace and Scorbunny didn’t even last a minute before trying to strangle one another.
Eventually, to avoid getting his room set ablaze and getting collared by Riddle, Ace brought Scorbunny to the gym.
For a while Ace just watched as Scorbunny kicked around some pebbles as if they were soccer balls, but he started to get bored and decided that while he was here he might as well shoot some hoops.
He played by himself, dribbling around the gym and seeing how far he could get from the basket while still getting the ball through.
He made sure to check on Scorbunny every once in a while.
The rabbit Pokémon was still kicking its rocks, but occasionally Ace could see it glancing at him while he played.
One particularly bad shot bounced the ball off the rim of the basket towards Scorbunny.
Ace started running towards it, but he barely took a step before Scorbunny jumped up and used its feet to kick the ball back towards the basket and through the hoop.
Ace stared, slack jawed, at the save.
Scrobunny grinned, proudly putting its hands on its hips before giving Ace a smug, toothy grin.
Despite himself, Ace couldn’t help but grin back.
“Alright, rodent. Let’s see what you’ve got.”
Tumblr media
( I was originally going to do Torchic for Deuce, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas.)
“C-Calm down! Tell you what, when I figure out how to get home I’ll let you watch a Pokémon egg hatch!”
Squirtle was your first Pokémon and the only Pokémon that arrived with you to Twisted Wonderland.
While you were upset that you didn’t know what happened to your other Pokémon, it was a relief to you that you at least had your partner Pokémon.
It was also probably a good thing that you had a water type to counter out your new fire cat.
Your Squirtle was very well behaved. 
It was quiet, it never caused problems, it listened to you with no argument. 
Between Squirtle and Grim, it was clear who the Teachers preferred.
Deuce liked Squirtle a lot. 
Like everyone, he was curious about the cute little water turtle, but he also felt a special connection he didn’t quite understand until you and him, along with Grim and Squirtle, were making your way back to Heartslabyul from Sam’s shop to help finish Ace’s apology tart.
Two jerks who you had also had a problem with during lunch had run into you, destroying several of the eggs that were supposed to be used for the tart.
“Damn it! All the eggs in the carton broke! The plastic bag’s now reeking with eggs…!“
“That hurt! Where the hell’re ya lookin’ at—Wha— You’re the guys who ruined my carbonara’s soft-boiled egg during lunch today!”
“Damn, it’s you guys again.” Deuce grimaced, recognizing the students. “Ya better give us a break Aren’t you the ones at fault for bumping into me? Even during lunch. The egg wasn’t really that badly harmed, but you made a huge scene out of it. Our carton of eggs is totally ruined, though.”
“He’s totally right!” Grim yelled.
“Squirtle!” Squirtle shouted in agreement.
“The hell? You sayin’ it’s my fault, then?” One of the delinquents snapped.
 “Yes, please pay us back for the eggs. And also, please apologize to the chickens.” Deuce requested. 
“Hah~? Makin’ a ruckus over eggs, are we?”
The jerks went on and started mocking the eggs, making Deuce even more annoyed. 
“ … mess with me, will you… “ Deuce muttered, turning everyone’s attention to him.
“I told you to stop laughing, damn it!! You ain’t got no choice but to apologize for something that’s your fault! These eggs will be used to make a delicious tart in place of turning into chicks, bastard!! Do you understand me, huh!?”
(Y/n) and Squirtle blinked at Deuce’s sudden change in character while Grim and the opposing delinquents’ jaws dropped.
“Wh-what’s with him all of a sudden…?!“ Delinquent 2 cowered.
“If you’re not gonna pay me back for the 6 eggs, I got no choice but to beat the hell out of you six times.”
“Grit your teeth, you little bastards!!”
Deuce promptly started beating the shit out of the opposers. 
“Grr! Take this you little bastard!” 
Delinquent 1 had grabbed a nearby branch and was about to hit Deuce with it when a strong stream of water hit him dead on, knocking him off balance.
Deuce turned around and saw Squirtle in a battle stance with a smug grin on his normally innocent face.
He pulled out a pair of black shades from his shell and put them on, crossing his arms as he stood proud against the bullies.
“Alright, Squirtle!” You called, “Let’s kick some butt!”
The fight didn’t last long after that. 
With their combined efforts, Squirtle and Deuce easily beat their opposers.
It wasn’t until after that Deuce realized what he’d done.
“Crap...” He muttered, shaking his head in disappointment. “I shouldn’t have done that.”
(Y/n) and Squirtle turned to the dejected boy.
He told them about how he used to be a delinquent and how he was going to become an honor roll student instead, making his mom proud.
(Y/n) put a hand on his shoulder.
“You know, Deuce, Squirtle used to be somewhat of a delinquent himself.” “Squirtle!”
Deuce turned to you in surprise.
“Mm-hm.” You nodded.
“Before we met, Squirtle used to be a part of a pokemon gang called ‘The Squirtle Squad.’ The leader decided to join a boy named Ash on his journey and the others started working with the police.”
You pet Squirtle’s head as you reminisced.
“I was a trainee at the time and Squirtle was assigned to be my partner. It was new for both of us, so it took some time, but eventually we became one of the best teams on the force. Eventually I decided that I didn’t want to go to the police academy and dropped out. Squirtle decided to stay with me.”
Squirtle nuzzled its head against your cheek lovingly. Deuce couldn’t help but smile at the sight.
“Even though its delinquent days are over, Squirtle still gets angry. Sometimes you can see the troublemaker it used to be when it battles. But that’s ok. It’s a part of who Squirtle it and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just like there’s nothing wrong with you getting angry and fighting those guys.”
Deuce smiled at your reassurance, a small blush crawling on his cheeks.
“I see… Hehe, the chicks will probably feel at ease now, too, huh?“
(Y/n) blinked before awkwardly saying; “ This is kinda hard to say, but those eggs weren’t fertilized, so they wouldn’t have hatched into chicks in the first place.”
“Wh-what?!?!?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!!!!“
Tumblr media
“My folks would love Alcremie”
The first time Trey interacted with your Alcremie was when you were making the replacement tart for the Unbirthday Party.
“Alright, lets get started on the marron tart.” He said, rolling up his sleeves.
“Ugh, this is going to take forever.” Ace groaned, rubbing his neck, trying to get under the collar Riddle put on him.
“It’s your own fault, yanno.” Grim reminded him
“What’d you say, you damn racoon?!”
To prevent a fight from breaking out, you quickly changed the subject.
“I know who can help.” You stated, pulling out a red and white ball.
“C’mon out, Alcremie!”
With a quick flash of light, a cute little creature that seemed to be made of cream and strawberries appeared.
Cater immediately started taking numerous pictures of it.
“Is this one of the monsters that the Dark Mirror said you control?”
“I don’t know about ‘control,’ but I do train them.”
The pokemon seemed pretty shy, hiding behind your leg, but when it noticed Trey and his cooking supplies, it immediately perked up and skipped over to him.
“How come it’s comfortable around Trey?”
“Probably because one of it’s possible forms is a clover.”
“Possible forms?”
You then brought out your pokedex to show them the different forms that Alcremie could be.
Trey was pleasantly surprised when one of it’s forms did have a clover.
“I thought that Alcremie could help since it’s a cream pokemon.”
You crouched down to Alcremie’s level.
“Do you think you could help us make a tart for a party?”
Alcremie cheered, clearly excited.
The process of making the tart went very quickly with Alcremie’s help and once they were finished...
“Alcremie, would you mind adding some cream to the top?”
“Alcremie~” The pokemon cooed before adding a dollop of its cream on to of the tart, making the boys freak out.
“Wha-what the hell?!”
“Did it just add some of its body to the tart?!”
“What kind of sick-- mmph!”
You cut the boys off short by shoving a spoon full of Alcremie’s cream into the mouths.
Their jaws dropped at the favor.
“This- This is incredible!!” They yelled.
After that, they added the finishing touches to the tart.
“Now for the special ingredient, oyster sauce.” Trey stated.
“Oyster sauce?!“
Trey got hit head on with an energy ball attack for that joke.
When Riddle threw out the tart, (Y/n) and Alcremie almost threw hands.
“That was a waste of our efforts and a waste of my Pokémon’s precious cream!”
Tumblr media
“Rotom!~ I have a new case for you that matches mine!~”
When you arrived at Twisted Wonderland, you were distressed to see that you didn’t have any of your partners with you.
You did, however, have your Rotom phone/pokedex.
Unlike most other rotom phones and pokedexs, the rotom in your phone was one you caught yourself.
Back in your world you were a pokemon professor in training and most of your research included a lot of observation.
Rotom had come across you while you were trying to take a picture of a Gengar in an old abandoned supermarket.
It decided to possess your camera and, being a ghost type itself. Was able to locate and take a picture of Gengar.
Since then, Rotom became your most trusted helper when it came to research.
It was scary and frustrating when none of the contacts on your phone worked, but you and Rotom were both relieved when your work documents and photos were still saved and intact.
Rotom absolutely adored taking pictures, which easily made it click with Cater.
It was your first time in Heartslabyul with Ace and Deuce after the tart incident and your ever energetic Rotom was zooming above your heads, snapping pictures of the garden around them, commenting on which pokemon would be ideally suited to live here.
Cater was painting the roses but stopped short when he heard the familiar click of a phone camera.
When Cater saw your phone levitating in mid-air, he just about lost his mind.
After the overblot incident with Riddle, you and Cater stared hanging out more, which obviously allowed him to bond more with Rotom.
You told him what your profession in your world was and he begged to see the pictures that Rotom took.
Complement after complement poured out of his mouth, making Rotom spark out of embarrassment.
Eventually, Rotom was comfortable enough around Cater to show him the pictures it took of you when you weren’t looking, which Cater requested the pokemon send to him.
The closer they got, the more you were beginning to wonder if Rotom loved Cater more.
You never really were able to get Rotom a special or fancy phone case because you both needed to stay as hidden as possible from wild pokemon, but now that you were in twisted wonderland where there were no pokemon, Cater blew all his cash on getting Rotom as many designer phone cases as possible.
It was actually kind of cute. Your phone had a bigger closet than you did.
Rotom also helped Cater his photo shoots.
Since Rotom could float, it could take picture in angles that Cater couldn’t reach, which Cater was ecstatic by.  
Cater also had Rotom take pictures of him during classes, painting the roses, even eating lunch.
He was beginning to remind you of Raihan.
On a less happy note, Rotom helped Cater with his depression.
On the days that the ‘real Cater’ appeared, Rotom would spend the whole day with the boy.
It’d show him funny pictures and videos, doing whatever it could to cheer him up.
Being a ghost type pokemon, Rotom was used to being misunderstood and ridiculed, so it was easy for the Pokemon to sympathize with the boy.
As the days passed on, you began to wonder if you should give Cater Rotom since their strong bond was obvious. 
When Crowley gave you the Ghost Camera, Rotom was pissed.
Completely jealous, it went out of its why to prove to you that it was obviously the superior camera.
It was adorable how mush it tried to one-up an old, beaten up camera for your love.
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Hello! May I get a few head canons of Trey, Jamil, and Lilia when they see their S/O in a bride dress? Not before wedding, but maybe one of the students was just asking S/O to be the model for the dress that the student designed? (Hope you have a wonderful day <3)
Jamil Viper: 
Jamil feels the vice around his heart tighten whenever he looked at you in your wedding attire, not entirely unused to you knocking the breath from his lungs but this was a special case. He hadn’t thought much about marriage as it never seemed like his life was his own and even in his dreams, he was chained to Kalim as though he was the one he was marrying. Dating you had been something that he never would thought would happen and now seeing you in this dress, twirling around and showing off for him as you sought out his opinion, was making him think of even more things that might be obtainable now that he had broken the seal. 
Lilia Vanrouge: 
Lilia stared at you with a fond look on his face, chin in his palm as he quietly admired your beauty. His overall image of the type of dress he’d like to see you in is far different than the traditional one you’re wearing now but he keeps those thoughts to himself as you seem excited, twirling around to show it off a little more. He thinks you look like a princess from a fairy tale, so elegant and chipper, he wants to come over there and pinch your cheeks lovingly while calling himself your fairy godmother. He started to wonder if there was a way for him to get a traditional fae wedding dress without raising suspicion, quite curious now to how you’d look in it (but he wouldn’t want to spoil your actual wedding day, so he guessed he could wait a little longer). 
Trey Clover: 
Trey is so flustered at the domesticity of it all that he can hardly look you in the eye, pretending to look at something extremely interesting on his lap instead. You’re a little disappointed with his reigned in reaction but you knew that Trey didn’t always openly express how he felt, especially not when there were others around. He did, however, indulge you as you told him you wanted to get a few pictures as this dress was absolutely the kind you’d want to get married in. He doesn’t know if it’s a hint but he works hard to memorize every little detail of the dress he could, hoping he could find a replica for when he finally got up the courage to propose (he also figured he’d better start saving for it now). 
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treysbimbo · 4 months ago
please please please
vice version of these
finding model s/o’s explicit photos.
pairings: trey, ruggie, jade, jamil, rook and lilia | all chars are 18+.
dorm leader ver. here!
( explicit/nude photography, implied semi-public, mentions of degradation, body worship, mentions of praise. )
Tumblr media
when trey happens to stumble across the rather lewd photography of you, he only smirks, he’d been looking for you to try his new sweets he’d made for later today, but this was even better than that. he would find you later, but for now he’s grab it to take back to his bedroom. if you asked what he was doing with it, he’d simply just say that he didn’t want anybody finding it.
he’d never attended any of your photo shoots, so he didn’t know how much clothing your eve took off, all he knew was that it was explicit and inappropriate. he’s a bit glad he never did, because he finds this to be a lovely surprise, having some sexy pictures of his girlfriend and being able to tease you for being so lewd and leaving right in the open for him (or anybody) to find. you just wanted him to take them, didn’t you?
if either you go to him or he comes to you, it’ll end in teasing, in both ways. his rather mean words, telling you that you’re so dirty for wanting him or somebody else to find these explicit pictures of you. and to what? take them and jack off? you’re a dirty, dirty girl you know? and he’ll have to teach you a lesson about just letting them hang around in an easily accessible area. you’re his, and it’d be such a shame if anybody got their hands on them instead.
ruggie thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds this pictures, just strolling around in the dorm and he just happens to choose to come mess around with you when he walks by your room, only to find these (amazingly) explicit photos! he’ll let out a whistle as he looks at all of them, letting his eyes take it all in as he reminds himself to talk to you later when he takes them back to his own bedroom.
now, at first he’d thought that the modelling was just good for the money — which, he still stands by the fact that it’s good for money — but now he sees that it’s great for loads of other things, too. being able to see his smoking hot girl in sexy lingerie and even completely nude in some of them really gets him going, even if he has seen you in some things similar to it. it’s gonna be hard to resist taking you right then and there when he finds you.
he will drag you off somewhere semi-private when he finds you, telling you how much of a tease you are and how you just wanted him to find those pictures, didn’t you? well, luckily for you, ruggie isn’t like trey and will gladly satisfy your every need right there without teasing. he doesn’t mind some explicit photos left around for him time to time, because it just gives him a reason to come and seek you out.
jade isn’t too surprised at first, he gets a bit of a shock, but knowing you’re in adult magazine gives away what kinds of photos you might be taking. he’ll snatch them up in a heartbeat, making his way to you to tell you how dangerous it could’ve been if somebody else happened to come across them — since, well, he would’ve beaten the shit out of them. he can’t have somebody else knowing your naked body but him, can he?
he does get excited when he finds them, it’s not an everyday thing that could happen, just happening to come across your girlfriends explicit photos? maybe for others, but definitely not for jade. he’s loving the unexpectedness of this whole situation, and can’t help but to drag you along back to his room, not caring if you were having an important conversation or taking an important test, etc. when jade wants something he’ll get it, and right now his mind is preoccupied with thoughts of you swimming around, and he’d like to get them out..
he gets a bit rough, letting his teeth bite down a bit harder than normally, his nails leaving small scratches everywhere — since they aren’t exactly long — and gripping you tightly where you know you’ll be bruised afterwords. like trey, he sees that you need a punishment, taught a lesson for teasing him so shamelessly. maybe you weren’t entirely sure that he’d find the pictures, but now that he did you couldn’t care to complain.
if jamil finds them before kalim does — because kalim does like to come by to see you often — he’ll be taking them instantly, not even taking a chance to admire them. he doesn’t want any nosy people (kalim) to come across you in such a dorm that only he should be seeing — and the people you model for — he has no problems with your modelling, but he’ll have to get a word in with you about leaving such valuables (as he says) in the open where somebody who isn’t him can easily see them.
he gets a bit.. frustrated in multiple ways. but he’s mostly annoyed by your carelessness, reminding him of kalim himself with it. he’ll look over the pictures, taking in everything that’s visible in them, whether they’re nude pictures or you in a lingerie set, he’s enjoying it (though he won’t say it aloud). afterwards, he’ll have to scold you, ya know? you need to get told about making sure you aren’t just letting things such as this hang around open spaces and letting others easily snatch them.
he, along with both trey and jade, will be acting as if he’s teaching you a lesson. his words more degrading that usual — though, the degrading is nothing new — and getting a bit rougher, leaving marks in extremely visible and hard to cover places, having a few bruises from his roughness here and there as well. he’s the opposite of ashamed when he sees you in the early morning, smirking to himself as he watches you desperately try to cover the marks to avoid any troubles or teasing.
oui, oui! rook is only so lucky to be able to come across your beauty in such a form, his breath is stolen as he sees the photos when he was only coming to check if you’d gotten back yet. he’ll take them with him — to be able to admire your beauty further, he says — and keep them pinned onto his wall so that he can always see them no matter what. and even vil cannot get him to remove them from his walls, so it will be a bit embarrassing for you (or anybody who happens to walk in)
after a bit of time, he’ll come and find you once he’s done appreciating the photography. smiling to himself as he hunts you down, to anybody else it looks like a good boyfriend bringing his girlfriend to do something, but you know better than that. you know that you won’t be leaving the bed until you can think of anything but him and him only.
he’s very sweet in bed that night (he is every night) appreciating every part of your body as he tells you how beautiful you look, “oh mon amour, tu es une déesse”, pressing kisses all over you and leaving bites and marks in places only he can reach. he won’t fuck make love to you until he’s kisses and appreciated every part of you, maybe even slipping on lipstick to know for sure that he’s gotten every single part.
lilia has a smirk plastered on his face on his face as he takes the photos, he’s seen them earlier when you’d left them, but he hadn’t had the time to come and take them. he finds them very enticing, and they make him feel as if he’s young again. they get him excited and make him have a bit of trouble staying still, and he can’t help but to seek you out and snatch you back to his own room.
he’ll tease you about it for a little bit, but throws in some praise there too, telling you how beautiful you looked and how you should wear things such as that for him too. he takes things a bit slower that night, letting you give him some begging words as you stare at him with teary eyes, he’ll have you all dressed up too, maybe putting you in something with bats on it if you have something — or he can find something — like that.
he’s gonna ask you to show him all the pictures you have from your photo shoots and he might steal some for himself too. he’ll ‘show’ up to them too — very silent and sneaky, hanging from the ceiling in a hidden corner — watching you with sharp eyes and constantly licking his lips. he loves seeing you in cute and/or sexy lingerie or just plain naked! he’s all for everything you wear (or don’t wear) for him and will always show his thanks.
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 4 months ago
Anon asked: how about a headcanon of trey, rook, and idia with a nymphomaniac reader? the reader likes to be fucked stupid every hour. just... pure filth.
A/N: i hope this is to your liking!! I too, would like to be fucked stupid every hour but unfortunately life obligations n shit. Plus they are also technically in classes so, reader cannot be fucked as often as they’d like </3
Warnings: This piece of writing is 18+ only! Minors Do not interact.
NSFW Under the cut!
Trey Clover x Nymphomaniac!Reader
I can honestly imagine Trey being a secretly sadistic lover to someone who wants it all the time~
Trey would definitely tease you throughout the day, since he wouldn’t be able to fuck you until he has the proper time and is in the right setting. He can’t risk his position as a vice dorm leader, can he?! Riddle would have his head and his reputation would be ruined!
Well, that doesn’t stop him from leaving ghostly touches on your body as he passes by you in the hallways, letting his fingers linger over places too long, only to pull his hands away from you once you start leaning into his touch.
“Now, now, be patient for me, sweetheart. You know what happens to good pets when they wait, right~?”
If you’re patient and painstakingly wait to be fucked brutally (to your delight) by him at the end of the day, Trey showers you with praises when he’s thrusting into you, playing with your nipples and kissing you roughly but lovingly.
Trey also rewards you for being so obedient, brings you to multiple orgasms with his fingers and mouth before even sheathing himself into your dripping hole~
However, if you are disobedient, ie: you keep grinding against him in the kitchen while he’s trying to prepare for an unbirthday party or if he finds you masturbating back in his or your room, Trey will find a way to punish you.
His favorites are edging you. He’ll tie you up, spread your legs, and tease your hole, thrusting his long fingers into it roughly, and once you’re tightening around him preparing for release, he just stops. Trey then leaves you alone to “think about your actions”.
After a while of you begging for him, Trey eventually comes back and gives you a proper fucking. He may be sadistic but he still loves you! ❤️
“Now then, were you a good pet for me?” The green headed man shuts the door behind him. “Please, Trey, I need you..!” You whimpered pathetically, wiggling your lower half of your body as it was forced spread open for him. He sighs disappointedly. “Tsk, you know that’s not the right word for me, baby…” His deep voice made you shiver. “Please… daddy, fuck me…” you gave him doe-like eyes and watched him smirk.
Rook Hunt x Nymphomaniac!Reader
Rook is definitely a lover who appreciates someone who wants it all the time. The court finds this man as, guilty of being horny as fuck, your honor!
Rook would probably be down to fuck anywhere, preferably in the woods where he can feel you could be as loud as you want.
He wants to be a bit risky and fuck you in places where you know you might get caught, like a hidden corner in the library, a secret garden people rarely go to, or even behind a building.
You love it when he pushes you against a brick wall, his gloved fingers roughly kneading your ass. You’re grinding against Rook’s crotch, his moans feeding the excitement in your pants. You rush to take off each other’s clothing as you’ve both been waiting to have each other like this.
Secretly Rook knows there is no actual risk of getting caught, he picked certain locations where he knew nobody went. But you didn’t need to know that! And even if there was another sign of a student approaching where you were, he would promptly dress you both, and carry you on his shoulders back to his room.
Rook is ready to satisfy his partner whenever he can, he feels it’s his obligation as a man and a lover!
Rook would also want to see your facial expressions so he can praise you often, complimenting your beauty!
You don’t need to beg for him to have sex. He already understands when you start squeezing his arm tighter, look at him with those pleading eyes, or lightly bite your lip, it’s go time!
“Nnh- mon amour~ you’re squeezing me so tight and making such lewd noises…” the blonde panted while holding your arms above your head. Rook leans into your ears and whispers, “aren’t you afraid someone will find us here~?” The risk of getting only makes you moan in exhilaration.
Idia Shroud x Nymphomaniac! Reader
Another to add to the horny list! But unlike Rook, Idia does NOT go outside. Everything will be done in his bedroom! So when you have free time after classes, you sprint over to Ignihyde.
I also don’t see Idia having as much energy as Rook to have sex with his partner ALL the time when you are craving it.
Also please assume that like whenever you are present and horny, Ortho is not there. Like he’s off doing something else and there is no risk you would get caught by him. You have enough decency to be like “he should not see this”, and Idia would rather die than subject his little brother to that shit😭💀
There are definitely going to be times Idia cannot please you because he’s busy. But don’t fret, Idia has built many toys for you! Including but not limited to, a vibrator, a dildo, a vibrating dildo with a vibrating clitoral stimulator (if you are afab), and a vibrating cock ring with a taint stimulator (if you are amab)!
Idia’s favorite thing to do is, while you’re in the mood to be fucked, having you test out a new toy he made specifically for you. As you play with yourself and bring yourself to orgasm, Idia can’t help but pull his pants down and lazily pump his cock as he watches. It feels like a personal show just for him ;3
He would also probably want to use a vibrator on you while he’s also fucking you, so he can see your face as he overstimulates you!
Idia would probably make his own app and connect it to bluetooth controlled vibrators and put one in your ass and pussy, or the vibrating cock ring, and make you wait until he turns it on. It could be minutes, hours, but when he turns it on it shocks the hell out of you and you can’t help but let out a strangled moan at the sudden vibrations!
You also like to ride his cock when he is gaming, your chest on his as you straddle him while in his chair. Idia has to have the mic off to prevent his teammates from hearing his grunts and pants and your high pitch squealing.
If you want to have sex with him AGAIN while he’s playing games, you like to switch it up and sneak under his desk while he isn’t noticing. You also love sucking his cock under the desk while he’s supposed to be focused! Screw his game, you need him now.
When Idia isn’t gaming, he likes to have you on his bed, either in shibari, cosplay, or something else you could wear. Idia’s the king of roleplay too, and would love foreplay that’s similar to hentai scenes he’s jerked off to.
“Fuhehe, y/n-shi… so cute, you look so cute in that costume I bought for you… m-may I f-fuck you in it? I want to see your lewd faces so…” Idia trailed off. “L-Let me see your perverted side too~” he grinned widely and gripped your hips tightly, lowering your dripping hole onto his waiting cock.
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thehollowwriter · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Bathtime With the Twst Boys Part One: Heartslabyul
Blushing Riddle with his knees drawn towards his chest in a bubbly bathtub while you rub conditioner into his hair.
Riddle sat awkwardly in the bathtub, silently swatting the bubbles with his knees drawn to his chest as the soapy water warmed his skin. "I-Is this really necessary?" He asked, cheeks burning red. You smiled at him and continued massaging his scalp, making sure the conditioner did its job. "Of course! We've gotta keep that hair squeaky clean!" Rather than say "But I can do it myself" as he had tried many times before, Riddle simply continued to stare at the water with a bright red face. "...Thank you."
Trey is probably awkward, but open enough to enjoy himself, offers to return the favour.
You leaned back, a soft sigh escaping your lips as you let your tired arms rest. Trey smiled at you and shifted around so that he was sitting behind you. "That was lovely, love. I believe I should return the favour." Without missing a beat, he smeared some shampoo on his hands and began weaving his fingers through your hair. After a few minutes of washing and rinsing, you felt your body relax, and a tired yawn slipped out. Trey raised an eyebrow. "Tired?" You nodded. "Well then, we should finish up and get to bed. Cuddles would be wonderful right about now."
Carer gets all kinds of stuff for you to try on his hair to the point your hands would probably get wrinkly.
"Come on!" Cater handed you another bottle of shampoo. The fourth one this evening, to be precise. "This one is trending on Magicam too! Sales are skyrocketing and it's apparently great for your hair!" You chuckled. "Okay then. Your words. Though my hands are all wrinkly now." You looked down at them, then back at Cater. "I'm turning into an old person by the second." At your words, Cater grinned."I know several lotions that get rid of wrinkles!" You smiled at him. "Is that so?" You already knew. This was gonna be a long night...
Deuce is just stiff the entire time because he doesn't want to do anything embarrassing, but he then almost falls asleep.
You had been in the bath for ten minutes and Deuce had not. Moved. A. Muscle. He stared dead ahead, a determined look in his eyes. He refused to make an embarrassment of himself in front of you. However, his silence and unrelenting stillness had begun to concern you. "Deuce?" You cautiously poked his back. "Deuce?" He didn't answer. "Deuce, are you okay?" You were beginning to freak out when you heard an unexpected sound coming from him. "Zzzzzzzzz..." Oh. So that's what it was. Smiling, you reached forwards and pinched his shoulder. Hard. Deuce jolted awake and screeched loudly. "I SWEAR I WASNT SLEEPING IN CLASS, PROFESSOR TREIN-" When he realised where he was, he looked at you and went beet red. "Uh.. Sorry..." So much for not embarrassing himself.
Ace is just a mess, splashing around and being all smug about the entire thing like a jerk.
"Don't." You narrowed your eyes at Ace. He smirked back. "Don't you dare." He raised his hand. "Don't. You. Dare." Without hesitation, he splashed water right into your eyes. You screeched and hit him. "ACE!" He burst out laughing as you rubbed your eyes and scowled at him."I'm sorry, I had to! Your reaction was priceless! I didn't know you could make sounds like that!" His laughter trailed off when he noticed your menacing aura. "Y/N..?" He called out nervously. You grinned at him. Then tackled him down into the bath. He let out the most girly high pitched scream you had ever heard. And that was the end of Ace Trappola. :)
A/N: Well this was fun to write! All scenario ideas above the scenarios belong to the person who asked for this
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drac0nia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
% Brings food whenever he goes to your place so he knows you're eating well ::
## TREY, Ruggie, Azul, Jade, KALIM, Jamil, Idia (mostly candy snacks), Lilia, & Chenya (he stole some food from an unbirthday party) !
% Gives little gifts/items he finds on his way to you ::
## Deuce, FLOYD, Kalim, Rook, MALLEUS, Lilia, & Chenya !
% When he holds your hand, he kisses it ::
## Riddle, Jack, AZUL, Jade, Jamil, VIL, ROOK, Malleus, Sebek, & Neige !
% Does your skincare for you whenever you're tired ::
## Deuce (he tries and lathered body lotion on your face once), Ruggie, Jade, VIL, Rook, Epel, & NEIGE !
% He messes up your skincare for fun ::
## ACE, Leona, FLOYD, Kalim, Lilia, & CHENYA !
% Calls you a 'glazed donut' after applying skincare and attempts to bite you ::
## Cater, ACE, Ruggie, FLOYD, Lilia, & Chenya !
% Bites your exposed shoulder whenever you sit on his lap ::
## ACE, Leona, FLOYD, LILIA, & Chenya !
% He hugs you from behind when you're working and falls asleep ::
## Cater, Ace, Deuce, LEONA, Azul, KALIM, Idia, SILVER, & Chenya !
% You have early morning/nightly joyrides with he ::
## Deuce, KALIM, & Epel !
% Follows you around, it does not matter whether it's the bathroom, he will wait for you and return to your cuddle session ::
## Leona, Floyd, Kalim, ROOK, Idia ('s tablet), Silver, Lilia, & Chenya !
% Cooks for you ::
## TREY (mostly bakes), Riddle (attempts), Ruggie, Jade, Floyd (depends), Azul, Kalim (tries), JAMIL, LILIA, Silver, & Neige !
Tumblr media
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Familial headcanons for Riddle, Vil, Malleus, Trey, and Lilia taking care of their child after they catch a a cold please!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Riddle sticks to a strict schedule when it comes to looking after his sick child. At certain intervals, he comes in to change the washcloth on their head or to retake their temperature. He even has alarms set on his phone to make sure he never falls out of line!
He takes several other precautions to make sure his kid is comfortable! Riddle sets out a box of tissues, a glass of water, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and all other health or hygiene related items on his kid’s night stand. That way, anything they’d realistically need will be in reach.
Riddle brews fresh lemon tea with a touch of honey to help soothe his child’s sore throat. He’ll take a cup as well, chatting with his kid while they share the pot and sliced sandwiches.
Riddle makes them take their medicine with a spoonful of sugar (“It helps the medicine go down,” he explains.) He personally dislikes bitter concoctions too, so he wants to make the experience of swallowing medicine a bit more pleasant for his child.
He’ll sit by their bedside and make sure they keep up to date with their schooling and homework, despite being sick. Riddle’s a good teacher, so his child won’t fall behind or struggle with their assignments!
Tumblr media
The first thing Vil makes his child do is change out of their current outfit and into something more light, like a night gown or a T-shirt and shorts. That way, their breathing won’t be restricted—there’s form and function considered.
He encourages them to engage in mild to moderate exercise to help “sweat” a cold off and temporarily relieve nasal congestion. Vil will pitch in, serving as a coach, cheerleader, and work out buddy for his child.
He keeps a close eye on their condition and announces frequent water breaks to keep them from overheating. Vil also keeps a bowl of water with a damp washcloth nearby so he can consistently wipe sweat off his kid’s skin.
He puts his knowledge of magic pharmaceuticals to good use by brewing a little home remedy to help cool a fever and reduce other symptoms. Vil also makes sure his kid eats plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to help their immune system fight off the cold!
Vil doesn’t believe aromatherapy is a replacement for medicine, but he does think it can help you relax. He prepares a vial of scented oils (citrus, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc) to be diffused in his sick child’s room to help them sleep well.
Tumblr media
Malleus pulls out all the stops to make sure they’re comfortable in bed. There’s lots of thick blankets, silk cushions, and cute plushies for his beloved child!
He has his royal chef prepare a veritable feast for them, including several hearty soups and stews. If his kid finds the solid food too hard to chew or to swallow, Malleus will take a knife and fork to personally cut the food up into more manageable chunks.
He has read that temperature control is very important for the ill, so he’ll pay close attention to that. However, because thermostats don’t exist in the Valley of Thorns, Malleus has to guesstimate when the temperature needs to be adjusted. This leads to him offering to either breathe fire or summon ice storms to conjure a more agreeable temperature for his child.
Since his child is fae, their magic can get out of control when they’re sick. To remedy this, Malleus suggests they suck on ice chips to help temper their internal temperature, and therefore keep their fire breathing in check.
Malleus purchases a virtual pet toy for his kid to play with while they’re in bed. “It is a companion that will always be with you, in sickness and in health,” he chuckles. (It has connective capabilities with his Gao-Gao Dragon-kun, so their pets can interact with one another!)
Tumblr media
Trey plans a menu of foods that are soft, bland, and easy to swallow. Not only that, but he’s sweet enough to serve the meals on a trey tray in bed, complete with a little decorate vase with a rose in it—just to bring a smile to his child’s face.
Trey really dotes on them and acts especially attentive when they’re sick. If his kid asks for something, he immediately rushes out to grab it for them, and if they so much as kitten sneeze, he’ll appear at their side with a box of tissues.
He keeps a window open so they can still get fresh air, even if they can’t exactly be as active or explorative as they usually are. If the window has to be closed because of chilly or rainy weather, Trey will at least draw the curtains back so his kid can still get some some sunlight.
Instead of candies for their pockets, Trey hands his child cough drops until they make a full recovery. (... Though he'll still nag them to properly clean their teeth, since cough drops are also full of sugar.)
He’s not very creative outside of the kitchen, so he’s kind of at a loss on what to do with his kid when they’re stuck in bed. Trey attempts (I repeat, attempts) to sing to amuse them, but it ends up backfiring on him. The lyrics he ad-libs are so stupid that his kid laughs super hard and flies into an uncontrollable coughing fit!!
Tumblr media
Forget buying medicine, Lilia will make you a home remedy with fresh ingredients plucked from the garden, plus a mortar and pestle to grind it all up. Just like the good ol’ days!!
... As it turns out, Lilia’s remedies are just as bad as his “cooking”. It all tastes awful...! Salt water mouth wash, raw garlic and rosehip paste, a strong mint and citrus juice... (His kid waits for Lilia to turn his back before they dump the remedies into a nearby plant pot.)
Speaking of “cooking”, you bet that Lilia’s going to want to cook for his bedridden bundle of joy! He throws every nutritious thing he can think of into a slow cooker and lets it sit for several hours before serving it up. “Eat up, kufufu. I made it with lots of love, just for you!” (He offers to feed it to his child himself, doing the whole cutesy “here comes the plane/magic broom” thing to encourage them to get it all down.)
Lilia’s bats help him look after his kid! The bats take turns watching over the sick child, and quickly fly off to seek Lilia if they’re in need of something, or if they sense the child’s condition is worsening.
He sits by their bed and relays stories to help them fall asleep, since he knows stuffed sinuses can make that difficult. (Did he tell you about the time he attended a ghost wedding? How about when he hunted down Malleus for Beans Day?) Lilia offers to sing as well, but his kid stops him before he gets the chance to, since they know it will only keep them awake!!
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fairestwriting · 4 months ago
May I request when the vice dorm leaders (is?? Ruggie included???) realize they have a crush on GN reader? Or maybe how they fell in love with them? Thank you, I love your work :)
ruggie is included because i love him. i already have something very similar for jamil done here!
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
Trey’s brand of love is, unsurprisingly, a very caring type. He takes a little while to realize his feelings since taking care of others is something he’s so used to doing, but sometime into your friendship, he eventually takes note of how he’s so much more protective of you.
Then he gets conflicted. If he’s gotten to the point of falling for you, it means you’re rather close friends already, and he worries a bit about ruining this friendship. You’ve become so dear to him, even though he knows it’s selfish, he doesn’t want you to be put off and leave.
He’ll talk out his feelings with his friends, mostly Cater or Riddle, trying to figure out what to do. Trey feels silly, being the one to ask for advice, but he wants to be sure he approaches this as well as possible.
When he feels prepared to confess, it’s a 50/50 chance he’ll do it by making you your favorite baked good.
Ruggie Bucchi
Ruggie approaches romance in a sort of cheeky, casual way. It’s not that he doesn’t take his relationships seriously or isn’t loyal, he just tends towards playfulness unless it’s a time where it isn’t appropriate. He wants to take life as lightly as possible.
When he realizes his crush, you two are probably already in a sort of romantic friendship, jokingly flirting with each other and walking just a little too close, making everyone around wonder if you’re dating or not. Maybe you two take the game a little too far, and it hits him that, ah, he really meant the things he’s been passing off as jokes.
Ruggie has a bit of a minimal freakout then. Well, now what? Does he confess? Keep it to himself? He evaluates the details of your relationship in his mind, trying to figure out what path to take.
He might tell you how he feels or he might not, it depends on how likely he thinks his feelings are returned. He doesn’t want to risk making everything weird with an unwanted confession, so if it seems that things are unrequited, he’ll just wait it out. It sucks, but that’s just life, huh? Plenty of other fish in the sea, or whatever...
Jade Leech
Jade’s a weird one. He knows you’ve pique his interest in a very specific way, but he takes a while to understand why. He’ll be so curious about you for the longest time, prone to lingering around whenever you come to Mostro Lounge just so he can go talk to you, and everyone else but him will be very aware that he’s got a thing for you.
He doesn’t actually realize it by himself at all, he needs Floyd to smack him on the shoulder and say, stop eyeing Shrimpy like that when I’m around, it’s gross, for it to hit him that he didn’t look at you the same way he looked at everyone else at all.
Jade feels a little silly to know his feelings have been so clear to anyone but him, but he accepts them gracefully. From there, he’ll start putting together a plan of how he should tell you about them.
How close you are doesn’t matter much to him. He observes you closing, catching clues about things you like, and immerses himself quite a lot in making you look at him the same way he does at you. He approaches it almost like a game, and it’s hard to tell how he feels about losing when he’s always with that smile on his face, really...
Rook Hunt
Rook, surprisingly, takes a while to understand that his feelings are in fact romantic love. It’s ironic, how someone who calls himself the “hunter of love” ends up being almost oblivious regarding what he chases, but in the end, he’s so in love with the concept itself that he loses sight of how it feels like when applied to someone.
He knows he loves you when he starts singling you out from others in his head -- When he’s admiring the beauty of the world and you just seem to stand out, no matter how much he saw on everything else.
And when realization hits him, Rook is happy. He realizes that irony too, and he laughs at himself. Now, you’d think he’d jump straight at announcing his feelings to you, but he wants to take his time with it. He’ll let himself appreciate you from afar before thinking about that, really taking note of every intricacy of the feelings of yearning.
Rook wants to enjoy all of this properly, even if it ends up being unrequited. There’s beauty in that as well, after all.
Lilia Vanrouge
Lilia has been around for so long, he’s seen and met and loved and hated all sorts of people. He notices his feelings as soon as they start to take root, and honestly, he is, before anything, surprised they’re even there.
He’s amused when he finds out. You’re certainly something else, aren’t you? Out of all people he found so... dull, really, you managed to pique his interest like that. Maybe that’s where the love is born -- Out of curiosity that blooms into something else.
Lilia isn’t quick to confess either, but you’ll absolutely bring out his flirty side. He’s probably been flirting with you already, though he’d been thinking of it as a joke, but now he’s serious. And he says all sorts of things, passing all of them off as jokes that get you thinking hard about what his true intentions might be.
All in all, Lilia is just feeling refreshed. It’s been so long since he’s felt this way for someone, he’ll be sure to live this situation to its fullest. The possibility of his crush not being returned doesn’t bother him much, either, though he’d definitely be upset at the thought of losing someone so interesting...
Tumblr media
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nanamisflowerfield · a month ago
Can I ask octavinelle trio, Lilia and Trey reacting to coming back to their room just to see that their s/o had built a nest on their bed? Like using their clothes, jackets, blanket, pillow or anything and their s/o just stopped on their tracks with a tray of snack when they saw them came back earlier than they expected since its a plan they made to let them relax from the day's work?
Here we go~ I hope that you like it and have a great day!
Tumblr media
☘️ Trey was tired. Very tired. Riddle got mad at Ace again, for breaking another rule and Trey had to stop their loud dispute. Thankfully, he can go to his room and relax! But his dream ended as he walked through the door, seeing dozens of clothes, jackets and other items lying around with his s/o holding snacks in their hand. “What is this?” The greenhead asked his beloved, who glanced at their own hands. “Snacks.” (y/n) answered - well, thought that they answered – his question, but Trey sighed and stared at the next that his s/o had built. “You will clean this up later, right?” He asked, lying down on the selfmade nest, that you worked on hard.
Tumblr media
🐙 After a long day at Monstro Lounge, Azul just needed his comfortable bed and the calm vibe of his room, but that’s not what he got. No. He got something he had never expected to see. A nest! “Please tell me that these aren’t my clothes and blankets…” Azul stared at you, pointing at the thing you had built. “Maybeeee…. But do you know what will cheer you up…? Snacks. Wanna have some? I’ve got plenty!” You showed him the snacks you had in your hands, as your boyfriend sighed. “Did Floyd told you to do this….?”
Tumblr media
🐬 Jade knew that he should have texted you. You wanted him to do this, but there was no big problem of him coming early to his own room, right? After all, it was his own room and you couldn’t mess it up- ohh, wait, that’s what you did! “Please don’t do anything that Floyd would do…” Jade sighed. He loved you and his twin a lot, but you two were so messy. Just look at the room! Why did you build a nest?! “Do I even want to know why?” Jade’s eyes glanced at your shocked ones, that nearly had dropped the snacks you had in your hands.
Tumblr media
🦈 Floyd was bored! There were no club activities today, Azul send him away after he accidently destroyed something and you claimed to be busy with something important. He had nothing to do, which is why he went to his room, sighing around like a bored puppy until he saw the nest. His mood changed immediately. Floyd run to it, jumped a little bit and enjoyed the small nest you had built, only to look at the corner of his room to see you standing there with a bowl in your left hand and some snacks in your right. “Come! Let’s have some fun!” Floyd chirmed, pulling you towards him and embracing you in his strong hold.
Tumblr media
🦇 Humming to himself, Lilia walked to his room, happy that he has no work to finish right now and could spend some time with his little (y/n). After all you had told him that you have nothing to do. Unfortunately for you, you had forgotten to text your boyfriend, that you had changed your mind as you had built a little nest with Lilia’s stuff inside his room and prevent him from coming in, but it was too late. The ancient fae walked into his room, seeing the nest with surprise gracing his young-looking face. “Wow… There was one quite bored…” He chuckled, as his eyes wandered to yours, seeing you with snacks in your hands and gulping a few down.
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twistedr0se · a month ago
jellou , I am the anon who made the request for the angel reader, I am very grateful I liked a lot u///u 💕, I was wondering if I could ask for the same but for heartslabyul? please ☺️
Heartslaybul with an angel s/o 🕊
Note: GN(gender neutral) reader
Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
- “hm? An angel?”
- Riddle’s a bit skeptical at first, but once you assured him that he wasn’t dreaming he was taken aback at how he hadn’t noticed until now
- Are there certain rules you needed to follow as a heavenly being? Are there any specific events that you have to partake in as a part of those rules? He asks a lot about your role as an angel and what that entails
- He overheard you singing your hymns in a secluded part of the heartslaybul garden, he couldn’t help but stand back and listen to that angelic voice that seems to pull him in the more he listened to you…
- Of course, it’s hard to hide when your lover knows your presence at all times, so you beckon him forward to show him something. “I’ll need you to stand back for this one, dear”. The surroundings began to shake ever so slightly as you glowed a bright white light, and suddenly…”are those wings?!?!”. You decided to be a little playful and gave the poor boy a warm hug with one of the wings, holding him tight and lovingly as you gave him a little kiss on the forehead
- lets just say it’ll take hours before your boyfriend’s face no longer reddens…
Trey Clover
Tumblr media
- Trey is…completely speechless
- He’s very soft with you already, so imagine him being as sweet as possible now that he knows that you’re an actual angel. Though, he does this more because he adores you than anything else. I mean, what’s not to love about you?
- Your singing voice, your wings, everything about you sends a tornado of butterflies in his stomach. He really wonders what a wonderful being like you is doing with someone as ordinary as him.
- Trey listens to you sing while he bakes, and sometimes (if riddle allows it) you perform in the gardens with your holy lyre, serenading him while he works to paint the white roses red with cater.
- He brings angel cakes to any unbirthday party you’re invited to, even decorating it to have a mini angel on top of the slice!!
- Trey may not be the religious type, but for you he can always learn more about the god you worship and what your religion is!! But regardless of whether or not you are an angel, he’ll still love you all the same
Cater Diamond
Tumblr media
- The moment you reveal to him that you are an angel his eyes suddenly lit up. It all makes sense now!! Your energy, your grace, everything connects!!
- Knowing you’re an angel is already more than enough information to send him flying, but once you show him your angel wings is when everything just breaks loose
- You often join him during club hours just so he can show your singing voice off to the other club members. Every song and praise session always ends up in you attracting an audience or two
- this boy would NOT stop posting about you on his magicam 😭 Hed always make sure to add an angel filter on his magicam stories and hashtags related to angels on posts. For once this is one of the pictures he posts thats out of genuine love and not out of desperation…
- All of his magicam followers will soon learn about his growing passion for you through his posts, some even swore that he turned into a fan account. Many comments ask who this mysterious someone is but does cater dare to tell them about you? Would he enjoy the speculation among his family and followers as to who his lover is? If you’re comfortable, he’d probably tag you in every photo you take together and would always tell his folks about you !!
- he just can’t contain his happiness around you is all!!!
Deuce Spade
Tumblr media
- Deuce finds out about your angelic status by accident when he accidentally stumbled upon one of your worship sessions, wings and all. From that point on his life changed completely.
- He gets very shy towards you afterwards. “Angels are supposed to be heavenly beings so, I don’t want to hurt or disrupt you in any way..” You’ll have to reassure him that no, just because you’re an angel doesn’t mean you’re going to administer judgement day anytime soon
- He’d accompany you as a boyfriend/bodyguard whenever you go anywhere. Heavenly beings such as yourself could use some extra protection from any outside evils!
- Would unironically get on his knees and plead for forgiveness whenever he does something wrong (I.e get into a fight with a senior, beat someone up even if it was self defense, etc). You try to hold back your laughter as he begged for redemption when he thought he crushed all those baby chicks in the egg carton…
- He becomes more comfortable with sharing things from his troubled past with you, being vulnerable isn’t exactly something he’s good at but when it’s with you, he feels like he could confess anything to you.
- Deuce doesn’t need any reminders from you nor any other person that he’s a lucky guy, he’s blessed enough to have a guardian angel like you by his side.
Ace Trappola
Tumblr media
- “eh? An angel? EH??? THOSE WINGS ARE REAL???”
- Honestly he wont believe you at first, he’s very skeptical about angels even existing so it’ll take awhile before he finally gets it. He’s seen overblotted students, ghosts, and even a talking cat but this??!? He’ll need some time to process
- He’ll playfully tease you a lot about how you don’t look like a biblically accurate angel. But once you transform into said form then he’ll stay quiet for a long time…
- Joins in with your daily praise and worship ceremonies (even if he doesn’t know all the words) and he might even do a little dance right after just to impress you ;3. You appreciate your boyfriend’s participation but healing magic might not solve all of those injuries from falling while dancing…
- but when it comes to sermons…he’s falling asleep just as quickly as Leona at every other day 😭
- No matter how much he jokes and teases about you being an angel, he genuinely is happy and lucky to have you by his side.
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